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Friday, January 18, 2019

WATCH: DNC Hits Republicans On Sequester In New Ad

The Democratic National Committee released a new web video on Monday, hammering congressional Republicans for minimizing the economic dangers posed by sequestration.

The ad, titled “#GOPSequester: 98 Percent of What They Wanted,” juxtaposes video of Republicans minimizing the effects of the $85 billion budget cuts with local news reports detailing their potential impact on everyday Americans. The ad concludes with a smirking House Speaker John Boehner delivering the title line: “I got 98 percent of what I wanted; I’m pretty happy.”

The video, which is the first message from the Democratic Party since the sequester cuts began taking effect on Friday, reveals the party’s message for the upcoming budget battle. Clearly, Democrats hope to brand the Republican Party as unwilling or unable to relate to the challenges faced by working families, who will be hit hardest by the cuts. Recent polling suggests that the public is open to the Democratic message; a USA Today/Pew survey taken a week before sequestration began found that 76 percent agree with President Obama that the deficit should be reduced through a combination of spending cuts and new revenue, while only 19 percent agree with the GOP position that no new tax revenues are acceptable.

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22 responses to “WATCH: DNC Hits Republicans On Sequester In New Ad”

  1. I just wish they would bill House Republicans for the damn money as they seem to think it’s not too much to pay.

    • Hillbilly says:

      What I wish is that every Republican representative and their families could be forced to live on less than $20 thousand dollars for a year and try to support their family of 5 ,pay a mortgage or rent, buy groceries, clothing and shoes, have to live in a town where there is no public transportation and have to walk to work no matter what the weather is because they can’e afford to buy a bike to ride to and from work , the grocery store. No dental work or visits to the doctor, because they will not have any health or dental insurance thru their work and would not be able to pay for health and dental insurance so no dental or doctors visit. Sometime in the year have a major appliance stop working so it will have to be replaced so they will have to stop buying meats and eat beans twice a day f for the protein that their body needs.
      Maybe then they will start representing the people that elected them instead of their bank accounts, and the bank accounts of their rich friends and rich donors.

  2. The Republicans can try and spin sequestration as something that will help them politically. That just shows what an alternate universe they live in. Just as they lied to themselves prior to last year’s presidential election stating that Romney was a certainty to win the presidency based on their distorted statistics, they lied to themselves again. True polls show that the Republicans will be blamed for the sequestration and its effects. The Republican Congress’s favorability ratings are in the single digits. They are the most unpopular bunch of intransigent and obstinate fools that I’ve ever seen. The negative economic consequences should affect them as much as it will affect average Americans. I wish that there were a way that we, as Americans, could cut their pay and benefits. If any of these idiots were employees in a business or regular job, they would have been fired a long time ago. But what do so many voters do each election cycle? They put back into office the same political idiots who have destroyed our country and economy.

  3. Urbane_Gorilla says:

    I’m amazed at how fast the GOP forgot about last month’s talking point, ‘job creation’ and ‘job creators’ and rushed like lemmings to push for Sequestration which puts 2.14 Million jobs at risk. I can only presume that Cantor, Boehner and Ryan et al suffer some horribly debilitating form of adult onset ADHD.

    I do have to admit to a secret bubbling of joy as the Republican Governors squirm in front of the TV cameras in their realization what it means for their State budgets….Particularly love the Republican Congressmen from Virginia smiling widely while freaking out ;=)

  4. docb says:

    Every job loss ..every hungry child..every cut to programs that help the homeless..every school cut , every military cut MUST BE MADE HEADLINES..daily…. with the background of the indifference from the republicans that caused this disaster!

    Good for the DNC

    • lana ward says:

      Obama doesn’t have to cut programs that will hurt us. He’s choosing to , to hurt us and make the Republicans look horrible. He wants the Republicans to cave (as they always do) so he will have unlimited spending!! Kerry just gave Egypt 265 million and Obama keeps giving all of our enemies billions. He doesn’t give a rip about Americans at all!! Spend, Spend, Spend us into default!!!

  5. rpg1408 says:

    What a disgusting bunch of weasels ( my apology to the real ones). Their anti-Obama, anti-tax, pro-business act is getting tiresome.When will the voters wake up and throw them all out?

  6. highpckts says:

    Well Boehner got 98% of what he wanted!! Jackass!!!

    • Hillbilly says:

      But still isn’t happy because he and the Republicans didn’t get !00% of what they wanted. The Republican members of Congress are the most cold hearted, uncaring , and money honey group of people that has ever served in Congress. They should have some very hot times after they die because they won’t be going to heaven.

  7. I believe the Republicans are punishing average Americans in favor of keeping their wealthiest friends rich, and getting richer, on the backs of average Americans. How about taking the benefits they voted for themselves and making them realistic as relates to the rest of us. They get a salary. They should be paying for their own health insurance, just as we are. They don’t pay into Social Security or Medicare, but they get those benefits after retirement. Deduct those items from their paychecks just like they are from everyone else’s. Stop benefits for them at their retirement or when they’re voted out, just as that happens for us! Disallow them from receiving the amounts of Social Security or Medicare benefits after retirement they would otherwise have contributed while in office since they do not pay into them as elected officials. FORCE them to do their jobs! They were elected by the people to serve the people, and they are absolutely not serving the best interests of average Americans in favor of doing what’s best for those who can pad their own pockets, the rich! Their despicable attitudes are to obstruct any good the President wants to do for Americans and to destroy Americans in favor of that obstructionism! I say make it stop by hurting them the same way they are hurting us!

    • Hillbilly says:

      Mary Beth they are suppose to be paying into SS now but don’t because of their income bracket, I don’t remember the amount of the money it is but when a person is making a certain amount of money, they no longer have to pay into SS. They get a pension even if they were in Congress for just 5 years. The only ways we the voters can make Congress do its job is to keep voting them out of office until we get someone that will do the job. The other way is to get a Constitution amendent passed that will set term limits for them like the President has and to get a another Constitutional amendment passed that states Congress can not give itself a raise, benefits, and perks without the voters o.k. and that no raises, benefits or perks can go int effect until after the next election. It has to be by Constitution amendment because of the way their pay is set up in the Constitution .

  8. Nobody has to MAKE the Republicans look horrible. They ARE horrible and are doing an excellent job of exhibiting their disdain for our President and their apathy towards Americans! THEY TOTALLY SUCK as legislators and basically as human beings!

  9. Pamby50 says:

    The republicans are still in denial. You listened to the Romney’s saying if they were in the white house none of this would have happened. No, it would be worse. They just keep acting like there was no election.

    • plc97477 says:

      the sequestration wouldn’t have happened because mittens would have given the repugnics everything they wanted

  10. JDavidS says:

    I know people who’d pay some pretty serious cash to smack that smirk off of Boehners’ face. To call him and the Republican Party assholes is to insult assholes the world over.

  11. Hillbilly says:

    Did any of you see Boehner on Meet the Presss Sunday? In his interview he keeps saying that President Obama got his tax raise on January 1. When the host of the show called him on that statement, Boehmner like a certain poster just keep repeating the same thing over and over about the President have gotten a tax raise on January 1. If you didn’t see the show Sunday find it on the internet just to watch Boehner if you don’t want to hear what he says.. The man looked and sounded like he was stoned. His expression never changes nor does the tone of his voice. It is almost like there was a robot sitting there and talking instead of a live person.

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