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Friday, October 28, 2016

This is exactly what Republicans were afraid of: people crying over Obamacare.

Bloomberg‘s Karen Weise reports:

When the [Affordable Care Act] exchange opened—17 minutes later than the 8 a.m. scheduled start time—the website and call centers were flooded with inquiries. Walsh said that in the first few hours “it was just raw emotion calling in.” People eager for insurance, at times in tears, wanted to get coverage that they didn’t have before. “They were calling up saying, ‘Can I get my coverage today so I can see my doctor this afternoon?’” he says. “That is in one sense moving but also frustrating because, sure, you can sign up—but the coverage can’t be effective until Jan. 1.”

These tears were falling, of course, because Obamacare cannot get here fast enough for millions of people.

The polls on the president’s signature legislative achievement have always been easy to misread and exploit. Many Americans want the law to go further. Many Americans prefer the Affordable Care Act to Obamacare. For the people who need the law the most, there was always frustration that it wouldn’t be implemented faster. And for many if not most Americans, there were always the lingering questions — fueled by a ridiculous propaganda campaign from the right — about what the law will actually do.

For nearly all the 85 percent of Americans who have health insurance, reform will likely have no noticeable effect on their lives whatsoever, except to make their insurance stronger and their insurers more accountable. But for the 15 percent of the country that is uninsured, it will mean tears… often of joy.

Too many working poor people in red states who should be able to get fully subsidized insurance from Medicaid expansion won’t get any help in the form of subsidies at all, thanks to their state’s Republicans. For them, there will be real sobbing and real misery.

But for the rest of the uninsured — the millions who have been putting off care, the millions who have been living in fear that getting sick will cost them everything, the million with pre-existing conditions craving the freedom to pursue a career without being tied to an employer — there will be happy tears.

That’s why the GOP base hates this law.

It’s been said a million times, but if Republicans actually believed Obamacare was going to be the disaster they insist it will be, they’d just sit back and watch the Democratic Party implode. Instead, the Affordable Care Act and the likelihood it will work presents a perfect storm that riles Tea Partiers and evangelicals, and encourages Republicans to respond with their patented apocalyptic mindset.

Obamacare activates a primal fear in the GOP’s mostly white base that something is being taken from “us” and given to “them.” They fear this not only will lead to a deterioration in the quality of their lives, but a strengthening of Democratic power by using “dependency” on the government.

The actual details of the law — like the fact that it requires the “personal responsibility” so near and dear to conservative hearts through the individual mandate — don’t matter. Like Ayn Rand taking Medicaid and Social Security, they only see — and fear — others becoming dependent on the government. Ironically, the mandate is the key portion of the law Republicans are trying to delay in exchange for reopening the government — at least that was their final offer last week.

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  • Lynda Groom

    Rep Yoho needs a new name. How about yoyo since he is dancing on the string of delusion and disfunction?

    • moelarryandjesus

      You could shovel 200 pounds of maggot-riddled horse manure into a plastic bag and it would be a better, more coherent Congressman than Ted Yoho is. So let’s just call him Shitsack.

  • John Pigg

    Ouch… a fair point to be sure.

    “It’s been said a million times, but if Republicans actually believed Obamacare was going to be the disaster they insist it will be, they’d just sit back and watch the Democratic Party implode. Instead, the Affordable Care Act and the likelihood it will work presents a perfect storm that riles Tea Partiers and evangelicals, and encourages Republicans to respond with their patented apocalyptic mindset.”

  • bluepeahen

    No entitlement in history has ever been eliminated, even after they become bankrupt.
    This will be the fate of Obamacare.
    When its members start thinking it’s ‘free’, they will abuse the system.

    • Angela Walker

      And another teabagger, desperately hoping his fellow countrymen will fail and get sick and die, calls out another fantasy doom scenario for the ACA.

      Why do conservatives claim to love America while hating most Americans?

      • sn77339

        Because they see America as a thing or an idea, rather than a group of people trying to make their way through life by working together.

    • JD Mulvey

      Please explain your use of the word “bankrupt.”

      • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

        “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
        Apparently, “blueboy” doesn’t realize that people actually have to BUY insurance. The other thing he does not realize that the more people who buy in a pool, the broader the risk base is, and the lower the overall costs for everyone.
        I am on the “dark side” of the 50s (yeah I hit another number divisible by 10 in three months) but am lucky that both where I work and where my wife works, there is group health insurance available. This has allowed us to shop for the best coverage for our family based on benefits, premiums, and OOP expenses. However, when I finally retire, this means I should be able to still find affordable coverage and not take my chances with the local VA! Oh, wait! That is another government giveaway! Obviously the 12 years I was a slacker and served in the Navy shouldn’t entitle me to care. Just because I was exposed to asbestos, nuclear radiation, fumes from diesel fuel, high intensity EMF, microwave radiation, long terms of isolation from anything but 139 other guys (I served on submarines), etc. shouldn’t mean I am entitled to medical care especially for things I have been exposed to while serving so mooks like Bluepeahen didn’t have to!

    • paulabflat

      the aca isn’t free. stop that.

    • Vinny Gordon

      Entitlements are created because their is a need for them. When the need is eliminated than the entitlement is phased out. Food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, all serve a need. What would the US look like without these programs? Even the middle class benefits, because they do not have to worry about providing for their parents.

      • infadelicious

        ok, that makes sense Vinny, can you give me some examples of entitlements that were given and then once the “need” disappeared, that entitlement was phased out? And don’t give me one that was eliminated because it was swallowed up by a new, bigger one under a different name.. thank you.

        • Bryan Blake

          Being the pseudo-literate conservative political pontificator that you are leaves you consistently in the middle of a circular firing squad of your own making. The standard conservative deflection of fact based criticism is to prequalify the terms of response. This is a common mistake made by junior high school debate students. Their teachers or coaches will quickly call them on the tactic if for no other reason than it reveals the weakness of their position, at least in their own minds.

          My Debate question to you is: INSTEAD of attacking social safety net programs that you mischaracterize as welfare, why not turn the focus of your railing to CORPORATE WELFARE? The Social Safety Net flows from the preamble of the Constitution itself to We The People. But nowhere in the Constitution are corporations given any status nor mention. Especially having human characteristics that gives them rights superior to those of We The People!

          Unless you are just deliriously happy being an indentured servant of the 1%, a mutual agreement can be easily reached denying them welfare and ending the special privileges of their money in our political system.

          • infadelicious

            You prove my point again. When the left is faced with someone who disagrees with them in any way and have no argument, then they change the subject, insult the other person’s intelligence, call them names, throw a label on them, but by all means do not answer the question. You threw a couple paragraphs of deflecting crap out in reply to my question to Vinny. I am attacking the abuse of these social safety net programs not the actual programs, which Vinny claims are phased out as the need disappears. I didn’t say we didn’t need them . Yes I know these are hard times, but I don’t feel that 5 years of a social safety net is necessary for any able bodied person. So don’t twist my words and say I want the disabled and elderly cut off. And Obozo phones and other swag are not necessities. As for corporate welfare, we only need to look at obozo’s admin to see he has helped out his buddies with all kinds of subsidies and waivers, just as he promised. I asked Vinny a question after reading his comment on Entitlements, but of course, I got crickets and tumbleweeds from him. From you I get the subject changed and that is a common mistake made by junior high school debate students. Ignoring the bad behaviour of one set of people by pointing out the bad behaviour of another set of people is not a valid argument. Nice try though.I really would like an answer. The left always has this condescending need to correct anyone who disagrees with them (because the disagreeing party MUST be wrong and silenced), So O Wise One, enlighten this “pseudo-literate conservative political pontificator ” here’s my question to Vinny on the original subject, “ok, that makes sense Vinny, can you give me some examples of entitlements that were given and then once the “need” disappeared, that entitlement was phased out? And don’t give me one that was eliminated because it was swallowed up by a new, bigger one under a different name.. thank you.”

          • dpaano

            You might want to “fact check” the “Obozo phones” as this is a common myth that has NO basis, along with most of your BS! There are also NO waivers or subsidies for our president’s friends….another GOP myth.

        • dpaano

          Infadelicious: Gee, is that a “binky” in your mouth or does it cover your foot?

          • infadelicious

            typical leftist freak with zilch for an argument… Vinnie is still MIA and you have no answer to my original question.. which answers my question…… was a LIE from the beginning….

          • dpaano

            Infadelicious: Fortunately, in my 67 years, I’ve learned that you can’t argue with stupid! So, with that, why waste my breath! You’re going to believe what you want to believe and nothing will get through to you otherwise. It’s a waste of precious time arguing with a blank wall! But, you hang in there, okay?

          • infadelicious

            i won’t call you stupid, it’s not necessary , I get it!!!! you still have no answer- that’s ok…. So i will agree, there is no sense wasting your precious time arguing (which actually means, name calling and deflection-with no valid argument available) with me. have a nice day…;-)

    • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

      Why do you and most Republicans hate that our Country helps those citizens who need assistance? If we were to pass the 2011 Jobs Act bill, people would be trained for new careers in today’s market, which would put them back to work, which would increase tax revenue, which would decrease their need for assistance, which would give them more expandable cash to spend in their community, which would spur economic growth. Infrastructure jobs would put people back to work, increase tax revenue, decrease their need for assistance, increase the need for supplies, which creates more jobs which increases…..get the picture. Republican trickle down economics does not work it is a proven failure for the middle class and the poor.

      • infadelicious

        let’s use the democratic “Detroit” model to get things turned around… the only thing trickling down in the D these days is urine and gunpowder…….. thanks Dems

        • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

          That is cute, but doesn’t answer the question. By the way Detroit is an example of doing away with Unions and National Economics as well as State Economics. It is what happens during a recession and when the top 1% grow and the other are pushed further and further down the Economic line. The middle class has been under attack for 20 years and you and your party want to go back to the 1920’s. Thanks but no thanks – wasn’t born than, never wanted to live in that time period, and love the 21st Century.

          • infadelicious

            unions did themselves in by demanding more and more benefits that no company (except the gov’t of course because they have an unlimited amount of our tax $$$ to grab) can possibly pay for. As for your infrastructure jobs, Obozo already flubbed that one up.. “Duh, I guess the shovel ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as I thought”……and then they all just laughed and laughed… GOOD TIMES!!!!………..oh, look at the time.. i have to go golfing now..

          • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

            Have a good day I hope your golfing is better than your political and business ideology. Stay out of the sand trap.

          • infadelicious

            Actually, my golfing is pretty good. A lot better than obozo’s “shovel ready jobs” bullcrap but just ignore those pesky details along with all his other blunders… bwaaaaaaaa haaaa haaaaa! I’m just trying to stay out of the obozocair trap………. you have a good day too.

          • Sand_Cat

            Well, congrats on being one of the most “shovel ready” commentators on this site.

          • infadelicious

            Well aren’t you clever? I really don’ t worry when a leftist freak says ” shovel ready” though, they either don’t know what it means and/ or they are lying like Obozo. Pfffft !! O-bomb-ya should have kept his piehole shut or stuck to what his handlers put in his TelePrompter. Have an Infadelicious nite 😉

          • Lynda Groom

            Sorry you missed the point of the joke from the President. Lets see over 10,000 bridges in need of repair, thousands of miles of road needing repair, an early 20th century power grid that needs and upgrade, thousand of sub-par schools in need of upgrades and repairs, coastal levee’s and waterways that have been neglected for decades. In the Sacramento region mile after mile of decades old levees in desperate need of upgrade and/or repair. The list of possible shovel ready projects goes on and on. Anyone paying attention in their local community can spot shovel ready projects that can keep Americans employed for decades too come. What is lacking is not shovel ready projects, but the political will to get moving.

          • infadelicious

            I am sure a lot of out of work people don’t find the jokes of this president terribly funny. Do you not get tired of spinning and spinning every time this guy falls short of his promises? Come on!!!! Every time he flubs up, it’s someone else’s fault.. the problem was bigger than we thought (someone else did it), we need to spend more money, If only the infrastructure was this guy’s only problem. Obozo said “The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion dollars for the first 42 presidents — number 43 added $4 trillion dollars by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child,” Obama said on July 3, 2008, at a campaign event in Fargo, N.D.

            “That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic,” said candidate Obama……. If Bush was unpatriotic then, what is Obama now?

    • shawnthesheep

      Obamacare does not fundamentally change how health care is delivered or how it is paid for. Health care in the US remains largely privately funded and privately provided. The only thing ACA does is expand access and attempt to control costs through market forces and an individual mandate. Practically the only people affected by this bill are the ones who could not get insurance before but will be able to get it now.

    • elw

      And which programs became bankrupted?

    • Lynda Groom

      Example of those entitlements you believe to be ‘bankrupt’ please.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Well, it’s not free. Everyone will pay a little something, and even the 4th level-platinum-has a deductible, so people have to pay something. That keeps people from just getting “free” stuff they may not need. If you have to pay a little , you are less apt to abuse it. That’s also the rationale about taxing some health care benefits, such as the wealthier “Cadillac plans.” Even rich people don’t like paying for stuff, so this discourages them from asking for and getting all the high tech stuff, just because they can. All this increases health care costs.

      • rothgar

        So how many people under age 70 go to the Doctor just because they can? Really? Most people I know are way too busy and have better things to do than sit in a waiting room or examining room. Very few folks are getting all that much for free.

        BTW: An interesting comparison can be seen in the costs borne by two people I saw in 1995 being treated for appendix problems.

        The first was a co-worker who having top-notch Defense Contractor insurance went to his Doctor with pains in his gut, was diagnosed as having an inflamed Appendix with a recommendation that he have it dealt with (probably removed) orthoscopically, Two weeks later he was back at work having spent a day (or less) in the hospital . Stiff but working.

        The second had just started working at an AutoCenter when he felt pains in his gut. Not having insurance to pay for Doctors’ visit he went to the local ER where they gave him a laxative. Two days later he was transported back to the ER with a ruptured appendix and then had undergo an emergency surgery. It took nearly 7 weeks in the hospital to get the intestinal fluids out of his abdominal cavity.

        Now I ask you how many more times do we have to trade an outpatient procedure for weeks in the hospital before the economic advantages of widespread coverage makes sense to everyone?


  • itsfun

    Has anyone seen the rates and deductibles of these plans? There is no way, people with existing conditions will be able to afford $5000 deductibles and premiums up to $23000. Why not make the people with existing conditions eligible for Medicare?

    • elw

      What State were these rates in? And which Insurance Company was offering them?

      • BillP

        That’s the information that they never seem to include with these statements. It’s just easier to make unsubstantiated claims than to do a
        little research before posting. I always like the saying ” it’s better to remain silent and thought dumb than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”.

        • elw

          The saying does seem to describe itsfun. There is no doubt about him.

  • elw

    I have said from the beginning that the Government of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, The Children’s Health Insurance Program, Food Stamps and many other National funded health related programs would not fail in its implementation of ACA. Having said that, what I find the most ironic is the fact that the only thing imploding is the very same Party (GOP) that has been predicting that no one would sign up for Obamacare and it would be a disaster. You just have to laugh and be grateful that 2014 is just around the corner.

    • iamproteus

      Well, you have to give them credit for one thing….they are tenacious! Lies, prevarications, half-truths and any other dishonest, under-handed maneuver they can come up with have been tried. All that and they still flop around like a catfish out of water! (Anyone who has ever caught a catfish will appreciate that analogy!)

      • elw

        It is hard, but I will give them credit for being tenacious and liars. Beyond that they are using the same lines they have used to describe anything that remotely resembles a Single Payer system since the early 1900s. They have very little imagination.

  • howa4x

    If you didn’t have the ACA and sat republicans down with their brain trust and asked them how they would reform a broken health care system, and reduce the amount of uninsured, the first thing they would come up with is to expand the pool of people that could buy insurance. This would be a logical republican step since the payment of health care would remain in the private market place, and they would reward their contributors, the insurance companies, with millions of new clients.
    They would tell the public that insurance rates will come down due to competition in the market place. Of course they would subsidize it since it would just be a pass through to the insurance industry. The only republican to actually do this made it mandatory, to really help out that industry. So that is all we have to go on.
    Funny that the ACA(Obamacare) does the same thing

    • nana4gj

      That’s if they are honest and playing for real. Their answer for the past five years has been, “tort reform”, even though I think we have been there and done that with “W”, no? How many more people were able to access healthcare coverage with that?

      They just don’t get it, not this new breed. If some of those they ran off and out of Congress, those Republicans, were still in their places, it would be different.

      • howa4x

        Tort lawsuits exist because republicans fight against regulations that protect the public. They are creating a situation and then running against it

  • irishtap

    Until I went through a terrible ordeal, dealing with ‘United Health Care’, during a time I had to use COBRA, I didn’t fully appreciate how ‘robustly sinister’ these ‘health insurance corporations’ truly are. To think as a nation we’ve allowed the ‘legal killing of millions of American citizens over the past several decades, only for corporations devotion to the dollar – over the life of a human being. How blind we’ve been, how shameful our collective reticence. These despicable cretins of commerce have no conscience for how they’ve created ruinous economic hardship for millions of everyday people – just because someone in the family got sick. Corporate actuaries and high level officers long ago created the nonfiction “death panels”, that has caused a silent genocide of a number of souls that surpasses all U.S. soldiers lost in the history of this country. ACA only happened because the insurance industry allowed it to. Consider that the law is essentially the same legislation created at conservative “Heritage Foundation” and it STILL required moving Heaven and Earth to get it done. This whole disgusting affair has affixed the spotlight of ‘public attention’ onto – not only the health care issue in this country but, also just how ‘wretchedly evil unchecked capitalism’ really is. So what we’re witnessing from the GOP – has nothing to do about “health care per se”. It is about their lack of integrity and social conscience, becoming fully exposed. Once many low information Republican voters begin to experience the relief in having some autonomy over their own health care insurance – they’ll naturally begin to question the motives of the GOP, over other issues like climate change or Social Security. This is why the Koch’s – Walton’s – Addelson and others helped create the Tea Party and ALEC, in attempt to keep us stupid and deprived of the fundamental human right to have affordable health care and the reason they put out propaganda in attempt to make us think “we don’t want it”. They know the ACA is going to provide a powerful boost of confidence to many citizens, not just to those whom sign up, as this was a tremendously large grass roots initiative several years in the making. The American citizenry will understand the true power we have to effect profound progress. ACA is only the beginning. The hard earned victory of ACA has the extremists within the GOP, gasping for breath and fearful of what other plutocratic poisons we will set our sights on and scatter to the winds.

  • nana4gj

    In my visits to this site, I have determined that this debate re Obamacare has been beaten into the ground. The dog won’t hunt anymore. It’s over. What is left is the last wimpering, the agonal breathing of the desperate few, more than the minority of the general populace as well as of the Republicans in Congress and in State government.

    It’s a lost cause and they lost it, if they ever had it, indeed. In my opinion, they never had it because not only did they not offer a viable alternative, they spent the entire debate against it lying about it, distorting it, insulting everyone, and slandering, using fear tactics.

    Now, they have reduced it to “just eliminate or postpone the Individual Mandate”, which they find so heinous. It is nothing more than what the similar mandate in the Republican Plan D prescription plan that every Senior must provide proof of credible coverage for prescription plans that are also mandated to be purchased from private insurance companies.

    They simply have not, do not, nor will they ever make sense anymore on any issue. They are more into hysteria now and the most hysterical amongst them is the one who gets to be “Leader Of The Month”.

    • rothgar

      How could they have an alternative to the ACA? It is after the Republican solution to the health insurance cost crisis. The only real alternatives are progressive ideas like Medicare for all or the public option. This is not criticism of President Obama ACA so far is really very clever. Hang them with their own rope. Worse yet for the free-market fans in the GOP their objections to the ACA as setup today (not all people treated the same) makes a compelling argument for Medicare for all. Very nicely done sir.

      • nana4gj

        My President is a Gem. I love his humor, too, and the way he keeps his cool while doing so many things at once. He and GOP are like oil and water; one smooth and the other easily evaporable….is that a word?

        I have spent the last few days figuring out what I want to do for my own coverage options, even though I have Medicare. I was the first two years on Medicare with a Supplement Plan and a Rx Plan and the last two years I tried a Medicare Advantage Plan.

        I think I have found a very affordable Supplemental Plan and an affordable Rx Plan with Blue Cross. I will have more monthly cash outlays compared to none for the Advantage Plan, but they are less than “what it costs for cable TV/Internet/Landline phone….do I sound like the Prez? and I have no restrictions to network providers and almost no copays or deductibles. The expense is for the coverage but not for the services unless I am in hospital for over 365 days a year, which I have no plans to be in any case whatsoever! With the Advtg Plan, you have cash reserves monthly but the expense hits you when you need to really use it and it is more than what I would spend a year on my Supplement plan premiums and my Rx plan premiums and copays. Their web site is so very user friendly, not just because I did this at 4am !! it just is.

        Also, I admire Blue Cross because they launched a campaign months ago in neglected- by- the- Republican- Governor Perry to educate the public about the ACA called, “Be Covered, Texas !”, and they are very “big” on the Exchange Site with the Texas Plans created by the Federal Government.

        So, not only do I have a good deal, but I like the fact that I am supporting them because they are supporting Texas !

        Hope you have a nice day today.

        • rothgar

          I am glad to hear that you have found an acceptable plan. I agree let’s hope you don’t the 365 day option. “Luckily” for me when my ancestors have departed they have all departed quickly. Gone from full of vim and vigor to departed in a few months. Perhaps its the Northern European background – not a lot of time for dying around the fiords and lochs.

          Anyway, I’ve looked at the NHS in the UK and our old supposedly great system for those who had insurance wasn’t all that much faster or better than their system when not being starved by Tories. We trade waiting lists for scheduled appointments (especially for Orthopedics) but the delay is really close to the same. I trashed my shoulder on Labor Day 2008 and got surgery on December 17. There were no insurance issues they just made me wait then I opted out of a date in November to meet a work schedule.

          Good luck with your new Health Insurance.

          • nana4gj

            Same with my Italian relatives. Very independent and mobile, especially the women in my “tribe”, living until late 80s and early 90s, in their own homes until maybe the last 6 weeks of their lives, when, as my Nana would say, in Italian, “My body is finishing”, very matter of factly. Not to say she did not have a lot of the “diagnosis” of progressive debility of old age, but, in spite of her doctors wanting to aggressively treat her for declining kidney function, she politely refused, and said, “I’m almost 90 years old” and then lived just fine until age 93.

            It’s tempting to make other choices for me, but, I am thinking I like the option of going to any provider of my choice who accepts Standard Medicare, and there are many, and with my Supplement Plan, I have no out of pocket costs. In the event that I may need more care than I have been fortunate not to need, I can rest easy.

            Good health to you.

  • 4sanity4all

    What these stupid Tea Partiers don’t realize is that the ACA standards are going to affect all healthcare policies, and companies will have to give yearly checkups, screenings, with no excluding previous conditions to everyone. It is like a revolution in healthcare. You would think they would be dancing in the streets, having no lifetime care limit. But alas, they never bothered to go to the government website to see what is actually in the law; they relied on Faux News to brainwash them about death panels and other nonsense. I saw a woman spewing all of their ACA mis-information, and I kept waiting to see her nose grow. The poor demented little dip thought that what she was saying was true, I guess. I don’t care if they want to give up the chance to have great healthcare, but I really resent that they want to deny me a fair deal on a policy. And they want to deny me a fair deal because they do not even understand what is in the ACA. And no matter how many times people try to explain it, they are like the immature 4 year old, fingers in ears, singing, “I can’t HEAR you!!!”