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Thursday, October 27, 2016
  • And Bill Bennett proves once again why he was, along with Lamar Alexander, one of the people least suited for the job of Secretary of Education, and why Gohmert is one of those least suited to be a person.

  • Like book renal fees, the next requirement is going to be full body armor and M-16s for students.

  • If a child on the playground hits another child with a stick, you don’t arm every child with a stick. What you do is take the stick away from perpetrator.

    • MRD1056

      That is a perfect analogy! Thank you for this comment.

    • Sand_Cat

      You must be another commie, socialist, fascist, Muslim, Kenyan to suggest such an outrageous and silly thing.

      Obviously the answer is to give both kids AK-47s with 100-round magazines, grenades, and nerve-gas cannisters, while arming the teachers with 50-megaton warhead-bearing ICBMs.

      • ococoob

        Bwhaaaa haaaaa haaaaa!

      • And if a petition against the prohibition of these weapons of war ever came before the right leaning, NRA-owned supreme court, you can bet it would be rescinded – second amendment dontcha know.

    • If a child on the playground hits another child with a stick, I’ll gladly go take the stick away from him.

      If an angry teenager on the playground shoots another teenager with a AK47, YOU go take the AK47 from him. Personally, I’d rather see someone that is armed and trained put him down!

      And don’t call me some GdDm Republican Right-Winger! I’ve been a Democrat for 40+ years and politically on most issues, I stand center and slightly left of center. But I’ve been in the Marines and I know the burn of being hit by a bullet and I know simplistic actions will not solve the problem we have!

      • Justin Napolitano

        Then you should no better, shame on you. If you have been in combat you know that it is very hard, in the heat of the moment, to hit a target. Guns are the problem not the solution.

      • I take it you are being sarcastic. If not, you need your head examined. I personally, would look to take the gun out of his hands. If you are so cowardly sir. If you are serious, then instead of Ford Truck, you should post this as when trouble comes, “I will duck”. Quack, quack to you…

      • Simplistic actions for me include just loading everyone up with more and more guns, law abiding or not. Law abiders have accidents, are targets for thefts of guns as well as other belongings, and so on. Everyone is a law abider

    • Forgive me, Collen, as clever a turn on words as your reply is, it bears no logical connection to a school shooting.

      Making sticks illegal isn’t going to stop the psycho kid from using alternative means, like getting a bat from the gym and bringing it out to the playground, or getting a stick illegally and bringing it to recess.

      If you have a playground full of kids, and some psycho barges into the playground with a baseball bat and starts crushing their cute little skulls, you will wish you had something to defend them with.

      Now you can arm a teacher, or a few teachers, concealed, trained and ready, who may or may not be on the playground at that time. Psycho skull crusher might be deterred, but if not, possibly stopped before the body count gets to high.

      Or, we make it utterly impossible for anything stick-like to be available. Psycho kid brings a knife. Or a super soaker filled with hydrochloric acid. Or psycho kid just fills his backpack full of ammonium nitrate and blows the class to bits before recess.

      So, we make laws to prevent all that. No Sticks, bats, backpacks, or knives. Think Psycho kid isn’t going to figure out a way?

      See, no matter what laws you make, psych kid is going to circumvent them. Meanwhile, law abiding, non-psycho kids can’t have sticks to play hockey bats to play baseball, Supersoakers, or backpacks.

      Wow. What’s a liberal to do?

      I Know! Lets work on identifying and treating psycho kid!

  • TSB

    There’s always a way for the republicans to capitalize and profit for enterprise.

  • There is something terribly wrong with the Republican Party, they hate everything any one (especially our President) proposes except themselves. is it the part of the party that are not just plain conservative, but fanatically opposed to any and all ideas that would help the middle class at all???

    • Actually, they oppose their own ideas of the President trys to implement them. Like Romney Care and a long list of other ideas. 😉

    • MaryinBoise

      About 30 years ago or so, the neoconservatives hijacked the Republican Party. It hasn’t been the same since.

  • The above ” gang” of four,s reasoning is predictable;the consequences are not: more guns lead to more grievous crimes but mass murderers in a ,free country, should fully armed roam free till victims fill a school yard!

  • Because I am born and raised in a free, thinking world, I love the truth, ergo… I love Mr. Danziger.

  • Because I am born and raised in a free, thinking world, I love the truth, ergo… I love Mr. Danziger

  • Because I am born and raised in a free, thinking world, I love the truth, ergo… I love Mr. Danziger

  • awakenaustin

    It is only in the context an institution for the seriously mentally ill, that one can imagine people sitting around and talking about having guns in schools and arming teachers as if it were a reasonable and rational discussion.

  • CPANewYork

    Newtie Gingrich is an asshole.

    • Sand_Cat

      Only Newt?

  • the fat white guys speak again.

  • finspray

    Think of the lawsuit if the armed teacher misses the bad guy and kills another teacher and a kid. Bad guy gets away. Or blows away a kid with a toy gun. Etc. The math….bad + bad = worse.

  • Are we going back to the WILD WEST??

    • ococoob

      Unfortunately, it looks that way.

  • William Quigley

    While these old fat white guys are full of platitudes, the real heros are the principal, guidance councilor and teachers who gave up their lives to protect their students. As a teacher for 38 years, I don’t know if I could have done the same. God Bless them!

  • Just the sheer volume of armed police in every school should take care of the job crisis alone. Just one thing – who gets to pay for all these extras, their guns and training? I vote the NRA PAYS!

  • DurdyDawg

    And just to make it as efficient as possible, periodically take the kiddos away from their janitoral duties and have them load the weapons.. There.. now everybody’s doing their duty. Whatta weiner, uh.. I mean winner.

  • Not only the Principal but every child should get his gun, right? This way the poor Adam would be stunned. NRA, GOP fools!

  • mugwort2

    Unfortunately arming teachers is as pretty popular POV. Plus being armed all times. There are quite a few folks with these opinions. Its far from uncommon. I think people are scared and with fear comes passionate and not necessarily rational thought.

  • The fear and hate pushers in politics and the media are the reason this is happening. Its preached to us on TV, its preached to us in our churches and it is the main theme our politicians have used on us for 30 yrs. It breeds all the social ill’s we have both foreign and domestic. And it has always been the case. Its called divide and concur, and its done what invasion could have never done. Kill our trust in ourselves and each other, put our children on the top of the chart as pray, and just about brought us to our knees. Every great empire has been brought down, not because of invasion, but from corruption and fear from within. Kindness matters. Our children learn from example as do we all. The hardest lesson mankind has ever had , has been to learn to love each other and work together as a team. All guns are made to kill something. The attitude of the person with it, due to the environment they are brought up and live in, determines his or her responsibility in using that gun. They say guns should not be available to mental ill people. Well what about all the, hate filled, angry people that would just as soon run you over with their car, if your in their way, as look at you? How far from mental illness do you think they are? Is this mental illness measured, just by degrees or is their a thresh hole you can measure? And who is it that will be responsible enough, to make the judgement call? The media? The politicians? The churches? The NRA? The teachers, The Children?