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Friday, March 22, 2019

Could it be that Barack Obama’s new populist tone, rolled out with much fanfare and symbolism in Kansas just a few weeks ago, is already paying dividends with the public?

A new ABC/Washington Post poll finds that 49 percent of voters approve of Barack Obama’s job performance, the highest rating since March if the short-lived bump he received from the killing of Osama Bin Laden is excluded. Perhaps more important, the president’s disapproval rating, which has hovered between 53 and 54 percent for months, is back down to 47 percent, a much healthier figure for an incumbent president seeking election to a second term less than a year from now.

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10 responses to “Voters To Obama: We Like You Better Than The Other Guys”

  1. snarky says:

    For the average American I would hope that the path being taken by this “new republican party” would be a hard pill to swallow. However, there does remain a solid 30+ per cent of the American public that seems to have a penchant for consistently voting against its own best interests. Example, I just can’t understand how a person making $11 an hour supports the party of tax cuts for billionaires.

  2. VincentReno says:

    I think the President is doing fairly well considering that everything he try’s to implement turns into a partisan dog fight. It does not matter if it’s good for the country, the Party of “No” will stand up against it, even if it’s in their interests.

  3. jcurtis595 says:

    Considering the field of Republican candidates, I have no doubt that Obama will be reelected. However, it does absolutely no good to reelect him if Congress retains its Republican majority in the House, there are more than 40 Republicans in the Senate and the filabuster in the Senate remains in tact. What we need in this country is a rejection of the Republican party in total, a rejection of its “protect the rich and powerful and screw the poor and working man.” Unless and until we turn them out, having Obama in the White House will only result in more of the same. Obama needs to campaign for every Democrat Senatorial candidate and House candidate and point out that he needs a strong majority in both houses to save this nation from the Oligarchy of Wall Street, Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned against.

    Jay Curtis (Author of THE CODE)

  4. Khalfani227 says:

    Here are facts about the Republicans and why they should not be voted in:

    1. They do not care about you. They only care about the rich who have gotten the biggest tax breaks including the corporations who will not create jobs. This “trickle-down” mess has NEVER worked and never will.

    2. They will eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, unemployment benefits, sick leaves, paid vacations, job protection, unions, contributions to retirement pensions, and so on. Yes, they are the ones that will “pull the plug on Grandma.”

    3. They will drop the minimum wage to $1.00 an hour. That is their jobs plan. And it will make big business and corporations richer increasing the income gap. Will you work for $1.00 an hour? Gov. Rick Perry created a lot of jobs. They must have been jobs that paid close to that wage…or less.

    4. They will claim that they will have a jobs plan, but they will find some places in the world to start wars unnecessarily so that they can forget about the domestic agenda in serving the needs of Americans. They will create an atmosphere of tension and create enemies all over the world where more terrorists will be created (and they will not bother to capture and/or kill them). Then they will tell the American people, “We cannot deal with jobs at this time. We are at WAR!”

    5. They will increase taxes on those making less that $220,000 a year while decreasing the taxes of those who make more.

    6. They will cut all funding to education, which will result in overcrowded classrooms, poor quality of education, lack of hope for students to work for the American Dream, and so on.

    7. They want to cut funding for disaster relief: tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, etc. If something happens where you live, that’s tough.

    8. Their popular slogan is “America’s best days are behind us.”

    9. Refuse to sign a jobs bill to build and improve infrastructure across the U.S. that would hire millions of Americans. It is not a temporary bill because there will always be a need because this country is so old, roads, schools, bridges, etc. are crumbling, and so on.

    10. They have just about destroyed the middle class. They are the cause of so many families are becoming homeless, unemployed, unemployable, and hopeless. They want to get in so that they can “finish the job.”

    11. They are telling corporations not to hire Americans who are unemployed.

    12. They will lay off police officers, fire fighters, teachers, etc. They are needed more than ever to serve communities. Crime rate is rising as people get desperate to survive. More fires are being created especially in homes where families cannot afford heat. And students are getting dumber and dumber. A Republican victory will be proof.

    The Democrats are not perfect and you might not like them. But look at their voting record to create jobs and look at the record of the Republicans. The Republicans will take this country all the way down so that they can convince you to vote for them, get voted in, and take the country down even further. So, if you must, hold your nose and vote Democratic. Put it this way, if you vote Democratic, you might not get what you want. If you don’t vote Democratic, you won’t get anything. Don’t look at Democrats as being anti-business. Do the math. When more people are working, more are paying taxes. More are able to purchase the products of these businesses, which make them prosper even more. Just as we are playing by rules and regulations, they must do so as well. Everyone wins.

  5. MichaelPaulGoldenberg says:

    Barring the resurrection and nomination of Lincoln by the GOP, it’s impossible to imagine voting for a Republican. However, I’d like more than a populist TONE from Mr. Obama. Some actual progressive action would be much more reassuring that he isn’t just a liberal when it comes election time.

  6. sarahg says:

    Unfortunately niether of the two parties is doing a damned thing for regular Americans who have been severely hurt by the economic crash of ’08…nothing!! The two parties are almost identical and the differences between them are much smaller than the similarities, which are vast. America, you are fooling yourselves and you must wake up from your long stupor.

  7. Dean May says:

    I am sorry for such an understatement – but we are tired of & being held back by gridlock in Washington. The Party of NO deserves a trouncing. Then maybe the party can start to rebuild. Starting with getting rid of Grover Norquist & his Give America to the Corporations Pledge. And then of course incredibly naive T-Party influence. The republican party has to change or become Whigs. There could be hope with the likes of Ron Paul & his young supporters.
    I feel the pendulum has swung to far to right toward an oligarchy of corporations – a corporatochsy (sp?) toward the top 1% & of course supported by the Right the the Republicans &Tea Party
    I am beginning to hope that I see signs that the pendulum has gone far enough to the right & the once proud Republicans need a good “whack between the eyes” to get rid of Grover Norquist & the incredibly naive T-party folk & quit running clowns for office.

  8. mcchatman says:

    President Obamas’ rating “bump” does nothing for the average American!
    Any Football Coach will tell you: “If yo Offensive Line Sucks, you ain’t got no Winning Team”
    Still way too many “SISSYS” in the Democratic Party – Tom Brady / Payton Manning / Drew Brees would just quit their team if they had a Democratic Offensive Line!
    Well, America has a decent President/Quarter Back, but every play he attempts, the Republican Defensive Line overruns his Democratic “Non” Offensive Line and he winds up being SACKED or thrown for a loss!
    I strongly suggest that he should be checked out for “Concussions” before the 2012 Elections – there just might be some Brain Damage!!

  9. valszy says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe what Obama, and the dems running for office, should do is borrow a page from the GOP playbook by “defining” the Republican party as dedicated “to protect the rich and powerful and screw the poor and working man.” The GOP doesn’t hesitate to try to define through lies, Democrats shouldn’t hesitate to define using the truth.

  10. dfrosenzweig says:

    Both times George W. Bush was elected to office, he was low in the poles on his popularity. the critical issue with him was his minding international affairs so much more than he minded domestic matters in the USA, the country he was [supposed to be] presiding over. He was also within a few percentage points of 40 for his rating approval. All I have to say in favor of Obama is that he is at least minding matters that most directly affect the American population, and that’s a great plus. Republicans, like Pat Toomey, are more concerned with the internationalism of the Oil pipeline, and profits from it to provide them more income than they are concerned with the jobs or incomes of Americans looking to work to provide even a modest way of living. It always has bothered me that politicians who negotiate political, financial matters which affect working classes are some of the highest paid workers in the nation. If they were working for average wages I could trust their words and actions as being credible and well-intended, but they aren’t and I can’t.

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