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Monday, October 24, 2016

Shocking new videos released Monday by David Corn of Mother Jones reveal Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser speaking candidly about American voters. In voice now familiar to the American people — but in a tone much more direct than what we typically hear — Romney said:

There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what… These are people who pay no income tax. … [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.

The GOP nominee is referring a percentage oft quoted by conservatives who refer to those Americans who pay no federal taxes as “lucky duckies.” He doesn’t point that most of those people pay payroll taxes. The rest are unemployed, disabled or retired.

The idea that a man who refuses to show voters how much he has paid in taxes on the millions he’s earned calling his fellow citizens “freeloaders” is sending shocks all over the media. Josh Barro, a conservative columnist at Bloomberg, concluded within hours of seeing the video that Mitt Romney lost the election today.

President Obama learned his own lesson about the power of video filmed in private to surface and upset a campaign in 2008. However that was one brief comment, early in primary. Romney’s diatribe, released 59 days before the general election, seems to confirm a widely held suspicion that he’s “a sneering plutocrat.”

Jim Messina, campaign manager of Obama for America, responded to the tapes with a statement:

It’s shocking that a candidate for President of the United States would go behind closed doors and declare to a group of wealthy donors that half the American people  view themselves as ‘victims,’ entitled to handouts, and are unwilling to take ‘personal responsibility’ for their lives.  It’s hard to serve as president for all Americans when you’ve disdainfully written off half the nation.

The Romney campaign refused to back down on the comments in a statement from Gail Gitcho, Romney Campaign Communications Director:

Mitt Romney wants to help all Americans struggling in the Obama economy. As the governor has made clear all year, he is concerned about the growing number of people who are dependent on the federal government, including the record number of people who are on food stamps, nearly one in six Americans in poverty, and the 23 million Americans who are struggling to find work. Mitt Romney’s plan creates 12 million new jobs in four years, grows the economy and moves Americans off of government dependency and into jobs.

Romney himself followed up later in the evening in a few questions from the press. He attacked the president’s approach and saying that his comments were not elegantly stated as they were off the cuff.

The clips from the private Romney fundraiser all provide startling insight into a candidate who has closely guarded his true feelings as he tries to find an approach that works with the small percentage of voters he believes are still persuadable.

At this point, you almost expect Todd Akin to seize the moment to ask Mitt Romney to step aside for the good of the Republican Party.

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  • Hopefully nobody is surprised by what Romney said to his millionaire friends and the contempt he showed for half of the American population or by his acknowledgment that his “words were not elegantly stated”. I reckon this is as close as an arrogant elitist can come to acknowledging that he blew it! Not surprising, and consistent with what he told his millionaires friends when he stated that he is not worried about what half of the American people think and plan to do in November because we insist on getting food, healthcare, and education from the government!
    This is what happens when a major political party nominates a man whose life and record of accomplishments are limited to examples of out of control greed, egotism and arrogance. The most perplexing part of this unfortunate example of political ineptitude is the fact that many middle class Americans continue to support this man, knowing that he does not represent us and that his policies will harm mainstream Americans and compromise the future of our country. Well, I guess the decision of those who are willing to vote for Romney, and would enthusiastically endorse the candidacies of people like Hitler or de Klerk if they were Obama’s opponents, should not surprise anyone since it if influenced more by their desire to erase what they consider an aberration in an otherwise pristine presidential record from the annals of history. They are not voting for Romney, they are voting against a man they despise even more.

    • lkreu

      I have said that from the beginning, its not about his (Obama) policies its not that he is not the “right man” its he is not the “white man”, they should be ashamed of themselves, but they are ignorant and closed minded.

      • 13observer

        You won’t get far playing the “race card”! To compare Romney to Hitler is a disgrace to all Americans!

        • What Romney said is a disgrace to ALL. I am a 47%. I have worked and paid taxes since I was sixteen years old. I am responsible, and I am voting for Obama.

          • curious11

            Not me… It’s Romney all the way. Seems you’re surrounded by a welfare mentality… Do you live in California where six major cities have already declared bankruptcy… hope your pension is secure, because California has billions in unfunded pension liability… And the rest of the nation is right behind. Great job your Obama idol has produced. He’s all words, just words, and Hillary Clinton said that herself!

          • Remember your words when you get fired, because your job was outsourced.
            And who, exactly, got the money that was lost in the pension scams? Poor people? Or rich people who want to pay less of a percentage in taxes.
            Want to fix the pension thing? Give the money to the unions. Let them invest it. When it is gone it is gone. Want to fix SS? Lend the money to us, at a 12 % rate of return so we can buy things. I don;t want to give my money to Capital one. Think of it. We loan banks OUR money, at a less than 1 % rate, so they can loan OUR MONEY back to us, at 10 to 20 %. Tell me that isn’t stupid.
            And we are supposed to give them a reduced rate in income tax? BULL ! ! !
            Screw the politicians, and get some mathematicians in . Its all in the numbers and common sense approaches. To protect everybody from abuse.

          • and gues what if your ignorance doesn’t make you aware the ones who gets the largest retirement pay checks from the states and towns is not the general average ordinary people but the cops, city hall employees and state employees so you still wonder why the’re bankrupt? it is the own governments employees who gets the bigger piece of the cake the large sum of moneys not ordinary citizens so that’s why they’re going bankrupt so this is for your records so what im trying to say is if all the cops, that get huge retirement checks along with state and city employees would just give in on getting those huge retirement checks they wouldn’t be bankrupt now, so this is a mith to say average ordinary ppl are dependend and bankrupting states and cities it is not them for sure ok!!!

          • metrognome3830

            Don’t try to blame it on the empl0yees Willie. The states stupidly waste billions of dollars through other sources and it’s not the employees.

          • As a retired state employee, I was unaware I would get a big retirement. Mine is about avg.

          • Elsa

            And you are welcomed to him, the rest of us will do the right thing and vote for the guy that represents more Americans. Obama.

          • You Got That Right!! It’s Just More Selling Out America And It’s People, Just What Romney Stand For !! He Not Out Of Touch He Just Don’t Give A Damn About Nobody But Himself And Maybe These Rich People Who’s Funding His Low Life Campaign!!


          • vontrell1

            California was in bankruptcy and having financial trouble all through the Bush years. Obama did not create the California troubles. However, he is trying his best to bring the country out of recession. but he cannot do it alone. He has no cooperation from the Republicans. From the very first day that he was elected Republicans have shown him nothing but disrespect. We are all tax payers and have just as much right and say in how the government spends the money as the top 1% rich people do. You can vote for Romney but I guarantee unless your a millionaire he does not care about your cause. He will cut everything that is dear to the working american.

          • TRohrer

            Look to your former Governor, DUH!!! California’s mess wasn’t because of President Obama! Its not a welfare mentality people have its a community and the well being of others!

          • What the Hell U talking about Courisus11 American don’t have pension job any more because of the Republican Party. Republican aloud Big Corporation
            to cut back on benefit and trying to destroy Union in most company. You Need to go back and read up on what Party help Corporation get rid of Retirement Benefit. I know retired from GM any employee who have less then 10 year of service back in 2005 when the bottom start to fall out of economy lost there pension. So Stop your game playing I know Better.

            This is why Republican is coming up with Voter Fraud
            They know That Romney is A Mother F—– Fool.

          • The Federal laws that allowed corporations to reduce the funding set aside for pensions was signed by George W. Bush, not President Obama. You are barking at the wrong tree.

          • joyscarbo

            And your Romney has said that he’ll do no better with the economy in his first term if elected!!! You’re an idiot if you think that our economy could be fixed in a short 4 years. Your guy has no better chance with his serving up OUR taxpayer dollars to feed the wealthy!!

          • Joy, 8 days after Obama was sworn in, Romney made a remark about his failed policies. I watched the recent interview where Romney says it will take at least 8 years to fix the economy, yet his mouth flaps all the time because it is not fixed.

          • He’s The Reason Our Economy Is Screwed Up He Not Paying His Fair Share Of Taxes Investing And Hiding Money Overseas, Stripping And Shipping American Companies And American Jobs!! Romney Is An American One Man Destruction Zone All By Himself !! Romney And People Like Romney Is Destroying America From The Inside Out!!

          • highpckts

            Romney just said that on Meet the Press!! He cannot be expected to fix the economy in 4 short years!! What is that all about??? Geez, I thought he said he was going to fix everything on his first day in office!!

          • Unless He Return The Money He Made To The Companies That He Loaded Down With Debt, So They Can Open Back Up And Return The Other Money He Made And Return The Jobs He Shipped Overseas Or Maybe He Will Just Rub On His Magic Underwear And Make A Wish The Economy To Be Fixed After He Is One Of Those Who Destroy It In The First Place!!!

          • tokoloshi27

            Fern; your “magic underwear” comment is out of bounds. If the race card is Obama-Biden’s home turf and off limits to others, religion is Romney-Ryan’s.

          • Gammaanya

            Asked your Arnold the muscle man wonderer, his buddies got rich on Californians – very RICH. CHeck your facts . Obama do not run states – NONE OF THE PRESIDENTS DO.

          • Speaking of welfare mentality, the 1% with all the loopholes are welfare recipients just as much as the poor lady getting food stamps to feed her children. The difference being, his children will probably not starve if he doesn’t get his welfare chck.

          • ExPAVIC

            Repent you sinner….repent.

          • highpckts

            California has always been in trouble!! Not Obamas fault! That state was going downhill when Bush was on office!!

          • Cause The Governator Was To Busy Screwing The Maid Instead Of Doing His Job!!LOL

          • You are aware of the fact that welfare was not created for the benefit of America’s minorities. FDR, created it in the 30’s, minorities were not eligible for it until the mid 60’s. The Government created it for the purpose of helping citizens suffering from the effects of the great depression, and rightly so. So today it’s helping citizens suffering from the effects of our great recession, again rightly so.

          • The Recession In Which Bush Caused!!

        • OK. Romney is not Hitler, but comparing one to the other is not a disgrace to all Americans, just to Romney if the comparison is apt. I don’t believe it is. However: “Mitt Romney’s plan creates 12 million new jobs in four years, grows the economy and moves Americans off of government dependency and into jobs.” What new jobs? True, he plans to increase defense spending, but he intends to cut everything else — including infrastructure repairs and construction (that infamous pipeline excepted), education, R&D… Extending and increasing tax-cuts to the “job creators” only profits the corporations that “create” manufacturing and service jobs offshore — as in China and India — or across the border (Mexico appears to be a leading producer of flat screen TVs these days). 12 million new jobs at McDonalds,KFC and Burger King?

          • And since his plan hasn’t been spelled out for people, you can’t be sure it will work.

        • Yeah, Hitler only hated one group of people not 1/2 the German population as Robme does. Robme just hates anyone not as rich as he is. He does like the bootlicking wannabes though like Lyin’ Ryan. And he has a use for enough Latinos to do his yard work on all his houses so I guess he ain’t such a bad guy after all.

          • Kocolate

            Also Robme can use the Latinos and Blacks to fight the Wars he plans to either continue or create, while his “Rich Sons” stay at home. After all, we 47% are only begging Peasants!!

          • RVN, actually hitler persecuted other groups of people. He hated Communists, Gays, Unions, etc.

          • I think you need to actually listen to what Romney said in that speech. He was stating the current political situation, he didn’t make any judgements or state anything negative about any of the people who are dependent on the government.
            In fact from what I heard, he is deeply saddened by the fact that so many live in a state of poverty when it really isn’t necessary.
            I’m very curious about why so many are offended by a truthful statement of facts about the political situation in America today.

        • oldtack

          You have never read the Chronology of the Rise of the Third Reich have you? Not the book – the Chronology. Not the masses – the elite.
          These very same threads are found in Hitler’s speeches. Read the utterances of Himmler and Goebels.

          I have said it before and I will say it now

          Romney/Ryan is the 21st Century reincarnation of Hitler/Himmler/Goebels of the Third Reich.

          It is not WE THE PEOPLE, sir, but YOU who is a disgrace to America.

        • lkreu

          WTF – I NEVER compared Romney to Hilter, I have no idea where you read that. Race is what a lot of it is about.

          • SaneJane

            I believe this response was directed to Dominick.

        • My reference to Hitler and de Klerk was not a comparison to Romney but an illustration of the values – or lack thereof – that influence the decision of those who are determined to remove Barack Obama from the Oval Office, not because of policies or the decisions he has made since he was inaugurated, but because of what he represents to them. If Mickey Mouse was Obama’s opponent they would vote for our beloved rodent if that is what it took to remove Obama from the Oval Office for other than serving lemonade.
          I don’t consider Mitt Romney a two-headed monster, but I believe his proposed plan and his record are the last thing we need. His words and his demeanor reflect the arrogance of an elitist, so out of touch with mainstream America that he believes most of us are making over $250K, that we do not need the social programs we depend on to survive, and that we are all unworthy human beings who depend on undeserving handouts. Arrogance, greed, and egotism are not virtues, and they are definitely not what we should be looking for when we choose a President.

          • Dominick, I understood what you said. The is such a thing as functionally illiterate. They can read and write, but can’t understand what they read.

          • Elsa

            I do not think you need to defend what you said, especially to people who call Obama a Communist, Socialist and a Fascist all in the same sentence. I did not take you comments that way, but then I can read more than comic books and understood what you were comparing.

        • May be no comparison to Hitler (that man sure was evil). However, Mitt Romney, dividing the country’s (47% as imbeciles and poor) and don’t give a F#SH# about them is evil. How can you divide a country you aspires to govern. that ‘s real prejudice and discrimination. I am shocked to a statement like that from anyone (indoor, outdoor, closed door, camera or not)that is running for public office. If a prospective candidate, can talk and act this way, what is going to do, when, and if he is elected to office. Will he bannish all the poor, and welfare recipients, to another country. Please somebody remind good ol’ Mitt that this was country that was build for it ‘s people and not for the rich alone. A presidential aspirant, should be compassionate. Please dear Mitt Romney, rationalize, and do not close the door behind you – we are not all lucky at the same time. GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

          • Romney is not like hitler. However, I have studied hitler and his regime because I wanted to know how an entire country could follow an insane madman. One thing my studies show is that is is scary to have a party trying to destroy one party and take over the other party. Another thing hitler did was supress votes.

          • neece00

            Suppressing votes, mmmmm, sounds like something we are dealing with here.

          • tokoloshi27

            Like Acorn and the new black panthers?

          • toko, Acorn was another example of money and dirt used in politics. If you had studied the entire thing this is what you would have found:
            The silly little college repug and his silly little co-hort went into the office of Acorn and said they were looking for a way to get some underage girls to use for sex trade. The baffled clerk tried to feel them out to get enough information to turn them in. Meanwhile they are making a film. What happened right after they left the office he turned them in to authorities.

          • tokoloshi27

            Maggie, sure that was one incident. Also Obama worked for them before he had his issues with the Illinois Bar Association. Acorn has a really checkered history with voter registration.

        • Kocolate

          No, I think not that the comparison of Romney to Hitler is a disgrace – the truth of the matter is “ROMNEY IS A DISGRACE” to all Americans whether they realize it or not.

        • BTW, Republicans play the “race card” everytime they drive around with car stickers that read “anybody but Obama”. Consider the meaning of that little phrase before you respond.

          • tokoloshi27

            Where does Herman Cain (who was not forced out of the primaries by fellow republicans) fit into this cute scheme?

        • Lovefacts

          I think Romney’s campaign, with their lies and refusal to acknowledge fact-checkers, believes in the theory: Tell a lie often enough and it is accepted as the truth. This is a loss for all of us. FWIW, I get just as upset by anyone lying. Trust is fragile. When it’s broken, it’s very hard to rebuild. And when someone is identified as telling whoppers, then even when they tell the truth no one believes them.

        • CPANY

          It is inexplicable to me that seniors would vote for a bunch of guys who want to pick their pockets by reducing seniors’ medical and Social Security benefits. Further, if Romney gets into the presidency, he’ll gut the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation so that even private pension plans will go under and will drastically reduce the percentage that pension plans must be fully funded by the sponsoring employers.

          • Dmullins84

            I am one senior that will not be voting for Romney, i’m a 83 year old male who worked for 44 years. Retired from the Air Force in 1971 with 22 year’s of honorable service, went on to work for the Federal Government for another 22 plus years, and I do pay Federal Income tax, and feel this man does not deserve to be Commander in Chief of our Military Forces. He really does not know what it’s all about. If in fact he should go on to win we will be in another war within a year. The hardliners working with him will tell him when to squat and what color. The hardliners who worked for President Bush is also advising Romney on Foreign Affairs and who know what else.

        • hilandar1000

          Exactly — Romney is a disgrace to all Americans — and to all American ideals as well.

        • sheilab2

          Romney is a disgrace to the human race-hope he loses so big time that he never, ever considers even running for dog catcher. What a boob !!!!

          • old_blu

            sheila, you know you have to tell all the “boobs” how sorry you are now don’t you?

          • neece00

            I really think the GOP are very disappointed in the choice they have for the election. They tried to get someone else but alas, Romney and his money beat the rest of them out. Actually, it is kind of funny.

          • Good That’s What They Get Karma Is A Bitch When You Are On The Wrong Side Of It!!!LOL

          • Oh No Not A Dog Catcher Don’t Forget He’s An Animal Abuser He Would Have The Poor Dogs Strapped To The Top Of The Truck!!!!

        • Poor 130racist, you have a problem reading. No one compared Romney to Hitler. It was merely said that these people would back hitler. Now, you can lie all you want to and you have never had an original thought. You regurgitate talking points by radicals. You have also let it slip that you are a racist.

        • Neither Ikreu or Dominick compared Romney to Hitler. Dominick did compare people who would vote for Romney to people who would vote for Hitler. Ikreu never mentioned Hitler.
          The “race” card has already been played (like a broken record) by Mitt Romney and the Republican party.

          Still others want to blame Obama for all their woes. I am curious to know how Obama is responsible for the bankrupcy of cities?

        • I think Romney is a disgrace to all Americans!

        • metrognome3830

          No, it’s a disgrace to Romney and the Republican party that supports him.

        • romney is a disgrace to him self, his party and the American people. he has showed over and over again that he is only for one set of people and they are white and rich. also it is about race and the color of ones skin

        • joyscarbo

          The REAL disgrace is a fellow American who is calling half the population shiftless, lazy and a bunch of moochers! There are many out there who are struggling financially but are working multiple jobs. No one is a failure just because they couldn’t afford college, work a blue collar job or lost their job to an economy that republicans created!!!!
          Romney is a disgrace!!!

        • ellen_h

          Romney played the race card when he said it would be helpful if he was Hispanic. Romney is the disgrace to all Americans and people all around the world can see it!

        • He didn’t say Romney was Hitler or even a comparison. His reference was that if Hitler or de Klerk was Obama’s opponent, then the Republicans would just vote blindly for either………..The Republicans are not happy with their Party representative for President, but will just keep on supporting him, no matter how assinine his statements are. I’m in that 47%, retired, and pay taxes every time I draw a retirement check……none of which is from the government. If this is what he says while speaking off the cuff, just wait until the debates. We don’t need a president who talks off the cuff. We need a President who wisely chooses his words after thinking throughly concerning government policy, the American people, and the world in general. If he wishes to be rude and arrogant, then perhaps he needs to take his 13% tax money and retire from public office. He has no desire to “worry about me”. I want a President who worries about 100% of the American people……..not pick and choose the elite. Romney is an elistist with no concern for America……….just the ones who have their noses so far up their asses that they cannot possibly understand the needs of America. I’ll continue to pay my 25-35% taxes on my retirement funds just like most of the 47% of the American people while the elitists “skimp by” on their 13%.


        • He didn’t compare Romney to hitler he compared you and your Limbag intellect to the people who elected Hitler.

      • Romney Will Stick His Foot Back In His Mouth Soon, Watch Him Say Some Other Low Life Comment!! Romney Is His Own Worst Enemy You Don’t Have To Go Looking For Dirt On This Fool He Will Tell On His Own Self And The GOP/Tea Party Is Mad As Hell At Him!!! LOL That What They Get Running A Low Life Thug Who Made His Living Destroying American People Lives!!! Romney Is Only Out For Romney And That Does Not In No Way Make A Good President Of The United States Who Is Suppose To Be For ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES NOT JUST FOR THE WEALTHY PEOPLE WHO’S FUNDING ROMNEY LOW LIFE LYING CAMPAIGN!!!

        • Arrogant, self serving fools always reveal and hang themselves fortunately

          • Right, you mean like Obama wanting to redistribute the wealth, yours included?

          • ” wanting to redistribute the wealth ‘
            Another Republican piece of misinformation, nobody but the Republican Party has said anything about redistributing the wealth. All we want is for the wealthy to pay taxes at the SAME rates we have to pay them

          • So in reality, what percentage of your total income do you pay in taxes?

            I guarantee you the dollars you pay in taxes are way less than the dollars paid by wealthier Americans.

            Oh, by the way, almost all of the people elected to congress, and who get into the white house fall into the category you’re describing, regardless of political party.

            I truly believe that if you did get your wish, of a ‘flat tax’, which republicans have been striving for, for decades, you’d wind up paying a lot more each year in taxes. Along with those ‘wealthier Americans’.

            And No, I’m not a Republican.

          • Randy I am in the 25% tax bracket. I grew up in a middle class family. I learned a trade. My brother is a self made man and Reagan Republican. He is in the top 1.5% income bracket. Owning his own business with 77 employees and making over 7 times what I make in a year. I understand why he votes the way he does. He was home over Labor day and insisted discussing politics. all I heard was him whining and b_tching about bloated gov’t, taxes he pays and similar belief people collecting unemployment are lazy etc… Won’t take a low income job to try and use that to move up. There is some truth in that but not a paint brush stroke about everyone. I finally got tired of it and said “dude I never asked you for a nickel. But I’d be doing freaking hand stands in the street if I made what you made. I just took a freaking 8% paycut last year. What’s amusing is my brother’s company is related to the auto industry. So the auto bailout actually indirectly helped his business. He doesn’t like to admit that. More importantly is this: WHEN YOU ARE WEALTHY! DOORS ARE OPENED FOR YOU!!! That an avg middleclass person doesn’t get opened. There are all kinds of privileges that come with wealth outside of money. Meeting interesting people, getting VIP treatment etc… My brother has a friend who sold his company for 90 mil and got 35 mil out of deal. Point being if my brother had a business idea he could pitch it to this guy for possible financing of idea. If I hd an idea I would not have those kinda connections. Personally I have no problem ending the Bush tax cuts for EVERYONE. If it is used for debt payoff. Raise retirement age to 67. Paying off the national debt is good for the future of this country.

          • joyscarbo

            Republican platitudes won’t save your party now. Are you sad to see the delegitamacy of the republican party?! Unless you’re a wealthy individual, who is genuinely THAT stupid to support the policies and platforms of the neo-conservative republican party?! It’s you right wingnuts who have drank the perverbial kool-aide and sold yourself out, as well as nearly half of your fellow Americans.
            Shame on you.

          • Every time someone spends money, it is being “redistributed.” Circulating money is what the economy needs, that is redistribution.

          • nooooo, like how stupid can you be to want someone take away your grandparents and parents benefits after giving the government their retirement money to get medical help and society social benefits when needed stupiddddd.

          • tbsa

            If you had a half a brain you would know mitt was talking about you.

        • You mean wealthy people like Beyonce and jay Z …Pitt Cloony ? George Soros …Those kind of wealthy people donating to a campaign or big banking and Wall street that is donating to Obama at a 3 to 1 clip and against their own best interests

          • CAThinker

            No dumb ass – not against their own “best” interests – you mean against their personal interest (bank accounts). Unlike the oinkers like the Koch Bros, Adelson and the rest, these people are not donating to ensure a fatter future bank account, they’re donating in the hopes of a better future for everyone. Go away you sickening Talipublican troll – take the rest of the dumb asses posting here with you – I’m sure you have much more in common with Rush Limbag and Glenn Beck than any of the regulars here. Just go away.

      • Romney Is His Own Worst Enemy His Ego Get In The Way Every Time!!LOL

        • Thats funny you mention ego when Obama is the biggest arrogant narcissist in History

          • highpckts

            And on what do you base these facts???? Has he EVER said anything remotely close to what Romney just said??

          • We actually listen to what comes out of his mouth, and compare that to what he actually does in reality.

            And what Romney said was just stating facts, just because you don’t like the truth doesn’t change it.

            I didn’t hear any arrogant comments in what he said, just statements of reality in our country today.

            It truly is sad that such a large percentage of people in this country are totally reliant on the government for everything, when they could have so much more if they just took some initiative and went after it.

            Again, for clarity, I’m not a Republican.

      • Yu-Yin Ling

        You do realize that Obama has done more to hinder the lives of African Americans than help? You should look up some unemployed statistics. Obama promised change, his result was he could make the country worse off than before.

        Romney is far from perfect. In fact Romney really is a poor candidate. But in weighing the alternatives, we cannot allow Obama to continue. Examine the deficit. Its doubled under Obama. Common sense dictates that when you don’t have money you don’t take your credit card and blow your only means of survival on frivolous things.

        I sincerely do not see why people turn this into a race issue. It is kinda funny really that someone refers to voting for Romney like one would vote for Hitler. You do realize the Nazi party was a Socialist party, and the majority of Obama’s policies are socialist by design.

        Sadly we do not have the luxury to live under a liberal administration. With staggering unemployment encroaching on levels of the Great Depression, and an economy that is near depression, we require a conservative approach. It sucks, but after a 14 year joy-ride, mostly thanks to Reagan, its time to pay the price and fix the national and global economy. Unfortunately Obama is not the man to do it.

        • yu, try using facts. If you inherited a house and found the roof was leaking and did not have the money to fix it, you would do one of two things: Let the leak destroy the house or borrow money to fix the leak. President Obama inherited a leaking economy. He has plugged the leak and when stimulus bills are okay’d to get people working, then he will have money to pay down the deficit. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but a lot of half facts, distortions and downright lies shows me which party not to vote for.

          Facts: Unemployment was 9.3% under the Bush Aministration and growing. 750,000 jobs a month were being lost. Under the Obama administration, job growth is still slow, but there has been steady job growth for 30 months. President Reagan would be ashamed of what has happened to the GOP. Reagan tried so-called trickle down and found it was not working. He scrapped it and raised taxes several times. We had a surplus under Clinton. He raised taxes.

          Fact: The nazi party called itself socialistic, but in reality it was a dictatorship brought about in part by voter supression. The only true socialistic government in the world, today, is Norway. They also have a democracy where their leaders are elected.

          In 2001, Bush enacted the tax cuts we still have today. It was supposed to give tax breaks to the wealthy (Know in his world as “job creators.”). Since these tax breaks are still in effect, then we must have a great economy and never was on the brink of a depression. So enjoy your prosperity.

          • You know the problem I have with your reply is that yes Obama inherited a leaky economy. And what did he do?
            He bails out GM and puts it on the tax payers to pay for the poor management of GM.
            He bails out banks, and puts it on the tax payers to pay for the poor management of the banks.
            He has implemented programs to let millions of people who entered into binding contracts, off the hook, or to just renegotiate their mortgages at lower principal, and all of that ‘lowered principal’ is going to wind up on the tax payers backs.
            Why am I being required to pay for poor management decisions of corporations, and banks that got into those messes because they were incredibly greedy.
            And believe me, there are millions of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats that caused the economic situation we are in today. And it was pure greed that did it.
            I’m not a Republican or Democrat, but I believe we need to live up to our obligations, and pay the prices for our mistakes. I don’t agree with paying the price for someone else and their mistakes.
            Now that our ‘leaders’ in congress and president, both past and present have gotten us to where we are today. Which is $16,000,000,000.00 in debt (and counting), we must stop the bleeding and actually start paying off that debt. And I honestly don’t see Obama as doing that or even approaching that in any way shape or form.
            I’m not a huge fan of Romney, but I believe he will move us toward a more stable economy and reduce the deficit. I honestly don’t think even he will or can start paying down the debt we owe.
            I honestly expect Obama to win, I wish and hope he doesn’t, but sadly I think he will. And the next thing I hope for is that the Republicans in congress will put a screeching halt to increasing the national debt ceiling the next time it comes up for vote.
            I know it will be painful for all of us when this occurs, but I think it will be far less painful than allowing the national debt to continue unchecked.

          • Randy, you, too, are one of those who is blinded by ideology. Yes, Obama bailed out GM, brought some manufacturing back to this country, created over a million jobs and GM paid back the money to the government, unlike AIG. What the government needs is revenue. Revenue comes from taxes. The man, in India, making 83 cents an hour is not paying taxes to this country, nor is he consuming goods in this country. The working person has been devalued for years to get him to accept lower wages. With the cost of living what it is in this country, he cannot compete with the overseas pay, which in some countries, is slave labor. You are asking the working man to accept what he can get and quit asking for more while the CEOs of his company get 6 million dollar bonuses.
            Now, if the Republican plan of giving more tax breaks to the so-called “job creators” works, then we would have had a booming economy under Bush up to now as the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy have been in effect since 2001. Those who are milking this government are not the poor. The wealthy can afford to use their money to convince the poor saps of this country to trust them and to continue draining the country of the cash it needs to operate.

        • I find it funny that a person with the name of Yu-Yin Ling is telling me about the lives of African Americans. Judging by the name, Yu- Yin Ling is not African American and would know little about the lives of African Americans.
          you speak of Obama’s spending did you examine this data;
          • “WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Of all the falsehoods told about President Barack Obama, the biggest whopper is the one about his reckless spending spree, it didn’t happen. Although there was a big stimulus bill under Obama, federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since Dwight Eisenhower brought the Korean War to an end in the 1950s.
          • Here are the facts, according to the official government statistics:
          • • In the 2009 fiscal year — the last of George W. Bush’s presidency — federal spending rose by 17.9% from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. Check the official numbers at the Office of Management and Budget.• In fiscal 2010 — the first budget under Obama — spending fell 1.8% to $3.46 trillion. • In fiscal 2011, spending rose 4.3% to $3.60 trillion. • In fiscal 2012, spending is set to rise 0.7% to $3.63 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the budget that was agreed to last August. • Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion. Read the CBO’s latest budget outlook. Over Obama’s four budget years, federal spending is on track to rise from $3.52 trillion to $3.58 trillion, an annualized increase of just 0.4%. There has been no huge increase in spending under the current president, despite what you hear.”

    • ANN

      Thank you..So well said..

    • joyscarbo

      I’m only surprised by the unmitigated gall it takes to make such sweeping, disparaging statements.

    • SaneJane

      I don’t know about other areas of the country but here in Alabama his supporters do not think he is talking about them. Even if they did understand that he is talking about them it wouldn’t matter in a contest between a white man and a black man.

    • metrognome3830

      I couldn’t have said it any better, Dominick. So I won’t try.

    • Me, Myself and I

      What I also find highly interesting is even after being confronted with their consistent lies (We’re not going to base our platform on fact checking), even after being dubbed Lyin’ Ryan in the media and even after confessing the reason why they continue to lie is because, ‘it works!’ these people still support this team.

      But what these people don’t get, what these people are too dense to understand is that by confessing they lie and will continue to lie because it works is that Romney and Lyin’ Ryan must believe the average republican supporter is lazy and stupid.

      Too lazy to fact check and too stupid to care. And the thing is, the burden of believing this deceptive duo lies on the shoulders of their supporters. And astonishingly the republican supporters believe what they’re being told! (Although I’m pretty sure they would not accept this type of behavior from their doctors, mechanics, neighbors, spouses or children, which begs the question as to why they accept it from their leaders.)

      So now we know what Romney thinks of the ENTIRE nation. He believes his own supporters are lazy and stupid so his team and party are going to continue to lie and Romney believes the other 47% of the country are hopeless irresponsible moochers.

      This wasn’t a Freudian slip, this wasn’t an accident, I have no doubt Romney meant and believed every word he uttered. He thought he was alone with likeminded people. This is like taking a photo of someone who doesn’t know they’re being observed. We get the real picture.

      Do their republican supporters believe that by voting for them, they will be exempt from the poison from this team, should they, god forbid, gain access to the White House? Do the republicans actually believe that the Romney/Ryan platform is only for the democrats, that none of it will touch them? That’s terribly naive.

      Obama cracked the Good Old White Boy veneer that’s held the White House in a grip since Washington sat in office in his powered wig. He’s stopping the rabid plundering of America’s coffers and the American people that’s held this country in a vice like grip for generations. He’s loosening the steely hold of the greedy power of the Big One Percent and making them back off.

      Now we understand why there are some who hate him worse than the horror to come from Romney and Ryan should they grab the White House.

      With Obama re-elected this could be the first time in my lifetime that I will actually experience an America that is truly for The People.

    • Dazednconfused1

      It’s not that they despise OB. It’s just that sooo many people are “PARROTHEADS”! Unintrested in doing research for themselfs and lesrning the true facts! Ob has many wordly achivetements unknown to the uneducated , unenvolved in politics North Americians! People have always followed the wealthy thinking the glow will radiate onto them, instead of getting involved.

  • BDD1951

    I happen be one of the lower middle class and I for sure pay income taxes. There’s supposed more of the tape today. I can hardly wait.

  • bcarreiro

    The web you wieve when you practice to deceive…………….you have written off the people and you single out people who need a hand up, not a hand out. Kicking someone when they are already down…WEAK!! WE THE PEOPLE cant’ expect him to understand but (to be reasonable)We have to accept that you are as dumb as you look.

  • I am not certain that this election will turn on comments of this nature. There are so many Americans who just can’t wait to get rid of the “top spook”, that they would vote for Bozo the Clown, to dump the man.

    This election is going to turn on three things: the economy, the economy, and the economy. I work in Afghanistan ,and most people can’t find Afghanistan on a map. No one cares about Muslims rioting in Yemen, or anywhere else. Who cares about foreigners?

    The working people of America, who must pay for welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing,and the whole host of social ills that are generated by the “welfare class”, are just fed up. And this November they will show it.

    • johninPCFL

      And all of those programs amount to less than $500B in spending. That’s not a small number, to be sure, but eliminate all of it, shut down the entire fedgov, and you’re still $1T in the hole just supporting SS, Medicare, Medicaid and the military.

    • awakenaustin

      I marvel at the delusional belief system that allows people to believe that others actually want to be poor. A belief system which permits you to believe others prefer ill-health over health, poverty over wealth, no education over a good education, no job and the inability to support oneself over a real job opportunity and the satisfaction of taking care of oneself.
      The “welfare class” is a delusion. It is a ‘bogeyman’ dreamed up to scare children. It is a device used to pit the middle and moderately incomed against the working and non-working poor. It basically ignores systemic causes of poverty: no jobs, low-paying jobs, ill-health, poor education, mental illness, age, drug addiction and alcoholism. (Approximately half of those getting food stamps are children.) It pretends that individuals have total control of their own lives and that they are completely responsible for everything good or bad that happens to them. It is a fantasy and those who believe it live in a fantasy world detached from reality. They will claim they worked hard for everything they got and everyone else can do the same. “Success in a lottery is no justification for a lottery.” (with apologies to the source of that quote) If life is so wonderful in the”welfare class,” then join it.
      It comes down to this. Do you live in a community which includes everyone or not? If you live in a community which includes everyone then there are mutual obligations running in every direction. If you benefit from the community then you have an obligation to it. In modern societies taxes are the way in which most persons meet their obligation to contribute directly to the community.
      Everyone, even those without children, benefits from good schools and well educated students.
      Community and civilization are always works in progress. There weren’t any good old days, there is, however, the possibility of tomorrow.

      • SaneJane

        Many have been pushed into poverty by the recession and many more by the policies and practices, mostly Republican, over the past 30 years.

      • Awake, I used to work for Health and Welfare and most people who are using that system are hard working people. We have people who are working two underpaid jobs and can’t make ends meet. Some of them have learning disabilties. So, like hitler, should be detest them and maybe come up with a solution other than helping them a little. Some of them were born in poverty and are trying to claw their way out of it for the next generation. Yes, there were users who milk the system, but Clinton’s welfare reform stopped some of that.

        There are those who have developmental or physical disabilities.

      • bobbreinig

        i would really like to use this ,, i hoep you don’t mind but it is stated so well and to the point..

        • awakenaustin

          Use it if you wish.

    • Charles, they only care about something in the Middle East if they can use it for a talking point.

  • old_blu

    Half of those 47% have already paid into SS now they are elderly and should be getting some of it back, a least we know what Romney/Ryan think of the rest of America.

    Obama/Biden 2012

    • For people like Mitt Romney, not being a millionaire is a sign of failure, depending on social programs we contributed to throughout our professional lives becomes welfare, and helping the poor becomes a sin to be rejected by Christians. The only way to understand the Tea Party mentality is to apply negative logic to it. I am not outraged by their comments, in fact, I welcome them. At this rate, the only supporters Mitt will have on 11/6 will be the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and bigots.

      • old_blu

        I agree I like it when they open their mouths, everytime one of them does open their mouths they lose more support.

  • “[M]y job is not to worry about those people” do I need to say more, he said it short and sweet.

  • msrita


  • Enforce immigration laws, dont reward them for being here illeagally! WHy shoud we school their kids, give welfare etc? They complain about entitlements but yet freely give them to people who dont deserve them! On one hand they say to the illeagals “it not ok to be here but ehile your here we will take care of you’. Then on the other hand they say to the elderly, disabled, vets, retired “you dont deserve what you paid for”, we’ll give your entitlements to those that dont

    • BDD1951

      I agree with you on most of your statement. However, I worked for the school system and am retired from there. The idea that little children can’t go to our schools because they are illegal disturbs me. It’s not their fault.

    • What you point, Romney doesn’t care about people like you, but you are still voting for him.

    • Talk to some Indian on a reservation, might make you feel better about your venture here.

  • RichardPatrock

    His comments should not have been off the cuff. He is giving a sales pitch and any good salesman knows that the pitch itself is well-planned and considered. These remarks weren’t generated by a curve-ball question thrown him.

    I still don’t understand where the Republicans arrive at 47-50% of Americans not paying federal income tax. The median income level represents the value that 1/2 the families earn less and 1/2 the families earn more. The median income level used to be in the top 40,000 range. Most people earning 20,000 to 50,000 labor for their money so income tax is taken out from their paychecks before they see it. What are they saying then, that 1) most people aren’t in the system but are paid under the table?, 2) most people not paying federal income tax are on the higher side of the median since they may get their money through investments or keep it through write-offs, and the Republicans are hoping nobody asks? 3) they are counting children in this number and really expect them to start paying taxes from their allowances? How can they get away with stating these numbers without being challenged as to what they mean?

    • His comments reflect his convictions, but that will not prevent the GOP from blaming the liberal media that had the audacity of letting the rest of us know what happened. To them, what is important is not policy or values, but keeping us in the dark until 11/6 so that they can complete what W could not finish: the demise of the middle class and the implementation of an oligarchy.

    • frivolous01

      They are counting children, disabled, and the elderly. They are also discounting people that pay payroll taxes. Payroll taxes actually account for 36% of all federal revenue. Once you take out the people that are paying payroll taxes you get about 17% that aren’t paying any taxes at all; mostly disabled, elderly, and students.

      • RichardPatrock

        It seems a dangerous ploy to express a desire to tax children, disabled, the elderly and stay at home spouses. Take for instance a stay-at-home spouse, such as Romney’s wife. She was offended with the discussion about how she didn’t work. Well, she does work and she should be taxed in the Romney world, including social security and Medicare, according to the perks her job gives her. Her lifestyle is a pretty nice one so her tax load should be pretty high. Does the GOP really want to pile taxes sky high on families, like this?

    • The understanding comes Richard in how they make their money vs how the 47% make ours. They do not have withholding taxes so they do their paying after 15 months have gone by and hopefully they are able to find a way to not have to pay taxes in April. Most of us (US) have had our taxes paid with every check we receive and at the end of the year we find whatever deductions we can use to lower our tax liabilities but we have already PAID our taxes and that is a conviently forgotten talking point

  • Russ49

    I’m 63 and paid into every government program all my life. I have three college degrees and was a teacher all my life., and am responsible. I now collect Social Security, and will probably benefit from Medicare and other programs eventually. I look at the programs as a 401K or insurance that is going to be there for me when I need it. It is my money, not the government’s or Mitt’s. Mitt is totally out of touch. If you are independent, please vote for Obama. Romney would be a nightmare. Probably worse than Bush.

    • Russ, I am sure most Americans share your thoughts and had similar experiences. I worked 44 years, was never unemployed, never collected welfare or any kind of government assistance, paid taxes and contributed to SS and FICA throughout my professional career, paid the maximum SS contribution year after year, and I resent people like Mitt Romney insinuating we are free loaders taking handouts from the government. We worked for what we earned and we paid for the services we get…without inflicting pain and misery on fellow Americans like he did.

      • hilandar1000

        Same here, Dominick. Do you know anything about the rate of return on the average American’s investment in Social Security. It’s not like anyone is handed a lump sum when turning 65. The money we’ve put into social security should still be earning interest for many years after age 65, as it did for all one’s working years. How is it possible for anyone to consider social security a “hand-out” for free-loaders?

  • Russ49

    Don’t forget that he said if you need money, “borrow it from your parents”.

    • Russ, if their parents had enough money to send their kids to college, they wouldn’t have to borrow it. They would give it to them.

  • Mitt Romney’s Video==It’s bull.. He knows this tape got out. His staff knows.. What he talks about, He knows is bull as well.. Noone’s that stupid.. He was just shooting off trying to arouse a deep seated prejudice that the average joe– Black, white, green or blue possesses. He even says that in so many words.. The independents vote for us because the get emotional over something that strikes home with them and they don’t like the other guy.. That’s all true.. That’s called the Swing vote.. The big issue with Romney isn’t Romney at all.. It’s the manager who really ran a poor campaign letting him attack any sitting President when that’s the last straw you pull not the first.. Mitt needs to look himself in the mirror and ask– Would I vote for Me? NO! He has no appeal. He’s just an opportunist who wants to be in the white house.. Well ask President Obama to rent him a room.. Daniel

    • BDD1951

      Way to go, Daniel

  • Russ49

    Mitt lives on a different planet. One where everyone is rich and doesn’t care about those who are poor and less fortunate in the USA. Send him back to where he came from. Please!


    Romney has elegantly stated the major plank in the Republican party ideology. The only thing surprising to me is that he admitted it. He seems to forget all of the corporate welfare that he receives and has benefited from.

  • tokoloshi27

    Speaking about different planets…he is talking to a group of supporters asking for campaign support. He’s not talking about “when I’m president not doing anything for 47% of the people…” he is obviously saying that he can’t reach that 47% with a rational message, because they are looking for the continuation of the mushroom liberal format they are comfortable with.

    It isn’t a stretch, nor is it elegantly stated – which is all he said. Nor is this as damning as the President’s “you didn’t build that” comment that disrespected everyone on the other side of that 47% divide. What they did earn – wasn’t given to them for just for voting for liberals…

    • frivolous01

      Um no, you are incorrect. He stated that 47% of the population consider themselves victims and that “I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. ‘ Considering that all but 17% of these people pay payroll taxes (and most of the rest are elderly, disabled, and students) I think that they are taking responsibility. You can’t spin this one, what he said was an insult to all Americans, except maybe the rich.

      As for the ‘you didn’t build that comment’; maybe you need to look at what he actually said. Actually, since you can’t seem to be bothered to look it up I’ll do it for you:

      “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business–you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

      Unless you are trying to claim that entrepreneurs were born, taught themselves, built the roads they needed, invented their own internet, didn’t hire any workers but did all the work themselves, made their own paper, grew their own food, etc. No, they did none of that, none of us can go it on our own. We all depend on each other whether we want to see it or not.

    • “you didn’t build that” was taken completely out of context. What Romny sad came out of his ass.

    • CAThinker

      Oh brother – apparently you only heard the part of “you didn’t build that” that you wanted to hear and the blather that the Talipublicans keep pushing… I defy anyone to get some land, say somewhere in the middle of North Dakota and make something of it without using any federally paid for infrastructure… I’ll bet you can’t spend a day without encountering ten things that wasn’t the result of government largesse…

      • tokoloshi27

        CA Thinker; why is all “infra structure” “federally” paid for. Are you really sure that you want to use the word “largesse” for government funded?

        I find your thinking skewed; just because I may have paid the (various) government(s) both taxes and user fees – the stuff we get for those moneys is a benevolent gift from them?

        The truth, as I see it, is that they work for me/us – there ain’t no largesse here. Until lately if the servants of the people didn’t produce the things the people needed they were voted out. Simple equation. Now the liberal big lie is that government is entitled to what ever they vote themselves out of my/our paychecks; to do with as they will (which of course boils down to buying votes to keep themselves in office).

  • I am not surprised at all by his remarks. But do not forget that he was speaking to a group of
    very wealthy people and trying to get their support. I think ALL people running for office do
    the same thing. I am not supporting his views but he constantly agrees with the people he is
    with. If he is elected President, you will see a different Romney. He will be more moderate
    than he is now. To get elected, he has to appeal to the right wing Republicans.

  • epubcar

    Romney and his group are nothing but Nazis. They are the Fourth Reich incarnate.

    What next, Soylent Green factories to process the retired, handicapped and other less fortunate into fertilizer? Concentration camps instead of Social Security and Medicare?

    Sounds like Hitlers race purification policies!

    Take this inhuman piece of protoplasm down to the river and lose him with a lead weight.

    • I couldn’t agree more – the sooner this POS is lost from America’s collective memory the better off we’ll be….IF we learn from this disgusting excuse for a man and his deplorable, abhorant campaign against Americans….yuck !

      BTW – my Mormon mother loathes him too…..there are Mormons with scruples…mitty just ain’t one of ’em.

  • Romney Mormanism showing up. Anti Christ.
    Anti poor–Pro rich–Pro abortion
    “My first act will be to defiund Planned Parenthood”
    PP prevents more abortions than any unit in America.
    Defund=increase abortions

    • Actually, Romney is not following the teachings of his religion. Mormon children are taught to do service work for those less fortunate.

  • Mitt Romney is a stupid ass. As are all Republicans who think the term ” entitlements” is a term which means 47 % of Americans are sitting around collecting food stamps and having fun. And that those 47 % are too stupid to find a job. Like going to college is going to help.
    We are workers. Hard working Americans who built things in this country. While our bosses, who sat around in a board room, made the statements ” Look what I’ve done.” And they don’t even know how to swing a hammer.
    They look at workers as disposable human beings. When those workers get sick or hurt on the job, throw them away and get another. After all, if they were more intelligent, they would have better jobs.
    The fact is, we, the workers, cannot do what they do. We cannot be crass. And uncaring. And greedy. And we care about our com-padres. We care about unsafe working conditions. We care about having quality, safe, equipment. And not about cutting those safety measures down as much as possible, to promote our own bottom line. Or those of investors.

  • Adrienne_Amon

    A good many of the 47% do not need government help but they recognize that there are ones that do and they support the help that is needed

  • Rafa8631

    Romney must know that of the 47% mentioned – a large portion of those are elderly, white republicans who I’m sure had planned to vote for him. Maybe not so much now….

  • What Robme said here should surprise no one. Just go to any country club or any place the rich gather to be among “friends” and this is how they talk and think about those “little” people who weren’t born with that silver spoon or were unlucky to only be working 2-3 jobs trying to raise a family and live life as they are able. Best thing is that at the end of life we are all still just as dead and it will be for nothing how they lived and what they thought.

  • GAPiatt

    So this is how Romney characterizes those who support President Obama. It should not surprise any of us. I work, I pay taxes, fortunately I can contribute to help those who cannot. Thank God we live in a society that has social safety nets. I will be voting for Obama because the Republican Party wants us to forget about how their party helped get us in to this mess. They want us to forget how a Republican President got us involved in two wars without a tax increase to pay for those wars. And, they want us to pretend that trickle down theories really work.

  • marriea

    They won’t. Romney is showing his really true feelings. But we got a hint of that withhis wifes’ comment of YOU people. They are snobs in the truest sense. Many of the middle class people who support Romney don’t realize that they are probably in the same boat as the ‘have not’. If you don’t believe that, just look at the many ‘middle class’ folks who lost just about all they have built in the housing bust. And also many of those who trusted good ole Barney in the Ponzie scheme. They were sitting on top of the world until they weren’t. True there are some folks who feel that they are indeed ‘entitled’ but they represent a very small sampling of the folks involved in recieving some sort of aid. I feel bad for them becuase they don’t realize that those programs are coming to an end anyway in about 10 years or so. If Romney is elected president it will happen to us all and very quickly.

    • It must run in the family. Mitt referred to half the American population as “those people”. Well buddy, I am one of “those people” and I VOTE!

  • Lovefacts

    That sad fact is that most of the 47% are Romney voters, but don’t see themselves as part of the group he’s dissing and doesn’t care about. This percentage is made up of people on social security, receiving veterans benefits, and the white working poor.

    Romney’s wrong.
    1. No one escapes taxes. There are payroll taxes, social security, FICA, unemployment insurance, state witholding, and sales taxes. (These are just a few of the taxes.)
    2. I know of very few Americans who want their fellow Americans–especially children–to go hungry. So, no, I don’t begrudge food stamps. And yes, the number of people using them has gone up. That’s because unemployment is up. Oh, and whites make up the majority using food stamps.
    3. I don’t begrudge unemployment payments. People who work pay into the fund. Many of the people receiving these payments are in their 40s & 50s and have paid into the fund since they started working at 18 or older.
    3. Was he talking about the troops serving in Afghanistan who don’t pay taxes? (Congress passed a law exempting them from paying taxes.)
    4. What did he mean by freeloaders wanting the govenment to pay for medical care? Excuse me, was he talking about Medicare? Was he talking about the injuried veteran getting treatment by the VA? Oh, and the majority of Medicade goes to pay for seniors in nursing homes.
    5. Was he talking about Obama Care? News flash, if you have insurance, it won’t change. If you don’t, pray your state doesn’t disallow the insurance pools. As a TAXPAYER, I resent the anti-Obama Care rhetoric. Why? Because I’m tired of my tax dollars paying for the uninsured and my insurance premiums rising to cover the increase in medical cost because of the uninsured.

    • Granny1948

      Well stated!

    • Lovefacts, my husband spent most of his last five years, on earth, in hospitals. I was talking to an old friend who worked in accounting. She told me that out of every $2500 you pay in medical costs, $800 goes to pay for those who don’t pay. I see nothing wrong with the mandate.

      • Lovefacts

        Exactly, and that’s why, like you, I’m not upset about the mandate. I have a friend with a set of two-year-old twins. She told me the savings from not having to pay for doctors appointments and immunizations has gone a long way toward paying for their health insurance premiums.

    • neece00

      I would like to add these figures to your comment about healthcare; The income of the CEOs for the year 2008, note this is the total CEO Compensation

      ■Aetna, Ronald A. Williams: $24,300,112
      ■Cigna, H. Edward Hanway: $12,236,740
      ■Coventry, Dale Wolf: $9,047,469
      ■Health Net, Jay Gellert: $4,425,355
      ■Humana, Michael McCallister: $4,764,309
      ■U. Health Group, Stephen J. Hemsley: $3,241,042
      ■Wellpoint, Angela Braly: $9,844,212

      These numbers are enough to make everyone mad. Healthcare Reform, bring it on.

      • Lovefacts

        You said it, neeceOO. One thing that few people have talked about re Obama Care is that it requires 80% of premiums be spent on covering patient medical needs instead of the current 20%.

        I think the two biggest mistake mades were: not explaining the benefits average citizen would receive under this bill and allowing the bill’s features to be introduced over a number of years. It should have been fully intergrated by fall 2011.

        • grammyjill

          Republicans wouldn’t let it all go through at once.

        • neece00

          Or the fact that preventative medicine visits (yearly or screening exams) are completely paid with no co-pay or deductable amounts applied. I wonder if the people who got a check back from their insurance because of the new rules wondered where it came from.

      • CAThinker

        Therein lies the obscenity… and the argument for single payer. Aside from this CEO compensation, don’t forget multi-billion dollar profits all of these companies are making… Literally from the misery of others. Now – wouldn’t it be nice if the Government could make that money instead of these private citizens and corporations? And take that money to reduce medical costs overall? Now before the Talipublican trolls start whining – think about all of the other services the Government provides (roads, bridges, common defense) and ask why not healthcare? I don’t want to hear all that socialized medicine crap either…

      • Neeceoo, good post! If everyone would study a few facts, wouldn’t that be nice?

    • I worked in payroll for 30 odd years and I would like to make a correction to your #3. The employee does NOT pay this tax. It is totally paid by the employer. Other than that one statement your remarks are accurate as far as I know.

  • britwit

    Hey Willard: I relied on student loans to get through college, and later law school. And guess what? I paid all those loans back — with interest — and am gainfully employed, raising two children, maintaining my home, and paying taxes in the 28% bracket. I’m a lazy loser?

    Folks, Mitt here has accomplished the unthinkable. He’s managed to insult every sector of the American population as well as several world leaders with very little help from the opposition. And he’s still got 50 days to go!

    • Keep talkin Mitt….does anyone think he actually wants to be President at this point? NOBODY can be this self-destructive.
      and BTW…who’s gonna tell Ann to return that tiara to Tiffanys?

    • neece00

      At this point Barack should just sit back and let Mitt bury himself in his stupidity.

  • 13observer

    I love hearing from you.

    • AmusedAgain

      Oh yes. You will hear from us on Nov 6.

  • 13observer

    thanks, we love hearing from you!

    • metrognome3830

      Tell your handlers to give you some new messages tomorrow.

  • SaneJane

    What struck me about this video was Romney’s natural ease, sincerity and credibility that is glaringly missing from his public speaking demeanor. He does a much better job when he is telling the truth. His acceptance speech was gag worthy compared to this intimate chat with his buds.

  • 13observer

    This is why we can’t let anyone take our guns! Thanks, we love hearing from you…….next.

    • 130, thinking of a whack job like you owning a gun is scary.

  • 13observer

    ………….Muslim Brotherhood……………..thanks, we love hearing from you………….next.

  • 13observer

    ………….thanks for your offering, we love hearing from you……………….. next.

  • Granny1948

    I just don’t understand how anyone can listen to the “baloney” Romney spews! He flip-flops more than Flipper! I hope this video goes viral and the rest of the country can see what they are really getting with him….but then again, they’ll think Romney is right! I’ve paid my taxes all my life based onthe $$ I have made. Bet the “Mittster” can’t say that….

  • 13observer

    ………. when you said “banish the poor to another country”, were you referring to the illegal alien criminals? We love hearing from you……………………….. next.

  • howa4x

    Here is a guy that was born with the silver spoon. He is not a self made man. His father George was CEO of American Motors. Ann Romney admitted that they lived on his trust fund while stationed in Paris on missionary work. He like GWB was given everything so how does he know how the other 47% live? He can deride them easily because he never had to struggle. He never had to be humiliated by loss of job and had to be on unemployment and food stamps. He can make fun of people that were decimated by the recession, and laugh with the other 1% ers who were untouched by the collaspe. Take away all his money and where would he be? What if he had to start in broken family with a single parent, like the president. Do you really think he would have made it this far? The way Romney and Obama grew up is like Dickens tale of two cities. It was the best of times for Romney who spent summers idly, and went to prep schools with other rich kids, and after Harvard went to Wall st to make millions, and it was the worst of times for Obama being brought up with a single parent in a mixed race family, in a distant land. After her death he had to live with her mother and father. He too went to Harvard on a scholorship, and did community organizing to help others, and gie back.
    Now which one of these canidates do you think really understands the trials and tribulations of the middle calss and working poor better? This is what this election is really about!

  • Patrick Marzo

    Not surprised: He was spoon fed since childhood and never had to suffer ……. HIS time will come.

  • SaneJane

    Here is a man who works very hard to limit, ideally eliminate, the income taxes he pays yet condemns those too poor to pay any. Here is a man who says he pays 13% taxes on his enormous income while many workers who do not earn enough to pay income tax have paid up to 15% in payroll taxes. As a percentage of income, the working poor are paying more than Romney pays.

  • IThinkthereforeIVoteMHO

    Whenever I hear Gov. Romney speak these days this is what I hear …
    “Some Folks are born to waive the Flag … Ohh they’re Red, WHITE, and Blue.
    And when the band plays “Bain I’m it’s Chief” … Ooh they point to the damage you do, Mitt.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Governors son, Son
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Fortunate One. Yeah!!
    We 1% Folks are born, silver spoon in hand, Lord, don’t we help ourselves, Oh.
    But when the taxman comes to the door, Lord, the U.S. House looks like a rummage sale, yes.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Millionaires Son, Yo.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Fortunate One.
    We G.O.P.’s inherit star spangled eyes, Ooh, we send you down to war, Lord.
    But when you ask us “how much will you serve ???”
    Ooh, We only answer No More! No More! No More! Yeah.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I ain’t no military son, Son.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am THE Fortunate One.

  • From the word get go Romney,has always talk thur the side of his mouth,that’s what’s wrong with these kind of people they only want what’s in it for themselfs.GREEDY B……’s all about a white man an black man in office Obama for got more than that idoit will ever know

  • Card007

    Romney was a little wrong, not 47% of Americans think they are victims, may be closer to 75% probably think they are victims and feel entitled to handouts…

    • metrognome3830

      75%? That would probably include you, too. Freeloader!

      • Card007

        Nope, I am a cardiologist and my tax money is what pays you when you go stretch your hands to the govt every month and that is why you even have this computer you are now using.. I pay more taxes each year than you will make in your lifetime.

      • Card007

        Nope, I am a cardiologist and my tax money is what pays you when you go stretch your hands to the govt every month and that is why you even have this computer you are now using.. I pay more taxes each year than you will make in your lifetime.

        • metrognome3830

          I’m retired. And I still pay taxes you arrogant ass! You have no idea what I made in a lifetime and only an arrogant ass such as yourself would make such a statement. If I am unfortunate enough to have the need of a cardiologist I can only hope it won’t be you. What the hell ever prompted someone with your attitude to enter the medical field? It could only be for the money. Wow! aren’t we all impressed with you! You, apparently are much more impressed with yourself than the rest of us, however.

          • Card007

            You are the arrogant sob you POS. You started this calling me names, (remember you called me freeloader first, I did not call you anything, you waste of air space.)
            you will not benefit from a cardiologist when you need one, you will see.

          • metrognome3830

            No, you called 75% of the population freeloaders. I just inquired if you were including yourself in such a high number. And I will stay with my original assessment of you. What does your last statement imply? Is that some sort of threat?

          • Card007

            Yes I called 75% freeloaders, did that say metrognome was one of them, I dont think so. But you had to directly attack me personally, you freaking A***Hole.. And I still think you are a miserable POS. Hope you did not breed yet..
            And no it is not a threat, it is a wish !!!.

          • Card007

            Last I heard this is a free country and I can voice my opinion. If you are not one of that 75% you would not have become so defensive, but the very fact you started calling me names, clearly put you on the “guilty list”.. I guess you realized that you were one of the 75% that made you so angry you had to attack me !!!!.

          • Hmmm, Card, if you anger so easy, I wouldn’t want my life to be in your hands. For the sake of the safety of all of us, where do you practice.

          • Card007

            Yes I called 75% freeloaders, did that say metrognome was one of them, I dont think so. But you had to directly attack me personally, freaking A***Hole..
            And I still think you are a miserable POS.
            And no it is not a threat, it is a wish !!!….

          • metrognome3830

            Mr. Cardiologist, if you indeed are one, when you accuse 75% of the population of being freeloaders and only find 25% of the population worthy of being on your exalted level, You may find that even some people in your elite 25% might find your attitude imperious, arrogant. I would judge from your reaction that it is I who have hit a nerve here. I “attacked” you because you are the one who made the statement. Who else would I attack for making the statement? I have some compassion for my fellow citizens who may have fallen on hard times. Just because I haven’t doesn’t mean I will criticize and demean those who have. I find your attitude rather strange for a person who is supposed to be concerned for his fellow man. Does that concern only apply to those who can afford your services? Do you really want to imply that is the state of medical care in this country? “I’m only in it for the money?”

          • Card007

            Who the F*** cares what you think, you say you are retired and paying taxes, I am sure you probably never made a dollar in your life, just sat around on your computer touching yourself..
            But from your comments to everyone on this board it is very clear that is exactly what you are, a no good, arrogant, freeloading POS who wants to sit in front of the computer and attack everyone on this board. Well go ahead, if that is what makes you happy, sit and scratch yourself away…
            The state of medical care in this country is fine, but freeloaders like you who bleed the system including the health industry will not let this country progress.

          • metrognome3830

            Who cares what you think? From what I’ve seen so far it’s something you don’t do a lot of. If you don’t like what I think, then just go away. I sincerely doubt you are what you say you are anyway. Thinking is different that just reacting. And that’s my final word to you.

          • britwit

            You can’t possibly be a doctor, sir. Of anything. We have a much better vocabulary, as well as immaculate self-control. I implore you to leave this place at once….before you tarnish us all.

          • I suppose this cardiologist is on food stamps as 75 percent of the people can’t afford to pay their bill.

          • metrognome3830

            Oh, the “cardiologist” claims he is fabulously wealthy. As he puts it, he make more in one year that I made in a lifetime, all that in spite of the fact that 75% of the people can’t afford his bills. That gives you some idea of what he must charge the other 25%.

          • You know, card, I used to work in a hospital and doctors are pretty arrogant and self satisfied. If it wasn’t for the rest of us, you doctors wouldn’t have any income. You need patients. Tell me the reason you don’t like President Obama, is that he wanted everyone to have health insurance and not make it a status symbol.

            My friend went to a cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon. They operatied and put in a valve in her heart. It started bleeding after she was sewn up and she died.

            If I need a cardiologist, I will get one, as he wants my insurance money.


    There’s no doubt about it: Romney is an elitist prick.

    • Cpany, he is an elitist, but I am not sure about the other. A prick has a head on it.

  • Shel_In_GA

    As someone who has lived and worked in both the world of the Romneys and the world of the poor and as someone who has spent over 50 years dealing with executives and lower level workers, Romney is speaking to people who believe all the propaganda that has been sold hard over the past 40 years. Once you are in the world of the Romneys, you lose site of the real world that exists outside your bubble.

    • neece00

      Thank you for sharing that

  • 13observer

    ………..thank you for your offering, we love hearing from you…………….. next.

  • 13observer

    I’ve heard plenty of “anybody but Romney” so WTF?………….thanks for your offering, we love hearing from you………………….. next.

    • oldtack

      Hey 130

      Would you please enlighten us as to the full meaning of WTF or are we to assume it is just part of your gutter mentality?

      • metrognome3830

        He can’t spell the words. He and/or it had someone load his messages into memory so he can just push a key and print them out. You notice he only has two or three messages that he repeats ad nauseam.

  • 13observer

    Tell that to Organized Labor who was told by Obama; “I promise you that the Employee Free Choice Act is my TOP priority when I am elected”, then opted for “Welfare Healthcare” instead! I know, I was one he told it to!

    • metrognome3830

      Why are you still here? There are lots of right-wing blogs you would be happier with. Troll!

    • Doesn’t that brown icky stuff taste bad. You haven’t proved one thing you say and a lot of your talking points come from hate groups on the internet. President Obama is pro-labor.

  • jim1230

    We hear so much about George Bush lies about excuses to go to war, Fake weapons of mass destuction. I believe the main reason that he was in such a hurry to go to war , was the statement that Bush made ,( remember that this is the man that tried to assassinate my dad. ) I don’t think that he cared about anything else. How many soldiers lost their lives, How many civilian lives were lost. And the Billions of dollars WASTED on Halliburton. And Chenney. And Romney fits the same mold as Bush. ( Nobody is going to intimidate me ) VOTE-O’BAMA

  • carlosTWM

    “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what”… Romney

    “The GOP nominee is referring a percentage oft quoted by conservatives who refer to those Americans who pay no federal taxes as lucky duckies.” … TNM

    I submit Romney was referring the the poll nnumbers on that day. Those that will vote for this POTUS , no matter what. His forum on that day makes that clear. Your forum is those that do not review the content of the message and the intended recipient .

    I understand your mission but to foment so blatantly I do not understand.
    carlos TWM

  • I don’t like the whole attitude…. it would be appalling that he had that attitude towards 7% of the population….
    As a patriotic American, I have been willing to support Mr. Romney if he was to win…
    But this really upsets is discouraging and dissappointing that he feels this way. I would have trusted him and supported him as President …
    Also, he really doesn’t represent his church very well.Most LDS people that I know are loving and caring people not so filled with contempt for others ….it also bothered me when he challenged Rick Perry to a $10,000.00 bet…that is not up to LDS standards…
    Oh well, I will continue to support our elected President until this term is over and will continue to support him when he is re-elected

  • Dear Mitt Jerkoff:

    You say because I vote for President Obama that I feel I’m a “victim” and want entitlements – a handout? You’re dead wrong. If anyone feels entitled to a handout, it’s you! You feel entitled to the Presidency and you want us to hand it to you. You don’t really want to be POTUS, but it would look good on your “resume.” Only a very arrogant individual would openly state that he’s not worried about half the country because he won’t get their votes anyway. What a stupid, assinine thing to say! Everytime I think you can’t stoop any lower, you do. On a brighter note, I’d like to thank you once again, Mr. Mitt Jerkoff, for campaigning so hard for President Obama and being such a good surrogate. Please keep up the good work!


    An American Who Is Amazed At How Arrogant And Stupid A Presidential Candidate You Are

  • ” There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement.”…

    …And, during primary campaign appearances…Ann Romney: “IT’S OUR TURN NOW”!

    That is NOT an entitlement, No?

    Quite revealing, how some moneyed folks turn into a latter-day LOUIS XIV and his Antoinette (“Apres nous le deluge”, or….”Let them eat cake!”).

  • curious11

    Romney doesn’t have anything to fear from the group of voters who have become irresponsible and no longer care to be part of the mainstream tradition of working and contributing to society . These folks don’t vote anyway. What is true, though, is that if our government is not fixed, nobody will be helped by government … Not seniors, not the disabled, not wounded vets, not single moms and their kids, not the millions and millions who depend on food stamps. Rather than politicize a comment by Romney that is inherently true, voters should look to the far out future and decide now if that’s the kind of dismal America we want. America needs to get millions back to work and off the doles of government… Obama has proven that he is a failure on every front that we expect the opposite… Leadership and proven results. And isn’t it telling that Obama can’t crawl out of his 46, 47, 48 polling, despite being the so-called popular incumbent.

    • metrognome3830

      And what do you get from Romney except a “promise” to create 12 million new jobs? Just what is his plan to do this? So far, all we have heard is how he will reduce taxes for the highest income earners and they will then create jobs. But they have been telling us that same fairy story for decades now. You are how old? And you still believe in fairies?

    • YepThatTell

      You’re wrong in your theory. A lot of people who don’t vote DO work and pay taxes. A lot of other people continue to buy into the BIG LIES that the GOP promotes. Blame the poor. Blame the ill. Blame unions. Believe lies about welfare recipients. Our choice in 2012 couldn’t be clearer. If you truly care about the “seniors… disabled…wounded vets… single moms and their kids” you sure as hell better vote for President Obama, and while you’re in that voting booth, vote out the shameful GOP/Tea Party obstructionists whose only mission over the past four years has been to stymie every honest attempt by our President to make lives better for ALL Americans.

      Don’t believe the polls either.

  • the anti-christ romney dosent want to be the Pres. anyways cant the pl. see this ? there no money in being Pres. for him its chump change . but just in case , if he was to win the sit he has all those off shore accounts that he would tell the greedy bastards buddysa of his to send money to his accounts for the thing he would do for them in office .ssshhhhhhhhhhh dont tell him that his scam is out . as for the time he,s campaining well look at it this way . im sure he has a scam for the donations that was given to his campain. and his scam is to get a % of the money that was given to his campain / even 1% of a billion $$$ is still $ 10 million bucks and he,s already has used his campain money to take free trips to the UK and to the middle east to isreal thats all on his campain money . im sure he will use the money that is used for the S.S. for his protection . he will try to write that off on his own taxes im sure . you have to understand that the anti-christ romney is a smart guy . but in the sneakest and evil way that can be . he destroys companys anbd then chops the hard luck companys and sells the peices . takes every thing away from the ppl. of the companys every thing he,s like a POS SOB that takes all away from ppl. in the companys and then picks their bones for anything left . he,s been running for Pres. for what coming on 8 years now im sure his last campain he made his % of $ money off the donations and is doiung it again . what dose a Pres make ? well if the anti-christ gets even the 1 % of the billion $ for his campain that comes out to him making 1.25 million a reas for 4 years . but im sure he is trying to snake out more . and you know he dosent want the house when he picked little eddie monster for his running mate for VP . when i seen that i laughewd and that to me was a sure sign he didnt want the house . he,s smart and if he was to use his brain for good instead of evil stealing sceaming was he,d be ok . but his anti-christ evil ways wont let him be nice of good . its not in his cards to be that way open up your eyes 98 % of the country if youi let him in the house your signing your own death ticket if he was to get the house the 98% will be forgeten faster then how he chrushes a company . dont be blind ppl. if you hate a person because of the color of there skin then your not helping yourself all your doing id fueling the hate its the HUMAN RACE remember that when you vote from your hate you only truly hurt your self

  • Carol Ott

    Romney wishes to be President, I guess, to the 3% of the millionaires. Since Republicans are also disabled, drawing medicaid, medicare or social security, they are also eliminated from Romneys elite list along with homeless veterans, people in nursing homes, those who have lost their jobs and need help for a while, children born with birth defects, etc.

    Fact is, they know Romney is not qualified or cares about people enough to be President but since Obama is black, they will vote for Romney anyway. They still prefer the white mormon over the black christian.

  • Thanks Mitt!….I’m one of ‘the victims’ that you speak of. I work full-time for a bankrupt airline. The airline has hired Bain Capital to shut down the unions. They are slowly picking apart our retirement benefits and current work rules. After 27 years with the company I earn a salary of $50,000. This covers my mortgage, health care benefit costs, electric, phone, monthly donation towards kid’s college tuition bill and groceries. I drive a 12 year old, hail damaged Honda. I don’t take vacations or have a 2nd or 3rd home. I don’t store huge amounts of money over-seas. I don’t suck a penny off out of our government. I don’t have any more money to give the government ………..
    You sir and the group that you were talking to have plenty to give!!!!

    Yes I won’t vote for you because you have nothing to offer me. But the more important reason why I will never vote for you is that I don’t think you or your party are done taking from those ‘victims’! I have decided to take a early out with the bankrupt airline. I will learn to live on even less, I will eventually collect my small pension and social security and you can then include me in your ‘lucky duckie’ group. And know that it was all because of your company (Bain Capital) and your political parties policies that I have decided to quit striving for a better life. Realize that the American dream has died because of your money hoarding habits!

    • YepThatTell

      I hope things will get better for you and your fellow workers. One thing is for sure, if there is to be any hope, we need to turn out in large numbers and send a resounding message to these out-of-touch fascists when we re-elect President Obama by a landslide.

  • Americans in poverty, and the 23 million Americans who are struggling to find work. Mitt Romney’s plan creates 12 million new jobs in four years, grows the economy and moves Americans off of government dependency and into jobs.//// well anti-christ romney do a bill clinton trick and you could do all the help your saying you want to do for the 8 years of bill there was 23 million jobs not that the way you want to do it you would even get close to 12 million jobs . thats just another one of your things you say to get a laugh a joke right ? how and what makes you think you could even come close to 12 million jobs when you only want to give money to the 2% greedy bastards . a strong tree grown from the dirt and the ground up . and a tree and a flower even thy are more like the greedy bastards 2 % for the treesw and the flowers when thy grow their tops weather it be the flower or the branches and leaves thy both grab all the sun light and blocks all the rays for anything unmder neath them to grow tall and as big as it is its the same with ur jack butt thinging that feed the top and the rest will trickle down to the others what happen it the top makes a canopee to block any thing that would bring life to anything underneath it

    • metrognome3830

      I was just wondering, did Mitt ever specify in what country he plans to create those millions of jobs?

  • Romney himself followed up later in the evening in a few questions from the press. He attacked the president’s approach and saying that his comments were not elegantly stated as they were off the cuff/// and you attack the Pres. why ? because you say the most stupid things . and show your true colors of what you think and feel . its not the Pres. that makes you the way you are . if you dont like the way you are ( me i belive you love thew way you are and have plan to be that way all your life )then blame SATIN for who you are for the way you are is al from the root of all evil

  • Everyone takes money from the government. We drive on subsidized roads. Where, I live, we have subsidized utilities. We have subsidized police and fire departments. Airports are subsidized. Some people have humongous tax loopholes, so they are subsidized. Our oil companies are subsidized and pay no taxes. Racehorse breeders, in Kentucky, get farm subsidies. Businesses enjoy property tax subsidies in the form of tax relief. I guess there are certain subsidies that make you a deadbeat and others that do not.

  • maesea

    That’s just the biggest insult to an American who works and pays there taxes. 47% is not living off of the Goverment. This man is so for out of touch with reality. That I hope Americans will vote with there head and not for the party.

  • maesea

    We need a PRESIDENT that is in touch with the people. Not in touch with himself.
    GO OBAMA!!!! Take that city slicker down with all his wealth and his so called friends right now. The day after the election. Nobody will return his call.

  • Want the 47 % to go away? PAY THEM A LIVABLE WAGE, YA PUTZ ! ! ! ! !

    • John E, The working people are the ones who built this country and they deserve to be paid a decent wage. They are also the consumers. If they aren’t paid a decent wage it leads to what we have now. It affects the economy. A worker is faulted if he asks for a raise when the CEO just received a 6 million dollar bonus.

  • maesea

    This Romney will destroy man kind.

  • adriancrutch

    romney has two philapino heyboys who wash&perfume his feet= he’s constantly sticking them in his mouth!

  • Jeansees

    And His wife Ann agrees with Romney.. YOU PEOPLE will not see anymore of their taxes… Romney claims over half of Americans do not pay taxes… IS HE IN THAT HALF? WE dont know he wont show us… This Guy cares for nothing but the Rich. He could care less about the true middle class and poor… He rather see it in his and his Donald Trumps pockets and let the poor do for themselves and let the churches take care of them.. His attitude needs a real lesson on loosing everything. I also know some others who begrudge Seniors and Disabled for getting what they have paid for through their SS benefits and Medicare healthcare…. After working for over 40 years and paying taxes and paying into these programs… dont you other Americans feel you should be ENTITLED to those benefits… JUST LIKE you pay into car insurance or life insurance for years.. should not the Insurance companies pay you your entitled benefits? Romney and people like him dont get it… Silver spoon in their mouths is blocking their common sense.. IMO

  • Romney talks about the 47% of people who don’t pay taxes, which does include high income people, what about the 53 % of us who do pay all of the taxes levied on us and are just tired of getting screwed by thoughtless insensitive sphincters like himself, who are of the opinion that people who work hard, obey the laws of the land and believe that everyone should pay their fair share to support our economy are somehow less than sub-human and don’t deserve a break.

  • 13observer

    Thank you for your contribution, we love hearing from you…………. next.

    • metrognome3830

      Get the hell out of here troll!! No one loves hearing from you. How does it feel to know that no one likes you? Or are you too ignorant to know that no one likes you.

      • 130racist is the person whose digestive system is upside down and works backward.

        • metrognome3830

          Perhaps the “cardiologist” could recommend a good specialist to correct that condition. Providing, of course 130racist is not just one of those lazy, good-for-nothing 75%ers, freeloading on the taxes of the elite 25%.

  • Elsa

    Romney true colors caught on tape in simple English. Not surprising, at least for me and every other thinking person. I knew sooner or later he would slip and let us, the people he thinks below him, hear his true thoughts. I say yea, no more doubt, Romney is for Romney not the American people who might happen to make less money than him, who by the way are a tad more than 47%. The idiot, might as well call himself a loser right now and get back to building the 50 million dollar garage. I send him my thanks.

  • 13observer

    Thank you for your contribution, we love hearing from you…………….. next.

  • What else would you expect the golden boy to say!

  • 13observer

    You answered your own question! Thank you for your contribution, we love hearing from you…………. next.

  • daniel bostdorf

    The humilation of Romney continues. First it was Joe Conason’s dead on anaylsis of Romneys humiliating Libya blunder.

    Romney then made it worse with his Palestinians “don’t want peace” bizarre statement.

    Now the recently released video.

    There are no more Romney/Ryan apologists out there that state with a straight face that somehow Obama is at fault, or is not qualified to be President.

    Notice how many of those same Romney supporters who post here under faux names are absent from the discussion?

    Jonathan Weiler who is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Global Studies, UNC Chapel Hill stated today:

    “Romney’s caught-on-tape remarks reflect all of the worst pathologies of hypocrisy and psychological projection that have so come to define the contemporary GOP. Sell a huge tax cut for the super wealthy by small reductions in the federal incomes taxes on many Americans. Stand idly by while high finance brings the economy to its knees. And then blame less well-off Americans for the predicament we’re in, all the while calling them moochers and freeloaders. This is pretty audacious stuff. But it’s one hammock Romney and Ryan are going to have hard time rolling themselves out of.”

    I couldn’t say it any better than that.

    Romney’s “campaign” is over. It wasn’t about wanting to be President for all Americans, only the 1%, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and the wealthy oligarchy that has superpacs trying to buy the election. Thank you Republican controlled Supreme Court and the Citizens decision that allowed it…

    A founding father and author of the Federalist Papers should have the final say about the nature of Romney and his rich indulged wall street friends and wealthy donors:

    “The man who is possessed of wealth, who lolls on his sofa, or rolls in his carriage, cannot judge of the wants or feelings of the day laborer. The government we mean to erect is intended to last for ages. … unless wisely provided against, what will become of your government? In England, at this day, if elections were open to all classes of people, the property of the landed proprietors would be insecure. An agrarian law would soon take place. If these observations be just, our government ought to secure the permanent interests of the country against innovation. Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests, and to balance and check the other. They ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority. The senate, therefore, ought to be this body; and to answer these purposes…”

  • tChallaa

    Romney IS correct in his statement that 47% of Americans do not pay any taxes. However; what he did not state was that the largest recipient of welfare benefits are senior white males, who vote republican, by in large. Romney is a JOKE! When one actually looks at the FACTS, his story just falls to pieces!

  • He not only shot himself in the foot; but in the head as well! He wanna make sure he loses this election! Gold rule;”Think before speaking”! HPLMAO!

    • neece00

      We really don’t want him to think before speaking because he buries himself a little deeper each time and besides it makes for great new coverage.

  • ridemybroom

    like i dont pay taxes which of course is higher than his…what a retard…!…i need to take this here broom and put it where the sun dont shine in him…maybe it might just wake him up…mitt is so full of s=== i bet his eyes are brown….what evil lies in the heart of men especially againt the peoples of their own country….and this is the America in which you love so much and want to give your life for…well maybe romney should have sent his sons to rotc when they were in school instead of letting them play on trampolines and the likes so when they grew up they wouldnt try to trample their wealth all over the people then they could have seen the desperate faces of war and what the other half looked and smelled liked…what a waste of a man…i dont know how he and his wife can just sit there and im sure ann romney has had a lot of pain in her life and the sorry bastard cant seem to appreciate that at all….what an indignant man…maybe Romney should stop and think …why is all this brought upon me….maybe God is trying to tell you something Mitt…maybe its time for you to move along…get off the campaign trail…call it end time…game over…you like whitewash…trying hard to cover the smut over you but even when you whitewash it the smut just shows back up….from all the lies to all the inundos you just not as clever as you like to be…i still think you have alzheimers and you should gert yourself checked out by a doc…i hear the way you speak and you just go to cover up more…i think something is wrong there…you sound like you one sick individual…maybe you need to get out that sect religion you are in…maybe thats why you are beginning to gray really fast…we know you are worried but i cant help but to think you are trying hard to lose this election…

  • Comparing Romney to Hitler is an insult to Hitler. Romney is going to ignore and kill the 47% slowly.

  • onedonewong

    Annnd??? Romney is spot on, what the left doesn’t like is the fact that Mitt is just reaffirming what the taxpayers already know. This doesn’t hurt him it just send the message to taxpayers that the reason for our debt is Obama and the 47%

  • 13observer

    I’m sure you are too!…….and thanks for your comments, we love hearing from you……….. next.

  • Mit romney should not run for president He need to know more about what going on this country He there only for rich

  • rob

    The author fails to note that while they do pay payroll taxes, they GET IT ALL BACK AT THE END OF THE YEAR! Just another example of manipulating the story to slant it so the reader believes falsehoods. Unfortuately for this author, he isn’t very skillful at it. Romney is right, why should nearly half of the people in this country pay no taxes? Why should WE have to pay MORE because they have no skin in the game? Not fair and Romney is right to point it out!

    • metrognome3830

      Show the figures from a reliable source that shows how 47% get all their taxes back at the end of the year.

  • rob

    “This is what happens when a major political party nominates a man whose life and record of accomplishments are limited to examples of out of control greed, egotism and arrogance.” This sounds like it was written expressly for Mr Obama, thank you for nailing the truth right on the head! Mr Obama’s Presidency has been an utter failure. Try the two main litmus tests: 1. Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago—-NO 2. Who would our enemies rather see elected? We all know the answer to that now don’t we? I’m sure that the President in Iran and Assad in Syria would much rather see Mr Do-Nothing-Obama re-elected. I wonder why? Maybe so they can continue to butcher their own people at will? I guess that Mr Obama just doesn’t think their lives are worth anything…..well, I disagree with him. He has always been all smoke and mirrors and no substance. It amazes me that supposedly educated people still believe anything he say. Woeful, just so sad.

  • So as a disabled veteran I should comit suicide to reduse the problem Romney has with my brother veterans and myself
    Typical responce from Republicans when it comes to Veterans
    Bush cut benefits for verterans to pay for his wars and now it’s Romney’s turn
    If you don’t make over a Million a year your expendable
    Obama 2012

    • No Anthony America I think Romney is the one Who Just Commit Suicide. But you know Romney don’t support any Benefit for Veterans

      • Ikbold, And all the elderly people who are no longer able to work should commit suicide.

  • 13observer

    Sure, what he said! Thank you for your comments, we love to hear from you……………. next.

  • When Romney put’s his foot in his mouth by saying they don’t pay he is not including himself on what he actually make’s because a CD in in the Island’s where he live’s pay’a about 11% and no taxes on his capitalizing because they just want his money for the market’s for their credit to play he include’s disabled vet’s people who were actually put on disability because the company or management managed to cheat that person they would prefer to work this include’s widow’s raising children these people who are victim’s who prefer not to be victim’s he is nasty and not American minded .His speeches are so shaky so he is not very convincing his action’s make him a fool plus he will not show his tax return’s as all other’s have .He is a legend in his own mind and no one is on the same ground as him he even ask his Vice President running mate to show ten year’s of his how one sided can you get man

  • Maybe Mitt should try spending a day as a person that lives on public assistance or social security. It might open his eyes to these “victims” as he calls them.

  • nomaster

    Willard the Rat man and all his nervous blurbs is a shill. When is he going to show us his tax return? I guess since he likely doesn’t pay any taxes he himself is a 47 %.

  • VRaso


  • latebloomingrandma

    I heard a comment this morning that said Romney is the perfect blend of Gordon Gekko and Thurston Howell III. He is incapable of “getting it.”
    Mrs Romney, who seems to be a lovely person, is also tone deaf , however. So she suffered from MS and breast cancer. Illness knows no economic strata. I’m sure she was depressed and scared and now recovered. She did not have the burden of how to pay for her miraculous care. While she could purchase a $100,000 horse for her treatment, don’t expect her to understand how some people with MS can’t afford a lousy walker. They might be a “picture book” first family, such as central casting would send over, but completely void of the American struggle many of us know..

  • latebloomingrandma

    Since Romney seems to open his mouth only to change feet, How many are thinking —Obama in a LANDSLIDE !!!?

  • grammyjill

    and seven thousand millionares!

  • Hey romney is just telling the truth, like it or not, say what you want, vote for whomever you want, but it’s the truth, it’s the sad truth.

  • grammyjill

    Still worried about election fraud. That’s how we got Bush twice.


    • ellen_h


      All evidence to the contrary. Romney helped outsource all our jobs and in-source foreign workers on H1 visas. That’s why American people don’t have jobs. He has been exposed publicly, but we already knew all he cares about is increasing wealth and power for the wealthiest in the country.

    • He loves his country so much he keeps all his money in US banks and pays taxes happily.

  • joyscarbo

    OMG, Jane! The struggling people of the south are EXACTLY who Mitt is talking about! As I’ve shared before, my in-laws live in Alabama and none of them are wealthy. My husband’s adult nieces all work 2 jobs and STILL can’t afford anything more than state subsidized housing (aka the projects). There is a lot of instutionalized poverty in the south. It’s a crying shame! Mitt would close down Mississippi for being one of the poorest states in America.

  • As I have said before, Mitt Romney is a carbon copy of Herbert Hoover. A puppet for big corporations, and a first rate horse’s @$$ in general… Concerning his tax return, his wife made it clear what they thought of the American people when she said “We have told the American people all they need to know” Well know what? You sure have, and now again. What is left apart from a shooting at the Social Security Office. To Mitt I say, goodnight turkey and may all your nightmares be fertile.

    • Wayne, Herbert Hoover cared about the people. His administration just did the wrong things.


    • Donna, the fact that you are screaming (upper case) shows you don’t have any facts just a loud voice. I liked what Jon Stewart said about Clint Eastwood and the empty chair: “About six blocks from here are a lot of old men who talk to inanimate objects.

      Let me tell you about Faux News. They were chastised in 2004 for inaccuracy and fabrications. They are owned by a person who is not a citizen of this country, Rupert Murdock and he is being investigated in two countries: The United States and Great Brittain.

      You are challenging us to look at films and listen to faux news, but I don’t see you
      offering to really listen to other stations. You get your so-called facts from Oxycontin-viagra rush limdick.

      As for what you are seeing and hearing from President Obama, I doubt you are really listening to him and you are seeing a president who is of a different race.

  • Hiloschild

    Mitt Romney – What a disappointment as a candidate! Worse yet as a human being looking at others with disdain, those “47%-ers” want good paying jobs and they are paying taxes … obviously this man will find ways to get away from paying any tax. I as a member of the 47%-er pays more than my share of taxes!

  • daniel bostdorf

    hey Donna….and the rest of Romney/Ryan apologists…

    This article is about Romney, not Eastwood or anybody else.
    It CERTAINLY is not a referendum on Obama. He has past the test past 4 years.
    Obama is a proven leader and tested in crisis.

    he is the President for ALL the people.

    Romney is a humiliation to any clear thinking Republican. He has allienated world leeaders and now his own American people.

    Let me remind you about this video and article:

    “Shocking new videos released Monday by David Corn of Mother Jones reveal Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser speaking candidly about American voters. In voice now familiar to the American people — but in a tone much more direct than what we typically hear —

    Romney said:

    “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what… These are people who pay no income tax. … [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”


    Romney’s “campaign” is over. It wasn’t about wanting to be President for all Americans, only the 1%, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and the wealthy oligarchy that has superpacs trying to buy the election. Thank you Republican controlled Supreme Court and the Citizens United decision that allowed it…

    A founding father and author of the Federalist Papers, James Madison, should have the final say about the nature of Romney and his rich indulged wall street friends and wealthy donors:

    “The man who is possessed of wealth, who lolls on his sofa, or rolls in his carriage, cannot judge of the wants or feelings of the day laborer. The government we mean to erect is intended to last for ages. … unless wisely provided against, what will become of your government? In England, at this day, if elections were open to all classes of people, the property of the landed proprietors would be insecure. An agrarian law would soon take place. If these observations be just, our government ought to secure the permanent interests of the country against innovation. Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests, and to balance and check the other. They ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority. The senate, therefore, ought to be this body; and to answer these purposes…”

  • grammyjill

    then you shouldn’t be watching fox or listening to rush. they have no concept of what the truth is. try msnbc.

  • ellen_h

    If Romney thinks everyone should stop depending on the government for medicare etc that’s fine. Give back all the money each individual has paid in to the system, all their working lives and they will choose how they want to spend it. I am sick of hearing Romney and his click talk about entitlements and government hand outs, when it is our own money that we paid in, in the first place. It is our money, not the governments. The trouble is, if we take ours back, who will fund these things for younger people who haven’t contributed much yet? That’s why we have a system of sharing to take care of everyone when their time comes to withdraw from the “bank” they paid into. The trouble is George W. Bush spent all our money and left us high and dry and Romney now wants to blame Pres. Obama for it, but everyone knows the truth.

  • grammyjill

    Oh, you’re upset about that. Well,thank your great GOP. They killed that one in the house. Didn;t even make it to the senate.


  • Did you ask if Mitt Romney still has a chance? Don’t forget he’s gone to Utah at the Mormon Tabernacle to have the twelve disciples pray for him and to dip, once again, into the baptism pool for his god’s (money) grace. But the real God–Jehovah Yahweh, Jehovah Jesus, Jehovah Abba–is still in control.

    • I am not putting my trust and faith in either of these Men…..

  • oldtack


  • What happen Romney you are crying all ready you can’t take the heat of this election your rich GOP buddies can’t buy the white house TOO BAD LOSER

    • All Obama does is whine and blame. 4 years of it….. Talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah. No actions, just talk.

      • Todd, don’t speak until you have studied and can prove what you say. You don’t know what Obama has accomplished because your biases don’t want to see anythign good about him.

  • Its been said all along by many, and by other politicians who know that Republican GOP ticket.

    They will say, do anything and turn on a dime with there vote to appease the Majority.
    Thats not Leadership….
    What I have been picking up on, is how the Media is quick to try to “Soften” Romney true thoughts and perception of Americans, with his current stupidity in front of the money elite!
    There being quick to find something on Obama, from years back.

    Are they trying to put the President in the same gray light?

    As Romney has stated many times before, to those that he supposedly represents….I don’t want to talk about them…There on there own…. Well I think the Media should give him (Romney) the same opportunity!
    Let him “Weisel” his own way out, of his own “Blunder”.

    As it was put this morning on NBC, about Romney’s mouth running….A Reppy this morning tried to cover for him, (Romney) and said, “Everybody has a “You Tube” moment every now and then….

    Romney was insulting about “Half of America”….that is hardly a You Tube moment!

  • daniel bostdorf

    With Bush…he was “The Great Decider.”…

    Romney has become “The great DIVIDER.”


    • Only a hardcore Lib would say that Romney is a divider. Obama has mastered that art. Now that is Pathetic…………………

  • Really …so speaking the truth is a bad thing ? 47% of the Country is not paying fed taxes under Obama and rather then Liberals having a problem with that they are mad that Romney pointed it out ????? . You all are bat crazy . You should be mad at Obama for making so may dependent on the Government . By the way lets have fun with numbers . Put your Crayons away this is Real Math not Obama math . Under Reagan 4 out of 5 Americans were paying Fed Tax . Under Obama that number is about 1 in 2 . He is creating a permanent Victim Underclass of people dependent on Govt . most of those people are low information and will vote for the candidate that tells them they will take money form those evil rich people and give it to them . This is how Democracies turn to Socialist Societies . When enough people figure out that they can vote themselves pay raises at the expense of their working neighbors there is no longer a reason for the workers to work . After all , not if all of their money is going for those who dont work . We become a Nation of Takers instead of Makers and that is where Obama is steering us . Think of Greece . If you need futher proof look closer to home at Illinois or California . Both Liberla Utopias , both Bankrupt . I tried to keep that as simple as possible for the Liberals ok . This dymanic of only 1 out of 2 people also plays right into Obama’s Evil and Divisive Class Warfare argument . They will argue that the Income disparity between the rich and poor is increasing . They are right and it is becuase Obama and the Dems are making so may more poor people it is tipping that ratio . If you dont understand this you probably went to a Chicago Public Union school ..We see how well they do . I live in the Communist Occupied City so dont hate

    • You know, saying words doesn’t make them true.

      • Then Obama should NEVER talk again….

        • Are you posting because you want to change my mind about who I am going to vote for? If you are, lies and generalities are beneath me. Give me facts from reliable sources and I don’t consider Rupert Murdoch spin maching reliable.

  • Like a serial murderer, Mitt Romney’s insanity is beginning to overwhelm his emotions. Though the video was made four months ago (ironically around the same time Innocence of Muslims was circulating on YouTube), Romney is becoming more impulesive than cautious, making one mistake after another. Is it a cry for help? Is he really asking for someone to reach out to him, to stop him before he screws up again? Is he going through the anxiety of the approaching debates, knowing it will be the moment when he will be thoroughly exposed for the whacked out, out of touch, unashamedly greedy pig he is? Only then will Romney find peace, when the beaded perspiration on his trembling upper lip shows his fraudulance and incompetence, and that his billionaire friends, Super PACs, the GOP/Tea Party will have waged millions on a losing proposition. . . Man, I can’t wait for the debates.

  • upstartll8


    Those who end up owing no federal income tax, DO pay other taxes, and the reason they owe no federal income tax is simple: They are POOR, POOR, POOR, POOR people.

    People who are struggling in shit jobs (for huge megacorporations like McDonald’s, WalMart, or Romney’s own Staples) for which they don’t even receive enough pay to feed, house, and transport themselves to work all at the same time. Or people who have no job because assholes like Romney and his ilk shipped their job to China where they can pay people even less to work 16 hours a day.

    I know this because I have one friend, with a master’s degree, who used to work for the Supreme Court of Virginia, who has been hunting for work for almost *four years*, my brother is a police officer who is now unemployed due to budget cuts (since nobody should have to pay taxes anymore), and my stepson is going to be living in a minivan in a few days because he can’t afford an apartment or a room anywhere on McDonald’s wages. He has *two* college degrees…where are the jobs, O Asshole Mitt???

    I would like to know when the American people are going to WAKE UP and value themselves enough to vote themselves a decent standard of living. I find it astounding that both my brother and my stepson are going to vote Romney. Why?? They are too concerned about “making rich people poor.”

    Please. People. Wake UP. Get a clue.

    If you have struggled and struggled and struggled, worked and worked and worked and worked as hard as you possibly can…you’ve borrowed the money for that college degree…you’ve worked the two and three jobs…and still you are reduced to living in a car or wondering how you’re going to make your rent with no job: Make no mistake about it here, Mitt Romney is talking about YOU.

    YOU are half the country. Yes, half of the entire country is standing in your very shoes right now. There ARE no mythical layabouts with a victim mentality just lying back for the government to take care of them. All these people…47% of the country…has worked just as hard, struggled just as much, tried their hearts out just as hard as you have. And guess what? They feel every bit as bad about their failure to succeed as you do. They aren’t any happier about needing help to get along than you are. Are you celebrating about the loss of your job? Are you HAPPY about being unemployed? Guess what? NO ONE ELSE IS, EITHER. Why are you worried about billionaires possibly becoming poor? They have more money than their entire family can ever spend in twenty lifetimes, and this is NO exaggeration. However, they still don’t think they have enough, and they want to shop yet MORE jobs to China so that more “lazy layabouts” end up living in cars just like you are.

    However, when Mitt Romney made those remarks, he was talking about YOU.

    Yes, YOU, potential voter…you who are about to make him president because you are so very worried that billionaires might become poor. Is this man worried about you? NO. He’s calling you lazy.

    Jesus Christ, America…WAKE UP.

  • Well I am appauled at this man. I went to work today, I worked hard for my for my wages. I have been working since age 15, and I am a African American woman, who is registered to vote and I have voted in every election of which I was qualified to vote in. In the past, I did receive foodstamps, medicaid, and welfare. I dropped out of high school to support my so I could support my children, I earn my GED and certificate in word processing back in 1988. I’ve walked through doors opened for me (by GOD’s grace) and all while I am a hard working, law-abiding, taxpaying citizen. I later in life (approximately 2 years ago) began taking “Online” classes, while working 35- 40 hours a week at a local Allergy Clinic. During my educational journey my father past away after losing the battle to cancer (he didn’t have money to see the “BEST” doctors), and later learned that I was affected by his passing and developed ACID Reflux disease. Next my grandmother suffered a stroke and can no longer work, stressing about how she was going to make ends meet, all because her health had begun to fail and she could not afford adequate healthcare coverage because her employer, did not provide healthcare coverage.

    But hey we don’t pay taxes even though every pay period, my checkstubs states in “back and white ” the deductions that was withheld from my paycheck.

    So to Romney I am glad to know that you will not present an argument for my vote and guess what, you are right I don’t like you but I do agree with you on lazy people expecting handouts both RICH and not so fortunate!!! It does matter to me. I see spoiled rich kids, both young and old (LOL) getting handouts everyday but it is because their parents are in position to give them their every want and need. Level the playing field for “ALL” then you may receive my VOTE!!!

  • upstartll8

    That’s the thing with Americans. We worship money and those who have it so much that we’re willing to sell ourselves into slavery if that’s what some rich CEO says we should do.

    God, we’re stupid people.

  • THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: All independent middle class working class American voters are becoming aware of the real Romney, the republican candidate. Were his most recent comments merely “inelegant” talk between billionaires and millionaires in a Country Club setting just talk? What were his exact words at a $50,000 per person fundraiser in Boca Raton: “My job is not to worry about “those” people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Or are they insulting and arrogant private reflection of his core values of who he is and what he represents? Romney has framed himself with his not so vague Class War views of what he truly believes of his non-concern for those 47 % of America that according to him do not pay income taxes. Romney should know this well, since he is the expert of how to avoid paying(13%) income taxes which is why he has kept his income taxes secret! Is it any wonder that he wishes to create an oligarchy government that benefits the few wealthy, while he dismantles our democratic government’s responsibility to promotes equality of opportunity for ALL Americans? His rationale is clear of his position to continue to provide tax breaks to billionaires and millionaires that will require middle class Americans to pay an increase in taxes to pay off the national debt makes him a candidate that does not represent the interest of the large majority of Americans. THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: This is PERSONAL, how dare him insult and demean us! He was talking about you and I. So as President he wouldn’t worry about the family down the street having trouble paying their mortgage or your grandmother struggling with medical bills. This rich jerk needs to move to Cayman Islands where he can rule over the low class poor and avoid paying taxes! This is a Pathetic, Despicable and Amoral person!

  • jwuor111

    Mitt Romeny is not the only one. Most Republicans share his view.Mitt Romney is a very hateful and arrogant man.Those days of biggotry are long gone. Just because you are white, and both of your parents are Americans does not make you better than Obama.You can not be a president for this nation,with that kind of hate deep in you heart.
    Mitt Romney knows that 34% of people he called “THOSE PEOPLE” are white and are Republicans. Only 20% are black. So go ahead Mitt .win the race , and block every help the Government is providing. He who down, fears no fall.Infact,I have changed my mind. I’ll vote for you.I hope you win.

    • Some prominent Republicans have chastised him for his remarks. Bill Krystol said that is talk from the country club.

  • jwuor111

    Hey Mitt, back to you. Pay off all your tax before you can talk to others about tax payments.

  • Yu-Yin Ling

    I am Leary about these videos and The National Memo. They are generally extremely Bias, and given the condition of the video I even doubt its authenticity. The National Memo has been caught previously posting fake videos and information.

    I am not really a Romney fan, but then again a trained monkey would be a step up from Obama. I mean lets be honest, here is a man who has done next to nothing but make our lives worse. He enjoys blaming, Oh yes, he can point the finger easily enough, but he has done nothing for America and the world.

    His healthcare policies have actually made life worse for many Americans. Initially when insurance companies were forced to deal in states they only had offices in, it eliminated competition and people suffered a massive spike in what they owed monthly for health insurance.

    Now Americans struggling under the economy and even people who dont have jobs are being pretty much forced into healthcare which they cannot afford…yeah, Obama, good intentions, bad results. It is time for him to go, because what people don’t seem to realize is that the president is crushing us. He is practically selling away america.

    Romney may not be the best, but anything is better than letting Obama go another 4 years. I think the best thing that rings home I have heard about Obama is, Bush beat up 3rd world countries, Obama wants to bring you the experience.

    • Using only provable facts from reliable sources, tell me what President Obama has done wrong. Remember redistribution of the wealth is a talking point coined by Sarah Palin, the half-time governor of a state with 80,000 population.

  • Thank God , Americans know the real Romney , before reelection, if not we still hope about American dream !!!!!!! it is a nightmare to vote for him



    Come now people, this guy is so far out of touch he doesn’t even realize that what he said was off the wall and pissed off many low and middle class people.

    Even the American Taliban Republican leadership didn’t get the idea until the web and their land line switchboards went bonkers with hate messages for Mittens.

    These people are OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY and that is why they are going to get buried on November 6th. You think McCain-Palin got their butts kicked? You haven’t seen anything yet.

  • “a sneering plutocrat. . . ” I like that description of Mitt Romney. It really fits well.

  • It is refreshing to know that when a hidden camera is on a Presidential candidate, he just states facts and nothing disturbing. A new tape of Obama however, when he didn’t know he was being listened to, revealed a much more disturbing picture, his true socialist self was caught discussing how he is a big believer in redistribution of wealth, WOW! The Democrat Party & Obama might as well as come right out and admit they are the Socialist Party, indeed, 70 Democrat members of Congress are registered as Democrat Socialist Party members.
    This is what Obama meant when he wants to “fundamentally transform” America, you know, like in the Soviet Union & China. Kiss your Freedom & Liberty goodbye. You Liberals and those dependent on the Federal Government will run out of other people’s money when Obama takes all the wealth and redistributes it, so who the hell will want to educate themselves to get a good job when you can get it FREE from the backs of others?

    • How about proving what you say.

    • Please breifly explain the “Freedoms and Liberties” that have been or will be taken away By Obama and the “Liberal Democrat Party” that was’nt stripped from us by the former president Bushs Patriot Act for the War on Terror!

      And by the way believe it or not, If you discount the salaries and benefits of the
      government employees for the the combined Federal,State,County and local
      governments, tax payer money spent to fund infrastructure is paid to guess who?

      Private and Public Commercial Contractors and Vendors thats who, that’s how they make their living, selling goods and services like $600.00 toilet seats to the Military?!

      I’m sure most of these business owners don’t mind being part of the 47% that depends on the government for its Food, Housing and Salary Entitlement!

  • 12pointbuck

    Its amazing how any American can find excuses for some one who just insulted and degraded half of the people of the United States of America, how many of our brothers and sisters of the Arm services are disabled, physically and emotionally, that are part of the 49%, how many small businesses that have 2 are more up to 5 employees are participating in programs that he insults, how many millions of hard working Americans get up and go to work every day and ask for nothing at minimum wage, but a chance to have affordable heath care for there families, how many people who are dying with cancer, who are using these programs as a last resort to try and live, how many thousands of people including my self volunteer and help people, innocent people who have life issues deal them hard ships at no fault of there own, who are on these programs,he insults the fabrics of what this country has and is built upon, I know my neighbor do you, He reminds me of our mayor, he cut 45 jobs, mostly experienced people with 2.5 years are more, different departments, most foreman’s, supervisors, kids kept there jobs, kin folk, because they could run a weed eater at 13.50 an hour, we offered to work for half pay, no response, we offered to work no insurance, no response, we all had families some in college, mortgages, he thin gets on tv and says, I am concerned about my rich neighbor, who may lose some of his boats because of a oil spill, I guess that is where we are, good luck every one

  • Might is right , we have to educate our self to know about right and wrong, then we turn down might, for the right thing.

  • phantomoftheopera

    hmmm in that 47% does he count big oil, that says it must have tax breaks? or the millionaire farmers who get tax subsidies? how does he reconcile this with his desire for more tax breaks for the rich? or his claim that businesses should have fewer taxes and regulations so they can produce jobs? how is it that they are not dependent on the government?

    • Look what happened when regulations were taken off the banks. If tax breaks for the so-called job creators and deregulation worked, we would still be riding high as that was put in place in 2001. After the illegal practices of the banking community, the Obama administration put regulations back on and the banks still defied them.

  • seethroughurlies

    Mitt Romney is so out of touch with reality. He knows just enough to be dangerous. I think the entire Republican party should be charged with Treason. Before President Obama was even sworn in they were plotting to “just say no to everything.” This attitude cost us all so very much. To completely sabotage new President is despicable, especially during an economic crisis. I used to be a Republican, but they are now a disgrace to our democracy.

  • seethroughurlies

    And Obama caused all of this in just four years?? You best do a little research. Obama fought to save this country from another depression, being blocked by the Republicans since the day he was elected.

  • seethroughurlies

    Bush signed TARP bailing out all his bankster buddies before he left office. GM has paid all the money back, has record sales. Did you watch The Democratic Convention? See all the signs the American Auto workers were holding up? You need to do some more research buddy.

  • What a condescending bastard he is – and he wants to be president of the US or just a part of the US! Proverbs 22 v 1 -A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.

  • blueskies13

    Sadly, as always, we’ll get the government we deserve. It hurts real bad to think that we’re so far off track as to deserve this arrogant elitist flip flopper. I’m banking on the president chopping him into little ribbons in the debates. Romney gets flustered and loses focus too easily. He’ll say something so stupid you’ll be embarassed to watch.

    • CAThinker

      I agree with you, but unlike you I won’t be embarrassed – I’ll be gleefully entertained! The biggest problem NitMitt will have is that he doesn’t stand for anything. If you don’t stand for anything how can you project or even pretend to project passion? No, I think the debates will be high entertainment… and I think we’ll all enjoy watching. Keep up the good fight!

  • Still a long way to go. As much as this liberal spin is churning. Still looking forward to the debates to see if Mitt will get a far shake or not. Stating that we are becoming an Nanny state is just simply the truth. Condition a person for a hand out and they grow accustomed to it. 1 trillion dollars a year over budget. At that rate we will go bust, then who will you blame? And to say that Romney is out of touch with average Americans is a gas. Obama has not been in the White House for more than a week over the last year due to his rubbing elbows with Hollywood elites and other fat cat donors. Throw in a million rounds of golf and Letterman appearances. But hey you twist it, mangle it, shift it, dismiss it, overlook it for your anointed one. History will look back on why the media bent over during the Obama years while the Nation took a nose dive…

  • Dazednconfused1

    They keep leaving out the line where he actually says, ” I’ve just got to pretend they do not exist and do my job”! Sounds to me like he is a sociopath, doing the same unempathic job he’s done all along. That includes you too middle class small bussiness owners. Every one around him says he is poison to the under billionaire status. He may want the job, but doesn’t understand the job is as our representive of the people. WE THE PEOPLE “HIRE” HIM TO DO OUR BIDDING! It’s not a gig at Vegas! Get in touch with the people Mitt. You can be as rich as you like. You’re probably a great dude. However, you only represent the top 2%. Obama represents the other 98%.

  • 13observer

    If its about race, how do we have a black President? Because color only matters to black people. They are a minority….so how did Barak Obama get elected? Because all whites are prejudice? I don’t think so! There are plenty of poor white people and plenty of poor black people……… do you TAKE from the rich just because they have more? Is it then right for anyone who has less than another to demand they share theirs? The “promised land” is in heaven, not here on earth! No one EVER promised anyone black or white that they should have equal to others. If you want that type of government, you would have to move to China!

  • 13observer

    Of course I am crushed! Still, we appreciate your comments and love hearing from you……….. next.

  • 13observer

    Welcome back, did I mention how much we love hearing from you?……………… next.

  • 13observer

    I will always be with you, and did I mention how much we love hearing from you?……………… next.

  • 13observer

    Hey, says it like he sees it! Better than bullsh*tting everyone. I am sure his state ment is accurate if you consider food stamps, unemployement, healthcare etc. Perhaps he is reading what the democrats are putting out! Just their “poll numbers” tell you more than half the country is voting for him so……….. what does he represent?……………….. welfare and handouts for MORE than 47%. Especially if you include 15 million ilegal alien criminals of which he just gave amnesty to 1.3 million and has suspended deportations……………so……………….. 47% is a “conservative” number!

  • 13observer

    I don’t give a fu*k what the rest of the world cares about! Besides, Obama befriended the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and what a fine lot they’ve turned out to be…………..and no it wouldn’t help if he were hispanic because they don’t vote anyway!!!!! They are not nearly as “significant” of a voting block as that bullsh*t the left leaning press makes them out to be. The problem with most who envy the rich is; they want redistribution of wealth to occur for them through legislation and thus THEY ARE SO INCLINED TO VOTE FOR OBAMA.

  • I have always thought that Mitt Romney felt that way and was only for the wealthy! His sign for running for president should state:


  • Poor and sick people need help, most Americans, that are in need of medical and food help did pay taxes. I rememer when president D D Eisenhower , was president i had health care. Thank God for that because, i had just arrived from Puerto Rico, and we were dirt poor. This country gave me a chance to pay back with my taxes. and with our land Puerto Rico.( Remember) Mexico, does not belong to U S A . I am a true Dreamer. A good president serves all the People.

  • 13observer

    I believe he said there is 47% of the country voting for Obama regardless….because he promises them something from the government! If you look at the polls, Romney is “dead on”. People who envy the rich are always looking for a leader that will give them something (entitlement) from the government that was taken by means of taxation. 47% is a “conservative” number!

  • 13observer

    You saw in this country a rally of 99% demanding something from the government through taxation…… now you are going to tell me that 99% is not an accurate number because given what is reported by the press, Obama should win by 99%………Romney wasn’t realistically so far off!

  • 13observer

    Obama is “pro-labor” only by words and not by deeds! Besides, if 99% are voting for Obama, there is nothing to worry about right! So why all the T.V. commercials already….enough!

  • Romney’s 47% includes those on social security and Medicare — I don’t think those people think they are “victims” or are “entitled” in any way. The rest are the disabled, those who work but do not make enough money to pay federal taxes, the elderly in nursing homes who depend on medicaid, poor women with school aged children who need food stamps. Every time Romney opens his mouth — out comes some blatant lie or something horrifically stupid.

  • I’m a human lie detector and Mitt Romney reads off as a bigger liar than Satan. Mitt with all his money has only one reason to want to be president. He wants to be worshiped by the republicans like a Pharaoh. Mitt’s 50,000 dollars a day is no longer a big enough power trip for him. If Mitt wins the only people that will benefit will be the rich and the Mormons. America is already about to fall like Rome because of Bush Jr. By the sound of it Mitt will make sure it happens.

  • Nobody knows what anyone else thinks. You know what they say. You know what they do. Political choices (i.e., votes) should be governed by consideration of facts, various opinions, and the probability that whatever a person has done before they will do again and again. I challenge all of you to find a single blunder by President Obama on the order of those of every Administration since Eisenhower until now: Bay of Pigs, Gulf of Tonkin, White House Plumbers, Nixon pardon, Iran embassy, Beirut Airport, First Gulf War, Monica Lewinsky, 9/11 attacks. There has not been one. I do not care what you say about what President Obama believes. I hear what he says. I see what he does. I check the math. Look at the monthly GDP for the past four years. Look at the job losses and gains. Graph the slumps against the dates of passage of legislation that affects the economy. It is clear that the passage of the stimulus bill, although 1/4 the size the President proposed, stopped the slide in GDP, and eventually the loss of jobs, and turned the rates of change of GDP positive and joblessness negative. State and local government is still shrinking, Federal job growth has been really small, and most job growth has been in the private sector. Capital lost in the crash has been recouped. Investment remains sluggish, because speculation pays better in uncertain times with low tax rates on that kind of income. The amount of benefit achieved by requiring the holding of an asset for 18 instead of six months to be eligible for capital gains treatment would be much greater than most people can imagine.

    The nerds and wonks do have all the right answers, to the extent that there are any. As for things that have no right answer, what good can government do about them anyhow? Since there are no easy answers, the last people we want in government are those who can only do easy answers. The last bit is this – the debt ceiling is not the credit card. Appropriations are. If you want to cut spending you do not go to the budget, or the ways and means, or any other committee except appropriations. That is where all excessive spending takes place. That’s where it is adopted, line by line, sum by sum. Not much is discretionary. Entitlement spending is calculated by the bureaucracy responsible according to Public Law. That spending is changed by rewriting or repealing each title of Public Law.

    If you do not face the facts they will prevail anyhow.

  • joceandre

    Mitt Romney is not smart enough to be stupid.

  • he’s right though…forget political correctness Romney hit the nail on the head here