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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Missouri is the Show-Me State.

It says so right on our license plates. We Missourians like to think this slogan captures our strength of character, our down-to-earth sensibility and skeptical savvy.

Very different qualities have been on display lately. Missouri has become synonymous with violence and misgovernment in the mayhem that has spiraled since the shooting death of Michael Brown in August.

We’re a national embarrassment. In the days following Brown’s shooting, protesters marched peacefully — and some looted — and police met them with excessive and militarized force.

After the St. Louis County prosecutor announced last week that charges would not be brought against Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Brown, again protesters marched peacefully — not just in Ferguson, Missouri but across the nation — while others looted, rioted and set buildings aflame. This time there were actual soldiers on the streets of Ferguson to face down residents.

The killing of Michael Brown has become a politically divisive issue. In some ways it is a Rorschach test for racial and political points of view. Some regard Brown as one more casualty at the hands of a racist police force that demonizes all young black men as thugs. Others see him as a genuine thug who died in a scuffle that easily could have left a policeman dead instead.

In this charged atmosphere, nobody expected the grand jury’s decision to satisfy both sides — and it didn’t. The quality of the evidence it was shown, it has to be said, was not good. Accounts were contradictory, and in the end the jurors seem to have relied on Wilson’s account most of all.

The mass media coverage, especially the 24/7 cable TV treatment, has played Ferguson for all the drama it can provide. Eventually, the media will tire of the Ferguson story, yet the resentments will remain, as will the conditions that inspired them.

Nobody believes that Michael Brown will be the last unarmed black man to be shot down by a policeman with dubious cause. This happens everywhere in the United States. That’s why, in the days following the grand jury’s decision not to indict, protests and mass demonstrations were held in Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, New York, Denver, Los Angeles and many other cities.

People of every race were among the protesters marching peacefully in solidarity with similar peaceful protesters in Ferguson. Not with the rioters, not with the lawless, but with the far greater numbers that have gathered, peacefully, every day since Brown died in early August.

The object of their frustration is policing that does more to agitate communities than to protect them. People have seen too many instances of questionable encounters between police and people winding up severely hurt or dead.

This is not a new storyline.

What’s new is that many of the protest events were not led by the usual suspects—civil rights leaders, politicians and media-versed clergy. It was young people, 20-somethings often either still in college or recently graduated, who organized protests by tapping networks cultivated previously through social media.

What comes next is crucial. Mass demonstrations serve a purpose, but organizing for change is what solves problems.

The first step in Ferguson ought to be a massive voter-registration drive. This was attempted but wasn’t successful in the initial days after the shooting. The appeal should be simple. Don’t like the elected officials you have? OK, vote them out. Feel that you’re not represented on the city council or in the ranks of the police? Standing in the street yelling won’t accomplish it. You need to make change happen, and voting is the first step.

The political situation in Ferguson is toxic. Like a lot of smaller towns in America, it generates a disproportionate amount of its revenue through fines. Despite a recent decision to eliminate some fines, the city still puts police in the structural role of the Biblical tax collector, stopping and ticketing citizens for relatively minor infractions, and issuing arrest warrants when they don’t or can’t pay their fines. It also so happens that a disproportionate number of tickets are given to black residents. This heavy hand, squeezing citizens for their hard-earned money, is not just or healthy for the body politic. But it’s hard to see how it will be reformed unless the majority in Ferguson first exerts its power and throws the bums out.

Everyday misgovernment does not inspire the outrage that a police killing does. But the resentment it causes year after year adds to the explosive charge when the spark is supplied. Ferguson may have flamed out. It could very well wind up a footnote, a trivia question for future generations. Or perhaps something else may happen. Maybe once all the cameras are gone, local residents, working with national civil rights organizations and others, will do the hard work of taking government back for the people.

Ferguson might then become a laboratory of democracy … and show the rest of the country how to do it.

Mary Sanchez is an opinion-page columnist for The Kansas City Star. Readers may write to her at: Kansas City Star, 1729 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 64108-1413, or via email at [email protected]

Photo: Dozens of protesters in solidarity with Michael Brown march north on Clybourn Ave., chanting anti-police and anti-corporate slogans, during a Black Friday demonstration that started at Water Tower then proceeded northwest to the North Ave. shopping stores near Clybourn, Friday Nov. 28,  2014 in Chicago. (Abel Uribe/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

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74 Responses to Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

  1. Michael Brown’s tragic death at the hands of a man who should not have been wearing a police officer badge was not unprecedented, should not have come as a surprise, and the outcome of that tragedy is far from being surprising.
    Officer Wilson, and others, were fired by the Jennings, Mo. City Council in 2011 because of what they called “racial tensions”. That is, conducting themselves in a manner unbecoming of a law enforcement officer. As opposed to what most police officers do, and what they represent, people like Wilson used his position of authority to carry out a crime…and he got away with it.
    Even if it is true that Michael Brown stole a pack of cigarillos, even if it is true that Michael Brown had punched Wilson in the face a few minutes before being murdered while Wilson was in his patrol car, that was no justification for a police officer to follow the, alleged, felon and shoot him 8 times, while the suspect was standing with his arms up, including a shot a point blank range in the back of the head.
    If all this was not bad enough, the way the Ferguson prosecutor conducted himself during the Grand Jury trial, the fact that the investigation team did not even bother to take pictures at the scene of the crime because the battery in their camera was dead, did not take measurements because what had taken place was obvious, and the fact that instead of leaving the handgun at the scene of the crime Officer Wilson was allowed to take it back to the police station and wipe off Brown’s blood from it…and clean himself thoroughly to get rid of all incriminating evidence, suggest that Wilson may be the tip of the iceberg in what is ostensibly a police department out of control and oblivious to what law enforcement agencies are expected to do.
    Michael Brown’s execution was the equivalent to a 21st century style lynching by a thug that should spend the rest of his days in jail.

      • If Officer Wilson had shot and killed Michael Brown while he was being attacked that could have been interpreted as self defense. The fact that Michael Brown was walking away from the car, after the alleged beating, and Wilson got out of his car, followed him, and shot him eight times is not self defense. That is closer to cold blooded murder. The best that could be said about Wilson is that he may have been so infuriated after being attacked that he lost control and did something that was out of character for him…his endeavors at Jennings notwithstanding.

        • Dominick: I can not believe you, very dishonestly, claim that: “The fact that Michael Brown was walking away from the car, after the alleged beating, and Wilson got out of his car, followed him, and shot
          him eight times is not self defense.”
          The “FACT” ??!! Whatttt??!!
          You, my friend, are EITHER dishonest, or you have information to which the grand jury had no access.
          Get your act together, Dom; you are way OFF on this one.

    • Dom, you are blowing smoke!
      Jennings disbanded its police to save money. Contracting out police work less expensive then operating a police force.
      Most eyewitness accounts and all three coroners reports conclude Michel Brown did not have his hands up and all entry wounds were in the front. After the shots in the car Wilson did not fire his weapon until Brown turned and charged him.
      St. Louis County Prosecutor did what he is bound to do, had his assistants present all the available evidence. To do less would be sloppy work.
      All that follows in your post is either hearsay or BS.

      Generally your post are above reproach. you blew this one.

      • I agree with you. It’s just that people have bought into to this shot in the back theory and they won’t believe anything else. This is a whole different thing than the Trevon Martin and the young man that was shot in the back of the suv. Those young men were persued.

    • Dom Who are you to make the judgement that he should not have been wearing a badge ? Have you ever worn one ? He was a decorated officer and had never used his gun before . And it seems you aren’t even aware of news and info that has already been widely reported . Maybe you should get your info from a variety of sources . First off it is a Police Officers duty to arrest known felons ..Not let them get away . Brown not only attacked officer Wilson in his car but tried to get his gun . The officer shot him in the car . Brown was going to flee and when the officer got out of his car instead of running he turned to charge the officer and attack him . The autopsies and the eye witnesses proved he did not have his hands up nor did he have his back turned .. Stop spreading LIES and stop supposing you know who is qualified to be a Police Officer … YOU DONT and your post is very disrespectful to EVERY Man and Women who puts on a badge everyday .. Next time you need help call a Vice Lord … That was the gang Brown belonged to … I really cant believe someone who is intelligent would post what you did so I am going to assume you just don’t know the results of the forensics the autopsies or what little has been released on the eye witness testimony …

  2. Please hear my story though am not on CNN Programme. I was very new to the place am in now. I was walking to somewhere while it was raining though not much. All of the sudden came a POLICE CAR and stood infront of me. One POLICEMAN got outside the car and shouted to me, get inside the car. I obeyed while my heart was pounding over 200 beats a second. Inside it was a different warm story of which I never anticipated. They asked me where I was going and said we will drive you there as we think you can’t walk in this rainy weather. It was quite an experience to me and I informed them so. They replied in this country we depend on each other. Civilians depend on us, and we POLICE LAW ENFORCEMENT depend on them.

  3. Mary Sanchez gives a clear rational opinion on events following the death of Michael Brown. Also, gives sound advice about actions needed to fix problems. Get off your duff, work to improve the situation. Register to vote and vote is a minimum. Get Active in local government and neighborhood organizations.

  4. From the day a child is born, that child should be taught love, kindness and respect. This is at the root of our USA society problems. Contrary to what I understand to be Christian principles, a good number of us are still behaving as though the Jim Crow mentality is valid. Extreme and excessive profanity seems to be the “norm” in every socio-economic level you can imagine, and when circumstances bring white and “minority” persons together, the results are often inescapably demeaning and often fatal. When Michael Brown and his friend were walking in the middle of the street, Officer Wilson was profanely abusive when he ordered them to move, a factor which should be considered the antithesis of what a policeman is all about. Had Officer Wilson exercised a caring policeman’s attitude, Michael Brown would be alive today.

    • What? Your first sentence is excellent! All the rest of your post is meaningless nonsense.

      Children should be tough that a Policeman is armed with several weapons. He has the ability to do great bodily harm to you. No matter how obnoxious or abusive he is remain calm and answer politely.
      Michael Brown would be alive today had he acted in this manner.

    • Were you there ? The only person who said he used profanity was Dorian Wilson who turned out to be non credible ..Brown would be alive if he hadn’t attacked a police officer

  5. ANSWER TO whodatbob: Policemen, as all authority figures, should behave in a civil manner as they interact with the public and/or their superior officers/families. My remarks meant to convey the importance of civility in a society which is becoming too vulgar for civility to reign. No one should have to be demeaned by anyone in any place or at any time. Everyone knows policemen have weapons. This doesn’t mean we should be obsequious; it does mean we should respect them for what they do, AND they should respect us as fellow human beings. It’s not the policeman’s job to show disdain and a lack of respect for the public he has been charged to protect. This does not mean he is precluded from using a stern voice–sans profanity– and a stern manner when arresting a person(s). He SHOULD NOT provoke anger and fear by using profane vulgarities. Our black population has had to endure this kind of treatment for decades. Racism, hate, disgust, disrespect are something they have had to live with for too long. No matter what his parents might have tried to teach him, at eighteen Michael Brown probably couldn’t contain himself. Officer Wilson was supposedly the grown-up. The tragedy is that he didn’t behave like a civilized one. Two young men walking in the middle of the street is no excuse for the violence that took Michael Brown’s life.

    • They should be civil. We do not know if Wilson was civil or not. Walking in the middle of the street is not an excuse for the violence that took Brown’s life, nor is a police officer asking the young man to not walk in the street. Brown’s immature decision to attack a policeman, attempt to grab policeman’s duty gun also is not an excuse for the violence, but it is a reason to shot Michael Brown and keep shooting him until he is down. Justice Department Coroner, Brown family Coroner and St. Louis County Coroner all agreed that the last shot fired was the one to the top of the head, it killed him and put him down. No spin can change the facts. The three also agree on 2 other major facts, Brown never had his hands in a surrender position not even a shoulder height nor was he shot in the back.

      Is this a reason to protest for Civil Rights improvements? Diffidently!

      Is it an excuse for looting and burning? No! Only hampers discussion to improve race relations.

      • whodatbob, we are probably going to have either a Federal or a Civil case, or both, in court on this matter because the Prosecutor in this case did absolutely nothing that prosecutors are supposed to do, i.e., instruct the jury before they begin their investigation of the facts as represented, for one, and there were many facts that were also thrust aside by the prosecution. Many people saw and heard Officer Wilson’s disrespectful profanity when he initiated contact, I will not go into this further, but I fully expect we have not heard the last of this unfortunate tragedy.

        • You’ve obviously have never been on a jury let alone a Grand Jury . The very fact that there was immense Political Pressure to bring an indictment yet they didn’t shows beyond any doubt that there was absolutely no evidence to bring an indictment and they probably realized they would just be wasting everyone’s time to do so .. the fact that you are still cheerleading for a racial divide on this is appalling .. Deal in reality please.. and you really shouldn’t go into this further… Where did you even get that profanity stuff . I have scoured all info I can find and the only one that mentioned any profanity was Dorian Wilson … ( Brown’s accomplice in the store robbery ) .. No one should take ANYTHING that criminal says as credible after it was proven he lied about everything in his Statement including that Brown had his back turned and his hands up …

          • bikejedi, I have decided to take your advice. No one in the general public really knows exactly what took place on that dreadful day. As far as policemen go, I have personally never had anything but good impressions of those with whom I have interacted. I will, however, look forward to seeing properly corroborative facts which a Federal or Civil suit would offer.

          • agreed … I however don’t think a Federal Indictment is warranted .. If one is forthcoming it will be done for racially motivated political reasons .. A Civil suit might happen .. Only time will tell …………. sorry if I came on strong in that last post

          • Why? The investigation also includes the Ferguson Police force. This has been done in several cities and after things have improved.

          • Where has it been done and where has it improved something . An Investigation is fine and indictment where none is warranted is just pandering to race hustlers

          • Just like today in New York?
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • Uh excuse me but that Grand Jury came back with no indictment too …That one puzzles me but i wasn’t in the room . 1 What does that have to do with Ferguson and 2 what has that improved ?

          • Neither you nor I were there. But isn’t it funny that both DA’s were against an indictment before going to the Grand jury, yet their job was to get one? Neither choose to recuse themselves from a case they did not want to see successful!
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • You really dont understand how a Grand Jury Works do you . It isnt the Prosecutors job to get an indictment . It is his job to present the evidence to the Grand Jury and they decide on whether an indictment should be forthcoming … As I stated previously … With Dem Politicians warning of riots if no indictment was forthcoming .. With Sharpton warning and inciting the same and with Obama then telling the protesters to ” Stay the course ” how is anyone in the Country to take any of that as other then … Look if we dont get an indictment we are going to riot … doesnt matter whether that indictment is warranted or not … if we dont get it we will riot … So with all that pressure on that Grand Jury for them to come back without an indictment should tell you all you need to know … But to people like you facts logic and common sense don’t seem to matter … Only your feelings about something .

          • It is so sad that you lack the basic intelligence to look up the duties of a DA and Grand Jury.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • So when you cant debate on merit just go for gratuitous insult ? How Alinsky of you .. It seems you havent a clue as to DA and Grand Juries work just because you dont like the results of the Ferguson GJ … I am ex law enforcement .. I know exactly how those things work .. Grow up and stop trying to insult someone just because you don’t personally like the facts … Did I try to insult you by the way ? No

          • That seems to be the problem with you right wingers. You think you know things, but don’t. Just look up the term. See for example. I understand that your police bias blinds you to the facts. Still, control your prejudice and learn something. As for your experience, I worked with law enforcement for nearly 40 years. Not just police but also lawyers and judges.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • Im confused about two things you just posted . 1 if you say you know how they work then why are you questioning me about it as we agree on that then and 2 why would you cite wiki except maybe for a reference ? My experience does not blind me from any facts and in fact give me insight that you don’t have . Also I don’t know why you would generalize about any ” right wingers ” based on me but never stop that from Liberals and their generalizations

          • I see that you can not go beyond your bigoted limitations. You forgot what you posted. Goodbye! Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • As I am not prejudiced nor bigoted I have no idea what you refer to so please keep your name calling to yourself is immature

          • What is the matter. You love dishing it out to others, but like all bullies you have cry and whine when it is your turn
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • I have no idea what you are talking about …if you can’t give some reference to baseless accusation there is no need to continue …as it stands you haven’t benn able to refute anything I have posted and now it seems all you want to do is go for gratuitous insult

            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • My reply to arlineo must not have pasted the discus politically correct police. Yours is much better. Excellent!

        • From the message that appeared on mt screen that said this message is being held for review. Ans the message did not post. That had never happened before. Do not know what I did wrong but hopefully I will never do it again.

    • No the violence that took place had nothing to do with them walking in the street but what happened after that … Violence happens when you attack a Police officer . The majority of the Black Community respect the Police and want them in their neighborhoods to protect them form the bangers etc .. Most Police respect the people in every community they serve .. It is drilled into them in the academy . Does profantiy happen sometimes on both parts sure .. Everyone is human and situations get charged ..

      • But sadly, despite all the noise produced, some people still refuse to acknowledge the truth. Some police officers should not be police. The uniform is not a license for bad behavior. And that has nothing to do with color.

  6. The reason Ferguson blew up are easy to see . First start with Obama . Just like he did with the Professor Gates case , just like he did with the Treyvon case , and now just like he did with the Brown case .. Obama got it wrong and then used the case to divide the Nation on the issue of race . Obama seems intent on doing that to stoke Black Anger and misplaced brainwashed White guilt in Liberals who unless they know they are racists themselves have no reason to feel guilty for anything . Obama did that for his own Political gain and to the detriment of this Nation . All that Dr King worked for he has flushed right down the toilet … He personally has set back race relations 70 years . In the days before the Riots and Looting he urged the protesters to ” stay the course . Why is it that the only one urging calm down there was Michael Browns real father ?

    Obama sent his Racist AG Holder down there almost immediately to stir the racial divide and to insinuate that the officer had acted inappropriately before he knew anything about the case . He seized on the words of Browns partner in crime Dorian Wilson who said Brown had his back turned and his hands up . He was proven a Liar and his statements untrue by 3 separate autopsies but Holder never urged calm nor changed his tact . Both of them incited this with their rhetoric and their desire to make this a cause . In fact Holder got mad at the authorities down in Mo everytime something came out showing that Brown wasn’t a gentle giant but a common thug criminal .

    Obama sent Tax Cheat Twana Brawley Lying Race Hustling Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton down there as well and between the 3 of them they set the template that the Police had acted inappropriately and that no one can trust them anywhere in America .. Fine next time you are in trouble call the Vice Lords liberals .. You do know Michael Brown was a Vice Lord right ?

    Then there was the Liberal Media who were totally culpable in a campaign to distort the truth and convict the officer before anyone had a chance to view the evidence .

    When the evidence came out and the officer was totally exonerated Obama didnt urge calm until the comical split screen shots of the ongoing riots and Christmas looting were in Full swing . He should of ordered the immediate arrest of any protester doing damage down there and told them that America would not tolerate the theft and destruction while using this case as cover . They should be pouring over any video evidence and making arrsts today . Instead Obama has continued to insinuate that no one can trust the Police and is continuing his campaign of racial division . Can any leader ever have handled this more incorrectly ? You all should be ashamed for supporting people like Obama Holder and Sharpton but you aren’t for some reason ….. What is wrong with you people ?

    • Read your post several times. PREFECT! In naming all the slim balls who incited rioting one was left off the list Our stumbling, bumbling Gov. Jay Nixon. He immediately jumped on the Obama Holder bandwagon. At least he had the good to quickly jump off.

    • So much BS so little desire to deal with stupidity on your part. Why do you losers need Obama so much. You right wing losers have no other rationale for your poor deluded lives. So sad!

      • Did I miss something ? I just pointed out the stupidity … and it wasn’t on my part . I had nothing to do wit Ferguson except as an advocate for the truth and for peace and calm . And I think you describe yourself . Since I am not deluded I live a great life . It is sad that you have such a shallow life you have to try to project what someone else’s life must be . By the way I don’t need Obama and wish he would go away with his hateful policy of divisiveness . He can take Holder and Sharpton with him .. They are all race baiting criminals

        • That was never Obama’s policy and if you were honest with yourself you would know that. As to racism, why your hatred of men who spoke the truth about too many White Americans. Jut read the right wing blogs and ask why so mush hatred and outright lying? The fake statistics and false claims (scandals) prove the point!
          Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • Apparently you are not a fan of the truth or you would know what Obama said about the Gates thing ( the police acted stupidly ) the Treyvon thing +( if I had a son ) and the Brown case is his words and rhetoric that shows a pattern of building mistrust for the police is his rhetoric that is racially dividing the Nation …and he never urges calm in these situations until he gives a speech while riots are on the other side of a split screen ..thtThen he sends Holder down there to give the appearance the local authorities aren’t up to handling the case …and then he sendsTax Cheat Race Hustling Poverty Pump Al Sharp ton down there..He has shown a pattern of this so it his policy ..I don’t care about blogs but if you have relevant examples do tell…Blogs arent my style

          • No, he told the truth. You and I know that in the normal case the officer would have asked for ID and/or talked to the neighbors. That has happened to me several times since I jog or walk early in the morning. But whenever an officer is alone the procedure with minorities changes. Like with T. Martin, just being in the neighbor is enough for being treated differently.
            only pattern of building mistrust has come from the right wing. Why shouldn’t a Black man, even a president, say that a Black victim would look like him or his son? That is an example of the racial mistrust you and others have expressed. As to talking about not being violent, why not speak about it. Other Presidents and leaders have done the same? Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • Why are you playing the Race Card ? It isnt my fault nor any Conservatives fault that Obama said the Police acted stupidly in the Gates case ? He didnt even know what happened but just couldnt help himself to try to make this a case of racial discrimination where there was none . And asking for an ID from Gates is exactly what that officer did . Gates took offense to that . He has to back track and have a beer summit after that one . And it is no Conservatives fault that his response to Ferguson was to send his racist AG down there as well as Sharpton.. On Treyvon he said if I had a son to try to portray he was just an innocent kid carrying skittles which turned out to be total bullshit .. That is on Obama so stop playing your race card .. Look if you cant debate on merit please dont just resort to the race card . Deal in the facts and stop playing the race card .. If you have nothing just say .. you are right I have nothing .. to play the race card shows you cant debate the issue on facts or merit

          • It seems the racism is all on your part. Reality does not fit your bias so you complain and bring up the race card. As I said, it is funny that you bigots always complain about Obama when he usually has nothing to do with the article.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • The image MOST black teens show does not fit all black teens. Until there is a way to see who is who a cop would be very cautious. But the TRUTH is Brown broke the law and would be alive today IF he had not resisted AND had not tried to take a cops gun. So if we are looking at truth Garber ( In New York, sorry for spelling ) also resisted. He would be alive today if he had not broken the law and then resisted.

          • Like many who defend the killing of unarmed boys and young men, you believe the media stereotype for Back youth. Most Black teens do not fit the model the media presents. The same is true for Black families. Yes there are a lot of Black losers who fit the stereotype. But losers come in all colors. Subject: Re: comment on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • It is far from a defense of killing unarmed boys. In Brown case he tried to get the gun of the Officer, refused to comply, and charged at the officer. IF he had allowed the arrest he would BE ALIVE TODAY. right? If you do not see this you like a lot of people are ignoring facts. As for black families, when 70% plus babies are born out of any form of relationship it would be tough for any child to have a fighting chance at life. More so when the child is born to a CHILD. Not sure how you got the Families angle out of my post but stats are stats, over 70% are in one parent family. That is tough no matter what color you are.
            No matter what end result is, IF BROWN HAD NOT RESISTED he would be alive today. Sure, he would have to face the strong arm robbery charge but that is on him, just as the results of fighting with officer and resisting arrest.

          • It is not only Blacks that are having births out of wedlock. This is becoming a problem for all ethnic groups. By the way, the fastest growing segment of this problem is White females under 30. See:
            I still say why defend the killing of unarmed people? If trained properly an arrest was possible in all but two of the latest cases. A boy in the park and a man in a store both with toy guns, a man choked to death with several officers draped over his body. These suggest more than routine police work. In California a women is beaten for walking down the freeway barefooted. An obvious mental case. Subject: Re: comment on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • I agree there is a rise in white teens BUT this was not a white male that was shot for resisting. White teens have a long way to go before they catch up with that 70% and I hope they never do. But deluding the conversation is not the answer. You seem to not want to acknowledge both Brown and Gerber would be alive if they had not resisted? If you did, you would have to admit that they were in fact responsible for the actions the police took. Look at the size of both Brown and Gerber. One policeman was being charged by Brown and to me he shot in self defense. I call it self defense because of Browns actions. Gerber being such a big man and resisting took more than one officer. I think there is an issue when he said he could not breath, however, there is also many people being arrested making false claims. But, looking at him you can tell he is not in the best of health. I do not think it was racial and the race card being played only shows what happens time and time again by Sharpton the scum bag and others. I am not saying anyone that claims there is a racial bias is wrong so don’t go there. I am saying Sharpton and others like him have abused it to the point no one will take him serious or the claims made at times.

          • Like most apologists you believe that you have rights under the Constitution while others do not. If you were in the same situations and a police officer grabbed you or yours you would demand your rights. You would not quietly let them put you in custody when you felt yourself innocent.
            I would not let anyone curse me or grab me and meekly accept it. I seriously doubt you being a man would quietly let anyone manhandle you either. But like I said, you apologists do not acknowledge that minorities have the same rights. Subject: Re: comment on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • First of all, YOU like most of the protesters do not want to acknowledge both Brown and Gurber were guilty of crimes. Neither one had clean hands prior to the police trying to arrest them. Secondly, I have been stopped and hand cuffs put on me. No it did not feel all that great BUT I did not make the matter worse by resisting. In the end I was let go and they found that I was not the person of interest. The person they were looking for was a child molester and he had just committed yet another crime. And even though it sucked to be hand cuffed, in public, and innocent of everything and anything, in the end IT WAS NOTHING if it helped them to catch the LOW LIFE SCUM. Once I was told who they were looking for and why I felt what I went thru was NOTHING compared to what those kids had been put thru and if there was anyway in what I went thru helped the police catch him it was and is fine with me. I think the police have a tough job, no they are not always right but with these two men who WERE GUILTY of some crime could be alive today if they had not resisted. I realize being GUILTY why they did not want to but it was their actions that resulted in their death. Granted Gurber is a little on the gray side, even though he was guilty he was down and I do not think he needed to be held down after he was hand cuffed. I was not there, but from what I saw you could tell he was in poor health. That being said, he put himself in that position and had been arrested a number of times.

          • What does criminal behavior have to do with the death penalty! Who made the police judge, jury and executioner? When was the last time you were felony searched by mistake? Most minorities have experienced being pulled over with a gun to their heads for no reason at all. If you had been paying attention you would know that many police are jumpy because 2014 was a banner year for the killing of police. You can bet that was a reason for so many police being involved in strange shootings. Check New Mexico. Also, for some reason a lot of mental patients died by police hands in 2014. Did they all resist arrest? Something else is going on and putting your head in the sand will not change that fact.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • If you go into a snake pit you dress so you will not be bitten. Just as these police do all they can to protect themselves on the job there are still areas that they know are more dangerous than others and could be an AMBUSH so they do have a heightened awareness, rightfully so. What did you expect the cop to do with Brown? “Oh, you do not want to be arrested? OK, I will wait another day to see if you want to be arrested then.” You have got to be kidding me, these men and women are there to do a job. If you not only are going to resist arrest but psychically assault and then again charge at them to assault them more and you are killed, oh well. You get what you were looking for. If for some reason you can not see the logic here you may find yourself in the same boat if your actions are the same as Browns.
            We are going to have to agree to disagree as your premiss is Brown did nothing wrong. I see it as His actions and continued assault on an officer is what caused the action of the officer.
            Wish You the best.

          • Like most police apologist you are stuck on criminal behavior. I never said that there was no criminal behavior. I said that these deaths are more than just “They got what they deserved.” It is a symptom of something you apologists refuse to recognize. And that is there are officers who are out of control or should never have been officers.
            Most of these deaths would normally never happen, but lately they occur regularly. Why are so many police killing suspects, even a kid in a park or a man in a store. Or like in New Mexico when the suspect makes no moves toward the officers. Why cannot these officers, who have had special training, been able to handle simple police situations without killing someone? Please, do not be like the typical right winger who refuses to answer questions and only can repeat what was said on Fox News Cable.. Subject: Re: Comment on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed


            Start there, maybe that is something you should try so you would have some idea of what goes on. I do not believe that with then number of encounters police have with the public and the number of shootings supports your stance. Not only that but look have how many ding bats you run into in a month. Then think of how many you would run into IF you were the one called to approach each ding bat the public runs into. I do not see that, nor the fact that police are human also, as a significant number or shootings. Yes, each life is important, I just do not believe any police officer wakes up in the morning wishing to encounter someone to shoot. Not matter how well trained you could be it will never prepare you for the unexpected OR the reactions of every person that you must confront. They do not have the type of job they can just walk away. Their job is to confront problems and handle them. They do not have the option of telling a person “Ok, you can keep breaking the law because I think if I try to arrest you there may be an issue or something happen that will not be PC.”

          • What do you not understand? All the noise you are making is just an excuse. Even cop killers and people who shoot at the police are surviving their encounters. Why are these few people dying, mostly unarmed?
            Subject: Re: Comment on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • You are so wrong and probably made that up on your own. Most of them ARE NOT unarmed and to say the least, a threat is a threat. You are the one making excuses for those that do not want to follow the law or even be rational. Try it, you may even find clarity in your life.
            Have a good life. I am done with this pointless conversation.

            Subject: Re: Comment on Underlying Causes Of Ferguson Need To Be Addressed

          • You were talking pretty loud about justice for Brown and justifying what the people were doing to protest him being shot. NOW WHERE IS YOUR VOICE WHEN IT COMES TO JUSTICE FOR WILSON (THE COP THAT SHOT BROWN) AND WHAT HE HAS BEEN PUT THRU BY YOUR SO CALLED SCREEMERS FOR JUSTICE AND THE EFFECTS IT HAS HAD ON HIS LIFE???? You are just another bleeding heart hypocrite? Or did you and Sharpless find that HOLDER is a racist too?



            This was Browns buddy in crime who lied about the events and then got caught and then told the truth BUT now he is rewarded and put on the payroll??? Is this the JUSTICE you keep talking about???


  7. The riots were instigated by Barak and Holder anything to get them out of the headlines. In his meeting a few weeks back with Sharpton he told him to keep the pressure on..
    The fact that Holder gave all the black witnesses blanket immunity when they appear before the grand Jury, knowing full well from the autopsy, that most were lying set up a fight with truth and justice.

  8. The riots were instigated by Wilson and McCulloch anything to get them out
    of the headlines. In his meeting a few weeks back with Ted Cruz he told
    him to keep the pressure on..
    The fact that McColloch gave all the white witnesses blanket immunity when they appear before the grand Jury, knowing full well from the autopsy, that most were lying set up a fight without truth and justice.

  9. Always keep in mind – the criminal regime of Obama uses a variety of under-the-table tactics in its war against the 2nd Amendment.

    • OH NO! Another no nothing right winger speaks! You almost had a demonstration of the 2nd amendment revolt in Ferguson. Was it delightful for you? Firemen being shot at and the police helpless must make you feel so good! Sorry, but it will not always be White men with the guns in the streets. Enjoy your future!

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