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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Washington (AFP) – The U.S. government reopens for business Thursday after a two-week shutdown and a dangerous flirt with running out of cash to pay its bills and avert a calamitous, unprecedented default.

The return to normality came after Congress passed and President Barack Obama quickly signed a Senate-crafted compromise bill that followed weeks of tumultuous debate.

Asian stocks rose amid the global sigh of relief, although European shares dipped in early trading.

The deal left conservative Republicans who were blamed for the shutdown heaped in scorn and with virtually no concessions to show for their effort, much less their original goal of derailing Obama’s signature domestic achievement, the health care reform known widely as “Obamacare”.

Hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers who had gone unpaid had orders to report back to the office.

National parks prepared to reopen their gates as did and monuments and museums, like the popular Smithsonian ones along vast green expanse called the Mall, not far from the White House.

The measure passed late Wednesday with less than two hours to go until the day the Treasury had warned it no longer had authority to incur more debt.

The last-gasp plan extended the borrowing authority but only until February 7. Lawmakers also reached agreement on funding the government, through January 15.

Obama signed the bill in the early hours of Thursday, shortly after the Congressional green light.

So amid the global exhale of relief, there was also a patent sense that bitterly divided Washington — which has endured several nail-biting spats of budget and debt brinkmanship in recent years — had simply kicked the can down the road, yet again.

“The Senate-made compromise buys only a short interval of peace,” The Washington Post said in an editorial.

The deals calls for a Senate-House of Republicans conference to come up with a more permanent fiscal fix. Recommendations are due December 13.

“Given recent history, though, it is all too possible that Congress will fail to agree and will deliver the country to the brink of another shutdown or default,” the paper said.

The New York Times said, “The Republican Party slunk away on Wednesday from its failed, ruinous strategy to get its way through the use of havoc.”

Even before the acrimonious battle reached its climax with the definitive House of Representatives vote after that of the Senate, Obama warned that Washington must stop governing by crisis.

U.S. leaders needed to earn back the trust of the American people in the aftermath of the crisis, Obama said.

“We’ll begin reopening our government immediately, and we can begin to lift this cloud of uncertainty and unease from our businesses and from the American people.”

With a bitterly divided Congress locked in stalemate for a month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid worked behind closed doors with his Republican rival Senator Mitch McConnell to craft the compromise that had eluded Washington.

“The bipartisan Senate rose to the occasion and broke this deadlock,” number two Senate Democrat Dick Durbin said.

The mood from many House Republicans was a begrudging acceptance of a deal many of them felt failed to address their desire to rein in outsized federal spending and roll back “Obamacare”.

House Budget chairman Paul Ryan, who voted against the bill, called it a “missed opportunity”.

“Today’s legislation won’t help us reduce our fast-growing debt,” he said. “In my judgement, this isn’t a breakthrough. We’re just kicking the can down the road.”

While the deal was welcomed on Wall Street, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the broader S&P 500 index up almost 1.4 percent Wednesday, the signs of a close-to-humiliating, last-minute bid to avert possible global economic turmoil were plain to see.

The International Monetary Fund’s managing director Christine Lagarde, who over the past week had pleaded with U.S. lawmakers to come to their senses, praised them for taking the “necessary step” of lifting the debt ceiling.

After the agreement was unveiled, House speaker John Boehner bowed to the inevitable and admitted there were “no reasons” to vote against the bill, while maintaining that Republicans didn’t like its terms.

“We fought the good fight, we did everything we could. They just kept saying no, no, no,” Boehner said of lawmakers in Obama’s Democratic Party.

The legislation would allow government to borrow beyond its current $16.7 trillion debt (12.2 trillion euros) ceiling to meet its obligations.

Ratings firm Standard & Poor’s said the government shutdown had already taken $24 billion (17.5 billion euros) out of the economy and will cut growth in the fourth quarter significantly.

U.S. officials and lawmakers are likely to seek to soothe rattled world markets and re-iterate that the full faith and credit of the United States remains intact.

The Fitch ratings agency on Tuesday underlined the seriousness of the situation by putting the U.S. government’s AAA credit rating on a downgrade warning.

Major world powers have been left looking on in dismay, unable to do anything to protect their own economic interests, with many deeply invested in U.S. Treasuries — hitherto seen as a safe haven.

China and Japan, which between them hold $2.4 trillion in U.S. Treasuries, have expressed alarm and annoyance at the bitter political partisanship that has caused the weeks-long crisis.

AFP Photo/Saul Loeb


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  • Dominick Vila

    Unfortunately, this may turn out to be an intermission or a precursor to things to come. People like Cruz and Lee are not going away. They remain determined to kill the Affordable Care Act, roll back the clock on issues such as abortion, gay rights, affirmative action, and all the other issues that energize the far right. They are also determined to derail President Obama’s second term agenda, and thus far they have been successful. Consider this: the President’s proposal to raise the FY14 budget to $1.3T to stimulate the economy and create jobs was reduced to about $980B, which is very close to what House Republicans wanted. Immigration law reform, the Farm Bill, gun control reform, and other Democratic initiatives are not ever being discussed, and it is evident, judging by Ted Cruz’s remarks, that HIS focus is on entitlement spending reductions (Social Security and MEDICARE).
    Needless to say, raising the tax rates to Clinton era levels, when everyone prospered and 23 million jobs were created, is tantamount to sacrilege. The same goes for eliminating loopholes that benefit the wealthy, raising the SS contribution cap from $106K to $200K, ending subsidies to sector of our economy that do not need them to post a profit, foreign aid, military spending, and going after those who use overseas tax shelters to hide their fortunes and avoid paying Uncle Sam their fair share. Consistent with what has been happening during the last few decades, the GOP goal is to balance the budget and stop borrowing ON THE BACKS OF SENIORS, STUDENT, THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THE POOR. Hopefully, mainstream Americans are paying attention and they remember what is happening when they vote in 2014, 2016 and beyond. Don’t let demagogues fool you with cute retorts or clever diatribes, such as those voiced by Ted Cruz, an intelligent demagogue capable of selling freezers to Eskimos in the dead of winter.

    • stcroixcarp

      The SS contribution cap needs to be completely removed. There needs to be SS/Medicare contributions from all income, earned and unearned, (capital gains, hedge funds fees, corporate profit, etc) and there needs to be a transaction fee on stock sales.

      • tax payer

        Tax everyone while they live and tax them after they die is the Motto of this country.

        • stcroixcarp

          Oh, and I forgot, now that you mention it, we need to tax the heirs of the superwealthy. There is a huge deduction. The first million of inheritance is tax exempt. That way middle and lower income heirs are not taxed. But what did the sons and daughters of the Enron folks, or the Kennedys or the Romneys or Trumps actually DO to earn all that wealth? Nothing, they are freeloading leaches. They need to be taxed on their windfall they got from the death of their parents, the greedy little buggers.

          • tax payer

            This reminds me of those that win the Mega Million or PowerBall and pay their taxes, and later when they give money to their children that money is taxed ( double taxation at its best ) by this country once again. By consulting with a good Financier Adviser this can be avoided and the money will be taxed only once.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            IF I ever did win something like that, I wouldn’t keep it in this country to be taxes as much as it would be taxes if I kept it here in the first place.

            Matter of fact, I wouldn’t here after I won something like that much longer anyway.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I hope you are right.

      However, history has shown time after time, the American Public has a very short memory and can change in a heartbeat.

      The US never learns from other people’s mistakes, let alone our own.

      All this is going to get repeated in another few months. Watch and see!

      And, the rest of the world has already got this figured out. We haven’t though.

      • elw

        They did not forget in the 90’s and they will not forget this time. Too many people were hurt by this for too long of a period.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Sincerely, I hope you are right.

      • Robert Haugh

        I don’t dispute your claim that this will repeat itself in a few months. I don’t think there’s any doubt that it will. It will continue to happen at least until the mid terms. I look to what we will be left with if we don’t clear them all(Republicans) out of congress in 2014. Yes, I realize we can’t get rid of them all, some are safe due to gerrymandering. But maybe we can sideline enough of them(Tea Party or not) to make them a congressional minority. Regarding short memory, true enough, in many cases, that’s why it’s up to people like yourself,, and myself, and others who think like we do, to not let this awful experience we’ve gone through, fade away into the past between now and election day.

    • Lynnette Gentry

      Next Year Can’t Get Here Fast Enough!! I’m Quite Sure The American People Have Had Enough Of The GOP/Tea Party Bullshit!!! All The Lying, Stealing, Cheating And Gerrymandering Will Not Keep Us From Voting These Traitors And Terrorists Out Of Offices!! Even If We Have To Camp Out Over Night At The Polling Places!!!!

    • elw

      I disagree, the radicalized right lost far more than a perception battle, they lost the battle, made fools of themselves and the entire Republican Party will pay for their association with the Tea Party in the next election. Whatever they may have gained in fiscal concessions is small in comparison to what they have lost. Remember what happen to their leaders the last time they pulled this crap and they were almost sane looking in comparison this little show of stupidity. They went too far.

      • Dominick Vila

        The Tea Party represents the radicalized wing of the Republican party, and they do not deserve to be taken seriously if the goal is to find solutions to our socio-economic problems. However, I believe we owe a big than you to those Republicans – Senators and Congressmen – who stuck their necks out to do the right thing. They know they will face Tea Party challenges next year, they know their political careers were compromised by their decision to vote against the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, and they did it anyway. They deserve respect, and their concerns should be considered and addressed accordingly.

        • TZToronto

          Agreed, but they should have given the Tea Party jerks at hit upside the head a long time ago. “Guys, this isn’t the way things are done here. Go sit in the back and SHUT UP!”

        • Lynnette Gentry

          You Know You Always Hit The Nail Squarely On The Head As Always My Friend!! 🙂

        • elw

          I think it can be argued how much respect the more moderate wing of the GOP deserves. They sat back and let the shut down go on for 16 days, it cost the Country 24 billion dollars. While it is true they final stood up and did the right thing, why did it take them so long? I actually think they would not have done anything if the polling has been more friendly towards the Party. The more moderate members of the GOP have been facing challenges from Tea Party candidate for several years now, that had nothing to do with their sudden burst of bravery, it was their fear of the voting public. Having said that, the minority always deserves to be listened to, even when they think being listen to means getting everything they want. However, you know as well I do that the GOP has been listen to and has gotten say in what has happened. They certainly chose the funding level of the CR and if they had not had a say in the ACA we would have been implementing a single-payer system today instead of the ACA. The GOP will have my respect again when its members start acting like adults instead of ignorant, immature adolescents.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          All this in-fighting that is now going on in the Republican Party is fair game as far as I’m concerned.

          This will weaken their party hopefully so badly, the Democrats might be able to take the house and maintain a majority in the Senate. Hopefully, Hillary gets elected.

          I’m all for it. Only problem is though, the Democrats had a majority in the House, the Senate and a Democratic President and still blew it and couldn’t maintain power they had the last time.

    • Robert Haugh

      Dominick, I understand you want to present the current situation in what you feel are realistic terms, but don’t you think it has the effect of pulling the rug of optimism, and confidence, out from under the feet of people, who right now feel they have a vote,and a voice to be heard in deciding who they will choose to represent them? I have always played the roll of devils advocate in a given situation, tried to be the one that presents a point of view,not previously considered, but the drawback in this situation is that it may have the effect of taking that momentum away from those people,who now feel at least a bit more empowered and may cause them to work a little less hard to effectuate change.Who can say with certainty, that their efforts will not produce favorable results in 2014?

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Downplaying the overall severity of our current situation is the worst thing we can do. Glossing over how badly our government behaved will do nothing more than continuing what has been going on for a long long time.

        Us Liberals tried to turn the other cheek, tried to compromise ever since the Reagan Era and look where it’s gotten us.

        I say no more of this crap. We need to stand our ground and call a Spade a Spade for a change. No more comprise, no more turning the other cheek.

        So far, ever since the Reagan Administration, our economy has tanked, our jobs have been shipped to parts unknown and known. The Middle Class Status is nearly gone. Our National Wealth is since flown to China, which holds the majority of our debt. Our National and International Reputation is ruined all because us Liberals have let our Corporations and their backed Republicans stab us in the back every single time.

        Enough of this shit. Even if it leads to civil war, us Liberals need to stand our ground or we won’t have a country anymore.

        Most if these dam Republicans all need to be tried for Treason including their Corporate Backers and I don’t only mean in this current Congress…………………

        • TZToronto

          Actually, China doesn’t hold most of the U.S. debt. They hold a pile of it, but the majority is held by Americans. $5.7 trillion is held by foreign entities (a big chunk, to be sure) but most is U.S. owned debt.

      • Dominick Vila

        The intent of my post was not to minimize or downplay the importance of what happened, or the role played by so many concerned Americans in solving the problems at hand by demonstrating their support and objectivity. I believe that most of the participants in this forum are well aware of the damage done by the Tea Party to our economy and, potentially, to our well being and our credibility as a nation.
        Regardless of how difficult it is sometimes, I try to treat everyone with respect and I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, regardless of how offensive their behavior or proposals may be. I believe, however, that boasting after a serious impasse like the one we just had is not the way to go, if nothing else because it exacerbates the determination of the opposition to pursue their goals, regardless of how counter productive those goals may be. This is even more important when we consider that we may face a similar situations in 3 or 4 months. At the risk of being called naïve, I believe most Republicans will work in good faith to avoid a sequel to the political debacle they just suffered. Needless to say, that does not apply to the Tea Party who, I expect, to continue to demonize the benefits of ACA, and who will continue to demand concessions in exchange for a national debt issue that they have no choice but to support as spelled out in the Constitution of the United States.
        I think we succeeded in defeating a national catastrophe, and I believe the GOP should be ashamed for what they did, but I have no intention to engage in the childish insults and threats that seem to be the norm in situations like this.

        • Lynnette Gentry

          Now We Are Another 24 Billion In The Hole Not Talking About The Millions If Not Billions The GOP/Tea Party Have Wasted With The Hearing Witch Hunting And So Called Scandals!!!

          • Dominick Vila

            We are also going to pay an additional $15B a year in interest as a result of the debt ceiling charade. Foreign and domestic investors have demanded higher interest rates as our credibility continues to erode, Add to all this the millions of dollars in loses endured by small businesses that depend on government parks, historical sites, and museums to make a living, and we are now talking real money, even by government standards. Many of those businesses, especially vendors, have gone under. Last, but not least, don’t forget the damage done to our international credibility. We are now bordering on another credit downgrade, and if these charades continue, it will not be long before countries like China start dumping their dollar holdings.
            Incredibly, this whole thing was engineered by an arrogant and greedy man who only thinks about himself and could care less what happens to the rest of us – perhaps because he is not an American – and by those who hate the institution of government.
            Needless to say, they don’t have a chance in hell to win in a presidential election, but I am afraid most of them will be re-elected by those who think the same way they do.

  • FT66

    I really admire this man, Pres. Obama. He is very gifted man with the combination of being lucky all the time. I try to think from the very beginning of being a little known Senator from Illinois. How he bit the Clintons (no one thought it could ever happen). Winning as the first black President with his slogan “CHANGE”, How he tackle major challenges he faced during his first term like: “The Oil Spill”, he managed somehow that in the end everything was solved peacefully. Challenging the most rich man (Mitt Romney) while the economy was very, very, shaky and still he won and got re-elected. How he dealt with the fiscal cliff and in the end everything got solved too without a sweat. How he tackled the Syria issue and in the end, that heavy load in his shoulder disappeared like that. Lastly, how his has rescued his signature accomplishment “Obamacare” and dodging the first ever default in America history during his presidency. His calmness, new leadership style, knowing how to attack someone who attacks him, without that person knowing that he has been cornered, has helped him a lot in his governance. He has now put his advesaries in the trap already as himself and the rest of us know: shuttingdown or letting the government default, is not a song anyone wants to here in their ears. If those who had played this game will try it again, they must know , no one will be on their side and there will be always a backlash as it happened yesterday.

  • Elisabeth Gordon

    Thank you President Obama ! For standing your ground against the thugery and disdain from the TEA party…your steadfastness and desire to do what is right for all Americans is not lost on many of us, and the others, well, they have nothing but egg on their faces. Hurrah!

    • yeehaw

      @Elisabeth…For once I’m proud of the President and the Democratic party for standing up to these Bullies who offer nothing substantive to the seriousness of running a Government!!

      • Elisabeth Gordon

        yeehaw! indeed

  • paulyz

    The “Crisis” is over?? WHY? The problems of more debt with increased spending just means there will be a “new crisis” in several more months! This fiasco was not about helping the American People, it was about politics & power.
    The purpose of the Sequester was to control spending & debt (automatically) if Congress couldn’t. If any President or Congress wants to increase the debt-LIMIT, then there needs to be corresponding spending CUTS………

    • jmprint

      It would be ok if they cut the pork, but they want to concentrate on programs that hurt the middle class and poor. The lobbyist need to go. There should not be any attachment when a bill is passed and yes both party’s share the blame on this.

      • Sand_Cat

        Yes you’re right: clearly, the extortionist and the intended victim are equally to blame, at least if the latter resists.

    • It is not generally believed, except by the simple-minded, that cuts have to correspond (inversely) with increased debts. More than half of all industrialized nations cannot contribute enough to support their own costs of a decent life – and a large minority can earn hugely more than anyone needs to live well. Those who are effective deserve to earn more and lead a better life… but there needs to be some body of ‘governors’ who can place limits on both what earners can take home, and what suffering the poor and ineffectual (whether from bad health or poor character/intelligence) must endure WHEN a country can create wealth enough to support everyone.

      The US has broken all records on the creation of talent and wealth – and has the knowledge tools and energy still. Is it actually possible to progress if equal forces – ‘left’ and ‘right’ are spending all their energy JUST to stop the other side from gaining an inch? The issues of the recent battle over the debt ceiling, for example, are issues few can understand. But everyone thinks they can.

      The silly name-callers who enliven this site do NOT know what is going on, nor can they ever hope to. Nor do I, but at least it seems reasonable to believe even the dim and useless, (in the economic area, like me) deserve to profit from a nation’s greatness. Don’t you agree?

      • Elisabeth Gordon

        Bob – I couldn’t agree more and I could not have said it better…..We help those less fortunate because we can afford to and because it betters the society we live in as a whole…

    • Sand_Cat

      Because you say so, right?

      Perhaps you’d like to share the text of your letters to W and Dick Cheney about their destruction of the nation’s revenue base while dramatically increasing spending, or Cheney’s statement that “deficits don’t matter.”

  • Jim Myers

    For every dollar of progressive initiatives that are cut, at least five dollars of conservative pet projects need to be cut.

    As well as matching cuts in tax incentives for the so called “Job Creators” who are destroying good paying jobs and replacing them with part time, low wage jobs.

    Tax incentives should be reserved for true “Job Creators” who provide and preserve good jobs for lower class and middle class citizens.

    Also, there is no justification for Social Security and Medicare taxes to be capped at any amount. These caps create a regressive tax on the poor and middle class, and only benefit the higher income and wealthy among us.

    By removing these caps, the Social Security “Trust Fund” can be replenished and the IOU’s repaid.

    I do not expect any of this to happen. However, it should be a progressive goal, and should be fought for as vigorously as tax cuts for the wealthy are fought for by the conservatives.

    • 1standlastword

      You said: “As well as matching cuts in tax incentives for the so called “Job Creators” who are destroying good paying jobs and replacing them with part time, low wage jobs.”
      What we have is a workforce that is obsolete. When manufacturers can be profitable with fewer workers we are witnessing the effects of high-tech innovation. The major problem is the job creators are more excited about profits than developing a modern age workforce. They can offshore manufacturing and profits. They are in effect divesting in America and our tax system rewards them. Congress should fix this but instead they are warring over a debt that is effective much smaller are growing much slower.
      We need talented lawmakers not activists

  • 1standlastword

    “The deal left conservative Republicans who were blamed for the shutdown heaped in scorn and with virtually no concessions to show for their effort, much less their original goal of derailing Obama’s signature domestic achievement, the health care reform known widely as “Obamacare”.”

    But we knew this would happen!

    And, they’ve learned NOTHING!!!! “We fought a good fight but we just lost”

    For WHOM did they fight the good fight?

    Reminds me of Monty Pythons Black Knight who despite being dismembered of both arms and both legs continued to spit taunt his victor.

    Mr. Cruz you will have your General Custer like moment come 2016!!!

  • Allan Richardson

    If we progressives keep reminding the public of how disastrous this shutdown was, it COULD become the Tea Party’s Edmund Pettis Bridge. By the way, I am NOT comparing the shutdown with the brutality inflicted on that bridge in Selma (although there may be some cancer deaths before the accounting is done), only referring to the fact that it was the event that finally got the PUBLIC behind the Civil Rights Act, and exposed the segregationists for what they were, and still are; and this shutdown has exposed the Tea Party for what they really are.

    • yeehaw

      @Allan…Good Analogy!!!

  • Mark Forsyth

    Given what we have just been through I wonder just what it takes anymore to bring a charge of sedition.Is there no crime and no accountability for compromising the Governments’ ability to function? Or how about when banks fail or when homes are unjustly devalued and people lose their life savings through no fault of their own.
    Nobody wants to discuss it but why do those who are attempting to turn our country into a fascist state continue to walk free?

  • elw

    As we all know, we won this battle but the war is far from over. As long as the Ted Cruz’s of the world have breath they will fight for their narrow visions of what they think is right no matter who gets hurt or what it costs. So dig your feet in, get some rest so you can help fight the next battle. We are in for a rocky ride until we reduce the influence of the radicalize Right in the House and Senate to a mere symbolic number. As for now all I can say is yea.

    • Jane Caspar

      Are the Ted Cruzes fighting for their vision or for their pocketbooks?

      • Lynnette Gentry

        They Are Fighting For THE NEW WORLD ORDER And Their POCKETS!!

      • elw

        Does it really matter as long as they are permanently dead in the water?

        • Lynnette Gentry

          You Got That Right My Friend!!! 🙂

      • oldtack

        Ted Cruz is fighting for the American Heritage Foundation and the Madison Project – the two strongest Conservative Organizations that selected him and spent millions on his election so he would be bought and paid for. Cruz does not represent the People of Texas and Cruz couldn’t care less about the Government. Cruz is for Cruz and the Super Pacs that own him. Today’s Washington paper Drew Ryun of the Madison Project said “I think Ted Cruz and Mike Lee (R-Utah) did exactly the job that those of us who helped them get elected wanted them to do” And – the citizens of Texas and Utah just thought they were putting these characters in office! Not so – the Super Pacs put them there as long as they walk lock step with what is expected of them.
        Check the Madison Project founded by former Congressman Jim Ryun in 1998. They have a Hall of Fame and a Hall of Shame where they rated all politicians. The Hall of Famers get lauded. The Hall of Shamers are targeted for replacement.

        • 1standlastword

          It’s evident that a certain class of American politician signs on to do public service just to have it on their resume so at the end of their tenure of “dis-service” they can qualify for a lucrative paying job with a PAC the sort of the ones mentioned: American Heritage Foundation and Madison Project.

          I expect Ted Cruz to join their legion

          They are at diametrical opposition to politicians who transition to do work in the areas of the humanities.

          Take Dick Chaney for example. How is he using his borrowed time!!!? Can you name any projects for humanity? He literally and figuratively took the “heart” out of the America and moved onto to sponsor enterprises on the “dark side.”

          Other examples include: Karl Rove, Dick Armey and you name them.

          To give props where they’re due, turd blossom’s boss is making penitence for his bevy of sins by help Africans build schools and medical facilities.

          • oldtack

            Agreed 100%. Now – how do we get the word out and get the attention of the people before we end up like post 1933 Germany.

          • 1standlastword

            This is good for a start. I hosted a series of actions in my area during Occupy

  • oldtack

    Nothing is over – it is just delayed a short time.
    These Ultra Conservative Tea Party and other individuals that disgrace the Halls of Congress are supported fully by Conservative Organizations such as American Heritage Foundation and The Madison Project – both Washington based .One in 1973 during Regeans reign and the other in 1998 by Jim Ryun ultra conservative ex-congressman. Quote from a Washington new article today (10-17) from Drew Ryun of Madison Project “I think Ted Cruz and Mike Lee did EXACTLY the job that those of US who helped them get elected wanted them to do”. Madison Project was one of the first conservative organizations to back Cruz last year. (backing means millions in money and campaign ads).

    And the people in la-la land labor under the delusion that WE THE PEOPLE elect Congressmen and Senators?? Wake up folks – WE THE PEOPLE have been replaced by large Conservative Organizations that throw their money and support to any conservative candidate that promises to walk lock step with the dictates of the Organizations.
    Check our The Madison Project on google. They have a Hall of Fame and a Hall of shame where they “grade” all Congressmen and Senators. Those on the Hall of Shame are targeted for replacement at the next election. This battle in Washington will continue until ALL moderate and Independent and liberal office holders are voted out of office and the US Government becomes a one party Government.+