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Monday, October 24, 2016

At 11:25 AM, EST, President Barack Obama will deliver a statement on the Affordable Care Act, and the glitches that have plagued the law’s health care exchanges. Live video of the president’s remarks can be seen below:

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  • idamag

    I’m sure it has things that need fixing, but at least it is there to be fixed. It is like if we build a wall to keep the sea from flooding us out. We find the wall needs to be higher in places than others. We had a wall to fix, not a flooding disaster to clean up after.

  • sigrid28

    Here are a few things to do to help the ACA pick up the insurance buyers it needs to succeed during its start-up: #1 Try the website during off hours: overnight perhaps or during a weekday. #2 If you cannot get through, then telephone: You remember how to do that, don’t you? The ACA phone staffers are friendly and very well informed. #3 Window shop: Remember, you don’t have to lock in a purchase just because you apply and learn about what is available. The application helps you get a better idea of what the cost will be, since you can find out whether you quality for government subsidies to help you and your family pay health insurance premiums. Then you can look over the insurance plans available and figure out what you can afford. 4# Look on signing up as a process, but get started as soon as possible, in order to eliminate any anxiety you might have. Wade in, the water’s fine.