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Friday, October 21, 2016

House Republicans put together this video commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month. Watch it and listen for the one issue they never mention.

That’s right — immigration.

House Republicans would apparently really like to forget that the Senate has passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would likely pass the House too, if Speaker Boehner would just give it a vote.

In response to the GOP’s oversight, the group 1Miami has put out its own video, articulating what the GOP meant to say. Enjoy.

House GOP honors Hispanic Heritage by doing nothing for Latinos

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  • JDavidS

    The RepubliCONs/Tea Clowns have the unique ability to talk out of both sides of their mouths. What they’re actually saying to Latinos is “We love your vote. It’s you we hate. Vote for us and then bugger off.”

  • Dominick Vila

    If Republicans were honest they would tell the Hispanic-Latino community “The reason we are not planning to fix the flaws in our immigration law is because we don’t want to offend the sensibilities of the white supremacists that vote for us”. Since they a dishonest, they will simply ignore the issue, or they will use it as a wedge issue to please their followers and win elections.
    A system that allows potential terrorists to enter the USA via JFK or LAX airports to study in some of our most prestigious institutions of learning, so that they can use their newly acquired skills to fly planes into buildings and kill 3,000 people on U.S. soil; and uses a quota system to keep veggies and fruit pickers out of the country, is not a law, it is a recipe for disaster.

    • Jim Myers

      Ah, Dominick. Will you please enter the political arena?

      Your prose is like a breath of fresh air.

      Unlike the garbage that spews forth from most politicians, particularly the supposed “Christian Right.”

  • Robert Haugh

    They (Republican Tea-Party) do not feel the same emotions that all good human beings possess, such as empathy, compassion,etc. While they do their best to fake these qualities, they fall flat on their face.

  • Jose Trevino Sr.

    Speaker John Boehner: “Stab In The Back Legend”