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Friday, April 20, 2018

16 Responses to The Vote 2012

  1. Strange cartoon.
    To me voting is an honor, privilege and duty. As an opinionated, politically independent, healthy, male in mid-life, and a life long voter, I do not feel these dangers when I go to the polls. Do others? And if so, is it the lack of enforcement of polling laws, laws in general, or insidious propaganda or “dirty tricks” in certain political circles that causes fears within the voting population? Or is it something else?

    If there are fears for the least strong in our society. That, can not be tolerated.

    • There are many that have been told they need ID, can’t vote if they have a parking ticket, owe child support,etc. Challenged on citizenship even though they were born here. Some have been told they can’t vote because they are dead. Even when they show up in person. And no it shouldn’t be tolerated.

  2. I was thinking that the cartoon should replace the G.O.P. elephant as a symbol of the party, Am I alone in my thinking?

  3. Do you think Willard has the courage to talk or over talk world leaders like Putin, etc the same way he disrespected President Obama? Sort of let’s me know how much of an arrogant. ignorant , Republican ass the man is. Oh well I just hope the old Republican Party comes back to life. One whereby We The People don’t have to worry about about becoming Communist.

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