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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Donald Trump — who has been using presidential politics as a stage for his PR stunts for decades — is getting an early jump on 2016, exploiting the fact that at least some in the Republican Party still take his potential candidacy seriously.

The self-proclaimed billionaire made his first political trip to Iowa to speak at the Family Leader event from the same podium as 2012 Iowa Caucus winner Rick Santorum, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Cruz’s father Rafael, who declared that “homosexual marriage” is a socialist plot.

On the same visit, ABC’s Jonathan Karl gave Trump the chance to back away from the birther claims the “Donald” built much of his 2012 buzz upon.

Trump refused to do so.

“Was there a birth certificate?” he asked. “You tell me. Some people say that was not his birth certificate. I’m saying I don’t know. Nobody knows. And you don’t know, either, Jonathan. You’re a smart guy, you don’t know, either.”

Trump also proved that his birtherism is bipartisan by questioning the eligibility of Senator Ted Cruz to run for president.

“If he was born in Canada, then perhaps not,” Trump said. “That will be ironed out. I don’t know the circumstances. If he says he was born in Canada, that’s his thing.”

It’s almost as if Trump is willing to question the citizenship of any non-white candidate.

Cruz’s mother was a citizen, as was Obama’s, which means both were natural born citizens, making any sort of doubts about either’s eligibility ridiculous.

But Republicans should be on notice that Trump is willing to play the birther card, with all its fraught racial implications, even against their own candidates.

Trump Birth Certificate

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  • Lynda Groom

    What a clown, albeit supposedly a very rich one. Proof positive that money and brains are not always connected.

    • Allan Richardson

      Brains in different categories are not always connected either. Many people who have the “money smarts” to become wealthy are stupid in other areas of life at the same time. Remember Edison’s fight against AC? Poor Tom was a genius tinkerer, and a money-making genius, but couldn’t follow the math to work with AC, so he tried to cripple technology by creating anti-AC fears. Thanks to Westinghouse and some immigrant geniuses who DID understand the math, we went beyond DC and the rest is history. And Henry Ford was well known for his anti-Semitism (even being awarded a medal by Hitler).

  • Dominick Vila

    Donald Trump will be a birther and/or anything else that would make headlines because he loves attention. The man is an arrogant idiot who does not deserve the attention he gets from the media and his devoted flock. He is fired!

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      I think it is easier to say The Donald is more of a media whore than anything else. That pretty much sums him up.

  • FT66

    Trump the Donald was born a birther, he smells like a birther and will die as a birther.

  • Mark Forsyth

    Birth certificate or not,anyone who combs their hair like that is not worthy of the presidency.

    • Marilyn

      I’m glad you mentioned the hair. That alone proves that he is some alien life form (and I mean “alien” as in not-from-this-planet life form). Besides that, note the use of the definite article “the” with his name. That is a usage reserved for inanimate objects, animals, and titles for persons, not for the person him or herself. Also, what is the true source of his wealth? Is this perhaps a part of a plot funded by some life form from another galaxy that is attempting to take over earth? I think these are theories that should be explored every time The Donald goes off on one of his birther rants. Make him prove that he is not from another planet.

      • Mark Forsyth

        Trump is worthy of so little discussion that the hair comment was all I was willing to concede.I fully support your proposal to demand he prove his planetary origin.

      • Allan Richardson

        Surgically altered Ferengi, like many banksters and GOP politicians.

    • disqus_il6KG9d3VM

      He can’t comb it if it’s a squirrel on his head.

      • Mark Forsyth

        I knew there was a reason he is so nuts.His head is where the squirrel keeps its stash.

  • MasterWes

    Notice he says nothing about fellow birther Michelle Bachmann? SHE was by far the worst offender in the last election, violating the Constitution with her 30+ year old secret Swiss citizenship.

    Where was the hue and cry about that then? And, should she decide to run, she should be held accountable for the crime of conspiring to fraudulently become POTUS. After all, she kept the secret, knowing it would disqualify her from the office due to the “foreign entanglement” that citizenship made, which is expressly forbidden by the Constitution.

    What say you to that, Donald Dump?

    • disqus_il6KG9d3VM

      D Trump would say ‘Never mind’ — she’s not a Democrat or President Obama.

  • Rose McMahon

    My husband says,

    When I studied Constitutional Law thirty some years ago, there was
    definitely a difference between being born a citizen and being a
    “natural born citizen.” Clearly Cruz by having an American citizen as a
    mother was born a citizen. Obama was a natural born citizen by being
    born in Hawaii which had been a state for four or five years at the time.
    McCain was a natural born citizen by being born to
    American citizen parents in the Canal Zone which was American
    territory. George Romney was born to American citizen parents in Mexico
    and was born an American citizen but the issue was never decided
    whether he was a “natural born citizen” as interpreted by the Supreme
    Court making him elgible to be elected and serve as because Nixon got

    the nomination. Cruz is in the same position. I
    understand that lower courts have indicated that he could be elected
    President but the matter would have to be settled by the Supreme Court.
    I hope the issue never comes before them.

    • Whittier5


      At the time of McCain’s birth the Panama Canal Zone was NOT American territory and did not become such until after Dec 7, 1941.

      George Romney’s Grandparents were American Mormon self-exiles in Mexico fleeing with their children to the Mormon colonies in Mexico owing to our Federal government’s prosecution of polygamy. While George’s parents were born in the Territory of Utah, there would have been a substantial question. Nonetheless, unlike his son and most of his supporters, George was a Real Republican and a great American.

  • ayungclas

    He was at the ‘Family Leader’ event, you have to say crazy things to them. Bob van der Plaatz and his goofy buddies are the occupants of the state clown bus.

    • dpaano

      I understand that he told some newscaster that he would spend a goodly portion of his own billions to run for president. Hmmmm, just goes to show that money talks in politics nowadays. When can someone like you or I run for president? Do you think we’d be able to get the backing of some of these big corporations….probably not! That’s the main problem with our government today….if you aren’t a millionaire or more, you won’t win an election. That’s a sad thing! We all know that those with money do NOT have any concept of the middle class or lower and how they live and survive!

      • Billie

        He’s always going to run for president or so he says. but he never does. It’s just a publicity stunt. He wants to make sure we don’t forget him.

  • whodatbob

    Who cares what this goof ball says?

    • Elisabeth Gordon

      ..hardly anyone – I’m just here for the humor….and Gawd knows these birther idiots never disappoint….

  • Paul Dobson

    How many more times do we have to see Obama’s birth certificate to know he was born in the US? Even if he was born in Kenya, his mother was an American citizen, so he would automatically be a citizen of the US. If Ted Cruz runs for president will the right
    wingers disqualify him because he was born in Canada to an American mother?

    • Billie

      The odd thing is that some of these birthers try to claim that she gave up her American citizenship. They’ll try anything.

  • midway54

    When once again last weekend we had to endure his image as a pouty, tangled hair-do buffoon and listen to his unfounded drivel, we heard nothing about what his team of investigators he claimed that he dispatched to Hawaii during the last campaign learned about whether Obama was in fact born there. One would have thought that The Donald (I have a better noun in mind) would have emphasized any investigative report confirming his prattle. As it is, he will continue his birther tripe. Unfortunately, the Country is filled with yahoos and dupes who will cheer his every word. He knows it and so do the plutocrats.

  • Elisabeth Gordon

    The only article I EVER want to see about “The Donald” again is: “Self-proclaimed billionaire birther and casino bankrupter swallowed by his hair.”

  • BillP

    Let’s not forget that Trump sent an investigative team to Hawaii or so he claimed. Still waiting for the results of this investigation. I don’t remember who was interviewing Trump before the 2012 election but the person tried to show Trump President Obama’s long form birth certificate. Trump ignored it.

    • Elisabeth Gordon

      Right, The Donald was looking for the birth certificate like OJ was looking for the real killer.

      • BillP

        Maybe the Donnald will wind up in prison like OJ!

        • Elisabeth Gordon

          ah – from the Upper East side penthouse to a jail cell in Jersey….now, THAT would be justice.

          • BillP

            The real clincher would be for hiim to have to show what is really on top of his head.

          • Elisabeth Gordon

            ….as we already know what isn’t in it….

        • Billie

          Hopefully!!! But not likely.

    • Billie

      Right. He was going to reveal everything they found to all of us. Still waiting.

  • Lovefacts

    Trump is moron who believes his own PR. Unfortunately,Cruz is an American citizen. What most rabid birthers have never understood is that if even one parent is an American citizen, then their child is automatically considered a citizen regardless of where they were born. However, while both Cruz and Obama had American mothers and non-citizen fathers, there is a difference between two men. Obama was born in Hawaii, which became the 50th state in our union 1959. Cruz’s father, a Cuban exile, and his Delaware-born mother worked in Canada for an oil company. Cruz was born in Canada and lived his first four years there. Upon their return to Houston, his father continued to live and work in the US but didn’t become a citizen until 2005. So, yes, Cruz like Obama is a US citizen and considered, using the constitution’s language, natural born.

    But should Cruz run for president, I have no doubt birtherism will raise its ugly head, and unlike Obama who was born in the US, Cruz will have a hard time convincing these people he’s “really” an American. After all, not only was he born in Canada, but his father is, gasp, Latino and didn’t become a citizen until after his son became the Solicitor General of Texas in 2003.

  • Allan Richardson

    At least Trump is a CONSISTENT Birther; he is willing to disqualify a Republican who supports his own policies. But wait! John McCain was not born in any state or territory of the US; he was born on a US military base in a foreign country: Panama! But that didn’t come up in 2008, did it?

    But the Constitution does not say “born on US soil” at all, it says “natural born citizen” which meant, before the 14th Amendment, a white person born in what were originally British colonies, but became the United States, or in territories subsequently added to the United States (whether or not the territory had been admitted as a state yet or not, which was how Barry Goldwater qualified to run). Since Native Americans and slaves were not considered citizens, the 14th Amendment clarified it: EITHER born on US soil, OR born of a biological mother who was a US citizen before giving birth, OR born of a biological father who was a US citizen at the time of the child’s birth, OR any two or more of the above. Ted Cruz and Barack Obama had American-born mothers, even though Ted Cruz was definitely born in Canada and Barack Obama has been accused (falsely) of being born in Kenya, so BOTH are eligible constitutionally to be President (being QUALIFIED is a different matter). John McCain was born of two American born biological parents, so he was eligible to run, regardless of whether the Canal Zone was really “American” soil, or simply land leased from Panama. And surprisingly, some Vietnamese-American GI baby (or, horrors to the GOP, an Iraqi GI baby, who would probably be a REAL Muslim) would, at age 35, be eligible to run for President!

    Actually, now that our country is so great that a wealthy foreign prince or duke can no longer stage a coup by buying the Presidency and taking us back under British, French or Spanish rule as the Founders feared, why not amend the Constitution to allow NATURALIZED citizens, with a minimum length of both residency and citizenship, to compete for the job equally with BORN citizens? Voters are no longer dumb enough to elect, say, Benjamin Disraeli as President. Both parties could have had some great candidates for their sides: Kissinger, Schwarzenegger, Teller for the righties, Albright, Huffington, Soros for the left.

    And while we’re at it, let’s add an IQ test to disqualify Donald Trump!

    • Whittier5

      We will soon be able to Off-Shore the Presidency to any one of thousands of “natural born Citizen”S living in India. That should offer even greater candidates, increase the effectiveness of the Office, and greatly save Tax Funds paid in by other “natural born Citizen”S living in the home of American Indians.