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Monday, August 21, 2017

Despite the vicious fighting taking place in Syria, Donald Trump and his right-wing Twitter cabinet haven’t budged on their proposal to cut off refugee resettlement from the war-torn country. Today, Trump retweeted a cartoon showing an animated version of himself denying entry to a boatload of Syrian refugees fleeing the war.

However, the retweeted cartoon originally appeared in Middle East Eye, a digital publication that reports on the Middle East, with an entirely different message.

Trump on refugees

In the original, a two-headed Gulf Arab leader, identified by a white robe and headdresses, is depicted denying entry to Syrian civilians fleeing the war while giving a thumbs up to rebel fighters, all against a backdrop of burning buildings and human skeletons.

Carlos Latuff, the artist who drew the original cartoon, was not pleased about Trump stealing his work.

The modified cartoon has conveniently photoshopped out the gunman, who in the original represents the near-constant bloodshed in Syria that created the refugee problem in the first place. 

Instead, it shows Trump’s disembodied head with one hand raised, saying, “Sorry, not on my watch.”

Perhaps the only similarity between the original and modified cartoons are the representations of nationalistic wealth and power denying Syrian refugees entry into their respective countries.

However, following an outcry over the lack of evidence that the Arab Gulf states had taken in any Syrian refugees, the Syrian population in the Gulf region increased nearly fivefold since 2010, according to documents obtained by Newsweek.

While 1.3 million Syrians currently live in the Gulf states, Trump has led the charge to deny even a fraction of that number from coming to American shores. And he’s got enough Twitter friends to claim that he’s just speaking for the “silent majority.

Photo:Carlos Latuff/Middle East Eye

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23 Responses to Trump Tweets Photoshopped Anti-Refugee Cartoon

  1. When are we finally going to acknowledge our four biggest problems in the Middle East:
    1. Turkey needs to assume some responsibility for the mess they created with the Ottoman Empire, including their ethnic cleansing against Armenians and Kurds.
    2. The Saudi Leadership needs to disown the Wahabi clerics who have taught this version of an Islam of hatred and exclusion, including eliminating their morality police. As such, they must also assume ownership of much of the Sunni terrorism going on.
    3. Iran, for all we deny it, IS a major player in fomenting dissent among the Shi’ite populations of the Middle East.
    4. That Israel is NOT always right, and should not be defended for every action it takes against the Arab populations both within Israel proper and in Occupied Palestine.
    Once we make those topics part of our official dialogue regarding the middle east we will finally be facing reality, instead of pretending those for items do not exist.

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  2. It’s good to help people, but ISIS has said it plans to implant sleeper cells in with the refugees. So it pays to vet as well as we possibly can. One dirty bomb detonated by a terrorist and we’re living in a police state. We don’t want that.

    • Ever hear of FinCens?
      It it part of the Treasury Department.
      Trump Taj Mahal paid a $10,000,000 fine to it.
      It let terrorists use it to launder money!

      • Interesting. Casinos are a shady business. Upon further research it appears that Trump no longer owns the casino, though.

  3. Before an “immigrant”, whose ancestors came from central Europe, wants to keep someone out, said “immigrant” should take a look in the mirror and consider relocating himself before suggesting that others stay out.

    It’s the height of hubris and a sure sign of a satanic nature to refuse help to women, children, the elderly, and any other victims of atrocity.

    So many Christians are quite comfortable drifting further and further away from Christian ideals, while simultaneously heading into a netherworld of philistine values. Such is the general plight of “Christiandom”. For many in Islam, as well as for other “People of the Book”, there are similar issues and dysfunctions and being severed from their Religion’s ideals.

    To put this in perspective, we should consider this quote from Baha’u’ullah:

    “O YE children of men! The fundamental purpose animating the Faith of God and His Religion is to safeguard the interests and promote the unity of the human race, and to foster the spirit of love and fellowship amongst men. Suffer it not to become a source of dissension and discord, of hate and enmity.”

    If we compare the actions and attitudes of the current generation of cold and unrepentant so-called Christians arguing against helping the downtrodden of any Religion with the above quote, we see a vast disparity.

    Such a sample of callous people reside in a hellish condition and a state of “death”, even though they seemingly are coherent, are well off, and walk about among the “living”.

    Also, to expand on the quote from ‘Cool Hand Luke’ (“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate” ), we may also be correct in saying of prevailing attitudes in the West that we have “A failure to connect with the core-principles of our respective Religions”.
    Many say they are Christian, but their words and actions clearly convey a “Pharoah-like” attitude, and clearly divorced from a Christ-like demeanor.

    And finally and as an aside, if certain politicians want to patrol “unwelcome” communities, let’s start with the locales where racists, gun nuts, political extremists, tax cheats, and similar malcontents reside.

  4. well he may as well stick his finger in the boat and drown them all. Being a refugee is not funny at all. I just thank god I live in America where my grandkids are not one of these fleeing for a safe haven. cartoons like this do nothing to help Americas image throughout the world.

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