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Friday, October 28, 2016

Astonishingly, some Wall Streeters continue to be clueless about what the Occupy Wall Street movement is protesting. Yoo-hoo, Streeters: Note that the movement’s name has the term “Wall Street” in it.

While there is a plethora of particular issues being raised by the protesters — from the corrupting power of corporate money in our elections to the demise of middle-class wages — the unifying theme is that each one adds to the rising tide of economic inequality that’s enriching the most privileged few by knocking down America’s workaday majority. And, Mr. and Ms. Streeter, guess who is the most powerful perpetrators of this greed-fueled disparity: Yes, you.

  • kurt.lorentzen

    One of the tricks used by politicians (both flavors) is equating Wall Street investment moguls with business people. Like government, these collectors of wealth don’t produce anything marketable (I suppose you could argue that derivatives are a marketable “commodity”, but only as long as they have a perceived value – they have no INTRINSIC value). If Mitt Romney is a businessman, then Lassie is a actor. It all goes back to that alliance between Washington and Wall Street. Neither, without the other, is nearly as formidable as when summed via the marriage. Government wealth redistribution won’t fix anything and all rational people should utterly reject such a notion. But ignoring the fact that the top 1% earns more than the bottom 90% combined is equally as ludicrous. The only way to combat this is by severing the Wall Street-Washington connection. A total reformation of campaign finance and political favortism is in order. That gives the rest of us a fighting chance – albeit a small one at this late stage.
    BTW: Excellent article, love the satirical sarcasm!