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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This Essay By A Fourth-Grader Makes The Case For Marriage Equality So Simply Even A Conservative Can Get It


Why do so many kids understand marriage equality so much better than most adult conservatives do?

This letter from a fourth-grader may not be grammatically perfect, but the logic is more sound than that of the adults who are forced to selectively pick from the Bible in order to justify denying the right of marriage to millions.

Simply put: “And you should be happy for them because it’s a big moment in their life.”

And who better to make the case for same-sex marriage to Chief Justice John Roberts, a parent of two adopted kids, than 12-year-old Daniel Martinez — who, along with his sister Selena, was adopted by two dads?

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  • howa4x

    Funny most hetero married couples aren’t that happy with a plus45% divorce rate so Gays may be the best chance for groups that promote marriage to survive.

  • darkagesbegin

    to Albert smith: I am curious. Tell me about when you made the choice to be straight. Did you sit down and decide on your own, or get counseling from trusted mentors about how to make that decision?

  • Bob

    Apparently, this nation cares more about freaks getting married than it does about kids using proper grammar and spelling simple words correctly.

    • RobertCHastings

      How about posting one of YOUR third grade papers. Or did you make it that far? This country cares a great deal about freaks posing as intelligent, responsible adults. Too bad you can’t read between the lines.

  • IIisabel Privera

    I am for children to be loved, protected and cared for in the best possible way. If a gay couple can and want to do it responsibly I don’t see why not. Children without a safe home hurt and politicians are not around to lift their spirits and offer them hope. Thus they should get out of the way of those willing to provide a home and nurturance.