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Saturday, October 22, 2016

After Mitch McConnell suggested that a Republican Senate majority could force another government shutdown by trying to force President Obama to sign spending bills loaded with GOP-friendly riders, it was only a matter of time before the minority leader’s words resurfaced in an attack ad.

That inevitability became reality on Monday, when McConnell’s Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes released a new web ad turning the incumbent Republican’s threat against him.

The ad slams McConnell as “Senator Gridlock,” and uses numbers from Pew State, Moody’s Analytics, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis to charge him with costing Kentucky $127 million through the shutdown.

“And Mitch McConnell wants to do it again,” text on the screen warns.

The tough spot underscores how serious a wound McConnell may have inflicted upon himself by raising the specter of another government shutdown. The 2013 edition was immensely unpopular and a tremendous waste of money; reminding voters of the GOP’s culpability for the episode both hamstrings McConnell’s central message (that giving Republicans control of Congress would get the government back on track), and reinforces Grimes’ (that McConnell himself is a central cause of Washington’s dysfunction).

Ten weeks before Election Day, it’s still anybody’s race; according to The Huffington Post’s polling average, McConnell leads Grimes by just 2 percent.

Screenshot: Alison For Kentucky/YouTube

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  • McConnell will still insist that it was all Obama’s fault for not accepting 100% of his demands, of course, and 90% of all the Tea Party Torys in Kentucky will be more than eager to let him pretend that.

    • Grannysmovin

      But we have in recent days reinforced that we do not pay ransom.

  • Dominick Vila

    The sorriest part of this issue is the naivete of voters who seem incapable of understanding the consequences of what Mitch McConnell has done and proposes to do. The fact that tens of thousands of Americans are considering voting for the man who boasted about his obstructionist policies, ignoring the misery those policies caused to millions of Americans, deserve what they get if people like McConnell is re-elected. Unfortunately, they are dragging the rest of us down the sewer in the pursuit of their narrow goals.

    • Blueberry Hill

      Totally agree with you. The clueless keep dragging us under the bus with them. Educate yourselves before voting. Do you even know how your congressman votes? What did he vote on the issues? What are the issues? Aren’t you tired of being destroyed, along with the destruction of our country? Do some homework before you vote.


      • Charlotte Sines

        There is a great service on the Internet that everyone should sign up for. It is called Mega vote. Every time Congress is in session and they vote on anything, I get an email telling me how my representative and my Senators vote and what the vote was for. I always know how they vote and if I don’t like the way they voted I let them know about it.

        • Blueberry Hill

          Yes, I get that too, great idea for all to get it. It helps to know what your congressman is doing and if it helps you or hurts you. Keep track so you know you are not sending a piece of crap to Congress. They are not all doing OUR business, many are doing Koch business.


    • cpbis

      Kentuckians hate Obama so they will vote for McConnell and/or anyone who is not a Democrat. Sad but true.

  • jointerjohn

    When you teach your followers that all government is bad and can’t do anything right, shutting it down sounds like a good idea.

    • Blueberry Hill

      It’s only good for the ones who shut it down. They keep getting paid for doing nothing.


      • jointerjohn

        Only the last and most stupid people believe that Congressional Pay is meaningful. Our problem is that our representatives are daily for sale with no constraints on that flow of money. It’s the influence dollars, not the salary.

        • Blueberry Hill

          Whether it means much to them or not, we are still PAYING them for doing absolutely nothing while our own paychecks are not ensured because of their shutdown. They shut down the government, they should get no benefits or pay during the time it is shut down. Why should we be paying them their big wages while they sit on their butts and do nothing but stiff us again over and over?