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Saturday, March 23, 2019

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate, Mike Pence, said he views former vice president Dick Cheney as a role model for the No. 2 job in the administration.

“I frankly hold Dick Cheney in really high regard in his role as vice president and as an American,” Pence said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week” that was taped on Saturday and aired on Sunday.

“Vice President Cheney had experience in Congress as I do and he was very active in working with members of the House and the Senate,” Pence said.

Cheney, vice president to Republican George W. Bush, was known for wielding strong influence in the administration, particularly in Bush’s first term. Cheney was a forceful advocate of the decision to invade Iraq and some aides to Bush have said they believed he wielded too much power.

Pence said he had spoken with Trump about areas he would focus on as vice president but said he did not want to discuss their private conversations.

Cheney has said he will support Trump in the Nov. 8 election against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

(Reporting by Alana Wise; Editing by Caren Bohan and Bill Trott)

Photo: Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence holds a joint news conference with U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) (not pictured) following a House Republican party conference meeting in Washington, U.S. September 13, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

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105 responses to “Trump VP Pence Says He Views Cheney As A Role Model”

  1. A case of too much LSD to think Cheney is a role-model. Unless Pence is considering joining the Underworld, or playing the part of Darth Vader in a future installment of Star Wars.

  2. charleo1 says:

    And just when we thought prudey Mike Pence could not get more warm, and cuddly!
    We find he’s a huge Dick Cheney fan. He’s probably got Cheney’s handbook, 10 best ways to dupe an imbecile President into thinking he’s really the Commander in Chief. While secretly running the Country after hours, from the basement of the White House.

    • FireBaron says:

      Well, he definitely has the imbecile running mate.

    • Dan S says:

      Assuming the worse & the GOP ticket wins I’m not certain that Trump will ever serve a day as commander in chief. With all the legal troubles he has ahead including the Trump U lawsuit & allegations of rape that includes a minor most likely it’ll be President Pence. Small comfort I know seeing how extreme Pence himself is. I know that if anything should sideline Hillary as President Tim Kaine will be more than capable of being President over Pence.

    • dpaano says:

      You were right to begin with….he’s a huge DICK!!! Sorry for being so direct, but I couldn’t let that go!

  3. Mama Bear says:

    Isnt’ it amazing how Republicans can pretend their heros are saints by simply ignoring reality? They have no moral courage whatsoever.

    • patrick g van meter says:

      It is scary because they are not pretending. They actually think this way.

      • FireBaron says:

        Patrick, you are accusing Republicans of Thinking? You know they aren’t allowed to do that.

        • patrick g van meter says:

          My mistake. You’re right. Sorry I guess I wasn’t thinking.

        • A Party-wide lobotomy has been performed replacing thinking capacity with purely knee-jerk instincts.

          • idamag says:

            This is what happened when Reagan closed the mental hospitals. They went to congress.

          • Funny how so much defilement points back to dear old Ronnie, our Sacred Cowboy elected to the highest office in the land.

            (Howdy Doody must be wincing in the great woodpile in the sky that he didn’t get that opportunity).

          • idamag says:

            There are always those who resent any kind of authority or structure. Their emotional maturity has not grown above the terrible twos. They are the anti-government people who hate the government while their hands are out for anything they can get from the government. Some of them are organizing to overthrow the Government of the United States of America. We have active Nazi parties in this country. Reagan played right into their hands when he said “the government is the problem.” In George Washington’s day he would have been shot for treason.

        • jmprint says:

          Oh they are allowed, they just haven’t figured out how to do it.

          • idamag says:

            It’s like the old myth that pornography magazines cause sexual aberrations. The truth is, we seek out that which interests us. New housewives are reading Good Housekeeping. Sportsmen are reading Field and Stream. Non thinkers and paranoids seek out that which reinforces their belief system.

        • dpaano says:

          Don’t you have to have a working brain in order to think???

      • Mama Bear says:

        What I meant was that they can ignore reality – that was my salient point.

        • patrick g van meter says:

          I think they have a different reality. I think they see things differently. Once a week or so I listen to Rush. Only because where I live I don’t get any other station. I’m 70 miles from the nearest ATM in Mexico and thats all I can get on my car radio. It is a Yuma, Az. station. Almost everything he says about liberals, I believe about conservatives. He says liberals have no sense of humor. I think that about conservatives. He calls liberals low information people. Thats what I think about conservatives. The one thing that stands out to me more than anything is that conservatives are void of any empathy. This includes anyone or anything that isn’t like they are. I grew up in Reno, Nv. Reno should be the redneck capital of the country. Whether it be hunting, guns, racism, patriotism or religion, they seem to think the same. Sorry for the long comment but I enjoy watching peoples actions and reactions to everything and the conservatives are so easy to read. You can count on what they are going to say on every issue. I’m about as far left as you can get but I am conservative on a few things. Like I am pro-life for example. I don’t think you will find a conservative that will have a liberal view on anything.

    • idamag says:

      They have no moral anything. In fact using Republican and moral in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

  4. FireBaron says:

    So, Mike Pence has selected the most morally challenged Vice-President since Thomas Jefferson (for all of his faults, Sprio Agnew did not consciously seek to undermine Nixon’s Presidency – it just kinda happened) as his role model. Ya gotta love it!

    • Kanawah says:

      As I said above, he would do better to choose Al Capone. At least Capone did not cause 4000+ of our troops to be murdered, over 100,000 Iraquies to be killed, or pillage the US Treasury for over 100Billion dollars.

  5. Jmz Nesky says:

    My Gawd!! As if we didn’t already have it bad enough with the Trumpit’s mouth, here comes this Pence hitter with more outlandish right field Idiocracies.. Doesn’t this cow bell know that more than 75% of this nation and 4 out of 5 international countries view Dubya and the Chain man mass murderers and here’s this bug eyed idiot declaring the worst of the two as his mentor.. Whatta knee slapper this nincompoop is and some of us want THIS bobblehead to be as close as an ass hair away from being president? My Gawd!! Are we daft????

    • FireBaron says:

      Don’t blame me. I voted for Bernie in my state’s Primary.

    • Mama Bear says:

      seriously, can you actually envision a US with a Trump president?

      • Jmz Nesky says:

        No.. Actually I can’t but we’ve gotta give the extremists something to feel good about else they’ll just shut down the g’ment again. They think we’re running scared and that alone keeps them at bay. We know they’re not worrying that this dog catcher and his Igor will win the clown suit because they don’t want him either but we gotta give ’em something to make ’em think we’re afraid, very afraid else they’ll rally around him just to spite us.

        • Mama Bear says:

          wow….had not thought about that but you are right. Last election cycle I had the honor of hosting a group of out-of-town community activists. One Sunday morning I went to church with them – I was the only white face. It was maybe the most uplifting experience I have had. After his benediction the pastor reminded everyone not to put bumper stickers or yard signs for Obama. Not just to protect them from violence, but for the very reason you are talking about – let them think they are winning.

          • Jmz Nesky says:

            And obviously it’s working as planned.. I mean face it, they know what kind of idiot the Trumpster is and his running mate has never been invited to real conservatives homes but what has them in a vortex wrap is the belief that the nation’s citizens are all like the zombies that Trump is catering to and because they themselves have no clue that there really are more sane thinking Americans, no matter how much money they pour on, no matter how often they will ring that bell of victory, in the end it will be another outlandish loss just as it had been in 2012 when they knew they had it in the bag.. Same thing this time simply because they really don’t give justice to the true American voters.

      • Kanawah says:

        WW III, “1984”, slavery, starvation, and the list goes on.

        Hopefully there are enough same people who will get out to vote to prevent it.

      • idamag says:

        After watching the debates between bushie baby and Gore, I thought they would never elect boy bush as president.

  6. 788eddie says:

    So I was saying to my wife the other day, “We’ve got too many nations around the world looking up to us again. It’s all Obama’s fault, I tell ‘ya. It’s unnerving. We need to bring back someone like good ol’ Dick Cheney again. Start waterboarding, give some scowls to the media. That would help.”

  7. 788eddie says:

    This is exactly what the Republican establishment was waiting for; some sign that Donald J. Trump would not really be in charge; they can’t control him. Now there is hope that Mike Pence would really be “pulling the strings.”

  8. I of John says:

    I suppose it is better than aspiring to be Mussolini, but not by much.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Pence touts his “experience in Congress” as his reason for admiring that evil dog Cheney? Really? So tell us Pencey old boy ….what exactly are YOU doing as a running mate to a candidate with NO experience in Congress?

    Something has gone so horribly wrong in the south and midwest with men like Pence. They got a taste of a little bit of authority via being elected to office and then suddenly with the wave of a magic wand, they act as if they are the last word and we must all bow down and obey.

    These guys are N U T S!

  10. Kanawah says:

    It would be better if he said that Al Capone was his roll model.
    At least Capone did not murder over 4000 of our troops, over 100,000 Inquies, and pillage the US treasury for hundreds of billions of dollars.

  11. Jinmichigan says:

    Between the lies Pence spews about Clinton’s position on the 2nd amendment and this, Dick, (lied to get us into a war) Cheney, he is as unfit as trump. He is a sick person.

  12. prenestino says:

    This makes Pence possibly more dangerous than Trump. The mind boggles at the thought of these two at America’s helm. People at the RNC chanted “Lock her up” repeatedly. Even if Clinton is as bad as her worst detractors say, how could they think she even compares to Cheney whose crimes are a matter of record? We have still never had it explained to us why Cheney was never locked up. His crimes were severe, killed tens of thousands, did extreme harm to the country. It is improbable that we will ever come out from under the consequences of what he and W did. Who can not think that the insult to all Muslims worldwide at Abu Graib did not fuel the radicalism we see now in ISIS. Pictures from that atrocity have lined the foyers of Moslem temples in Europe since then.

    • idamag says:

      Yes: Cheney in charge of the boy president > started a war with an oil rich country > gave no-bid contracts to Halliburton subsidiaries > Committed war crimes > locked people up indefinitely without a trial = ISIS.

      • Independent1 says:

        You mention = ISIS. My question is: How is politicians constantly passing or not passing legislation that they know beforehand will end up killing people prematurely (like refusing to expand Medicaid; or cutting our Veterans benefits which cuts the health care our vets need to stay alive; or just cutting SNAP benefits which more Americans need to live and on and on) just so the rich can get richer, any different than ISIS brutally killing people who refuse to accept ISLAM??

        Why are the actions of today’s Republicans, who commit premeditated murder by purposely allowing people to die younger than they normally would, not considered just what ISIS is doing??? And why is it not creating outrage among all Americans???

        The GOP is no different than ISIS!! Americans need to wake up to that!!! Where ISIS is killing off people who don’t agree with ISLAM, Republicans are killing off people who are disadvantaged and maybe even just for a time, can’t fully provide for themselves.

        Where is the outrage???

        • says:

          or when the GOP gang of pinhead’s and idiots have to pass funding for the ZIKA to protect the country’s people what do thy do ? GO ON VACATION

          • idamag says:

            And what is worse, the country is safer when they are on vacations. As their employers, we the people, are not demanding enough from them.

        • says:

          as for DONNY DUMP and all his B/S he dose these days trying to make the VETS think he cares about them . this 5 time draft dodger coward . that should be brought up more the 1st 4 times dodging the draft didn’t work so the 5th time the DUMPSTER COWARD had daddy buy a DR. note to get DONNY DUMP Ma get out of the draft free card the coward punk

        • idamag says:

          I grew up thinking Americans were the nicest, the bravest and the most honest. After WWII (I was a child) I saw the horrible newsreels, before pictures could be manipulated, showing what the Nazis did. I thought we, Americans, would never do such a thing. When I was little I was invited to go to church with a girl. People, in the congregation, got up and asked for prayers for something or other. A Black woman stood up, crying, and said her son was killed in active duty and would we pray for her. That woman’s tears made her no longer other. I lost my innocence when Life Magazine (days of real journalism) did spreads on what was happening in Mississippi. I grieved because we were not the nice, brave people, I thought we were. We had stood up and sang, “Land of the free and home of the brave. People, in the South were not free to vote or to go to decent schools. People, in this country, are so easy to scare. There has always been a dragon or a bogie man to fear. Scared people are easy to manipulate. People thinking they need the biggest and best arms are not brave people. They are scared of the latest bogie man.

  13. says:

    Trump VP Pence Says He Views Cheney As A Role Model ////// he is just as wacked out as DONNY DUMP CHEEZY CHENEY was the POS that pushed the Iraq war in the first place . and to make sure he got the votes he FIXED IT he was the lead on the intelligence B/S story of WMD that POS used the WMD to scare the vote out of the people in office . with out the B/S intelligence of WMD thy votes would never been there . and dose this PINHEAD wanna be VP PEINUS know that CHEEZY CHENEY just wanted the war so he could AND DID MAKE MONEY OFF THE STOCKS HE HAD and would never made the money with out the war . that’s why that POS pushed for the war it was just greed . dose he care of all the lives that was loss even till this day lives are still being loss because of that GREEDY BASTARD . greedy bastard pretty much like the DUMPSTER DONNY DUMP and all of the 1 &2 % rich greedy bastards . THE DIRTY BUSH & CHEEZY CHENEY both should be brought up on war crimes that pair in the bulls sack

    • idamag says:

      Cheezy cheney – you are just too nice. He is a war criminal who led the little boy, who was playing grownup president, into one of the worse recessions ever. He started a war to increase his $$$$ and flex his power. By attacking a country, that was not threatening the United States he committed murder. He changed the name of torture to violate the Geneva Conventions. He committed treason by outing a CIA operative and causing the death of her informant and the destruction of her career. He was part of the administration that violated the first amendment by suppressing an investigation by real journalists and destroying their careers. Any time anyone wanted to investigate what was going on – it became top secret because of cheney’ war. The best word to describe cheney Is “evil.”

      • says:

        with all the evil the POS CHEEZY CHENEY did at the end it all he and the DIRTY BUSH are the reason for all the B/S the USA is in over there in the middle east . heck thy should of left that clown over there alone as you stated thy was causing no harm to the USA what that clown was doing over there was a PLUS at least that nut case was keeping IRAN in check thy feared that clown . but not no more now look at IRAN out of control ya what was signed is signed but its worth B/S and thy are still doing what ever thy want setting off rockets funding and supplying every thing to ones over in the middle east that are against the USA . when thy set off the last rocket thy did then the US should started putting back in blocking them from getting anything from around the world in that signing there should been put in a clause stating if thy was to be supplying weapons and arms to any one the contract is void

      • says:

        I look at it this way in a 100 to 200 years from now there will be books showing just how FU-ED up the GOP gang of pinheads and idiots where in these times and if the country is still here then I hope thy learned what not to do .

  14. jmprint says:

    Pence reminds me of the clowns in the parade that go around picking up the horse $hit. Trump couldn’t have picked a better puppet. They are both despicable.

  15. RED says:

    The putrid stench of sick puke Pence and his tiny brained accomplish fills the country with noxious poison, a sickness that needs to be removed.

  16. chino49p says:

    The only reason this bag of sh** pence even accepted his role with drump was that he knew how UNPOPULAR he was in Indiana. He was never going to be re-elected so he got out of having to try. This is a ploy by him for more exposure in hopes of getting back into the congress at a later date on the basis of his bonafides of having been a vice presidential candidate. He is a scumbag who fits well with the scum-master drump.

    • Independent1 says:

      And maybe he accomplished his objective – his failed governing policies have gotten Indiana recognized as the 3rd most miserable state in America to live in with the 3rd worst quality of life by both the Gallup and 24/7 Wall Street survey groups.

  17. idamag says:

    Does anyone know how much time pence spent on the front lines fighting? A man who worships convicted war criminal need not say anything else about who he is.

  18. Independent1 says:

    Aaron_of_Portsmouth suggested in a post on this thread that Pence may be on LSD; could that explain why one day he actually ran away from the campaign bus and had to be tracked down?

    Has anyone heard any explanation as to what caused Pence to run away?? Could he really be on LSD or some other drug which causes him to hallucinate??

    From the NewYorker:

    Pence Recaptured After Fleeing Trump Campaign Bus

    VIRGINIA (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a “scary moment” and a “close call,” Donald Trump’s campaign officials confirmed that they had recaptured Mike Pence after the Indiana governor attempted to flee the campaign bus in the early hours of Friday morning.

    According to the campaign, Pence had asked to stop at a McDonald’s in rural
    Virginia so that he could use the bathroom, but aides grew concerned when the governor failed to reappear after twenty minutes. After determining that Pence had given them the slip, Trump staffers fanned out across the Virginia backcountry, where the governor was believed to have fled.

    News that Pence had vanished touched off a panic in Indiana, where residents
    feared that he might return to resume his political career.

    After forty-five minutes of searching, however, campaign officials located a bedraggled and dazed Pence walking along Virginia State Route 287, where the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee was attempting unsuccessfully to hitch a ride.

    Or is this just some scam article?

  19. Beethoven says:

    Pence just gave us another reason to vote for Hillary.

  20. prenestino says:

    If any of you want to know just what kind of mind supports Trump/Pence, I suggest you sing up for (Free!) the Townhall Daily newsletter that I get everyday in my e-mail. There you will read columns and commentary that you will not believe, but will give you an idea of just how crazy so many Americans are. It is not for the faint of heart, and just may depress you, but you will get a window into just what we are dealing with and why Trump has been so successful.

    • S.J. Jolly says:

      Why has The Donald been so successful ? 1) A LOT of Americans are very unhappy with the national economy leaving them behind, and the political system failing to do much about it. 2) The Donald is the proverbial Man on Horseback, promising to lead the faithful to respect, honor, and prosperity. And never mind that Men on Horseback most often prove to be horse’s patoots than messiahs.

      • vdpphd says:

        Surprise! The way macro-economics works, the people on the bottom are the last to benefit from an economic recovery after a crash. Joe Sixpack finally experienced some improvement in 2015, because Congress actually appropriated only one fourth of the economic stimulus the nerds calculated would be necessary to recover from the Bush Crash of 2008.

        Surprise. The Congress, not the Presidency, has the power to control the economy, because Congress dictates taxes and spending, creates the deficit by not taxing enough to pay for the spending it enacts, and must actually borrow the money to cover the shortfall, although the Treasury actually sells the actual bonds. No one elected President can do anything to change Washington or improve the economy unless Congress enacts the changes in law and spending required.

        Surprise. The President of the United States does not command the government, the country, or the free world. Presidents represent the US at State functions, see to the execution of Public Law, nominate people to senior military and civilian positions, and command ONLY the armed forces and sworn officers, and NOBODY else. They cannot hire nor fire any of the 1.5 million civil service employees who actually carry out the functions of the US government. He cannot write the Public Laws which he and they must follow. He is empowered by the Constitution to make policy suggestions, NOT policy!

        In short, the hero on the white horse. even if elected to the White House, cannot save the country, period.

    • dpaano says:

      I’m already depressed, and I don’t think I need another reason to be even MORE depressed! If Trump wins this election, my depression is going to go through the roof, but I don’t think I have much to worry about.

  21. neeceoooo says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the conversation trump Jr had with Kasich (back when he was being courted as the running mate). Kasich was promised that if he would agree to be on the ticket, he could be in charge of foreign and domestic affairs (what else is there), and trump would be in charge of making America great.

    • Independent1 says:

      So Kasich wanted to work at making all of America as big a disaster as he’s turned Ohio into?? The Gallup and 24/7 Wall Street survey groups just recently designated Ohio as the 2nd most miserable state in America to live with the 2nd worst quality of life for 2015.

      Why do you suppose it is that GOP governors who are terrible at governing would think they are qualified to be president? (Kasich, Pence and Jindal were all running for president; and the states they governed were ranked 2,3 and 4 respectively as the most miserable states to live in in America for 2015.)

      And even looking back to earlier days when Pawlenty ran for president – in 8 years as governor of Minnesota -Minnesota was only able to create 6,200 new jobs in 8 years under Pawlenty’s failed governance; even while Pawlenty ran the debt of Minnesota up by 6 Billion dollars.

      To show just how terrible a governor even Pawlenty was: Mark Dayton, a billionaire Democrat governor, who took over from Pawlenty in 2010- was able to govern the state in a way which not only resulted in Minnesota creating 172,000 new jobs in 4 years (166,000 more jobs than Pawlenty in 1/2 the time); in the process he not only paid off the 6 Billion in debts Pawlenty had rung up; but also managed to accumulated a 1.2 billion dollar surplus. (All while raising the min wage by $1.95 to $9.75/hr, raising the taxes on the upper 2% of earners; and edicting that women had to be paid the same as men for doing the same jog – all things against failed conservative ideologies.)

      Why is it conservatives can’t seem to see that their failed conservatism ideology is nothing more than a disaster for every state in our country and even our nation???

    • idamag says:

      Hitler’s slogan was that he was going to make Germany great again.

    • dpaano says:

      Isn’t that illegal? I hear that Trump is in trouble for telling Ben Carson that if he endorsed him, he would give him a place on his cabinet. This seems like about the same thing!!!

  22. stsintl says:

    In Dick Cheney’s case VP meant Virtual President. He certainly makes a good role model for Mike Pence because he will be the Virtual President if, God forbid, Donald Drumpf gets elected POTUS. Just like GWB, Donald would let his VP run the Oval Office, while he just signs the papers.

  23. OverthecliffRepublicans says:

    Mike Pence says ” I promise to be an idiot and dick just like Cheney.”

  24. Thoughtopsy says:

    It appears to be true that Cheney ran the Bush Administration.
    I believe that Pence has already been propositioned to run the country in the event of a Trump Presidency.
    I can see why Pence might see Cheney as a role model.

    The one bright point is that, although I disagree with almost all his actual beliefs and policies, I believe Pence would do a better job than both Trump, who seems deranged and corrupt, and Cheney who seems psychopathic and corrupt.

    I don’t think Pence is either deranged, or corrupt, and would probably do a reasonable, if somewhat Republican-style, job.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      The true believer is worse than the corrupt. Pence is a true believer. Maybe not so bad as Ted Cruz, but a true believer nevertheless. In his case, it seems to me wiser to hope that he proves at least as incompetent as George W. Bush rather than Dick Cheney: another true believer who proved quite competent in working his will.

  25. tbs says:

    Stupid article. But then what can one expect from a liberal writer giving something, the liberals can chew on, to not vote for any GOP. But they will vote for a murder, liar, socialist, (markist Alinsky, KKK lover), someone run by Soros who will make America like Geece (using his puppet Hillary to accomplish it) and the liberals loving being taken to the cleaners as they are drinking too much Kool aid to even care! Humph!

    • vdpphd says:

      Right Wing nonsense. Hillary is and has always been nobodies puppet. George Soros has his opinions, and makes his donations, but he controls nothing. Saul Alinsky makes a nice boogie man but is a relic in the dustbin of history with no actual power to influence anyone whatsoever. Can you spell Marx? Marx himself is a relic in the dustbin of history – no one with half a brain takes Communism at all seriously any more, given its record of 100% abject failure wherever tried. Since Socialism, which predates Marx, has not evolved into Communism anywhere after being around for 150 years or so, Marx had that wrong also. America is already too much like Greece in that the rich manage to pay only 73% of the taxes while getting 80% of the income, leaving the middle class, with 20% of.the income, paying 27% of the income taxes. You guys are real good with invective, insinuation, and irrelevant references. How about learning a little actual history and how about doing the actual math homework?

  26. LCR78 says:

    Pence would be dumb enough to like Cheney. Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld are probably the 2 men most responsible for the Iraq debacle that lead directly to ISIS.

  27. dpaano says:

    Just goes to show what an uninformed politician that Pence is. He’s ruined his state and now he wants to ruin the country!!

  28. Michael65960 says:

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  29. vdpphd says:

    W Bush inserted VP Cheney into the chain of command, where the Constitution does not put him. Cheney ran his own intelligence apparatus, to which he was not entitled, which decided to go into Iraq on the basis of intelligence supplied by a source known as Curveball. You gotta be stupid to take the word of a guy called Curveball over that of the real experts at CIA and State. Cheney was a supporter of waterboarding, which is defined as a war crime by US law, and of the prison at Guantanamo Bay,.a failed attempt by the Bush Administration to escape the constraints of Constitutional due process. Contrary to their beliefs, the Constitution does not provide for any exceptions due to national security. The nation has not faced a threat comparable to the War of 1812 since – if that was not enough of an emergency to suspend the Constitution, if the War Between the States was not enough of an emergency to suspend the Constitution, then 19 rag-heads crashing four planes into three buildings and an empty field is not enough of an emergency either. Cheney lost his mind on 9/11. He still believes the crap that he did was justified. The only example he sets is a bad example of what a Vice President is supposed to do.

    Had the Bush/Cheney Administration not discounted the threat of Al Qaeda and demoted the “Get Bin Laden” joint operation, the FBI would have notified Richard Clarke that Arabians were taking lessons in flying jumbo jets but not how to take off or land them. If the order had gone out, “do not surrender the cockpit”, the hijackers would have been unable to take over the planes and the WTC towers would not have been struck. How any of these guys represent any kind of good example to be emulated escapes me.

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