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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is wading into midterm politics, starring in an ad for Alaska Senate candidate and former Bush administration official Dan Sullivan (R).

Sullivan, who served on Rice’s staff for over five years during her time as national security advisor and secretary of state, has recently faced criticism for his time in Washington. An attack ad from Put Alaska First, a SuperPAC supporting Democratic incumbent Mark Begich, criticized Sullivan for taking advantage of Maryland tax credits while voting in Alaska.

In response, Karl Rove-backed SuperPAC American Crossroads created “Tireless,” in which Rice stands up for her former employee:

“Remember that serving our country required some time in our capitol,” Rice says in the ad. “Dan will be a great senator because he loves and cares for the state of Alaska, and he’s a great family man.”

The ad represents Crossroads’ first attempt to make good on Rove’s promise to protect electable Republican candidates from being outflanked on the right. Sullivan, who has also been endorsed by the Club for Growth, is widely considered to be a stronger general election candidate than Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell or failed 2010 candidate Joe Miller.  Sullivan holds a narrow lead in the latest polling of the primary, and has a significant fundraising advantage over his Republican opponents.

Winning in Alaska, a state that overwhelmingly voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, is key to Republican hopes of claiming a Senate majority in November’s elections.

Screenshot: YouTube

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10 responses to “WATCH: Condoleezza Rice Cuts Ad For Republican Senate Candidate”

  1. Sand_Cat says:

    This woman is a war criminal, and in any kind of decent political system she’d have to pay anyone to let her endorse them publicly if she could get out of prison to do it.

    • pablosemenov321 says:

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  2. rhallnj says:

    With Crimea and the great shortage of Russia experts, I am surprised she isn’t getting more media time, given that she is a Russia specialist. Russia is something she knows something about, unlike Islamic terrorism.

  3. RobertCHastings says:

    Once again, the minions of W reach out from the past to continue inflicting neoliberal hegemony upon the US.

  4. Joseph says:

    i certainly remember huge amounts of baffle gab coming from her but I never remember her ever getting anything right. In fact, I can’t remember anyone getting anyting right in the Bush administration.

  5. howa4x says:

    Rice should run and hide after lying to the American people during the time shoe was in the Bush White house. Rachel Maddow produced documented evidence that they Bush gang invaded Iraq for access to oil and that was the only reason. She is responsible for deaths of every soldier and all the wounded. She and the rest of them should be indicted as war criminals

  6. charles king says:

    I wrote a book after Bush was elected President of these United States cause I couldn’t believe it was happening. I knew President Clinton’s run was kind of shaky but he did leave the country with a surplus and that I felt should have gave the Democracts another shot at the seat at least but out of no-Where comes Bush and then I knew some crap had taken place. I knew of some Black American Republicans but no Black women. I was side-tracked When? she became Sec. of State, this was big time from a black perspective so I just watch my country leaders mess-up. What? the hell going on was my reaction to What? went down in America that is when? I took up (Critical Thinking). WHY? all this un-wrapping of our Democracy and another type of government was taken place in America. I recognize that MONIES was playing a big part in the way Bush election Win was all about. Old MONIES showed me how powerful old monies were and How? weak our Democracy becomes When? the country is not taking care of its out-come. Now, I am impress with President Obama from a Black Perspective and hope he can revamp the situation that the Bush Admin. left the country in. Plutocracy is riding the coat-tail of our Democracy so it is up to the People to wake up to the chalenges that they are faced with cause MONIES are at it again trying to gain a path to the top but thepeople’s VOTE and Critical Thinking will make a way. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

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