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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Watch: Colbert Slams Bill O’Reilly’s Take On Equality

Watch: Colbert Slams Bill O’Reilly’s Take On Equality

Stephen Colbert is back.

On the heels of the #CancelColbert “scandal,” the late-night host reignited his character and his show on Thursday with a great bit attacking a ridiculous argument by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. The reason America is in decline, argued O’Reilly, is because of the push for economic and social equality by Democrats. He then compared his physical strength to Shaquille O’Neal’s to drive this point home.

It was all too much for Colbert to ignore. The video is below, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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  • Budjob

    Bill O’Reilly would have made a great commandant for a concentration camp!! What a God damn freak!

    • Allan Richardson

      Oh no! If he had been older and could have faked a German accent, he could have taken the role of Klink (in Hogan’s Heroes) away from Werner Klemperer!

      • Daniel Jones

        Thank God he didn’t.. Billy Boy would have tried to have *his* contract set u so Klink always *won*!

  • sealbeams

    There are people out there that worship O’Reilly. That is scary.

  • ps0rjl

    Have you ever noticed how Bill on his show always tries to browbeat and interrupt anyone who has an opinion different than his? He is the classic bully.

    • stcroixcarp

      My nerves are too delicate, so I don’t watch Bill, but I do like Steven.

      • Allan Richardson

        Stephen’s on-air persona is, as he has admitted, a parody of Bill’s. I loved the gaffe (or was it sarcastic; hard to tell) when Bill referred to Shaq as his “fellow Irishman.” He could also have mentioned his other “fellow Irishman” Barack O’Bama!

  • FT66

    Why is Bill O’Reilly always whining? Not a single day I have seen him talk like a calm person who enjoys life.

  • mah101

    Bill O’Reilly is the perfect combination of stupid, arrogant, and bully. No one should listen to a word he says.

  • dpaano


  • Angel Perea

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