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Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Next Social Movement — Riding With The Nuns On The Bus

The Next Social Movement — Riding With The Nuns On The Bus

The next time I hear someone groan about the current political climate as an excuse for his or her own indifference, I’m going to respond with three words: Sister Simone Campbell.

Campbell is a Catholic nun, an attorney and executive director of NETWORK, a national lobbying group of sisters who fight for economic and social justice. She and a handful of other sisters are in the thick of a 14-day, nine-state “Nuns on the Bus” tour across America. They are protesting the Republicans’ Ryan budget because it would further hurt those Americans who already are suffering.

In every news conference, interview and “Friend Raising” rally, Campbell rattles off what Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget would do:

–Raise taxes on 18 million hardworking low-income families while cutting taxes for millionaires and big corporations.

–Push the families of 2 million children into poverty.

–Kick 8 million people off food stamps and 30 million off health care.

The Nuns on the Bus are getting the kind of media attention that would make a presidential candidate swoon. Dozens of news organizations — including Time, The New York Times, CNN and NPR — have interviewed Campbell. She giggled in recounting her recent stint on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” on which she elicited applause by quoting Gospel and invoking Jesus.

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16 responses to “The Next Social Movement — Riding With The Nuns On The Bus”

  1. LadyAyn says:

    I admire you women so much! Thank you for standing for what you believe in — you’re incredible!

  2. highpckts says:


  3. William Deutschlander says:

    Thank you!

  4. daffodilly says:

    In them lies hope for the Roman Catholic Church.

  5. luisa3 says:

    You have restored my faith and courage to fight for what you believe is right and just.

  6. howa4x says:

    This is real religion not the fake self interest, greedy, social darwinistic religion of the republicans.
    This is about caring for people not demonizing them.

  7. These nuns deal with real life issues which, unfortunately the leaders of the Catholic church know NOTHING about!! I wish the nuns would start a church themselves. That way the Vatican wouldn’t have to worry about women demanding equality….of all the nerve! They can wash their own dishes.

  8. Now is the time to tax the church since these socialists are into politaics.

  9. greghilbert says:

    Absolutely love what these women are doing to prompt Christians to consider the answer to the question “WWJD?” in matters of economic justice. Let’s hope more religious leaders speak out, in counter to the perverse manipulation of Christians by the right. And let’s hope progressives learn that adherence to separation of church and state does not preclude alliance with those who recognize Jesus was conspicuously liberal and progressive. Progressives who bash organized religion alienate those who identify with those religions, and contribute to the false impression among many Christians that most progressives are atheists hostile to their professed beliefs.
    That’s not the case, and this call to action on the basis of those beliefs is something we need more of. I’m praying it does indeed become “a social movement”.

  10. Bunny says:

    Unlike the pedophile priest, they will probably be excommunicated .

  11. Jo Ann says:

    Lead us on to victory!! Action is primary! Your are showing us how to be glad, to be good and to be brave!!

  12. invictus2 says:

    Thank you for promoting the real legacy of Jesus. Religious patriarchs need to get behind this an push.

  13. Sister Simone and all the Nuns on bus are so awesome! God Bless you and may your message of social justice spread by leaps and bounds and impact the hearts of all!

  14. donjose12 says:

    This is what Jesus would do. (if he had a bus, but he did well with just a donkey).

  15. dtgraham says:

    This is such an incredibly nice change from the direction that Christianity has taken in North America in recent decades. They love the strict mores of the old testament (especially sexual) but they’ve taken the social teachings of Jesus Christ and thrown them out the window. These nuns are the real deal.

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