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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Everybody loves a good sex scandal, and these days nobody’s disappointed. Politicians in particular appear constitutionally incapable of keeping their intimate arrangements from public scrutiny. In the case of New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, it appears, the more public, the better.

Satirist Andy Borowitz captured the tone perfectly, joking that Weiner had appointed his close friend “Carlos Danger” campaign manager, since “he was already making most of the major decisions, anyway.” The candidate praised the new hire as “’a tough hombre’ who ‘cares about the struggles of ordinary, middle-class New Yorkers.’”

Joking aside, however, breathes there a man or woman with a soul so callused they’ve never thought “OMG, I’m glad it’s not me?” Pretending to be horrified at other people’s sins is a sadistic activity. After all, doing foolhardy things while naked isn’t exactly rare behavior among human beings. During the Clinton scandals of legend and song, I’d sometimes warily observe my fellow Walmart shoppers. As hard as it could be to believe sometimes, almost everybody there had sex secrets they wouldn’t want seen on TV.

That’s pretty much why most people ended up giving Bill Clinton a pass. Among the myriad mistakes made by the clueless Kenneth Starr and his crack team of prosecutorial bedsheet sniffers, televising his grand jury testimony may have been the most telling. Making the president the protagonist of a one-man inquisition — with faceless prosecutors barking out insultingly intimate questions — caused all but the most hardcore Clinton-haters to empathize with the big dope.

Meantime, everybody was having a big time discussing oral sex at the office water cooler — the very existence of which was previously unacknowledged in workaday culture. Particularly among journalists, of course, an occupation universally known for the spotless probity of our own private lives.

There’s a good deal less sympathy for former Rep. Weiner, although he probably deserves more than he’s gotten. Never mind what the old Johnny Cash song called a “wicked wandering eye.” Weiner’s transgressions invite sheer disbelief. Me, I don’t believe I could possibly get drunk enough to email photos of my naughty bits to strange women. I’d pass out first. Somebody else would have to send out digital images of me hugging the commode.

Not to mention, where on earth would one find a woman who wouldn’t immediately call the cops upon receiving such a photo?

On CNN, actually, smiling like a Miss Universe contestant and telling Anderson Cooper how she never dreamed that the nationally-known, married politician she exchanged dirty photos with would phone-cheat on her with other bad girls. Or something. Honestly, I couldn’t make out what Sydney Leathers’ point was supposed to be, apart from enjoying her moments of TV notoriety.

But that’s enough moralizing. What I said about Weiner deserving a measure of sympathy derives from my belief that his cannot be rationally consequent behavior. It’s pathological. The man must suffer from some hitherto undiagnosed mental illness—a brain disease requiring not merely talk therapy but hospitalization and medication.

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129 Responses to Washington Media Uncover The Real Villain Of The Weiner Scandal: Hillary Clinton

    • What’s the matter Domenick? Don’t you like opposition or disagreement? If either bothers you, get off the website.

      • All of this stuff about Anthony Weiner is just “fiddle-faddle.” I wouldn’t vote for him if I could (the first scandal was enough for me.

        However, as a registered Republican, I do like what President Obama has done for us.

        And considering the field of prospective Republican candidates for president in 2016, I feel that nobody approaches Hillary Clinton in talent. For the good of our country, I may end up voting outside my party once again.

        • I too am a registered Republican and I hope that a competent moderate conservative throws his or her hat in the ring. Presently, it seems that the Republicans are stuck with the brain addled Tea Party people for presidential talent.

          I’m dead set against Hillary Clinton. I think that she’s a political opportunist, a crook and a demagogue who’ll do anything, including remaining married to a man who continually made a mockery of their marriage, to remain near the center of power. I’m also highly suspicious of her relationship to Vincent Foster.

          Those who get too close to or criticize the Clintons have an unpleasant knack of getting killed.

          • I see your doubts.

            I heard her speak at our high school after her husband left office. She spoke for forty-five minutes, and then took unedited questions from students (a rough crowd indeed).

            I was very impressed with the way she conducted herself. As a father, and tax payer, she said a lot of things I wanted to hear. I maintain that she would be a good candidate for president.

      • I don’t mind debating important issues. Talking about the private lives of other people, and spending days talking about a couple of idiots doesn’t interest me.
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Washington Media Uncover The Real Villain Of The Weiner Scandal: Hillary Clinton

  1. This whole thing is really funny. I wonder how many people have noticed the religious leanings of Weiner, Spitzer, and Filner.

    • Some of us noticed their “attributes” are not too dissimilar from those exhibited by George Washington, Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, Bill Clinton, Filner, and even good olde Sanford, tango skills notwithstanding.

          • I don’t recall reading or hearing that George Washington was unfaithful to Martha. You can imagine anything that suits your narrow prejudices. I imagine that would suit you if you’re English or Canadian.

            I learned a long time ago not to believe anything the English and Canadians may say about American history unless I check it first.

            Years ago, I watched a television program produced in Canada that asserted that the United States Constitution mandated the Supreme Court’s power of judicial review. Needless to say, American historians butchered the program in the press the next day.

          • I don’t know, CP, I didn’t bring it up. But the guy who did might be Canadian. I didn’t ask him.

          • I doubt George had to go very far, he probably waltzed to the servant quarters in Mount Vernon. Ike, on the other hand, may have had to dodge a few bombs to meet Ms. Mercer at Piccadilly circus, while Mamie was taking care of the Angus cattle.

          • “Probably”? Do you have any proof of how Washington treated his female slaves?

            In the absence of that, you’re just speculating.

          • Considering the number of people who claim to have George’s DNA, I suspect that in addition to being he “Father of our Country” he was also the father of a fair number of kids, who don’t have Martha’s DNA.
            Admittedly, the indiscretions of our former presidents were not even considered by their contemporaries, both because they felt it was none of their business and out of respect for the presidency. That changed when Bill Clinton ran for office and after he was elected.

    • Didnt you post this yesterday…”Now that racism has become a non-issue and a thing of the past, the American public needs to move on.”

      I guess by ‘move on’…you meant move on to a different kind of bigotry.

          • No it isn’t. We frequently make decisions or engage in activities that are not related to our religions.

          • Those of us who aren’t addicted to one of those ancient superstitions, CP, always have to accommodate the folks who are.

          • You regard religions as merely an addiction? Your failure to appreciate that religion is a human imperative labels you as an unsophisticated boor whose opinion is not worth considering.

          • Karl Marx, the “genius” who, with Engels wrote the motto of Communism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”? That Karl Marx? The guy who invented an ism that’s in shambles today, because it “doesn’t work”?

            Even Emma Goldman, upon her return from Russia, told Davis that Communism “doesn’t work”.

          • It might not work, but the left-wing-loons who continue to support Obama seem to think it’s wonderful.

          • Obama’s support, sufficient to elect him twice, didn’t come from “left-wing-loons.” it came from people like me who see the danger of the progressive concentration of American wealth in the hands of the rich.

            Did you know that twenty years ago, ten percent of America’s wealth was in the hands of the one percent upper crust? Now it’s up to twenty percent. Don’t you see a problem there? I do.

          • I do see a problem there. Obama should be doing something about it rather than being out campaigning or on vacation all the time.

          • As a Nazi yourself, you’re hardly in a position to criticize anyone, and obviously your perception of “left-wing” is way off: just about everybody is on YOUR “left wing,” including the moderate conservatives and centrists you apparently intended to insult with this idiotic comment.

          • What problem? Is your reply to be interpreted as a serious opinion or just a futile attempt to save face by uttering an unintelligible remark? Evidently, you have no concept of the role that religion has played in human philosophical development.

            In short, you are an ignoramus.

    • Oh, Catskinner, what a racist you are. Are you blaming the fact that they are Jewish on their overactive libidos? Why does that seem to be giving you so much joy? Of course, if that were true than we would not have the numbers of so called “good, white Christian brothers who cheat on their wives, sexually abuse children and young men or get caught in an airport bathroom with their private part in a hole in the wall. Most of the people on those blogs are not Jewish. There is plenty of men, of all backgrounds and religions, caught in uncomfortable sexual behaviors that no one should be too gleeful about others.

      • Another liberal that is full of shat. I can still remember when Hollywood wasn’t 100% controlled by Jews. There was decent progams that promoted Christian values. Those show no longer exist and you can’t watch 15 seconds of any recently developed sitcom that doesn’t start with the sexual inuendo and progess into in your face salacious comments.

        • Get lost, dirtbag! You and your “Christian values” are a big reason why religion is in decline among sane, rational, intelligent, and educated people, why many of us see the most “fervent” Christians as nasty hypocrites who insult Yeshua by their every action, including their unwillingness to acknowledge his Jewish (i.e., REAL) name.

          • “Yahweh” is the Hebrew word for God. I believe that “Yeshua” is Hebrew for “Jesus.”

          • You’re almost right. Yeshua – and I’m not sure I spelled it right – is Aramaic, the language most scholars believed was the amn’s native tongue. Hebrew would be “Joshua.”
            Not sure why you wanted to jump in on this one, but congrats.

    • Wow, I was thinking of apologizing for the personal insults I previously threw your way. Glad I didn’t. Obviously, I wasn’t nasty enough.
      So now we know that you are in fact delusional and bigoted. And if you hate Jews, why not dark-skinned people as well?

  2. The National Memo is not turning into a tabloid Dominick Vila. It has always been one. It has simply found a new level of low.

  3. Weiner’s behavior is creepy. It is like the creepy old men in the park who expose themselves to children or peeping toms who trample your rose bushes to peek into your bedroom window. If this behavior was done in person, he could end up being a registered sex offender. I feel pity for his gracious wife and beautiful child, I hope the voters of New York choose someone else. To Mr. Weiner, You aren’t Oscar Meyer, and the whole world is not in love with you!

  4. Duh. This is tongue in cheek, right? Even old Hillary, controlling as she is, can’t be held responsible for Weiner’s inability to keep off the internet.
    Notice that he is the opposite from Slick Willie in that he hasn’t bedded any women that we know of. Maybe he’s impotent and uses the internet to compensate for his inability to perform sexually. That could also explain his aggressive, snotty behavior toward people who disagree with him.

  5. One reason why Huma has not already left her husband, aside from the very young baby, is that she really WANTS to show that a Muslim Arab and an Ashkenazi Jew CAN make a marriage work. And that, by the way, is why it is ridiculous to suggest that she has connection to Muslim extremists; why would she MARRY a pro-Israeli Jew? As for her “relatives,” there was a time when almost any Italian American either knew, or was related to, SOMEONE in the Mafia; some Italian Americans, such as the Car Talk Magliazzi brothers, still joke about a “cousin Vinny” who puts “bodies in the trunk.” But of course, the vast majority of Italian Americans do not approve of the Mafia, and the vast majority of Arabs, even if they approve of SOME of what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing, do not approve of terrorism.

    As for Anthony, he is absolutely STUPID to keep doing these things to risk losing such a beautiful (and FORGIVING, so far) wife as Huma. Even if he did NOT want a political career!

  6. As a progressive it pains me to say this but Weiner’s a sex addict and has no concept of what he’s done wrong. Yes, he said all the right things about learning from his earlier sexting, but his actions has proven him to be a liar, a narcissist, and without a moral core. NYC and we Democrats would be better off without him.

    • The world would be better off if the Democratic party would wake up to the fact that Jews completely control the agenda of the left and use all of the weaknesses of the pathetic in our society to cobble together a large enough coalition of freaks and misfits to destroy what is left of this Republic. The Democrats seem more than happy to go down the road to Communism as long as they get to steal what does not belong to them with the aid of the voting booth. The slogan of the Democrats of “if it feels good, do it” will bring about the ultimate destruction of this nation. I also thing most Democrats are cowards. They just love to protest when they feel they have suffered any injustice but you never see them stand of for the rights of others when those that are having their civil liberties stomped on are also the perceived enemy of the liberal. Liberals just love to shout for equality until someone says something they don’t like. Then it is, off with their heads.

      • Wow. Really perceptive! You figured all of this out by yourself?
        How is your mustache coming along? Got that Nazi salute perfected yet?

      • It’s nice to see your anti-Semitism on full view and restating much told and old lies. I suggest you read more history, such as the “War Against the Jews.”

        Here are a few facts. Jews are approximately 1.7% of the US population. The majority are middle class or poor. They have been systematically kept out of high levels of banking, the insurance industry, and, with a few exceptions, political office. Until the late 1960s, Jews were blocked from buying house in certain areas—that’s why Beverly Hills came into being for the Jews in the film industry.

        Professions where you’ll find Jews: legal, jewelry, medical, education, and entertainment. These are highly mobile professions and when kicked out of a country could be taken with them. How do I know this, I’m a Jew. And believe me, I recognize hate when I see it or read.

        Oh and FWIW, in May 1939, FDR, at Eleanor’s urging, refused entry to the St. Louis carrying 20,000 Jewish children. Hitler had sent them out saying they could be saved if any country would take them. Hostility toward immigrants, especially Jews, fueled both anti-Semitism and xenophobia, killed a bill to allow these children into the US. Of course, Eleanor saying that we didn’t need any more Jews in America sealed the deal.

        • Did you forget to mention that Henry Ford in the early twentieth century published an anti-Semitic newspaper? He openly blamed the Jews for just about all of the world’s ills.

        • Roosevelt was complicit in the internment camps for American Japanese during WWII, also. All sorts of people become scapegoats at onetime or another.
          I am just getting into Elie Wiesel, having finished “Night” about a week ago. It is one hell of a book to begin with studying a writer.

          • FDR was more than complicit in the creation of Japanese Internment Camps, he created, populated and maintained the camps by Presidential Executive Order and without input from Congress until challenged in the US Supreme Court. Progressives tend to scapegoat others. Who is Obama’s favorite scapegoat? “W,” naturally or all Republicans, when he can’t blame “W.”

          • Is there a point to your post, other than an anti-liberal rant? I guess you support continued resistance to the closing of Gitmo and the force-feeding of prisoners on a hunger strike, as well as renditioning. But then, Bush had nothing to do with those.

          • Nice try at the tough slap down, if you were going for flies or mosquitos, but you fail. Correcting faulty historical assertions is point enough, except to those trying to revise history in the first place. Gitmo is a tool with a purpose; even Obama is pragmatic enough to see that, but not all of his apologists, it would appear.

            And feel free to slap “W” around all you like; Obama’s failures are redeeming Bush from his failures without remark from you or me. The difference between a Democrat President and a “big government” Republican is like the choice between the express elevator to Hell and taking the stairs. So, I’ll leave the rants to you. At least I like Obama as a person, can you say that about Bush?

          • Gitmo serves no vital interest for this country’s security. Terror suspects have been tried in the US civilian courts with no adverse issues (remember the FIRST bombing of the WTC?).
            Bush was a very likable “person” who should never have been president. Except for putting us in to two totally unnecessary wars that are still ongoing, his performance based upon Republican principle was perhaps worse than any other Republican president. Busting the budget is something you people supposedly abhor. How did he think he could fund a war in Iraq and Afghanistan by reducing taxes?

          • Once again, in your zeal to “set the record straight,” you just repeat the standard Dem Party propaganda, not real history. First of all, Bush was the legal and lawful winner of the 2000 election (sour grapes 13 years later is so unbecoming). SCOTUS only prevented Florida from turning a narrow Gore loss into a narrow Gore victory by “finding lost votes” in hanging chads.
            Bush did okay in fighting against Al Qaida, at first. Where he blew it was in adopting Rumsfeld’s “Light footprint” war policy. We took Baghdad even faster than they expected, but they failed to plan for occupation of the defeated nation. Not paying for the War was a fail, but chump change to the bill Obama is now racking up (four times as much in one-fourth the time).
            Where Bush is a total and complete failure is with the No Child Left Behind law. It put 100% of responsibility for learning on the schools, kicking two legs out from under the original “3-leg stool” model for public K-12 schools: Parents, the School and the Student. The Founders gave the Feds no role in public education for very wise reasons. We had to have some and limited Federal intervention, such as with Eisenhower, the National Guard and the Little Rock Nine. But running local schools from D.C. is just another train wreck in the making. Even Common Core as a mandate instead of a national model Is a huge fail. People have to be free to localize, challenge and improve such things or they fail.
            Sadly, for both men, Bush and Obama are very comparable Presidents, both with large success and equally huge failures.

          • When Clinton left office in 2001, the debt was in the neighborhood of $10T. When Bush left office in 2009, the debt was in the neighborhood of $15T, an increase of 50% in just 8 years. Today’s debt has not come anyplace near approaching your claimed $60T. The rest of your arguments are equally wrong, except for No Child Left Behind, another unfunded Bush mandate.

        • Did you forgot to mention the real reason why the United States and our Allies created Israel after World War Two and located it smack in the middle of angry Arab nations that have hated Jews since the day Abraham allowed his domineering wife Sarah to banish Hagar and Ishmail?

        • In the spy biography, “A Man Called Intrepid” it details how FDR traded non-American Jews with Hitler to get American-born Jews back to America. While it is somewhat offensive to trade lives like baseball cards, it was all he could do for American Jews in Germany until we invaded Germany late in the war.

          FDR for all of his Progressive ways, was still solidly American in his nationalism and no more bigoted for his day than anyone else. Less so, or he would not have helped American Jews escape the Death Camps. So, it helps to keep the “facts” in perspective. FDR was a politician, not a saint.

      • The Jews were some of the most vocal and prominent supporters of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s, as they have continued to be for various minorities who have had their civil liberties trampled.

        • So Weiner is a “minority” because he is a pervert and a techno flasher and ipso-facto deserves to have his civil rights to flash and talk like a demented dirty old man to young women young enough to be his daughter upheld, fought for and celebrated ?

          • And where did that one come from? What does that have to do with what I stated? You have either totally misread my post or you are responding to the post of someone else.

  7. The Crazy Right likes nothing better than a sexual scandal, they live for them. It is the only thing that adds any joy to their little, full of rules life. The also love to blame everything on the Liberal, I would guess it just to distract any blame they may have from other peoples eyes and ears.

  8. When it comes to the Clintons, a famous quote from the late Manager of the NY Yankees, Billy Martin about his Boss, George Steinbrenner and Right Fielder, Reggie Jackson also fit them to a T:
    “One is a born liar and the other is convicted.”

    • Sounds like you qualify for the first; are you projecting your criminal activities on the Clintons as well?
      Of what was either of them convicted? Even if it could be proved Bill didn’t lie, would that change your opinion in the least? I doubt it.

        • That’s not what I said. But your reply answered my second question. Thanks.

          So what was the conviction (a lie in itself, if I’m not mistaken; be careful what you criticize others for while you’re doing the same thing), if you want to pursue this, or would you rather quit?

          • But you still haven’t answered the question, obviously because you are a snotty little liar.

          • I answered your question.
            Now I have one for you.
            Are you a garden variety fruitcake or do you suffer from dwelling in a chronic state of non compos mentis?

          • Kind as it was of you to answer my question, I didn’t ask you anything, so it seems you’re the fruitcake, idiot.

          • “Of what was either of them convicted?

            Drunk/stoned asshole

          • So we know you can use nasty words to cover the fact that you haven’t an answer, and that the statement in question is a lie. You’re the one with the problem here.

          • Hey drunken stoned IDIOT
            Hmmm, MORON???

      • One is a BORN LIAR = Hillary.Beginning from her first appearance on the National stage, albeit in a bit part in the Watergate hearings, Queen Thunder Thighs was fired by her boss, Jerry Zeifman. Zeifman said that during her work on the investigation of the Watergate scandal, Hillary Rodham engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules.”
        In 1998 Zeifman was a consultant to a member of the Judiciary Committee that impeached President Bill Clinton and said he “gained extensive personal insights into the unethical practices of Hillary Clinton in her White House ‘West Wing’ office.” Zeifman says he regrets that when he terminated Clinton from the Nixon impeachment staff he did not report her unethical practices to the appropriate bar association.
        Lets move along yo Vincent Foster. Why did she order Bernie Nussbaum and maggie Williams to break the seal on Foster’s WH Office door and sanitize his office??
        How did the Rose Law Firm billing records make their way to a table just outside the White House residence after she gave sworn tesimony that they could not be found?
        How did Hillary turn $1000 into $100,000 on the Chicago Commodities Exchange? {A feat that by every expert in commodities is said to be impossible for a rank ammetuer to accomplish}
        What was that incident in Iraq or was it AFGSTN where Queen Thunder Thighs claimed che came under a barrage of sniper attack? Yet when asked for specificis, date/time other witnesses from her visitation party none were ever given in order to back up he lying derrierre. How convenient?

        As for the CONVICTED liar – Bill.
        Asking others to lie under oath for you is a felony.
        LYING under oath is also a Felony.
        Bill was impeached for lying
        Bill was disbarred for lying
        Bill went on TV and lied to the entire nation.
        {Shake crooked index finger into the TV camera} “I did not have sexual relations with that woman {pause because there has been so many he could not remember her name} Ms Lewinsky.”
        Do you have any more posts attacking me the messenger,{Attaboy, good little Alinskyite} that make you look foolish when I respond?

        • One last question I have for Queen Thunder Thighs .
          It wouldn’t be relevant and be totally off the board and out of bounds had not her morals-less husband on the way to personally lowering the bar for Presidential timber answered the same question for MTV.

          Yo Hillary, Boxers or Briefs?
          My guess is it has to be boxers cause she has a habit of not being able to locate briefs. But then again, she lies. OHhhhh .. does she ever lie.

  9. This isn’t a right or left situation at all. Stcroixcarp is right, this is creepy behavior. Lets not make this a political issue between democrats and republicans. I think character counts folks and this man is showing no good character at all. I can’t feel sorry for his wife because she is putting up with this behavior. His child is something else, and I think his wife needs to put the child’s feelings first, not his. Putting up with and exposing her child to this is almost abuse.

  10. The real disgrace for New York City is that before the second sexting revelation he was the front runner for mayor. If that buffoon hadn’t engaged in further aberrant behavior, he probably would have won. Can you see the headlines now: “Admitted sex deviant elected mayor of America’s most populated city.”?

    That demonstrates the kind of idiots that inhabit New York City.

  11. I know some time has passed, Mr. Lyons, but apparently you somehow forgot that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath, not for any extra-martial sex. Hillary simply wants power and has proven she will do anything, ANYTHING, to protect herself and keep it.

  12. This bizarre Weiner II scandal and resulting astonishing unrelated broadsides against Mrs. Bill Clinton, published without laughing by several formerly highly-admired national columnists, has pushed me and many other Clinton family admirers over the top. Perhaps a few very large stones rolled down from our vantage point will resonate with a few sane surviviors still wandering in the valley below:
    By way of reminder: Hillary Clinton is a former United States Seceretary of State and a former United States Senator from New York. Translation: She is not a gossip columnist.
    Hillary Clinton is also the long-time spouse of the most popular man on planet earth, a unique position long-coveted by better gossip columinists than those attacking her now.
    IMO, all alleged American women who attack Hillary Clinton for any reason are acting out of sheer jealousy, a petty lower-class female trait that prevents jealous women from achieving real fame on their own merit. Did you hear that girls?
    IMO, all American men who attack Hillary Clinton for any reason are acting out of fear of vaginas, a lower-class male trait that prevents most stupid American men from admiring intelligent women. Did you hear that rednecks?

        • LOL! Same idea but delivered in a style that only bashes the idiot on the other end.

          However, as much as I enjoyed Geena Davis in her role as “Commander in Chief,” we both know HIllary got herself slimed in the whole Benghazi Scandal. I rather suspect she was trying to be the good soldier when the President personally messed up, but her hands are not entirely clean in the matter. But she is a Clinton and if anyone can unslime themselves politically it’s the Clintons. During the Lewinsky Scandal, a lot of the teenage boys I taught at the time, conservative and liberal alike, told me, “Bill Clinton’s the Man.” His sex scandal actually made him more popular with older teens and young adults, not less so.

          I like and admire Bill Clinton, but never voted for him. He ranks with Reagan in overall effectiveness as POTUS. I think we would be better served now if Hillary was President for the simple reason that she has stronger and more positive feelings about the character of our nation that Obama appears to. Obama never personally suffered from racial discrimination, living himself a very elitist, privileged life as a young person, but he sees our nation as a sum negative instead of the sum positive expressed by both Clintons.

          I probably will not vote for Hillary (it would take a lukewarm “John McCain type” GOP candidate for me to do so), but I think she would bring more positives than negatives to the table.

          • You may have already figured this situation out (national media now reporting some true facts): The Benghazi Embassy was being used as a CIA outpost of the finest kind, a not-surprising-fact that several other “friendly” nations knew for years but that the local radicals only learned about right before they decided to attack and burn the place to the ground.
            Unfortunately, Secetary of States do NOT work for the CIA; the two agencies cannot mingle. Nor does a Secretary of State get the same high-level info that the CIA Director gets moment-by-moment. Can you figure the rest out?

          • Actually, the CIA uses the State Department for covert operations all the time. Once Fed works for the Agency, they never leave, even if their job title changes to a different agency altogether. I personally know people who have been Embassy officials who really took their orders from Langley. All governments spies infiltrate their own foreign offices on a regular basis, just keeping the real diplomatic core out of the loop. Ambassadors know without knowing who that there are spooks among their inner circle at every Embassy worldwide. It just looks as if Stephenson was in on the CIA operations, even if Hillary was not and if so, he had to have been both read in at top levels and then sworn to secrecy against his own boss.

          • “Actually, the CIA uses the State Department for covert operations all the time.” Ya think?
            I can attest from my own personal experience Ihat the CIA will never miss any opportunity to do whatever the leaders of the CIA decide is in the “national interest” (including weapons and gun-running to anti-Allende forces in Chile in the 1960s).
            The saving grace is that the CIA is forbidden by law to conduct CIA operations (a/k/a clandestine warfare) inside the borders of the United States or any of its territories.
            Hopefully the president will not ever appoint– and the Congress will not ever confirm– any anti-American loose cannon to lead the CIA; or the FBI; or the NSA; or the Joint Chiefs; or ….

          • “Pre-Obama, the Secretary of State and all appointed diplomats were kept hands off from any covert ops within State.”
            Oh yeh, right: President Obama is the very first president to have known about and (as some GOPers think) directed CIA black ops anywhere on earth. Hahahhahahahahahahahaha!!!
            Stay tuned Snow Cipher.

          • “Forbidden by law” is not as absolute a prohibition as it might seem, the CIA black ops inside the US indirectly via those same double-agent bureaucrats, who get paid by another Fed agency but take their real orders from Langley. The invisible hand of the Agency never gets caught in that cookie jar. And the usual black ops mission domestically is simple, identify and plug security leaks in other Fed agencies. And they are very good at it, provided they have actionable intelligence. Snowden being an obvious exception and the primary reason he went to China and then Russia, places where the Agency has to be extra careful.

          • Sorry, but I just gotta ask you why you said (in an earlier post): “Pre-Obama, the Secretary of State and all appointed diplomats were kept hands off from any covert ops within State Department,” and then said (above) there are “…CIA black ops (always going on) inside the US indirectly via those same double-agent bureaucrats, who get paid by another Fed agency but take their real orders from Langley.”
            I agree 100% with your second observation (i.e., CIA black ops inside the US have been going on for decades) but I disagree 100% with your earlier statement (State Department had no black ops double-agents before Obama).
            Can you explain why you think the CIA routinely violates one law but not the other similar law?

          • The “Agency” never violates the law; it just contracts “double agent” Feds to do it for them. You get caught breaking those laws for the Agency and you get denied. Your paychecks are not paid by the Agency and they will make sure no paper trail and/or electronic trail goes back to them. You mistake or I did not clearly state, pre-Obama, top diplomats were off limits to the Agency. Ambassador Stevens personally going black ops as the US Ambassador is new territory, so far as I know.
            Every embassy, going back to our very first ones ever, has and has had secret spies in the staff, just not the Ambassador or official diplomats, so as to protect US policy and the diplomats themselves. Everyone else on staff is and has been fair game to the Agency ever since there was any organized spying by the US.
            As Mormon missionaries back in the 1970s, we were required to report all conversations with all Americans to the mission leadership because of the Agency getting caught by the Mormon Church in recruiting “patriotic” American missionaries to spy for them.

          • I am not surprised to hear there are many devouted Mormons recruited by and working secretly for the government as gossip collectors. The Mormon Church itself spends $$$$ millions each year, collecting information about every family living in America under the quise of proving who should get invited into Mormon heaven. Nor am I surprised to hear that REAL Mormons have much more loyalty to their church than to the CIA or any other federal agency (especially ithe IRS!). Not so for the real CIA
            believers (double-agents) who pretend to be Mormons well enough to entrench themselves and do their real jobs.
            Forty-six (46) years ago I was recruited by two different federal agancies when I was an Army officer candidate on the way to becoming a Field Artillery Officer during Vietnam (1966-1969).
            I was involved in two secret missions down in Chile during the tumultous Allende years (1967-69). After I left military service to return to college and eventually became an attorney both of the agencies followed me, offering other interesting opportunities.

          • “The Mormon Church itself spends $$$$ millions each year, collecting information about every family living in America under the quise of proving who should get invited into Mormon heaven.”
            That sounds a bit like classic anti-Mormon rhetoric. While I often sound and am critical of the Church, phrases like that one are like fingernails on the blackboard to me. There are several false assumptions patched together to come to a wrong conclusion. Mormons do spend millions of dollars a year as a Church, but for things they consider “legitimate”; they can be very intrusive as a Church; and they do have their own, unique values and views about the nature of Heaven, but the rest does not work at all. (The number one thing likely to get a Mormon Church leader excommunicated is misuse of Church funds and spying for the church is not on the “approved” list.)
            Mormons do not keep files on people outside the Church, except for genealogical files. When they do keep files, they have very tight rules that they are very rigid about, spying is not on the menu. Howard Hughes exclusively hired Mormon lawyers and CPA’s to handle his fortune for their impeccable honesty, although he thought them saps to be so honest and not rob him. Mormons have a deal with several Jewish groups to not do temple work on the names of any Jews their Family History efforts turn up without permission. My own genealogy is sealed from my grandmother back on that and has been, once I tied into the British Royal Family, even though she was born out of wedlock.
            That intense need to be honest in their dealings, however, also makes them good spies for the Feds. Even though they feel driven to be exactingly honest before God, most know how to tell a good lie, but it takes serving a “higher purpose,” such as serving God and Country to get them to do so.

          • So sorry. I guess I should have said “geneology information” which is what I meant to say. The Mormon Church is big and very wealthy; but it is not that big and not wealthy enough to afford to collect ALL information about hundreds of millions of humans and then maintain flies on everyone who is NOT a Mormon.
            I have heard there are some people who object to the Mormon Church keeping any geneological information about them; and I always figure that was because they had either created a great but phoney personal history and/or did not want anyone to find out who all the bums are in their “perfect” families. Not surprised to hear about “several Jewish groups” objecting to all Mormon background checks…

          • The data that the Church chronicles is simple: name, birthdate, birthplace, marital status at death, when and where married and to whom, names of children produced by marriage or relationship, death date, death place, burial date, burial place. The Church does not chronicle life histories, except of important historical figures, but does encourage families to write down the life stories of their own ancestors.

            The Church only wants the data pertinent to doing the vicarious temple rituals that they belief they are commanded of God to do for everyone. Mormons believe that baptism itself is a absolute requirement and that it is upon the living to make sure it is done vicariously for anyone who could not or would not do it for themselves. In modern times, the Mormon Church has become more sensitive to objections this belief causes for other religions and belief systems, including several Jewish synagogue associations in America and in Israel.

            They do not do this for any live or living persons, except those who voluntarily become Mormons or are born Mormon. Then, they track you pretty much your whole life, including where you currently live, whether you attend or not. Mormons are expected to attend church based on street address, not which Bishop or pastor pleases them.

            The Church keeps basically five lists for Mormons: the active “card-carrying” member; the active member with “worthiness” issues; the less active member who rarely attends; the do not contact but still claims membership member; and the former members of the church. As a “jack Mormon,” I am on the 3rd list, I consider myself Mormon but just do not go to church, for reasons other than disbelief in the basic theology. In fact, I just told my bishop by phone that he could visit me at home any time he liked, but did not need to entertain notions of pressuring me back to church.

          • Although I was raised in a devout Christian home and attended Sunday school nearly every Sunday that I can recall until age 20, I “fell away” from “organized religions” when I left home in the 1960s, mainly because I noticed that “organization” of any sort was unfamiliar to the original Christian, Christ Jesus.
            Sadly, it took me most of my life to find a Bible-based Christian church that’s non-denominational and eschews organization as much as I do: Calvary Chapel, located in Cosa Mesa, California.
            The founder’s name is Chuck Smith (no relation to Joseph); he is presently about 85+ years old as I write; and he is still very active in helping found new Calvary Chapels, and still preaches the gospel all over the earth. An amazing former “hippy” who became enlightened during the “Jesus movement” during the Vietnam era, and did something positive for mankind.

          • Non-denominational churches have been growing as people still have faith in Christ but no so much in established religion. In the same time frame, Mormonism has gotten tighter and more narrowly focused with less room for individual viewpoint, but perhaps the internal backlash to Prop 8 is also helping to loosen that knot up.

          • IMO, “organized religion” has always been its own worst enemy; and while the resulting (and still ongoing) “splintering” of the Christian faith appears to be “harmful” to some humans IMO the opposite is true.
            The ancient human adage about “strength in numbers” does not apply to all human endeavors. Human faith is an intensely personal thing; and IMO, individual faith will always remain that way regardless of who tries to take advantage of faith in some Higher Power to create huge organizations designed to attract wealth while masqurading as “churches.”
            At the same time organized religion is struggling hard to remain relevent, another area of Christian faith in America is enjoying rapid “silent” growth: Christian faith among non-conservatives. It is becoming “fashionable” among many “progressives” and “liberals” who were afraid to speak openly about their faith. This exciting new trend reminds me of the early Christians, all of whom where anything but conservative; most hid their belief out of fear of physical death– until Paul showed them (and us) the right way to live our faith.

          • The best part of our “American society” is simply its broad diversity of thought. People in many more traditional societies across the globe are much more homogenous in their viewpoints than we are and yet we are also mostly okay with our diversity, including diversity of faith. Myself as a very eclectic person, I have felt the Spirit in many difference churches and from the preaching of diverse pastors, not just my own as a Mormon.

      • “Wipe that stuff off your chin — it’s nasty.”

        Speaking from personal experience? Or just trying to be cute and gay bash a la Rick Santorum and/or Bryan Fischer (two notorious morons)?

        Apparently, you don’t know jack, Ripper. The Pope just made gay bashing as uncool as Rick Santorum’s socio-political fanaticism or Bryan Fischer’s unchristian sense of Christianity.

        Rick Santorum and Bryan Fischer missed the memo. So, did you, too?

  13. Wiener blew it. One such escapade, and resignation was forgivable, no matter how stupid it seemed, Now he seems to be incapable of ending the behavior which resulted in his resignation.

    His actions reveal he is a 13 year old boy living in an angry, horny, argumentative middle aged body, unable to stop, think, and choose appropriate behavior when an idea crosses his mind. He has totally humiliated his wife, and the very office he claims to seek.

    New York deserves better.

  14. So why was the cover-up of Israel’s attack on the defenseless USS Liberty–so hush hush and verboten to speak about? Before we go and further -my dad is Jewish. Still to this day, very little is said about the sailors and Marines that were murdered. People always want to talk about their stories! And they should, but I have not seen any of the Hollywood moguls make a movie about it? They made “Mississippi Burning” about 2 Jewish boys and 1 Black boy that were murdered during the civil rights movement and brought the suspects to justice. 172 sailors/Marines just too white for a story? Not enough Jews or Blacks serving on the ship that day I guess. An injustice that has been ignored by Congress for over 40 years. I ve never heard Elie Wiesel speak out against this injustice. Shanda!
    Every life has value.!!

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