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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5: John Fleming

john fleming

Congressman John Fleming (R-LA) — best known for his genuine outrage over a satirical Onion story about Planned Parenthood’s fictional “$8 billion abortionplex” — is apparently still struggling to separate fiction from reality.

During a Tuesday appearance with hate-group leader Tony Perkins, Fleming ranted about the recently approved UN Arms Trade Treaty. According to Fleming, the treaty — which seeks to prevent the sale of weapons to human rights violators and shut down black market arms sales — is actually a liberal plot to repeal the Second Amendment.

“This is a dangerous thing when it comes to the Second Amendment. People need to understand that there is an end-run around the Second Amendment that is available to the Senate and I do think President Obama and others do support this,” Fleming said, clearly not understanding exactly how the Constitution works.

He added that the treaty could prevent parents from spanking their children, speculating, “That could potentially be up for a ratification of a treaty with other nations. So that if you for instance spanked your child, you could be in violation of a UN treaty and a law created as such.”

Only three countries voted against the treaty: Iran, North Korea, and Syria. Based on Fleming’s extreme right-wing platform, the three states make good company for the Louisiana congressman.