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Monday, June 18, 2018

Almost exactly ten years before launching a Tomahawk missile strike against a Syrian air base, Donald J. Trump enjoyed a similar triumph in an internationally-televised, pay-per-view spectacle called the “Battle of the Billionaires.”

Staged as the culmination of a widely-hyped “feud” between Trump and World Wrestling Entertainment mogul Vince McMahon, the event featured Trump in a business suit tackling his rival on the ring apron—the referee having been rendered conveniently unconscious.

Trump pummeled his rival with some of the weakest fake punches in professional wrestling history. Smirking and swaggering, he then plunked McMahon in a chair in the center of the ring and shaved his head.

The video:  simply has to be seen to be believed.

Now I don’t want to shock anybody, but professional wrestling feuds are purely scripted theatrical events. Let Wikipedia explain: “Feuds are often the result of the friction that is created between faces (the heroic figures) and heels (the malevolent, ‘evil’ participants). Common causes of feuds are a purported slight or insult, although they can be based on many other things, including conflicting moral codes or simple professional one-upmanship.

Which brings us back to Syria. Because if it would be irresponsible to call the events of last week as stage-managed as “WrestleMania 23,” it would also be naïve to ignore their theatrical aspects.

First, because neither the Assad nerve gas atrocity nor the US response had any real military purpose. The Syrian dictator and his Russian backers have been winning the civil war, bombing hospitals and slaughtering thousands of civilians without resorting to banned weapons. Assad’s only imaginable motive would have been to convince rebel factions of his absolute ruthlessness—something they already believe.

Supposedly, however, the Russians had persuaded Assad to surrender his biochemical arsenal back in 2013, after President Obama’s ill-considered “red line” blunder. How, then, with Russian soldiers all over the remote air strip where the gas attack was allegedly launched, could Vladimir Putin NOT have known what was going down?

And why would Assad have defied the Russians? Last week’s barbaric strike killed a reported 84 civilians in a rebel-held Syrian village. In contrast, the 2013 chemical assault that prompted Barack Obama’s anger took 1400 lives—an outrage that troubled Donald Trump hardly at all.

Reasoning that Bashar al-Assad’s enemies were Sunni extremists like ISIS, Trump sent out a series of Twitter messages urging Obama to lay off.


Never mind that Obama ultimately agreed with Trump about the risks of involving the U.S. in yet another Middle Eastern war. “Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in tailspin,” he tweeted in October 2012 “watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate.”

A month later, Obama was re-elected easily.Meanwhile, “If he [Trump] can reverse himself on Syria,” writes former G.W. Bush speechwriter David Frum “he can reverse himself on anything.”

Apparently so. In 2013, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found that only 22 percent of Republicans supported Obama striking Syria; the same poll today shows 86 percent of Republicans back Trump’s actions. I’m sorry, but that is exactly a pro-wrestling audience.

But back to Vladimir Putin. Assuming for the sake of argument that the Russian strongman DID know in advance about Bashar al-Assad’s plan to use nerve gas against his own people, why would he let it happen?

Consider what has taken place. By playing the heel, Putin has allowed President Trump to enact the role of hero: launching an almost purely symbolic, militarily insignificant strike against Syria.

“When I take action,” George W. Bush famously said after 9/11, “I’m not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt. It’s going to be decisive.”

Trump went camel-hunting, carefully warning the Russians (hence the Syrians) about the exact time and place precision-guided missiles would strike. Not that it was the wrong thing to do. While few Americans would have minded the US sending a drone strike into Bashar al-Assad’s bedroom window, that would risk intensifying Syria’s many-sided, six-year-old civil war.

And yes, Hillary Clinton was urging Trump on.

You’re going to end up in World War Three over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton,” Trump said last fall. “You’re not fighting Syria any more, you’re fighting Syria, Russia and Iran, all right?”

But that was then. This is now.

Meanwhile, Trump’s son Eric may have inadvertently given the game away. “If there was anything that [the strike on] Syria did,” he told a British reporter, “it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie.”

We’re also not supposed to notice that Vladimir Putin’s the one calling the shots.

50 Responses to Does Trump Expect To Fool America With A Pro Wrestling Feud?

      • I have a feeling these lunatics are going to end up in the Most Wanted list of Hackers and Trolls on Spamhaus.

      • He used to have his picture as his avatar. He has a long triangle face and the distance between his eyebrows and his hairline was the shortest I have ever seen. His credentials: He played football in high school. He actually does look like his namesake. I would bet he was never on the honor roll in high school. I blocked him. I see no value in his posts.

  1. Which confirms that Trump and Putin have no conscience when it comes to the lives of others; and the GOP, and certain Christian clerics in America and Russia, are OK with that. The only concern for the aforementioned elements is to maintain control and their image, ensure their dominance over their respective secular and religious fiefdoms, and to see that the money keeps rolling in.
    The comparison with WWE and entertainment in general is right on the money, and suggests what others have thought, that this is a matter of convenience between inveterate liars and two con-artists well versed in the Art of The Deception. Even Eric Trump is learning some not so useful skills in lying and deceit, under the tutelage of a master craftsmen, Donald Trump.

    • Sorry to disagree. Phony wrestling and real bombing have little in common. These are real issues, real lives at stake.

      On the other hand, Trump’s flip-flops seem to be changing to the side of sanity.

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    • Ha ha haaaa. I know Aaron,
      You want all out war and no more of these false flags with just crisis actors and no real flesh gazed and blown up.
      You don’t want these two wrestlers to get along because your real master MIC wants bloodshed and lots of money spend on defense attacks…
      and you make us believe that you cherish the children of course!
      Yeah control the bully warmongers is the name of the game!
      Too bad for your church of doom… No clients!

  2. Here is the real skinny on Syrian nerve gas. One of the most decorated US military Generals, Wesley Clark, a most impressive and highly intelligent man, recently stated in an interview that the pundits who claim President Obama did “nothing” in Syria dismiss the fact that there were boots on the ground and that President Obama took action but in a manner that tried to avoid civilian deaths.

    Wesley Clark stated that as far as the use of nerve gas and chemical warfare is concerned, the US has kept this constantly at the forefront of NATO agreements. He also stated that President Obama, until Putin was found to be at the root of the US election hacking, tried to keep Russia in the loop.

    The fact that Putin was getting even with Hillary supports this because there are growing protests in Moscow over Putin’s damaging the Russian image and also his corruption.

    Wesley Clark stated that the ideal situation would be to try to maintain terms with Russia that would use Russian influence in Syria. However, it appears that due to Trump’s “either/or” demands, the situation between the US and Russia has worsened.

    In reality, President Obama knew he had the support of the Russian people but not Putin who like Trump bitterly resented President Obama’s popularity among Putin’s own people.

      • Surprise! It is a big smoke stack. With 59 obsolete Tomahawks included.
        Peace comes at a price! You lose a valuable enemy !
        And then the shut down of arm factories ensues with workers on dole and so on! Bring back war and jobs!
        Forget about helping people and making America bloom again.

        • What would you know about missiles from your run down chateau de peau?

          You want war, warmonger? You better be able to march into battle. No one is going to fight a war to protect a phony French clown like you.

          • You’re a snake biting her own tail silly!
            The warmongers have been on your side for a long time inducing proxy wars including WWII and those that followed, Korea, Vietnam etc. dividing nations and continents to rule like ogres…
            Deal with that. You probably don’t give a damn.
            Belgians are no clowns.
            Julius Caesar said they were the bravest in Gaul !
            So start shaking in you négligé!

      • Ida…Trump is putting on his usual act. You know how you can tell when it is all an act? He punctuates each sentence with “keywords” like dead children, chemical weapons and anything else he can mouth off with to get attention.

        He has Marlon Brando rolling over in his grave with the Trump Act.

        The entire attack in Syria was what his son Eric didn’t realize he alluded to: “See? My father isn’t involved with Putin.” Right. He isn’t “involved.” He is “embedded.”

        But the storm clouds are gathering over Trump’s head and they are coming from Putin. These are kindred spirits in every sense of the words.

        Both are egomaniacs who are addicted to power games to FORCE the world to do their bidding. The only difference between Putin and Trump is that Trump is a Grifter. Putin doesn’t need to be.

        There in lies the problem for Trump. Putin isn’t financially on the verge of collapse or dependent on tax dollars to earn profits. Trump is. That limits Trump in a way it doesn’t limit Putin.

        • He is so transparent that I don’t understand why people cannot see that. He attacked Syria because his daughter came crying to him about the children being gassed. My bottom. That is so phony. That is not the trump way to care about people. As for the pictures of gassed children – are they real or is it another WMD trick?

          • The reality of men like Trump is they are really addicted pushers. Not of drugs. Of power.

            Trump now has a taste of dropping bombs and playing King of the World.

            He refuses to open the White House Logs to the public. What is he hiding? He refuses to disclose his taxes and financials. What is he hiding. He refuses to divest his businesses to his sons and daughter. Why?

            Power. Americans must now face the fact that for the first time in US history we have a mad man in control. Trump loves the idea that he can drop bombs on countries. For him, that’s the ultimate orgasm. Not even his Slovenian brothel playmates can compete with the thrill of using MOABS to obliterate Afghanistan.

            And when I hear the asses who say, “Well, Bombing Afghanistan is what Obama should have done. Bombing North Korea is what we should have done.” Bombing Iran and Iraq is what we should have done.”

            They can say that because their rat hole states never lived through a 9/11 terrorist attack. I am not usually given to revenge, but in this I make an exception.

            My hope is that ISIS takes out the entire Oil Industry in ND, TX and OK. That IS the only reason for bombings.

          • Rat hole states is right and mine is one of them. I just subscribed to a magazine called, “The New Repubic.” There is a fascinating article about virtual secession by the Blue States. Did you know Mississippi gets $4.50 for every dollar they pay in Federal taxes? Idaho, my state, gets $1.90 back for every dollar. Even though my children and grandchildren do not deserve to be hurt by such a secession, I think it is a good idea. The author’s suggestion is that Blue States could take part of the federal dollars, they are now paying, and develop their own healthcare and welfare plan and do a better job of it. No more would red states be milking the system like they do as they would be responsible for developing their own healthcare and welfare plan. The only thing we would be paying the Federal government for is defense and federal highways. I do hate to see the Federal Government out of education as those taker red states are poorly educated now.

          • I saw the most amazing thing at one of the Republican town meetings on CSpan this week. The Republican white male was so proud of how he supported defunding Planned Parenthood. His audience didn’t agree.

            Then, a young 16 year old girl stood up and asked the one question women are all asking, “Why do you as a man get to make decisions for me?”

            The crowd cheered so loudly the moron Republican’s answer was drowned out by the cheering.

    • Nice tricot knitting! What next? Lingerie?
      You guys are starting to wake up your imagination! At least Eleanore. Mazeltov.
      For the rest read my lips!
      So what about Wesley and the gases?
      Carry on further Elle.

      • Of course, you would know all about tricot lingerie right? Mazel your own tov. When a decorated military General like Wesley Clark is THERE in battle and you are sitting on your rump like a lump of lard, I think your credibility takes the hit.

        Now, do take off all those lacy sleeves and frou frou jabots. You are beginning to resemble the other phony, Louis the XV.

        • Wesley Clark is a truther. How about you Eleanore?
          He knows like Eisenhower did the unfathomable cynicism of most of your warmongering bullying leaders.
          The rest of your post is silly sexist trans genre trivia.

  3. I may never eat chocolate cake again now that Mar-A-Lago has the “best chocolate cake you ever tasted.”

    So you serve dessert to the Chinese President Xiping and lean over as he is “enjoying the best chocolate cake you ever tasted,” and say, “Oh by the way, we just launched 72 drone missiles on Syria.”

    Trump thought he would force China to deal with North Korea, something every president of both parties has tried to do unsuccessfully. But we all know what a blowhard Trump is. When President Xiping had to give the undereducated Trump the history of China’s relationship with North Korea, Trump did what he always does, backpedaled.

    • I just read that same restaurant at Mar whatever just got cited by the health department for some serious health violations. There’s some nasty microbes lurking there and to think people are willing to pay $200K a year to eat that swill ????

      • Trump is ever the hot to trot salesman. Think about this. He invites world leaders like Xi Ping of China to Mar-a-Lago, gets the government to pay the costs and makes a nice little profit from what should be a totally business free meeting of two world leaders.

      • I would assume that where ever trump goes has some nasty microbes. We will have to sanitize the white house before we can allow anyone else in there.

  4. Trump on NATO: ‘I said it was obsolete. It’s no longer obsolete /// DONNY DUMP all you ever say you feel its gold its you that is OBSOLETE and what you say and think isn’t even close to any type of gold its all just crap that should be flushed down the BOWL /// Trump backs off fiscal pledges and adopts centrist policies that he once fought / its just the DONNY DUMP back in the election saying and acting the tough free DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW lying and saying what his brain dead followers wanted to hear . NOW all can see the DUMPSTER full of BULLSHIfTING and now he in the house he runs like the 5 time drafting dodging coward he is at heart . he is just a BIG MOUTH BLOW HARD /// his charitable pledge record was made public before the nomination – his pledges have always been empty and he never has followed up on one of them.
    but you all knew that – right? //IT WAS ALL THE FREE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW FOR ALL HIS BRAIN DEAD DUMPSTER FOLLOWERS BUT IT’S NOT FREE IT WILL COST THE COUNTRY AND THE WOWLD DEARLY ///first off the DONNY DUMP missile Was done just because the DUMPSTER needed his addiction fix of attention (the junky DUMP ) as for any intelligence the DUMPSTER’S cult might of had (which is very little closer to no intelligence ) thy never investigated it at all . for all that clan knew it might been even ISIS that did the chemical attacked . but by the DUMPSTER just doing his junky thing not only cost the USA $ 1 million for each missile but not what ever else it will cost us to make it better . the only thing DONNY DUMP did was attacked a country that already has a war going on with in it self . if any one was to attack the USA like that it would be a call to war . as Syria really should be calling for war on the USA . the USA would be calling for war if Syria did that to us . with out the FIRST investigation proof and evidence of the crime and who committed it . FACTS not an addicted attention seeking junky boosting his foolish EGO there’s more proof evidence and facts on Russia meddling in the USA election then there is on who set off the chemical bombs . if one go’s of what THE DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER FILLED WITH HIS BULLSHIfTING crap and want to call that something good to be going on . then first lets go by records . like the 5 or 6 times bankrupting . and how about for his credibility let go to him being a wife beater and a rapist . also over a dozen sexual assaults (and one has to know there are many many more )

  5. its all and has been the mind set and spanned of a tic DONNY DUMP he thinks its all a big WWE game he feels the WWE is the only thing one can bet on these days that isn’t fixed

  6. I remember seeing that dreadful promo back in 2008 if I recall that Trump and McMahon were going into the ring and the loser had to have his head shaved. Now of course even then I knew the outcome since we all know Goldilocks would never risk the chance of being humiliated in front of a large audience. It’s ok for his hair to get tussled on late night TV but no one dares to shave it all off. And no I never bothered to tune in

  7. The entire tRump episode has/is been nothing but a dog and pony (and now wresting) show. The man knows nothing but show biz exhibition — and nothing about him is ever going to change. We broke the government by selecting him, and how we have to live with it — if we can.

  8. I just dared myself to watch that video clip and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that idiot Trump is the President. I have to go wash my eyes out now ????

  9. ok lets just say the intelligence (something the DONNY DUMP cult team knows nothing about ) but say it show 100% that it wasn’t Assard or Syria or none of them that did the chemical bomb thing at all and say the intelligence comes out and 100 % it was ISIS that did it . so then would that mean DONNY DUMP could and should be charged with WAR CRIMES ?

  10. Since the attack the President’s approval has gone to 48%. I think that is a all time high for him so far. How could any thinking human believe President Trump is only doing what Putin tells him to do? After reading this “article” the writer should be writing for the WWE. He just made up the whole thing with fake news and lies. If this writer says Putin and President Trump are in some kind of collusion, then give us any kind of evidence, even a smidgen of evidence. He has nothing but his hate and imagination.

    • In a totally Fake environment, Confusion is the mother load!
      Trump also knows this!
      You don’t apparently ! you like to fall in the honey pot!

      • Do you mean the fake environment the left has created with its BS about President Trump and the Russians? It has been proven that the Obama administration did spy on campaign workers. Susan Rice has again been proven to be a liar. President Trump is doing exactly what he promised in the campaign, and he will drain the swamp.

        • You have all created it actively or passively; no one spared.
          The undertow government of your country is just like the one Edgar J. ran for 48 years overseeing 9 presidents and killing one.
          The left-right bullshit is just for the binary gullibles.
          As European we see it as a joke.
          But you are the big bully so we shut up wisely!
          Trump is playing his game! It does not displease me to see him take on the fear & warmongers and the deep state.
          Long life to him.

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