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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

One big reason the Tea Party movement hasn’t been a factor in the 2012 election is that, well… it doesn’t exist.

Sure, evangelicals, anti-tax crusaders and Obama-haters may call themselves Tea Partiers. But there’s a better term to describe these groups: the Fox News Fan Club.

When the history of the remarkable Republican landslide of 2010 — winning 63 seats in the House, 6 seats in the Senate, 680 seats in state legislatures and 10 governorships — is written, right-wingers will falsely insist that this was a victory for the Tea Party.

They’ll spread the myth that the Tea Party was a nonpartisan movement that sprung up to oppose high taxes (though taxes were at a 50-year low and the new president had just cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans). They’ll say people who believed in personal responsibility banded together in local, decentralized groups to oppose radical intervention in the private sector by the government (all begun by a Republican president). They’ll say Americans who were sickened by debt and government spending finally just had to speak out (though they’d been silent as the surplus was blown and the deficit exploded under the previous administration).

What they’ll ignore is how a small group of some of the richest men in America used willing shills to shift the blame for the Great Recession and the debt onto the man who’d just inherited the crisis. The so-called Tea Party movement was simply a façade for the unprecedented way conservative media and dark-money groups rebranded and ignited the Republican base.

During the 2012 election, Fox News appears to be as disreputable as ever. They’ve created scandals as excuses to raise funds for Mitt Romney. They continually spread misinformation and spend endless hours creating an alternate universe where Romney is winning. But none of this compares to what Fox was up to in 2009-2010.

As documented in the book The Fox Effect, the most popular cable news network in America spent over a year engaged in actual political organizing. They advertised rallies in advance, invited candidates on for the express purpose of making fundraising pitches and allowed their hosts to raise funds for Tea Party groups. They did this all while fomenting the myth that the movement was non-partisan and spontaneous (along with hyping scandals that targeted Democratic personalities and institutions, then bullying the mainstream media into covering them).

Of course, the first incarnation of the “Tea Party” was an actual grassroots effort in support of Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign for president. In 2009, the name was co-opted by Fox News and dark-money nonprofits like FreedomWorks and Americans For Prosperity. These groups — both founded by money from David Koch — took the Tea Party brand and used it to harness the anger millions of Republicans felt as the economic crisis peaked. And with Fox and AM radio encouraging their audience to “take the country back,” millions of Americans did become politically active under the banner of the Tea Party, shrewdly organized by the anonymous millions pumped into groups like FreedomWorks and AFP.

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251 responses to “The Tea Party Movement Doesn’t Exist”

  1. get your urban head out of your urban ass. the TEA party exists as a movement. I am no fan of them but your analysis is completely disconnected from real life. these folks meet, socialize, empathize with each other and plan as it were. wishful thinking and conjecture are terrible arguments. your conclusion is dumb. the dems have a rough time relating to rural america. try fixing that before resorting to magic tricks.

    • Rural America has a tough time relating to progress. Maybe they are the ones that need to grow up and get on board. Most of the country is tired of being held back by the slow kids in the class.

    • David Lane says:

      I am a Dem as you so brashly put it and I live in a rural part of TX. The article is factual. Even living in the backwards state of Texas I only rarely hear about the Tea Party anymore. The problem is that people inherently see things the way you are speaking of which seems to be black and white ,or in this case rural and metropolitan.

  2. sisterH says:

    Anyone with half a brain would agree with the tea party. The government sucks at anything financial—waste waste waste. People need to work hard and be rewarded and not penalized for success. And government needs to stay out of our personal life. Free loaders need to rehabilitated unless they have a valid reason.
    Our President doesn’t have a moral compass……He is like a fisherman with a radar on his boat he is just looking for a vote.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Are you related to “obozomustgo” and montanabill?

      Are you actually one or both of these fake name posters??

    • jdhunter says:

      Anyone with half a brain would agree with the tea party. Perhaps.

      Most people with 65% or more of a brain would not.

      The whole-brained people I know have attitudes ranging from pity to disgust to stunned disbelief.

    • If the government sucks, it’s because prior to Obama, there was only 8 years from 1980 onwards when the White House was not held by people whose intention it is to make government suck.

      People didn’t believe government sucked until these clowns decided to starve the beast. The point is to undercut and ruin everything the government does so that people will resent it and allow a monied over class to rule in its place. With suckers like you lining up to reward them for their anti-American attacks on democracy (something that we can’t have without government) it’s been an easy road for them.

      Now we are starting to see the pain though. Infrastructure is falling apart with much of the roading and bridges of the nation rated mediocre to poor. Capital Dome is in such disrepair it is actually a health and safety issue but there’s no money to fix it! Yes, the US cannot even have a safe Capitol House because it’s now “too poor” to maintain basic infrastructure.

      Meanwhile the US has slumped to 17 th place in education and that will only get worse as privatization bleeds further into education and strips our youth of their chance to achieve their full potential through education.

      In some locations the police no longer respond to a list of crimes. Street lights have been switched off. One state has cut a day off the school week with no provision to make up for the lost hours. On some jurisdictions public transport is being

      The US is a nation falling apart and into disrepair, all in the name of elimating democractic government to replace it with a new monied aristocracy, because when they said starve the beast and claimed they meant government, what they really meant was the middle class, democracy, and the American dream that through hard work and effort, our children can live more prosperous lives than we did.

      • SaneJane says:

        They have done very well at convincing most people that we are too broke to have social programs, maintain infrastructure, educate our young people, and keep our standing in the world. They have publicized a mis-characterized and misnamed “deficit” and “national debt”. Their organized plan to destroy that which took 200 years to build is evil beyond comprehension. I am trying hard to understand why.

    • Anyone with half a brain just laughed at you because you don’t have one at all.

    • Anyone with half a brain just laughed at you for not having one.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Nobody with a brain would ever agree with the Tea Party.

      The Tea Party is nothing more than a group of vile, despicable bigots who are known for 2 things: Lying and racism. Although their name is supposed to illuminate the claim that they are ‘taxed enough already’, the truth is that taxes are the lowest they’ve been in 60 years. What the Tea Party stands for is hate for everyone except themselves. They’ve made it clear they hate President Obama, women, minorities, college students, gay people, and hungry schoolchildren. They oppose government benefits for anyone except themselves, since the majority of them receive Social Security and Medicare, among other public benefits.

      With a penchant for supporting bizarre and borderline psychotic candidates (think Michele Bachman, Christine O’Donnell, Allan West), these sordid hatemongers managed to get themselves elected to Congress, only to prove that they have absolutely no interest whatever in doing anything constructive for America. In typical fashion they lied about jobs and the deficit to get elected, then proceeded to attack women’s health and minorities while doing absolutely nothing about creating jobs. They have quickly become the most despised political group in recent history

      Americans won’t easily be fooled again. Look for every one of these bigoted, greedy, lying redneck losers to get voted out of office — and good riddance.

      • sisterH says:

        It’s obivious you have never been to a tea party rally. They are racially and culturally diverse. The left wing media has tried to frame the group in a very negative light. The same media is working overtime to frame Romney as out of touch and ignorant. Total lies….but a great technique if you want to keep your base ignorant.
        As usual you fail to recognize that government spending is ten times worse of a problem than revenues collected.
        You are right Americans won’t be fooled again by Obama. They are sick of his bigoted, greedy, racist, divisionist ways.

        • toby speeks says:

          It’s obvious you are a parrot. I’ve been to three, read three, tea party “rallies” and all three were all white and nothing more than a bunch of ignorant parrots such as yourself screaming what was on Fox News the night before. Your notions are noble, but you really need to quit lying to yourself. No one is paying attention to you bat-s.h.i.t.-crazy parrots any longer.

          • Dave_dido says:

            My experience at a tea party rally here in Ohio was similar to yours. I didn’t see one African American and only a handful of Asian Americans. I saw many signs that were rascist, albeit cloaked in code words and innuendos. In general the Tea Party made me very sad to think so many Americans were still clinging to bigotry. At the rally I came across a young man who was a former student of mine.He was a good student and a nice kid when I had him in seventh grade back in the seventies.He started giving me the same make-believe narrative that Sister H repeats about how the Tea Party is racially and culturally diverse. I asked him to look around the crowd and point out where he could see racial or cultural diversity. He couldn’t.

        • deborah says:

          You are speaking to who? Americans will not likely be fooled by you; rhetoric of hate, offensive to the majority of people, falls on deaf ears. That is your Tea Party voice. Interesting use of the word ignorant; not sure I read anyone call you that in these comments. Keep sputtering sister; tell your story to your coconspirators.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          As expected, you responded in true Tea Party style — with lies and bigoted hate. You don’t need the so-called ‘left wing media’ to cast a ‘negative light’ on you — you do that quite well yourself whenever you post your bigoted, lying comments.

          I know that you hate Obama (because he’s black, of course), but you’ll just have to deal with it. You really have no choice — most of America doesn’t believe in bigoted hate. He was elected once despite the bitter bigots’ wishes, and he will be elected again. Sorry ’bout your luck.

        • toby speeks says:

          “if you want to keep your base ignorant.” Seriously? how can you say the progressives are ignorant when 7 of the most ignorant states fall into the “red” category? Don’t bother to answer, the question was rhetorical and we realize you must live in one of those red states.

        • StephenMcDonald says:

          SisterH, what planet are you living on. It is the Tea Party that started this idea of birtherism, Obama is a Muslim etc. As for racially diverse, all of the rallies were rural whites who used images and banners of Obama in racial context. The Tea Party has and always will be the party of someone who doesn’t want to see a black man leading this country.

        • grandbaby1 says:

          yes they are diverse but they also are giving republican congress low marks of approval.

        • sharkenstein says:

          “Ten times worse of a problem”!!! OH NO! I am totally panicked because of that totally legitimate number that you totally didn’t just pull out of your ass.

    • deborah says:

      It is you who has no moral compass. I know of a household who spent lots of their money on Glenn Beck rallies; calling the president Hitler, longing for the good old farming days. They have a swimming pool, upper middle class existence. Now they know how stupid they were and that their grass roots Tea Party was bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers. Totally silent now – probably wishing they had not spent one nickel on this fantasy. Perhaps you believe, truly, in your stated principals, but you do not speak coherently. The country believes in rehabilitation, what is your point? All politicians look for votes, duh. You have said nothing of merit.

    • jarheadgene says:

      I GET IT NOW! I have family and friends that went to some rallies. They said, it was always a mostly white middle age crowd. But they told me they were the tea party in honor of “The tea party” for Boston history. They were standing up to goverment wrongs. Now that I know TEA stood for “Taxed Enough Already” and that makes sense as the the who and why there is some duping going on here. The Koch Bros and Rupert Murdoch bankrolling the TEA Party is because they think they have been Taxed Enough Already(like Romney at his 13%) While most of us middle class pay our 20% or more. And they use entire networks and meat puppets like O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck and alike to “FOOL some of the people, all of the time.”

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      OK, sisterh so, say, ten thousand very rich and very clever people conspire to completely take over the total wealth of the country. They plot, buy politicians, set up organizations that distort the truth, make up bold faced lies that convince people to support their programs because it is good for them, lower taxes to the point where the government can not pay its bills or meet its obligations, manipulate the stock and credit markets, take over banks and then rewrite history to slam their opposition while making themselves appear to be saviors.
      Suppose they succeed then your idea that hard work leads to success becomes completely false. In fact hard work will have nothing to do with success because you will never be able to become successful once the ten thousand control everything. You will be relegated to a life of just trying to survive while the ten thousand live like kings.
      We are rapidly heading to that very conclusion if people like you continue to support their agenda. The only obstacle is progressives and truth tellers that refuse to give in to your foolish ideas and propaganda. We will fight you with truth to the last person.

    • johninPCFL says:

      “government needs to stay out of our personal life”. Sure. Tell Akins, Walsh, and the rest of the teabaggers to stay out of your doctor’s office, or your neighbor’s bedroom, first. They’ll laugh you out of the ofice you elected them into.

  3. The definition of a Tea bagger, a middle class person who marches in support of issues that benefit rich people.

    • trucker581 says:

      Well Said


      All of you UNEDUCATED morons will see—–

      If Obama stays in other 4-years
      Our country will be going down even further than it is now—–


      Then finally your dreams will come true.

      Obama will have taken all the hard working RICH people’s money and given it to the
      LAZY NO GOODS that don’t want to make nothing of them and won’t take care of themselves and sit around begging for their hand out!!!

      We will allll be equal and be in the bread lines.

      Obama wants the whole world to be equal to KENYA!!!!!!!!!!

      How do you think our country runs????
      It’s from the RICH people that invest their money and makes businesses and trickles down!!!!

      The RICH people give to charity!!!!!
      How much do YOU give to charity???

      The RICH people make jobs!!!!
      How many companies have you put together and supplied jobs!!!!

      How much money do YOU have in the bank so the banks can make money off
      You and grow???

      The RICH people buy stock
      How much stock do YOU buy.

      How much money do YOU invest to help our country??


      Isn’t your arm getting tired holding your hand out by now????



      Our country CAN NOT survive with all poor people—WE NEED THE RICH!!!!

      WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sharkenstein says:

        As concise, factual, and grammatically correct as one would expect from a bagger. If you think that the rich and corporations aren’t “holding their hands out” (and getting many orders of magnitude more money than the needy) then you’re worse than stupid. The broad consumer base is what drives our economy, and if you don’t understand this basic reality, then you are worse than stupid. If you think rich people are capable of building their own infrastructure, caring for their own homes, caring for their own families, providing sanitation, providing plumbing, providing electricity, providing rescue and safety services, providing a military, protecting their assets, administering healthcare, or ANY of these things for themselves, you are so incredibly much worse than stupid, that I feel sorry for you.

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

          I have NEVER seen anyone work for a poor man!!!!!!!!!!
          I have NEVER seen a poor man build companies and hire!!!!!!!

          • grammyjill says:

            Then go out once in a while. Oh, maybe your keepers won’t let you. Take your meds like a good boy and maybe they’ll let you have a lollypop.

          • stugatz says:

            these baggers have gone down the toilet along with joe the plumber

          • dennis says:

            Most the employers in this country are not RICH………You need to “Wake -up”.

          • dennis says:

            You are whats wrong with this country !!!!

          • highpckts says:

            Allamerican- you are wrong and can’t stand being wrong!! Of course losers are always hateful!!

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            I hate to lower myself to your level, but c’mon man, just how stupid are you ? After the election, the sun will rise, people will get up and go to their jobs, investors will invest, teachers will teach, the garbage will get picked up, life will continue its daily existence, this is not absolute good versus bad, it’s just politics and an economy as large and diverse as ours does not simply cease to function because of one person, policy changes and sometimes evolutionary changes in our system and way of life move at their own speed and momentum. It is basic human nature to resist any kind of change, and it is the grand human spirit that embraces change and revolutionizes their future. Seek your path moving forward, we are all the masters of our own destiny.

          • bobbreinig says:

            let see mike jobs was a poor student ,,and so was bill gates,, and i don’t think henry ford was a rich man before he started ford motors ,, but then you know all the truth and i am just guessing

          • sharkenstein says:

            Wow, more intellectually stunning demonstrations of your vastly superior inability to argue or even make a coherent point! A “rich man” doesn’t hire someone out of the goodness of his jolly green ass, it’s because he has a need (same goes for corporations). Please though, feel free to further demonstrate your astonishing lack of education and cognitive capacity.

          • Steve Sapp says:

            Trickle down does not work we gave that a try already.

      • dennis says:

        Who the hell do you think you are ? I’m rich and educated and no we don’t NEED the rich This country was made by the middle class and educated. You need an education.

      • highpckts says:

        Boy they have really succeeded with their brainwashing with you!! Amazing! What we need is a diverse population, not all rich or all poor!! You obviously aren’t “rich”!! So what kind of money do you see “trickling” down to you??? Jack nothing!!

      • Peoples425 says:

        As much as I would love to sit here and debate the astounding inaccuracy and utter ignorance that this post illustrates, I feel as though your bias has been portrayed and would serve little, if any, purpose in terms of progression. My short term advice for you though would be to turn off Fox news and quit believing the spoon fed dialogue that they give you to spew.

      • stugatz says:

        what a hateful and idiotic loud mouth po wat tras you really are

      • english_teacher says:

        If the rich people make jobs, where are they?
        How do banks making money create jobs?
        Do you still think that buying stock in a company is done to allow a company to grow? The only thing that grows with buying stock are the dividends of the shareholders and the commissions of the stock brokers.
        The only investments being made by the rich people that you’re talking about are to prevent Obama being re-elected. How many jobs could have been created with the money spent there?

        You couldn’t be more wrong about rich people being the ones who make our country. They only thing that most of them make is more money that they can hoard.

      • Steve Sapp says:

        Wake up yourself dumb ass. It will be in reverse we will get this country moving again. The republicans ran us in the ditch

  4. Sister H: You sound like a Fox News echo chamber.

  5. daniel bostdorf says:

    You don’t give up do you sisterh?
    Lying, once again.

    Sister H…this article explains that the Teaparty is a fabrication.
    Nothing to do with your warped views about Obama or anything else.”

    Damian Tryon? Keep reading this. It applies to you too…

    Quoting the article:
    “….the first incarnation of the “Tea Party” was an actual grassroots effort in support of Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign for president. In 2009, the name was co-opted by Fox News and dark-money nonprofits like FreedomWorks and Americans For Prosperity. These groups — both founded by money from David Koch — took the Tea Party brand and used it to harness the anger millions of Republicans felt as the economic crisis peaked. And with Fox and AM radio encouraging their audience to “take the country back,” millions of Americans did become politically active under the banner of the Tea Party, shrewdly organized by the anonymous millions pumped into groups like FreedomWorks and AFP.”

    Your post is nothing more than right wing propaganda. So is ‘Damian’s”
    Sisterh—you simply don’t get it do you?
    Quit listening to Limbaugh and Beck and Foxnews…..OK?

    Why don’t you (and damian) first read Will and Ariel Durant’s 13 volume “The History of Civilization” before you come back here? Maybe you would get a brain?

    Once again to remind you what propaganda is…

    Nazi Joseph Goebbels (like Linmbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    Keep telling us lies Sister H. (you too “damian”)
    Post after post, day after day….

    Once again….What is your real name? Why are you hiding?

    Are you a Karl Rove operative?

    Sounds it.

  6. jdhunter says:

    My category label for them is “The Party of Sore Winners.”

  7. daniel bostdorf says:

    Teaparty is nothing more than the Brown Shirts of 1930’s Germany.
    Go read Hitler’s Mein Kamph.”

    You see where Rove et al is coming from…

  8. Peter Gatliff says:

    In reality the Tea Party movement is just a hold over from the “Business Plot”. Follow the money. The same familys and Wall Street Banks fund both.

    • Follow the money. Also follow the same money for buying our Supreme Court aka “Citizens United” decision to “interpret” that corporations are people, and can contribute billions to bribe our politicians and and lie to American citizens. If you want to legitimately protest the 1% ruling elite that has done it’s best to destroy America’s middle class, join your local “Occupy” movement. Take back America!

  9. a lot of them were middle class now they see the truth of how the rich got richer and they lost ther house,wow it took that before reality set in.

  10. The reason the Tea Party is rapidly becoming irrelevant is because people finally realized that their proposals, if implemented, would wreck the economy and increase our unemployment levels to unacceptable levels, in addition to destroying the social fabric millions of American seniors and poor students depend on for their livelihoods and a better future. The Tea Party represents unadulterated Fascism and, not surprisingly, it is being rejected by a plurality of Americans. The only states where it remains a powerful force are those where twisted religious fanatism, intolerance and extreme political ideology continue to dominate the opinion of the masses.

    • I really appreciate all your posts because they are so full of factual information.

    • grandbaby1 says:

      this is so informative. you are very intelligent on this issue

    • TheOldNorthChurch says:

      Dominick – what most have missed. The Tea Party in 2011 after its success during the 2010 election and its realization that the establishment Republican Party was not different than the Democrat establishment, make a decision to not form a third party. Instead it decided to take over the Republican Party at the State and precinct level. It has a ten-year goal to accomplish this.

      It was not the Republican Party that cooped the Tea Party it was the Tea Party that decided to take over the Republican Party structure rather than try to create a new one.

      • Oh, good. I would like to see the GOP go away and a group as intolerable and unlikable as the Tea Partiers take over. Soon after, we may even return to a point where the elected officials actually govern, compromise, debate and think of their constituents and what is best for the nation and not their personal beliefs.

        • TheOldNorthChurch says:

          But if what you are saying is correct the Affordable Care Act would not have been passed. It has never received support from a majority of Americans.

          We would also not be involved in nation building in the Middle East. Only one country there receives support from over 35% of the American Public, Israel (65%).

        • Big Poppa says:


          • I love it when you people compare Patriots to the Taliban. Especially while your guy blames a video for a terrorist attack and then apologizes to Islam for Americans practicing their right to free speech . What he should have done is told them that Americans enjoy that right and we dont need to apologiz to then for that ,. He should have told them that any violence against Americans would be dealt with and THEN DONE IT . For you ignorant Liberals to compare Conservatives to the taliban when you invited the Muslim Brotherhood to do a jumah at your Convention / Haj is ignorant . During your Haj you had Muslims Boo God 3 times . And you have the pea brain to equate Patriots with that . Shame on you brain washed sheeple . Meanwhile your guy has put the Muslim brotherhood in charge of Egypt and Libya while letting Iran Nuke up ….SWWWWEEEETTTT. Madonna is right we have a black Muslim in the Whitehouse .

          • highpckts says:

            Madonna apologized and you are a chest thumping, war mongering bigot!!

          • Well, gee, Michael.. I have also heard that the republican/tea party has also been hailed as “Another Nazi Party.” So….., which is it??

            NUFF SAID~

          • Look at History and that will ttell you all you need to know about who to compare the Nazi’s tp and that would be the DEMONCRATS . Do you people knpw anything of History

          • oldtack says:

            “Look at History and that will ttell you all you need to know about who to compare the Nazi’s tp and that would be the DEMONCRATS. Do you people knpw anything of History”

            Where is this place where you failed to learn the fundamentals of composition? Or- are you just basically, illiterate?

          • Michael, you are wasting your time trying to make intelligent conversation with these liberal Morons! They don’t understand Democracy, facts or intelligence, only ideology!

        • Ed says:

          If Obomawins I expect we will see a rebirth of the GERMAN BUND under different colors.

          • wow ….NO WONDER GOD!!.. is so dissapointed with all GOP FACISTS IN THE WORLD. Please Lord protect us from all of this people……Obama is a good man, but because of his color there is a division in America the RACISTS vs THE HUMANISTIC WITH HARD!!!! or the 47%!

          • It is Obama’s Policy and rhetoric that is dividing the Nation . That is what he wants . Its the only way he can win . He cant run on his record thats for sure . It has nothing to do with the fact that he is 50% White 43 % Arab and 7% African

        • Intolerant ..hmmm you mean like Obama is towards Christians …Or Rahm Emanuel …Stepahnie Cutter ????

      • elizh says:

        There’s also this minor point about Sheldon Adelson. Newt Gingrich, who had long awaited this battle for the soul of the Republican party, was funded by Adelson just long enough to knock out Rick Santorum and lock the nomination up for Romney, whom Adelson then funded. So Adelson seems to be a big factor in preventing the Tea Party from grabbing the presidential nomination.

        It will be interesting to see the size of the Tea delegation in the next Congress.

    • I met lots of Tea Party members through the internet. Many of them were really cool.

    • Thank you Dominick for educating anyone who does not understand what this backwards, racist group is really about.


      The Tea Party is not there anymore because
      “THEY” hold jobs—-
      “THEY” have responsibilities—-
      “THEY” can’t waist days and days holding a sign—-
      Now, as you have noticed—if there is ever a protest for the Libs, they will do it for days, months and years and will live in the parks and streets and destroy everything around them—-
      BUT will go home and get their checks out of the mail.

    • The Tea Party didn’t go away . THEY ALL WORK . Someone has to pay for all you Obama voters . They will be there on game day ok .

      • highpckts says:

        Jackass!! So your saying anyone that doesn’t think the way you do, doesn’t work??? What arrogance!!

        • Election day is just 40 days away . For Arithmetic challenged Obama supporters that is in 2 checks and 5 days . Knowing you cant count to 5 let alone 40 I post this as a PSA . It is in 2 checks and 5 days . If you cant count to 5 just use the fingers and thumb on one hand . After the second check just cut off 1 finger a day until you get to the thumb . When you cut your thumb off it’s time to vote

      • Steve Sapp says:

        Guess what I voted for Obama and I work my ass off and go to church.Can you believe that. Man you really are brain washed by the GOP.

    • Unadaltered fascism ? Have you seen Rahm Emanuels Values lately ? He tried to bully a Company for having their own values . He tried to use the intolerant bullying tactics of a fascist . Didnt work out too good for him vs Chic Fil A . Wonder where the Tea Party is ? Dont . By the way Smaller Govt , Lower Taxes, and Less Spending has worked every single time its been used . That is what the Tea Party wants. On the other hand I challenge you to show me ONE FREAKING example of where Socialism and or redistribution has worked ……Just ONE ??? Ok you cant . But there is Historical example of what the Tea Party advocates for , and it has always worked . Slam dunk

      • President Obama’s record and vision prove, without a doubt, that he is anything but a socialist. Read Karl Marx manifesto or Engels socio-economic philosophy and then come back and backup your claim with facts. Claiming that a country where medical providers, institutions of learning, transportation and just about every enterprise is run by for profit organizations socialist is the most absurd claim anyone can make.

      • highpckts says:

        No it hasn’t as evidenced by the shape of this country! If the party and the Repubs are one and the same, then why are they still obstructing EVERTHING put before them! They don’t want anything for this country! They want Obama gone!

      • Steve Sapp says:

        Here is your problem you talk of socialism and redistrubution. That is not what Obama is saying. He is saying fairness. You have been brain washed to think that way. Obama is center not left. And the tea party is so far right it is like the taliban. The American people do not want that crazy crap.

        • the fact that you buy that and repeat shows your intelligence level . Look at his policy for chrissakes . And what is fair about 47% of Americans paying no Tax while the top 10% of wage earners pay almost all of it ? That is ridiculous

          • Rodney says:

            MICHEAL the fact of the matter is that the 47% that mister rommey wrote off do pay taxes. Just as am sure you do what we the 47% is saying is if Mr. rommey is willing to right us off as part of amer. and not get us into meaningful dialog why should we vote for him. To the the republican party as a Black American.How can you convince me to look at the person you support when one part not all .Of your party main slogan is they want to take their country back. We ,I THOUGHT THIS COUNTRY WAS AND IS OURS

          • You were never written off, you Moron! He was saying that you all will vote for who gives you what you want, and he was right!

          • Steve Sapp says:

            That is right for the people the gov should do what we want them to do. Not some tea party propaganda.

          • Steve Sapp says:

            No that is not right. You have to remember a large part of that 47% are retired old people, combat military people are tax exempt. And all the rich who don’t pay any taxes. Like GE and others.

        • Your Savior constantly talks about redistrubution! What is a fair share? 5% already pay 70% of cost. What is fair to you?

      • bobbreinig says:

        michael , i guess you for got the new deal rosevelt,, does that name ring a bell

    • ChristoD says:

      Don’t kid yourself Dominick, these folks are waiting ‘in the weeds’ to spring yet another litany of partisan lies, innuendo, misinformation, partisan BS and HATE, most of all, HATE. They are experts at getting those that WANT to believe in an alternate universe of hate, bigotry, selfishness and lies to froth at the mouth over Obama’s ‘lies’. I do not believe I am overstating this one bit. These folks, both the true believers and their willing lemmings, will not go away and will either spread their wings under the Tea Party banner yet again or reemerge under yet another bogus ‘grass roots’ movement name. I was in SW Florida (Naples) when these extremists started their ‘crusade’ in March of 2009, a mere 6 weeks after the President kicked McCain’s butt big time. They started blaming Obama for EVERYTHING that transpired and the naive national press referred to them as American’s of all pursuasions. It was blatant partisanship of the first order and was obvious to all of us with a nose on our face since Dick Armey, a partisan hack of the first order became a spokesman for ‘the cause’. These SOB’s tried to undo the election big time and have not let up since that time. Be prepared for the noise level to increase exponentially after Obama wins big time, yet again. Until they are called for what they are, they will reemerge angrier than ever before.

      • Are you really that stupid? The only ones spreading hate are the dems! they can’t stand to hear a different opinion than thier liberal propaganda! I feel sorry for yo people!

        • ChristoD says:

          Actually I consider myself rather intelligent, and next to most Republicans and their non-thinking and accepted ignorance followers, rather more like Albert Einstein. But I do appreciate your mature look at the subject. As for spreading hate, the Dems. have done an amateurish job compared to the doom and gloom, take no prisoners, scortched earth Republicans who have mastered the ‘art’ with cheerleaders like Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, Coulter, Gingrich and that distinguished panel of vitrioloc hate mongers leading the way.

          As for feeling sorry for us, fear not Mr Numbastic, we are the ones who sadly feel sorry, and angry, at our bitter brothers and sisters who can’t accept the legitimate election of a BLACK MAN and whose only recourse is to spread nothing but lies and hate throughout his term in office and who painfully watch as their candidate self immolates before the eyes of the world. FOUR MORE YEARS Mr. Numbastic, FOUR MORE YEARS ! 😉

    • The Tea Party Is Right In The New GOP!! Now They Are The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight!! They Are Not Christians Nor Are They Patriots What They Are More Like Terrorists And Traitors !!

    • chuckmiler1 says:

      thnx for expressing the truth

    • Thomas says:

      You have no idea what you are posting about. You could not be more wrong. I have to suspect you are a devoted communist.

    • onedonewong says:

      The teaparty wants an end to the freeloaders and moochers of this society that don’t pay taxes yet get to vote. With barak in office we have record unemployment not seen since the great depression, a deficit that every new born faces $150,000 IOU is that the social fabric your referring to.
      Over 20 million illegals in this country bankrupting cities and states thanks to over generous welfare foodstamps and healthcare that the taxpayers have to fund.
      Any time you have 47% of the population paying no taxes and leaching off the 53% who make this country what it is we no longer have a social compact we have socialism what has always been obama’s goal


  12. I have always thought of the “Tea party” as the pee party. I believe they are who keep the depends people in business!!

  13. douglas says:

    I do not trust anything Fox News reports. After all, Fox is owned by Rupert Murdock. Look how
    he has belittled Gov. Romney. He is a very dishonest man along with the companies he owns. I hope sooner or later he is put in prison by England for the dirty deeds he and his newspapers have done. Now please extreme right wingers. Do not forget to send me hate messages because I have exercised my right to free speech.

  14. joeykay says:

    I wish the Republican and Democrate parties didn’t exist and let the real people run for election like the tax payers themselves thats what the constititions about not rapist,thieves,liars,and whatever else is in public office now

    • johninPCFL says:

      Unfortunately, the parties have now rigged he rules of the game so no one else can play. Think about it, even the teabaggers couldn’t get onto a ticket anywhere in the country without first passing muster in a party primary.

  15. donbronkema1 says:

    This column is a home-run w/bases loaded.

    History will repudiate the TP [soi-disant] w/sneers & snarls–just another in a long line of ‘Nativist’ race-&-immigrant bashers.

    The America of 1840/1890/1920 is the corpse that goes on stinking.

    Next target? androids demanding their civil rights!

  16. Faye Ward says:


    • grandbaby1 says:

      i believe there are 2 tea parties. one is the people who truely believe what they say, just like the original 99% group, second is the tea party politicians who woo the people, get into office and then because finacially it doesn’t effect them, they make bad dicisions that actually hurt the public rather than help. Take Ryan’s budget, economist repeatedly state it would hurt the country, that the numbers don’t add up and that Romney’s plan is even worse, but they are trying to convince people it will work. It did work for Bush. It worked to crash the stock market, crash jobs market, and crashed housing market, blame it on Obama, now want us to do the same thing again. Even the tea party people give these politicians poor marks.

  17. donbronkema1 says:

    We owe a lot to Ulyanov, Dzhugashvili, Goebbels, Schickelgruber & Mao for candor–the ignorant will fall for any idea justifying their hates & preconceptions.

    We need a top-to-bottom revamp of history teaching in public schools [& everything else].

  18. Hillbilly says:

    Don’t insult Annette by saying this so called reporter Michelle Malkin would be Annette. Annette has always been a class act which anyone that is a reporter for Fox News isn’t and never will be a class act. I thought it was against federal broadcasting laws for a TV network to show partially toward one political party over the other political parties like Fox News? does. If that is the law why isn’t Fox being hit with big fines because they sure aren’t fair when comes to reporting truthfully about any party but the Republican Party, and even then they lie at times to cover up some of the wrong doings of the Republican Party. Fox needs to be fined for not being impartial when it comes to politics and need to change the name of the network from Fox News to Fox’s Fairy Tales with a Republican slant.

  19. howa4x says:

    People don’t realize that the origional TP group was angry about the bailouts to Wall st, and were more of an Occupy movement. The right wing of the republican party funded by corportate interests got Dick Armey former disgraced congressman from Tx to shift the mood from bailouts to anti health care. Fox came on board and were actually seen leading TP rallies against health care in DC. This all came together with Fox having a line up of a rogues gallery including Beck, Coulter, Hannity, O’Reiley to drum beat the message that the government was trying to take over healthcare, and regulations, not obscene profits were the problem. The Tea party members were mostly angry whites, and as studies proved of slightly lower intelligence than the rest of us, mostly HS graduates or less. They were easily convinced that Obama was a communist, health care reform was a socialist take over, and the ultra rich were now seen as job creators. they were also told that they were the real defenders of the constitution and that’s why they started wearing 3 corner hats and waved flags with Don’t tread on me slogans. They always had a conspiracy theory about Obama, and that is where the birthers came from, started by Beck of course. They are strong in TX but not in any Blue state, since republicans know that they have to be socially moderate to win there. Scott Brown only won because the democrat ran a lousy campaign, Christine O’Donnel lost in Del, and sharon Engle lost in Nev. The Tea party did make a rally point for ultra conservatives, and religious zealots. They are pandered to by the Republicans who risk alienation from the center, and are carrying the fight there to take over the party. Most of the regulaions that they are against benefit them the most. Health care reform forbids Ins cos from dropping people with pre existing conditions, which would affect a lot of them, and they are the ones that live in the shadow of industry and would be the 1st to feel the pollution if the regulations where removed. This is why the 1% and Fox spend so much time convincing these people that they are loosing the culture war. The Tea party members are extremely difficulult to reason with and always start yelling about socialism or Obama. As more people see what they are really like they recoil. They will be a non factor, since the republicans have geared all their politics toward them and if they loose, the tea party will be brushed aside. They think that they are saving America, and are on a mission. Hopefully events will wake them up but I’m doubtful

  20. John Curtis says:

    I tend to agree with most of the articles in THE NATIONAL MEMO but unfortunately this publication is preaching to the choir. This information and the revelations in the MEMO need to reach the FOX NEWS crowd. How to do this needs to be the number one priority of the MEMO. Otherwise, its nothing more than a liberals and progressives talking to other liberals and progressives.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Obviously, given the number of troll posts on many of these essays, the articles are getting “out”; the message can go only to those who will listen, and the FOX NEWS crowd won’t be.

  21. Rev Jim says:

    The “Tea Party” is nothing more than Whigs and Know Nothings of the 1850’s revisited in the 21st century by Republicans, and soon to join both in the dustbin of history.

  22. Justin Napolitano says:

    OK, sisterh so, say, ten thousand very rich and very clever people conspire to completely take over the total wealth of the country. They plot, buy politicians, set up organizations that distort the truth, make up bold faced lies that convince people to support their programs because it is good for them, lower taxes to the point where the government can not pay its bills or meet its obligations, manipulate the stock and credit markets, take over banks and then rewrite history to slam their opposition while making themselves appear to be saviors.
    Suppose they succeed then your idea that hard work leads to success becomes completely false. In fact hard work will have nothing to do with success because you will never be able to become successful once the ten thousand control everything. You will be relegated to a life of just trying to survive while the ten thousand live like kings.
    We are rapidly heading to that very conclusion if people like you continue to support their agenda. The only obstacle is progressives and truth tellers that refuse to give in to your foolish ideas and propaganda. We will fight you with truth to the last person.

  23. peteserb says:

    This is more B.S. from the left. The tea party is alive and well. It’s just not as noisy as it was in 2010. The memo and other leftist groups are still terrified of the tea party and are trying to discourage their voting. It won’t work. We will see after the election if the tea party was relevant.

  24. JohnRNC says:

    “The Tea Party” is/was the latest attempt to reincarnate the “neo-conservative” (or ultra-conservative) movement. It was also a strategy to differentiate themselves from George II’s disastrous presidency. And it was brilliant – as referenced in the 2010 landslide. It also set the stage for revising history and holding the Obama Admin. responsible for the economic situation. I was extremely frustrated during the 2010 election that the president and the rest of the dems didn’t call them out for the liars they were at that stage of the game. Romney’s campaign is still a “tea-party” style campaign – still working the same rhetoric that worked so well in 2010. But thankfully most everybody pays more attention during a presidential election year and the lies are being called out more vociferously.

    I also think that the dominant elements in the republican party have shifted their focus away from the campaigns and into the much darker business of election rigging. This does not fit nicely into the tea party metaphor – unless it’s an image of Karl Rove dressed as a Hippie throwing our most basic Civil Rights overboard. It is time for the courts in this country to stand up and stop this Voter ID business – especially since the promoters of these bills have been so brazen about their intention to “deliver the election” to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (although I think Voldemort was a bit smarter than Mitt).

  25. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    This is article is so factually incorrect that it is difficult to comment on. What it does do is sum up how the “Political Class” is completely out of touch with the average American citizen.

    What disturbed both Republican and Democrat Political insiders (establishment) during the peak of the visible movement of the Tea Party was that they could not control it.

    Something the Political Class hates with a passion.

  26. The truth about Faux news be told above, and the way they manipulated the ignorant redneck masses by creating an entire “Tea Party” movement to protest Obama for being responsible for creating the financial mess of the Bush Administration. Faux News is crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and their drooler minions are dumb as a fence post.

  27. James says:

    The Tea Party is just a Re -branding of the KKK.

  28. stugatz says:

    down the kitchen drain. this was never a party, -just an extension of the republican party. it was put in place to try and steal votes from the election and just to stir up the narrow minded people of this country.

  29. dotutz says:

    The funny part of this is in all the Polls, Fox News (?) included, Obama is leading in all the swing states! I’m sure that really grates on Fox’s right wingers.

  30. If we lose this election our grandchildren are going to be the big losers. WE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH AND NOT LISTEN TO PROPAGANDA.

  31. sadikifu says:

    Taxed enough already?

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Not surprisingly, all you have to respond to this post is a Republican slogan that addresses nothing said therein, and is not even supported by the facts (if it were, the Republicans probably wouldn’t use it).

      Or is this a satiric response? I hope for your sake that it is.

      • sadikifu says:

        Sand Cat,

        I apologize to you if I misrepresented; I was merely spelling out the acronym TEA in a satiric way however, I am curious to what do you mean by”I hope for your sake that it is”?I make my comments based on my opinion and certainly not to offend anyone.

  32. The “new” campaign by Faux and friends is to create a President Obama who is a Muslim and Muslim extremist sympathizer. The Fact that President Obama has all but whipped out Bin Laden and his organization is immaterial. Also immaterial is the fact that the President was a member of a controversial black Christian congregation under Rev. Wright.
    Our President according to Fox was not born in this country and has participated in an elaborate conspiracy initiated by his mother at his birth. As the son of a U.S. citizen little Obama would be entitled to US citizenship regardless of where he was born but that is immaterial to the “other” narrative.
    The President is also a socialist who is systematically taking away our freedoms. They can point to no freedoms that the President has abridged but it works so well as a rallying cry that they cannot let it go. The Fact that President Obama has expanded gun rights rather than limit them is also immaterial.
    Governor Romeny is running against a President who is a construct of their own minds. That is why from the beginning they were unconcerned by fact checkers.

    • AndrewH says:

      Just because someone makes a construction paper badge, writes “Fact Checker” across it and puts it on, does that mean you automatically take anything they say as 100% accurate? Who’s checking the checkers? So let’s look at some of Obama’s history, because the mainstream media certainly hasn’t, nor have these supposed, “fact checkers”…
      Obama WAS a Muslim at one point in his life and attended a Muslim school in Indonesia. Given his actions in the Middle East, yes, he has been very sympathetic to Muslims and what has it gotten us? One dead ambassador, three other dead Americans, people burning our flag and shouting “Death to America”.
      Who at Fox says Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.? Yes, questions have been raised, like “Why doesn’t he release his birth certificate?” and for good reason.
      Ever wonder why Obama had ALL his academic records sealed? From his own book, he claimed that he doesn’t recall much from his last two years in high school, because he was high on drugs all the time. Yet, somehow he’s able to transfer from Occidental college to Columbia and then to Harvard Law? How? That’s pretty good for someone that claimed to be stoned for 2 years… Did he claim to be a foreign student, using the name Sotero and getting preferential treatment? Don’t know, because he won’t release his academic record, Why? What’s he hiding?
      As far as Obama being a socialist, look at the people he’s been around all his life. Frank Marshall Davis, who Obama calls his mentor, was a card-carrying communist. Frank Marshall Davis was such a hardcore communist that the FBI had a 600 page file on him and he was on the FBI Security Index, meaning that if war ever broke out between the U.S. and USSR, he would be immediately arrested. This was Obama’s mentor… from there he befriended Bill Ayers, of the Weather Underground, who plotted to over throw the government, bombed police stations and the Pentagon. Nice folks. Which leads to the good Rev. Wright, who preached socialism, anti-Americanism and black liberation theology, which is a racist ideology. Throughout his ENTIRE life, Obama’s best friends, advisors and confidants have been hard-left communists and socialists and this had ZERO influence on him?? All this talk of Obama being a socialist is just a “construct” of Fox News’ minds, never mind all the facts of the man’s history, they’re trying to smear him? The fact is, Obama has a lot of people hood-winked into believing he’s something he’s not. You need to look a little deeper into who Obama really is and ask yourself, why he’s so secretive.


      REALLY??? What did your news channel report about the bombing in Libya????

      When you are always on the TERRORISTS side—-There is a problem!!!!!!!!

      But I guess Obama knows how to run the Country because
      HE WAS A “Community Orangaizer” Ya know!!!!!
      They know everything about running the whole world!!!!!!!

  33. The tea paety has to much division amongs them selfs their savior is Ron Paul. They was still backing him up after he lost the nomination for press.

  34. bwmconst says:

    Blah, blah, blah….The Tea Party went to “pot”………

  35. Melvin Chatman says:

    Is “Lipton” still a US Company?

  36. irishtap says:

    A great Republican president said : “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”-Abraham Lincoln
    When was the last time we were honored with such homespun wisdom from within the ranks of the GOP? Anyone with a modicum of sense is fully justified in ignoring the obvious propaganda of FOX and the like. The Republican Party has no use for true representative government anymore. They only seek to circumvent the peoples business at every nefarious opportunity their big money backers willfully perpetrate, from base actions of ALEC and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The GOP has allowed itself to be depicted as anti-democratic, by invitation and inclusion to every fringe element of our society and extolling the false virtue of their incendiary narratives. Reason is treated as their kryptonite. Sociopathic parasites such as, Sheldon Adelson – Rove – Koch brothers(sons of Birchers) is the “ARK” from which this ravenous, blistering assault on the shores of democracy and our constitution is sourced.
    I believe our greatest strength lies within the diversity of our people. We ARE undeniably a melting pot and it’s time we recognize and embrace our varied ethnic make up and allow the old thinking to disolve while we still have a chance to rebuild a far more inclusive society, and dedicate ourselves for working to save our beautiful planet from the scourge of rampant, filthy greed.

    • AndrewH says:

      Why do liberals get SO fired up over ONE news channel? What about the egregious left-ward slant of MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC? These “news” organizations are shills for the President and the Democrat party, yet Fox News is spreading, “obvious propganda”? Have you watched Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz or Rachel Maddow, lately? Are you worried about “big business” influencing politics, then what about all teh Wall Street money Obama has taken? He’s gotten more money from Wall Street than any politician in HISTORY. Apparently, crony capitalism is fine and dandy? What blistering assault on democracy are you referring to? You mean like Obama ignoring the Constitution? Making statements like, “If Congress can’t get it done, I’ll do it myself.” or picking and choosing what laws to enforce or not enforce, like DOMA. Just because you’re the President doesn’t mean you can pick and choose laws like that…. Obama thinks you can…
      Lastly, I’ll leave with a quote from Thomas Sowell that I think is appropriate: “I have never understood why it is “greed” to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.”

      • ryueire says:

        Okay, maybe you have a point that these individuals are pro democratic, but most of their critical comments attack direct statements from the words of the various GOP extremists mouths. They show them on video saying the exact things that these commentators will deride them for. They may be partisan, but at least they do not fabricate or take statements out of context to mislead the public to make a point. ( As Romney did with Obama – “you didn’t build that”). Also, lately, they have quoted the harshest of criticism from other established GOP journalists/current and former party members and advisors against Romney/Ryan.

      • irishtap says:

        True to form, you conveniently subtract statement from context. It’s the Democratic Party, you Tea Party imbeciles have a real problem with democracy these days don’t you? As in: you just wish it didn’t exist so we all lived under your paranoid flat Earth thinking. I discerned some sensitivity from mentioning FOX. FOX is largely responsible for what the GOP has devolved into, a dimented, twisted cult. They lie instead of report, they are a rightwing propaganda network Andrew. MSNBC came about later to provide some balance to those non stop lies – without lying, just facts which you may have a hard time digesting. As for Matthews, Schultz and Maddow I guess you’re suggesting these people are down in the gutter with your Limbaugh or Hannity?! These people are highly accomplished journalists, Maddow has a doctorate in politics from Oxford and is a Rhodes Scholar. She thoroughly researches everything before opening her mouth (Mitt might give that a try), and when she has a “Tea Party” guest on her show the guest is treated respectfully. O’Reilly just yells over people. If you read the constitution you would find the document does afford the president certain executive powers, that allow him some measure of latitude. Your statement regarding Wall Street paying off Obama isn’t factual, surprise! They’ve given far more to Romney cuz they don’t want to pay more in taxes, and they know Romney is an expert at avoiding that. Fine American that he is, making his fortune by buying companies with little of his own skin in the game, borrowing tens or hundreds of millions to which this debt is attached to balance sheet of victim company then charging millions in management fees. When the company teeters under the weight of Romney’s debt, the whole thing comes tumbling down, jobs and all. But…not before Ol’ Mitt gets his.
        If Mr. Sowell were in front of me I would ask him: Why do you continue to believe in your top down economic fairytale? I made an assumption that you are Tea Party, because you sound like one. If you are indeed a Tea Party member, I would offer that you are a hypocrite, when several of these people ran for office under the guise of reigning in Wall Street, until the banksters stuffed some re-election cash down their pants. One more point : why is it the Republicans never took one ounce of responsibility for the disgusting mess they put our economy in? All they’ve done is obstruct ending the recession, so they can continue to sabatoge the economy for common working people, then blame Democrats for their slimy activities, and continue to weaken representative government!

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        Well put Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Steve Sapp says:

        Why because they lie 95% of the time.


    The Tea Party is not there anymore because

    “THEY” hold jobs—-

    “THEY” have responsibilities—-

    “THEY” can’t waist days and days holding a sign—-


    Now, as you have noticed—if there is ever a protest for the Libs, they will do it for days, months and years and live in the parks,on the streets and distroy everything—
    BUT they will go home and get their checks out of the mail.

    • Jo Hargis says:

      But the libs will certainly know the difference between “waist” and “waste” and they can spell a fairly simple word like “distroy”.

      The most hilarious part of this whole thing is that I could probably go back several years and find my posts where I said that what would happen…is the very thing that has happened; that the GOP would discard the tea party like the scummy trash they are as soon as they no longer served a purpose. Of course, all the little Obama-haters will slog on for Willard and cast their votes as they’ve been programmed to do, and that’s ok. The rest of the GOP, those with at least 2 functioning brain cells, will have figured out the game by now.

      Hopefully the southern states will figure it out too, or it might be 2016 before we can scrape the scum of the tea party out of our political system.

    • @allllamerican: My god are you stupid!!! The tea party was never anymore than a group of grey haired poorly educated racist pissed off old white guys/gals. Pissed off because a scary SMART black man was elected to POTUS. The Rove and Koch money machines saw the opportunity to put down that bad ol’ black man and backed the teaholes with big bucks. Arrange for bus tours, colorful banners, rubes and hillbillies screamin freedom, liberty, god, and guns and well who could not take notice. Now 12 months later, as mentioned above, after all the racist, bigoted, fascist ranting is over the teafools have all been laughed to the sidelines. AS for you, sir, you are either very very stupid (no doubt a fox&fools follower) or are in need of extreme mental health care. Give thanks that you will be able to get healthy now that Mr. Obama’s ACA will cover you as you rehab.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        All of you will see—–
        If Obama stays in other 4-years
        Our country will be going down even further than it is now—–

        Then finally your dreams will come true.

        Obama will have taken all the hard working RICH people’s money and given it to the LAZY NO GOODS that don’t want to make nothing of them and won’t take care of themselves and sit around begging for their hand out!!!
        We will allll be equal and be in the bread lines.
        Obama wants the whole world to be equal to KENYA!!!!!!!!!!
        How do you think our country runs????
        It’s from the RICH people that invest their money and makes businesses and trickles down!!!!
        The Rich are tired of paying for the LAZY people that can’t get up and hold a job!!!!!!!!
        Why do liberals think people should be punished for being successful?


        The RICH people give to charity!!!!!
        How much do YOU give to charity???

        The RICH people make jobs!!!!
        How many companies have you put together and supplied jobs!!!!

        How much money do YOU have in the bank so the banks can make money off
        you and grow???

        The RICH people buy stock
        How much stock do YOU buy.

        How much money do YOU invest to help our country??


        Isn’t your arm getting tired holding your hand out by now????


        Our country CAN NOT survive with all poor people—

        WE NEED THE RICH!!!!—–They are the ones paying YOUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!
        HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!
        WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • grammyjill says:

          Glad to see you’re finally on our side. Obama has done a good job without help. Hopefully we can get enough republicans out so he won’t have to fight so hard to get us all back to work and the country back on the right track.

  38. Tea Party was great in idea, back in the election in 2008. Now it seems like the republicans are clinging to it just so they have their voices heard, but the whole point is they lost that chance. The more they try to wave around a Tea Party Flag, the more america realizes its going to be voting Democrat this election. Obama/Biden 2012 Ventura/Stern 2016

  39. Absolute proof that from Paul Ryan(d) on down to the last tough minded, cruel, abrasive, arrogant, self-centered, disingenuous Nietzschean “anti-christ” – like Republican, who “CAST” aspersions on to Romney’s 47% of rotten apples that drag the system down, there is not one scintilla of decent moral fiber in their un-christiananity. They are out of touch with what we have all heard were the teachings of Jesus Christ. Slowly but surely, these Nietzschean “anti-christs” have, like Freidrich Niezsche, abondoned any and all worthwhile Gods, and have taken their guns to go hunt deer. Good for them, but don’t VOTE for them.
    Hugh Buckingham

  40. FredAppell says:

    Hey ALLLLAMERICAN, are you kidding me? Is that what the Koch brothers are paying you to say?Michael Steele even admitted to Chris Matthews during the Republican National Convention that the wealthy are sitting on jobs right now.Apparently the so called job creators are playing politics.They want to see who is going to be our next president.They are always getting their way at the expense of others not to mention all the hand outs they receive from Uncle Sam. So you seem to be playing on the wrong team unless you too are wealthy.


    The Tea Party is not there anymore because
    “THEY” hold jobs—-
    “THEY” have responsibilities—-
    “THEY” can’t waist days and days holding a sign—-
    Now, as you have noticed—if there is ever a protest for the Libs, they will do it for days, months and years and will live in the parks and streets and distroy everything around them—-
    BUT will go home and get their checks out of the mail.

  42. msrita says:

    Tea Party, Going Rouge? That’s all they have to try to win and election.

    This is the 21st Century Clowns

  43. sheilab2 says:

    The tea party is so over. All those crazies who got elected in 2010 seem to be losing and perhaps we can return to civility in Congress. Working together and respecting each other’s views and opinions used to be “de riguer” in Congress, but not with those loons. I love them when they have signs saying, “Hands off my medicare”. Ooops. Oh and remember Lyin’ Ryan dragging his old mother onstage in Florida and noting she is on Medicare? Wonder how she would like having those $6500. vouchers her nasty son is promoting. Oh well, not to worry, romney-ryan = ruin and they are losing in the polls. Praise be ! ! ! !

  44. Andrew Rei says:

    Actually, the original contemporary Tea Party did exist, but it was co-opted by the Koch brothers and the Radical Wrong to go from protesting against the Reverse Robin Hood fiscal policies of the Bush 43 administration to a Radical Wrong philosophy. This and the fact that these lunatics showed up at rallies with enough weaponry to outfit a small army are the reasons I call them the “Tea Party Militia”. I have noticed that the Militia politicians are very quiet right now, and for good reason: as Dominick Vila noted, independents and GOP moderates have realized what the TPM actually stands for and are disgusted by it. The Capitol Hill political pundits now think that the Democrats will retain the majority in the US Senate but only gain 1-9 seats in the US House. The Militia politicians are the reason that the statement is half-true….the five TPM Senators are safe for another four years but the House Militia are up for re-election every two years. And, since 55 of the 63 seats gained in the US House were Militia, they’re all up for re-election. And, all of them are in huge trouble. I’ve been predicting for more than a year that the GOP could lose as many as 100 seats in the US House this year and may not be able to prevent the Democrats from getting a filibuster-quashing 60 seats in the US Senate, let alone take the majority. So, while the author makes the claim that the Tea Party doesn’t really exist, he’s correct about that…they really didn’t….but, the Tea Party Militia did and still does exist, but they’re in hiding right now.
    A prediction I’ve been making a lot lately goes like this: after 6 November, 2012, when the GOP will likely die its political death, the Republican Party will split into a pair of parties, Conservative and TPM. GOP moderates will have three places to go: independent, Democrat or the relatively new Progressive Party, the lone party without extremist and ignorant idiots (the TPM have the highest concentration of those people). The Conservative and TPM parties will become “fringe” parties and the Progressive Party has the best chance to replace the GOP as the other major political party in this country.
    And, for all of you Bad Libs (Libertarians) out there, your party has NO CHANCE to become the second major party, as the party’s extreme fiscal conservatism and radical social liberalism represent the worst of the Demos and GOP, not the best.
    This is not the first time political pundits have unofficially held the funeral of the GOP…it happened after the disastrous 1936 elections and, with the exceptions of the 1938 and 1946 midterms, it took until the 1954 midterms for the GOP to make its full comeback. This time, however, the GOP will die and go the way Yugoslavia did when the communist Soviet Union fell. I’m not going to go into an explanation of all that…do your own research about those elections, the fall of the Soviet Union and the post-Yugoslavia world and you’ll see what I mean.

  45. Exactly what I think about Fox and I have written about it in this forum. Fox is a nest of fear mongers, war mongers and intentionally deliver misleading information to its uneducated, uninformed and highly religious-fanatics who constitute its base and the base of the Republican party. Just recently they leaked the name of the special force individual who wrote the book about the raid that killed Osama, probably exposing national security secrets. Fox and its personnel hate America and Obama more than any other foreigner. It is real bad because they are supposed to be Americans, call themselves patriots, but question the patriotism of the President, etc.

  46. 1standlastword says:

    Now what an excellent analysis!

  47. The problem with your conclusion that the rich create jobs, trickles business down and generally are a boon to the economy is that it’s simply not true. What many of the rich are doing is siphoning all the cash and assets (anything that can be sold and turned into cash) and putting it in their own pockets. All you need to do is look at the job losses (in particular manufacturing) over the last 20 years or so. If they were, as you say “invest their money and makes businesses and trickles down” there would not be the obscene difference between the average worker wages and CEO wages. CEO’s wages are like 800% higher than the average worker. THAT is where all the money is going.
    To make matters even worse, instead of keeping all that cash in US banks and paying US taxes on it, they shelter it in overseas banks that do not report it to US authorities.
    Similarly, you have no grasp on basic human nature. It is not within our nature to be lazy and heartless, as you suggest the middle class doesn’t give to charity. People WANT to work. People are kind and giving. People want to see their children have at least the same opportunities in life they had. People generally want to see their children do better. They do not hate the rich. They want to become the rich. It’s the rich that look down their noses at the common man. In their tiny view of the world they have decided that if the middle class is allowed to become the rich that it is somehow coming directly out of their pocket. (There are some very wealthy people that are doing good things and giving their money away. I don’t want anyone to think I am generalizing.)
    You should take some classes at your local adult school or junior college ALL LL American. It will be money well spent.


      Thank You for your advice BUT you are wrong!!!!!!!!!
      We have several companies and we hire these poor people that don’t even have a ride to work . We help them out with advance pays.
      WE create the businesses, the companies and we hire the people!!!!
      WE have our money right here in the US!!!!!!!!!!!
      We by stock!!!!
      We use our money for investments!!!!
      We give to Charities!!!!
      We have people that came to work and decided that OBAMA would pay them more to sit at home and drawl unemployment—So that quit!!!!
      YES—-Most alll people are jealous of the rich and hate them for being successful and want them to be punished.
      We have several houses, many cars and companies and our Neighbors hate it!!!!
      We started off getting married very very young and have worked our way up—
      Nobody gave us anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It’s the RICH that are sick of working 12 and 15 hours a day 7-days a week and have to give it to the Lazy people that can’t hold a job!!!!!!!!!

      How many companies do you own—Ms Educator
      YOU should probably get educated on your Business people!!!

    • M Talam says:

      So what if the CEO’s make more money. If they happen to be the owner or risen through the ranks or even have a masters education they deserve to do the best they can for themselves and their family. Isn’t that what everyone wants to do. If someone doesn’t go to school or get off their butt, they don’t deserve it. Are you also wanting to take the money from the Union bosses? or are you just interested in class warfare. It’s not withn our nature to be lazy and heartless – have you looked at criminals as a subject? They rarely work and steal and have no compassion in taking from others, sometimes the elderly. Everyone should take responsibility and until then – yes, they are lazy!

    • M Talam says:

      BTW, “kind and giving” would that be you and your twitter account where you call people names? Hypocritcal by all measures.


    The Tea Party is not there anymore because

    “THEY” hold jobs—-

    “THEY” have responsibilities—
    “THEY” can’t waste days and days holding a sign—-


    Now, as you have noticed—if there is ever a protest for the Libs, they will do it for days, months and years and will live in the parks and streets and destroy everything around them—-they don’t have jobs and they don’t have to be ANYWHERE!!!!!!!
    BUT will go home and get their checks out of the mail.

    • smartdee says:

      The article is absolutely correct. This is not the first time this information has been brought to the forefront. Too bad so many people are so easily mislead…you all need to do your homework and not be so easily swayed by the 1 percenters and Fox media. Incidentally, you might want to use spellchecker from now on…waist, really??

    • M Talam says:

      Shhh, don’t fight these liberals. The tea parties have moved beyond rallies and are …..well, let’s just keep that between ourselves, shall we.

  49. nomaster says:

    The reason that the teabagger-fleabaggers have fallen is because people are finally seeing through the vaneer of their disguise. Populist down to earth they were not. Ignorance was so prevalent amongst their lot.

  50. Yes, but is there actually a “Tea Party” as a third party people can see on a ballot? More info please. It seems that you left out “The Boston Tea Party Book” written by Michael Ioane in 1998, which was the basis for the first rumblings of the “Tea Party.” This started around 2002. YEt I believe no one has actually copyrighted the name as a Political Party. (Like the Bull Moose Party). So I do think you are correct, no such party exists. It’s just radical Rightwing politicians currying the favor and votes of a few crazy people who gobble up everything Fox News slop distributors feeds them.

  51. rbfanman says:

    The Tea Party never existed as a registered party in any of our 50 states, or 7 territories. It was just Republicans who were so ashamed of Dumbya Bush that they had to stop calling themselves “Republicans”.

  52. cranefly says:

    The President will be elected for another term, followed by 8 years of Hillary Clinton, you Fox News Club members could take the easy way out now, theres a tall building or bridge in almost every town, or wait for old age to set in, either way facts are facts and all your hand wringing and hate mongering won’t change anything.

  53. The answer is simple . THEY HAVE TO GO TO WORK TO PAY FOR ALL YOU OBAMA VOTERS . They will be there on Nov 6 ok .

  54. I is a huge misnomer to call Fox News news. Fox News is nothing more than a front for the radical right.


      FOX NEWS is the Facts and only the facts—–they are balance and tell it how it is weather you like it or not.


      Like I said—
      Libs hate to hear the FACT!!!!

      They ONLY hear what they want to hear—They don’t listen to anybody but themselves!!
      Libs LOVE to hear themselves talk!!!!!!

      The people that don’t watch FOX aren’t hearing the FACTS–the other channels are all one sided.
      At least FOX is balanced and has a little of everyone on to say their views, they don’t ONLY report their side to brain wash the people.

      Don’t be soooo angry and closed minded!!!!!!!!

      YOU LIBS hate advice, because you know it alllll.

      You can search the facts online and find out for yourself.


    What did your news channel say about the Bombing in Libya?????

    When you are always on the TERRORISTS side—-There is a problem!!!!!!!!

    But I guess Obama knows how to run the Country because
    HE WAS A “Community Orangaizer” Ya know!!!!!
    They know everything about running the whole world!!!!!!!

    • english_teacher says:

      What does a financial vulture like Romney know about running a country? What’s the correlation between being a businessman and trying to achieve consensus to do what’s in the best interest of the country? Romney is just another my-way-or-the-highway guy who feels entitled to be president because he’s rich.

  56. Mark Mayer says:

    or that the tea party was upset with who is running for the republicans and shut up. course it could have been a big bag of wind too.

  57. dang says:

    I believe another reason the Tea Party doesn’t seem to be a factor in the election is that the Republican party is purposely backing off on their radical ideology because they know it will scare voters away. Romney/Ryan are soft-selling so as to seem less extreme, but if elected, Romney would be the far right’s puppet.

  58. chuckmiler1 says:

    they sound like a rebirth of the “know nothing party !!

  59. chuckmiler1 says:

    the teabaggers sound like a rebirth of the old “know nothing party


      Most of the Tea baggers built this country and made it what it is today!!!!!!!!

      That’s the problem with people today—–No RESPECT for their Elders!!!!!!!!!

  60. Kitalaq says:

    I am thankful that we currently have the ability to access news and fact check information as to what is actually going in the state of our political system. Fearing that if our American Citizens are not informed enough as to what the far-right was/is up to and the unknowing people vote tea party affiliates to positions that may get our Nation back to further chaos that we are currently slowly recovering from. It currently looks like “We The People…”is actually being informed and the recovery process has higher hopes in the national polls. DEMOCRACY OUTSHINES plutocracy.

    Thank You OBAMA/BIDEN2012

    • Thomas says:

      So you hate America and freedom and will vote for Obama???

    • shopper says:

      Much of what you say is true except for those people who only watch FOX for news and believe everything they hear or those who continually pass the same lies to people through the internet. When someone (even friends) send me one of those e-mails and I check it on Snopes and find it is false, I reply to all with the Snopes address. Think I’ve lost a few friends but am trying to get the truth to all.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        The people that watch any other channel besides FOX aren’t hearing the FACTS.
        Most Libs hate to hear the FACT!!!! Actually, they ONLY hear what they want to hear.
        You can search the facts online and find out for yourself.

        What did your news channel have to say about the bombing in Libya?????
        My news channel told the truth from the very begging!!!!!
        When you are always on the TERRORISTS side—-There is a problem!!!!!!!!

        But I guess Obama knows how to run the Country because
        HE WAS A “Community Orangaizer” Ya know!!!!!
        They know everything about running the whole world!!!!!!!

  61. robert says:

    One of the greatest deceptions that Satan has done was to convince people that he does not exist and that he is not a card-holding Republican/Tea Party member. The Tea Party is being marginalized because Mitt Romney has done a wonderful job exposing Republicans/Tea Party for what they are, and that memory will be with us for quite a long time. Their treasonous, treacherous actions has awakened the vast majority of Americans, and they will be marginalized as we move forward to BRING AMERICA BACK. VOTE!!!!!!!!!

  62. robert says:

    Stoll, I don’t know where you get that “redistribution” crap from you’ve eaten, but the only President to redistribute anything was BushII when he took a multimillion dollar surplus and turned it into tax breaks to be redistributed to his billionaire friends. Did you get any of it? . . I thought so. There has never been a socialism anywhere in the American political system. But Republicans?Tea Party love to use the socialist slant because it attracts mud-diving red necks, cotton-mouth white supremacists, alligator wrestling hillbillies, and bitter old racists—and ill-informed pigs.

    • Thomas says:

      I hate to burst your balloon but social security is socialist. Welfare is socialist. Government mandated minimum wage is socialist. All the government mandated handouts are socialist. Socialism is where you have the government take your hard-earned money and give it to people that haven’t earned it. The reason they have to do it with the social security because it is a Ponzi scam and now that have to pay the ones that paid for the people that came before them. I can not find anything in the Constitution that allows this. But then FDR never cared about the Constitution anyway.

      • Steve Sapp says:

        I hate to burst you balloon. Social security is not socialist. You pay into it it is your money. And the republicans stole it to spend on other things. I cant believe that does not make you mad. You need schooling


      YOU don’t think OBAMA believes in redistribution????
      Is that what you’re saying???????
      Heeeeee, said it himself!!!!!!!!!
      Watch the movie 2016

      Everyone needs to see the movie 2016

      And YES, while Bush II was in office —- those where the best years for us, our companies grew, we made a lot of money. We were very prosperous!!!!!!!
      Nothing was given to us, we had to work for it.

      Uninformed and Uneducated

      • english_teacher says:

        What about the wealth redistribution that took place during Bush II? You know, the one where the wealthiest 1% got even wealthier? It seems to me that wealth redistribution has been taking place since Bush II took office. It’s just been concentrating upward instead of downward. So, maybe the law of gravity applies here, the one where whatever goes up must come down.

  63. Thomas says:

    The TEA Party Patriots are working at a local level to fight the socialist destruction of the U.S. economy and the fascist infiltration of the government. The left’s assault on the God given, Constitution recognized rights are an insult we will not endure. With the Obama administration inflated price of fuel we can’t afford to attend rallies in DC, but we are working locally. I personally started a new TEA Party Patriots group this month and more are starting up elsewhere all over the nation.

  64. Dabv says:

    The great thing about the FAUX News channels convincing the base that Romney is winning is that it will allow those not so enthused with voting for the knumbskull to stay home with a clear conscience. Call it conservative voter suppresion!

  65. thong says:

    tea party are all nuts, idiots, stupid, extreme right wing neo-con.

  66. Steve Sapp says:

    Yes Carlos you are right there are tea party people who are good people. But they have been lied to and most of what they believe is a lie.

  67. Steve Sapp says:

    You have it wrong pal build from the middle out not the top down. WE already went there it did not work remember.

    • Don Larson says:

      Right again! Trickle Down Economics was a total fraud or myth. During the past 30 years; the Wealth and Income of the Nation went to the top. The average working stiff on Main Street has not benefited from the grow in the Wealth of the Country. Sending 20 Million Jobs overseas, greatly weakened the negotiating power of the Working Man. Predator Capitalists could say: “Take it or leave it.” If you don’t like it, we will move our Operation overseas.” The result: wages of Regular Americans have hardly budged during the past 30 years. GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE ECONOMY! WE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS – – WE ARE THE EXPERTS! Yeh, right! The Financial Sector has brought this Country to it’s Knees; as a result of Predatory and Fraudulent initiatives.

  68. Steve Sapp says:

    because fox news lies 90% o f the time . I know msnbc is slanted left but if you think cnn is liberal you really don’t have a open mind at all. You righty’s alway blame the news media.

  69. Steve Sapp says:

    Yea dumb as an iron wedge Ha

  70. Steve Sapp says:

    There is no socialist distruction. Or attack on God at least not by Obama or the people who vote democratic

  71. Don Larson says:

    It is unbelievable how the Fox News Network has gone from, “fair and balanced,” some years ago; to doing the dirty work, of the Dark Money Cartels. One has to wonder if Bain Capital, has anything to do with the shift? Doesn’t Bain own a piece of Clear Channel? It is SO EASY to connect the Dots; just FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  72. Don Larson says:

    The emotional, “hot button,” of Right, is a Boggy Man, called, “Socialism.” The miss-informed tend to cling to the Slogans of the Past. It’s no longer about the, “ISMS,” today. It is about the Survival of Democracy in the Western World. Socialism is a scare tactic; and, a relic of a decade gone by.

    The Dumbaugh likes to use the disrespectful term: “the Chi-coms.” Yet, China has raised 400 Million People out of Poverty to their Middle Class; using a Model of, “State Controlled Capitalism.” In addition, China sits on an equivalent, of $3.2 Trillion Dollars in Cash.

    Meanwhile, back in the States; a System – – often referenced as, “Free Market Capitalism,” has sent 50 million people to the Poor House. The past ten or twelve years, has been characterized today, as the, “Lost Generation.” That is true of Job Growth, Stock Market Performance, Debt Accumulation, and Greed – – the evil doings of Wall Street and the Big Banks. Aided and abetted, by a Corrupt Congress; the Rich have – – and are continuing – – to pick the Carcasses of the American People, AND, the American Eagle Clean! Sounds like, anything, but Free Market Capitalism! The operative terms today are, Crony Capitalism; and, Predatory Capitalism! Both Adam Smith and John Locke, would go ballistic! if they were walking the Planet today. All of our Social, Economic, and Political Systems; are being controlled and manipulated by a Rising Oligarchy, comprised of the very Rich – – and most Powerful. The Country is clearly losing it’s Democratic, Capitalistic System. Check Job Growth during the past 10 years, While you are at it; check the number of, “Job Chucks;” the great disparity in income and wealth; and the rise of an Economic Apartheid System.

    On the heels of the death of Socialism; we are seeing the rise of a Tyranny by the Few – – the Super Rich – – who pray on the weak and the unfortunate. The idea of Producing much; has given way to, what Stiglitz has called, “Rent Seeking.” Wall Street has found that it is much easier and more profitable to, “Extract,” from the Masses, than to Produce, the old fashion way. This is NOT CAPITALISM! It is a clear transfer of Wealth to the Rich! Thus, we have the rise of Predatory Capitalism! These Bastards should not insult the Chinese for their success; but, instead, come clean and admit that we no longer (if we ever did), – – have a System of Free Market Capitalism!


    • robert says:

      The only socialism going on in America is in the industrial/corporate world where our taxes are used to attract, fund, and set up industries and corporations in our states. They use very little of their own money which is redistributed to their CEO’s, managers, lobbyists, and investors. Very few of them keep their business in America to hire Americans but outsource their employment or bring in “in-house” workers to keep from hiring Americans. This is not by accident or by good business practices. Another type of socialism is in Washington D.C. in our political structure where our tax dollars are redistributed to law-makers. They recieve free health care, housing, and transportation in the guise of making our lives better, but they create laws that make our lives miserable. Republicans love to use the term “smaller government” “keep government out of our lives”, but they bend over backward to get into government and create laws restricting the progress of the people while at the same time creating a lucrative living for themselves, their families, and their friends. So, a lot of ill-informed people like to fling around the word “socialism”, espercially Republicans/Tea Party, but they wallow in it each and every day.

  73. John Brown says:

    “Often in error, Never in doubt” would be the motto of posters like Michael “Troll” Stoll. But it seems like other people posting don’t know that he’s just here to see how stupid he can take it and still have people take him seriously. He’s not even close to as subtle as Stephen Colbert, and I hope everyone knows that’s a parody (and NOT subtle at all, but MUCH smarter and funnier). Seriously everybody, if you’re going to be absurd and ridiculous, at least try to be funny about it and if you’re going to be serious, at least try to be rational and intelligent about it.

  74. AaronNashuaNH says:

    One of the most idiotic diatribes ever written on any subject. Michael, you’ve got to release that anger and hate locked up inside. It’s not good for your long-term health

  75. AaronNashuaNH says:

    Buddy, you need to wake up to the 21st century or retire back to your cave and do some work—if you do work.

  76. David says:

    They can all go straight to hades. And when they all get there Romney and the Donald
    Duck will be there to welcome them to their new home for eternity.

  77. stsintl says:

    “Evangelicals, anti-tax crusaders and Obama-haters may call themselves Tea Partiers. But there’s a better term to describe these groups: the Fox News Fan Club.”

    I group Republicans into three categories:
    Paliniots–Their IQs are less than or equal to that of Sarah Palin
    Newt Wits–Their IQs range between Sarah Palin’s and Newt Gringrich’s
    Murdochites– They directly or indirectly work for Rupert Murdoch.

    So, old TEA Party belongs to the Murdochite category.

  78. why ? People know T party is run by far right ideologues, ill informed seniors, and likes of Rove, Dick Armey AND RNC

  79. mac macey says:

    Has anyone noticed that Fox has had a make-over this year and even Polls Obama in the positive. There’s something askew here. Lets hope its real.

  80. We are alive and well! We will take over the Senate in 2012! By the way, where is the OWS?

  81. n6vol says:

    It appears to me that this branch of fallacy wishes to put down a news organization that prints the truth(fox) as compared to cbs, nbc, abc, cnn, who print only what the existing President wants to be seen and heard. As far as I’m concerned they are all liars and you have to sift very carefully to try to find any semblance of truth from any of them.

  82. bumper sticker slogans are usually not a solution to the problem. The more intelligent people involved in these organizations are beginning to recognize this, (Thank God!) If the country really followed the advice of the haters such as Rush, Sarah , Glenn etc. we would very quickly return to the stone age. These professional haters area making big money by catering to lower intelligence types who realize that there is a problem but do not have the intellect to see possible solution and so settle for empty slogans and false solutions, Meanwhile the Rush types are getting richer and richer.

  83. jwuor111 says:

    Where have all the Tea party gone? Time is fleeting for them all, Where have all the Tea Party gone? Long time ago. Where have the Tea Party gone?Burnt to ashes everyone. Shame on the Tea Party .. S H A M E O N THE TEAAA Party

  84. Ricm12 says:

    Wow….I’ve really enjoyed reading all the posts. To Michael, get a Encycopedia to learn history, because everything on the internet is “not true”. To Dominick and ChristoD…well said, not that they will listen because they don’t need no stinkin truth. Bummer. My vote is with President Obama.

  85. I’ve been saying this from the beginning. It’s EASY to manipulate ignorant and/or dogmatic religious types. By definition, they are not curious or critical thinkers. They are already programmed to believe what others tell them. Thump the bible, wave the flag and then say any kind of nonsense, and they will follow you down that ridiculous non-logical path. In hypnosis and sales techniques, it’s called a “yes set.” You say things that people already believe in; get them in an approving mind set; and hit them with what you WANT the to believe, and they will easily follow.

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