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Friday, October 28, 2016

Robert Redford in The Candidate

For political junkies, even a midterm election is like Christmas every day: You turn on cable news, you read The National Memo, the newspapers, and the political websites, and there are always new gifts. But sometimes, even political junkies need a break. So when the daily presents have been unwrapped and played with, take a moment and enjoy these movies — about politics. All of them are entertaining, thoughtful, and sometimes even fun. All illuminate corners of our process; what we are and how we got here. And all are available on disc or streaming services.

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  • DrSnake

    You missed–egregiously missed, Tim Robbins’ scathing satire “Bob Roberts.” It’s a brilliant “documentary” about a senate race between an old school liberal (played beautifully by Gore Vidal) and a millionaire right wing folksinger (Tim Robbins) Even more than The Candidate, it shows how a modern political campaign is run. And it’s brutally funny. Watch the last scene VERY carefully.

    • BillP

      You are 100% correct, I enjoyed seeing this in the theater and then owning a DVD of it. Every so often I like to watch this wonderful movie.

    • Harold Itzkowitz

      I had to leave out too many but BOB ROBERTS is certainly a worthy contender.

  • pszymeczek

    “The American President.” That speech at the end is the speech that many progressives want to hear from our President during a campaign.