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Monday, March 25, 2019

On Monday, quietly but unmistakably, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) began to put the Tea Party in its place — which is apparently not on important House committees.

Right-wing sites like Red State are in an uproar because a bunch of “squishes” (aka moderates) have been named to “Super A” House committees like Ways and Means, Appropriations and Energy. Meanwhile, diehard Tea Partiers like David Schweikert (R-AZ), Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) and Justin Amash (R-MI) were removed from their choice assignments.

Huelskamp and Amash had the audacity to vote against the budget of House Budget Committee chair and right-wing demigod Paul Ryan (R-WI). Their votes also couldn’t be counted on for negotiated compromises like this year’s continuing resolution.

Typically, Housemembers are only removed from committees because of scandals. But the scandal here is that Boehner seems to be intent on taking control of his caucus by sending a message.

That message?

“You want good things in Congress and to have a good career? Better play along nicely,” a GOP aide told Roll Call.

The Club for Growth, which funds Republicans with uncompromising far-right positions on cutting spending and lowering taxes, remarked that the leadership’s move sets the members free. “We expect that these three defenders of economic freedom will become even bolder in their efforts to defend the taxpayers against the big spenders in both parties,” Club for Growth president Chris Chocola said in a press release.

Red State’s Daniel Horowitz points out that those members newly appointed to the A-level committees had low scores from right-wing groups like Club for Growth and FreedomWorks.

And FreedomWorks sent an email blast to its members calling on them to tell Speaker Boehner to “stop purging fiscal conservatives.” By Tuesday afternoon, the group had introduced a new hashtag: #PurgeBoehner.

Is this politics as usual where members get punished for not playing the game, or is something bigger afoot?

Republicans know they’re losing the ongoing debate about the so-called fiscal cliff. Speaker Boehner’s counteroffer was blasted by Americans for Prosperity, while right-wing journalists who spent the last year telling us how Mitt Romney would win are now increasingly critical of Republican tactics.

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182 responses to “The Republican Civil War Begins”

  1. The tyranny of the minority that was suppose to be unleased on the democrats is now coming back to haunt the very republicans whose Dick Armey lead lies, miststatements and hyperbole lead to this radical reaction of the right. Well, deal with it John. Time to backstep and put a touch of truth on politics for the good of the country, not the benefit of the well funded few. Since you have convinced them that data, science, economics and the main stream media are vast conspiracies, it may take some time to alter the path though….

    • You are right. An example of that is the mandatory spending reductions put in place by the GOP as a condition to raise the debt ceiling a year ago, which they are now trying to deal with without losing face.
      The results of the 11/6 election go well beyond Romney-Ryan’s defeat. It was, in fact, a rejection of Tea Party extremism by a centrist society. The Republican party is well aware of the dangers of far right extremism and the marginalization of minorities, women and gays and are desperately trying to move to the center right to prevent losing control of the House in 2014. Cool heads are prevailing and it would not surprise me if Tea Party enthusiasts and people like Norquist and Rove become relics of a past we will, hopefully, never see again.
      I don’t have a problem with social and fiscal conservatism, I have a problem with extremism and policies designed to advance the interests of a few at the expense of many.

      • Michael Timoney says:

        ??? “The results of the 11/6 election go well beyond Romney-Ryan’s defeat. It was, in fact, a rejection of Tea Party extremism by a centrist society.”

        The Romney/Ryan ticket was obtained by Preibus via fraud and was a rejection, not of the tea party policies, but of fair election and campaign procedure. Romney-Ryan is about as close to the Tea Party as Dennis Kucinich is to George W. Bush. The Tea Party is not about far-right extremism. It is not about social conservatism at all. It is about fiscal responsibility! Romney-Ryan snubbed the tea party at every turn. They did not support him in the primary, and any true tea partier actually boycotted the Romney-Ryan ticket! Romney is one of the most liberal republicans of all time. That’s not a good thing. He is extremely liberal with spending, just like OBushma, there was just so much propaganda that labeled him as a conservative falsely.

        And here, this article is about the RINO Boehner’s corruption and his punishing people for taking actually conservative positions, and you think that Romney had anything to do with the tea party. Dumber still, you somehow believe that tea party people like Amash are far-right extremists.

        You are confused. Unless you think that Boner is doing a good thing by taking those congressman from their positions at their committees. Then, you would just be freaking retarded…

        • In theory, the Tea Party agenda is limited to fiscal conservatism, with a special focus on spending reductions. In practical terms, what people – especially minorities – saw whenever they went past a TP rally was a sea of white foam, with a touch of gray, spewing hatred and intolerance.
          BTW, a close relative and my two best friends are Republicans and I know they are not racists or bigots. They are, in fact, the kind of conservatives that are forcing their party’s leadership to change its ways before it is too late.
          As for Boehner’s actions, I would say he is reacting to what the GOP puppet masters are telling him to do. The GOP, except for a few hardliners, understands the dangers of right wing extremism and the marginalization of some segments of our society to their ability to remain a viable alternative in future elections a lot better than you do.

        • Phil Ryan says:

          Being a member of the tea party, Mr. Tomoney, you are in no position to call anyone retarded. Which is an insulting word only used by douchebags like Anne Coulter and apparently you. If you want to know why you are intellectually challenged, you have this moronic notion that the country rejected Romney and Ryan because they weren’t tea party enough — which completely overlooks that many teabaggers were turfed out this cycle and if they keep on with their moronic obstructionism they’ll be turfed out in 2014. Only someone monumentally stupid would view the results of the 2012 election as somehow a validation of tea party principles instead of a wholesale rejection of them. But Mr. Timoney, being an intellectual giant apparently isn’t one of your strong suits, while being completely delusional is.

        • I would love to see a true tea party candidate in every republican congressional election. They would lose in a landslide, like Mourdock in heavily republican Indiana.

        • eddieVroom says:

          Carrying on like a belligerent drunk is not “responsible” anything…

        • Is there a reason you feel the need to call people out of their names? So disrespectful, and does your argument no good.

        • Personally, many people think the Tea Party is more about a bunch of asinine greedy individuals who will violate the Constitution and deprive Americans of what they’ve worked for all their lives … because it still comes down to: I’ve got mine and you’re not getting any of it. Every man for himself. And that’s NOT what the Constitution calls for. All of you people, Republican or Tea Party or whatever name you want to call yourselves, represent the same thing. And it’s NOT the people of America, obviously. 1% is NOT all of America. Boehner is just as bad and doesn’t even come close to being a Democrat. He’s got thinking about his own butt and the next election and is under pressure to save the party. As it stands, NONE of you are credible in the year 2012 or any time soon.

        • ribbie149 says:

          You left out one important element of the Tea Party- undisguised bigotry and racism (to go along with a denial of scientific facts, education and knowledge).

  2. Could this be because Cryin’ John realizes that the Tea Baggers were preventing those committees from doing their jobs?

    • Lynda says:

      The Speaker has been shackled by the Potty for two years and he has up until now not had the guts to stand up to them. Perhaps he’s finally growning a pair of stones, however they are still pebbles at this time. Watching the GOP boil over into internecine warfare is a wonderful thing to behold. They are falling to two camps…the crazy and truly insane. Great theater.

    • GOP Are Grown They Know Just What They Are Doing !! Let Them Let The Tea Party, Grover And The Rest Of The Terrorists Get Their Asses Kicked Out Of Office They Only Have Themselves To Blame!!!

      • The real problem Fern is that regular Republicans have shown they can be just as batcrapcrazy as the Tea Party tripe. They really are one in the same.

        • CPANewYork says:

          No they’re not. I registered Republican when I registered to vote because I liked the party’s conservative stance. It was reasonable. That was many years ago.

          Today, the Republican Party has been taken over by the radical right, which I despise. I voted the Democratic ticket on the state and national level this past election. Locally, I split my ticket, based on what I know about the individuals.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            I also know of Republicans who do not support the extremism of the vile and despicable Tea Party. The problem is that if you join a gang of extremists (or let them join you) you become tainted with their extremism. The GOP needs to EJECT the Tea Party.

          • I suspect the dilemma for the GOP is that ejecting the Tea Party may lead to the creation of a third major party which would, very likely, take votes away from the GOP to the point that both would become perpetual minority parties.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            That looks like the net result now — what do they have to lose?

          • I like that. Yes. It should happen.

          • William says:

            I agree with you, the Rep Party is not the party my Dad supported.

          • roseviolet says:

            The radical right’s takeover started at least as long ago as Reagan under the cover of the “Religious Right” and the Christian Coalition. Now they’re flat out the Tea Party and the speech that was there in the beginning with the Christian Coalition and its representatives is back in the open, just not quite as “eloquent” and thus a bit more easily recognized for the batcrapcrazy hate speech it is.

            And has been mentioned, by not doing anything to actively STOP the hate and extremism, they – the leadership – made it clear that it was acceptable. Either you stand up to that sort of thing, or you allow it by your silence – and by their silence, party leaders allowed it. It’s been allowed it by party leadership, by candidates and for a very long time by some of their “unofficial” but clearly recognized pundits. The hate, craziness and extremism has grown and spread for decades like a cancer or a bad form of rot.

          • jarheadgene says:

            You can’t even count on the old guard of the GOP that were moderates like a Bob Dole. In fact yesterday, Elizabeth Dole rolled Bob Dole out, in a wheelchair, to try and persuade his former fellow GOP Senators to vote for a Treaty that would not have COST America a dime. It was a Treaty for ADA that mirrored the ADA that is in place now, but to go international. You need a super majority to finalize a Treaty. Bob Dole, disabled by WWII, who served in the US Senate honorably under the GOP. The DEMS voted for the TREATY unanimously. A large majority of the GOP voted NO….Leading the charge….Sen MITCH (I am a straight up bigotted a$$hole) McConnell. ……TIME to GO MITCH !!!! YOU ARE WORTHLESS !!! And the GOP should be ASHAMED….VERY ASHAMED.

          • TZToronto says:

            All those disabled people with their darn entitlements!! If the U.N. has its way, every house in America will have to build a ramp for wheelchairs!

            I wonder how many of the old Tea Partiers refund their Social Security to the government every month . . . Folks, you have to walk the talk.

          • Actually, my sister is wealthy, and 68, and SHE doesn’t cash her SS. She says it should go to somebody who needs it.

            She used to be a local Republican “wheel”. She now votes a straight D ticket. She has few illusions about the Democrats, but believes the Republicans (and Tea Party) have totally lost their minds.

          • TZToronto says:

            Your sister sounds like a thinker. The Republican Party needs more like her. I’ll bet, though, that there are plenty of over-65 Tea Partiers who (1) would never give up their Medicare and (2) cash their SS checks every month. What they want is for everyone ELSE (read as the freeloaders) to give up their entitlements.

          • John Tyrey says:

            The people the GOP exploited have now taken over the party. Unless they pull their heads out of the 19th century they will join the ash bin of history. The angry old ignorant white people demographic is shrinking. I would see pictures of GOP rallies and see nothing but angry white people, and then I’d see Democratic rallies and the smiles and happiness of a multicultural and inclusive crowd. President Obama could find the cures of AIDS, Cancer, baldness, and erectile dysfunction and the Republican congress would vote against it. George W. Bush could have been killing puppies with a baseball bat on the White House lawn and they would find a way to convolute it to make him look good.

          • Right on … save for erectile dysfunction….. they would vote for that cure… (they need it!)

          • retonne says:

            I would argue that you are just now finding out what Republicans actually stand for. Ultimately, the Republican Party worships the wealthy and despises everyone else. They believe might makes right, and that it is the duty of the wealthy and powerful to trample the middle class and poor.

          • That is why they were surprised when they could not buy the election the way they buy everything else.

      • CPANewYork says:

        I agree with you, but your syntax is lousy.

      • always a pleasure, I like your style Fern!

    • middleclasstaxpayer says:

      The only thing preventing Congressional committees from doing their jobs is a president who refuses to negotiate on anything, but pretends to be doing so.

      • Pam says:

        He lost a lot of middle class democrat support (money) because he compromised too much! You have been watching too much Fox News and have become brainwashed.

      • Seems to me Middle, Obama went more than half way on negotiating with the Repubes until he finally wised up and almost lost his Demo base. Every time he crost the isle he lost a hand. He’s finally grown a pair and now we will see America grow.

        • middleclasstaxpayer says:

          Obama won election, so he doesn’t need democrat vote any longer…he has not negotiated in good faith, as he refuses to bend, and economy is suffering as result. UPS & FEDEX, largest freight & domestic shippers in world, just announced large cutbacks for 2013…this is just tip of massive iceburg….US economy is on decline based upon presidents lask of skill & knowledge regarding growing our industries.
          Bill Clinton’s 2008 comment is instructive…Obama is an AMATEUR, but he’s attempting to run the worlds’ largest economy, and is doing so…into the GROUND!

          • OK – we get it you work for UPS or FEDEX….sorry for your impending plight, but don’t take it out on the President who, I believe, is our only hope for any future for this country….Would you have preferred Romney and Ryan running this country?

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            Romney & Ryan are business people who have learned how to create jobs and make economies work….even how to revive “lost causes” like the Olympics. Expecting someone who has never held a private sector job to “know” how to create jobs, is like asking a man or woman who never cooked to create a banquet for millions. President has good intentions, but they are not backed up by practical experience. And most of his “advisors” are academics, who are long on theories but very short on real-world experience. Oh, speaking about our economy, now City Bank just announced 13,000 layoffs for 2013. Another casualty of a very weak economy.

          • Romney also moved jobs overseas, dodged his taxes ( or at least paid the least he could manage by offshoring his money as well) and ran a vulture capital company responsible for gutting pension funds at the expense of the worker and for his and a few other money bags. His actions did little to stimulate the economy (unless hiring undocumented aliens for yard work is your idea of stimulus). Maybe you can get a job parking cars at one of his homes.
            Your claims of Obama destroying the economy don’t ring true. The stock market is just plugging along nicely and is in better shape than when he took office. You really need to stop watching idiot talking heads on Faux (not)News. Your brain is beginning to atrophy.
            Oh, and your comment about the Olympics… He used a government money to bail that out. Where would he have been if he couldn’t get his hands on that? LOL

          • Lynda says:

            Not to mention record profits and that fact that corporations are sitting on a couple of trillion dollars in cash. The stock market went over 13,000 again today.

          • CPANewYork says:


            Romney shipped jobs overseas. Yes, he’s a job creator, but the jobs he created are in foreign countries and he created them at the expense of Americans.

            Glad you mentioned Citibank’s 13,000-person layoff. Another example of the far right’s “contribution” to the health of the American economy.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            What a load of crap. Romney and Ryan have never proven that they understand what the economy needs — quite the opposite. Let me remind you that of the 3, only Obama has ACTUAL experience handling federal economic policies.

            Your lying team LOST — get over it!

          • Hillbilly says:

            Ryan is suppose to be a lawyer not a business man and the only place Romney has created jobs is in China where he has sent thousands of American jobs to since he first started Bain. Romney didn’t save the Olympics the American Tax payers did. You can’t run the country the way Romney ran businesses. Borrow against the business assets and load the company down with so much debt that it goes bankrupt while Romney and associates walk away with millions including the retirement funds of the workers. The country can not be ran like that and that is what Romney and Ryan would have tried to do.

          • CPANewYork says:

            Obama is an “amateur” and Romney isn’t? Obama isn’t running the country into the ground. the Republicans, with their their misguided policy of deregulation caused the 2008 financial panic from which were still trying to extricate ourselves.

            Don’t you know that? Don’t you read newspapers? How do you get your information? Fox News? Remember Fox News is owned by that great civil libertarian Rupert Murdoch, the same gentleman who’s guilty of telephone hacking.

          • Kent says:

            The UPS and FEDEX and others are cutting back due to efficiency measures and would have been cutting back under Romney as well. The economy is slowly recovering after the “Great Recession” adding jobs. And, middleclasstaxpayer- don´t forget that adding things up…. Climate Change is the biggest single danger to the economy…with drought, forest fire, and flood damages incurring over 100 billion U.S.D. in damages to the u:s alone, muich less the rest of the world.
            Programs to cut fossil fuel consumption- sustainability, are that which create a slow path to recovrey and which create new jobs.
            In Germany, which already has 25% renewables- sustainability just outpaced the automotive industry as the country´s single biggest sector of the G.D.P.. and will grow to be 20% by 2020.

            When the wind tax credit and other programs are implemented, the U.S. will follow northern Europe into a sustained and lasting recover.

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            Here’s what the “efficiency measures” look like at work…when the recession hit in 2008, we were told at work that we had an “opportunity”…..the opportunity to do the work of three other people who were let go. When I asked where the “opportunity” was (as I wasn’t getting any increase in pay for my extra work), I was told that I was “keeping my job” while others were not. As our economy sinks slowly, these cutbacks are NOT due to efficiency but to reduced business income.

          • palinisamoron says:

            “As our economy sinks slowly”

            Not. The economy has slowly rebounded from the Bush recession. The current administration was rewarded with a second term.

            Just sounds like sour grapes from a teabagger to me. Sweet music indeed.

          • You are right. The policies put forth by the Obama administration, and market forces, have helped us overcome the effects of the disastrous policies that characterized Republican governance in the Bush era. What is amazing is that there are still people calling for a return to those policies and preservation of those that are still in place, e.g. the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            So you cry about Republican economic disasters as an excuse to advocate more of the same? Ever hear about the definition of insanity?

          • latebloomingrandma says:

            What you have experienced is free market capitalism!

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            What I have experienced, and continue to, is my company attempting to survive. And we remaining are grateful for the opportunity to continue receiving a paycheck. Do you think there is a BETTER solution to the problems of companies struggling with decreased demand for their products & services as the US economy also struggles to correct itself? Let’s hear YOUR SOLUTION?

          • The solution depends largely on the products and/or services your company produces. If they are in manufacturing there is a good chance they are being affected by foreign competition. My youngest son works for a small manufacturing company in Maryland. His employer can not compete against Chinese firms when it comes to high volume production, but they found a niche in developing prototype products in high demand in the defense and biomedical sectors. Sometimes, companies have to recognize their limitations and adapt to the new environment, or they go out of business. Buy Made in the USA is a good slogan, and something I try to do whenever possible. Unfortunately, that becomes a daunting task when the only products available are made overseas.

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            You’re right on the mark, but our friend whom I respondede to is blaming our “capitalistic society”? Does anyone besided him think ‘capitalism” is the cause of our problems in the greatest country in the world???? It would be enlightening to understand how THAT works!

          • I hate to admit this, but I said exactly those words to employees who complained about doing the work that two people did before a reduction in force took place. That is classic management 101, and it has little to do with who is in the Oval Office. RIF’s are often influenced by economic conditions, but they can also be the result of deliberate decisions to project an impression of prosperity designed to impress shareholders when the products or services of a company are not in demand or when a company is mismanaged. That, by the way, is the reason so many people seek the support and protection of organized labor.

          • jarheadgene says:

            That started back in the Reagan years. Companies found ways to cut back the employees and give them more work with same pay and benefits while the same Executive Level was building huge Golden Parachutes to steal from the Corporations. Need Examples AT&T / Robert Allen ….MCI / Bert Roberts ….and the list goes on. That continued from Reagan to Bush II. Then a slow down on some of that came with Clinton, but when Baby BUSH took over….it was Reaganomics on Steroids. And to think so many Americans almost voted in a Vulture capitalist like Romney that only know how to make money for himself and only cares about himself…..STOP watching the LIARS of FOX news…it will turn your brain to mush.

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            So a man like Romney, who worked for over 15 years as an unpaid missionary is greedy? What I call greedy is our president taking 3 weeks vacation in Hawaii, All expenses paid by us taxpayers, while he tells the “small folks” to “learn to live with less.” He wastes more cash in one week ($188,000 per hour on the plane with staff, fuel, etc) than all the wealthy combined! Wake up…it’s YOUR MONEY he’s wasting!

          • jarheadgene says:

            That started back in the Reagan years. Companies found ways to cut back the employees and give them more work with same pay and benefits while the same Executive Level was building huge Golden Parachutes to steal from the Corporations. Need Examples AT&T / Robert Allen ….MCI / Bert Roberts ….and the list goes on. That continued from Reagan to Bush II. Then a slow down on some of that came with Clinton, but when Baby BUSH took over….it was Reaganomics on Steroids. And to think so many Americans almost voted in a Vulture capitalist like Romney that only know how to make money for himself and only cares about himself…..STOP watching the LIARS of FOX news…it will turn your brain to mush.

          • foolsdance says:

            It is abundantly clear, Middle, that you are not speaking from personal knowledge. You are simply regurgitating the faux news and tea bagger line of attack. Try reading up on – for yourself – what has happened since 2000 and you will clearly find the facts of what has happened to bring this country to this point. Hint: it wasn’t Obama.

          • Lynda says:

            UPS & FEDEX are worldwide businesses. They are not cutting back just because of economic policies in the United States. Import and export are down in the region of Europe, South America and Asia as well as the problems in our country. Japan has very low growth rates, China’s growth is contracting and Europe is in recession. I suppose to believe that all of this is Obama’s fault. Stop letting your fear, hate and distrust cloud your judgement.

          • jarheadgene says:

            IN the convenient Republican Bubble it is easy to blame the black guy for EVERYTHING. They have always been masters at the blame game. Republicans are entitled to their own opinions (every time Limblah blah blah shits one out) but they are not entitled to their own facts. Fact the world economy is sluggish right now. Fact UPS and Fedex are int’l companies. Opinion…..”It’s all Obama’s fault”

          • America’s biggest enemy is ignorance, for example middleclasstaxpayer ; the fox news believers, the birthers, the let’s see your grades idiots and bad hair blow-hard Donald Trump.

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            Very intelligent comments…..I’ll bet you were at the top of your high school equivalency class!

      • Mike Tierney says:

        If the basis for politicians decisions is based on the voters, then why would Obama cave on the tax increase for the upper incomes? And how does anyone decide that an increase of 4-5% will “destroy jobs”. That warn out mantra has to go. Surveys show 60+% support the tax increases . And that is more support than Obama had in the election. The problem Boehner faces by negotiating is that he knows his moderate guys will be attacked by an alternative candidate next election. They will have the Koch types supporting all kinds of Republicans who will be after the incumbents. Republicans now need to worry about their own party as much as they do the Democrats. Obama’s proposal seems pretty simple although I am sure there is plenty of back room negotiating on all kinds of special interest issues.
        What, specifically would you have him negotiate (change his plan) on?

        • middleclasstaxpayer says:

          Of course 60% favor increasing taxes on the “rich.” It’s very easy to turn the many against the few, as most of us, including me, are not wealthy. Sure, spend “their” money, not ours. But increasing taxes on anyone in a protracted recession is not a prescription for success, only further erosion of a very weak “recovery.” Even UPS & FEDEX are scheduling vast reductions in 2013, a sure sign that things are headed futher down, not up. I’m sure there are arguments on both sides, but now is not the time to experiment.

          • palinisamoron says:

            The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy are history pal. Get used to it.

            BTW, I don’t give a fuck what UPS and Fedex are doing!

          • jarheadgene says:

            Easy my A$$, we still have a bunch of KNUCKLEHEADS voting against their own interest because they believe the LIES of Karl Rove, Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Bros.

        • roseviolet says:

          There’s also the fact that HISTORY shows the oft parroted “fact” about “job losses” from tax increases to be FALSE. The economy did just fine, thanks, and so did employment when we had historically HIGH tax rates on the rich. The right seems incapable of grasping the true fact and only of grasping the faux “fact” as spouted by economic “experts” and Fox.

          On a related note, businesses and politicians seem incapable of understanding that economics isn’t a hard science. At *best* it’s a soft science and it might be most accurate to say it’s a philosophy about what happens where politics and business intersect. It might be fine to let economists make your decisions if you’re a business, it’s not necessarily the best idea for politics. For example, at the heart of the deficit talks are at least a couple of debates on economics and economics policies – with businessmen trying to get the government to do things their way, for their sake.

      • sleepvark says:

        Pull your head out of your faux news. On the tax issue, richer people (like myself!) will pay a bit more, and the middle class (like yourself, perhaps?) will continue to get a bit of a break. Now that the teabaggers have no way to achieve their top priority, they are going to have to co-exist somehow. Top priority? Certainly not anything to do with advancing real American interests like job creation, leadership in advanced education and scientific research or showing the way in space exploration. Just some dumbass ambition to limit the presidential ambitions of the big scary black man who exemplifies their every nightmare.

      • sumner41 says:

        the power does not lie with the president. and it is the repuglicans tha refuse to negotiate. check your history because this is a repeat. lack of regulation,etc brought on the great depression. FDR proposed much the same as Obama,with the SAME RESISTANCE. FDR’s policies did pull us out of the depression and were proven over time sound and true. Our government has returned to 1930 due to their repealing restrictions on banks and big business. The REPUGLICANS would keep us in a recession while they continue to feed of the WORKER. Using the VERY SAME ARGUEMENTS that were used AGAINST FDR.

      • Jim Myers says:

        Replying to middleclasstaxpayer –

        THANK YOU!!!!

        I was afraid I may go the entire day without a good, gut-busting laugh!!!! But you came along early in the day, so I don’t have to worry about it any more for the rest of the day.

        • middleclasstaxpayer says:

          Instead of laughing all the way to the bank, as liberals assume the “wealthy” do, you my friend will be laughing all the way to the poorhouse when Obamacare kicks in. It was just estimated that EVERY business (large or small) that refuses to provide healthcare benefits to its workers, will pay an estimeted $3000 per employee FINE per year, starting in just 3 weeks. This will be GREAT for hiring/firing purposes (and growing the economy) as it will force many businesses to lower hiring goals, and put more workers on part-time status, if they are not simply let go completely. For a business to survive, income must be greater than liabilities. A superb way to start 2013. Wonder what the “jobs council” thinks of this???

          • CPANewYork says:

            Only three grand per year? It should be ten grand per year, per employee and it should start with Pape John’s Pizza, Applebee’s and Murray Coal.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Well, let me ask you this: What do ‘wealthy liberals’ think? I guess you forgot that wealth is not equivalent to party affiliation.

      • CPANewYork says:

        The Democrats won the last election. In the next election, the Republicans will probably suffer even more extensive losses if they persist in their extremist policies. The common people do not like the policies of the extreme right, especially the ultra rich, who seem intent on destroying the middle class.

      • Stella53 says:

        In other words Obama should just roll over and let the republicans have their way? That seems to be what “compromise” means to the GOP – my way or the highway.

      • it is just the opposite — reference filibuster.

      • jarheadgene says:

        NEGOTIATE !!! He was trying that the last 4 years, extending Olive Branch after Olive Branch. And all the GOP did was bite his hand….NOW…the LEVERAGE is on his side, ROMNEY got WHIPPED. Quit listening to crap on the FOX Manure Channel.

        • middleclasstaxpayer says:

          Sorry, but Obama is not getting approval in the house to keep overspending. Whether it’s you and I with our home budget, or someone trying to run the USA, you cannot CONSISTENTLY Spend more than you take in. It can’t be done!
          Obama has a larger deficit overrun that ALL other US presidents COMBINED since the nation was formed. If he can’t add & subtract, someone else will do it for him.

    • William says:

      Don’t kid yourself, he led the way!

  3. Jim Lou says:

    More evidence that more cooler heads are coming to the fore in GOP leadership. An attempt to right a sinking ship.

  4. nick1111 says:

    It was only a matter of time before Boehner made sure that alternative campaign contributors could be found to neutralize the venom of purged Tea Party activism.

    I expect there to be a real backlash to actually run a fiscal conservative (non tea party) against every tea party held seat in the mid term elections.

  5. jarheadgene says:

    LET them go to war….the further right they swing, the easier it will be for Moderates of both sides to elect REASONABLE candidates….and it looks like they will be Democrats. The PLUTOCRATS need to learn this hard lesson……ONE PERSON _ ONE VOTE. The days of them “BUYING” elections are done.

  6. nobsartist says:

    It does not matter who the fools put in place. Dems should treat them all like two year olds and spank them mercilessly at every opportunity.

    They should be laughed at like the village idiots that they are.

  7. Joyce says:

    Get rid of The Speaker and something will get done.
    All he’s interested is his job and power.
    He hasn’t a clue on what to do.
    The tea party ran him for years and now he’s worrying about the likes of Cantor&Ryan.

  8. Mem says:

    Let’s get realistic here. The right wingers and 1 percenters have no choice but to fund the Republicans, no matter if they vote to raise taxes or not. It takes astronomical amounts of money to win an election. If they want their party to win they will contribute. Does anyone really think they will become Democrats?

  9. God, I love spin. Nothing like losing a position (like on a major committee) that allows you to help craft legislation and determine agendas and what gets voted on to ‘set you free’…. of any real power and ability to get your priorities addressed.

  10. Grunge45 says:

    The wingnuts are ranting. There are those who want to run the country by their rules, not the ones that have existed since 1776.

  11. LibbyDee says:

    If they don’t get rid of the Tea Party contingent they will not be a viable party in the future. People who don’t negotiate will always get the blame when things go bad. People are not stupid. At least not a majority of people.

  12. howler65 says:

    As a voter of repubs. all my life, I will probably never vote for them again. I voted for Obama and very few republicans. They allowed zealots to ruin the image I have of repubs. Extremism does not work very well for the middle class. If any of them mention women’s bodies, religion, and continue to kiss up to rich people, they will became a thing of the past.

  13. Frank says:

    Seems that someone named Justin Amash would be the real “squish”

  14. sumner41 says:

    I would add that as screwed up as the bush family is NO BUSH ENDORSED OR SPOKE OUT FOR ANYONE IN THE PARTY DURING THE ELECTION. And even Jeb BUSH was qouted as saying”he did not recognize the party,as to what it has become”. And One cannot ignore the silence of the BUSH FAMILY. Even they seem to be distancing themselves. Another telling sign is when the former govenor of florida left the party and a party spokeman stated “charlie “OWED AN ALLEGIENCE TO THE PARTY”. I may be nieve but I thought that ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS SERVE THE PEOPLE,NOT THE PARTY. If I am wrong,the we must REMOVE THOSE WHO SERVE THE PARTY AND NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

  15. The GOP needs a purge or enema to rid itself of the tea baggers.

  16. Annemb says:

    Well, Hallelujah!

    Is Boehner finally wising up???

  17. Now who is going to put John Boehner in his place? For the past two years I have watch this Republican Tea Party screw with the American people in every aspect of our lives, and it is still going on in Republican held states, like the one I am from Indiana. Mitch Daniels is trying to do all he can before he leaves office to mess with this state, and now we have to put up with Mike Pence. For me it is time to leave this state can’t stand it any longer.

  18. It is so refreshing to see the Republican Party eat its own. The real beauty is in the fact that each one realizes that the next member could not possibly think exactly as they do so this means they are to be “watched” and “feared”.

  19. All the usual suspects turning against each other in a fight for survival….reminds me of Hunger Games…perhaps when there’s only two left, they can eat poison berries together….

  20. Sallylou says:

    maybe it is time for Sarah Palin to quit the TeaParty. She gets paid by them to be their cheerleader–but if they go down, she goes down. And all her money in donations will dry up and once she has spent all that money received by her Super PAC she might have to get a job. There is something wrong when super pacs are formed just to hide the money so the recipient can pretend she is a kingmaker but instead is paying all the money to her relatives for opening envelopes and making bank deposits and printing stories of false praise. IRS ought to make the Palins pay income tax on all the clothes, jewelry, hotel accomodations, first class travel that this Diva does and the SuperPac pays for. Close this loophole and Princess Palin will become hysterical.

  21. jjrjon says:

    “You want good things in Congress and to have a good CAREER? Better play along nicely,” The word “Career” discusses me. How can these be Careers when they are voted into office for 4 year terms? They soon forget they are Public Servant of the People and not the people their servants. These are the words of a “Do Nothing Politician” that will do anything (hook or crook) to stay in office to further his personal ambitions and greed. Career Politicians are the root of most evils taking place within the United States today. Power corrupts and distorts their judgment. The United States drastically needs Political Reform to implement a maximum of Two Terms then you’re out policy. I’m truly sorry our political system has mutated into this mess we have today.

  22. Happy2bback says:

    Please American people it is time to let these guys know on a daily basis that while we would like there to be a mutual agreement to the fiscal cliff we will follow Obama over it rather then have him back down on the tax increases on the 2%. The media is doing the same thing they did with computers and the changing of the millennium supposedly nothing was going to work.
    Of course computers are more reliable then Boehner and his cohorts. Computers actually work.

  23. I say if the Congress would have started this debate right after the extension of the one year, maybe they might be farther along. Now they want to do a years work in 4 weeks and expect the public to feel sorry for them… The Congress wanted to see who was going to win the election and it didn’t work their way so all they have to offer is that Obama is the one at fault….. I say to the Congress clean out your house. Take a good look in the mirror and try to stay on the job until it is finished instead of vacations every other month…. you are in a position of which you put yourselves in. LIVE WITH IT AND BE RESPONSIBLE ENUFF TO DO THE RIGHT THING INSTEAD OF THE BLAME GAME……

  24. CPANewYork says:

    I don’t like extremists of any stripe. Sooner or later, they reveal themselves to be dictators. Our country is a pluralistic society, meaning that there are many groups and no one group has dictatorial power over the others.

    In such a society, the only way to accomplish anything is through compromise among the groups.

  25. howa4x says:

    The greatest irony is that the red states take the most from the federal government, so these tealiban congressmen and women should first go to their red state governors and tell them that they are going to cut federal aid to their states. Those governors will be holding the bag if that happens and they are the ones that will have to explain the cutbacks in services to an angry electorate. Since the republicans only go after social programs, the cuts that the governors will make will just seem cruel and mean spirited. The public dosen’t understand it yet(government funding) but once they do republicans will feel their pain
    Everyone wants lower taxes including liberals and progressives, but the fight is over what gets cut. Is it the overblown, wasteful defense budget, FEMA, Education,Farm aid, transportation, infastructure, medicaid, where? These governors will be on the hot seat, especially if there is a cat 5 twister or hurricane, and aid to emergency response has been cut.This will play out in purple states where there is no real party dominance.
    Boehner had to make this move. The threat from Tealiban II in the primary is not a great as the wrath from the general election where every tea party canidate lost, save one that wasn’t in a gerrymandered seat. The speaker knows that Obama’s big win was a reaction to the social conservatism of the far right, and tax unfairness. He also knows we are a centrist country with slight moves to the right and left and the House is being seen as the problem of the do nothing congress because of tealiban influence. Threats from billionairs don’t realy help in the public relations battle. This fight is a long time coming, and if the resonable side of the GOP can’t prevail then the party which is already a minority one, will become a small regional one. The tealiban is the anchor around the republican party’s necks. The question is will it drag them to the bottom?

  26. BillW says:

    Finally Boehner is doing something positive by ousting those nut job tea party representatives. I think the republican party finally started to deal with the sole reason Obama was reelected (the tea party) Now maybe some real negotiating can take place and if republicans keep their far right positions I am sure democrats will control congress after the next election.

  27. irishtap says:

    This is what happens when you invite the democracy eating pathogen of radicalism into the fold. The party of fiscal conservatives and family values finds itself at a chasm with the future of the GOP fully in question : will they use the tool of compromise to build a bridge toward the noble efforts of patriotism and a better country for everyone, or, continue to march in companionship with their angry fact denying demons only to topple into the abyss?

  28. kdisg says:

    I remember very clearly Mitch McConnel standing in front of his gop audiance in congress and saying that they have a goal for 2008 until 2012. Vote no to everything Obama puts in front of this congress, we MUST make him a one term president, This was in the middle of the worst recession since the great depression, never once considering the people that PAY them, (the american people). So they voted no to jobs, sinking us deeper into debt and un-employment. They voted no to debt ceiling, getting our triple AAA rating dropped, they voted no to healthcare for woman, then tried to close planned parenthood, the people that do millions of cancer screenings and breast tests on woman every year. And for all this misery they inflicted on us hard working, family raising, tax paying americans was losing the election. This was also voting no for equal pay for woman doing the same job as men, so all the hate they showed seniors and woman made them come out and vote, especially wanting to cut medicare and mae mit a voucher. lol they have become UN-AMERICAN ad have lost my and my families vote forever. Who wnats UN-AMERICAN haters in our congress?

    • Stella53 says:

      I couldn’t agree more. When you have almost an entire political party advocating for a sitting President to fail (anyone who thinks the abject hatred for Obama is just because of his policies is naive), I have to agree that they are un-American. It’s okay to disagree with the policies of a President, but to announce to the world that you want to make him a one-term President by saying No and blocking/obstructing, is just disgusting. I will never forgive the GOP for what they have done.

  29. JPGravito says:

    Let’s all hope that with the new year approaching our elected “representatives” will start putting the interest of the country ahead of their political ambitions.

  30. latebloomingrandma says:

    Obama campaigned vocally on letting the Bush taxs cuts for the top 2% expire. This, technically speaking, is not really a tax raise, since those cuts put in by Bush were by design to be temporary. The Republican mantra that this will kill jobs, yada, yada, yada, has not been proven via history. Why are the Republicans shocked that Obama won’t budge on this one thing? It is such a no-brainer. Let the taxes go up for the top earners, avoid the fiscal cliff and all the massive spending cuts, put some stability into the economy. Set a goal for this year to overhaul the tax codes, whereby rates and loopholes can be discussed; plan the big discussion on Medicare and Medicaid . These 2 big entitlements need tweaked and manipulated to remain solvent while the massive cohort of baby boomers enters the system. It cannot possibly be done on the fly, such as the next 20+ days. The people absolutely don’t want a meat cleaver taken to it, Paul Ryan.
    Congress needs to send a message to the the big far right wing donors that they are there to do the peoples’ business. And someone needs to put a stake into the heart (figuratively speaking) of that Norquist idiot.

  31. Goodsand says:

    Yes! It is about time the GOP realizes that the Tea Party should be muzzled. Their hard lines and no-compromise attitude is dangerous and hurtful to all Americans.

  32. ococoob says:

    GET RID OF THE TEATARDS!! They don’t know anything about FISCAL POLICY! They are menace and a danger to our nation!

  33. geoffry n says:

    so much hypocricy. what the gop needs to do is dump the jude walinski platform. the gop got us into the economy crisis. now that we have a democratic president, the gop is crying for spending cuts. that is the hypocricy. boehner is in as akward position because of this very present danger that the gop has put itself in. we the people have figured this out. lastly the gop is all about their caucus and reelection, not about you and me the people.

  34. stcroixcarp says:

    Good for Boehner. He seems to be coming to his senses. It is time that the Republicans have a showdown with the tea party and libertarians and kick them out. Make the nut cases form their own third party.

  35. norman says:

    Just more Republican deceit.

    Fact is that the TEA Party represents the CORE of Republican politics.

    I know this since I have WATCHED, since the 1980’s, as Republicans have FORCED their agenda down America’s collective throat.

    The only thing Mr. Boehner is, really, concerned about, is the fact that TEA Partiers are much more VOCAL, about Republican Goals, and MORE determined to FORCE the Democrats to fail, by any means necessary.

    Remember when the TEA Party sat in the halls of Congress screaming about taxation, of the super-rich?

    No, this is just a play, to the media. Mr. Boehner is hoping to build support, for radical, Republican, agenda’s, by making it APPEAR that he is “routing” the TEA Party.

    Once this “Fiscal Cliff” PHOOEY is over with, the TEA Party will be, quietly, re-absorbed into the heart of the Republican Party.

    I would bet a years income on this.

  36. Sweeeny says:

    Interesting that Mitt’s desperate lunge for the center ground is now being followed by the party as a whole. Pity (read fortunately) they didn’t spot that 18 months ago.

  37. Stella53 says:

    About darned time! Good for you, Boehner. Now get to work.

  38. They are a few people that think the Civil War of 1865 is still going. Will someone please tell these few that are full of hatred that’s history and its time to start living in the present and work on peace for the future.

  39. William says:

    Too little too late, when people realize the real leader of the Rep Party is Grover maybe they will understand where their Party is really headed. You only need to see where Grover gets his money to understand who is in charge of the Rep Party. Are the Rep really OK with these people running their Party, if so I ask them, what good is your vote, when the real people running your Party weren’t elected and have to answer only to the big money who support them. I myself could never vote for anyone whose most important pledge is to someone other than the people who voted for them.

  40. craig says:

    can any of these folks in the gop do math?

  41. greghilbert says:

    Sure, some Repub politicians will shift tactics a bit in response to the election results and public opinion favoring higher taxes on the wealthy. But let’s not be naive, Repub objectives are unchanged. Likewise, let’s not forget that neither Obama nor the majority of Congressional Dems are pressing for the wealthy to pay the dramatically higher tax rates they paid in the decades of prosperity before “trickle-down”. Obama is championing a paltry increase of less than 4 percentage points on household incomes over $250,000. And for that he’s made it abundantly clear he’ll give Repubs much of what they want, if they’ll give him a little of other things he wants.

    In other words, when all is said and done, Repubs and Dems are agreed on one thing: slowing — as opposed to reversing — the transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1%. The fix is already in, the speed limit of the Great Repub-Dem Expressway to Hell will be reduced from 75MPH to 70MPH, and sheep-thinkers are bleating their approval in advance. Even here.

    • LA_CC says:

      It has to start somewhere. 4 percentage points is a start. I don’t like that SS and Medicare are being thrown into this debate when they are separate issues… There’s a lot not to like, but I do see more progressives being elected in Congress and we may see more progress after the lame duck session ends. Let’s hope so.

  42. bck2yu says:

    The real issue is in the Senate where McConnell is stuck on the fence. He didn’t ‘endorse’ Boehner’s latest offer, but neither did McConnell suggest anything substantive. Republicans are crowing because they have just 13 seats at risk in the 2014 interims while Democrats have 20 seats up for grabs. And most ‘analysts’ are predicting that Republicans will gain seats in 2014, possibly even the net six seats they need to regain the majority there.
    But McConnell himself is in trouble. He began his reelection campaign in earnest on Nov 7th, knowing that he is vulnerable. Republicans are in for another huge surprise and setback in 2014. McConnell will be defeated and the Democrats will gain two additional seats.
    You saw it here first.

  43. Let us not forget that the sainted “Club For Growth” is funded by the Koch brothers. The Club is only interested in Big Business bottom line, ergo no restrictions, no rules, no unions, low wages. That means those who take funds from them are expected to deliver. Are they becoming TOO independent? One wonders…

  44. Richard Kane says:

    Huelskamp and Amash are for cutting the military budget, using the word Tea Party hides the Ron Paul factor. Greece shows the wrong cuts costs tax dollars not lessens them, thank you Donna J Pemmitt

  45. frigate says:

    Perhaps Republicon billionaires, banks and corporations should dump their billions into more failed campaigns, go broke and our troubles would be over.

    • Sadly it would just make things worse. Because said Republican corporations would then inturn blame the works, unions, gays, women, your dog and so on and them failing as a business, not the fact they threw away billions on failure.

  46. Chris Herz says:

    There is one class crazier than the Tea Party. And that is the Volvo liberal Obamabots. The DC Democrat Party are as conservative as any mainline Republican. “Let’s fund the wars, cut Social Security”; that is the mantra of all “serious people” in DC.

  47. rebell01 says:


  48. Don says:

    I don’t like all the underlined orange words. As to the TEA Party, they can be dumped into Boston Harbor.

  49. edward j says:

    It is good to see Republicans fighting among each other. Maybe with some good luck , we can keep them out of the White House for another twenty years, like we did in 1932.

  50. retonne says:

    You’re right, if by “negotiate” you mean “capitulate to every Republican whim,” which I believe is the official Republican, Frank-Luntz-approved definition of “negotiate.”

  51. retonne says:

    Ryan is a welfare queen. He’s lived off you and me and other taxpayers almost all of his adult life. Do you really want a welfare queen for Vice President?

  52. I’ve been saying all along a “TEA Party” is for little girls that have imaginary friends !

  53. jetfuel4 says:

    There is a reason the tea party emerged in the first place….mainly that both republican and democrats were fiscally killing this country. Unfortunately, the tea party is also skewed with no real plan of its own and then many conservative zealots rose to push their own agenda. I really don’t like the way America is trending….but in the end, it only has itself to blame.

    • LA_CC says:

      Nah. I think they got riled up about ‘death panels’ in the right wing message machine against Obamacare. Then, with all the press coverage going to their heads, they went off the rails.

  54. ooo says:


  55. Those poor babies. Go cry in the closet with your tea party groupies and dish out millions of dollars towards campaigns only to lose again in the next election. What a bunch of whining losers desperate to keep more money than I could make in a lifetime, but will dish out to any tea party fool willing to pledge allegiance to their bottom dollar.~

  56. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    John Boehner, Democrat Lite from Ohio, is serving his last term in Congress.

    “Tea Party II” is actively building a strong coalition between Libertarians, Conservatives, Blue Dog Democrats and Moderates.

  57. Richie T says:

    With all the internal battles going, if the Republicans actually think they’re going to get more support in 2014 then in 2012, they have SERIOUS problems.

  58. TomKoester says:

    Why in hell would anyone think that lower taxes for the elite (ultra high income folks) is a good idea. The phrase, “Don’t tax the ‘job creators'” is a ruse. After 10 years of tax cuts for the wealthiest among us has resulted in the biggest decade of LOST jobs in history. What job creators? Where are thsoe jobs? They did create a lot of jobs in India and SOuth AMerica and Korea and China, for sure. But is that good policy for AMerica? Let’s get real. The fact of the matter is that high taxes on the wealthy and wealthy corporations create more jobs that low taxes. Low taxes lead to less charitable contributions, less modernization of plants and equipment, less money spent on long term business goals, and higher corporate and executive salaries (which of course is passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices for goods and services to pay them) along with lower wages, fewer benefits for the working man. A ridiculous scenario. A simple minded case in point. In England, where taxes are even higher than the US, especially on the wealthy, when the Beatles in the early sixties first had their million dollar years, to avoid paying the taxes, they all set up business on the side (Ringo set up a flower delivery service, George eventually started Hand Made films, Apple corporation was established, etc) WHY? Because of HIGH TAXES! These were the job creators. As absurd as it sounds, high taxes on the wealthiest forces them to invest (i.e. create jobs, add a few more employees, spend a little more money on the business they are involved in). Think about it! We are on a very wrong path with derugulation of EVERYTHING! On low taxes for the wealthy. On cuting education, healthcare, social security, infrastructure. There is an economic model for a situation where a tiny percentage of the population has 80-90% of all the wealth – it’s called feudalism and Boehner and the gang are leading the charge in that direction. We need to stop it before it is too late.

  59. 1standlastword says:

    Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!! LOL!!!

  60. ococoob says:

    The REAL scandel here is that those two TeaTards are so incompentent on fiscal policy that they SHOULD be removed from their assignments!

  61. Using tax cuts and spending reduction as a cover for introducing religious control of our government by the Dominionists is immoral, even if they think they have God on their side, has been proven by God leading HIS minions to vote for other candidates.

  62. I’d probably feel more sympathy for Boehner, but that tail he grabbed as soon as he got the chance had a rabid tiger attached to it.

  63. risa bear says:

    Whenever I try to get anything done, the bureaus say, well, we used to have thirteen people to provide this service, now we’re down to three. That tells me the WASTE cuts have already been made … and then some. “Cutting spending” on the far right mostly means “don’t spend money on black people and education in poor districts and women’s health” — thus making them too independent and uppity. Focus on the 2014 elections — these psychos must go.

  64. eddieVroom says:

    The GOteaP engineered this “cliff”, and don’t forget: Defense is a *huge* porkbarrel for the red state repubs, much more so than for anyone else. Haven’t you noticed that most of the big military bases are in the red states? Those bases support a lot of small towns and small businesses with strong GOP affiliation.

  65. Love watching them eat their own.

  66. Dan Dorfman says:

    The GOP’s decision to adopt the tea party is now biting them in the ass hard. Tea partiers are NOT, I repeat NOT rational. Being impatient and incapable of compromise, they don’t react kindly to not getting every single thing they want.
    When allowing the radical conservatives a place at the table, the GOP could not, or maybe was unwilling to see the danger they posed in their desperation for a couple more votes.

  67. WellhungHippie says:

    “All the party organs should be cut off,” Bozell told Buzzfeed.”

    Their brain and testicles were cut off a long time ago, whats left?

  68. It should be noted that tea bagger stalwart Ed Royce (R-CA) has been named chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. I trust he knows more about foreign affairs than many of his colleagues in the Tea Party and doesn’t think that this assignment appeals to his own prurient interests.

  69. Hank Kelly says:

    I never dreamed that America’s biggest threat wouldn’t be communists and terroists, but it’s own citizens with some kind of twisted love with the 18th century.

  70. LA_CC says:

    I hate to ask, but how could they get any bolder? They can try to oust Boehner, but I doubt most Republicans will go with any total RWNJ – although I could be too optimistic there.

  71. Logan Wake says:

    The tea party need to realize that they’re in a democracy. It’s good that the speaker is making some needed moves. The house must be active and not stagnic. Let’s get something done for the american people in spite of what party that you belong to.

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