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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Appearing on “Face The Nation” this past Sunday, Obama Senior Strategist David Axelrod laid out an important element of the president’s re-election campaign — forcing Republicans to pay for obstruction by pointing out that bad economic news is not something good, and that Republicans should watch before crowing about the political opportunities offered by slow growth:

We’ve had five hundred thousand manufacturing jobs created over this recovery. The best record in two decades, largely because of what the President did relative to the auto industry which the Congress and Governor Romney opposed. What was down was construction. What was down was education. The very things that the President has been trying to get the Congress to act on were the things that were down. … What we have learned is they will only act when the country demands action. Otherwise they’re going to sit on their hands and instead of high-fiving each other on days when there are bad news they should stop sitting on their hands and work on some of these answers.

Here’s a link to the video of Axelrod’s CBS appearance. Here’s a link to the transcript.

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12 responses to “Top Obama Advisor Takes On Romney”

  1. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    How else can Republicans empower Big Business if not by handing over total power over the entire country’s labor? I hate to think of the backlash this is going to be for the GOP. FDR was able to move the country forward without interference the present day GOP seems insistent upon. And just what good has all of this austerity done? Cut, cut, cut…everywhere but on the lavishments of taxpayer subsidies to Big Business. And what does Big Business do in return for the tax funding they receive? Stick it in their pockets while millions of Americans go jobless for another decade. Great job of job creation GOP. The next jobs on the chopping block will GOP politicians.

    • EdC says:

      Thank you Eleanore, however we can only hope that the facts, of which you are entirely right gets through to the masses. I was actually told, one time by a Republican, that money to be worth anything, it has to keep moving. giving it all to big business, and letting it stagnate has been the Republican montra, now ever since Reagan came up with his Trickle down Theory. I wish that I could say differently, but I truly believe that the leaders of the Republican Party, and the cartel of the very rich, i.e. Koch, Charles Schwab, Zacky Farms, Bank of Amercia, and a host of maybe twenty others know this and are outright planing to use this to kill Democracy, and make this another third world county.

  2. William Deutschlander says:

    If you have a functional brain, if you research the truthfull facts, you will inform yourself of the facts. With truthfull facts you will be astounded by the hypocricy and deceit of the Republican advertising and word.

    While DEMOCRACY provides you the right to vote (chose representation) it also imposes on you the obligation to obtain substantiating facts and make informed judgements based on those facts.

  3. Ed says:

    When will the american electorate wake to the fact that this has been republican policy since President OBO took the oath of office? They have never tried to hide it. Rushbo issued the battle cry early. “I hope he fails”. Never mind that a failure by the president in public policy affect thousands and thousands of people. (Not Rush, he’s rich and not on the stock market. Hate mongering pays!) The congress , and particularly the DINO’s are “me too” accomplises in this!

  4. Ed says:

    Message to congress. “Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The Way! OOOOOORAH!

  5. Axelrod couldn’t explain his way with a straight answer even if it were directions to the bathroom. He is though the perfect answer for the Democratic party. Jobs total were not enough to keep up with immigration. Isn’t that special.

    • EdC says:

      And the Republicans will screw up a one car funeral Precession

    • AdamMos says:

      Beats losing 750,000 jobs a month. What about 5 million jobs lost in the last 2 years of Dubyas term? Lets see – we will hand Obama the worst recession in modern history , prohibit him from fixing it and then blame it on him. Nice strategy. What ever happened to counrty first? It is people like you who should bannished from the counrty and only able to return once your IQ gets above single digits.

  6. gargray says:

    The Republicans are wrecking this country, they will use anymeans to defeat Obama. The Tea Party has taken over so the Republicans are no longer in charge, their political attainments have diminished.

  7. Virginia51 says:

    Republicans eat their own – they always have and always will. They’ll throw whoever is in the way under the bus. But what they know – that Obama is over-looking is that the majority of Americans want the Wall Street cartel to collapse. The more they applaud the easier it is to convince Republicans to withdraw their money and cash in their mutual funds … To save themselves before the big crash.

    The only thing the banks fear is a “run” … And that’s the best way to get rid of them.

  8. karinursula says:

    When I heard that so-called adults signed the no new taxes pledge I cringed. When I hear
    that the Republicans are happy about the high unemployment rate I also cringe. I feel
    that we are living in 2 different countries. Romney and his cronies for the 1% and the
    hell with the rest. I cannot believe that every republican is rich, if they think they going to get help if Romney is elected they really live in a dreamworld. Romney has absolutely no idea what to do with poor people except probably fire more teachers, cops and fire workers. For the Republicans only one thing counts defeat Mr Obama any which way

  9. Watchin' says:

    So with everyone knowing what is going on, with it so obvious Romney’s friends and buddies are planning to buy him the presidency come hell or high water, why and I mean WHY are so many people acting so blind with “their eyes wide open”?!

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