By Jeff Danziger

Want Your Very Own Assault Weapon?

January 19, 2013 8:13 am Category: Cartoon 3 Comments A+ / A-
Want Your Very Own Assault Weapon?

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  • Rvn_sgt6768

    And these are the ONLY people who should have access to any sort of automatic weapon with large capacity magazines and large supplies of ammo period.

    • James

      The military and crooks are the only ones that do have automatic weapons, fool.

  • Bob Shipp

    Amen! Most of the loudest voices in the “self defense” crowd have never actually been in a situation where they had to pull the trigger on someone. Those of us who have tend to have a different perspective. It’s not as macho or satisfying as it might sound. Find me on fb and I’ll tell you about it.

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