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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Most Republicans have been dogmatic in their support of Paul Ryan’s controversial budget plan, which would end Medicare as we know it, increase the tax burden on the middle class, and largely dismantle almost every function of the federal government.

Not every Republican is on board with Ryan’s Dickensian vision for America, however. This morning, Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg — who is locked in a tight Senate battle with incumbent Democrat Jon Tester — released a new television ad touting his opposition to the Ryan budget.

“Rehberg refused to support a Republican budget plan that could harm the Medicare plan so many Montana seniors rely on,” the ad declares.

Rehberg’s attempt to distance himself from Ryan is rare for a Republican in this campaign cycle, but it’s not unprecedented. Earlier this week, West Virginia Rep. David McKinley — who won his 2010 election by a very thin margin — sent out mailers reminding his constituents that he voted against the Ryan plan earlier this year.

“Congressman McKinley recently voted against the 2012 budget passed by the House because of the plan’s negative impact on northern West Virginia seniors,” reads a flier from the congressman’s office. “The plan would privatize Medicare for future retirees, raise the retirement age…. The Congressional Budget Office determined the plan would nearly double out of pocket health care costs for future retirees.”

Rehberg and McKinley’s messages are problematic for the Republican party, because they affirm a key Democratic talking point: that Ryan’s budget would harm senior citizens who rely on Medicare.

If more Republicans who are locked in tight races decide to distance themselves from Ryan, it could make things especially awkward for Mitt Romney, who is essentially campaigning on turning Ryan’s plan into the law of the land.

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19 responses to “WATCH: GOP Candidates Back Away From Ryan Plan”

  1. Jim Lou says:

    Mitt will dance his way around this.

  2. howa4x says:

    Mitt was in total support of the plan in the primary but now we are in the general and has struggled to get to the middle. The more Americans become familiar with the Ryan/Ayn Rand budget plan the more they dislike it. The draconian cuts scare people so you will see a lot more of Republicans try to distance themselves from it. This plan is the new kryptonite of the Republican party. Mitt will have to put on his best dancing shoes now. Time to wiggle and squiggle around the plan.
    Americans don’t really want the social darwinism that the oligarchy that we have is trying to push. Republicans now see the world as winners and loosers, and are pushing that adgenda. The people
    don’t relize that it is not the poor pulling them down, rather the richest 1% preventing them from moving up. That is the real issue of this campaign.

    • EdC says:

      Yes but the reich wing media control has kept it locked up. WE need actual copies that can be transcripted to various individuals to show them how they are voting agains them selves

  3. The American Taliban Will Help No One But The Wealthy!! We The People Need To Wake The Hell Up Cause Paul Ryan Plan Only Will Make Crime Grow, More Homeless People< And More Hungry Kids And Seniors!! They Will Be Hiding In Their Gated Mansion While We The Working Middle Class And Poor Working People Will Suffer!!

  4. bigspender7 says:

    Republicans up for re-election will always back away from what they know is an unworkable and unpopular plan such as put forth by Paul Ryan and wholeheartedly supported by Mitt Romney. But the day after the election, all that will be forgotten as they remember their obligation to Grover Norquist. At that time they will rejoin the ranks of egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash from whence they came.

  5. Lynda says:

    Paul Ryan himself tossed his mentor under the political bus. He dissed her when he had too to get the church off his back. Why these folks are followers of a fiction writer and obvious fraud is beyond me.

  6. well miracle do happen but i will not hold my breath waiting for more goppers to actually think like real caring people

  7. People Will Wake Up When They Realize All Those Rich Thugs Stay In Gated Mansions And We The People Are On The Ground With The People Paul Ryan Budget Bill Will Hurt!! And It Will Be CHAOS!! CRIMES LIKE MURDERS, BREAK INS And THEFT Will Be At AN ALL TIME HIGH!!!

  8. karinursula says:

    If Ryan wants to dismantle most of the federal government will that include congress?
    Of course you right “bigspender7”.

  9. There is a bus load of nuns going up the east coast in protest of the Ryan budget. Bishops have sent a scathing letter to Ryan that his budget will decimate the poor. They asked him not to use his Jesus teachings to defend his budget!! Repubs.want no government controls of any kind. We can’t go back to more of the Bush years. Clinton left Bush a surplus. In 8 yrs he lost all of it. Romney is no better and would love to fire most of us!!!

  10. nomaster says:

    One could only hope that sanity could prevail and that the extreme austerity vaunted by the many of self interest will not succeed. We are American and have survived greater, grander, crueler forces and have won in a revolutionary war for freedom, individuality and the will to think and pray freely without oppression. We can do it again. But we must do it as brothers and sisters and not let the heinious amongst us to lay their intricately woven decietful webs. We are the children of the past and the present and we can defeat all that is wrong, but only if we learn, discover and vote with a consience not because someone led us by the nose and the harness of self interest and uncaring heart.

  11. They will all scatter like mice as if someone yelled CAT! The American people are waking up to what the truth is. Most people Democrats, Republicians & independents all want the same things, a better future for our chidren, our parents not having to decide between food & meds and a fair & justice system.

  12. dana says:

    All the Democrats need to do is to keep Rove, Norquist, Rush and the Koch brothers in the forefront and remind the voters how dangerous to the American people and our democracy these people are and how important it is to stop them from getting control of all three branches of gvt.

    These people do not care about your or America. They only care about power and money. Their clever organization names are misleading…like “Americans for Properity”. The only prosperity they care about is theirs.

    They are buying this election thanks to the Robert’s court.

    Americans need to remember that and whatever is said is meant to distract you from what is really happening. Remember where we were 3 years ago and don’t forget how we got there and the policies that put us there.

    This is probably the most important election in a very long time.

    It amazes me how selective memories can be in such a short period of time.
    The Republicans have done zilch in this recovery and had they cared more about country and less about party, we may have been faring better but they blame Obama for not cleaning up fast enough the collousal mess they left behind and now they want to pick up where they left off and continue the same policies that have already been proven not to work.
    They want austerity for us but more tax breaks for people who do not need any relief. If you think austerity works, I believe we can look at Europe and see that is not going to work but will only exacerbate the pain here.

    They want to decimate any social safety nets for people their policies have thrown off a financial cliff. The Republican’s have reduced unemployment benefits, reduced food stamp help, interferring in a women’s right to choose, voter supression, want you to have no health care protection, no consumer protection, no regulation against dirty air or polluting clean water. How much more of your life do you want them to destroy?

    The Republicans are not your friend and don’t forget that for a second.

  13. 1standlastword says:

    The acid test is to have these folks declare on the stump where they stand on the Norquist “no new taxes” pledge.

    How deep does their charitability go?

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