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Friday, January 18, 2019

WATCH: Christie Slams Boehner For Pulling Sandy Relief Vote

WATCH: Christie Slams Boehner For Pulling Sandy Relief Vote

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ripped House Speaker John Boehner and Congressional Republicans for refusing to vote on a Senate-approved Hurricane Sandy relief bill, during a heated Wednesday afternoon press conference in Trenton, New Jersey.

“Last night the House of Representatives failed that most basic test of public service, and they did so with callous indifference to the suffering of the people of my state,” Christie declared. “Sixty-six days and counting — shame on you. Shame on Congress.”

“New York deserves better than the selfishness we saw on display last night,” Christie said. “New Jersey deserves better than the duplicity that we saw last night. America deserves better than just another example of a government that has forgotten who they are there to serve, and why.”

Christie — who angered many Republicans by praising President Barack Obama for his response to the storm, which hit just one week before Election Day — did not shy away from criticizing his own party. “There’s only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims: The House Majority and their Speaker, John Boehner,” he said. Christie claimed that he attempted to contact Boehner four times after he pulled the vote on the aid bill, but Boehner would not take his calls.

Christie then went on to hint that he may campaign against Boehner and other Republicans who hold up the disaster relief. “We’ll see,” the governor said cryptically. “Primaries are an ugly thing.”

Video of Christie’s press conference can be seen below, via Political Wire:

Photo credit: Associated Press

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104 responses to “WATCH: Christie Slams Boehner For Pulling Sandy Relief Vote”

  1. Sand_Cat says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Christie to actually do anything about this. He’s still a good, union-contract busting, bullying, opportunistic Republican more in the mold of the Tea Party in those respects than Boehner.

    • rippper says:

      You may be right, but at least he had the decency to thank the president for his help and concern for New Jersey. And Christie’s fellow republicans put him down because of his gratitude to the president. Typical.

  2. Lynda says:

    To the trolls who like to invade these pages…any questions? Boehner is without doubt the weakest and least effective Speakers of The House is many a decade. He should be talking with Pelosi about how to do the job. Tragic and pathetic that the GOP can’t consider a bill to help millions of their fellow citizens. At least 47% of them voted for the GOP ticket and still just another stick in the eye.

    • Lynda: It happened with Katrina. Why do you think it would be any different with Sandy. When its about people the republican party is out to lunch.

      • commserver says:

        It seems that GOP isn’t too concerned with helping out after disaster. That is strange since the assistance would go a long ways in helping the local economy and business, which the GOP professes to want to help.

        • Let’s be fair, the GOP is always ready to help victims of disasters…anywhere but in the United States and especially when companies like Halliburton are going to do the rebuilding. Let’s give credit where credit is due…

          • old_blu says:

            I notice they are quick when it’s a red state.

            On another note: I sure do like Governor Christie and would welcome him to the good side.

          • Gov. Christie has shown uncharacteristic courage for a politician. Not only does he stand up for the average person, he does not hesitate to criticize his own party when their intransigence and partisanship affects our well being.

      • AaronNashuaNH says:

        They’ve been out to lunch for nearly a century. Yet the blind sheep are attracted to their philosophy of helping the well-off first and foremost, as flies are attracted to manure.

    • Claire says:

      I agree Lynda. The help for Katrina began within 2 weeks, even though they tooks forever to do things satisfactorily. They aren’t even beginning to help the people from Sandy.

      • tedthetruther says:

        So President Bush did o.k. with Katrina. In contrast President Obama showed up for a photo op then went on vacation. You voted for him and now must pay the price.

        • nancy says:

          Obama did not stop the vote. Get a grip. Your hatred for the President make you sound like someone who is out of reality. Who did not read the news.

  3. nancy says:

    I am a registred democrate. I am so proud of my Governor. Thank you Governor Christie for your love to the people of New Jersey. You have my vote if you deside to run again. May God bless you and give you the courage to keep fighting for the people of your State.

    • Magnus says:

      Hi Nancy the Lord will bless you for asking God to bless Gov. Christie, Iam also promising him my own vote includes those fo my families, relations , friends hence i could convence themn all.

      • Sweeeny says:

        The Lord will bless you for blessing Nancy for blessing Gov. Christie. Bless bless bless. Pity He didn’t bless the people of NJ and NY and save himself all this bother!

  4. Catskinner says:

    This guy’s a jerk. First he got Obama re-elected, no he’s going after Boehner. If he’s going to run in 2016, he’ll have to do it as a Democrat.

    • Catskinner: you want to see a jerk, look in the mirror.

    • Fred_Furrer says:

      Well said, except for the part where Christie is a “jerk”. You are the jerk. How does aid to disaster victims become a political football???? Stupid Republicans!!! Christie could change parties and never skip a beat on the way to the White House.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      It’s probably just as well for him: Democrats will have a much better chance for election in the coming years — at least until the GOP rids itself of the vile and despicable Tea Bigots.

    • Jon Savage says:

      & u dont see him changing his party and the dems welcoming him with open arms – the enemy of our enemy is our friend!!!

    • progressiveandproud says:

      We can only hope he wakes up and becomes a Democrat

      • Reddiaperbaby says:

        We don’t need any more blue-dog Democrats…Christie is a Repukelican to his core. Union-busting, anti-woman, anti LGBT rights, teacher hating hypocrite. Corrupt cronyism (see halfway house scandal) and taking state money to give to casino developers and anti-union racetrack owners. There’s a reason NJ has one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates…nobody wants to deal with NJ corruption and graft, in order to do business.

  5. Richie T says:

    If the Republicans actually think what they did is going to get them more votes, they have problems. If they did it there, they’ll do it everywhere,. I know people that have been Republicans all they’re lives. They voted for Obama. Getting jerked around by your own party because of political games DOESN’T WORK

  6. rippper says:

    Take a good look at Boehner’s face. Does he the look of someone who cares about the people? To me, he looks like a real prick. All these republican jackasses that claim they can read a person by his or her facial expressions, fail to see that in this asshole. He has no compassion for the average person and has the demeanor of a man who puts himself above everyone. God, I hope he never decides to run for president. It would be Romney all over again!

  7. Edward says:

    I respect Christie for speaking out against his party because it is warranted. the Republicans will hold it up because they know NY and NJ will never vote republican overwhelmingly if it were Kentucky you would have seen the vote already.

    • tedthetruther says:

      The reason the vote has been held up is because all the crap that was added to it that was NOT storm related. Things like rebuilding the NY subway system. People that live on the water should expect their homes to get washed away from time to time and it is not my job to rebuild their home. I do have a suggestion though–move to higher ground away from the coast! Duh!

      $61 Billion. That is a lot of money that the government does not have. A bill with a few billion to really help recover from the effects of the storm makes sense, but using a crisis to get billions for other purposes is fraudulent and just plain wrong!

      • Claire says:

        You might try checking into this. I saw on the new LOTS of money in there went to somplace else like NASCAR. Give me a freaking break.

      • There was some pork added to the bill, but most of the stuff that was not related to Sandy involves disaster relief. $150B was earmarked to help people affected by a mini-tsunami that destroyed fisheries in Alaska. $40B was earmarked to repair hurricane damage at the Guantanamo naval base.
        Considering that all these earmarks or pork were removed weeks ago, there is no justification for delaying the bill. In the interest of fairness, I suspect a more likely reason for the delay involves the fact that we are close to reaching the national debt limit, although I have some doubts about that because I have always been under the impression that the Federal government maintains a certain amount of money for contingencies such as natural disasters.

        • RobertCHastings says:

          Thanks, once more, for a clear and cogent response. Mayor Bloomberg has stated, several times, that rebuilding New York should be done with “global warming in mind.” Here is another prominent Republican who goes against the grain of conservative ideology.

        • tedthetruther says:

          I think you mean millions, not billions. All of Gitmo is probably worth less than $3B.

      • mavilasr says:

        Tedthetruther–There is absolutely no excuse not to take care of those that have gone through such disaster. If you were one of those people, I am confident your tone would have been different. Governor Christie expressed what most of us Americans have in mind. This is a just say NO! NO!, DO NOTHING CONGRESS. It’s pathetic. Waiting for the very last minute to agree to prevent the Fiscal Cliff and not voting to provide the URGENT help needed by those directly affected by HURRICANE SANDY speak volumes about the far below basic Extremist Tea Party Republican Congress. They are already speaking about creating more problems for the PRESIDENT and the AMERICAN PEOPLE in the next FISCAL CLIFF rather than to discuss intelligently and collectively how best to improve our ECONOMY. These extremists have expressed in words and actions their desire to DISAGREE with anything the President does or say. THE VOTERS ARE WATCHING!!! WE ARE NOT SLEEPING!!!!

      • herman says:

        Well tedthetruther, where the hell were you when Bush was spending 52 Billion a week on the Iraq war?

      • FreeStateLarry says:

        “People that live on the water should expect their homes to get washed away from time to time and it is not my job to rebuild their home.”
        People that live in a fantasy-world should expect to not be taken seriously. It’s not my job to tell people like you that you are idiotic and wrong. But I still will.

        You’re idiotic, wrong, and if your home was destroyed I wonder if your own bootstraps would rebuild it.

        • tedthetruther says:

          Yes Larry, like your name implies, you expect everything for free. If my home was destroyed I would utilize the homeowners insurance I paid for to help me rebuild. I would not expect the government to rebuild for me. And yes, I would lift myself up by my bootstraps rather than stand around waiting for FEMA to save me (it would be a long wait)!

          • Bill says:

            So you wouldn’t be infavor of the gov’t offering help to those who lose their homes to tornados, rivers overflowing, forest fires, earthquakes or other natural disasters since they shouldn’t have homes where these natural disasters can occur. Is that correct?

          • Debbie10 says:

            Then YOU would be HORRIBLY dissapointed!! Homeowners Insurance does not cover FLOODS and in most cases HURRICANES. Good luck with that HOMEOWNERS insurance, LMAO!!!

          • tedthetruther says:

            Debbie, you are so right. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover flooding–that would be flood insurance which is recommended for anyone residing in a flood plain or even remotely close to one. Further, I never said not to utilize FEMA services; au contraire, I recommend you use their emergency services; what I said was you should not expect the federal government to rebuild your home at taxpayer expense.

        • FreeStateLarry says:

          @tedthetruther: I wouldn’t expect you to realize what a free state is, as I don’t think you have even the slightest grasp on history.
          So you’d rely on the bottom-line corporate machine that runs your insurance company to give you the tools to rebuild? Because they’d NEVER find loopholes to screw people over. Whatever you say, chief!
          What about local businesses, hospitals, schools, roads, or your neighbors? Are they all equipped with the resiliency of the great Truther, Ted?

          Also, talk about your long waits. Don’t forget it was Bush and Brownie who saw to it that FEMA was incompetent beyond belief, and Obama (and Christie) who are fighting for stronger leadership from Washington.

      • Jeffrey Golin says:

        Oh, yeah, right, mass migration of at least 40 Million people and all the infrastructure includng the nation’s financial centers in one of the largest metropolitan areas of the country and who’s going to help with that? Wow that’s a great solution, genius. It’s soo good to have your advice.

      • detsugsid says:

        Where should people move if they live in the State of California where there are risks of earthquakes, or those in states which are from time to time in the path of tornadoes, or gosh places where there is a lot of rain…they could get washed out. Have you found that perfect place? Should all of those people move? Where would they go? If you do all you are able, to prevent bad things from happening to you, why should you be punished? Should you live and work underground so you don’t get skin cancer? If you do go outside, you should expect to take that risk and if it does happen, hope you can afford the health care. If not, don’t expect anyone to help you. You are a jerk!

      • howa4x says:

        How about people who live in tornado alley? They shouldn’t get any relief either under the way you think. Maybe 1/2 the midwest should just move, And what about the people who live along the gulf in Missippi, Alabama, La, and Fla. Why did we spend all that katrina money. I can tell you don’t live near a city but the Subway is infastructure, just like the bridge that collasped in Minn. Over 1 million people per day ride it, more that the entire population of most of the cities in this country. Oh that’s right you republicans think that is you don’t have a car you’re worthless.

      • thebunt says:

        You mean that it is not your job to help fellow Americans who are down on their luck. Spoken like a true Conservative.

        • tedthetruther says:

          I am not a conservative. But yes I do believe it is not my job to buy new houses for people that suffered a loss. They should utilize their insurance and the services of FEMA.

          • Debbie10 says:

            WAIT!! A few posts up you said we should NOT utilize FEMA!!! Are you one of those “wafflers”?

  8. The inaction on the hurricane Sandy Relief Act is unforgivable. The excuses put forth by the House, including the fact that the bill originally include $150B in relief funds to help those affected by the mini-tsunami that destroyed fisheries in Alaska, $40B to repair hurricane damage at the Guantanamo Naval base, a $5B to repair the roof of Smithsonian museums is just an excuse considering the fact that those project (called pork by some) are no longer part of the Sandy bill. These are the same House members that have no problem spending $1.5T destroying and rebuilding Iraq. I guess Christie should have signed a Sandy rebuilding contract with Halliburton to expedite matters…

  9. jfsnowman says:

    Eric Cantor is drooling in the shadows…

  10. Mark Ginn says:

    Although the GOP deserves this and more, I feel his anger is misdirected @ Boner. It should be aimed squarely at Cantor and his little tea party.

  11. Fred_Furrer says:

    I will never forget the speech by Geo. W where he said that America will rebuild New Orleans better than it ever was. What BS!!!!!!!

  12. taras9584 says:

    I am a registered democrate and would wonder if Governor Christie and Governor Como set up a donation account so all Americans may assist our Fellow Americans in both States.
    I am in arizona and a proud American.


    • rippper says:

      That’s a good idea! Americans helping Americans. But it better be handled right or the republicans will think of a way to get their ( Mitts) in the donation fund.

  13. montanabill says:

    As usual, the story and Christie neglected to mention all the pork loaded into the bill by their Senators. No pork and it passes easily. Christie may be a hero in NJ, but once you start side-stepping the truth to make political points (see Obama), you are not on my list of trusted people.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      It is plainly apparent to just about everyone here except you that no one with much in the way of sanity or decency is on your “list of trusted people.”

      • montanabill says:

        If you can’t tell the truth, Democrat, Republican, Progressive or Conservative, you won’t be on my list. If your definition of ‘trusted people’ who have your version of ‘sanity’ and ‘decency’ can also be liars, it is a pretty poor definition, IMHO. You have probably noted that my definition of a liar is one who purposely leaves out pertinent information just to make their story seem true.

    • onetop66 says:

      That’s the problem with the SANDY help bill, lots of pork for other places. Christie, like a large number of New Jerseyites and New Yorkers, do not want the pork out. They are just whining about the problem, even some of the FOX News people.

  14. commserver says:

    At least Christie is acting for the good of his state, not the interests of the Tea Party.

  15. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    One week after Katrina, FEMA funding was voted on and released. The GOP has just now shot itself in the foot. We in the northeast know why the southern and midwestern GOP politicians are not going to budge on Sandy relief…they believe those in the northeast who lost everything are rich…well guess what? When a storm of the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy wipes away homes, ruptures underground tanks, closes all transit systems and airports, how dare this bunch of Twerps of the GOP think northeasterners will pony up money for their wildfires, flooding and dust storms. Now? They are on their own….they will not get a dime for their campaigns…and lest they forget…Wall Street is in the northeast…as are many other major universities and huge corporations.

    Bye Bye GOP….nice knowing you.

  16. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    If there’s one Republican you never want to get on bad terms with, it’s Chris Christie. He is the Republican version of Truman and he will dress down any of the Tea Party Twerps when necessary.

    As for the dictators of the GOP House Majority….it may be time for a nationwide petition to impeach these little creeps. We ARE the government and if government takes our tax dollars and then leaves us when disaster strikes, we don’t need that kind of dictatorial government. Only the people of this country can remove p0liticians and these twerps can’t do a thing about it. It’s a constitutional right to protect our government from just this kind of GOP bullying and dictatorship.

  17. larryb says:

    Mass. Gov.Cristie, time to change your party affiliation, yo0u came to the wall, and finally found out that it is republican. You cannot be a republicrat or a demipublican in this political climate. Chose your cup, chose well..

  18. C Williams says:

    So the GOP can’t even take care of it’s own! Sad! That’s what I have been trying to tell you all long! Why would even vote for these clowns??

  19. C Williams says:

    GOP to Sandy go and Die! GOP to the Rich we will help you!

  20. Good for Gov Christie! It is going to take high profile Republicans to stand up against the hypocrisy of the reigning GOP Teapubs. I don’t believe that the House Teapubs know what civil service is. They have never shown they are there to represent the people of their districts. They came to Washington with their own agenda which did not include serving anyone but themselves.

    • latebloomingrandma says:

      Unfortunately, many of them ARE serving their districts. Because of gerrymandering of districts by Republican legislatures, districts are re-configured to capture Republicans . Hotbeds of teapartyism or libertarianism, where all government is looked upon as evil, will keep these idiots in office until the census of 2020. How else would Michele Bachman get re-elected? That jiggering of the electoral map enables extremists to hold much more sway over our country, to the point of hostage-taking, than if districts were just divided up according to population with some kind of a “rectangular” configuration. Both parties do it, but this last effort was a doozy.

  21. C Williams says:

    Vote out the GOP in 2014 and watch this country GROW!

  22. ARepublicanNorthlandGrad says:

    I have said it before, I am not Christie’s biggest fan, but if we every get hit by a disaster I want Christie instead of Walker. He fights for his people. Of course the rest of the time I will take anybody other than Walker.

  23. downdraft says:

    Finally…a WAR HORSE is amongst us…just when I thought we were doomed to have to live with the G.O.P. current leadership.

    I see a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel….and its not a train, but like one…its Christie1

  24. chapis60 says:

    Need to dispose the garbage, He’s got much CUERVO, in his system, can’t think right, like Mr. Reid said, pinche dictator, couldn’t handle the Truth, Jhonny Nonbrainer chavez.


  26. Sandra says:

    Governor Christie… change parties. You have compassion for Americans. Governor Christie run on the Democratic ticket. The Republicans in office still don’t get it. What is it gonna take for the Republicans to wake up. Obviously, busting unions, signing bills making their states “right-to-work”, refusing aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy, refusing to cooperate with our “elected” President, is not what Americans want!

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Governor Christie is a typical Republican union-busting all-for-the- rich bully. Just because he occasionally shows some “sense” when he can grandstand and make himself look good doesn’t change the fact that he only looks good because his friends and colleagues are so insanely malicious.

      The Democratic party dodesn’t need another Joe Lieberman, or worse. They already have the compromiser-sellout-in-chief.

  27. My problem is, this nation is quick to send money outside of our country to help them when a disaster occurs. WE have had disaster her in the United States, why is there no being money release to help our own people. People of other nations who did not vote for our members of Congress yet they got immediate relief from us, in the millions, why not our own people. I feel that this happened because Christie had, during the election knocked Obama down, but when it came for relief because of the storm Obama was right there and Christie commended him for this. This did not stick right with GOP in Congress. This is like a kid who goes on a tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted. This is what the GOP is, kids. Not only that, they are the worse losers when in comes to politics. Its there way or the highway for the people.

  28. Joan says:

    The pork added to the fiscal cliff bill is something the politicians should be ashamed of. We need the right to line item veto these types of pork. In order to pay for this kind junk, taxes need to be raised. It’s just sickening..Toss the bums out. The House is so out of touch with the American Public…and their needs.

  29. I like him. I appreciate a person that is willing to stand up and speak to what’s wrong no matter the political side.

  30. Jim Myers says:

    As a Democrat, I must say, my opinion of Governor Christie has improved dramatically in the time since Sandy reined so much destruction on the Northeast.

    I may not advocate his politics, but I do admire his GUTS.

    This is a man that I believe could stand toe to toe with the Tea Party, and WIN!!!

  31. Face it! Boehner is an A number one moronic idiot!

  32. Jackmack says:

    this is not make any diffrent when the new Congress take it’s place you still got the Republicans in charge they should change their matto WE ARE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WE DON’T CARE ABOUT AMERICA

  33. B. Campbell says:

    If a liberal is someone who’s never been mugged…then a conservative is someone who’s never suffered a natural disaster!

  34. 1bythebrooks2 says:

    My admiration for Gov. Christie is growing, and trust me, I admire very few Republicans. Keep it up, Gov. Christie! I would gladly cheer if you switched parties!

  35. FeFe Fox says:


  36. John is turning quickly into a real Bone head of America and deserves to be fired for supporting the republican party so hard no matter who it harms he is for the republican and his rich assed buddy to keep him in the system .He never shows any efforts to the real public assistance he is not serving anyone but him self and hid buddies .Those people need help now no tomorrow and tabled the motion until later that took a lot negative balls but what do we expect from them .

  37. Good for you Christie, like I’ve said so many times before , Republicans only care about helping the rich !

  38. Gammaanya says:

    Keep in mind he is up for re elections and he is a bully, he have to play up to all. Totally changed from the answer he gave the lady – it’s none of your business. He is 2 faced and plays up to all to stay on the job. Period. A lamb in a wolf skin. This is a political move.
    He will shake hands with Bonehead later and say they bought it. He is also looking to run for a President and he needs to play up to as many as possible. If he truly cares about people as he seems to claim why did he cut off so much from the budget that helps the LITTLE PEOPLE????????????????????????
    Seems to me people always buy crap and then complain if it do not work.
    Bachman got on her High horse now and is going after Obamacare in it’s entirety.
    Her light bulb had gone out so long ago and she still won her term – that tells you people will vote for a Devil himself as long as he hides his horns and promise you warm weather and Hummer in a garage. LOL. They would crucify Jesus for being honest and liberal.
    As long as Obama is President they will obstruct his efforts any way they can. They now thrreaten to shut down the Gov. because they feel they have the leverage now.
    By the way another war in the making, do we have enough young man/women to die for nothing????? By the way the relief was for about 31B but Obama promised them to help them ASAP, but Repukes will slow it down – purely political – they forgot that it’s on them now, and Christie rightfully pointed this out.
    Bonehead and CHristie about as good as it gets One says go and yourself (what a class act) another say that any questions directed at him is none of your business, and you are stupid. I guess most NJ ?US people like this type attitude and behavior.

  39. Chris Christie in 2016

  40. i am a democrat but i love christie he has no proplem speaking his mind. bohners should be replaced he lives in a worl that does not excist and there are more then a few other who should be ousted

  41. howa4x says:

    Christie broke the party ranks and called out the republicans for who they really are, mean spirited, callous people. He put his state before his party and he deserves the support of all NJ

  42. robert says:

    Christie has always been an old-style Republican. He speaks his mind, looks out for the rich, but looks out for the people. The Chrisite I’m now seeing is a Democrat in transformation. He’s growing increasingly disenchanted with his party, and with this deprivation of relief to the people, he sees it as an attack from the party that he represents. It is disrespectful to him as a Republican, and atrocious to the people who really need relief. When it happened to the people in New Orleans, people called us “whiners”. The best lesson anyone could learn is in experiencing it.

  43. ridemybroom says:

    Christie telling it the way it is….you go christie…you stand up for what you know is true and the hell with the rest of the country…at least you got the bastards told off…no one else had the balls to do so cept you…..good going !

  44. Sierra111 says:

    Sounds like the House is going to vote on it on 1/4/13.

  45. i too am a registered democrat, and i think you might be a closet democrat, whatever, i admire your courage, and your love, and concern for your constituents, the country needs more politicians like you, with the guts to tell it like it is, and to fight for what is right for the people they are supposed to represent, it angers me immenseky to see members of congress that refuse to see the good qualities of a proposal because it doesn’t measure up to their parties platform, i think maybe we should do away with the two party system, and have everyone elected as independents, maybe then we culd pass bills that are truly for the good of the country, and the people, i am not a big fan of senator harry reid, however i think speaker boehners hurling the f- bomb at him was very juvenile, if you decide to run for a national office, i just might vote for you.

  46. PamelaT says:

    You go Governor Christie….you know how to take care of your state!! Great Job hold those right wing crazies feet to the fire.

  47. CYNICALZ says:

    Should have known that you would sooner or later have your butts blown off the beach-what ever you consider sooner or later. Tornado’s, I understand-live in the belt. Hurricanes that consume many miles of exposure to harm is equally a killing machine. Be very. very clear, my heart goes to the victims of any disaster. Have assisted in cleaning up and consoling families destroyed with loss of loved ones., it is absolutely heart wrenching I am though tired of cleaning up from obvious locations exposed to harm, whether repetitive or not of eminent harm, whether land or sea. No one is exempt, but I refuse to repeatedly, regardless of your location, to subsidize your existence. Though as I write, should your unfortunate become the reliance of government, do not have a short memory. Remember, we are to be descendants of wisdom from those we love and respect.
    God bless America, may she survive.

  48. Rosie says:

    I was born and raised in New Jersey. Although I’m not now there anymore, this man would have my vote for President. I’m see more from this man, then any voted official who’s been around. He’s blunt, but I like him for that. He’s honest man and I like that, too. Bless you, Mr Christie, run for President and do so soon. Registered Republican, retired Air Force and born & raised in NJ.

  49. rodrigo says:

    Governor Christie of New Jersey, 1 US Congress and US Representative (Republican), 0. Stay tune for more of this battle. Good job Governor.

  50. adams says:

    It is an honor to have people like Chris Christie (New Jersey) and Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) as Governors. The only problem is that they are both in the wrong political party. As time goes on, the Republicans will find out that they don’t deserve good American citizens like Governors Christie and Bobby Jindal. It is also nice to find out that not all white people hate minorities just like the Republicans think that if you are White, you must be in their corner. Most of them were born with silver spoons in their mouths because their families used to own slaves who provided free labors. They blame minorities for being on Welfare, but they should look in the mirror. There are more white people on public support than Hispanics and African Americans combined. I dare the Republican led House of Representatives to cancel Welfare and other public supports. They have been very rhetorical about it for so many years, but if they are really serious, they now have the votes in the House of Representatives to pass a Bill to abolish all forms of public supports. Then we shall find out who will suffer the consequences of their short-sighted action. I know for sure that the victims will not be African Americans and Spanish alone. The fall out will be chaos as there will be no Section 8, no Food Stamps, and other forms of assistance. The Grocery stores will be invaded because people have to eat. Landlords who do not get their Section 8 rents will evict families who are housed under Section 8, and the streets will be filled with homeless adults and children. Local Police will have to battle the public who are now destitute on the streets and they will not be able to maintain law and order. Republicans, wake up from your drunken state, smell the coffee, and drink from it. I dare you to pass the Law now!

    Lord Adams

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