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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The plan was to take a morning walk with our dog before tackling another busy Saturday.

It ended up being a stroll into the future of gay rights in America.

We headed for Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio, where dozens of booths were opening for day two of the 31st annual gay pride festival. It was a pinch-me moment as we took in some of the festival sponsors: AT&T, State Farm, Target, Macy’s, Bud Light, Battelle, AARP, Chase, New York Life, Red Roof Inn and Key, PNC and Huntington banks.

It doesn’t get more mainstream than that.

“Times have changed,” 48-year-old Karla Rothan told me. She’s a lifelong resident of Ohio and the executive director of Stonewall Columbus, which sponsors the annual event. She’s also gay. She and Linda Schuler, her partner of 16 years, have witnessed firsthand the many changes unfolding in Ohio — which is always a presidential battleground state.

“Corporations are more in tune with what diversity means for their companies,” Rothan said. “How do you attract and retain talent in Columbus? How do you keep (Ohio State University) students here in Columbus? Businesses have figured out that supporting the GLBT community deepens your leadership and increases the number of people willing to invest in your community.”

  • ctruskey

    By 2100 you will be able to marry anyone, anything and have mulitple spouses.

  • a majestic mansion will fall to crumbles supported by a foundation riddled with cracks and crevices

  • howa4x

    True, once the barrier is down that one man and one woman equal a legal marriage than multiple partners will soon follow. Why not? It would be like 4 people sharing expenses insead of 2 and then the fact that women out number men 4-1 will force that change. In the old Testament King Solomon had 140 wives, and the Mormons in their early stage had poligomy as a tenent of the religion. That is why they ended up in Utah since it was a territory, they started in Penn. Other states wouldn’t allow the practice and Utah had to give it up to join the union. They started mulitiple marriages when too many women joined and had to be taken care of. Which is the same situation now
    Republicans and especially the tea party are alwas yipping about freedom, yet it’s really only freedom to own guns and freedom for corporations to not be held accountable by any constraining laws enviornmental or fiscal. But when it comes to real freedom to marry whoever you want or mulitple marriages they become reactionary and want to government to prevent it. So it is more like I want freedom for what I like but none for what I don’t like. The tea party is alway also yelling about the constitution but the marriage clause is based on the New Testament. Our constitution calls for a seperation of church and state so if they want to uphold it like they claim then why are they against open marriage? Or contraception?

    The answer really is they believe in Hypocracy

    • “women out number men 4-1.” So far off I can’t believe you said it.
      In the U.S. in 2010 (from the decennial Census) there were 143 million women and 138 million men, a ratio of about 104 women to 100 men.
      the 2012 estimate for the world population by sex (also from our Census Bureau) is 3 billion 526 million men and 3 billion 478 million women, a ratio of 101.4 men to 100 women.
      It’s always a good idea to check the facts before making a public statement…..

    • UTGDI

      Second point of correction — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka the Mormons) was originally founded in New York not Pensylvania.

      The point about some level of hypocracy on the part of some conservatives is, in my opinion, valid. Just lost much of your credibility with erroneous facts thrown in to emphasize your point.

      • howa4x

        Sorry I picked them up in Pa

  • onedonewong

    The article is spot on. Barak is hell bent on insuring that ax murders are allowed to go free child molesters allowed to teach in schools and NAMBLA is a sanction civil rights group receiving tax dollars

  • mjw1952

    onedongwong (your name says it all)- WHAT? can you show proof of your outlandish claims? I married a black man, which, if it had been done two decades earlier would have been illegal. Now I know the tea party followers are most likely still against that, but it won’t be long before most people will have the same attitude towards gay marriage that they now have towards interracial marriages, so what? Especially when you look at how young people think. Here’s looking forward to a bright future, as free of bigotry as we can get.

  • dtgraham

    You conservatives have an irrational fear about this. Gay marriage has been the law across Canada for a long time now. Absolutely nothing has changed. Nothing I can think of. Heterosexuals are still getting married and their marriages aren’t breaking up in greater numbers. Nobody’s marrying their easychair or their dog either. It will be the same in America. You guys are getting worked up over nothing.