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Thursday, July 20, 2017

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) lashed out at the White House during a Friday morning press conference, angrily declaring that the government shutdown “isn’t some damn game.”

Boehner’s outburst came in reference to an anonymous quote published in The Wall Street Journal on Thursday:

Said a senior administration official: “We are winning…It doesn’t really matter to us” how long the shutdown lasts “because what matters is the end result.”

“This isn’t some damn game!” Boehner said, slamming a copy of the paper down on his podium. “The American people don’t want their government shut down, and neither do I.”

The Speaker later elaborated on what he does want:

“Listen, the issue right now is the continuing resolution to open the government,” Boehner explained. “All we’re asking for is for Harry Reid to appoint conferees so we can sit down and have a conversation.”

Speaker Boehner’s theatrical outburst made for good television, but it overlooked two key facts. First, Democrats have made 18 separate attempts since April to create a conference committee on the budget, as Boehner now proposes. Republicans blocked every one of them.

Second, and more importantly, if Boehner truly wanted the government shutdown to end, he could make it happen within minutes. At least 20 House Republicans have publicly signaled that they would support the Senate’s proposal for a “clean” continuing resolution to fund the government for six months — enough for a majority when combined with the 200 Democratic representatives — all of whom would vote for a clean CR, according to House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD).

The only reason the government is shut down is that John Boehner won’t hold a vote on reopening it without any preconditions that damage the Affordable Care Act.

Instead, the House is continuing with its strategy of holding votes to fund popular government services one at a time. Democrats have flatly rejected the strategy.

“These piecemeal efforts are not serious, and they are no way to run a government,” White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage said on Tuesday, when House Republicans first announced the strategy.

“If House Republicans are legitimately concerned about the impacts of a shutdown — which extend across government from our small businesses to women, children and seniors — they should do their job and pass a clean CR to reopen the government,” she added. “The president and the Senate have been clear that they won’t accept this kind of game-playing, and if these bills were to come to the president’s desk he would veto them.”

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163 Responses to WATCH: Boehner Lashes Out At White House, Demands Concessions For Debt Limit Raise

    • I hope Obama did all his homework since the last debt ceiling debacle, and will just raise it without the Congress and stand back and watch their apoplectic faces. In my book, he has nothing to lose. It would be far worse to let the economy tank. If that happened, everyone would blame him anyway.

      • My kneejerk reaction would be to agree with you on this, but I fear that the Republicans probably wish the President would do just that. They would them find their next “issue” i.e. trying to impeach him, and again not governing, just harping on an other issue.

      • The republicans are going to go after reforming medicare and Social Security and want to put lower Cost of Living raises. They have wanted to get rid of these programs for a long tinem

  1. You tell them sir because they have to do what is good for us and right now nothing they have done has been good for anyone in this country. So, now what is this all about?

    • What the heck is so wrong with providing health insurance for multiple millions of people?

      If the plan isn’t perfect or doesn’t go far enough then intelligent humans can improve it!

      Now…go ahead and say something stupid

      P.S. On the first day 4.7 million people used the site.

      • They tried, but most couldn’t get in is what I heard. Oh, I am going to say something stupid, you are so right in ( what is so wrong ) in letting millions get Health Insurance. The Government will pay for part of it, so who gives the money to the Government?

          • tax payer will never understand….he’s blinded to logic by bigotry. I may be wrong on the bigot comment, but so many rightwingers hate Obama because he’s black. If you show them a portion of the ACA under someone else’s (white person) name, they gave a positive response.

        • Listen, I know my President is pretty great, but even he could not design a website or system that would sustain 4.7 million people users in, what?, 20 hours??? I think the “enrollment period” is 3 months, and may need to be extended.

        • Oh my goodness “tax payer”, Please! Please! stop talking & start listening to the real information….This is NOT a program to supply health care to EVERYONE, but a program to help them find a program that THEY ( you know who I mean don’t you? “poor”) can Pay for themselves…NOT YOU!

          • So, who is considered to be poor in this country because last I heard the poor have always done fine with the support they get from the tax payers? I get Medicare or should I say a Medicare Advantage Plan and my family has Health Insurance and I pay too much, so do they qualify for a lower Premium or do I get too much in my Pensions for them to get a break?

          • The poor are not the people you keep referring to. It is anyone with an income under a certain level. You keep talking about government handouts, but not everyone who need assistance takes unqualified advantage of the programs that are needed. Just like in school, how unfair it was that we all got punished for one persons error, that is the way we are still governed. There really are people out there that have to use these programs, but will & have paid their taxes too. Please back-off your high horse. I get Medicare too and yes we do get too much on our pensions to get a break, yet. But if Congress will just stop using this as a way to hurt the President, we could get things going towards our turn. The insurance companies are raising our rates cause they think we will all try and stop the future, next year when they will have to make the changes needed for everyone to not be under their control. The ACA is not a program of government healthcare.

  2. Thank God we still have Newspapers. We do get some sort of balanced news. I tried watching Fox Views for the morning and Its all about what the President and the Democrats are doing. What I find amazing is the very thing they are blaming on the President and the Democrats is what the Republicans are doing. Do they really think that all Americans are that stupid? I can see and feel the prejudice every time one of them opens their mouth. They have no respect for the Office of the President. A very sad time for America.

    • Tom, yes they do think that all Americans are just that stupid. I am so tired of them saying what the American People want because they really don’t have a clue. They need to leave their gated communities or the trailer court and go and talk with the people that have more to do than just listen to FOX.

      • Why do you think we want to keep cutting money for Higher Education? because our voters who wonder why they vote against their own interests

      • I consider that to be an insult to the many fine Americans who live in trailer parks. After all, that is where “turtleman”, the folks in Duck Dynasty,Little Honey Boo-boo, their start. If those folks are smart enough to sucker the system the way they have, they are smart enough to see through Republican lies.

        • Robert, while it can be considered an insult to the many who live in Trailers, I used the location to show the varied range of those that follow FOX and then accept what the GOP is selling. Heck, I once lived in a Trailer while stationed in California and I had some of the best neighbors I ever had. I now live inside a gated community and again most of my neighbors are great people. But if you consider those that shout the loudest from within the TEA Party, they are those that seem to be; older, whiter and much less affluent that America at large. I know a lot of educated yet stupid people, Clarence Thomas comes to mind right off the top of my head. A man of color, a man who used all of the tools fought for by the freedom fighters of the 60’s to obtain his education and work his way to one of the highest posts in the nation, and yet he does not have a clue on how he got there. Another example is Herman Cain, whose father was a driver for the head of Coca Cola, someone who opened doors for this man by providing him shares of stock. But Mr. Cain does not see how someone helped his family out of a depressed status and into a life of well earned privilege. Money was provided from the stocks to allow him to receive a good education and he uses it to degrade those that would follow.

          I quit school in the 9th grade to help feed my family of ten. I had a father that spent more time working for the state as a guest of one of their facilities than he did with his family. I had a mother who worked two jobs most of her life and died poor. I joined the military to get an education and to learn a trade. I worked the minimum education I was able to obtain into a position that left me four people removed from the President of the United States. I started my own business from my life savings and my wife became sick and I lost everything. I blamed no one, I worked at jobs far beneath my training just to make ends meet and along the way, there were many who helped me when I was in need. Heck, Bank of America once matched my paycheck every month and never asked for a dime of it back. So now that I live a pretty good life I can’t understand how people can just turn their backs on others. I am not rich nor will I ever be, but I have more than most millionaires, because I have the love of a family, friends that I can’t even count and if you ask me for a dollar and I only have fifty cents, I will borrow fifty cents to give it to you if you need it. I have no patient for spiteful, selfish and hateful people which is what I see the TEA Party bunch as.

          I did not intend to insult anyone, but sometimes people who need compassion the most are the ones who withhold it from other.

          • Harold, I sincerely apologize if what I said offended you. It was intended as irony, not insult.

          • Robert, I took no offense from your comment because it was easy to see that you and I normally come to the same conclusion. I wrote what I did in response to your comment to let others know that I have been where many are or has been as well. Reading your comments, I find agreement in most everything you write. One of my many faults is that I sometime come across as the Military Member, often speaking very harshly as I did when I was supervising young Police Officers in the Air Force. I am often reminded by my wife that my tone can be very abrupt and for that I am working on it, but I am an old man and tend to just say it. LOL

            Please forgive me if anything I said sounded like an attack on you because that was not my intent.

    • In answer to your question do they think the American public are stupid the answer is yes they do and in many cases they are correct. When you speak to large portion of the public they have no idea how the process of making a law actually works. They don’t understand how a law can be repealed or revised. They don’t understand that Obamacare went to the house the Senate signed by the president and was upheld in the Supreme Court as constitutional. In order to repeal or revise the law it would have to be voted on by the majority house and the Senate and be signed by the president. At this point they don’t have the votes to do that .it’s over.

      • Which is a good enough reason for our educational system to require ALL Americans to take and pass a test similar to what require the foreign-born to take to apply for citizenship. The vast majority of naturalized immigrants in this country know more about how our government functions than do many American-born citizens.

        • Robert, such a test should be a requirement for anyone running for public office. If that was the case, we wouldn’t have the problems in Washington with the current crop of far right wing extremists, because they would not be able to qualify for congress.

        • Ask most “citizens” what is the difference between the ACA and Obamacare and I would bet they would spout all the things they have heard that’s bad about Obamacare and wouldn’t even know what the ACA is!

          • Jimmy Kimmel’s show a couple of days ago did just that very exercise. The results were truly appaling. The average Joe has not idea what is what.

          • This type of questioning has already been done. And it showed great support for the Affordable Care Act by the same people who hate Obamacare.

            Go figure.

          • Even though most of the critics are ALREADY benefiting, or will be within the next six months.

          • Actually this very issue was presented to the public from some night time host in California I think (can’t recall his name) but he went on the streets to ask which health care would they choose.. Obamacare or the ACA.. The majority chose the ACA with bigoted to ridiculous reasons why Obamacare was bad.. Americans are irresponsible because they get their stupidity from accepting the lies and manipulations of the agenda toads.

          • They have been asked already. If you watch CNN you could have noticed that they took the trouble to go to the streets, asked some what do they prefer; Obamacare or ACA? Most of them prefered ACA. I was watching CNN with my friends who are foreigners, we could not stop laughing. One of them said: when you lead in everything, you also lead in ignorance.

      • I have just been listening to him not looking at him. Besides he should know his place “The President Of The United States”

        • I know I may not be smart as you & Ms Gordon, but what does the color of our President’s skin ( or anyone’s skin), have to do with your feelings or thoughts? Just a very doubtful thinking “white” girl wondering.

          • Earlene, That’s exactly what I would like to know. So many people dislike him and they can’t give you a reason. THey don’t want to mention his color?

    • Q. “Do they really think that all Americans are that stupid?”
      A. No…just the inbred TP constituents who hang on their every word. To them these stupid people are their bread and butter
      You are correct in your assessment that there is no respect for Mr. Obama: only racial animus. They want him to fail–they declared before he did anything and they mean it.
      History will not be kind to Republicans starting with 2000 all the way up through 2016!
      Come 2016 if the fates are kinder to Americans than about half of our fellow countrymen and women we will rise again. However, if we fail to purge our government of arsonists then China will rise above us

      • And your use of “TP” signifies what? Toilet Paper? Is that fresh or used toilet paper? Is it quilted or smooth (which in my opinion merely smears anddoesn’t give that nice clean feeling)? Of course, there are those varieties available at such places as Walmart or Aldi from import, that could be a platform for bringing in some nasty diseases. Just saying.

    • They have no respect for the American public. They assume we are ALL so enamored of the Tea Party that we are incapable of thinking for ourselves. No offense, but people who watch Fox are generally those who can’t think for themselves and must be TOLD what to think.

    • they know that telling lies repeatedly is effective propaganda. the federal court ruled recently that even though FOX knows it is not telling the truth, they have no obligation to report the facts.

    • Right, tommoulton that we still have Newspapers around. It is Tom Toles Cartoon in Washington Post of today who has summed it up about John Boehner. On the Cartoon Boehner has dug himself deep, deep down of Foxhole with his favorable drink with a glass next to him. He was asking himself whether he should stick his neck out. On the other side, another man on the deep Foxhole like him asking: how did I end up in this hole with you? Quite interesting to see!

    • Tom, they have no respect for the BLACK president. The ACA is precisely a program their own people have been advocating for at least twenty years, a program first developed and presented by the Heritage Foundation, and enacted in Massachusetts by a Republican governor, so the conservatives SHOULD be supporting it. After all, the ACA pushes a program that is STILL basically run by private insurers and is STILL market-driven.

      • Its hard to believe people still think this way in 2013 when it comes to Black people. I guess that’s why we don’t hear much about “All Men Are Created Equal” and “We Are All God’s Children” President Obama isn’t the best Poster child for the Religious Right.

  3. Boehner and Republicans in Congress are responsible for shutting down the government and keeping it closed, because he wont let Congress vote on a ‘clean’ stand-alone bill stripped of health care provisions, get the Tea Party and far right extremists inline, or put the American people before his own personal interests. Democrats in the Senate have agreed to lowering the debt budget and the President is willing to make amendments to the Affordable Care Act SEPARATELY only after they agree to increase the nation’s borrowing and reopen the government.

  4. Maybe 1000’s Military Contractors who robbed the U.S. Government by not fulfilling their contracts will give back some of those Trillions and say sorry ?

    • This is true…the American people really don’t know the truth behind privatizing the government workforce jobs and contracts. We “Tax-Payers” ( you know the ones who really pay taxes, not just the one who calls himself “tax payer” ) have been taken in by big business & the millionaires out there.

      • You are correct about the private sector being given contracts to do the jobs of Federal Employees. But here is the reason; when you use a contractor, you don’t have to count them as being a part of the government. Over a period of six years, I personally negotiated many security contracts. The very minimum we paid for a contracted guard was $25.00 an hour. The guard would get a minimum of $8.00 of that money and the contractor would get the rest. If I had been given the ability to use federal employees to provide that same security, I could have reduced the cost by 30%. But it is a perception that have to be made to the public that our government is growing smaller. No matter what, the work must be done and both sides know this, but they want to use contractors to do the work.

        During the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, I observed a security guard protecting a locked door. A door that was secured during the night without any additional security at all. I challenged the need to guard the door and decided to talk a walk and see just how many of these missteps were going on. I found four doors being guarded at a cost of more than $25.00 an hour to the taxpayer. I questioned my Contract monitor as to why was we protecting these doors. I was told that the guards were loosing hours of pay and that she wanted them to be paid. I cancelled the detail and advised the Contractor that if they wanted to pay their guards, it would be out of their own pockets. Some in my office challenged me, but as I have suggested, I am very Conservative when it come to tax payers dollars and as a steward of those dollars I demanded that they be spent correctly. If today’s Conservatives were true to their beliefs, they would challenge the closing of the government and yet pass a resolution to give them back pay. It would be less expensive to keep them working because when they come back, they will have a backlog of work to get done which will require overtime. Couple that with the idea that we will pay them for the time they are off and then time and a half after they return, please explain to me, just how conservative is that?

    • I want some of what ever it that you are smoking! Haliburton give back its no-bid contract receipts? Not very damned likely.

  5. John Boehner and his Republican cronies keep saying the American people don’t want Obamacare. The fact is if the American people didn’t want Obamacare, President Obama would not have been re-elected. The fact is if he would allow the vote, the shut down would be over. John Boehner is the one holding the country hostage, because he is to spineless to stand up to the tea party that controls him. I can only hope that people remember what he did at the next election, while he still collecting his pay.

    • A good number of those who don’t want Obamacare want single payer.

      What we REALLY don’t want is the system we had before Obamacare. That, however, is all the GOP has to offer.

      No ideas, no understanding of how government works, no willingness to compromise – today’s GOP is not a governing party. Get back to work or get out GOP. You’re done, and we are fed up with you.

      • Being a Veteran and a senior, I have been under a single payer program all of my adult life and with few exceptions, it has been great. In the military, they told us what was wrong and how to fix it. There was no extra money in it for them no matter what tests they gave or medication I was prescribed. I now use a VA doctor for much of my health care, but because I also have access to Medicare and Tri-Care for Life, I have the luxury of being able to visit a private doctor for specialized issues.

        I fought weight problems most of my adult life, and I visited a doctor that suggested that I should have a Gastric Bypass procedure. I agreed and on the morning of my surgery, I entered the Hospital with Type II Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Acid Reflux, high blood pressure and a survivor of three heart attacks. I am now diabetes free, blood pressure is under control without medications, no meds for Acid Reflux and no signs of Sleep Apnea and my heart is showing signs of healing. Thanks to having access to good insurance, I am healthier at 66 than I was at 53. I say single payer is the way to go and here’s why. The total bill for my surgery was more than $74,000.00, but my insurance negotiated the cost down to less than $15,000.00, Medicare and Tri-care, both governmental insurances with the ability to pay what something should cost. I recall telling my surgeon about the initial bill and he was shocked that it was that much, he said that there was no way it cost that much. So if we want to get medical cost under control, we need to move to a single payer for life saving medical needs and allow for private insurance for those A-La-Cart procedures for vanity.

        • Thank you for your service. I am glad that you were able to access the health care that you need. As soon as the cinks are worked out of my state’s system, I will be signing up. Odd is it not that a program that Americans did not want was so popular the first day it was offered that it crashed web sites accross the nation? Odd that so many would attempt to sign up for something that nobody wanted.

        • My sister was laid off from her nice job at age 55. For as long as she could, she covered herself with COBRA. She has always been single, no dependents, made good money but managed it even better, investing, saving, etc. After the COBRA played out, she could get no coverage because of Diabetes II and Diverticulosis. She had a very bad attack of diverticulitis, bleeding, and had to be hospitalized for about a week. She was so concerned with the costs.

          Because of my experience as an RN Case Manager in one of the three largest health insurance companies, I advised her to negotiate with the Business Office in the same way insurance companies do, ie, 20% of total charges. When the BO rep visited her with the bill, it was huge, of course. My sister told her she would pay out of pocket the final negotiated total that any insurance company would pay. She told me the BO rep’s mouth fell open, but she agreed to 20% of all charges, which was manageable for my sister, still would have been tough for someone without savings or for a working middle class family with children.

          She told the BO rep she was not disputing the care, which was excellent, and that she was grateful for the care, but she simply could not be responsible for having been laid off, without access to healthcare insurance, because she tried to get it, after having paid her way all her life in all aspects. She said this is the best I can do and seems the fairest because why would you accept less from a huge insurance company than you would from an individual?

          • Through no fault of her own, she was laid off and then lost her insurance and because of a preexisting condition, she was out of pocket and at the mercy of the Hospital Business Office. This is a story worth telling to those that would fight against affordable insurance for all Americans. How can anyone say they believe in the words of Christ and then turn their back on helping your Sister is beyond me. But then again, this is a nation that has now turned into a very selfish, individualist mentality. Thanks for sharing your story and with your permission, I would like to share it with my facebook friends. It just may open one eye and that is all we can do, one at a time.

          • You have my permission. The balance of what the BO agreed to was such that my sister, fortunate enough to be able to because of her lifetime of working and managing her money extremely wisely, was able to write a check to the BO on discharge. She had no difficulty with this negotiating with the BO; they willingly agreed.
            She was not the stereotypical individual that is so often maligned as wanting something for free, or a moocher, etc. She was an ex-Republican at the time, an always fiercely independent and active person, very responsible all her life, who was obsessed with assuming responsibility for a very expensive hospitalization and being in a position for the first time in her life of not being able to meet that financial responsibility.

            Until I advised her of a plan. I had to insist that she do it. She did and decided that what she did was perfect sense. Why do hospitals and other providers expect the individual to be able to pay the exorbitant costs that they do not expect big insurance companies to pay? Why do they not take the initiative to do it themselves instead of take advantage of an individual who does not happen to have an RN Case Manager for a sister?

            And please include my comment that describes what options my sister could have had if the ACA had been in place in her time of need.

        • If my sister had ACA available, she could have had immediate access to an affordable plan with no pre existing exclusion immediately after she lost her group coverage and would not have had the exorbitant costs of COBRA, which was no longer available to her when she happened to become so ill. It seems our health insurance system was one big gamble on chance and circumstance before ACA. If for no other reason, but there are many, that make ACA so much better than the system of access we had before, it is all of the consumer protections built into it. I, too, would have preferred a Universal Single Payor, but, can you imagine the hysteria over that, considering what we have experienced with just a more regulated, protected, and affordable system like the ACA?

      • due to gerrymandering in the 30 states with legislatures controlled by the GOP, the tea party people can be reelected regardless of the opinions of the majority in the USA, because in those districts, the tea people are the majority. Only 36% of the registered voters bothered in 2010. If 85% of the people vote in 2014, we will be rid of the tea mess. If the same few people vote in 2014 as voted in 2010, we will have the same mess to deal with. Check out these numbers: In the Texas primary for 2008, in which Bill Clinton said that if Hillary lost, she should quit the race, only 16% of young Dem people voted. 16%. And Texas has a 3 week primary where you can vote in hair salons and bowling alleys.

      • If anyone is interested, or would take the time to really find out what the ACA really is; they would find that it Is a “single payer” program. Everyone will now be given a chance to find a “single payer” plan, they can afford. It is NOT a government “paid for” health program for the poor. Really all this war & confusion is brought on by fear & “evil souls” trying to win your trust….Don’t fall for it any more….READ…Get the FACTs

    • The real republicans need to take back their party from the extremists. They need to force the Tea Party out of their ranks. The Tea Party will not be able to control government with a minority. This country needs a healthy Republican party and a healthy Democratic party. The GOP may lose a few elections, but they will have a chance to rebuild a sane and sensible political voice.

      • The Tea Party will not go away, except maybe in its present incarnation. It is the product of the attempts by conservative wealth in this country to control the government through minority rule. What we DO need is a system more open to differences than our simple two-party system. With a dozen or so minority parties, whoever wins a plurality MUST combine AND cooperate with other parties.

        • What we need is public funded elections. That way the person who got elected wouldn’t owe the wealthy donators with their special interests anything.

          • An excellent suggestion, that several of us on this site have made before. Removing money from the electoral process would go a long way toward once again legitimizing our political system. Public funding, through a mandatory contribution of just a few dollars on your tax return, would provide ample funds, and the elimination of ANY advertising during the election cycle in favor of any party, candidate, or issue, if allowed, should be limited to absolutely no more than the six weeks prior to the election, and this ONLY through time donated by media outlets and dispensed on an equal basis.

    • If the American people don’t want the ACA, then why are the phone and internet lines jammed?? Oh my! Could the GOP be wrong??

      • Yes–Stephen Colbert said it best the other day. (paraphrasing) The fact that so many people are jamming the phone lines to sign up is a sure bet that they don’t want this thing!

  6. I am sorry to have to be so personal in my disgust and disappointment with this man, but he makes it all so personal himself. All he knows how to do is emote, blustering, threatening, and playing the big cheese, all powerful in front of the cameras.

    With his own in the House, he is a wimp, a doormat, and a puppet and in leadership meetings with other House and Senate Leaders and the President, he probably just sits there, silent, or weeping, lamenting his woes like a martyr, agreeing to one thing, then, going out publicly and declaring something else.

    There is no hope when trying to do an honest day’s work with a slippery, slimy eel.

    He can plan and threaten to hold the debt ceiling hostage until he gets what his minority in his majority demands, but I have reason to believe that the majority in his majority will not stand for it. I think they just may be as sick of all this insanity and incompetent blustering and demanding as some of us are.

    Does anyone know if there is any measure that a House or Senate can take when their elected Speaker of Leader goes off the rails and is incompetent and not reflecting the positions of the majority in their seat of government? If the rest of the House, the majority would stand up to Boehner and the minority, with a little help from the Democrats in the House, Republicans may be able to save themselves and we may be able to have a governing body again.

      • …to whomever gave me the thumbs down….in times of war they would call such a demise “acceptable losses” ~ I think that is one acceptable loss we could live through….this is our country at stake…

        • You’re ok, don’t give it another thought. It was an honest expression of frustration and it’s refreshing to have a little honesty in the mix. No chance, however, because they have the absolute best of everything that protects them from everything else, including financial difficulty.

          Honestly…a bit more….they could go a year without salaries and not have their lifestyle threatened with the payola from lobbyists and the Puppeteers that they get. If some of them were not fat and rich when they got there, they sure become so after they’re there and when they finally do go home, they’re rich!

        • If you do the right thing for the right reason, then so be it. If you can’t defend your position, then you should be removed from office. That was how I was feeling about the President for his first three years, he caved even though his position was the right one.

          As a military leader, I had to make decisions daily that might cause me or even my entire unit to be killed. I often had to fight with my supervisors for what I believed to be right, and when I lost, I supported my supervisor’s position. Funny thing was, I had the full support of my people because they knew that I had fought for them and maybe lost, but they were grateful for the fight. The Speaker now needs to lead the House, not to be re-elected but to have a country that will be worthy of his reelection. I truly hope that they know the damage they do now to try and destroy this President will be the rule for many years to come. This is not about the TEA Party or the President, this is about the future of our Democracy.

    • Maybe those that live in moderate districts should go and talk with their constituents and suggest they will declare themselves as caucusing with the Democrats to make the Government operate. If they have the support of their people that will be voting, they will be able to put the Speaker on the real defense because they will in fact be taking away his speaker ship if he does not lead.

      Without fail I have noticed when the GOP takes a position against something, it is best we all start to prepare to have that position imposed on us by those very same GOP members in a few weeks. “The President needs to lead” but when he takes a leadership position, they refuse to support. This has been the case in both domestic and world positions, the GOP had built a wall that will oppose the President on any position he takes. That is not leadership, that is hate and fear.

      • Concur. I also find it interesting that they accuse this President of being a “dictator” or another “king”, when they are the ones that impose their will on us, impede the democratic process in Congress, disrespect the electoral process, and use crime syndicate methods to get their desired results.
        They claim fiscal and personal responsibility and individual freedom as their Party tenet, yet they rail against the ACA which promotes all of that and accomplishes it according to the Democratic tenet of providing the means and the opportunity for us to achieve personal fiscal and personal responsibility and to actualize the freedom to access healthcare in the existing “free market” system in order to manage our health.

        • Of course you realize this posting is going up on my Facebook page. LOL I have never seen it put so clearly and succinctly, thanks.

  7. The Democratic Senate has tried 18 times in the last 6 months to reconcile their budget with the Republican budget. The republicans had refused, now they want to negotiate. I say to the President, stand your ground, do not let the radical right hold us, the American people hostage. Tell them to remove their suicide vests and vote for a clean CR and raise the debt ceiling, then you will talk.

      • Ain’t gonna happen with Boehner refusing to bring anything to the floor! He’s knows he gave up his speakership to Cruz and he’s dead in the water!

        • Boehner has already lost whatever credibility he had. He will not be acknowledged by the Tea Party, which will lead to his departure within this year. Unfortunately,that sets up a scenario like in Syria -we have no idea who will take over.

          • Cantor just needs to twist the knife and the job is his.Then you will see the real bone heads come out of the wood work

          • Cantor at the moment seems to be the clear front-runner. But there must be others who want the position.

  8. Boehner makes statements about what the American people want, but he has absolutely no idea what the American people want because he is so far removed from people who actually work for a living or struggle to survive without a job. At some point in the process of becoming a tin-eared, fork-tongued politician he must have had his heart removed because like so many other members of Congress who dine out on taxpayer-funded expense accounts, he cannot imagine not having enough to eat.

    • Which I,personally, find very hard to understand. He is an elected representative from Ohio, which suffered among the worst fallout from the financial collapse, and he has done nothing more than obstruct federal attempts to get Ohio out from under.

      • How he got elected, I’ll never understand. His district, the last time I checked has a median annual income of somewhere around 48,000.00. His fucking suits cost more than that. He doesn’t flying shit about his constituants or the USA!! He should be hung as a traitor!

        • 48K doesn’t sound like a bunch of knuckle-walkers. So, how DOES he get elected? Better yet, why isn’t someone in his district from the opposition running against him? And how can he have amassed such popularity and power in the House to have been chosen as Speaker?

          • I agree, Robert. 48k is not poverty-level by any stretch, but it is far less than what Boehner has amassed over the years. For example…as a machinist, I earned 49k in 1981. Boehner has nothing in common with his district except an address. Opposition to his office should come soon, but it will most likely be a Tea Party candidate.

          • Nice insight into his particular district. What I find difficult to understand is how so many people have no difficulty in electing a man who represents a philosophy that is in direct opposition to their interests.

          • I’m with you there, Robert. The people who can least afford to have these clowns represent them, passionately idolize them. They must be keeping their constituants very insecure. After awhile, a kidnap victim begins to relate to their captor.

          • I believe it is called the “Stockholm Syndrome”. The girls who were held captive in Cleveland for a decade exhibited some symptoms, as have some others who were held captive for long periods. The reactions of the girls in Cleveland to their captor and their long captivity are probably the reason Ariel Castor claimed that sex he had with them was consensual and they enjoyed it. There is a large amount of documentation on this phenomenon connected with WWII and the prison camps.

        • You know he does cry a lot. If he lost something of value, like the biblical Job–he might come around.
          Hint: Speakership

        • So many on the right lives under the illusion that they will be on top one day if it just wasn’t for “THEM” standing in their way. I voted for Nixon, not because he was a great leader, I voted for my best interest. He gave the military a 78% pay raise during the Viet Nam War. I voted for Reagan the second time because he wanted to destroy Nuclear Weapons and end the Cold war. In other words, I vote for what is in my best interest and still allow America to move forward. Some in the GOP believe that their success is totally dependent upon someone else failure. I guess I am just stupid, but if there is a dollar on the ground and two of us are hungry, fifty cents will satisfy both of us a little so we can continue forward. If I win, I have to continue alone and if I stumble, I will have no one to help lift me back up. This is why I believe in a Draft, the military teaches Team Work and you quickly learn that without it, nobody wins.

          • I’m glad you brought that up, Harold. I enlisted instead of being drafted. It was a productive experience. it does teach teamwork. This is something that is blatantly absent in congress these days.

      • There was someome who was going to run against him, a local sheriff! At the last minute, he dropped out of sight! Seem fishy to anyone? My sister-in-law lives in Boehner’s district and they think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

    • Notice how, no matter the issue before us, the stage of discussion, the dynamics, he has the same script, the same theatrics, the same everything. It’s like he has this button he presses and a DVD takes over…does he send the DVD out to the cameras and the real thing to the local bar??

  9. John…satisfy your oral fixation…go have some more drinks (10 or so) take in some nicotine and leave politics to the big boys and girls

  10. I think the conversations here today have drifted a little off track….you see, in my opinion it is not about Obamacare…it is about ANYTHING that this President wants to do for the good of all Americans…the naysayers would fight the President if he developed a plan to stop global hunger, or if he found a way to ensure world peace, or cure cancer… they have despised him since day ONE – “how in God’s name did that uppity black family get to the White House” is basically their collective grudge…they are small minded ignorant zenophobes and NOTHING we say or do can fix that….

    • Oh, you are one honest lady. How can a black man have more intelligence and education, more poise and be more suave, be more cultured, better read, have such a sense of humor ( which, by the way, I love ), be able to keep his cool and civility no matter what we throw at him or call him? How can he be so capable and beloved by so many people at home and abroad; he’s black, for heaven’s sake !

    • I have been shocked by the casual racism I’ve heard by people I thought I knew, who thought they were in friendly and like-minded company.

      • Over the years, I served with many people and considered themas friends. It was after this President was elected that I learned of their feelings and fears. They tried to suggest that it was policies, but when you point out that most of his policies are nothing but continuation of the last Administration, they are at a loss on how to respond. Many have since discontinued communicating with me and have even dropped me from their friends list. Problem is, for many years, I had already known of their background and had not allowed it to interfere with my association with them. However now, when I try to talk with them, they begin ranting about how the Liberals are destroying this nation. But when you look into their lives, they are using all of the key changes made possible by the Liberal agenda. Unions demanding better pay and working conditions, access to jobs for the best qualified and so on. I would be upset if I thought that I had lost friends, but because they were never friends, it is just people that came into and then left my life. I can only hope that we are all the better for what this life lesson has taught us, because I know that it taught me one important thing, we have not come nearly as far as we thought. Our lives are still controlled by prejudices and fears that should have long since been disproved.

        Maybe one day, we will all awaken and see that that America died and now we need to bury it. We have such a great future ahead of us if only we could see that every person that come into our lives brings with them experiences and knowledge that we can all benefit from. Instead of always saying “you are wrong” we need to learn to say “I didn’t know that”. My mother use to tell me; “Boy, what you don’t know could make a new world, and everyday that lesson makes itself more true than the day before. Everyday, I try to find a reason to say to someone, “I didn’t know that”.

        • Part of the problem also lies in the fact that for generations people from the south have been born, bred and buttered with racist notions and xenophobias…couple that with the poor education that they receive, it is a lose / lose proposition…their ignorance is matched only by the tainted blood coursing through their veins.

    • Am not sure ‘despised’ is the proper term…the louder they squeal and froth the more it looks like ABJECT FEAR…Like the slave owners who abused their slaves ! A co-dependence of the right wing little white guys…Few properly educated and all afraid of retribution from those they have trod upon for generations.

      Now they have come face to face with a man educated far over their heads without the old saw of the angry black man, beating them at their old game and not playing by their rules! Respected and liked around the World that they, repub baggers, can not get any purchase in with their made up lies about him or his family or admin. He is their worst NIGHTMARE and was elected soundly twice to the office they feel entitled to but will never grasp.

      It is simple to think it is just dislike…it is FEAR down to repub baggers stained wet brown socks! Little men–little minds—ignorant women1

    • You’ve truly hit on something here, but it’s really even more complicated than that. Especially in the South where good folk cannot accept their own deep down racism. That’s why they hold onto a belief in things such as “birtherism” so as not to have to admit what is really behind their votes.

  11. And we will keep the Government shut down until we can defund Obamacare! Besides we don’t like that Law and if for some reason it does make it where people do like it we will have to change the name back to the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans should stand proud that we gave Obamacare it name! And we want no special treatment for anyone.The American people have spoken. We should all be treated fairly. Of course we are not part of the American People. We still get our Government Checks and Health Care so no matter how long we shut the Government down all we can say is Good Luck to the rest of you.

    • The Law is in documented in all the law suits and in the Supreme Court Case and in the annals as “Affordable Care Act”. No need to change the name, though even if Ted Cruz is deported to Cuba, he may want to call it “Cruzcare”.

      If you want no special treatment for anyone, you might consider demanding that Congress relinquish their tax subsidized Cadillac Plans and be sent to the open market exchange lists to purchase their own option from the choices presented and, since they most likely will not meet any criteria there for gov’t subsidy, they can pay the same way the rest of us pay, out of their pockets, having budgeted for it in the family budget. note: I think your last sentence indicates you were being sarcastic, no? If so, just change my pronouns.

      • I was just repeating their comments and then looking at what they do get from the Government they dislike so much and all that hateful money they take for doing nothing. How do they sleep at night? I am surprised they haven’t come up with Let’s Privatize Congress!

        • Right. I realized that after I pounded away with my comment. I was a bit slow on the uptake there. But, you are correct. Remember all those old Seniors at the Tea Party rally, sitting in there wheelchairs with their portable oxygen, screaming and holding posters, ” Government Hands Off My Medicare”, or something like that??
          And I remember the first Tea Party rally after President Obama’s election because it was held on my birthday, April 15, on the grounds of the Alamo in my city, sic, disgusting…..he had just given us all a payroll tax cut, and they were protesting taxes, calling him every name in the ugly books because he was raising their taxes……

          • Its Funny there is a law about truth in advertizing and none where there should be in Politics.

  12. If Boner would admit that the country is spending more it takes in is all because of the HUGE Welfare Tax credits to billionaire comapnies and hundreds of huge corperations that pay zero taxes. That why America has no money, all of the rich are protect by the Republican Party, but yet, they cant understand why there is no tax money, when 07% of ALL Wealth in the USA is owned by the top2% of the country, which pay near or no taxes. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to learn that ZERO contributions by the wealthiest 2% will lead a country into default. I hope it was worth it to the Greedy Hogs of the United States of Corporate Greed and Welfare, while the poorest 2% are starving now the rich took away their only means of nourishment, while the Greedy fat cats get every crumb of welfare the US can give them!

    The United States is Sickend by the Right Wing catering ONLY to the Top 2%, now the people they gave everything to have abandoned them. I hope These idiot right wingers are learning a Life Lesson!!

  13. This shows the pressure Boehner feels right now. He is being squeezed from all sides and he is starting to pop. Most of what is written, is about him being afraid of loosing his speakership by not allowing a clean CR to be voted on and pandering to the right wing of his party. He knows he is in a no win situation and his frustration is really about the fact that neither Obama, or Reid will bail him out like all the other times. The Klieg lights are squarely on him, the weakest speaker in History.

  14. John Boehner is the chickenshit who is responsible for this shut-down. His insistence on the “Hastert Rule” is what is keeping the House from resolving this. If I could get to him I would kick him so hard his grandchildren would be born dizzy.

  15. Does this guy have any core values? I sure wish he would just man-up and put the Senate bill on the floor and stop worrying which the way the wind is blowing today.

  16. Maybe Boehner is right and we ought to do something about “our spending problem.”

    Our problem is we aren’t spending enough to get the economy going.

    Some historical facts:

    Spending rose 69% under Reagan (8.6% annually over 8 years). Not a problem for the GOP.

    Spending rose 28% under Bush the Daddy (7% yearly over 4 years). Not a problem for the GOP,

    Spending rose 27% under Clinton (3.3% per year over 8 years) GOP was alarmed at run-away spending.

    Spending rose 89% under Buffoon Bush (11% over 8 years. Not a problem for the GOP.

    In the first term of Obama, spending rose 8% (2% annually over 4 years). “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” claims a panicking GOP.

    Facts are that present spending is less yearly as a percentage of GDP than it was under Buffoon and yet these right-wing fools are in a full-out panic. This less spending is the main reason we have an anemic economic recovery and these economic illiterates want to make it worse with less spending.

    They are indeed insane and stupid.

  17. The republican party and their tp & talibangelist supporters & ‘bosses’ are nothing but domestic terrorists. They are a disgrace to this country.

  18. The John Boehner Comedy Show, this charade is nothing more than Boehner trying to hold onto his position as Speaker of the House. The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare for the Faux News Readers) passed both houses of Congress, was signed into law by the President of the USA and ruled constitutional by the United States Supreme Court. This is now the RULE OF LAW and the LAW OF THE LAND, John Boehner and his colleagues in the Republican Party need to realize that in the USA, we honor the Constitution and this is the republican form of government.

  19. Why are these “people” still receiving their pay and benefits?There seems to be a hypocritical text emerging here!

  20. God bless America! Only in a country like ours could someone like JOHN BOEHNER as boring as he is could block a government and get away with the nonsense he does. Any where else his pants would have been taken down and his beaten for even thinking

  21. I bet there’s a lot of people in both parties that aren’t qualified, it’s not enough to just want to make a difference/help, + there is the way the leaders run things follow the party line even when you know it’s wrong & the amount of $ needed is ridiculous our leaders should be well schooled in the job before they run.

  22. The electorate in Ohio are contributors to this cowardly act perpetrated by a coward,John Bonehead.Maybe the stupid bastard will develop cirrhosis and croak!!

  23. One thing is for sure….If we don’t stop the big spending in Washington, It will not matter who is in the House! .,..China and Japan own this country now…and if you don’t believe that, just take a look at the cars on the road and where they came from! I can remember when all Americans pulled together! …December 7, 1941?

  24. Come on, Boehner. An up or down vote. What’s the matter? Are you afraid it might pass as the will of more than half the Nation? Your candy-a** “reputation” is worth more than the integrity of the USA? You’re not even fit to be dog catcher (with my apologies to hard-working dog catchers).

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