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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Why has the Republican Party lost the popular vote in 5 out of the last 6 presidential elections? Why is it growing smaller every day?

Could it be two failed wars? A lost decade for jobs and wages? An agenda that only involves minorities when it comes to making it harder for them to marry or vote?

No, says conservative blogger Bill Whittle. The answer is much simpler. It’s Family Guy’s fault.

At the Right Online conference this weekend — where conservative activists were treated to a free night at Universal Studios thanks to the Koch brothers — Whittle explained how Hollywood is systematically destroying the Republican Party:

Any audience of people that grew up with classical Superman automatically love this country, because Superman is about the best America we can be. When Superman was all over the pop culture, we were a nation that loved this country. Now, twenty years after the peak of Superman‘s popularity, along comes Gilligan’s Island. That’s pretty neutral in terms of politics. Really about the only message you can get from Gilligan’s Island is if you want to get off the island all you have to do is kill Gilligan.

But if you’re a young person out there today and you can finish the theme song from Family Guy, then all the anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, anti-morality messages of Family Guy are in your head as completely and thoroughly as that theme song is.

You’re programmed by the pop culture, you’re programed by story. It’s all about stories, and if we’re the villain in all of the stories that are told we’re never going to win another election again.

Is this cartoon for adults purposely sabotaging the GOP, another cartoon for adults? Maybe!

Last year, right-wing site accused the show of doing an “entire episode trashing the Tea Party as racist anarchists destined to destroy America.”

The show’s dad once described the two symbols of the Republican Party as “an elephant, and a big fat white guy who is threatened by change.”

Or maybe Republicans are just really easy to mock.

The best part of the accusation that Family Guy is destroying the GOP is that the network that airs the show, of course, is Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Broadcasting Company.

Family Guy screenshot


Photo: Screenshot of Family Guy

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30 Responses to WATCH: Conservative Says Family Guy Is Destroying The GOP

  1. As I recall, Superman’s day gig was being a newspaper reporter for the lame
    stream media. So, what’s up with that? A more Right Wing approiate cartoon
    would be The Flintstones. Where Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty, coexisted
    with the dinosaurs.

  2. In Gilligan’s Island we saw how a group of socially and economically diverse people could get along and cooperate to form a functional society, so clearly that is anti-GOP.

  3. The GOP needs to think about their attitude toward people. When they are just bullies talking hate and nothing hopeful or kind, why would people want to vote for them.

  4. If this is the best the GOP can come up with to explain their dwindling popularity I will have to say that the Grand Old Party is an organization bound to fade into oblivion. The most important part of this specific comment is not the allegation of brain washing but the assertion that Americans are so stupid that we are inclined to form opinions based on which show or cartoon we watch or read.
    New flash: the reason most of us have such a low opinion of the GOP has very little to do with Family Guy, and a lot to do with a record of fiscal irresponsibility caused by their determination to give irresponsible tax breaks to those who don’t need them to succeed, by being fed up with a party that defends loopholes and subsidies that undermine our ability to pay for the things we need and benefit from, because we are sick and tired of wars designed to advance crass geopolitical and economic goals to help propel the popularity of inept presidents and help the greedy elite that pave their way to the White House to take advantage of their weaknesses to advance their interests, because we are tired of a party that alleged to embrace Judeo-Christian values and does not hesitate to deny the majority of Americans access to the social programs and education they need to succeed and, sometimes, live a healthy life with a modicum of dignity. Because we resent a party that wraps itself in the flag and once in power does everything they can to deny the American people the right to vote and enjoy the freedoms afforded to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Because we find the idea of opposing gun control measures designed to make it more difficult for criminals and the mentally insane to have access to lethal weapons illogical. Because we believe that protecting the environment and our patrimony is our duty…and the list goes on.

    • No. this is just the opinion of a right-wing hijacker who wants the Republican party to be just like the Democratic Party in 1950s Alabama. Anti-integration, anti-union, anti-minority rights, anti-intellectual. The amusing thing is this is the exact opposite of the Democratic Party in New York in the 1950s!

      Perhaps Conservatives should go back to the roots of their movement from William F. Buckley and company with their push-back against the anti-intellectualism that was creeping into the Republican party in the early 50s. Considering that they used Adlai Stevenson’s intellectualism as a campaign tool against him when he ran against Ike (the “Egghead” comments never ceased until he died), they have been nurturing this strain for over 60 years now.

      Buckley and his acolytes did not fight change. They favored change as long as it did not come at the price of the dignity of those affected by it. Unfortunately, when Barry Goldwater came to dominate “Conservatism” in America, he did so by entrenching the positions as a line not to be crossed. Funny thing is in the 50 years since he articulated the “Conservative position”, that line has moved numerous times. Now it is so far to the right that Goldwater, like Reagan, would be in danger today of being classified as a RINO.

      So, in conclusion to your wonderful comments, Dom, the Republican party has become its own joke. Every time they bemoan their treatment by anyone outside of the party, some clown with the letters R-xx after their name manage to do the Party irreparable damage by opening his mouth and spouting something stupid, as is done on a daily basis lately.

    • Feels good to vent, Doesn’t it? Too many Republican negatives to list, and too little time to do it. Just when you think they can’t get any more ridiculous, Voila! They open their mouths.

  5. I’ve never watched the show and still have nothing but contempt for the GOP. Could it be that there are many people such as myself who simply find the GOP positions to be traitorous and vicious?

    • Same here. One might remind Bill Whittle that often art imitates life. The GOP thinks it’s a powerful vampire, but in reality, it’s just a bunch of self centered posers that actually do cast a reflection.

      Another point/question: Why is it that Republicans love to mock and besmirch ‘Hollywood’ but are usually so thrilled to get a chance to go there and revel in anything within 3 degrees of separation from Hollywood icons? Any ‘Hollywood’ icon with the slightest bent to the right is fawned over by the right. Remember when they were ready to scrap that constitutional requirement about being born US citizen to be POTUS as soon as Ahhhhnold got elected governor of California?

      • And Ahhhhnold promptly did a great job emulating Reagan and tripled California’s debt load during his 7 years or so in office – just like Ronnie tripled the debt of America during his 8 years in office – a governor spending taxpayer’s money like a drunken-sailor following the example of a president who did exactly the same thing (following the example of 3 presidents actually – Reagan, Bush and Bush).

  6. Clearly the Professor was a RepubliCON/Tea Clown. Hell, if he could build a radio out of coconuts and wire, he could have repaired the damned boat and saved them all. But he chose not to. Just like the RepubliCONs/Tea Clowns could now repair the gridlock in government and actually get things done for the American people… if they chose to.
    (And just who knew that all of our troubles come down to a cartoon? Here I thought it was more the fault of obstructionist assholes like Lyin’ Ryan, Cruz, Boehner, Bachmann et al…)

  7. The GOP appeals to a small group of white, rich, Grumpy Old Pharts and some middle class folks that are to ignorant to see that they are just as much of a burden to their party and all they want is their vote. The GOP and their Corporate backers are attempting to bring us all to our knees so that they can control America, and have nothing to offer to help move this country forward or do their part to get involved in democracy.
    What a sad day if the haters/racists get their way… the rich will get richer and the poor that much poorer, backstreet abortions, immigrants looked down upon, gays persecuted, social security living adjustments eliminated, inadequate health care and Wall St free to gamble and corrupt the marketplace once again. Racism, lack of diversity and protection of the rich will be the death of the Republican Party and not a moment too soon.

    • We have to somehow get through to those people who actually work for a living. who continue to vote Republican despite the fact that the policies being pursued by their party, are as damaging and detrimental to their own well being as much as it is to Democratic working class people. The only true beneficiary’s of the Tea-Party/Republican agenda are the upper-most income levels of society, and unless that description fits you, then you are in the same boat as the rest of us, and we will either sink or swim together.The only way this can be accomplished is by voting the obstructionists out of office in 2014. It’s only common sense folks.

      • REPUBLICANS are so blinded by PRIDE & GREED that they totally have NO CONNECTION with the American people that voted them into office in the first place! The highest priority of REPUBLICANS is to wreck the economy and make the President look bad, and to HELL with the American people and our needs. They are BITTER over losing the Election and are the Party of the PAST.

        When it comes right down to it, REPUBLICANS don’t give a DAM about the American people or this country… they just want to WIN at all and any costs. REPUBLICANS appeal to BIG BUSINESS and GREEDY CORPORATE AMERICA who only care about the almighty dollar, and IGNORANT people who are too stupid to realize the truth and see the big picture.

        America we need to WAKE UP and be more involved in politics. WE decide who gets voted IN and who gets voted OUT… what we don’t need is big money and greedy people in power playing with our lives, health and well being. WAKE UP AMERICA! REPUBLICANS SUCK!

  8. Astonishing how a “conservative” champions a super-hero like Superman – who is an alien (in all senses of the word), a non-citizen, an immigrant and not bound by the Constitution – over some of the more obvious choices (like Captain America).

    Maybe it’s their secret “I wanna be omnipotent and not care about how I dispose of my enemies” wish.

  9. They have the cause and effect reversed. The Family Guy, American Dad, and Simpson’s cartoons, and the other media they cite as “destroying” American values, did not CREATE the unpopularity of ultra conservative ideology. The obvious hypocrisy (illustrated by the fact that many of these anti-Fox-News shows are aired on Fox Entertainment) of ultra conservatives created the MATERIAL for those shows! The Republicans of the 1950’s would have given Seth almost NO material of that caliber.

    • Yep. The GOP is clueless to the fact that art is imitating (mocking) life. They are the idiot king who doesn’t understand why everyone else in the banquet hall is doubled up laughing at the jester’s satire. The fact that so many RWers were/still are confused about Stephen Colbert suggests there is an irony gene and people on the right don’t have it.

  10. Politics and wealth go hand in hand, it always has. Corporate interests and political interests are very much intertwined. Political parties are just a means of keeping the wealth just where it is. Many of us bicker between Republican and Democrat with no real effect. I believe this to be a factor as to why the wealthy stay wealthy and poor stays poor. Politicians, who are beholden to wealthy corporate interests and the interests of the wealthy individual, govern the tax structure.

    “Half Of The $900 Billion In Tax Breaks Will Go To The Richest 20 Percent This Year”

    The example of a “simple” flat tax shows that paying $5,000 dollars a year due to a 10% tax, on a family that makes $50,000 a year has a much more profound attack on life style such as, eating out, vacations, movies, than say a family making $5,000,000 a year and paying $500,000 a year to a 10% tax. While there is a big difference between paying $5,000 in taxes and paying $500,000 in taxes, I believe the relative difference is more important. The family living on $45,000 suffers a much bigger life style change than the family that has to suffer by with only $4,500,000 a year, I really do not think the difference between 4.5 million dollars, and 5 million dollars will have any effect on their life style. But the difference between $50,000 and $45,000, I believe, will affect the ordinary American. The rich stay rich because they can write off the money they spend to buy politicians who give them more tax breaks. And the cycle continues through wealth and politics, modern American feudalism.

    Allow small businesses to have the tax breaks and incentives they need to become successful. If the large Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation cannot survive without taxpayer subsidies, perhaps it should not exist. The idea that Billion Dollar Corporations must be protected and nurtured to provide jobs to ordinary Americans is false reasoning; I say they are completely able to hire workers without subsidies, if they are properly managed. If the corporation must raise the cost of their product or services to compensate for the loss of government subsidies let them. Consumers will then realize the true cost of their product or services and not the government-subsidized costs. Perhaps corporations will then realize that consumers and ordinary people are more important than “golden parachutes” for already wealthy executives. Gluttony is an ugly trait and should not be idealized.

  11. If as he says, they are portrayed as the villain in all of the stories being told, Could it be that they deserve the damn title. That they worked hard to earn it, and now they can live with it.

  12. Kill Gilligan? That sounds like a GOP solution. That statement shows right where their collective head is at and it’s a dark place. I even agree to a certain extent with the programming of the American people comment (read children) but the GOP stand has always been; business is business and if we fill our kids heads with trash well it’s OK as long as someone is making a buck…

  13. If the GOP wants to stop being seen as bad guys, they should stop making EVIL THINGS the core of their platform. Or at least stop twirling their mustaches while they do it.

  14. They are always looking for a scapegoat it just couldn’t be that their own policies are anti people. They talk about taking the guarantee of social security and giving it to their friends on wall st to gamble with, loosening environmental laws, yelling hoax at climate change and trying to suppress minority voting. They also are against equal pay for women, family planning, abortion and same sex marriage. They are vocally anti Latino and are patently racist. They push an austerity budget when every economist says it’s hurting the economy. But they are pro gun and pro income in equality.
    so what’s not to like about the tea party?

  15. I’ve never watched the show. But what I am seeing is excuse after excuse after excuse by a big segment of the Republican politicians in elected office as to whose fault everything is. Truth be told, most of our issues at the moment are the result of “me centered” guys who don’t know how to think, can’t conceive of compromise, and are willing to let everything go to hell rather than actually do the jobs they were elected to do. It matters not who elected you. You now must represent the needs of all within the jurisdiction that you represent. Few represent anyone but themselves or some source of funding for their next election. Very sad and very dangerous for this country. I am a born from above, baptized by water and the Holy Spirit follower of Jesus Christ and this dude does not have a clue about what true Christianity is. It isn’t about creating divisions over who is “in” and who is “out.” It is all about what loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself truly is. Guess I will have to watch this show now to see what this fool is talking about!

  16. So he’s complaining about how current pop culture programming has replaced the good ol’ pop culture programming from his day? Jesus, these people will resist change in every way, kicking and screaming.

  17. What kills me is the working class and lower think they are republicans….how idiotic can you be….but of course the idiots that think that way are just the people that the republicans want to target.

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