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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s SuperPAC, NextGen Climate, released the first in what is expected to be an avalanche of midterm election ads on Wednesday, targeting Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst.

Surprisingly, the ad does not mention Ernst’s outspoken denial of basic climate science. Instead, it depicts two comically evil businessmen gloating that Ernst has sold out, and uses her decision to sign Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge to accuse her of protecting tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs overseas.

The ad is reportedly the first in a $2.6 million campaign that will air across Iowa over the next five weeks.

NextGen Climate has pledged to spend at least $100 million — including $50 million from Steyer’s personal fortune — opposing 2014 candidates who refuse to accept the science of climate change. In addition to Ernst, other targets include Governors Tom Corbett (R-PA), Paul LePage (R-ME), and Rick Scott (R-FL), and Senate candidates Scott Brown (R-NH), Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO), and Terri Lynn Land (R-MI).

If the attacks against Ernst make even a marginal difference, it could be critically important in Iowa’s razor-thin Senate race. Ernst currently leads the Democratic nominee, Rep. Bruce Braley, by less than 1 percent in The Huffington Post’s poll average.

Screenshot: NextGen Climate/YouTube

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  • Until we get the smarts & the reasoning as to WHY we need money out of our political system, we need individuals like Tom Steyer to combat the right – hopefully not single-handedly – for the keeping the controls of our Civic Culture in the hands of those who believe in a ‘clean’ & transparent & honest Democracy, that our ancestors can look back on w/pride & say that we saved it from it’s enemies, in the same fashion our forebarers did in 1781, structuring a Constitution like no other & defending it to the death, victorious AGAIN, in 1865. Our enemies won’t rest & is why we need stricter campaign laws so that actual people, not corporations & votes cast, not money spent, is the difference in who actually CONTROLS the direction (upward) of what/where our Democracy aspires to…

  • Allan Richardson

    Thank God that SOME millionaires and billionaires want to protect the economy that made their wealth possible.

    • jointerjohn

      Some of them understand that turning this country into a banana republic will not improve their lives. What good is a fortune if you have to spend it on bodyguards against kidnappers and ship your kids across the world to go to school? Some of the wealthy understand that none of us are either rich or poor all alone, context is everything.

  • Genevievev

    I am thankful for this billionaire. I have heard that there are republican millionaires that are worried that the GOP has gone too far. They say that if their party does not change, the pitchforks and masses will be coming. There will not be anyone that will protect the greedy 1 percent.

  • dana becker

    Just take ads out on billboards listing all the horrible things the Republicans are doing and want to do should they get the power to do it.