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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • Jim Myers

    It appears that China is taking lessons from the American Military-Industrial Complex. Any reason to go to war is a good reason. After all, war creates the need for more traditional and advanced weaponry.

    And as long as the need persists, there will always be those who will provide the needed products. At a high price, of course.

  • Allan Richardson

    The Communists who run China, like some of their emperors in olden days, cannot stand for any place where human beings are living NOT to be part of their domain. The ancient Mandarin emperors believed they were kings of the world (at least all the world that counted), and only very reluctantly did they accept Western ideas of diplomacy among multiple sovereign nations. In the short run, they believe Tibet should be (and at the moment, is) under Chinese rule, and Tibetans should be re-educated to become Chinese. Hong Kong and Macao, colonial conquests by Britain and Portugal, respectively, were legalized in Western eyes by “long term” leases (like the one we used to have with Panama for the Canal Zone, and still have with Cuba for Guantanamo), which China pressured them into giving up when the lease expired. Taiwan, formerly named Formosa (Portuguese for “beautiful”) was were the Chiang supporters fled when they lost the civil war with the Maoists, and for decades was the “China” recognized by Western nations who organized the United Nations, including the US. After the Nixon trip to China, we and the UN recognized the Beijing regime as the “real” China, but we still do not wish for Taiwan to be absorbed into China; we still trade with Taiwan. We are “agnostically” straddling the fence in that we oppose PHYSICAL takeover of Taiwan by China while admitting that PHILOSOPHICALLY it is Chinese.

    In the 1950s there were two islands named Quemoy and Matsu that were in dispute, and today there are two islands in dispute. Not much has changed, except that then we were defending islands for Taiwan and now we are defending them for Japan. Neither the US nor China wants a shooting war, because our economies are now so interdependent, so we are posturing like two bulls in a pasture.