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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The nation’s largest private employer, Walmart, has indicated that beginning in 2013 it will begin drastically reducing the number of new hires who receive health insurance coverage, according to The Huffington Post.

The retail giant surprised many by supporting the drive for universal health care in 2007 and then the employer mandate in 2009.

However, its planned policy of not offering new employees health insurance if their hours dip below 30 a week indicates that they intend to take advantage of Obamacare’s new obligation to provide coverage for those who cannot afford it. And with several Republican governors promising to deny the funds for Medicaid expansion, the new policy could lead to a swift increase in the uninsured.

In several states, Walmart tops the list of employers whose employees seek government-funded health care and food assistance for their families, forcing taxpayers to subsidize its low prices and low wages.

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich points out that despite the incredible wealth of Walmart’s primary stockholders, the Walton family, its employees earn wages that may not even keep them out of poverty.

“The average Walmart employee earns $8.81 an hour. A third of Walmart’s employees work less than 28 hours per week and don’t qualify for benefits,” Reich wrote in one of his recent columns encouraging the retail giant’s employees to organize. Across the country a small percentage of Walmart’s employees walked out on Black Friday, protesting the company’s alleged retaliation against workers who speak out for better working conditions.

“Organizing makes economic sense,” Reich wrote.

In 2006, Walmart expanded responded to criticism by greatly expanding the number of employees to whom it offered health insurance. They reduced the number receiving coverage in 2011.

“This is another example of a tremendous government subsidy to Walmart via its workers,” Nelson Lichtenstein, director of the Center for the Study of Work, Labor and Democracy at the University of California, Santa Barbara told The Huffington Post.

This change in policy will push the number of employees without benefits closer to one half.

Conservatives have said that Walmart provides a huge benefit to poor consumers by multiplying the value of food stamps with its low prices. But to Doug Henwood, that argument misses the central problem with the impact that Walmart has had on our economy:

And, yeah, it’s nice that Walmart has been able to provide a working class facing at best stagnant wages with lots of cheap stuff, but Walmart has itself had no small effect on dragging average wages down. It’s not just that they’ve been an inspiring business model for the rest for corporate sector, impressed by the chain’s growth and profitability. That’s led to endless rounds of outsourcing and speedup. But also by lowering the cost of reproduction of the working class, to use the old language, they’ve made it easier for employers to keep a lid on wages.

Add into the equation that taxpayers are subsidizing the costs of these wages and you have a formula for a permanent underclass underwritten by a government that can do little else than providing basic health care and sustenance.

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  • So glad I don’t shop at Walmat!

  • Progressive Patriot

    It seems that We The People are beginning to wake up to the fact that though Walmart can boast that they bring low prices, Walmart is one of the major contributors to the decline of the Middle and Working Classes, and the destruction of countless American communities.

    It’s time to speak out loud and clear. Because of international markets, they couldn’t care less if We The People become a third world nation. As I see it, that’s what they want, CHEAP LABOR! They’ll make up their profits overseas. Americans be damned. Then to add insult to injury, they ask us to subsidize their cruel labor practices (both here and abroad), by utilizing the public safety nets. AND THEN, THEIR CLASS ATTACKS US IN THE MEDIA FOR NEEDING TO ACCESS THE SAFETY NETS! How’s that for a schizophrenogenic message? They insult us with labels like, “Takers,” and “Consumers,” while referring to themselves as, “Job Creators.” No! They are the Takers and the Welfare Queens. It’s time for us to organize, and change the conversation. I am a 99%er, and I AM PROUD OF IT!

    It’s time to bring truth to the conversation! We The People are the real Job Creators! The economy is demand driven, and as good jobs are sent overseas, more or us are faced with accepting Walmart like, subsistance type jobs. United, we do not just have to accept it! United, we CAN change the conversation.

    Wall Street and the Big Banks caused the recession. We bailed them out, and their entitled, corporate welfare tushes are forcing their minions in Congress to try to make us, The Real Job Creators, shoulder the cost of reducing the deficit. TELL YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, “NO MORE!” We’ve paid our fair share over the last thirty years. It is time that they got off the dole.

    • Tom_D44

      Why is it that in your angry rants about all the bad people you have identified, most of which I agree with, you always leave out one incredibly guilty class – politicians? These are the very people who vote for policies that help these guys cheat the system. They also cheat the system as well, by taking millions from lobbyists, using insider information to buy and sell investments, and using their power in every way possible to make millions on the backs of the taxpayers. And they are on both sides of the aisles.

      • Progressive Patriot

        Tom, you are absolutely right! Looking back, I do let the Pols. slide. My bad.

        In my view, the problem begins with the Business Interests and Aristocrats that have conspired to corrupt our democracy. I see our broken government as a symptom of their greed. Not necessarily the cause. Philosophical stance, I guess. I’m not inherently anti-government. I believe it is essential, but that We The People, have been brainwashed, and asleep at the wheel, allowing greedy business interests to gain a strangle hold over our political process, government, and media.

        I believe that if We The People united to get the Big Money out of our political process, that we’d go a long way toward improving the lives of all Americans. So, I guess that though I do see some Pols. as self-serving sociopaths (more on the right than left), I see the problem originating with Multi-national’s, Wall Street, Banks and Oligarch’s (the Robber Barons of today) who have purchased our government and re-written the rules over the last 30 years without any regard for the millions of lives that they have negatively impacted.

        Though I’ve gone back to school, worked two and three jobs over the last tewnty years, my income has declined, while I watch corporate profits and the income of the 1% rise 250-350% (depending on your source). Yet still they want more from us, while they call for even more breaks. Hell yes I’m mad! It is the Oligarchs like Koch’s, Romney, and Big Money and Business, and many Repubs., that continue to insult Working Class People. They call us “takers,” “consumers,” “eaters,” “lazy,” who “… don’t care about their lives…” as far as I’m concerned, wrong on every count. The strangle hold they have over public discourse via Fox News and the rest of the Corporate Media holds sway over our democratic process, and has poisioned the minds of our electorate.

        I agree with you, we do have to clean up the system. Thanks for taking the time to check-in with me, Tom.

      • These corporate trolls buy politicians because they have the money to do so. Hopefully some of the new faces in Congress will move in a different direction.

        • rogerscorpion

          Libby Warren already is, but we need more like her & Bernie Sanders.

      • Kopono

        Tom, I agree with you politicians are a major issue. Let us remember who elects them, and how difficult it is to overcome an incumbent. We the People are divided. Just think, Obama’s popular margin was 3 or 4%, I’ve heard both. That means we do have conflict within the average voters, separate from corporate lobbying, system manipulatiion, and greed. My take is the Republicans have somehow captured the conservative ‘family values’ issues. I have friends making minimum wage and still voting Republican, which totally baffles me.

        Our society has gotten so people have to work 2-3 jobs to ‘get by’ and understandably do not have time to call, write, or email our politicans expressing their views, or be able to afford to contribute money or time to campaigns. This gives businesses, corporations, the wealthy and lobbyists a huge advantate.
        I have no good answers.

        I would suggest maybe in addition to helping with our children’s activities like sports, scouting, etc., we should be spend some time being politically active, especially as consist, ongoing voices giving direction even when the campaigns are over, while officials are in office. We have the right and obligation to tell elected officials what we want them to do for us, and hopefully for the good of our general society. This is what lobbying and advocacy is, and it is also for our children’s futures.

        I used to say ‘We get the government we deserve.” I believe that less because power players have been stacking the deck against us, but for me it still has merit. They are attacking us on so any levels: Money, Influence, Voting Restrictions, Right to Work Legislation, the list goes on. They are even using these methods to elect state and local officials. We must participate with organized groups who support principles we believe in.

        It doesn’t take much effort to sign a petition.

    • I try to shop in local stores as much as possible. Keeps the profits in the local economy. I also avoid shopping on line for the same reasons. If you support local businesses, they pay local taxes, hire local people and help maintain a healthy economy. Avoid the big box stores….what you save there, costs you in other ways.

    • Walmart Is Just Another Of Many GREEDY Company That Is Part Of America!! Each Family Member Are Super Rich And Somehow They Seem To Think All The Money They Made Should Only Be Theirs!! Let’s See If The Walton’s Can Run Their Own Company From Stocking The Store, Keeping It Clean And Ringing The Register!!!!

      • Progressive Patriot

        I’m with you, Fern! 🙂

      • OMG, Fern! I didn’t know that! Unbelievable! Shut them down now! After what happened in Bangledesh, they deserve to go under! I will not go there ever again!

      • They deserve the million; Can,t you realize how the “associates” are to the high ups on the pyramid This drop in the bucket is just to help overcome the grief they suffer at an associates demise.

        • Yeah Right!!! They Are So Sadden By The Death of These People That They Don’t Dare Give A Dime To Their Families, Or Give A Dime To Help Bury These People They Care So Much About!! 🙁

      • WillNeverVoteRepublican

        You are right Fern, but if you notice, Wal-Mart started it’s wicked changes AFTER Mr. Sam Walton passed away. No layaway except during the holidays, their prices skyrocketed, their return policies among other changes that were not a part of Mr. Walton’s original vision! It’s terrible! If he could speak and make decisions from the grave, they’d all be in trouble!!!!

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        I believe that’s an antiquated antebellum plantation mentality of the Waltons…if the US laws allowed it, they wouldn’t pay workers a dime.

      • onedonewong

        Imagine that working and thinking that the money you earn is yours how radical is that

    • Join your local “Occupy” movement. We are starting to bite back! I live in St. Louis and we are starting to gain momentum.

      • Progressive Patriot

        I’m already there with you John! 🙂

    • Ed

      Sorry to say Patriot. Americans will not act on this knowledge. They do not even realise that they are voting against their future when the purchase foreign goods.

      • Progressive Patriot

        Ed you’re right that they don’t even realize. Let’s wake them up! 🙂

    • Right on! Or–atta boy–or go get ‘um!

      I had a family member tell me yesterday that her husband’s “small” business is being wrecked by Obama and that they have had to pay big amounts in taxes since he has been in office. The family business is three generations old and makes a great deal of bananas with their services. I attempted to point out to her that the Bush tax cuts were still viable, and that Obama hasn’t had any success dealing with Congress on this issue yet. But sadly, she didn’t get it, and has really no comeback when I ask where all this misinformation is coming from? She calls it “stealing” their money. Who the hell has been stealing mine I replied? Personally I am tired of seeing my hard-earned dollars line the pockets and bank accounts of people who care less about anyone but themselves, and further, are so high and mighty, they don’t know whose palms to grease next.

      I told her I didn’t appreciate paying 38% of my earnings to the IRS when I worked and people like Romney paid under 14%. That went right over the cuckoo’s nest! For the sake of family unity, I patched it up, but you know, I have a hard time swallowing this “woe is us” story when all their kids go to private schools, they drive new BMWs every year and have new trucks and toys, and have a bucks up house here in CA. Granted, I wish them all success, but G-D it, why should it come at the expense of people like me in looking at the big picture? And further, why trample on a relative just so you can support an extravagent lifestyle? Sorry folks, just doesn’t wash. Am no frigging commie or socialist; far far from it, but the system screwed me, particularly under Bush. He needs to be drawn and quartered along with Cheney and McCain and Boehner and the rest of the redneck self-centered jackasses.

      • Progressive Patriot

        Dr. T., you have a great way with words! Please keep writing. You make sense in a VERY readable way. Thank you for speaking out! It’s tough with those indoctrinated family members. 🙂

      • latebloomingrandma

        Since everyone’s federal taxes went down under Obama, I’ll be your relative’s taxes went up at the state or local level and she doesn’t know the difference. Romney bragged that he did not raise taxes in Mass. Yeah, but he raised millions of dollars in “fees.”

      • You may want to remind your relative that President Obama proposed and got 18 different tax breaks for small businesses. Moreover, his tax proposal exempts 97% of small business for new taxation. Either your relative has a lousy tax accountant, or she is repreating the usual Limbaughesque claims without a shred of evidence to support them.

        • joeham1

          Wow Dominique, you couldn’t be more wrong! President Obama has raised taxes on the job creators. I’m a small business owner and I will have to let people go because of the Health Care bill. If his new tax increase (not including Obama Care) gets passed my company will not make it. You bubble heads think that our corrupt Government needs more money when they waste most of what they get? In the last 4 years poverty is up 6%.

          My question to the clueless like you is: Who will you blame next year when things get a lot worse?

          Learn our system. Find out why this country under the free market system created more wealth than every other country on earth! Educate yourself!

          • Mikeinthedirt

            Joeham, as a sycophant of the economic Darwinists you will accept that your business must die because you are too stupid to take advantage of the overwhelmingly business-friendly box carload of tax legislation written just for you. You should just find a job and settle down.

      • joeham1

        Your comments are socialist. Your angry because people are doing better than you! Every country has rich people. Our country was the only country that allowed people more opportunity to get rich. But don’t fret because your savior Obama will make it right! What you forget is that Romney, and all the rich people pay the same or more than you in percentage. However, they pay around 14% on their dividends and investments, not their Salaries!

        The system you are looking for is being done all over the world and it DOES NOT WORK!!!!

        The new montra of punish the rich will destroy our country. Hopefully people like you will learn the facts!

    • onedonewong

      Name just 1 of these we the peeps who have created just 1 job… your cast of characters are the 47% who take from the producers

      • Progressive Patriot

        Fox News, Bubble response. Yawn!
        Anyone with an IQ above 80 knows that the economy is demand driven, and that when We The People have money to spend, the economy thrives. The Corporate Welfare Queens and self-appointed “Elite,” who have a monopoly on the media have tricked you into drinking the Kool Aid, One…

        • onedonewong

          Your referring to the State Run Media that is controlled by the democarts you know the so called liberal progressives that have made a mockery of the so called “free” press

          • Progressive Patriot


            Why don’t you ask the the people on this chat if we are under the thumb of a Corporate or State run media?

            How much do they pay you to troll this chat?

          • onedonewong

            Only a moron would think its anything other than a State Run Media controlled by the dem/communist party

          • Progressive Patriot

            OK, so besides name calling, explain your logic.

          • onedonewong

            You need only watch the nightly news ABC,NBC,CBS, PBS, CNN all run the EXACT same stories in the EXACT same sequence with the EXACT same partisan take. It then are the lead stories the next morning in the early editions of the NYT WashPost and LA Times

          • Progressive Patriot

            I guess we see what we want to see.When I watch them, there is always a failure of the reporters to question the conservative taling points. I have heard that the LA Times is a very good and balanced publication. As is, I suspect, the New York Times. Which is why conservatives seem to hate it. Of Course, PBS has a history of being progressive, however, it seems to me that they are making recent moves toward the right these days.

            As for the major networks, they schedule 70% conservative guests on their discussion shows (and that is my major complaint. look it up), and the hosts rarely challenge the conservative spin. The rest of the “Rags,” like the Chicago Tribune, are owned by corporate interests, and their reporting and Op Ed’s reflect as such. CNN, well, let’s just leave it at that. Then, of course, there is Fox News, which is owned and programed by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes (sp?). Arch conservatives, who are in the business of trying to gain a strangle hold on the media. Their network CLEARLY is a conservative echo chamber, and they are the predominant presence in the “media.” Then of course, there are the conservative talk radio stations. Again, the vast majority are conservative. Owned by a handful of corporate interests that broadcast a vast majority of conservative talkers.

            MY MAIN QUESTION, ONEDONE… is, why are you reading all of the publications with progressive slants, if it bothers you so much? Wouldn’t you be happier just reading the conservative blogs? What’s up with that? Are you just looking for a fight, or are you being paid for this?

          • jointerjohn

            Take it easy PPatriot, Onedonewong is just revealing his team’s psychotic victim complex. They see conspiracies and boogey-men everywhere. Never have I seen such a privileged and fortunate class, whine so incessantly about everything. The very thing he uses as his evidence that the commercial news outlets are shills for the left-wing is exactly the evidence that they are corporate lackeys who starve us of the real news in order to force-feed us the intellectual junk-food diet approved by their big business sponsors.

          • Progressive Patriot

            You are so right! Nice to know you’ve got our back on this one.

    • abunudnik

      Shop somewhere else.

      • Progressive Patriot

        Of course. I already do. Hope that you do too.

      • Progressive Patriot

        What is your intention here, abundnik?

    • Get a job.

      • Progressive Patriot

        What is the intention of your response, Shawn?

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    Not to mention that Wallyworld is China’s second largest trading partner.

    We have 5 Wallyworlds in the Canton Ohio area. This has closed many small and large businesses in the area.

    But, it’s not the fault of Wallyworld though. It is your own neighbor who shops there. I know even very devout Union members of a local company, Timken, who shop at Wallyworld. They fight like hell to protect their union, but buy at Wallyworld.

    Schoid if you ask me.

  • nobsartist

    I propose a separate “walmart tax” that would fully fund the “pension guarantee fund” that corporations use as their own private welfare plan.

    corporations need to be taxed so pensions transferred to that fund pay 110% of the pensions as a penalty for being incompetent.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Walmart tax—Love it!

  • joeykay

    Well let me see if I got this right….Walmart is cutting benefits to workers to get more money from the politicans rite???.And the money that there gonna get from them politicans (thats really not there money) its from the taxpayers pockets rite??? Seems to me us poor people get screwed again ……awwwwwwhhhhhhhh its an exciting life Merry Christmas

    • tobewan

      Hang on to God’s promises, Joeykay n all. Keep the faith, in Him. His kingdom is on its way and is being established currently. We ARE in the Day of Judgment, and nations , institutions, and corporations are being judged first. The benefits of which are coming to all people. The nations have been gathered together – read Zeph. 3:8, to prepare the way for His Kingdom. His PROMISES are SURE – He has kept them, He is keeping them, and He will keep them.

  • Mr. Walton founder of Wal Mart is turning over in his grave, seeing what his company has become. After he died, his son started to run the business and that was the start of the Walmart troubles. Mr Walton cared for his employees, his son think of them as the scum of the world. He he probably saying after his father passed away, now I will have my way with this company.

    • billnbob12

      I try to avoid Wal-Mart like the plague.

  • Melda Page

    This is exactly why capitalism is evil!

  • WalMart is not the only company or enterprise that denies employees healthcare insurance, paid vacation, paid sick days and even overtime. One of my grandsons and his wife graduated from culinary arts school and work in a local restaurant. They were offered healthcare insurance but since the premium was higher than their paycheck they had to turn it down. Both are scheduled to work between 36 and 39 hours a week to ensure they are not considered full time employees. By doint this the restaurant owners are not obligated to give them a benefit package. A relative by marriage is working at WalMart as a cashier. She is also scheduled for work less than 40 hours a week, and does not have a benefit package.
    By the way, this is nothing new. American companies have been doing this for years to keep operating costs down. What is new is that American workers are finally waking up and realizing they are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers more interested in exceeding shareholder expectations than being fair to their employees.
    Why are companies in Scandinavian countries, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Japan and other industrialized nations able to pay their employees fair wages, offer them a good benefit package, and make a profit and ours can’t. The answer is: GREED.

    • CPANewYork

      Hopefully, when the Republicans are purged from the legislatures, all Americans will be given full health care insurance and the private insurers will be kicked out of the health care business. Then, the Walmarts and their ilk won’t have to worry about benefits: they’ll be in their income taxes.

  • The problem is Obamacare what company wouldn’t want to save the bottom line when Obamacare gives such and easy way out. The whole purpose of Obamacare is to get everybody on the Government health care plan so don’t complain when Obamacare is taking its natural course that was planned

    • old_blu

      That’s not true, it’s Wallmart, they make BILLIONS of dollars a year PROFIT, and they could just take a little bit of that profit and help their employees out, but they won’t.

      I’m glad they don’t get any of my money.

    • Progressive Patriot

      Hi Gary. It’s interesting how we each see what we want to. I didn’t think that the Affordable Care Act went far enough, and would have preferred Single Payor, or at least a Public Option. Personally, I think that The President is too close to Big Money to be able to go in that direction. Still, the purpose of Obama Care is to get the millions of uninsured Americans access to health care, so that 45,000 don’t die each year due to inability to afford and access healthcare. I believe we as a nation are better than that.

      To me, the way that Congress set up the implementation of the act seems to have been intended to sabatoge it, as we won’t see reduction in the rate of rising costs until the exchanges are in place, and the millions of uninsured Americans become insured.

      At any rate, we remain the only “advanced,” nation the does not insure all of it’s citizens. We’ll get there eventually. 🙂

    • johninPCFL

      Health insurance costs lower taxes. Paying fines doesn’t (they’re not deductible.)

      Walmart already charges its employees 100% of the cost of their healthcare policy, so the impact on Walmart profitability is zero.

      Walmart already has divisions in Asia, Europe, and South America that run in single-payer environments. Maybe Walmart is pushing to have ALL of their employees covered, and sees a positive impact from single-payer on their employees and on their bottom line.

  • dynadude50

    walmart drains the communities they operate in. All of the small stores end up closing down and the money that would normally put back into the local market is siphoned off to the Walmart main office.
    People who shop there are indirectly outsourcing jobs to China.
    In addition we are subsidising Walmart operations with our tax dollars in the form off food staps because their employees don’t earn a living wage.
    It is time to start a national boycott of walmart so that small businness can survive. It is worth paying a few cents more in order to keep the local businees community thriving.

  • Happy2bback

    BOYCOTT WALMART! They are nothing without the consumer.

  • Tom_D44

    A subsidy? Spin it however you want. Any idiot could have predicted this. And, in fact, many, many, many people did predict that the new mandates would cause healthcare rates to rise, which already have, and that employers would respond by cutting benefits and dumping workers into the government exchanges, which they are now doing. Quit your whining folks – this is exactly what you voted for.

    Now the real question is “Was the Obama administration and the democrats who voted for this bill completely incompetent and being dishonest with themselves when they ignored these predictions, or, was this a cleaverly crafted first step towards a single payer system, that is now solidly in place?” If the answer is the latter, then why wasn’t it sold to the public, honestly, as to what it was. And if the answer is the latter, then what is their next step to fund this problem that is quickly developing so that people who are on this crappy roller coaster ride, not by choice, don’t get screwed in the process.

    • Progressive Patriot

      Would love to hear your solution, Tom_…

    • Actually, historically corporations didn’t do this. Corporations understood where their collective bread was buttered. That’s why the Social Security Tax on businesses was so successful.

      Your meme that Democrats didn’t actually foresee this is bogus bullshit. You need to wake up to the fact that Americans are going to revolt against corporations that force government spending on health care, sustenance, and housing. The revolt is real, and its coming very quickly, my friend.

      In one aspect, you are correct. Corporate America did tell the Democrats that they would purposely lower hours and wages to force more people onto the government subsidized insurances. However, the PPACA has a trick up its sleeve for those Corporations that fail to ensure the majority of their workforce are covered. Read the law.

    • johninPCFL

      Why would Walmart care? They already get 100% contribution from the employee for any that sign up for insurance, so the healthcare insurance they “provide” costs them nothing at all.

      Sounds like they’re pushing for single-payer, like their divisions in Asia, Europe, and South America already have, and this is the opening salvo.

  • This is what’s going on:
    GREED! Corporate GREED!
    Wallmart’s intent is to optimize profit, at the expense of both the Employees, AND, at the United State Government’s expense. Wallmatr cares NOTHING about the “middle Class”. Wallmart is the typical GOP idiot, who, willfully ignores the IMPORTANCE of the very engine that propels her existence.
    God bless America!

  • 13observer

    To Mr. Reich; why the fu*k would they organize a union and have to pay dues when Obama ( year round Santa Claus) will force the middle class to pay for it through taxes! and through AMNESTY the illegal aliens will be able to continue to shop there and receive government healthcare as well. Remember, there is a “MANDATE” for FREE SHIT! for as long as tax payers will stand it!!!!!!!!!!

    • Facts aren’t correct……”Mandate for Free Shit” isn’t true. All Americans will be required to have health insurance or will have to pay for a policy. The employees will have to cough up an additional $145 a month (what Massachusett’s residence pay) and Walmart pays zero. Subsidies will be available for those that can’t make the payment and thanks to lower than poverty level wages paid by Walmart they will qualify. Who wins?…….Walmart and those of you that shop at their sweat shops. This taxpayer doesn’t shop at Walmart and NEVER will!!!!

      • 13observer

        why is union density at all time lows????? because people are getting free shit! Right to work laws and handouts from the government contribute to “LOW UNION MEMBERSHIP”! I know, I’m a union organizer! People that want free shit don’t equate to “47 %”….it’s more like 87 %! Tell me more about how Obama is going to get us the Employee Free Choice Act he PROMISED organized labor the first term and now he is talking about giving AMNESTY to 20 million illegal aliens who are the ONLY reason tax payers are forced to pay “EXTENDED UNEMPLOYMENT” benefits because if Americans out of work didn’t get an extension, they would be dealing with illegal immigrants on their own terms! Obama doesn’t give a shit about labor or a middle class, if he did he would not be try to increase his voter base by selling out our democracy for AMNESTY!

  • latebloomingrandma

    From what I heard from a full time Walmart employee in my area—Walmart offers health insurance, but does not pay for any of it. This particular lady made around $1200 a month in salary, and her health insurance premium was $150 a week, half her salary. Thus, she could not sign up for it, and had to seek health care at a free clinic. (WHich has specfic criteria in order to be able to access care there.) There is such a myriad amount of ways to keep people “down” in this country. It’s getting harder and harder to lift oneself up by the proverbial bootstraps. This vast income disparity between the rich and poor has to be part of it. And I am neither a “socialist” nor Robin Hood, but too much $$$ and, thus power, in a few hands or families, is a dangerous thing for democracy.

    • CPANewYork

      Vote Democratic, Granny. Get those Republican shits the hell out of the legislatures.

      • latebloomingrandma

        For the firsgt time in my life, I voted a straight Democratic ticket this last election. I probably won’t vote for a Republican again until they begin to show show some sanity.

    • Progressive Patriot

      I so agree, latebloomingrandma!

  • Mimi2kool

    This is just the most extreme example of what corporate greed does. Walmart has contribututed little to the working class of America, as little as possible. Pretty soon, their own employees won’t be able to buy food even with food stamps unless they shop there.

  • walmart needs to take a page out of the costco play book and use it.

  • walmart needs to take a page out of the costco play book

  • I agree with that Wal-Mart Tax, but it needs to be charged to them for all the support we are giving their workers, just so the Walton gang can become greedy rich [email protected]&rds. We need to create a tax just for Wal-Mart so the corporation has to pay their fair share not the tax payer supporting the Wal-Mart worker who can’t afford to eat or to have healthcare coverage!!!!!! Come on you politicans, make Wal-Mart pay for the greed they have and the lack of support for their workers!!!!!!

  • worked for walmart four years and bailed because they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.they were not consistent with pay raises and hours. cut to thirty a week when it was to their benefit.the image of caring for employee’s is phony.many who were once department managers now run registers and are leery about voicing any dissatisfaction for fear of loosing their job.

  • ChristoD

    Answer: so that the four Walmart family owners (they inherited Daddy’s fortune) can raise their standing in the Fortune magazines billionaires club. Apparently $20 plus BILLION is not enough. This is one sorry ass family and the paid executives of Walmart are a disgrace. It is time for all of them to ‘belly up to the bar’.

  • I have NEVER shopped at Walmart and NEVER will! “How Walmart is Destroying America (and the World)” by Bill Quinn is a quick, easy read that explains how Walmart is stripping Americans of their ability to work hard and get ahead. This health insurance news is not a new tactic brought on by Obamacare……Walmart never did care and has made it impossible for employees to qualify for insurance. Those of you that are blaming Obama need to research the corporations that are treating their employees unfairly. Don’t know how they sleep at night?!

  • CPANewYork

    All health insurance should be the province of the federal government and should be mandatory for all. Private health insurance should be outlawed.

    Rich scumbags like the Waltons will benefit, but the greater good will be served.

  • We should stop blaming Walmart, most Americans knows Walmart carry cheap merchandise and that they do not care about the workers. Stop buying from them and this family business will go down the drain. Biden went to Cosco and according to the news this company pay over fourteen dollars an hour and medical benefit.

    The same happen with those fast food restaurant making billion of dollars and paying $7.25 an hour and workers there has to live in government help and food stamps, and people do not want to recongnize that we tax payers are the one that are making those corporation rich.

    Nobody earning less than eight dollars an hour can support a family and that is the way this country is going tax payers have to support those workers and mean while those CEO get million dollars bonus!


  • It is well and good to shop locally, if possible, but usually time and money constraints prohibit that. On a recent trip to a department store, I looked for about 45 mins for ONE clothing label that was made in the USA. I did not find any. I found a few, online, but the cost and shipping was just too much. We need trade legislation to help US companies, and level the playing field on the cheap crap from foreign countries.

  • Raise the minimum wage to at least $12.50 an hour. The employees will spend that in the marketplace, increasing more jobs because of more consumer demand….and perhaps allowing them to buy into a policy that provides the needed care, with employer subsidies, not tax payer. That’s how it works. It’s the consumer that creates the demand for more jobs and products, not the owners. They just provide the structure for it to transpire in. And Our (the people)goal is to close the income gap with the employer taking the initiative and the hit if there is one, not the taxpayer; our goal is not for our politicians to create scenarios where government subsidies are required to produce a livable minimum wage in order to stay alive. That’s why we have so much government…republican leaders devising and shaping policies where this type of government subsistence will not only be required to stay out of poverty and stay alive, but we’ll need a government agency to disburse and regulate it, since they don’t want to impose their demands on big business and corporate “people”….doners for the next Primary.

    • Progressive Patriot

      Bambi, I’m with you. Although I think that $12.50 an hour is still not a living wage. We The People are the Real Job Creators. I’ve had it with all of the Corporate freeloaders.

      We need to change the conversation, and point out their hypocracy every chance we get.

      Corporations are NOT people. Money is NOT speech! Move to Amend.

    • lexi001

      I’m not sure where you live, but here in Ct. and many other states, the minimum wage has to be 20/hr to keep up with the cost of living. Sorry, but therein lies the truth, and the problem. Big business is bitchin’ now about minimum wage and Republican’s wanted to get rid of it! Don’t forget, even at 20/hr many minimum wage jobs are already downsized to part time. The whole thing is ridiculous. We will always have the impoverished because there is no way minimum wage will ever be where it should and needs to be. I’m sick and tired of hearing the other side talk about “moochers” and “welfare moms”. There certainly are those, but take a look around and see who is waiting on you wherever you go. These are working people. Without them none of us could get through the day. I have NEVER shopped at Wal-Mart and NEVER will. However, I understand the need for a Wal-Mart. If anyone paid attention to WHY we need a Wal-Mart then this wouldn’t even have to be a conversation. Has anyone any idea what the profit margin is just for food? You’d be surprised; very surprised. Those at the top have no intention of taking a cut and in fact will continue to raise prices as long as they can get away with it. I’m lucky enough not to have to shop at Wal-Mart, but I understand why so many must. We have 46% of the population living below the poverty line. How does anyone think that’s ok? I believe it is another 39% just above the poverty line. Whether my number’s are correct or not,there are way too many people in that category. Republican or Democrat, I haven’t heard one word about poverty from these guys! They keep talking about the middle-class. There just about gone. It is our job to pull the other guy along . That includes everyone! I happen to be one who believes I am my brothers’ keeper. If it’s only a dollar you can give at the grocery store to the food pantries, that’s fine, just give. Think when you’re out there shopping. You don’t have to be wealthy to help someone with less than you have. I don’t really care to hear from the right about how “they worked for their money” and shouldn’t have to share with anyone else. These are ususally the one’s who make sure in other conversation’s to espouse their Christianity. I don’t believe for a moment most of them even know what that means.

    • Ken James

      Why only $12.50 an hour? If we raise it to $50 an hour, each of those benefits of higher wages you described will be even better served. Or maybe $75 an hour… gosh, I just don’t know where to stop… How in the world will we decide on the ‘right’ wage for other people to pay their employees?

  • neece00

    I will never shop in Walmart. They are a disgrace to this country.

  • typical scumbag titans…..more for me less for them…………

  • You can pay health insurance for employees and at the same time keep the fleet of private jets, high pay for execs, vacations and stock options at the level they are currently on. 1 or 2 million dollar pay cut for the elite execs wouldn’t be right you know. Gambling in Monaco would only be a few times a year. “How in the hell can I live of off 3 million a year? Id go bankrupt” – BOARD MEMBER OF WALLCRAP


  • joe marcinkowski

    If Walmart supported Universal Health Care, shouldn’t be a problem getting all the other retailers and companies to support it. Who is stopping it from being implemented? The Insurance and Healthcare industries are likely suspects? Are they more powerful than Walmart, Target and their industry? We know that single payer universal health care will drastically lower the cost of healthcare.

    • Gladys5215G

      First question – who knows? Second question – yes. Third question – yes. Your last comment, it is the reason they don’t want to remove for profit insurance companies out of the mix. Capitalism at it’s worst.

  • The SEC should pull their registration so they cannot trade on the Stock exchange. There needs to be a link in the Affordable health care law and public registrations….some clean up for the next 4 yeras.

  • rightwingrick

    “Sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don’t you call me, ’cause I can’t go. I owe my soul to the company store.”

  • Gladys5215G

    Insurance is too expensive and dips into everyone’s bottom line. Yes, Walmart and many others do make gobs of money – I believe those are the 2%. But what about the rest? How about people like myself, self employed. I cannot afford ins. for myself, let alone my employees. Abolish insurance it is for profit and nothing else in spite of the new laws. And lower the cost of medicine and pharma. Other countries rich or not, do not have the same outrageous medical costs we do. So it can be done. All doctors do not have to own a mansion or a yacht. Eliminate Hospital CEO’s, attorneys and accountants. The superfluous expense is outrageous not wonder we can’t afford it. Meanwhile we continue to suffer. We want medicare for all. Universal healthcare, single payer system.

  • Just another example of trickle down, thank you Ronny.

  • ooo

    all workers and shoppers are to boycott wallmart and go shop at the little store around the corner
    who can live on $8 per hr and these fat cats are heaping thei money and take it over seas that why they should be taxed at 45% they are wicked

  • Bob Williams

    Free food stamps? Free Section 8 Housing? Free medical care?

    “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money [to spend].”

    Margaret Thatcher. Former British Prime Minister

    • Progressive Patriot

      So, you’re good with Walmart’s business model, Bob?

      You’re good with the steep decline of the middle and working classes into poverty, so that a handful of people can have income equal to the bottom 40% of the rest of the nation. So that their workers need to go on food stamps and other forms of the social safety net just to keep the low wage, dead end jobs that the “Job Creators,” are now creating in America?

      You’re good with business profits going through the roof while most of us struggle to obtain the bare necessities? You’re good with the attacks on women, minorities, and workers? You’re good with the strong arm tactics and threats of retaliation if workers attempt to speak out or unionize? You’re good with the destruction of small businesses and communities all across America? You’re good with the off-shoring of manufacturing and resultant job loss here at home? You’re good with the slave labor conditions for our fellow workers in other countries?

      Just askin’

  • This is not surprising to me a former walmart employee. When i worked with them in the late 1990,s they only hired parttime to be able to deny the benifits. so it seems they are just saying they are doing what they have been doing for years lol

  • ExRadioGuy15

    Walmart is one of the worst Vampire Capitalist companies in the world, not just the United States.

  • So this is what we have come to? Employees now pay the employer for working? For the few scheckles they pay them, these folks will end up giving a paycheck back to Walmart! What a farce!

    • johninPCFL

      Walmart has huge buying power so if you need insurance, even working for free may still be a deal.

  • citizenmb

    I”ve never set foot in a WalMart for this very reason. Why should I profit from cheap labor–do unto others seems to be a lost idea when it comes to shopping. Is the money one saves at WM really worth it?

  • rl

    Am I suprised by this very un-American move by Wally Mart? Not at all. If they could figure out a way to outsource it to China they would do that too.

  • joeham1

    Yeah, let’s unionize Wal-Mart and ruin another company! Why do you think jobs go overseas?

    • johninPCFL

      Sure. Those local retailing jobs will definately go overseas if the local Walmart employees unionize.

      Did two electrons even meet for dinner in your brain before you posted that idiotic drivel?

  • greghilbert

    The 6 Waltons who own most of Walmart already have more wealth than 150 MILLION Americans. They pay a lower portion of their huge ongoing incomes in taxes than the vast majority of their poorly-paid employees. As I write this, our re-elected president weakly lobbies for an increase of 4 percentage points in the federal taxes paid by households with incomes over $250,000. No, not an increase to the dramatically higher rates paid by the wealthy in the decades of widespread prosperity before trickle-down economics became the policy of Repubs and many Dems, but a pathetic 4 percentage points. Obama is not a hero of the 99%. He merely argues that the great ongoing transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1% should be slowed a bit. He does not argue it should be reversed.

  • lexi001

    There is a very simple answer to your question; the President did want to have a single-payer system, but realized real quick that was never going to get through. Every damn President for the last 30-40 years has talked about the need for health care reform, but that’s all they did. This man risked all his capital on this law and has been paying for it ever since. Is it the perfect answer? No. But it’s a start and a start that needed to begin! This will be tweaked over and over until everyone, or at least most, will see how dire the need really is. As far as healthcare rates rising, WHEN DIDN’T THEY? I have been paying for my own self-employed insurance for 14 years now and there has not been 1 year that it has not gone up and I do mean up! Politics in Washington is nothing more than playing the game for each side to get what they want. They call it negotiations but anyone with a brain knows better. This President is probably the most hated I’ve ever known in my lifetime. It isn’t anything he did or didn’t do; the hatred was pervasive and in our faces before he even took the oath. Sorry, as much as you hear people keep saying don’t blame racism, someone tell me what else it could be? Look at the language that is used when speaking of him, yet these same people will indignantly tell you they certainly are not racist. They don’t even realize how their words give them away. Look at the way he was called “Liar” right on the floor. When did that ever happen? It’s pathetic and I believe he won because my faith is still in the American people, most who are not racist and abhor it as much as I do. Therefore, he may have received votes just because of it. It appears from the behavior since the election, that the right has not picked up on even a clue as to why they lost. Good. Hopefully, they’ll never figure it out.

  • This is a total smokescreen. No major company has a higher percentage of it’s workers on welfare already. No major retailer has a higher percentage of part time employees. No major retailer has a worse record of promoting part time workers to full time workers. This is a company trying to make someone else the scapegoat for their slave like treatment of workers.

  • lexi001

    Good for you!!

  • I have an idea people,if Walmart is so bad why is anyone working there.I say to everyone who works there go and stand in the picket line and if someone is working there during the strike,check their legal status,They may be illegals,after all they have stores in Mexico.

  • howa4x

    Wal-mart is a leader and one of the 1st to bring in large quanities of cheap chinese goods, ignoring american workers and small business. It is a symbol of the corporate greed that permeates this country. The Waltons are some of the richest people in this country so why do they need to squeeze the lower middle class? Is it for the sport of it? So they can brag to other oligarchs how they pushed the workers faces deep into the mud? Everytime a wal mart opens they immediately lower income in the area. There are a renegade company, and a stain on the working people of this country. This is why they fit in perfectly with the republican party, who want to do away with the requirement for health care, cut their taxes and put that burden on the middleclass and are supportive of the chamber of commerce to lower the minimum wage, for millions of low income workers. Wal-mart is lucky that we are a consumer culture that only looks for a deal regardless of the social cost, and they thrive on our lack of collective morality.

  • The average Walmart employee earns $8.81 an hour. A third of Walmart’s employees work less than 28 hours per week and don’t qualify for benefits,” Reich wrote in one of his recent columns encouraging the retail giant’s employees to organize. Across the country a small percentage of Walmart’s employees walked out on Black Friday, protesting the company’s alleged retaliation against workers who speak out for better working conditions./// sounds and seems like so more greedy bastards are making in off the blood sweat and tears of the middle class and don,t care about the ones that work to make them what thy are today. and want more and more . when are there going to be ppl. and company that are happy with the good that the middle class dose to make them so much money ? when are thy going to stop being so dam greedy ? its so sad . the more one makes the more thy fall into the greedy bastard junky needing there fix of greed

  • And yet idiots still shop there in droves. Wal-mart is like crack cocaine for far too many people.

    • karinursula

      I;m sorry to say that for me it is survival, I’m on SS and cannot afford to shop at Krogers or other chains.

  • ObozoMustGo

    What kind of dummies are you people that supported Obozocare? It is the biggest disaster of a bill to be passed since I don’t know when, maybe in US history. All of you leftist freaks have some starry-eyed belief that there are no consequences to your “good intentions” (isn’t the road to hell paved with those?) to give everyone free healthcare, but reality has a way of intruding on your plans. Wal-Mart is just one more example of that reality. The fact of the matter is that this sort of thing is exactly what Obozo and the socialists that wrote that 2700 page behemoth wanted. Give companies incentives to drop their health plans with goofy rules and fines, and FORCE Americans into government run medicine. This is EXACTLY the plan, you idiots. To make as many of us dependent upon government. And it is working according to expectations. I know that not many of you leftist freaks on The Memo actually work, so the concept is foreign to most of you. But 10s of millions of Americans who were told “if you like you health plan, you can keep it”, will be waking up from their collective trances as their bosses tell them to call Uncle Obozo for health care, they’re not providing it any more. Good thing they were dumb enough to vote for Obozo in the election BEFORE Obozocare became law. Boy, what a coincidence, eh?

    Have a nice day!

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C. S. Lewis

  • i used to like shopping at walmart but not now they the people who OWN it are evil people they get richer and the people who work have no insurance and have to go on medicaid to survive

  • That’s exactly what got them so filthy rich, they were able to keep up with inflation and made sure that their employees didn’t. They demand a lot from their associates too, I have heard, so many horrible story from employees of Walmart. And everything is made in China. I hate that with a passion. We really need to fight hard to bring manufacturing back to the United States.

  • disqus_K9DumnVTB3

    Great job WalMart. Keep it up and if the people don’t want a job then fire them. To bad we can’t prevent them from getting food stamps and welfare checks.

  • Obama care is designed to force employers to drop their employees coverage and enrow them in a government run system. Socialized medicine aka single payer. Get in line people,get out the vasiline so your retum won’t hurt as much when your Taxes go up to pay for illegal aleins and have to wait 4 to 5 months to see a third world Doctor.

  • over all food prices are not cheap at walmart. Walmart is just cheap as they normally are.
    build in china it is freeeee (their over seas investment cost more than they want to ever say)

  • failing CEO’s strike it RICH If you can not make it here you will probably fail else were

  • Walmart and similar massive corporations care little for the country that supports them–there is no word ‘patriotic’ in their corporate mission statement.

    The Waltons and their ilk do not believe that the average hard working American family deserves to share in America’s prosperity.

  • jebediah123

    Despite what is discussed here (and mutually agreed upon) about the power of huge corporations and the politicians they control, virtually nothing can be done to stop them. We are basically a grain of sand on the beach waiting for the next wave to roll over us.

    Please, don’t say “vote them all out”. The control of much of the mass media by the super wealthy has the power to sway many of the lesser educated and less interested people to accept their point of view. Just look at the control demonstrated in the last election.

    It is possible, when the time comes—-when the one percent will have an accumulated wealth worth MORE than the accumulated wealth of the other 99% —–that the majority of citizens may act. But at this point any action taken would probably not be peaceful.

    Please, I am not advocating the violent overthrow of the government. It would be foolish to state that here (publicly) when every keystroke on your computer is monitored by the federal government. You do realize that, yes?

    No, I am just stating the fact that until a huge majority of Americans become angered and UNITED against the economic status quo, nothing much will really be done about the present economic inequality.

    Does anyone here have any suggestions about how to stop the “outsourcing” of our jobs or how to effectively control the financial sector (and the billionaires) of our country? Would love to hear from you.

  • karinursula

    I wonder if the Founder would act this way. Somehow I doubt it. I can see why Walmart hates the Unions. I live in Arkansas and started to work as a cashier at the local Walmart to supplement my SS. My starting pay even with years of experience was $7.50. Can you see someone having to support a family with this little income? The shameful thing is that the Walton’s don’t really care. My question is, how much richer can a human being be before they satisfied. It is a travesty .

  • quasm

    Mr. Sattler;

    This is entertaining. A liberal whining about entreprenuers doing what they are committed to do. Maximize profits. The government promotes liberal policies of food stamps, socialized health care etc. and you are unhappy that a business takes advantage of the hand it is dealt. This is the result for which you voted. Enjoy it.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  • ridemybroom

    its been going this way for years….if you work part time you are denied benefits and if you work full time…you are eherby given benefits but you still have to pay for them from your 40 hour check….many times i did not buy insurance because of i did not want to lose a portion of my salary just so i could live…but thankfully i had another source of insurance and thats what i used….i really think its time for the employers to come to the aid of ther low cost workers and provide insurance for them part time or not….if they work temp on the employer then no insurance but if they work permeanet part time then they need to pay up….

  • When are the poor mis-guided fools going to wake up??? Democrats sing a better tune and Republicans court the righteous So pay no attention to what either says nor promises just watch what they do. No one of good conscience would patronize Wal-Mart if they had empathy for soon to become the 3rd world masses here in America in addition to a host of other reasons to boycott these scoundrels; In the words of a former World Leader and progressive “IF YOU TELL THE SAME LIE THE SAME WAY OFTEN ENOUGH EVERY ONE WILL BELIEVE IT” By Adolph Hitler; The home of Low Prices on the side of half a million semi-trailers doesn,t make it true; Have these lost souls heard of Aldi,s Sav-A-Lot or Target to name a few? Shop around and you can find you have been misled plus standards of decency should outweigh cheap prices anyway.

  • joeham1

    Those local retailing jobs have been gone for years! Unionizing destroys companies. Or are you dumb enough to think it was the “rich people” who destroyed twinkie? Because of the Unions we spend more on education than any other country in the world and our kids are 22nd in the world! Every GM car built starts with a $2,200.00 up front cost to pay for pensions. Why do you think jobs go overseas? So stop your socialist moronic drivel (as you would say) and learn the facts!

    • english_teacher

      Yes, I am dumb enough to think that “rich people” destroyed Twinkie when I find that the CEO gave himself a raise, management received bonuses, while the workers took hits to their compensation and their retirement funds.

      I’m sure you don’t have any facts showing that unions destroy companies, along with a comparison to how mismanagement by company officers destroys companies.

      As for spending more on education than any other country, we’re in 43rd place in terms of %GDP.

  • joeham1

    Well, wrong again…The bonuses were given so the exectutives would stay through the closing of Hostess. I wouldn’t expect you to give the real details though. Did you know that Wonder bread and Twinkies weren’t allowed on the same truck?

    The steel industry is the best example of the Union’s destroying a whole industry! The Union’s made the industry unable to compete with foreign companies! In my town the Union’s demands forced Johnson and Johnson to move manufacturing overseas in order to stay competitive!

    Here’s another example of out of control Unions: Did you know that in Wisconsin the average family makes $48,000 a year. The average public union employee makes $78,000.

    Need I go on? Are you getting it yet? I have many more examples if you want.

    • Paul Browne

      Are you seriously saying that families having the outrageous expectation to earn $78k rather than $48k is the root cause of the USA’s problems. How about the taxpayer bankrolling a Private Family Firm.
      Walmart keep employees part time and on the poverty line, with federally funded funded healthcare, whilst they have a $100 BILLION dollar wealth. The Walton Family don’t create that wealth, the people on the shop floor do. The Walton family could donate their $2,000,000,000/year dividend income to their part time and poverty line employees. They would barely notice and the money would immediately be injected back into the US economy by the poorer families.
      No losers!! All winners!!

  • howa4x

    I just read Forbes richest americans and thn Walton family occupys 4 of the ten places with an average wealth of 25 billion per member. How can people so rich be so cruel? Why do these people who give nothing back t their employees deserve a tax cut? Evangelicals in this country should be ashamed of themsevls for supporting the wealth of these people over the suffering of their employees.This shows where the right wing has taken Christianity. Far far away from anything Jesus ever taught. They now worship the golden calf at the expence of everyone

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Corporations have so badly looted their own companies with the expectation that what they spend on themselves in salaries and bonuses can easily be recouped by getting it from taxpayers. This has to stop.

    If there are 1,000 hugely profitable corporations in the US all getting taxpayer paid subsidies, how doesn’t that affect the economy? Are taxpayers not supposed to figure out that these businesses pay their CEOs too much and that doesn’t leave enough to pay their bills when they come due?

    Anyone who has ever had to budget for a household knows you can’t afford year after year to give a single family member 90% of your household income and hope and pray you’ll have enough to pay your bills. This is what today’s businesses do…they think any money coming into their companies is “profit” before they even pay their bills. Then, they beg all manner of tax cuts, breaks, loopholes and subsidies to help them pay bills that should come out of those fat salaries. No CEO is worth a hundred million a year…that hundred million ends being a bill taxpayers will have to pay.

  • So what else is new. Walmart employees have been draining Medicaid for years, while the Walton family is worth about $100 billion.

    Go check the Berkeley study that was done on Walmart in California about 6 years ago. Even then, Walmart employees in that state were sucking away over $100 million in taxpayer provided health care.

  • Sierra111

    Walmart is a snake in the grass! And how could we have a Republican administration that supports corporations? I would have been a disaster for everyone else except the rich.

  • joeham1’s what you picked out of my whole letter? My point (and hopefully you get it) is that the Public Employees Union workers average $78,000 a year…And the Private sector employee ..WHO PAY FOR THE PUBLIC EMPLOYEES… only make an average of $48,000. Understand?

  • This just adds to why I would never shop at walmart. I also lecture friends and family on the evils of walmart and the owner, sam walton. Unfortunatly with so many people out of work many people will take any job and allow tax payers to provide the difference by giving food stamps and medicaid. Let sam walton try to live on what he pays his employees. See how he does it on the average of $240 a week BEFORE TAXES.

    • Marlys Davis

      Sam Walton has been dead for years. His parasitic “heirs” are billionaires many times over.

  • onedonewong

    This is a surprise? Anyone with an IQ above 80 knew that this would be the result of obamacare. That business would shift their healthcare expense on to the taxpayers

  • Eddie50

    I for one refuse to shop wal-mart anymore. Those cheap prices they have are so offset by the loss of other business that it is sickening. I remember when our small towns had clothing shops resturants, shoe stores & gas stations, not any more. wal-mart wants it to be a one stop shop nation, one big wal-mart. Look around our down towns. What have they become, antique shops & used furniture & clothing shops. If Americans stop buying their junk it will pile up on the beaches coming from china & no place to sell it. I guarantee you then we will get their attention.

  • iheardu2

    Progressive Patriot, you are absolutely right. These so called “job creators” are ” TAKERS and WELFARE KINGS AND QUEENS”. I would also call them “ELITE SNOBS”.

  • Wal Mart??? I think its time our Government investigate this Gready and Shady operation, I know of people in small towns that have to contend with 4 to maybe 8 hours a week due to drastic cut backs by Wal Mart . No benifits not enough working hours to be able to pay their bills and feed their family yet they are allowed to operate in our country and make their own rules. You know I hear a lot about these factorys who employ people in our countries from children and family members who need to provide food and clothing for their loved one for hardly no pay if any to speak of well its time our so called Leaders open their eyes and stop this abuse by Wal Mart. I know you guys in Washington do not want to upset the CEO and Stock Holders of Wal Mart because it would lessen the amount of CASH that is given to you guys for your Campaign , yes they own you guys in Washington you do now work for the Tax Payers you are working for people like Wal Mart and many more who send their people to your Nesting Ground with monetary offers to you and your family. ITs time you start working for your people again the Tax Payers whom you are suppose to be taking care of. You try paying your bills and your medical coverage with what these people who work for Wal Mart get ….some have no insurance coverage at all some have to go in to work sick …..TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON IN THESE PLACES !

  • Mikeinthedirt

    I suspect a major element in this confusion is the widely held misconception that the mass media dispenses journalism. Rather it provides sensational validation to the largest market within reach.

  • Mikeinthedirt

    A rightist pundit said that liquidating the Walton billions would mean only a dollar an hour raise for all their employees. He failed to mention that the raise was good for 22 1/2 years.

  • Mikeinthedirt

    No corporation ‘cares’. A corporation is a machine. It does precisely what it is designed to do, extract cash. It cares about as much as your toaster does. THAT is why they must be regulated. The regulations should be simpler, but they lawyers stay up late figuring ways around them, so they get more intrusive and cumbersome, but not much more effective. Many business people have hearts and care for the people with whom they work, but don’t expect Kumbaya from theLLC.

  • Mikeinthedirt

    You said it, Gladys5215G. When Obama called the Insurance industry execs in to discuss health care reform, I was dumbfounded. He was advertised as smarter than that. Single payer, though it will raise unemployment by .2%, and the flat tax will raise it another .3%.

  • Mikeinthedirt

    Tell me what you did last year that was worth 20,000,000.00. Cure cancer? Realign the planets? Stop a meteor?

  • Mikeinthedirt

    This is not a “move”. This is a business plan according to the established rules of the game as played. Walmart is a huge success story following the current paradigm. The logical conclusion to the reign of capital. How ironic that the worker upon which it feeds nears extinction. Capitalism is, in Darwinian terms, a failed parasite.

  • joeham1

    Mike…your ignorance only shows your lack of understanding of our system and your tendancy to believe what the Anti -Christ tells you!

    The so called “balanced approach” that will add trillions more to the deficit is probably ok with you. I’m sure your welfare checks will keep coming so just stay dumb!

  • abunudnik

    What a pile of crap. It is not any company’s job to provide health insurance. It pays for hours worked. It buys products from manufacturers and sells it to consumers. It makes its money on the difference. The wealth of its owners is irrelevant and is used here for the kind of moral judgment common to farmers who, because they get poorer yields, blame their neighbors’ successes on the Devil, not the fact that he gets up earlier, etcetera. From the headline throughout, this article is a pack of lies and the author lacks basic understanding of how economies work.

  • iheardu2

    Walmart is not the only store in the U.S. to shop at when competitive shopping for basic items is what the free market system is all about. Freedom of choice.

  • Alisa Shelt

    I know someone that works for Wal Mart full time for over 5 yrs, College full time. and has a $1,000 deductible on hospital stay. if it wasn’t for his living at home he’d never be able to go to college, pay for it………they pay “low wages” every time they call him to fill in on his day off they turn around and cut his hours he has so he never gets a dime in over time. Holiday’s he works then they turn around and cut his hours else where. They have 20 registers, 6 self registers, and on Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun., there’s never more then 3 registers open. frankly i go to the dollar tree, then dollar general, the small store in town to buy my meats, to Kroger’s to get my bread. milk, or the gas station for my milk. Wal Mart gets no more of my money then i have to spend there.

  • Well I sure hope that the Government stays out of their business till AFTER I get my Big Screen LED with my Disability check on the First!!!