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Monday, February 19, 2018

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

What’s the matter with these people? The Trumpsters in the White House and Congress, I mean.

Start with The Donald himself, a guy who can’t pass a mirror without casting an adoring eye at his own reflection. What is it about him that requires the top officials of his government to humiliate themselves publically in the White House cabinet room, making them try to outdo each other in a groveling Worship-a-thon of praise for this magnificence? And what’s wrong with his Cabinet members? One after another, the Vice President, Chief of Staff, Treasury Secretary, Secretary of State and all the other supposedly-powerful luminaries of the Government of the United States of America were called upon in June’s televised cabinet session to say their name, then meekly offer their smarmiest praise of Trump’s integrity, agenda and manly leadership. This spectacle of forced adulation of “The Leader” was so eerily insane that even North Korea’s Kim Jong Un would’ve been too embarrassed to orchestrate it!

Yet Trump went even further in his flight from reality. Not satiated by the string of superlatives from his cabinet of sycophants, he resorted to stroking his own ego, opening with the fanciful claim that Americans are “seeing amazing results” from his presidency. Shifting into overdrive, the chief proclaimed that “never has there been a president — [except maybe] FDR, who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than what we’ve done.”

Uh… no, Mr. President… not actually, not even close. I realize you don’t “believe” in facts, but here’s one to sober you up: The Trump White House has produced no major legislation. Zero.

You’re right, however, that we Americans are seeing truly “amazing results” from your six months on the job: We’re amazed that in such a short time your so-called presidency is mired in conflicts of interest, constitutional quagmires, erratic behavior, ideological arrogance, tweeted ignorance, lame policy proposals and — let’s admit the obvious — your own incompetence. If President Trump and his apologista in Congress wonder why they’re consistently getting such miserable job approval ratings from the public, they should take a deep breath, hold their noses, and actually look at the god-awful policies they’re pursuing.

For example, they’re intentionally pushing a Draconian health care scheme that would cause widespread suffering for non-rich Americans and even deaths, while also slipping another tax giveaway of nearly a trillion dollars to corporations and wealthy investors. It’s so ugly that Trump, who originally said he was “100 percent behind this,” now calls the bill “mean.”

And the one widely-popular idea that Trump promised — a trillion-dollar investment to create good jobs for repairing America’s collapsing infrastructure — has turned into a scam. His actual proposal is to give $800 million in tax credits to Wall Street investors, hoping they’ll put money into infrastructure projects. It’s like promising to feed the oats to horses, hoping they’ll pass through some seeds for the birds to peck out.

Also, remember his promise to crack down on Wall Street greed heads? Now, he and Congress are pushing a bill to coddle the banksters by removing consumer protections that restrict Wall Street greed.

But he is creating new jobs for 4,000 lucky Americans. In Afghanistan. The 16-year war there has been an interminable, unequivocal disaster for the U.S. and our troops. But rather than being a commander-in-chief, Trump has washed his hands of that presidential responsibility, becoming a wimpy delegator-in-chief by handing off responsibility to the military brass. They’re now shipping 4,000 more troops into a hellish war the American people do not support.

The greatest, overriding failure of Trump and Congressional leaders is that they have no vision, no big ideas, no moxie and no understanding of grassroots people’s democratic idealism. Saying “Make America Great” over and over again is easy. Any gasbag can say it. But doing it takes real leadership, and the people now in charge just can’t measure up. Sad.

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38 Responses to Truly ‘Amazing’ President Trump

  1. The only thing amazing about Trump is his ability to con so many into thinking he was the real deal. So far, it should be obvious to most that this charlatan never intended to live up to his outrageous proposals—proposals that any bright high school student would balk at and seriously doubt.

    1) The “Trillion dollar Infrastructure” plan may as well had come to him in a vision while in the rest room, as a ruse to dupe so many already well-prepared to be duped. The whole hare-brained concept is simply a modern-day “Trickle Down” chump trick, first forced on America by Ronald Reagan and resurrected by a clever con artist named Donald Trump.

    2) “Wimpy Delegator-in-Chief” is very accurate. Trump learned this in his flim-flam business operations over the decades, where he learned the art of using underlings for so long that it is just a reflex action to let someone else do what you have no clue how to do. In corporate America, delegating has been distorted to the point that it’s a requirement to give a task to anyone lower down on the chain. Hard work and mental ability more and more seem to be “unprofessional” and of secondary importance.

    These items define what is amazing, given his numerous weaknesses and giant ego, that he sits in the Oval Office having done nothing other than Tweet, and strut like a turkey.

    • Aaron, Trump’s a salesman. He’s selling himself, his programs, his image. The specifics are irrelevant. Trump has to sell. And as long as voters buy; it ain’t gonna stop.

        • True enough. Certainly upfront about it. But you’d (probably) receive the merchandise for which you paid.

          Some see Trump as a fascist.
          Aaron sees him as demonic.
          I see him as Prof. Harold Hill, without Hill’s self-awareness.

          • And I see him as Satan’s henchman. A guy who has most likely broken everyone of the 10 Commandments and is now trying to get as many Americans to follow him down that diabolical path as he possibly can get to go with him; and sadly, there appear to be millions of Americans who are so weak spiritually that he’s suckering them into following his depraved way of life. Which is why I call him and his supporters ‘LOWLIFES’; because they’ve sunk about as low as human beings can go in God’s eyes.

          • I was going to challenge you on “graven images”, but realizing that Trump worships gold, cede the point to you.

            You see Trump as more self-aware than I see him. It’ll be hard to settle that one unless you give me that Trump’s spontaneity and unpredictability are evidence that he’s not self-aware. He’s never sat for an interview that shows that he recognizes anything beyond the moment.

          • I fail to see your point. Are you suggesting that Trump is so unself aware that he’s not really guilty of all the evil he creates? Because I beg to differ. Donald Trump’s body is carrying Satan’s spirit and therefore he’s always well aware of the evil he’s willing to do to inspire people and himself to commit. Trump appearing to be unself aware and only living in the moment is just one more of Donald Trump’s (Satan’s) ploy in his efforts to deceive and look innocent to some.

            And graven images do not have to be material things like gold and another man m de idols or whatever; like a golden calf. To God, graven images are any earthly things people allow themselves to become obsessed with that take away from them any thoughts of God or their after life.

          • Actual demonic possession is above my pay grade to determine

            But yes, I do see Trump being so wrapped in himself that he doesn’t see the hurt he causes others. I see him oblivious to anything outside the moment. As Freud would say, all id.

          • The only logical explanation for why millions of otherwise sane/reasonable/moral Americans, including some religious sects, have bought into supporting a corrupt/evil/immoral individual like Donald Trump is that a demonic influence has entered their lives.

          • Probably mine too – but I have a hard time believing that without some kind of demonic influence, that the pastors/ministers, what have you, of church after church in several religious sects across America, would so willingly adopt supporting Donald Trump when any honest person can see from what he says, how he acts and the terrible things he has done, that he is anything other than the poster boy for Satan and clearly as antiChristian as it gets.

            What other explanation can there be for all these religious groups to openly support for president a man who so clearly represents the exact opposite of what these religious groups have to know is what Jesus taught them to believe??

            And it’s not just these religious groups, a number of mental health experts are saying that Donald Trump is actually affecting the mental health of millions of Americans. His Satan persona is actually having an effect even on people who may well not even be religious. This is an awful lot of power for one man to have without some outside spiritual influence impacting what’s going on.

          • Jim Jones would be soliciting Trump voters. Jones was more believable than
            Trump the con artist.

          • Not only the ten commandments, but he lives the seven cardinal sins as his value system.

          • Yep, seven for seven, though I was the despair of my Sunday School class for not being able to remember them.

          • Somehow I have a problem with a president who is using the Oval Office to openly enrich himself (you have to know that he’s severely marking up the value of that merchandise he’s selling in the name of patriotism just like he’s severely jacking up what he charges our government every time he goes to Mar-a-lago for the weekend or uses one of his golf courses to entertain dignitaries).

          • And the link you provided shows that money goes to a donation for Donald Trump, presumably for his re-election campaign. He is using his government email and website to promote his political pac. I don’t think we have seen that before. This goes beyond just the crappy merchandise he is offering.

    • Aaron, Trump’s not interested in the Afghan war because there’s no money to be made there – Donald’s only really interested in being president because he sees opportunities as president to pull in more dollars from the taxpayers one way or another (e.g., constant trips to Mar-a-Lago and his other golf courses); or as this latest email from the WH shows, either by promoting his own grandiose self or by playing up to the patriotism of his supporters.


      The Fourth of July is coming up, and we wanted to be sure you knew about our newest merchandise bundle before anyone else.

      To celebrate America’s birthday, we’ve put together some of our top patriotic products for the exclusive holiday price of just $45.

      President Trump is proud to represent our great nation, and is working every day to put AMERICA FIRST.

      What better way to show your AMERICA FIRST pride than with our exclusive Independence Day Bundle for just $45.

      Be sure to act FAST while supplies last!

      Get yours here →

      Thank you,

      Team TRUMP

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    • Hey. I like turkeys. The well-prepared should have realized the the “dump” was lying because he never told the truth.

  2. A whole bunch of clueless wonders. Jim, remember when it was Mad Dog’s turn, his comment was he was proud to serve our people in uniform, not Teflon Donnie

  3. Trump is convinced that he is in a TV reality show, like the “Apprentice”, so he can say; “You are hired” or “You are fired”. Pity the idiots in those critical states who put him in the show, and now will suffer the most. Unfortunately, the have killed our democracy with their votes for the “Snake Oil Salesman” who offered them a single cure for all their ailments.

  4. ” This spectacle of forced adulation of “The Leader” was so eerily insane that even North Korea’s Kim Jong Un would’ve been too embarrassed to orchestrate it!”

    The hilarious part is the KJU saw the broadcast and immediately labelled Agent Orange a psychopath.

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