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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

By Ginger Gibson

DES MOINES, Iowa (Reuters) — Donald Trump shunned Thursday night’s debate of the Republican presidential candidates hosted by Fox News and instead filled an auditorium a few miles down the road, trying to prove his widespread support only days before Iowa kicks off the U.S. nominating voting process.

Trump, with just one day’s notice on a weeknight, was able to fill to capacity a hall at Drake University that holds 700.

“I didn’t want to be here, to be honest, I wanted to be about five minutes away” at the debate, Trump told the crowd. “When you’re treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights – whether we like it or not.”

The back-and-forth between Trump and Fox News continued even after the debate had begun.

Trump said he skipped the debate because he would not be treated fairly by Fox News anchor and debate moderator Megyn Kelly.

He told the crowd that Fox News made repeated calls to try to persuade him to change his mind. He said officials, presumably the network’s chairman, Roger Ailes, called him until moments before the debate began.

Fox News told the story differently.

The network acknowledged that Ailes had three conversations with Trump but said in a statement that Trump had offered to participate in the debate only if Fox News donated $5 million to his charity.

Fox News declined to make the payment, calling it a “quid pro quo” in its statement.

Trump has made such a demand previously, telling CNN when it hosted a Republican debate that it should donate $5 million to charity from the profits gained from advertising. CNN turned down that demand.

Trump was able to garner a tremendous amount of attention on Thursday without having to share much of the spotlight. Cable news networks CNN and MSNBC provided extensive coverage of his event.

In deciding to hold a competing event, Trump said the gathering would be to benefit veterans and he welcomed his rivals to attend. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania joined Trump after participating in the undercard debate held for the Republican candidates at the bottom of the polls. Both men spoke briefly about the need to help the nation’s veterans.

Trump told the crowd that in one day he raised more than $5 million for a veterans group, although his campaign did not say which group was getting the funds. At the conclusion of the event, Trump announced that the total raised for veterans had risen to $6 million.

Trump said he personally donated $1 million.


Trump’s decision to skip the debate was sharply criticized by his opponents.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz opened the debate by mocking Trump in his absence. “I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly,” Cruz said, imitating Trump. “And Ben, you’re a terrible surgeon. Now that we’ve gotten the Donald Trump portion out of the way.”

There are risks in holding his own event for Trump, who several recent polls have shown barely leading Cruz.

If Trump wins the Iowa caucuses, the move will be lauded as proof that he has built a movement capable of circumventing establishment media. If he places second, the skipped debate will be blamed as a fatal tactical error that allowed opponents to paint him as weak in the fact of tough questions.

Trump acknowledged that he did not know whether the event would ultimately hurt or help his campaign.

“Who the hell knows, but it’s for our vets,” he said.

Supporters and some curious onlookers waited in the sub-freezing cold in a line that wrapped around the building and down a block.

Trump’s campaign erected a large Jumbotron outside the auditorium to allow an overflow crowd to watch his remarks.

Before Trump took the stage, some of his well-known supporters spoke. Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, two women with a large online video blog following, urged the crowd to back Trump.

Randy Bowling, a Trump supporter from Ottumwa, Iowa, said some of his friends who are undecided in the Republican contest said Trump’s decision to not participate in the debate raised doubts about supporting him.

“We have mixed emotions,” Bowling said. “We caught a lot of flak from our friends who are on the fence.”

Sharon and Richard Lode drove three hours from Sioux Rapids, Iowa to see Trump’s event, deciding they would make the drive with only one-day’s notice.

Sharon Lode, who is 65, was not worried that skipping the debate could hurt Trump on caucus day.

“It took a lot of guts to stand up to them,” she said.

Steven Doran, 19, was one of the many students and other curious area residents who attended the event with no plans to ultimately support Trump. Doran plans to participate in the Democratic caucus.

“The spectacle,” Doran said, when asked why he was there. “I’ve never seen Trump in person.”

(Reporting by Ginger Gibson; Editing by Leslie Adler and Jonathan Oatis)

Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks at a veteran’s rally in Des Moines, Iowa January 28, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

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103 responses to “Trump Draws Full House At Own Event As He Snubs Fox News Debate”

  1. FireBaron says:

    Trump told the crowd. “When you’re treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights – whether we like it or not.”
    I thought that was what everyone else, including Megyn Kelly, was doing. Sticking up for their rights. Just because THE DONALD doesn’t like having his own words shoved back down his throat, like the School Yard Bully he is, he is taking his ball and playing in a different yard.

  2. The lucky one says:

    “I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly,” Cruz said, That’s not true Ted, some of you are not fat and ugly.

    But let’s take a moment and shed a tear for poor little Donnie.

    • Paul Bass says:

      Really, which ones aren’t ugly and fat?

      Except for scarecrow Carly, they all look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

      • The lucky one says:

        Well Rubio isn’t fat. The funny thing is that Trump is the fattest and ugliest of the bunch.

        • Cloudherder says:

          I think Fiorina and Cruz are the ugliest, then comes Trump. Rubio is the best looking.

        • says:

          and those are the good things about him

        • dpaano says:

          I wonder if his wife has to put a bag over his head….maybe two (in case one of them slips)…when she goes to bed with him. The thought of him in the nude is enough to sicken me for years to come (sorry, folks, if it got to you too)!!! It just astounds me how beautiful women can marry such trolls…..I know it’s mostly the money and the power behind the throne, but I couldn’t sleep with Trump for even a billion dollars!!! I just ain’t that hard up!

        • paulyz says:

          Don’t know how you didn’t notice the fatness of Christie, or the ugliness of Sanders & Hillary?But personal physical qualities have nothing to do with Leadership qualities like we KNOW Trump has for decades, & who can’t be bought off like most.

          • The lucky one says:

            Trump, leadership qualities?? LOL. A leader commands respect, Trump demands it. There is a huge difference. The only respect trump gets is from those he pays to respect him and the deluded fools who think a billionaire cares about them.

          • paulyz says:

            Like the Socialists care about YOU, LMAO.

          • The lucky one says:

            Socialists have never held much power in the US. It’s all about capitalism, the ACA is a huge profit machine for insurance companies, hospitals and device manufacturers. Social security is a form of socialism though it’s important to note that it is funded by the people who later receive the benefits. SS is also one of the very few things the fed govt has done that actually benefits the majority of the people. It’s not socialism to expect the rich, who owe their good fortune to the commonwealth of the nation, to fund some benefits for those not able to use the usually inherited advantages of the rich to help themselves. Socialism would require everyone to pay SS tax on all their earnings, no cap, and no exclusions for hedge fund managers. Even your boy Donnie wants hedge fund managers to pay more tax. Of course that is because he is not a hedge fund mgr.

            Oh, and be careful about LYAO, where will hang your hat?

          • The lucky one says:

            Trump has a better tailor to hide it but he is as fat as Christie, plus there is all the fat he hides underneath his coiffure,

          • paulyz says:

            I doubt that biased assumption, I’ve seen videos of Trump playing a very athletic game of golf just this year, he is quite fit for a man of his age, and no drinking, smoking or drugs to alter his mind like your hero Obama.

          • The lucky one says:

            Not an assumption Pauly, it’s an observation. Who is fatter Christie or Trump, I don’t know though both are obviously quite fat. No Trump is not “quite fit for a man of his age”, no fat man is. “very athletic game of golf” is an oxymoron. I doubt Trump walks the course and I’ll bet my house he doesn’t carry his clubs. (I’d be willing to bet he cheats too but that’s another issue).

            Actually neither of us knows if or how much Obama or Trump drink, smoke or do any kind of recreational drugs but given the constant need for POTUS to be able to think clearly and the public scrutiny he is exposed to i doubt that Obama does much drinking or drugs. On the other hand Trump’s world is largely self-contained with all his travel done on private planes, limos etc. surrounded only by employees who know full well what leaking any unflattering info about the boss would mean we have no idea what he might be doing. I really don’t care what he does for’s his hate mongering and very obvious lack of leadership and knowledge that bothers me.

          • paulyz says:

            Again your ASS-umptions are incorrect. Trump’s medical records show him a very healthy man, while Hillary has medical problems, & Sanders certainly looks quite old & frail. Obama has admitted many times his drug, cigarette & alcohol use, while Trump is well known to NOT drink, smoke, or take drugs. You are full of misinformation & B.S. as usual.

          • The lucky one says:

            Your naïveté is amazing but consistent. You suspect other pols of lying but believe every BS statement that comes from the Duck or one of his lackeys. As usual you distort everything. Obama has admitted to smoking a little pot in the past, so what. You have no idea whether Trump drinks or does any drugs.

            Maybe Trump is healthy, for a fat man which he very clearly is. We don’t need to rely on anyone’s word for that. It is very visible.

          • paulyz says:

            “Obama has admitted to smoking a little pot”? Obama is well known to have been a big user of Cocaine, & hasn’t the strength to quit smoking cigs.

          • The lucky one says:

            Ah yes, the old “it’s well known that _____” or “everyone knows that ____” phrases someone uses when they want to make a baseless assertion. If “it’s well known” then they think they can get by without producing any evidence. For instance I could turn it around and say “It’s well known that trump has connections with organized crime.” While there certainly are people who believe that i haven’t seen any hard evidence but that’s never bothered you any when you’re trying to justify your ignorance, paranoia and bigotry.

            Obama smokes, so you say, presumably to reduce stress but why would POTUS need that, it’s such a low stress job?

          • paulyz says:

            Obama’s own autobiography states his drug & alcohol use dummy!

          • The lucky one says:

            Obama had written in his first book, “Dreams From My Father” (1995), before entering politics, that he had used marijuana and cocaine (“maybe a little blow”).

            “It was reflective of the struggles and confusion of a teenage boy,” he said. “Teenage boys are frequently confused.” – NY Times

            Who cares what he did as a teenager? At least he was honest enough to admit it. We don’t know what things Trump did because he is incapable of revealing anything possibly derogatory about himself because it would conflict with his self-image of being superior to everyone else.

            As Obama said “teenagers are frequently confused” I assume you are no longer a teenager so what’s your excuse?

          • paulyz says:

            Your credibility is already shot since we have read your biased opinions about both Trump & Obama on drug & alcohol use. You didn’t think anyone would call you out on it, and must have Googled his book Dreams from my Father, to see what I said was true.

            Not only did Obama take drugs & alcohol, but as an Adult, he sat for 20 years listening to an anti-American, anti-White preacher, while most of his friends were Socialists.

          • The lucky one says:

            The only way my credibility is shot is by trying to converse with a dittohead such as you. Yes i googled Obama’s book and i’m quite sure you never read it either. You just get your little sound bite tidbits from blowhards like limbaugh and trump. Hmm, so you know who obama’s friends are huh.

            I’d come back with the fact that all of trump’s friends are plutocrats but i don’t think he has friends. He just has suck-up lackeys (your fondest dream is to be one) and business associates who are as greedy as him.

          • paulyz says:

            Of course everyone knows who Obama associated with & was friends with, it’s all well known, why do you try to ignore it?

          • The lucky one says:

            Once again you resort to the well worn right wing ruse of claiming something is “well known” or “everyone knows” when making baseless assertions lacking any evidence.

          • paulyz says:

            Just check it out for yourself what everybody but YOU seem to know, but you just can’t face reality that differs from your blind leftist ideology.

          • The lucky one says:

            That is the retort I expected from you. To paraphrase your hero, that is because “You’ve got nothin'” I’m done with you for now pauly, you’ve departed from being amusing and are now just boring.

          • paulyz says:

            Ok Independent One, but I heard you say that before, DUMMY. LMAO!

          • paulyz says:

            Hey Dummy, Last response to me, try to remember your BS.

          • The lucky one says:

            Or I could turn it around and say Trump hasn’t the strength to stop shoveling high calorie rich foods into his big mouth. You don’t grow a second chin the size of his eating salads.

          • paulyz says:

            You are a very biased, opinionated Liberal, but is there any other kind. I suppose you should deny health care then to people that don’t take care of themselves. Prohibit 32 oz. sodas? Maybe you are a PETA loony?

          • The lucky one says:

            i won’t tarnish conservatives by giving you that label but you are an ignorant narrow-minded Trump supporter, but is there any other kind? Of course i’m opinionated. Opinions is all this is. But oh that’s right with you it’s “The TRUTH”.

            I can see why you love the Duck. You share his penchant for distortion and outright lies. Obama admitted he did a little cocaine as a teenager (maybe he wouldn’t have if he grew up pampered and watched over by a nannie) but you said he was “a BIG cocaine user”. People like you are incapable of seeing the truth of anything, but then again you are a trump supporter so that’s a given.

          • paulyz says:

            But Mr. Liberal, at first you claimed Obama never took drugs or alcohol, BUT claimed Trump drank. You also childishly called him a fat ass. You are just another phony, hateful, intolerant Liberal.

          • The lucky one says:

            Actually dipshit I never claimed that about either. i said we don’t know what they did or didn’t do. I said we don’t know what they did except for what they said. neither is renowned for honesty but given Obama’s “confession” of youthful indiscretions his word is more credible than the Duck’s. I didn’t call Trump a fat ass, I pointed out that he is a fat man, which he very obviously is.

          • paulyz says:

            Yeah, ok (dipshit), read my other post to you. Glad to see another “tolerant” Liberal, LMAO.

          • The lucky one says:

            Check the local community college Pauly. Maybe they have a remedial English class to help you with your reading comprehension. I NEVER claimed Trump drinks. i said we don’t know since all we have is his word, the word of a notorious liar incapable of admitting to any weakness or fault. Intolerant? So you think i should endure your name calling and not respond in kind?

          • paulyz says:

            I believe I have a much better compression of the English language that most of the ILLEGAL ALIENS you support. I have shown anyone reading your comments how you try to walk-back what you have said previously in biased haste.

          • The lucky one says:

            Yes Pauly no doubt you do have a better “compression” as well as distortion of the English language than many undocumented immigrants. To the degree that you do have better language skills than the people you refer to that’s quite an accomplishment. Most of them have had little schooling even in their country of origin and certainly no formal instruction in English as you presumably did for 12 years, assuming you graduated high school which I know is a leap given your demonstrated lack of reading comprehension and expression.

            All that you have shown anyone who has had the patince to read your diatribes is that you are an idiot. Of course given your support of trump we already assumed that to be the case and yes you have proven it beyond any doubt.

          • paulyz says:

            And Dummies like you want to keep Millions more of those Illegal, illiterate & mostly unskilled people coming, even when Millionsof American Citizens & LEGAL Immigrants are unemployed or underemployed. Brilliant!

          • The lucky one says:

            I get your point, even though i didn’t say anything about immigration, you brought that up when you were shown to be clueless on Obama’s drug use and Trump’s alleged abstinence. Yes, why should we allow illiterate & mostly unskilled people in when we have plenty of people like you that meet that description.

          • paulyz says:

            So your ignorant answer to illiteracy & unskilled people burdening our Country, is to import even more. Just as I expected from a dumb, clueless Liberal ideologue as you. p.s. You said you weren’t going to respond to me anymore, as you state over & over, but not only are you a Dummy, but an untruthful Dummy. LMAO.

          • The lucky one says:

            I know, I know but you’re such a clueless dope I can’t help myself. be careful about laughing your a$$ off, you won’t have anywhere to put your hat.

          • paulyz says:

            Says the gullible, admitted Communist dumbass.

          • paulyz says:

            See what I mean, in another post you now admit Obama took a little “blow”, but here you state smoking only a “little pot”. Trump had a brother that had an alcohol problem, why he, Donald Trump, avoided it, he seen how it can ruin lives. Trump is a very sucessful man & very energetic & fit for a man of his age. You just lose more & more credibility with each post.

          • The lucky one says:


          • paulyz says:

            Ah lucky one, Obama ADMITTED he used cocaine, marijuana , & alcohol, so what the hell are you even talking about?

          • The lucky one says:

            You referred to Obama as a BIG user of drugs. That is very different than his admission that he had done some in the past.

  3. AlfredSonny says:

    Trump is exposing the idiocy among the Americans.

    • The lucky one says:

      Not really, it’s been apparent for quite some time.

      • AlfredSonny says:

        What I was trying to say was that Trump finally confirmed my long-time reluctant suspicion that there are many idiotic Americans. No wonder why the Faux News has that many viewers. No wonder why Bob O”Reilly is selling that many books. Sad, indeed.

        • The lucky one says:

          I’m guessing you don’t live here but it has been apparent at least since Reagan and the re-election of Bush Jr. was further confirmation.

          “The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” HL Mencken (I think that covers Trump pretty well and Cruz too.

          Mencken also said something to the effect that no one has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of Americans.

    • Cloudherder says:

      Reagan exposed the idiocy of Americans. This is just The Silent Majority Part 2, which was neither silent, nor a majority when it happened the first time. They just planned better this time and the Democrats and Independents were unprepared.

      • dpaano says:

        Not really….I think the Democrats and Independents are doing quite well DESPITE the clowns running on the Republican ticket! It’s still pretty early in the game.

  4. itsfun says:

    Donald Trump probably won the debate by not being there. He is just continuing his anti-establishment strategy.

  5. Paul Bass says:

    Trump won his supporters over, but likely lost some of the Iowan voters.

    I have no dog in this fight, (being a YDD) but the Iowans are really hardy souls, I imagine they won’t take to kindly to Donnie wimping out over Megan. Trumps supporters haven’t shown themselves to be big voters yet anyway.

  6. yabbed says:

    I can’t see how this stunt of an event did anything but polish Trump’s tough guy persona with his supporters. I can’t see how the other GOP candidates can beat the guy. None of these Republicans are fit to be President of the United States, but Trump lacks the religious zealotry of the others and his win of the nomination would be something of a defeat for the evangelicals. Anytime the religiously affiliated are defeated is a good day for America.

    • dpaano says:

      In my opinion, evangelical Christians are an embarrassment to us REAL Christians!!! You have to ask yourself, would Jesus, if he were here today, do ANY of the things that the GOP has done for the past 20 years? I think not!

  7. AlfredSonny says:

    When will the potential Republican 99.9% voters wake up and realize that they are being manipulated into shooting in their own feet?

  8. says:

    DONNY DUMP the clown car driver is only the best thing to ever happen to himself (TO HIM SELF ) any body else he pays for it

    • Cloudherder says:

      I am really curious about this so-called “charity” that Trump says he raised 6 million for. From who? What is the name of the charity? What exactly is it for, besides a tax dodge?

      • dpaano says:

        The money was sent to the Donald J. Trump Foundation….I sincerely doubt that much of the $6 million will go to actual veteran’s organizations (and a couple of them have said they would refuse the money from him anyway).

        • paulyz says:

          Trump had been generously donating to Veterans & many other Charities for decades. How about you?

          • dpaano says:

            Ah, no, you might want to check this out because even tho’ he does donate, it’s a minimal amount. And, yes, I DO donate….I send $50/month to Wounded Warriors….how about you?

          • paulyz says:

            I donate to several charities, but Wounded Warriors has been found to only use 60% of funds for the Vets, rest for “other”. Bad percentages. Trump has been helping many worthwhile causes & hospitals through himself & his foundation.

          • dpaano says:

            You might be interested in the following letter from a fellow Marine:

            I served in the United States Marine Corps from 2004 to 2008, Michele, and I will be the first to tell you that veterans are facing real challenges and need serious solutions from America’s leaders. But what we’ve seen during this
            presidential campaign are Republican candidates using veterans as political pawns to get media attention — and it’s insulting to me and my brothers and
            sisters in arms.

            Donald Trump’s transparent attempt to divert media
            attention from last night’s GOP debate was one of the more offensive things I’ve seen from a race that has been full of them. The man who criticized John McCain’s war record and tried to have veterans removed from outside his Fifth
            Avenue Trump Tower put on a media event that was pure exploitation of veterans for his own political interests, all because he didn’t want to debate his Republican rivals on Fox News.

            Last night, Trump boasted about the almost $6 million his event raised for veterans — but the organization, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, has an abysmal record of supporting veterans’ causes. Over the most recently disclosed six-year period, less than one-sixtieth of the money the Donald J. Trump Foundation contributed to charitable causes was allocated to veterans’ groups.

            Instead of being distracted by political games, our country should look at the harmful policies Republicans have proposed that would hurt vets.

            To his cheering crowd last night, Trump vowed to get rid of
            Obamacare — which would lead to reduced mental health services for veterans. He claimed we’re “a country that doesn’t win anymore” and that the rest of the world “laughs at our stupidity” — while touting a reckless foreign policy
            agenda that would send our soldiers right back into harm’s way.

            Last night was tough to watch, Michele. But it also got me fired up to work even harder this year to make sure we elect Democrats.

            Because Democrats have introduced policies to ensure job training and education for veterans, and supported businesses that hire disabled or unemployed veterans. Under President Obama, the veterans’ homelessness rate has declined by 33 percent, and Democrats won’t stop fighting until every veteran has a roof over their head. Democrats
            have worked to make the VA more accessible, and improved mental health services, including screenings for PTSD and depression.

            So while it’s insulting that Republican presidential candidates are using veterans like myself to get media attention, it’s clearer than ever how important it is that we elect
            Democrats who have delivered on their promises to veterans and will never exploit our service and honor to this country.

            My brothers and sisters in arms deserve so much more than the pandering and cheap political stunts being pulled by today’s Republican presidential candidates. Let’s make sure none of them becomes our next Commander-in-Chief.

            As for Wounded Warriors giving 60% of their donations toward the foundation….this is a heck of a lot more than some other charities give…..the other 40% is used for administrative costs, which is actually quite a low number! But, of course, you won’t believe anything because you are brainwashed by the right wing conservatives and their lies and scare tactics….hang in there, Pauly! Someday maybe you’ll see the light!

          • paulyz says:

            You write long paragraphs but still fail to address the long, terrible treatment our Vets have been subjected to under the Obama administration, the long waiting times to be seen, Vets dying waiting for care.

          • The lucky one says:

            Pauly isn’t brain washed. that would require him to have a brain. People like Pauly & his hero the Duck are proof of the Mencken quote I posted earlier.

            “The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” HL Mencken

          • says:

            what you do is a good thing sending money to WW its sad and even worse is the government (AND THE DIRTY BUSH AN CHEEZY CHENEY) starts the fights and or wars then when the troops come home hurt thy don’t have the money to take care of them the way thy should . in return first using the peoples money for the war and sending a guilt trip on the people . that is to when the people are paying a 2nd time . I feel no Wounded Warrior should not want or need from anyone else but the government that sent them to the war again what you do is a good thing 😉

        • says:

          ask him where he was when his country called for him ? 5 times 5 times 5 times the draft dodger well when I looked it up is said he was a coward 4 times on the 5th time him and his daddy paid a Dr. big bucks to say his foot hurt too much . (maybe from having in his mouth so much and or up his butt (his true mouth piece )

  9. says:

    one good thing at least the GOP gang didn’t have to hear the DONNY DUMP talk his B/S crap after talking he has to wipe the crap off his chin or better where his true voice comes from wipe the crap off the back of his legs

    • dpaano says:

      I didn’t watch the debate (can’t seem to keep focused on the candidates for more than a minute before I go crazy and turn off the TV), but I understand they actually had a fairly decent debate without Trump’s interruptions and comedy relief! Still, none of them, it seems, had anything new to say nor did they put forth any ideas that could ACTUALLY be accomplished! They all say they’re going to do this and that the first day in the oval office, but 98% of what they say they are going to do is either illegal or just can’t be done constitutionally!! Unfortunately, Republican voters don’t seem to understand this.

  10. says:

    DUMP LIKE TO beat up on a women MEGAN FOX he’s a coward that fears her no matter what B/S he says

  11. Vasant Desai says:

    Why should The Fox New so pamper Trump and apologise They should have asked him to grt lost once and for all.

  12. dpaano says:

    First of all, some of the people attending his so-called “fundraiser” were only there to see the comedy show (what else can you call it) and not to vote for him. Secondly, in the past, despite fundraisers that he’s put on for veteran’s, the most he’s ever donated is $10,000 to veteran’s groups, not a big amount of money. Wonder where the rest of the money raised went??? Thirdly, I noticed that he had people send their money directly to his “Foundation” and not directly to a veteran’s organization….I wonder just how much of that money will ACTUALLY go to a veteran’s organization. I also understand that a couple of the veteran’s organizations have said they would not accept any money from Trump….interesting! I’m really surprised that so many veterans are “for” this idiot….as a veteran myself, I just can’t see voting for this charlatan! If he’s so afraid of what Megyn Kelly is going to ask him….how’s he going to deal with other country’s leaders asking him the “hard” questions….is he going to call them names and walk away, or will he just threaten them with things he can’t do (but thinks he can)? One can always wonder….he can’t seem to deal with spontaneous questions asked of him….how is he going to be able to deal in politics?

    • says:

      see when thy send it to him he first takes a lot of it as a P/H charge then what he cant hide for him self he gives it to where it was to go in the first plus first minus of course his P/H fee’s then he uses that total and try to claim it on his own taxes

    • says:

      If he’s so afraid of what Megyn Kelly is going to ask him….how’s he going to deal with other country’s leaders asking him the “hard” questions….//// like is that his real hair . let me check it ill pull it hard and see if I can get a hand full of his patch lol

    • says:

      then he could go to what he use’s the most (every one loves me even you . wait a min you will see when you think of me ) and no you cant love me more then I love my self for ill always be the best thing to have happen to meeeeeeeee

  13. Lord_Reaper says:

    Another of Trumps lies to get votes. He did not raise 5 million in one day for Veterans. I wish that would be case as we know the Veteran groups need this money and we all know that money raised seldom find its way to these organizations. You notice they never say where it will go on “some charity” we as a Nation are totally screwed by these pompous a-holes. Someone needs to do away with idiot sooner than later!

    • dpaano says:

      Big article in the LA Times yesterday showing a list of his so-called donations to veteran’s groups….he has given a total of $10,000 in 2015. This, despite his so-called “many” fundraisers that he’s held for them!! The money goes directly to his Foundation, and where it goes from there is a deep dark secret, but it sure ain’t going to the veterans!!

      • Polana says:

        It funds his campaign. No millionaire (no matter how rich they claim to be – they use charity for their own purpose. They love their money more than life itself. LOL
        I remember back in Colorado in 1985 when the Silverado Bank went belly Up (Bush brother Neil was a part of it)) lots on millionaires lost a lots of money, some committed suicides.
        I still don’t get it, they complain that Gov. is too big but they wanted to be part of it. WHY! Prestige and the status quo!.
        The Repubarnum Circus is in town. and Trump is the Master Clown.

  14. says:

    he is high on himself and ya polls because the country likes to watch and hear a good clown show

  15. Otto Greif says:

    It’s hilarious seeing lefties defend Fox News.

    • bobnstuff says:

      Even Fox can do the right thing every now and then. I love how the RWNJ’s are crying about the beloved station not giving into the Great and Powerful Donald. I heard one guy say they are now left wing media and that there is no conservative media left.

    • Polana says:

      It’s not a defense – its stating the fact. Something that U have no comprehension of.

  16. docb says:

    Please , it was only 775 seats and he left veterans lined up in the cold..All donations go through the trump he gets the interest till distribution and a tax write off on other peoples donations when he write the checks! Several Vet groups want nothing to do with someone who uses them like trump and have denounced him

    What a crooked cheat , user, and liar!

    • bobnstuff says:

      We know the Great and Powerful Donald would never cheat anyone. Oh wait there was that time he paid the contractors in Atlantic City 30 cents on the dollar, and the saps that signed up for Trump University. Other then that he has never cheated anyone, right?

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