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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

‘True the Vote’ Fakes The ‘Voter Fraud’

Originally posted at The Brad Blog

The right-wing, (not) “nonpartisan”, Republican-allied “election integrity” group calling itself “True the Vote” knows firsthand what fraud actually is.

On Election Day this year, their own observers were barred from monitoring the polls in Franklin County, OH, after the county’s bipartisan Board of Elections had determined that the group had “forged” and photocopied the signatures of candidates needed to allow the group’s poll monitors access to precincts in the county during the Nov. 6 presidential election.

That’s the same True the Vote that also used a fraudulent photo of an African-American woman holding up a (Photoshopped) sign reading “I ONLY GOT TO VOTE ONCE!” in a well-polished video used to announce its national launch back in 2010. (The real photo, before it was faked, reveals the woman holding up a sign at a Florida protest during that state’s presidential election debacle in 2000. The sign actually read, ironically enough, “DON’T MESS WITH OUR VOTES”.)

It’s also the same True the Vote that claimed 501(c)3 nonprofit status as a “nonpartisan” charity, only to be found to be quite partisan indeed by a Texas court. Their lie about their nonpartisan, not-for-profit status resulted in the group — formed as an offshoot of the Houston-based Tea Party group calling itself King Street Patriots, by the same officers at the exact same address — having to return a $35,000 charitable grant from a foundation which also backs the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity.

So the group knows very well what actual fraud is. The problem, however, is that the right-wing group enjoys dishonestly scamming its supporters by pretending that all “voter fraud” — even absentee ballot fraud or voter registration fraud that doesn’t even result in a vote — is evidence that polling place Photo ID restriction laws are needed to combat a scourge of nationwide “voter fraud” being committed on a systemic basis by, of course, Democrats.

In the bargain — as the successful pattern of right-wing propaganda has long worked — pretend “news” outlets such as Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller go on to cite True the Vote’s claims as if they were actual “evidence” supporting the dishonest agenda that both groups hope to advance. That’s exactly what happened last week when The Daily Caller, in an article related to the battle over polling place Photo ID restriction laws, cited a list of supposed “voter fraud convictions in 46 states” at True the Vote’s website.

You’ll be shocked — SHOCKED! — to learn that True the Vote’s list not only doesn’t include “convictions in 46 states,” it doesn’t even include one single conviction, prosecution or even allegation of the type of “voter fraud” that the polling place Photo ID restriction laws both The Daily Caller and True the Vote are advocating for are supposedly designed to prevent.

In short, both The Daily Caller and True the Vote are using fraudulent claims to push for laws to prevent “voter fraud”. We told you you’d be SHOCKED!


The BRAD BLOG has spent the better part of a decade documenting — in extraordinary detail, with an extraordinary amount of actual, non-fraudulent, independently verifiable evidence to go with it — how the GOP push for polling place Photo ID laws amounts to little more than a very well-funded, well-organized and well-orchestrated effort by the Republican Party to impose polling place restrictions on voters, solely in hopes of disproportionately disenfranchising Democratic-leaning voters. All of that despite a dearth of actual in-person impersonation at the polling place, the only type of voter fraud that might actually stand a chance of being deterred by such laws.

Study after study has shown that millions of perfectly legal, largely minority, elderly, poor and student (read: Democratic leaning) voters would face potential disenfranchisement from such laws. At the same time, other studies have also documented that in-person voter fraud is incredibly rare. Most recently, for example, an exhaustive study by an investigative news consortium which looked at every single documented election fraud crime in all 50 states since 2000, found that just ten (10) cases of in-person voter fraud had been reported out of hundreds of millions of votes across the nation during the same period.

On the other hand, other types of actual voter fraud, such as absentee ballot fraud, while, by no means epidemic, are far more commonplace across the nation, even though the polling place Photo ID restrictions sought by Republican groups like True the Vote, under the knowingly phony guise of combating “voter fraud,” do absolutely nothing to deter the fraudulent use of absentee voting.

So it was with some bemusement when, last week, we saw a report on The Daily Caller claiming to expose how groups such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and other progressive organizations such as the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, gave money to support the opposition to many of the voter-suppression laws funded and advanced by Republican legislatures all across the country.

The amusing part? Daily Caller‘s David Martosko — described as their “Executive Editor,” not one of Carlson’s cub “reporter” hacks like Matthew Boyle, a disgraced lackey with a long record of simply making stuff up —  cites True the Vote’s website listing of “voter fraud convictions in 46 states” as evidence to back up the purported need for Republican Photo ID restriction laws.

Having not seen that list of “voter fraud convictions in 46 states” at True the Vote’s website previously, we thought it might be good to give it a look. Can you imagine what we found?

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2 responses to “‘True the Vote’ Fakes The ‘Voter Fraud’”

  1. nobsartist says:

    Lansing Michigan is the home of voter fraud. look at the governor and speaker of the house.

  2. foolsdance says:

    This is what the GOP does… make shit up – no matter how ludicrous – then overwhelm their sheeple with it until it is turned into so called ‘truth.’ They could never get away with it if there weren’t so many ignorant people in this country.
    Of course, it is also convenient that they refuse to support education reforms… keep ’em stupid so they will continue to buy the GOP fiction.
    A disgrace.

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