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Sunday, April 30, 2017

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Warns GOP Donors Will Try To “Break Every Union In America”

As the Wisconsin recall election approaches — it’s next Tuesday — Democrats are pulling out the big guns to overcome the millions of dollars in outside money that Republican Governor Scott Walker is using to stay in power and double down on his anti-labor crackdown. Bill Clinton visited Milwaukee today, and the ex-president came out with a strong defense of unions.

“Everywhere I go in the world, the only thing I see that works is when everyone works together and treats everyone with respect,” he said. “That’s how you get out of the ditch.”

Clinton said that the GOP would use a victory to justify even more “divide and conquer” tactics that would further shatter possible coalitions for change:

“I can just hear it now Wednesday … All these people who poured all that money into this contest…will say ‘See, we got ’em now. We’re going to break every union in America, we’re going to break every government in America, we’re going to stop worrying about the middle class. We don’t give a rip whether poor people get to work their way into it. We’ve got our way now. We’ve got it all. Divide and conquer works.”

Walker’s main challenger in Tuesday’s recall election is Tom Barrett, the Democratic mayor of Milwaukee.

Here’s Clinton’s speech:


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24 Responses to VIDEO: Bill Clinton Warns GOP Donors Will Try To “Break Every Union In America”

  1. Who’s the idiot who wrote this? Barrett is the mayor of Baltimore? What a moron. Since when is Baltimore in WI? Milwaukee. Jesus Christ.

  2. Another thing that the article doesn’t mention is that much of the “millions of dollars in outside money” is coming from ordinary people who are tired of the union thugs muscling workers around. These days the unions are little more than a legalized collection racket.

  3. I grew up in Pittsburgh and watched the steelworker’s union repeatedly strike against modernization of the plants. Now those plants are gone, and the jobs with them.

    Good work, union morons.

    • And I’m sure management was magnanimous the whole time, wanted nothing but the best for everyone, and wept for the loss, eh?

    • Of course both sides are guilty of corruption and abuse of power. But eliminating one for the other won’t make it any better, it’ll make it worse. That was his point… in a democracy, opposing sides can either work together through compromise, or stop calling themselves a democracy and start calling themselves a plutocracy (on the right) or socialism (on the left).

  4. Every union? I’m certain that’s a stretch. No, scratch that. Its bald-faced lie. Clinton is really schilling hard here.

    • You don’t seem all that certain. You seem as if you’ve been living in a cave. Republicans have been attacking unions in general for a while now.

  5. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life–a non-union, right-to-work state–and let me tell you people: we’ve been getting fucked a whole lot harder for lack of unions than anybody up north who still has them around.

    Oh, there’s still jobs, but they’re all minimum wage (or close enough not to make a real difference), part-time, no benefits, service-type positions and you can lose them for just about any reason. That still sounds better, until you consider that this allows the people in power to ignore the situation because “eh, it’s fine.”

    We’re the new paradigm. Florida is the future that the Koch’s (and others like them) envision for all of America.

    • Yep, and so many people are too ignorant to see they are voting against their best-interests in supporting these people. The rich want everything, and they won’t be happy till they have it all.

  6. Canadian federal legislators are trying to bust unions too. There is a coordinated assault on collective bargaining, which leaves us all worse off. Won’t take a 40% pay cut? Too bad, “Back to Work Legislation”.

    • Especially if (as in many cases) your corporation has taken in record profits, and/or is giving their executives unprecedented bonuses.

      • “Back to work” legislation only works for Crown (i.e. government-owned) corporations like Air Canada, Canada Post, and such. Since when has any Crown corporation ever made money?

    • That’s one of the many reasons why Nanos has the NDP leading by 4 percentage points nationally. Harper is through in 2015. Who knows, maybe earlier if the RCMP start finding robocall bombshells.

  7. Oddly, in a society that truly works together you don’t need unions. Unfortunately you don’t get to that state by merely getting rid of the unions (that would be akin to a Cargo Cult). You have to find people willing to work together and then put them in power. It seems we need a whole lot of fail before there is an atmosphere where such people will be motivated, found, and elected. Whether that “whole lot of fail” takes so long it irreparably destroys the fabric of our society remains to be seen.

  8. You know, there was another time when conservatives tried telling us how bad the unions were.

    It was called the Gilded Age and a lot of workers died, including kids!

  9. Walker is nothing but a tool for the Koch’s and their ilk. If he survives this recall this will further embolden the GOP/Tea-Party attacks on the poor and middle class.

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