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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Popular, charismatic, and experienced in government, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, we should be careful not to forget, was once the French Socialist Party’s frontrunner to take on incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in next spring’s presidential election. Edward Jay Epstein hints that beyond the (now obvious) fact the legal case against the politican and former head of the International Monetary Fund was flawed, the entire rape case may be tainted with the stuff of political conspiracy:

May 14, 2011, was a horrendous day for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then head of the International Monetary Fund and leading contender to unseat Nicolas Sarkozy as president of France in the April 2012 elections. Waking up in the presidential suite of the Sofitel New York hotel that morning, he was supposed to be soon enroute to Paris and then to Berlin where he had a meeting the following day with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He could not have known that by late afternoon he would, instead, be imprisoned in New York on a charge of sexual assault. He would then be indicted by a grand jury on seven counts of attempted rape, sexual assault, and unlawful imprisonment, placed under house arrest for over a month, and, two weeks before all the charges were dismissed by the prosecutor on August 23, 2011, sued for sexual abuse by the alleged victim.

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  • csbrudy

    This one is another Tonkin incident. Of course, the big money backing Sarkozy was terrified that one of its own, the head of its IMF, would upset the apple cart, exposing major players for who they are. This was an obvious and easy method to get him out of the way.

  • skerbis

    I suspected he was set up as soon as the story broke. DSK was a very popular socialist in France, and also vocal against the Wall Street shenanigans turning our stock market into Las Vegas. One of these days we’ll know if this was a Sarkozy “black op” or something closer to home.

  • MarkKeister

    The man is a complete sleaze bag ~ if he were set up, it is an advancement for French society and the World at large. Sarko may be in the pocket of the big players, DSK is a big player who cannot keep his unit in his pants. A “socialist” w/hundreds of millions to squander. As to his French popularity; depends on to whom you speak; ask most women!

  • csbrudy

    Mark, you should save your personal attacks for later in the missive. If you start with an insult, EVERYONE assumes you are either mis-informed or are a shill for the big money, right wing, Murdoch-Koch propaganda machine. As to DSK’s inability to forgo sex with women other than his wife, it is not such a big deal in France. French politicians are expected to have mistresses, since it has been standard issue for ages.

    Anyway, the big money hates DSK even more than they hate Soros or Buffett, because Dominique could actually come to power in France. The big money thieves (think mortgage bubble derivatives and credit-default swaps) are terrified there may be some political opposition to their systematic fraud.

    So, are you working for the big money, Mark?

  • Capt. Video

    Renatus Hartogs. Julian Assange.