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Friday, October 28, 2016


While the alleged actions of San Diego mayor Bob Filner (D) are certainly deplorable, is it really shocking to see a mayor of a North American city in trouble with the law? The short answer: No.

In the past 25 years there have been a number of mayors involved in very public criminal scandals and investigations.

There’s Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Barry’s infamous assertion that “the bitch set me up,” when caught smoking crack by the FBI. Or there’s the rise, fall, and rise again of Providence, RI’s notorious Buddy Cianci. One thing is for sure: There’s certainly no shortage of shady characters being elected to run our cities.

Here’s a look back at the five greatest mayoral criminal scandals of recent history.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  • dtgraham

    Hey, you forgot about Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz caught red handed spitting his chewing gum out onto a grassy boulevard.

    That bastard!

    • ObozoMustGo

      Hey dt! How’s my Canadian socialist buddy doing? Hockey season right around the corner. Can’t wait.

      Re: Mayor spitting gum…. I always knew you Canadians were radical and corrupted to the core. While America’s DemonRAT mayors may steal and plunder millions, at least their not littering mother earth while doing it… just sayin!

      Have a nice weekend!

      “The goal of socialism IS communism.” – Vladimir Lenin

      • dtgraham

        “Let us not forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.” “The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and Senators and Congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.” ~ Franklin Roosevelt.

        We’ll get you converted eventually Obozo. Matter of time.

        • bikejedi

          Funny that Obama and the Dems don’t realize that .

        • ObozoMustGo

          I will never be converted back to being progressive, DT. I used to be, but converted to Classic American Liberalism (that’s conservative these days) as I grew older and learned that the world did not operate according to the precepts of Marx, nor was class warfare a reality. And with my conversion I have become smart, and therefore cannot be made stupid again…. just sayin. But keep trying, DT. You’re fun and I like you.

          And FDR was dead wrong. He was a socialist which is why he tried to convince people that they were the government, all the while he ruled with an iron fist. Typical leftist freak politician… say one thing while doing the oppposite behind the scenes. Obozo learned well from him.

          Have a nice day, DT!

          “Rule of thumb… never trust what comes from the mouth of a socialist politician. They are only lying to you so they can spend other people’s money to build up their own power base and bureaucracy.” – ObozoMustGo

      • bikejedi

        The Socialists know that but try to hide it …Communism is the natural outgrowth of that disease

        • ObozoMustGo

          Unlike today’s socialists, Lenin was able to be truthful. Now that the world has seen the consequences of socialism/communism, they have to hide their true intentions behind bastardized vocabulary, cliches with no meaning, and false platitudes. Otherwise, no one would support them…. except the 20% who proclaim to be “progressive” which I think is just about every poster, on this site, save a few like us.
          Have a nice day, Jedi.

          • dtgraham

            Your second sentence and the first part of your third sentence really resonated with me. I look at objective reality, both here and around the world, and I don’t see the Republican mantras, cliches, verifiably disproven arguments, and false dichotomies. There are far more of them than I’m going to go into, but I’ll list some of their nonsense:

            ~ government can’t create jobs. All capitalist economies are mixed economies and FDR created 4 million jobs in 3 months.

            ~ Tax cuts increase revenues on a per capita basis. Reagan and Bush II blew up the national debt and it’s generally accepted that tax cuts were the primary reason. Clinton got to budget surpluses with substantial tax increases.

            ~ Cutting the federal deficit will end a recession. No credible mainstream economist would argue that. Proving this theory wrong is why Lord Keynes has been accepted all over the world and why all advanced industrial economies run on this basis. Obama has slashed the federal deficit by reducing public expenditures below the levels of the 4 previous Presidents, yet economic recovery from 2008 has been painfully slow.

            ~ The crash of 2008 was really caused by the CRA making poor, innocent bankers give mortgage loans to people who couldn’t make their payments. To survive, they had to bundle up these mortgages with other toxic assets in highly complex exotic instruments meant to defraud international investors for short term gain. The repeal of what was left of Glass-Stegall gave them the tools needed to survive evil government. I can’t believe that the GOP have sold that horsesh!t to as many conservative Americans as they have. I just can’t believe it.

            ~ An increase in the minimum wage would cause a spiral in inflation and unemployment. Look at all of the other rich countries with minimums far higher than the U.S., and then look at their employment levels, cpi, and inflation rates. Is that true? Obviously it isn’t. Is America alone by itself on a distant planet with no comparative data? I don’t get that.

            ~ The free market would provide health insurance to everyone if it hadn’t been corrupted by Medicare for seniors, Medicaid for the poor, and the employer provided insurance culture. Then, throw in a little tort reform and selling across state lines and voila, everyone has health insurance. Who, with functioning brain cells, would believe that. Look at the levels of geriatric poverty prior to 1965 and compare them to post 1965.

            ~ Single payer universal government health care would result in waiting periods of 5 years for a hang nail and death panels that would kill off a lot of seniors. I live in one of those single payer countries and none of that is true.

            ~ The rich are incentivized by tax cuts while the poor are incentived by lower wages, no benefits, an end to the minimum wage, and unemployment. There is zero evidence that tax cuts, within a range, have any effect at all on economic activity.

            ~ A newly fertilized zygote is a baby with all constitutional rights.

            I once said here, to another poster, that I live on a little place that I like to call planet Earth. I don’t know where the modern Republican Party comes from, but I do know that they don’t sound anything at all like the Canadian federal and provincial Conservative Parties. Nothing at all. I’m pretty certain that would also apply to Europe, Australia, and other advanced nation’s conservative parties. It wasn’t always like this.

          • bikejedi

            That’s a childlike way of doing economic math …Reagan blew up the national debt ? That is inane …Measure it against GDP . Keynes is a joke by the way . His theories have all been proven wrong
            You did get the CRA thing right but you don’t believe it because you cant look past your own indoctrinated devotion
            And of course you fail to mention that when Clinton was Preezy his AG ( the second worse in history Janet Reno ) threatened the Banks with Fed Discrimination law suits if they didn’t continue to originate those loans . So the Banks were telling Clinton this was a recipe for disaster and he still insisted they keep the practice going . In essence they were being blackmailed at that point by the Govt to keep doing a practice no bank in their right mind would do on their own . This was not the Banks fault this was the fault of the Dem Party desiring to buy supporters using the Banks and their investors monies to put people into homes they neither could afford or manage . When you give people houses they will vote for you

        • howa4x

          Not true. Another republican myth. Sweden is a socialist country with a high GNP. Most of Europe has universal health care which you have all labeled socialistic. We rank just below Costa Rico in overall health of the population with our capitalistic fee for service system. Just that they don’t spend 2.6 trillion on it

          • bikejedi

            You cant possibly believe that ANY Country in the world has better Dr.s , Research , facilities , training , and survival rates . That will change for the worse under Obamacare as it does in all country’s that do Socialized medicine . Also if that is what you really think ( snicker ) why don’t you go to Costa Rica or Cuba if you get sick ?

          • howa4x

            What is your experience in health care other than watching Fox? I was on the Bd of directors of a hospital for 10 yrs., set up joint primary care clinics with them, was on my states health planning bd for 3 yrs. and was chair of a 4 county health planning bd for 5 yrs. illness intervention which is what people call health care is extremely expensive with limited outcomes.
            While I don’t like everything in Romney/Obama care some things are improvements. Maybe you don’t realize that Romney was the 1st governor to implement the law forcing everyone to buy insurance and it was thought up by the Heritage foundation a republican think tank. It was 1st introduced in the senate by Bob Dole and Orrin Hatch and I don’t think either of them are socialists. The law is based on personal responsibility for your family care, not collective responsibility. Communism is state controlled capitalism and since the health care system is built on profit I don’t think it fits. The ACA didn’t change how health care is paid for the majority is still private/insurance pay.
            So here is what the ACA changed. 1st Insurance companies can no longer just drop you from coverage no matter what your medical condition is. Also they cannot deny you coverage based on pre existing medical conditions, or refuse to pay based on that criteria. The lifetime cap was also removed. Prior to the Law every insured person had a 1 million family cap, so if your baby was born with a heart defect and had to be in neonatal intensive care for a few months, that million would be gone. 80% of the bankruptcies were due to an inability to pay for health care. Your kids can stay on your policy till the age of 26 instead of 22, and that was only if they were in college. Prior to the law the 1st 20 cents of your premium dollar went to Wall st as profits for investors in the ins co’s. Now 80% of your premium has to go to your direct care, and if it doesn’t you get a refund, so Wall st was cut out of health care. It would have been cheaper to expand Medicaid with a buy in provision than giving everyone a subsidy to buy private insurance because of the profit motive.. The only parts of health care the government runs are Medicare, Medicaid as payers and the VA. The rest is privately owned hospitals, private practice doctors, urgi centers and the rest of it. None of them are socialist, and all are based on fee for service, with a built in profit.
            Prior to the ACA there were approx. 32 million that had no access to the health care system because they had no insurance, and out of that number 50,000 died per year. Men women and children. How this group got any health care was to go to the emergency rooms for treatment since private doctors wouldn’t see them. This is the most expensive portal to enter the system with usually a $500. dollar charge to walk in. When people couldn’t pay, the hospital billed the state for charity care. Then the tax payer would pay the bills. In my state the charity care costs were 1.8 billion/yr . Now these weren’t the welfare crowd since they had Medicaid. It was the working poor who are usually employed by the fast food industry, or Wal-Mart or anywhere that didn’t offer benefits. So that’s a really expensive was to deal with the situation isn’t it?
            The NIH was a leader at one time in the Genome research but GWB banned the used of human embryos so other countries are currently ahead of us, also the sequester is going to set research back.. Big Pharma doesn’t make any drugs that really cure you rather they maintain your condition. there is no money in curing people. So if you have diabetes you will be on insulin for the rest of your life. Also they have side effects. My friend was on a heart medication that gave him diabetes as a side effect. Of course diet and exercise would cure most of these diseases but look around you and not many are doing that, and few doctors recommend that because there is no money in it for them. Some of the drugs are dangerous and actually kill people. I could write about disease and treatment but will spare you the details.
            What I never hear from republicans is a plan. How would you get 32 million low paid people access to health care? What’s the plan? I would love to hear what you would do differently, other than rant about the ACA being a socialist plan.
            Have a nice day

          • bikejedi

            Where did you get YOUR info ? From the PR mavens and purposeful liars at MSNBC ? If you look at the countries that do Socialized medicine they all have had to ration their resources . They all have massive waits to be seen by a Dr and their survivability rates are nowhere near as good as in America .
            Stop using that liberal talking point trying to convince people that Obamacare is anything like what Romney did in Mass . their revenuing functions share nothing in common . The way they are implemented and accessed is completely different . Romney care has succeeded on a State level where Obamacare is designed to purposefully fail . Every single expert will tell you it cant fund itself with everyone being given a choice between buying insurance or paying a tax penalty . It is a train wreck designed to crash and burn .
            The ACA will cause just as many people to lose coverage as will gain it . the big difference being that people who work for a living and have earned it will lose their coverage while entitlement people will get free stuff on the backs of producers .
            Look at the way the law is written . First companies with fewer then 50 employees don’t have to comply . Expect companies that are around that number to not hire more workers and the ones that are slightly over that number to lay off / fire people . Those people will lose their coverage . The next obstacle is the part time worker exemption . Under Obama we enjoy the highest percentage of part time workers in this Country’s history . Expect the trend to increase as Companies outsource jobs and hire part timers only to get around the massive expense of Obamacare . The next obstacle is the fact that Companies can chose to insure their employees or opt out . Now do the math the Insurance will be between 10 to 20 k per employee and the opt out is a max 3 k Tax Penalty …I know the left is math challenged but the Companies will mostly take the opt out leaving their employees to either get insurance themselves or pay a tax penalty . Now do you really think 20 to 30 yr olds will pay 10 to 20 K for insurance they don’t probably need or do you think they will pay the tax penalty and buy that BMW ? For the other workers who get their hrs cut to part time …do you think they will be able to afford Health care on part time wages .
            Hence what you have is money and wealth being redistributed to people on entitlements in exchange for their loyalty and votes while the producers who are paying the bill will be losing their coverage . Of course the whole thing is designed to fail and then your Dems will do what they wanted to do in the first place …single payer
            The Republicans offered several alternatives and were locked out of the talks completely.

          • howa4x

            I already know what is wrong with Romney/Obama care. I know that corporations will shirk their social responsibility for higher profits and throw all those workers onto middle class taxpayers to fund their benefits. If you read the law and not just listen to Fox or Limbaugh, no one who has an existing policy will loose benefits. It is very clear. Obama copied what Romney did in Mass. In fact the advisor that put together Romney’s package worked on the one that the congress passed. In fact Romney made a commercial urging Obama to pass what he had in Mass. I never wrote that this was perfect. I had years in health care and know what the problems are better than you will ever know them by watching Fox. You can’t compare the health care program in Britain to ours, since they lack the resources we have. What I don’t see in your reply to me is what your suggestion would be to correct the current system. Republicans got off easy since they waited for Obama to put a program up there and hit it like it was a piñata while offering no suggestions of their own. This problem went on for all the yrs. of Bush II and no one did anything about it. Tell me what you would do to change this. Stop bashing Obama care and show me your suggestions. Anyone can point out what is wrong with something. I’m waiting for you to offer some other plan that will correct it and we can start from there.. France has the number one health care system we rank just below costa Rico. In fact every other industrialized nation had a national health care system except us. If you think we are better have a relative go through an extensive chronic disease like cancer and then tell me it’s better. Our death rates are extraordinary. 400,000 deaths to cancer, and 300,000 deaths to heart disease every year.

          • bikejedi

            See where do you get off telling for profit Private Companies what their ” Social ” responsibility is and then deciding what that is and forcing them to do it ? Sounds like a DICKtatorship to me .
            Fox is the most trusted and watched Cable Station period for a reason . That is they don’t lie to their viewers and play then for stupid . Not like ABC and NBC did with Trayvon so stop with that nonsense of trying to spin and deflect this duiscussion to Fox or anyone else . It is counterproductive and quite frankly a childish tactic .
            You go on to say don’t compare Obamacare to Brittian when that is all Liberals do …right up until the comparisons suck
            And quite being so inaccurate because the GOP did offer several alternatives and some suggestions were for tort reform and the sale of insurance nationwide . There were many others but what difference does it make ? Except for one meeting Obama called with a few Republicans so he can make the impression that he reached out for bi partisan support the GOP was locked out of these discussions . During that one meeting Obama used the occasion to try to publicly dress down and diss the Now Democrat John McCain. You cant get the support of people that you blame and blast for everything .
            By the way in the one hearing on it Paul Ryan schooled Obama on his own law ..and by the way Obama had very little to do with writing it .
            If you think those Countries have better care please move there and put your life where your mouth is
            As for alternatives I was an advocate for funding it through a consumer sales tax increase . That way even the Obama voters on entitlements would be contributing something even if it was just giving us some of our Tax money back when they buy things with our tax dollars … A 1% Nationwide sales tax would probably do it and it would be easily acclimated to …But God forbid his voters should have to contribute to their own plans right ? Oh and the Senate and the Public Unions should all have to use the same plan as we do PERIOD . They are the ones who supported this evil mess they should have to use it too .
            The cancer survivability rates and the rates for heart disease are much better in the U S .

          • howa4x

            Fox news is directed by Roger Ailes who is a partisan republican and has all candidates in your party come and kiss his ring before running for office. It is a one party network more like Pravda than news. there is no such thing as fair and balanced reporting on that station. At least MSNBC has Chuck Scarbourgh who was a republican congressman from Fla co hosting it’s morning program. I doubt Fox has any democrats hosting any of their programs.
            If you remember the health care debates, the gang of six which included 3 republicans met for months on the ACA. Your party was given all the opportunity to make suggestions and the fact that the public option was removed was by their doing. Remember the requirement to buy insurance is a republican plan put forth by the Heritage Foundation, and this part was included in the final bill. The democratic plan passed by the house called for a public option. Problem was Chuck Grassley came out of the meetings and started yelling about death panels even though he knew they were not included in the final bill. Mitch McConnell said “we can’t give him (Obama)a win and had every republican oppose it. Even though it was a republican plan and implemented by a republican governor. This is why no thinking people can take republicans seriously on the health care issue. Dick Armey got all the nut job tealiban to disrupt meeting on it so what the plan actually said couldn’t be discussed. You call it socialism and I call what the tea party did fascism, since that is the same tactic the Nazi’s used in Germany to disrupt meetings.
            If you remember I wrote that GB has less resources to put toward it’s national health program. Europe is much farther in the genome since they have been cloning for years, and France has the best overall health of their population.
            I like your Idea about a national sales tax to fund it but Groover Norquist opposes any new revenues. So lets be clear. Poor people get Medicaid and older ones get Medicare. What we are talking about is the working poor. The ones that you want to let the corporations off the hook paying for their benefits, so all of us have to pay a sales tax for them. So let me get this clear. You want everyone in America to pay a 1% sales tax on everything so people like the Walton’s who are worth 115 billion don’t have to pay anything towards benefits for their employees. That will be easy to sell LOL.
            When you get a better understanding of how the illness intervention system actually works and not how FOX or Rush describes it, we can chat again
            I hope you and you family have good health the rest of your lives

          • dtgraham

            I’ve been following your discussions with bikejedi. It’s unbelievable that anyone could seriously argue that the freedom, and net profit, of private health insurance companies is more important than the need of Americans to get proper health insurance and health care when they need it. That is truly amazing that anyone would imply that.

            I’m not sure though that Britain has less resources per capita than America for it’s NHS. They just have a very unusual Tory PM with some very unusual ideological ideas on health care. Even then, it still looks like it will cover everyone. It will just cost the British tax payers more, which will go into the pockets of Cameron’s insurance company campaign contributors.

          • howa4x

            This is what Fox and the republicans push. Republicans have turned into cold, callous, mean spirited people, who would rather have tax breaks for corporate jets than give food to head start kids. It amazes me too. This is why I keep answering his Randian replies to me. I wonder where all the true Christians have gone to.

          • dtgraham

            They’ve gone to the Old Testament. Especially the meaner, kookier, parts.

          • bikejedi

            I never implied that . What I did factually state is that Obamacare is a train wreck . That is not opinion but fact born out by the examples of all the people on the left who want out and have been granted waivers . It isn’t whether we should do something about healthcare or not it is about the method we should use to achieve that . Obamacare is a train wreck that cant fund itself in its current form . In its base form it is just a wealth redistribution scheme designed to pull money from Private Corp and Companies and or the people they employ and give free stuff to people on entitlements who vote for Obama . It cant fund itself because the Dems purposefully gave both the Companies and the Individuals who are going to be FORCED to pay for this opt outs … the opt outs are vastly cheaper so what do you think these Companies and Individuals will do ? Use your head and think beyond the talking points . . Our ACA was never intended to cover everyone . It was intended to cover approx. 17 to 30 million Americans who don’t currently have insurance . Most think that a like number of people who currently have insurance will lose their coverage as their companies opt out . So what have we gained besides wealth redistribution to buy votes and long wait times for even simple medical procedures

          • dtgraham

            Redistribution is the name of the game. Health care tax dollars get redistributed from those who are healthy and paying to those who are suddenly sick. You either believe in that concept or you don’t. As the Republican candidate running for Senate in New Jersey (Lonegan) once said, “I have no interest in paying for your health care.” “I hope you don’t get cancer but if you do, that’s your problem…not mine.”

            I’m quite aware that the ACA doesn’t cover everyone and that was known upfront. I’m far less of a fan of it than you might think and many American progressives feel that way too. It’s just better than what once was, but that’s sure not saying much. I feel strongly that employers should not be saddled with providing health care to their employees. That’s a societal responsibility and shouldn’t be a cost of business.

          • bikejedi

            Your post makes a whole lot of sense . I propose a 1 % Nationwide sales tax to fund a pool for people who cant get it from their employers . I think that type of thing would not deter employers from covering their employers or from hiring new employees . It also means everyone from the poor to the rich would pay into it . Even poor people buy stuff . I think 1% would be easily acclimated to by the majority of Americans and would not cause all the upheaval of this plan . See some of us on the right don’t oppose a health plan we just think this current one sucks …Probably between the two of us we could of hashed out a better and more practical plan then all of these yo yo’s

          • dtgraham

            I’m sure we could have. Depends on the numbers. I’ve heard that employer provided coverage takes care of 85% of American workers. I don’t know if that’s true or not and I also don’t know if the other 15% would be covered by only a 1% sales tax dedicated to health care. I’m more prone to progressive income taxes than consumption taxes but I do realize that the latter have their place.

            One thing though. What is to stop many employers from no longer providing health insurance (that they could afford) because their employees can now just sign on with the government single payer plan financed by health care sales taxes? Are we doing substantive and compliance audits of these companies or are we flexible in adjusting our sales tax rate, and possible general tax rates, to compensate? How are we dealing with the inevitable?

            There’s a beauty to the simplicity of single payer models that seems more attractive to me than the complexities of these mixed systems. Single payer has it’s drawbacks too that are unique to that system, but it’s less costly overall, covers everyone, and completely removes the burden of health care coverage from entrepreneurs.

          • bikejedi

            Well one thing I don’t agree with is… I don’t think its any of the Govt’s business , except for making sure a Company is paying its taxes , what they do with their profits . In other words what sort of compliance are we talking about holding them to ? In the past most Corporations were good neighbors and tried to do some charitable work for the good of Society . Now they can in this economy . With the restrictive taxing policies here in the States making them uncompetitive in our own Country against outside competition and with those same taxing regs cutting into profits they cant do as much . Now the left wants to make them do it and they want to direct what that looks like .You ask what is to stop companies from no longer providing coverage I cant give an accurate answer to that other then this current scenario under the rules of Obamacare mean that most will drop coverage . Let’s face it the opt out is going to be less then a third of what the coverage would cost .
            You don’t like the consumer tax idea as much as a progressive style of taxing the rich . To me , if you keep doing that sort of thing sooner or later people stop striving to achieve . I think France just found that out . Two things happen when you keep using the wealthy as a piggy bank . They move out of your Country or they stop creating wealth . I mean what’s the point of creating your own achievement if someone is going to just take what you made and give it to entitlement people just so that you can secure their votes ? This is why Socialism and the class warfare argument always fails. It de incentivizes production and makes achievement socially a thing to be frowned upon …What ever happened to the America where Achievement and creating wealth was a good thing ? You don’t like consumer taxes that would mean everyone would pay a fair share based on their purchases and I don’t understand that . I think it is the fairest way and would not punish achievement . Hell with the consumer tax only you might actually get people to hire again . I mean survey after survey is showing that companies aren’t hiring because of the complexities and costs of Obamacare . Take that burden away and give every business a level playing field and Ill bet the economy would rebound in a year .

          • bikejedi

            that’s funny that you compare Fox to Pravda when they are the only voice of dissent to Obama’s Socialist agenda . That Tass Pravda comparison more closely resemble NBC MSNBC ABC CBS CNBS CNN NPR . All of those people do what they call news by Whitehouse Press release . In fact two of those networks are giving up all semblance to being unbiased by doing Campaign Commercials for Killary . NBC’s chief Whitehouse correspondent is warning that they will lose what little credibility they have left . Obama has donated OUR money to the parent company that owns NBC because their CEO Jeff Immelt was a bundler for him …And you expect them to be unbiased . What you just posted in that shows me we probably don’t need to go any further because you are an indoctrinated cult like follower who relies on the talking points the Obama regime feeds you rather then any real objectivity . It is comical to compare FOX to Pravda and as an American it is insulting . They are the most trusted and watched cable network for a reason and they routinely outrank NBC and they are a Broadcast network not just a cable outlet .
            Also you don’t address anything I post choosing to answer with canned talking points . As I asked you if you think these Countries have better health care systems why don’t you back up what your mouth is saying and move there ? You cant and wont answer that …Put your healthcare where your mouth is and I will stay here .
            The GOP was given absolutely NO input . If you think otherwise then you really don’t understand how Dem Party Politics work and are just buying their rhetoric without listening to what the Republicans in those meetings had to say …but hey if you want to put your faith in a party that flat out lies to you well …… does You Tube caused Benghazi ring a bell or do you think that wasn’t a lie ?
            As for Death Panels Paul Krugman Howard Dean and Noam Chomsky all agree that Palin was right and knocked it out of the park . Chomsky went so far as to say that everything Palin said about Obama was true and she is being proven out . So take that death panel debate up with your side we already know what they are .
            It is also hilarious that you call the Republican opposition to the ACA fascist but look right past the fact that America hates ” This ” Bill and we got it forced down our throats . Fascist indeed
            As for the 1% sales tax the Waltons would pay in like everyone else . When did it become American Corporations responsibility to do all of this . In the past when tax law was more favorable most of the large corporations already did do this . But as the Dems keep getting into their pockets and profits cuts had to be made so they would remain viable especially in a global economy . Dem Policy is handcuffing these corporations and making them non competitive against foreign companies in our own country …Why do you think IBM sold off their lap top division to Lenova ? If you want a Socialized health Insurance plan everyone should pay into it . A consumer tax is much fairer then a wealth redistribution scheme where you have companies and people who are productive tax payers in the private sector , paying so entitlement people can get free stuff . But the fairer way I describe wont make Obama’s permanent and growing entitlement voters feel like they got the free stuff the Dems promised …why by God they would actually be asked to contribute .
            I also wish you and you family well but it seems you want a Socialist America . Instead of making the greatest Nation on Earth a third world Socialist nation why not just move to one of those Liberal Utopias …Our Constitution and our Heritage demand better and we were built on the concept of freedom . Socialism by its very definition takes away freedom and give power to the Govt …Quite frankly there has never been a President in history who by his own actions deeds and words deserves less trust then this one .

          • howa4x

            You are a mini Limbaugh since everyone who disagrees with you is a socialist, like you and your ilk are the only true Americans. You think it is fair and balanced to have former presidential hopefuls as FOX commentators. Is Huckabee, and Palin what you call fair and balanced?. Or how about having John Bolton former sec to the united nations under Bush 2, and on the campaign staff of Romney be a commentator for the 2012 election? There is not one commentator on FOX that doesn’t have ties to the Republican party. This is why they still are running the IRS ersatz scandal when it has already been proven that the IRS investigates just as many left wing groups as tea party. This is why I call it Pravda since it is the voice of the republican party and follows closely what the idiotic Issa is doing in congress. It is information central for the repeal of Romney/Obama care.
            If you look at any real stats Europe has better health outcomes then here. That is because they have realized that health promotion works better than having your entire illness intervention system run on a capitalist model. If you think our health system is great why are 65% of the country overweight? Or more that 35% obese? A true health care system works on those issues not like ours that profits off of them. Our system needs sick and very sick people to flow constantly into it. The wealth of the system depends on that, and illness is the fastest growing sector of the economy. Do you think we can survive as a culture if illness is the foundation for 1/3 of the economies wealth? This is what they are really talking about when they say that healthcare is the fastest growing sector of the economy I don’t know if you really understand the impact that the obesity crisis will have on our economic future. As for cost this condition is only topped by cancer. Think of all the people with diabetes. 14% of all children suffer form it, and the number is growing. This disease will progress to heart disease, failed kidneys, hip and knee replacements and cancer. Where will the future work force come from if we have pervasive illness rates like this?
            There are currently 3 million jobs out there that we can’t fill because we lack the skill sets to take them. So what does the knucklehead tea party want to cut? Funding for genome research that will cure a lot of our diseases on religious grounds and funding for education that will give the next generation the skill sets to take those jobs. Doesn’t it ring a bell is your head that the biggest debate in this country is how will we pay for healthcare.
            What I have become a fan of is to allow the red states to opt out of health care reform. If you want to keep the current cost intensive model great. Mississippi leads the country in obesity and if they want to deal with it by themselves great.
            It is funny you talk about socialism and red states are the welfare ones and blue states are the donor states. Kentucky gets back $1.50 on every dollar they send in and My state gets back $.61 and this is true for every red state and every blue one.
            We in the Blue states will be the ones to lower health care costs. Already every state that set up the insurance exchanges have lowered insurance premiums for their residents. So if you live in a red state and don’t want to do this it is fine with me. You can all shoot each other, kick gays out, pass restrictive laws on reproduction, and immigration its fine with me. Good luck and good bye

          • bikejedi

            The same bias and people can be said of the Liberal Media . Some of the biggest differences would be that FOX doesn’t purposefully lie to their viewers like NBC and ABC did by altering video and audio of the Martin case . Another difference is the FOX doesn’t do their reporting by Whitehouse press release . The third thing is that most of what and who Liberals call political pundits everyone else knows as failed comedians . I mean you people get your news and talking points from the likes of Misogynist Moron Bill Maher , Rosie Oddonnell , Whoopie Goldberg , Joy Behar , Jon Stewart , Steven Colbert …sooo …I’ll take Fox and judging by the ratings so does America besides people who would rather just hear what they want to hear regardless of truth …You know they call those people sheeple right ?

            Yes Obesity is a problem and under Obama most ( I think the number is up to 73% ) school districts have cut their PE instruction and classes . This coupled with unsupervised kids ( and make no mistake the Dem Party encourages single parent families ) doing nothing but eating junk food and playing X Box well you have Obesity

            the following statistics from a survey by the United Nations International Health Organization.

            Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:

            U.S. 65%

            England 46%

            Canada 42%

            Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received

            treatment within six months:

            U.S. 93%

            England 15%

            Canada 43%

            Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it

            within six months:

            U.S. 90%

            England 15%

            Canada 43%

            Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within

            one month:

            U.S. 77%

            England 40%

            Canada 43%

            Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million


            U.S. 71

            England 14

            Canada 18

            Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are

            in “excellent health”:

            U.S. 12%

            England 2%

            Canada 6%

            And now for the last statistic:

            National Health Insurance?

            U.S. NO

            England YES

            Canada YES
            So as I said earlier if you really believe what you say back it up and move to Costa Rica or Cuba …they are Liberal paradises that have gun control Health care and they share the wealth …oh and of course they all share in the poverty too …

          • dtgraham

            This is all bullshit. There is no United Nations International health Organization. It’s the World Health Organization. The UNIHO is a fictitious creature of the “Investors Business Daily” which is associated with Breitbart. There is no Investors Business Daily Article which even comes close to citing these numbers. Investors Business Daily is famous for saying that Stephen Hawking would be dead today if he lived in England…he does. They also published bogus polls regarding Doctor’s support of health care reform.

            The author of the stats you cited above (Gary Levin) has since apologized, saying that he couldn’t trace the origin or verify the accuracy of the stats that he published in his article. I live in Canada and knew right away that a number of those stats were obviously wrong, and the WHO agrees. You’ve been had, but I think you wanted to be.

      • howa4x

        Come on you are an intelligent person and know there is a difference between socialism like Sweden has and the communistic system that the USSR had. Just because a country has a sane health care system doesn’t mean they are on the road to communism which as you and I know it is state capitalism with no private ownership. All the industrialized countries of Europe, even though they have national health are no where near communism. You are smarter than that
        have a nice day

    • dtgraham

      OK, what Sam Katz supporting Winnipeger came onto an American liberal/progressive website to give me a thumbs down for this? C’mon now. Fess up you bugger.

      • ObozoMustGo

        It wasn’t me, dt. I gave you a thumbs up on this one.

        • dtgraham

          Didn’t think it would be a Philly guy.

  • bikejedi

    The Toronto Mayor? really? He is only accused of a crime and he isn’t even an American Mayor. You mean to tell me that you could not have found oh say at least 20 D Mayors to put a list together?

    • ObozoMustGo

      Hey Jedi! Hope you are well, my friend. You are wrong about finding 20 DemonRAT mayors…. only because that would be just a small scratch in the surface. You can begin with every single mayor of Chicago since, what, 1960? And every single mayor of Detroit since 1960. And just about every single mayor since Frank Rizzo in Philadelphia. Holy schnikey!!! There’s probably thousands of them. Doesn’t mean R’s arent succeptible to corruption, but clearly the DemonRAT party and their union connections and mob connections make that party much more fertile ground for corruption than does a generally conservative party like the R’s.

      Have a nice weekend, Jedi!

      • bikejedi

        You are right . Hell in Chicago you can go back to the 40’s and in some of these cities a lot further then that . Have a nice weekend as well

      • howa4x

        I’m not sure but I seem to remember Rizzo as a republican

        • ObozoMustGo

          He was Howie. That’s why I mentioned him as the demarcation for corrupt Philly mayors since. Perhaps that was not clear.

          How have you been, Howie? I hope you are well.

          • howa4x

            Good just got back from a visit to calif. Hope you and your family are well.
            Christie got his start as a US atty for NJ He put a number of Republican public officials in jail

          • ObozoMustGo

            Family is well. Thanks. How was your trip to CA? Where did you go? I go to San Fran area often for business. Great place to visit but wouldn’t want to live there.

            Have a great day, Howie!

            “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” ― Mark Twain

          • howa4x

            I went to SF last yr on Business too. The trip was to southern calif. Have a cousin there so can stay for free which is the best way to travel
            Have a great day

      • metrognome3830

        Of course, the answer could be that Republican mayors are just more adept at getting away with corruption than Democratic mayors are. Did I see you claiming to be a liberal? Now that belongs under the “Cartoon Of The Day” heading. Libertarian does not = liberal. Never did, never will, no matter what you say, or who else says it. But that’s what comes of trying to put labels on everyone. That doesn’t work either. I’m sorry you had a bad experience as a progressive, OMG. Will you also change your mind when you have a bad experience as a libertarian? As you surely will, if you live long enough. As a young man (into my mid-to-late twenties) I used to be what would be, by today’s standards, a conservative, but I still voted Democratic. Times change, OMG.
        Enjoy your weekend, OMG!

        • ObozoMustGo

          Hey Metro! Did Mrs. Metro let you out of your servitude last weekend? Tell her you deserve it.

          Well, I could agree that politicians of all parties tend to be corrupted, but there are more DemonRAT mayors that are corrupt, no doubt. That’s probably because more cities are run by DemonRAT party control. It’s also likely that the cozy nature of DemonRATS to unions combined with the DemonRAT propensity for higher taxes and spending is why so many more of them are corrupt. But this is exactly my point that I have been making for a long time. The bigger the government, the more likely we are to have corruption. It’s just the way it is, and it’s the number one argument against big government.

          And I did not have a bad experience as a progressive, Metro. Well…. maybe…. to the degree that one can be a moron (progressive), I suppose that is a bad experience. But usually a person who is a moron progressive is not usually aware of the deceit that is the root of progressive thinking. Only by becoming aware of that deceit in your own mind can you realize how foolish you’ve been in the past. It’s sort of like growing up and realizing that you need to put childish things behind you.

          One other point… the DemonRAT party of today is NOTHING like the Democrat party from back in your day. It has been hijacked by the leftist radicals. You’re still a conservative, Metro. You just don’t know it yet. And you need to break that horrible habit of voting for what you think are Democrats when in reality they are “progressive” DemonRATS. I’ve always wondered why the call themselves “progressives” when their ideas are anything but progressive and in fact are regressive ideas that have been around for centuries. It’s been a successful linguistic marketing ploy, but has no basis in reality.

          Have a nice day, my friend!

          “In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.” — John Adams

          • metrognome3830

            Hi, OMG, good to hear from you. Mrs. Metro has been recovering at a better than usual pace. Her physical therapists are impressed with her progress. She has disposed of the walker and is using a cane — to walk, not on me — although she has made a couple of threats. However, no, I did not get a complete reprieve for the weekend. She is still not driving. I told her I’m starting to feel like Morgan Freeman in “Driving Miss Daisy.”
            You’re sort of right about the Democratic party. But I’m sort of right about the Republican/Tea Party. Yes, the Unions sided with the Democrats for many years. Most still do. And the Republicans became the part of the big money boys. But things got worked out without demonizing all the bosses (some of them, but not all) and the unions were not always demonized as “thugs.” We met, we discussed, we made idle threats, then we got down to business and worked out a solution we all could live with. Sometimes there was a strike. Sometimes there was a lockout, but both sides knew that nobody wins in a strike or a lockout. The “progressives” you talk about mainly have little to do with unions. Many of them talk down the unions. They only use the unions as a rallying point to talk about the plight of the working stiffs, but when it’s time to unionize, they will be absent. So where is an old union man to go these days? The Tea Party “Patriots” are equally as strident as the leftist “progressives.” I don’t personally know any Democrat that jumped to the Republican side to vote for Mitt Romney. I’m sure there were some, but what the hell, we have our share of knuckleheads in the Democrat party, too. As a student of history, I’m sure you are well aware that the measures espoused by the Tea Party have been around before as well. And with about the same level of success.
            I like the Adams quote.
            Have a great day, OMG.

  • howa4x

    In NJ we have the mayors behind bars association