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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

WATCH: San Diego Sanitation Worker Responds To Romney’s ’47 Percent’ Remark

In a new video released today by AFSCME, the nation’s largest public employee union, sanitation worker Richard Hayes talks about picking up the Romney family’s garbage – and the Republican nominee’s attitude toward Americans like him.

Hayes begins the video by noting that “we’re kind of like the invisible people,” and ends it by lamenting that “Mitt Romney doesn’t care” about his problems — a fact made perfectly clear by the presidential candidate’s comments at a secretly recorded fundraiser in May.

My name is Richard Hayes, and I pick up Mitt Romney’s trash. We’re kind of like the invisible people…he doesn’t realize that the service we provide — if it wasn’t for us, it would be a big health issue, us not picking up trash.

Residents do come out and shake our hands. Sometimes they give us hugs and thank us for the job we’re doing, hand us waters and Gatorades. Tell us we’re doing a good job, and keep up the good work.

Picking up 15, 16 tons by hand, that takes a toll on your body. When I’m 55, 60 years old, I know my body’s gonna break down. Mitt Romney doesn’t care about that.

According to Politico, the ad is “the first in a series of videos intended to be part campaign attack, part online testimonial, part survey tool and part recruiting tool.” In addition to the Richard Hayes spot, AFSCME also has similar videos featuring San Diego sanitation driver Joan Raymond and fire truck repairman Temo Fuentes on its website.

AFSCME has endorsed President Barack Obama for re-election, and has made 80 ad buys on his behalf in the past month, according to The Washington Times.

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165 responses to “WATCH: San Diego Sanitation Worker Responds To Romney’s ’47 Percent’ Remark”

  1. kimberlytheidon says:

    “My name is Richard Hayes, and I pick up Mitt Romney’s trash.” I think Romney’s speech writers must also be involved in the trash business.

  2. Every time I hear your it feels like a knife has been push in side of it.

  3. Val TwoWolves says:

    This brings back memories of the long ago. When I was in college (waaay back in the late 60’s) in one of my classes we held debates about various topics. I opted to participate in a debate about “what are different jobs worth?” I took the side that garbage collectors are more essential to public health than physicians, so should be compensated commensurate to the benefits they provide to our country.

    • Lovefacts says:

      In many ways you’re right. Without garbage collectors, the rodent population would explode along with diseases. At the same time, if we paid more for collection–as I had to in Europe–we’d be further along in recycling and, for those with years, composting.

      • 13observer says:

        Where in the fu*k do you guys come up with this sh*t?

        • What a clever comment. I’m impressed. Did you work out all those tricky words by yourself or did you copy some graffiti from the girls toilet room wall?

          • 13observer says:

            My clever comments come from my frustration with the likes of your kind! Did I mention that we just love hearing from you?………………… next!

          • DurdyDawg says:

            Are you still trolling around here?

          • 13observer says:

            Fu*k ya, I’m still around……..or has Obama eroded the first amendment already like he wants to do with most of them. Don’t let em take your guns boys and girls!!! his Muslim Brotherhood and “Shiriah law” is right around the corner!

          • Dmullins84 says:

            Hey there 130bserver, or whoever the hell you really are, I am USAF Military retired and pay taxes like a lot of other hard working people in this country, and I vote Democrat because i feel the Republican Party have driven their wagon so far right they are now to the point of going over the cliff. Oh by the way, I didn’t mention I also get a VA disability check and social security check. I’ll bet your rotten ass will begrudge every dam dollar of them. I worked 44 plus years for my retirement monies and am proud to say I am a liberal. I wonder what you were doing while I was over seas serving our country, and away from my family five different times. I know where your choice for President was, he was laying on the beach in France with a deferment from serving. I am now 83 years old and I pray to live to 120 and just maybe I will have gotten most of what I loss back by then. How many years have you and your Ass hole Romney served for your country?? I also worked 22 years for our Government, and am proud to have played a small role there. May God bless America and also your ass included.

          • dennis says:

            My father is a Korea and Yietnam vet. You are the same age and you sound just like him……..Well just wanted to Thank You for your servise

          • Dmullins84 says:

            Dennis, i appreciate your comment! Please pass on my thanks to your dad for his service also. By the way, I was over there in the very early fifties, and was working on a B-26 base that flew Bombing missions over the north. My brother and I was there at the same time. He was in the Army.

          • 13observer says:

            It’s like this; the whole fu*king country can’t all be on WELFARE! This is what democrats represent and that is why I left the party! Obama LIED to us at organized labor on the Employee Free Choice Act! All he got done with control of both houses was some “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and that is weak! Giving amnesty to 1.7 million illegal alien criminals doesn’t work with huge unemployment numbers that are surely “under reported”. Obama don’t care sh*t about organized labor who owns the middle class for now anyway! But today everyone wants the dems to LEGISLATE wages instead of NEGOTIATE them! We are “CAPITALISTS” not “COMMUNISTS”!!!!!!!

          • I can agree with one of your points. I do believe Obama let organized labor down at times for political purposes, especially in Wisconsin

          • That’s what unions do, they negotiate wages . And they sure as hell don’t own the middle class. Russia isn’t communist, and considering their huge nuclear arsenal, including a whole lot of poorly secured nukes and nuclear material, it would be pure lunacy not to talk with and yes, negotiate with them. You made one credible point; the rest is a bunch of vitriolic ranting.

          • MRD1056 says:

            Obama is still a whole lot better for organized labor thatn Robmoney! At least obama won’t try and break every union by reorganization and ship the jobs overseas!!!!

          • 13observer says:

            Don’t be so sure! Have you looked closely at the trade deals he is making around the world? What about AMNESTY for 20 million illegal alien criminals to come yet…………. and after that??? What will stop the rest of Mexico’s POOR AND NEEDY from coming to camp out at the Obama Welfare Retreat….compliments of the U.S. taxpayers, the unemployed and those trying to organize for BETTER wages, benefits and working conditions….or should I say “on the backs of” the afore mentioned! If you thought it was hard to get a decent standard of living before……. wait until there is an abundance of “CHEAP LABOR”……….. what then will demand an employer pay anything but cheap wages? NO, NO, NO, you really need to think about how illegals will burden our systems!

          • MRD1056 says:

            I agree with you that illegal immigrants usually do work for cheaper wages, but this country was founded on illegal immigrants. We need to have a path to citizenship and then the Unions (which I am a member of two great unions) can mobilize and organize those immigrants so that the standard wage does go up. In order to do that we need people within the NLRB and stronger protection. I will agree with you I was disappointed in the way Obama and other Democrats handled the Employee Free Choice Act, but there were no Republicans that signed on at all, and most republicans believe in destroying regulations and unions. Look at Robmoneys record at Bain. Unions can’t organize people in India and China when our jobs are shipped over there. The other main point here is that the American middle class need to step up and force all politicans Democrat and Republican to start passing laws that benefit us. The only ally we have right now is Unions and Democrats.

          • robert says:

            the only communists you’re talking about are the one we owe 12 trillion dollars to, the same communists bushII borrowed 8trillion from. way to go, genius!

          • sircedrics16 says:

            130observer, I guest you think Romney will be better for this Country. Any one who have not been living under a ROCK
            know that Romney only care for him self and his fat cats money people. Have you been sleeping doing this election? All the
            jobs people lost because of Mitt’s company
            Bain, what do you think he will do to this Country if he become President? Tax cuts for the rich the very thing that got this Country in the mess it is in NOW.

          • 13observer says:

            For the same reasons Obama couldn’t get tax raises to supplement his illegal alien criminals here stealing jobs from the unemployed………………..Romney will not be able to cut taxes for his rich friends!!!!!!!!!!!! If that were to happen, you would need to talk to the democrats in the House and Senate!!!!!!!…………………………….. next.

          • fedupwitgop says:

            Thank you Dmullins84 for your service to our country and you deserve every penny!!!! God bless you.

          • And what kind is that?

          • geaaronson says:

            My goodness. What a foul mouth. Such bad upbringing. Your parents failed you for your uncivil manner. Tut tut, some people have anuses that spread throughout.

          • Bill says:

            Thanks I couldn’t have said it any better!! I just love the intelligence I see on this site from right wingers.

        • these examples are actually pulled from REAL life…oh sorry i forgot that’s not your purview

      • townandgownie says:

        Although I generally support recycling, it’s a very rare community where the recycling efforts pay for themselves. Even with a substantial percentage of materials recycled, the pay for those is still far below the cost of the effort.

        Not a reason to stop recycling but it’s not the payday and environmental success that green folks would like to tout.

        Has nothing to do with the issue. Garbage men are a vital service providing group and should be paid a fair and equitable wage and their employer should be monitoring them to ensure a safe working environment.

        I really wish the guy had poked around in the garbage and reported what was found. Wonder if Mittster wears a new pair of magic underwear every day?

    • Yes They Are And Romney Going To Pay For His Low Life Remarks Just Wait Until November When We The People Get Rid Of His Uppity Rich Ass!! All The New GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members Cares About Is The Wealthy American And How They Can Make Them Even Richer!! To Bad They Fail To Realizes We The Middle Class And Poor Working People Out Number Them!!

      • bf says:

        Romney needs to explain his remarks but honestly, I have to agree with him. But not against many of those who are taking offense. There are too many people in this country here illegally who don’t pay any taxes. Many Americans pay taxes but honestly, does any one really know how many pay and how many don’t pay? With off-shoring, I work in a company containing lots of foreigners who do not pay any American taxes. From where I sit, while I do think most of Americans pay taxes I also believe there are a lot who do not pay taxes. I do not believe that this trash collector is not paying taxes so he would not fall in to Romney’s 47% comment. I still think America needs to wait until they ear the debates and make intelligent decisions instead of getting caught up in all of the biased news coming from both parties!

        • bcarreiro says:

          hes talking about half the american people- disabled, seniors, military, middleclass, minorities and the general f###in public who make less than 250 big ones a year…….you must have lost your listening ears or make enough to spit at us.

          • 13observer says:

            If you listened closely………… Romney said; because 47% of Americans get SOME FORM of payment from the government, they are MORE LIKELY to vote for someone like Obama….therefore, he is not going to worry about trying to get their vote! The democratic “spin machine” would have you believe that Romney doesn’t care AT ALL about the 47% to capture more Obama votes……………. because they think you are STUPID!
            Yes folks, SS disability, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Education Grants, Government Pensions, Housing Assistance, Early Head Start, Head Start………and the list goes on and on………….are all a form of “PAYMENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT” … he is probably short at 47%. Nonetheless, the reason more people aren’t DEMOCRATS who are otherwise dependant on the government is because they can’t stomach what DEMOCRATS stand for! Don’t go crying a fu*king river before have know all the facts! The reason the “TEA PARTY” exists today is because most of “working America” doesn’t support UNIONISM and workers are in a “self-destruct” mode!

          • Nice try, spinmeister, but here is the quotation, word for word.
            ” …. There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government is responsible for them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what… These are people who pay no income tax… my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. ….”
            That includes all kinds of people who worked and paid into the SS plan, people who still pay into medicare, servicemen stationed in the war zone, even draft dodgers who accept deductions for a trick dancing pony and sequester money in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying his fair share of the tax burden.
            He specifically says that they will not take responsibility for their lives

          • iowasteve says:

            Observer – not very observant are we? I’m getting really damn tired of the republicans continuing with their ridiculous claim that social security and medicaid are “Payment from the Government” becuase they are NOT NOT NOT NOT! I have worked for 45 years and have ever single week of that time paid money directly from my checks to the government (OVER AND ABOVE TAXES) to social security and Medicare. It is REQUIRED BY LAW – you cannot refuse to pay that money to the government – just like federal income taxes. The money taken out of my checks for 45 years was for the government to hold onto without my making a penny of interest on it so that they can give it back to me when I retire to live on!!!!! That is NOT an entitlement. Anyone else believe it is an entitlement??? It is not an entitlement if I am the one funding the money in the first place!

            And just so you know – the TEA PARTY is FOX NEWS! It is not a real party and it was organized and is run by FNC.

            The facts, as you like to call them, are that the 47% of Romney’s enemies whom he doesn’t care about are the large majority of those who do not have incomes and so do not pay income tax. Ask Romney why his money isn’t taxed if he believes that seniors should be paying tax on their incomes derived by Social Security, which, by the way is already taxed once, when you earn it to begin with.

            You guys ever try to double tax Exxon oil? Oh wait – Exxon Oil pays NO TAXES and actually gets millions in TAX REFUNDS!

            Don’t start with me about the 47%. The problem is that Romney is losing big time and he can’t stand it. Here is the way my sister said it the other night – Romney is saying such stupid stuff, it’s like Obama is paying him to throw the election!!!! I may start believing that!

            Remember also, that the people of Massachusetts are not voting for Romney either. I suppose that shows what a great Governor he was there? NOT!

          • DurdyDawg says:

            They (the g’ment) robbed from s.s., eventually determined they couldn’t (wouldn’t) pay it back so included what they stole into the deficit which at that moment included all of ss and manipulated it into the budget, thus on paper deemed it an entitlement.. Sly those butt sniffing lawyers.

          • 345_719 says:

            As for paying taxes on social security , I am retired and on social security and my SS is taxed at 80% Ihave 7% more held out of my check and 20% more held out of my pension That I worked ovr 40 years to earn. That comes to 27% .rommny,s 14% breaks my heart.

          • 13observer says:

            He is losing like Ronald Reagen was before he won! The “stupid stuff” Obama does and says are supressed by the media…………… I am for “redistribution”………….. the lives of those killed in the embassy raids were “bumps in the road” and on and on… don’t give me your tired ass bullsh*t about what your stupid sister thinks…….as she obviously doesn’t know a thing about how political campaigns work!

          • Obama said there will be bumps in the road as governments in the Middle East transition to democracy. He could have said obstacles or setbacks or problems. Any of those would have invoked the same right wing response: “the death of Chris Stevens” is just a (problem, set back, obstacle) according to Obama”. President Obama NEVER said the tragic deaths were just a bump in the road. It is just another big fat right wing nut lie, which of course is no surprise.

          • You Don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • 13observer says:

            Really? “REDISTRIBUTION” is a “buzz word” for something else!

          • robert says:

            hey steve, why do you bother to teach 13o anything? he’s just trolling for correct information but is too immature to just ask for it.

          • bcarreiro says:

            so donating dimes makes a bigger incentive……………try donating time and see what pans out 4 ya. respectfully an indpendent nobody!!!

        • hey maybe someone should report that company of yours who is breaking the laws and hurting many AMERICANS who pay taxes and need jobs!!!!!!!! but since you donot like to be regulated or anything take what you get . I hope your company does what ever they can and get what away with what ever they can because you support it so you should reep all the benefits!!!!!!!!!

        • chriso says:

          bf.. you are right, except Mr. Romney had illegals cutting his grass in Belmont, Massachusetts … a little hypocritical, don’t you think? The landscapers did not pay taxes — just sayin’….

        • Romney Is Full Of It And So Are You Stop Talking To Me Tea Bagging Troll!!! Just What Part Of Don’t Talk To Me You Not Getting Thru Your Tea Bagging Head!!

        • So You Are For Selling Out America And Shipping American Jobs Overseas!! I Pay My Taxes And I Don’t Like Romney Nor YOU So STOP TALKING TO ME YOUR BRAIN DEAD PUPPET!!!!!

        • That refuse collector may not be paying any Federal Income Tax due to a low wage and, perhaps, deductions for a spouse and children. Whether that individual is, or is not, paying is irrelevant to the facts and ramifications to Romney’s stated attitude. To get that “47%” into the roles of tax paying citizens he would have to eliminate many deductions like for a mortgage. He would also have to tax, for the first time, all Social Security benefits as well as the income of troops serving overseas to keep us safe. Finally, and maybe the worst, he would have to tax every dollar earned by even the lowest wage earners forcing many into abject poverty if they aren’t already there.

          • But I’ll bet that when the total tax burden, property, sales, medicare, Social Security and assorted excise taxes are compared to his $50,000 income his percentage is higher than any run of the mill millionaire.

        • XenaP says:

          For the first time Romney actually told the truth about something and how he really feels. Romney has no repect for the majority of people. If he did, he wouldn’t send jobs out of the country so they could make more, he wouldn’t shut down factories. Romney only cares about the bottom line, nothing else. Romney is morally bankrupt when it comes to workers and business. He doesn’t care about THOSE PEOPLE!

          I am one of those people who don’t pay INCOME taxes because my income is below poverty level. I pay other taxes though.

          Romney can’t give intelligent answers because he knows very little about economic, foreign policy or the enviroment. Romney is an opportunist and that is it. Romney will start another war, this time with Iran. Romney make Bush look smart.

        • Really, those of us who have been paying attention all along think that we know enough about the candidates. Yes the IRS does know which American’s who have an assgned SSN pay income taxes. All of us pay other taxes, unless you do not buy anything. Mr. Romney was very specific – he was taking about 47% who do not pay INCOME TAX (one of the few times Mr. Romney’s speech involved details). This worker files, but because income taxes are progressive he does not pay, so yes he is included in Mitt Romney’s distain. As are by the way; service people in combat zones.

          The first debate will occur with only 30 days till the election. If Mitt Romney had something substansive and game changing to share don’t you think he would had done it all ready (the man has been running for six years) . If he had a real vision for this country and everyone in it do you think he would be working night and day on “zingers”?

        • Opie Bigay says:

          Mr.Roimney is the last one to talk about who is paying and not paying taxes when he has his money in over sea account and willing not show his income tax forms for more then two years. I bet the trash collector and other people pay higher tax than mr. Romney with all of his money. I guess i am one of the 47% that mr.Romney was talking about since i was employed since i was 16 years of age and now receiving SocSec and pension which i paid into. I have not receive a income tax refund for over 20 years but i am a caring person and feel that people are human being and some time need a helping hand . Mr. Romney feel that only rich people need help to hold to their money and cheat the poor out of the little money they have . end of story.

        • I would agree with you about illegals who pay no taxes, but wonder I you realize that many work with false papers, have income taxes and Social Security/Medicare deducted and they have no way of filling for a refund or applying for SS later on?
          The discussions related to the impact of illegals is full of mis-information and clever hunches that are not always accurate.

        • Bf,
          Maybe you should read his remarks. Maybe you agree with what Romney WISHES he said, and what he WISHES he said is more like what YOU wrote, which is a much more reasonable position. But Romney said what he said, and it wasn’t a case of a few misspoken words taken out of context. He very effectively articulated a viewpoint over several sentences that were coherent. His message was very clear and undeniable. You cannot legitimately agree with him but disagree with how he said it, because his words were the essence of the ideas he was communicating

      • So I see your ( Full of Kool-laid Too. ) Wake-up and stop being an Idiot, most of your kind won’t vote anyhow, Their drunk on Liberail Kool-laid also !

        • I See You Been Drink Venom Sold To You By The GOP /Tea Party Snake Oil Sells Men SCREW YOU Take Your Tea Bagging Troll Ass Elsewhere And Take Your Brain Dead Fellow Tea Bagging bf With You!!!! ASSHOLE!!!! You Dumb Ass Is A Sarah Palin Fan That Explain Your Tea Bagging Faggot Ass!!! Go Catch Up With You Crowd You Bet Ya!!! Brain Dead Bastard!!! You Can’t Bully Me Little Tea Bagging Bitch!! Now Go Back To Kissing Koch Brothers Asses And STFU Talking To Me!!!

        • You Racist Faggot!! My Kind Vote Every Election I’m A Nurse Bitch!!! While You Out Screwing Sheep And Goats I Work Every Day!! I Make Great Money I Got Money In The Bank And Great Investments And I Don’t Have To Screw My Country Or My Fellow Americans For A Living, I Work ASSHOLE!!!

        • dennis says:

          I’m an Independent . Cut the kool-aid crap, Republican gang -banger

    • middleclasstaxpayer says:

      This generally is a well paying job based upon the skills required. No one is denigrating hard work, and no one should be criticizing success either. Every job, both big & small, is what keeps the economy, the cities & the country going. It’s those who are trying to DIVIDE us (wealthy vs not, black vs white, white collar vs blue collar worker, etc… Don’t fall for the divisiveness….it’s all a trick to garner your vote.
      In the end, once they win, they won’t care a darn how you feel, how much you make, how much you have to pay for gasoline (currently at almost RECORD LEVELS), or even if you have a job (unemployment at 8.2% is now higher for longer than at any time since 1930s.) Once reelected, Obama will continue down his road to socialism whether you like it or not. Consider this…if redistribution of wealth is good, then so is taking the “A” your son or daughter gets in school and using it to “AVERAGE” all class grades…IE: Your son’s “A” becomes a “C” so a failing student can ALSO pass with a “C”…..I KNOW you won’t agree that!

      • Foolsgoldtwo says:

        Please look up the definition of Socialism. There is a difference between what is a program for social welfare and a Socialist government.

      • you are a total fool and dont really know your facts try really being objective and read all their is on the matter….Obama cant fix an economy over night COULD YOU….the republicans have done nothing and should get kicked out for not doing their jobs…..everything that could have been has been BLOCKED by the republicans they only care about themselves…LINCOLN IS TURNING IN HIS GRAVE…..I lived under Ronald Reagon in California and he destroyed it and put us behind the 8 ball there…we the voters had to put in prop 86 so that our property taxes were rolled back….just saying do more homework than spouting your ignorant Bull…..


      • jerry6665 says:

        i agree that we should avoid the divisiveness that assaults us from every side. however, let’s be real – averaging out class grades won’t wreck a country. i want the ‘A’ student obama who took over for a ‘C’ student bush who ran the economy and the country into the ground. obama’s ‘A’ ideas stopped the train wreck and is turning the country around. you might have noticed that even his detractors in government took advantage of the programs he was able to get through congress.

        four short years ago, we were losing jobs and industries by record numbers. the stock market had plunged by huge margins, taking iras and investments by pension plans with it. housing had been fraudulently and maliciously destroyed for the average guy and those who didn’t understand the way mortgages worked. our country wasn’t going broke, it was being stolen!

        we were the laughing stock of the world regardless of what the media said. i travel extensively and can attest to the shock of the world at what was being perpetrated on U.S. citizens by the bush government. we are no longer just citizens of the U.S. In this time in our history, we must understand that we are citizens of the world.

        obama has stopped the horrible race to the bottom of the barrel and has turned the economy around. while we are not where we were under president clinton, at least we’re not where we were the last time the republican president was in office!

        i was a registered republican but i am a proud American first therefore, my country and my fellow Americans come first – not my party! so, let’s keep grammar school out of our conversations in efforts to force an example to work. let’s just work on getting the Country back where it belongs!

        • CPANY says:


          You are correct in your assessment of the situation. I lost forty percent of my retireemnt savings because of the tactics of Bush and his rich cronies. I’ve gained some of it back, but there was a two-to-four-year period in which my investments looked pretty weak.

          Frankly, if the world were just, George W. Bush would have been impeached and convicted for high crimes and misdemeanors.

          Clinton was impeached, but not convicted, on comparatively trivial events that should not have even been made public but were by the Congressional Republicans.

          • jerry6665 says:

            losing investments: yes. investments coming back:yes. bush and his cronies? HECK yes (GO Spain!.) and, clinton: i agree totally.

            i lost over 50% of my retirement account value during bush’s shenanigans. thanks to obama, my retirement account is coming back. i am of the tax-paying folks that understands that at age 70 it’s a heckuva lot tougher to earn a buck than at 30 and am lucky to have had a lucky career!

            b/t/w, i’m a head-hunter. as such, i have about a year and a half lead on what goes on in business. you’ll learn more about the future of business from your headhunter than you will from any economist i’ve ever met. i can tell you that up till a year and a half ago, i got job orders for hatchet men – y’know the kind, buy a company, fire folks, parcel it off and close it, with a big tax benefit. about a year and a half ago, i began getting job orders for turn-around artists. y’know, those folks who come in and evaluate a company to keep it IN business. THAT’S when i knew obama, despite the coordinated resistance of republican party hardliners, was making a difference.

            i’m a republican, i am an nra member, i love nascar, i value our servicepersons and am amazed daily at the sacrifices they and their families make on behalf of our Country. and, i’m voting for obama.

          • CPANY says:


            I too am a Republican. I’ve been a registered Republican all my voting life. I’m also a National Rifle Association member. I’m voting for Obama.

            I hate what’s happened to the Republican Party. It used to be conservative, but it’s been taken over by ultra conservative slime like Romney, Ryan, Rove, the Koch Brothers, Adelson and the neocons like Wolfowitz, Feith, Cheney, etc. I would have included Dubya, but I really think that he’s too dimwitted to be included with the slime that I named above.

          • 55_07 says:


            You tell the absolute truth … not watered down or sugar-coated. I’m an Independent NRA member, two brothers who served in Viet Nam (two tours), hard-working conservative upbringing.
            I too lost over 50% of my 401 (k) which had begun rebounding as a result of Prez Obama’s efforts. We all know he hasn’t been perfect but who amongst any of us has. There are many signs that our economy is improving albeit slowly.

            Just look at the stock market over 13,000 for the first time in history. And, every news outlet (including (Fox) has stressed how manufacturing jobs have rebounded but no skilled workers to fill them. An additional 13.8 million jobs we can’t fill due to unskilled labor force. Our politicians should be eager to work together to come up with creative legislation to benefit all citizens. It’s obvious the old ways aren’t effective, especially in terms of education.

          • 55_07 says:


            Two more points I must include here are as follows:

            1. The Koch bros. are so well connected they have even infiltrated the IRS. The IRS had begun a vigorous audit of major corporations and tax havens, with $$BILLIONS of taxes pending/owing the IRS. All of a sudden, each audit was shut down and placed on hold. Orders came from the top down. Employees who are all Accountants and CPAs had worked hard, long hrs. battling highly-paid tax attorneys for the corporations, not an easy task believe me. (Ok…how do I know? …wait for it…I’m now retired.)

            If you’ve been watching this issue you would be aware that IRS had been very effective in breaking up some of the targets in the Bahamas and one in Switzerland. They were getting too close in the Cayman Islands and were just learning about those in Indonesia & Malaysia — the current highly-favored. I can’t disclaim the exact names of banks there. BTW, these multi-millionaires & billionaires have their dual passports and their private jets standing by 😀

            2. The Tea Party started a campaign advising members to tell pollsters they are voting for Obama. Their intention was to skew the poll results so Dems would feel his lead was large enough to sit this one out.

            I cannot compromise my values and morals for anyone — not family or friends. I lost a good friend and neighbor of over 17 yrs behind this. I’m still sad about it because I thought this person shared my morals and values, especially because they are almost done with seminary.

            Well, I had better turn it off for now but I have so much info my head is about to explode. Besides, there will be no more life as we know it if the Koch’s have their way. God help us!

          • Hillbilly says:

            Cpany that was done to help Gringrich’s affair that he was was having with the woman that became his 3rd wife secret. The woman that was going to make President, at least that is what he was supposed to have said to his 2nd wife when asked her for a divorce and right after she was told she had MS.

        • dennis says:

          Glad you see the Republican party isn’t the Republican party anymore. I’m an Independent ,over 50 and telling you “Trickel Down” aint working.I was a Harley stock holder . Harley got a big tax break a few year back . Witch is fine ‘but what did they do ? Cut employee compensation, gave CEOs big increases, my stock did crap over that time. I sold stock .

      • Mark Esche says:

        Are you a Romney middleclasstaxpayer, or a real middle class tax payer? This business of trying to Smear Obama with the Socialism label, is only valid to those who say “I got mine, Jack.” What many would refer to as greedy bastards . . . and that business about leveling off grades is stupid and fear mongering. Obama wants people to succeed. Romney wants a permanent underclass. He roots for King Arthur in “Monty Python and the quest for the Holy Grail”!!

      • mytwosense4u says:

        having the rich pay less taxes than the middle class along with subsidizing large corporations is also redistribution of wealth, from middle calss to the rich. And we are and have been a socialist country for many years. We have free public education, fanny mae and freddie mac to underwrite home mortgages, social security, madicare, medicaid, government run food safety inspections, water inspections for safety, air traffic controllers, etc, etc. One, do you not know that? and 2. do you want to do away with free public education, social security, medicare, etc? I’ll bet, when you retire you’ll be first in line for your check.

      • Hillbilly says:

        middleclasstaxpayer There is something that you and others like you need to learn. That one thing is that neither the President or Congress set the price for gas and oil, that is done by big oil companies owners like the Koch brothers. Also the price of gas will remain high until after the elections so the Koch brothers and other big oil company owners can get the millions back that they have donated to Romney and the Republicans in their effort to buy the White House and Congress. Trash collector are not well paid and if you think they are then take a job collecting others trash. The ones that don’t care about others is the Republicans. If you don’t have millions or billions of dollars in US and off shore banks, the Republicans don’t know you exist. They have been grading students on a curve for years, what cave have you been living in not to know this?

      • hilandar1000 says:

        To you who are always screaming “socialist” — what is wrong with socialism. Do you know the differences between socialism, fascism, communism, or democracy? Maybe you should do a little research on it. Many studies have shown that the people with democratic socialism are the most satisfied with their system of government. Actually the type of government that Republicans are trying to get us to accept, by whatever means they feel necessary, is Fascism. They want to close down the various functions of government and have everything which is now handled by government to be privatized (run by corporations). “Fas­cism should more appro­pri­ately be called Cor­po­ratism because it is a merger of state and cor­po­rate power”. — a quote by none other than Benito Mussolini. If the republicans get into office again, that’s what you will have. Is that really what you want?

    • 13observer says:

      What….fu*king college did you attend….WAZA…MATA…U…….NIVERSITY?

    • How long does the garbage collector study to repair Your Body…Oh No! It cost too much. I suggest you let the Garbare collector do your surgery.LOL

    • You should check out David Workman’s “The Labot Theory of Value.”. He’s an economist but its not too “wonky”. He includes several factors in his formula for deciding the value of an hour of someone’s labor. The value added to a product or to the communities quality of life is a big part, but so is the number of hours and cost, including opportunity cost, of the required education and training.

    • ralphkr says:

      Also bear in mind that garbage collection is one of the most hazardous jobs in the US. I believe Lumber jack is still rated the most hazardous (by far), followed by sanitation, and then fireman.

    • Plznnn says:

      If a low skilled job like garbage collecting paid as much as a Doctor that spent 10 years going to college to save people’s lives, then who the hell would go on to become doctors, or scientists, etc.? Think before you give knee-jerk reactions.


  5. Keith Weekley says:

    If garbage collectors and politicians were to disappear at once, who would we miss first… and most?

  6. Joe Kitele says:

    Romney is too far removed; he has no idea about real life or real events. Isn’nt he the guy who did not have a clue why passenger jets do not have windows that can be rolled down? If he has no clue about this, what do you expect? Shoot first, aim latter?

  7. jarheadgene says:

    What I have had the hardest time trying to figure out is, WHY didn’t more people see through Willard’s Elitist snobbery before hearing his actual claims on the the Mother Jone’s tape? I had always thought him pretty transparent. OBAMA 2012 ! YES !

  8. Clarniluan says:

    If this is a real sanitation guy on Mitt R’s route – and if he isn’t he is a pretty good actor – then I fear for his retaining his job when someone complains to his employer.
    But re anonymous with the college debating story – I like it! My partner’s theory is that, built into our society and work schedule, there is one day – perhaps a month according to what is needed – where people take a turn at doing these kinds of jobs so everyone takes responsibility for sanitation and community order. Of course that would require people like Mr. Hayes having other, more intellectually stimulating and more meaningful, work options. So we’d have to rebuild our society from the ground up and reevaluate everything…

  9. Romney and Ryan want to get in the White House to make more for themself ,they do not care about the middle class

  10. BDD1951 says:

    This is a really cool ad. Shows the human side of the 49%.

  11. Carl Tammy says:

    Yep! The huff post has a pic of Mitt working filling a garbage truck..hummm..He did it for only a day tho.

  12. I agree with your all your comments. The Ad is great!!

  13. bart says:

    Often it is the “invisible people” who hold society together. In 1962 I worked as an orderly in Yale New Haven Hospital and often worked the third shift. It was fascinating looking out of a window and seeing a large swathe of the city. There was always activity in the early morning hours: police cars, taxis, postal trucks, emergency medical personnel, maintenance equipment workers, nurses going to Mass before starting the first shift, and all sorts of people that held the city together. Of course, then as now, they “didn’t count because they were not apparently visible. They were then, as well as now, critical to a civilized society. Of course, they were “just doing their job,” but without them it was and is almost impossible to go about our daily living.

  14. R & R (Rest and Relaxation) =R&R (Romney and Ryan). That says it all! Everyone else can work hard, struggle, hope for a better future while R & R are taking care of themselves and (oh , the folks LIKE THEM).

  15. Fantastic ad, couldn’t have done it better myself.

  16. Alice1294 says:

    Someone didn’t listen to his full remarks and have taken the part they want out of context. You didn’t know the man you voted for in 2008 and you don’t know him now. Some of Chicago’s worst help put him in office. You can tell a man by his friends. He would like to be like his father. Go see the movie 2016 and learn more about the man who has weakened our country monetarily and military wise. Other countries have lost a lot of respect for us. The weaklings get picked on and that is what is happening to us now. If he gets 4 more who will he plan then for the mess? Bush’s record was excellent until the congress and house became majority democrats. Check that one out.

    • Landsende says:

      Bush’s record was excellent. Are you for real. Shortly after he took office he got us in two wars. Not one, two. He lied about weapons of mass destruction as an excuse to invade Iraq. Instead of going after Bin Laden he went after Sadaam thus allowing Bin Laden and Al Quaida to regoup and become stronger costing many American soldiers their lives. Instead of raising taxes to pay for these wars, he cut them, thus raising the deficit. He allowed financial corporations to run wild causing the financial meltdown then had the TARP bailout to try to prevent a total financial collapse. If he was such a good president why was he not invited to speak at the republican convention? Why does no republican candidate mention Bush or want his endorsement? Could it be because they don’t want to remind voters of his screw ups and know his endorsement would be the kiss of death to winning? After eight years of Bush it will take at least another four years for the economy to recover regardless of who is president.

  17. mrbluesays says:

    Romney wants to be president for only a small part of america not ALL of america with his side kick lyin Ryan

  18. bf says:

    This is BS! Most Americans don’t stop and think about the people picking up their trash or building janitors etc. We just don’t know who they are to think about them. But ultimately, it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about them. And I don’t believe Romney doesn’t care about them anymore than Barack doesn’t care about the wealthy. This election is filled with too much BS coming from both parties! It is time both candidates start talking about what they intend to do instead of twisting facts to convince the sheep who blindly follow such BS.

  19. Bob Williams says:

    WOW! A black trash man endorses Obama. Color me surprised. Considering that about 95 percent of all blacks who voted cast their ballot for Obama, this racist is among them. Yes – I said racist, as if 95 percent of all whites had voted for McCain, you would have said that they were racists. You would be right.

    If it weren’t for Romney and his neighbors, this dude might not even have a job. Thank you, Mitt, for helping this hapless brother out.

  20. Every time I go to the grocery store I see so many people coming out with carts loaded – but do they have recycle cloth bags? No. These people are a THREAT to us all. Their laziness harms us all. I have at least 5 cloth bags and I use them ALL THE TIME. It’s not hard folks. But, I’d love to think my granddaughter has a planet to live on. Apparently these lazy people have some other planet they’re going to, but I don’t know what it is. Perhaps they could tell us. The few plastic bags I do get, I take to the recycle bin at my grocery stores. They all have them. And these same lazy folks are also too lazy to do even that. It’s past time to stop treting this earth as though it was invented JUST FOR YOU. There are finite resources. I realize many of these people won’t know what finite means, so I’ll explain. It means there IS NOT AN UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF WATER, OR LAND, OR FOOD.

  21. The German in English newspaper said that Mitt Romney is only for the rich white man.
    The New Zealand news said the Republican part is a “crazy” political group..

  22. jeangirl5150 says:

    Middleclasstaxpayer – I noticed you said gas is ALMOST at record highs. It actually WAS at record highs during George Bush’s admin. Remember when someone said it was $4 a gallon and he said “no it isn’t.” One of his aides had to tell him “yes it is.” Another rich guy that had no idea what anything costs.

  23. jerry6665 says:

    Coro fellowships do just that – 3 months in corporate, politics, charity and social services. they’re open to everyone but mostly college students know about the fellowships. and, you’re right… walking in another’s shoes makes a huge difference.

  24. Anne Lawrence says:

    RICHARD, Your comments say alot about the true Mitt Romney: his weak character.

  25. Anne Lawrence says:


    Your comments reveal the weak character of this Presidential nominee.

    Thank you for sharing,


  26. Tallman says:

    We need a sanitation worker to get in the White House we have had to many professionals and career politicians and look at the mess they got us all. We need sanitation workers, secretaries, doctors, p0lic, ice cream people, piza people, waiters, and waitresses, teachers and so on and so forth to run for office and take their country back before its to late. We need people like Richard Hayes to run for office. Good day.

  27. Mark Esche says:

    Alice,Alice, have you had your meds checked?

  28. Four more years of Obama and you won’t have to worry about picking-up trash, because you will be the trash. Wake-up Fool and stop dringing the Kool-laid. Just because Obama is an Idiot, don’t mean you have to be.

  29. Doublefox says:

    That was what the rich do best. Think of gimmicks to pay nothing for an honest days work. The GOP Congress, the United States Supreme Court Justice (five of them) are responsible for supporting their corporate masters in passing laws band buying politicians, all at the expense of the US taxpayer.

  30. I really appreciate the gentleman who collects trash on my route. He is latino, and when I fail to get my cans to the curb in time, he stops and brings them down to the truck to empty. When I rush out at the sound of his truck and offer an apology, he always has a friendly smile and a wave.

  31. do not worry we are not invisible and we will be heard, come election time this do nothing congress and Mitt Romney will know we are no longer going to take all the garbage they are pushing down are throats. The 47 % who do more for this country than Mitt Romney can ever imagine is going to do one thing that is very important and that is to make sure he is never in control of the great nation in the world with THE GREAT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  32. Every time they open their mouths they expose the absurdity of their positions. I say let them talk. Besides if they are talking the mouth breathers may suffocate themselves.

  33. robert says:

    Man, I can’t wait for the debates! Bring it on! Stop Romney from suffering so badly!

  34. robert says:

    “Strip the proud nobility of their bloated estates, reduce them to a level with plain folk, send (them) forth to labor, and teach their children to enter workshops or to handle plows, and you will thus humble proud traitors.” Thaddeus Stevens, 1863, speaking of aristocratic white supremacist plantation owners/slave holders.

  35. blue8210 says:

    This is a bunch of trash talking by a black crying about his job! I can’t do it!!!

  36. Hillbilly says:

    I hope that Romney wouldn’t get this man fired because of this video.Knowing the kind of persons Romney and his wife are they will probably try to get him fired because he spoke against Romney in this video and told the truth about him. Trash collectors are more important than any politicans (spelled wrong), they do the job they are paid to do and do it well unlike elected officials or the ones working on being elected do.

  37. gigiyaya says:

    Bill Clinton has the numbers. The actual number of people who pay no tax is something like 4%. I think it was on Piers Morgan’s show that he said they had all the actual numbers now.

  38. Judy says:

    Imagine what our lives would be like of it wasn’t for the coal miners, who get the substance that provides most of the electricity in this country? I am so glad for plumbers, too, when nasty drain issues occur- I sure don’t want to deal with that mess! All those “Dirty Jobs” that are so necessary should make all of us rethink why on earth should the CEOs be the ones raking in all the moolah? Just because you may have risked the capital, you can’thave a business without the consumer or your workers.How about a little fairness? Making 800+ times what the guy or gal on the floor makes, when just 30 years ago it was more like a reasonable 30 to 50x is why the system is so skewed and fouled up. That and the pyramid scheme of moving jobs overseas for ridiculous slave labor wages.

  39. shawn says:

    Garbage collectors are more essential then most people stop to realize.
    In fact its the blue collar worker who keeps the wheels spinning . With out them the rich would be poor fast . No workers to help make them rich while they set on there butts and call them the 47% If they could not pay to get things done they would not get done. So bless the hard working blue collar workers.

  40. Judy says:

    I’m a middle class taxpayer, too. Perhaps it hasn’t occured to to you that petroleum is a finite resource, and that China has been adding 30,000 automobiles per month to their national fleet. They are building roads like mad over there, too-asphalt=tar=petroleum. Thanks to our greedy, insatiable, traitorous businessmen, who weren’t happy being millionaires, they just had to waken the desire for consumer goods in the Chinese and the Indians. There simply isn’t enough to go around. You and I have been responsible for lifting 660 million Chinese out of poverty-nice of us, but now we are deeply in debt and have no manufacturing base. Redistributing some of the money that a capitalist makes in order that One person doesn’t end up with everything and everyone else ends up with nothing is common sense. Pure capitalism will fail as surely as pure communism will. Some small degrees of socialism, as you call it, ensure that those who are victims of the inevitable casualties of a capitalist system will not starve to death or be thrown into economic and social chos every time the plant they depended on for income closes because some bigger, better enterprise put them out of business. No one is saying let’s take little Johnny’s grade and give it to Mary. We ARE saying Johnny and Mary BOTH contribute a lot to school/society. I believe a garbage man contributes a lot. What Romney contributed, in my view, was not worth what he ended up getting out of it. So, taxes help even things out the tiniest bit, so the improperly paid garbageman will not go hungry. Honestly, can anyone work more than 70-80 hours a week? Why on earth DO we give the person who ventures a bit of capital such a ridiculous amount more than the folks really making him/her the cheddar?

    • jerry6665 says:

      ah, judy… if they gave awards online to people who are cogent, intelligent, and capable of sifting through all of the constant barrage from the shrieking new right wingnuts, you would go home with an armload!

      ‘draft dodger’- absolutely correct; govt contracts-welfare for the rich – bullseye!; trickle down- another learned observation; republicans spouting small govt for business but huge amounts of govt invading our private lives- dead on!!!. further, your understanding that we are now just one Country in a world of countries who logically want the same perks we have while we expect no impact to our own position – well, just about a million percent more rational than anything i’ve heard from the ultraconservatives, any time, anywhere, to date.

      but, this comment (that begins, “I’m a middle class taxpayer, too.”), clearly and concisely parsing out how things actually work in the real world is nothing short of a primer that should be taught in schools!

      thank you!

  41. Judy says:

    I don’t understand why Republicans are so extreme anymore. I also don’t understand why they are all small government when it comes to business but they are so concerned about sticking their noses into everyone’s private sexual business? It’s like they are all about money and the moral issues are just a front to dupe people who think this should be a theocracy into voting for them. I’m an Independent, but it’s like I doubt that there will ever be any Republican I would vote for.

  42. Judy says:

    Sad to say, I remember when Herbert Walker Bush called trickle down “voodoo economics” and now the chicken has come home to roost. All trickle down did was give the wwealthy and the big corporations the money thay needed to rape America and move her industrial base to communist China. They should all be shot as traitors, because that it exactly what they are!

  43. Judy says:

    It;s funny, but I never hear anyone complain about what the Ceo of GE in Cincinnati makes, and all they make there are jet engines for the military mostly. Those millions in salary aren’t from mostly from private buyers purchasing GE jet engines- it is taxpayer money for over priced defense contracts. If that ain’t welfare for the rich, I don’t know what is.

  44. Judy says:

    Romney also would have called a draft dodger in my day. he was shown with signs telling war protestors on his campus to cool it and supported the Vietnam war, but WOW, when it came time to go himself, oh, he was suddenly Mr. Mormon and had to rush to France to proseletize for Mormonism, a pressing American concern. What a phony. God Bless America as long as you don’t have to risk anything to defend it, right, Mitt?

  45. KartofflMuter says:

    I guess Rotney never heard of “no man is an island.” He figures if you’re rich enough to buy one, or hide your money on one, then the saying doesn’t apply to you. As for BF and his nonpaying people. Who doesn’t pay taxes? Migrant workers? Perhaps,some. Those giant wages. What happens when authorities crack down? There are no people willing to pick the crops or do the day labor for the same price ,the crops rot,farmers lose,and consumers complain. Who else works off the books? Cleaners and babysitters and nannies. Why? Because rich people don’t want to pay insurance and unemployment and file paperwork.Gardeners-is yours legal or illegal? Do you decide a gardener is qualified by the color of his skin? or do you decide by looking at his citizenship papers?
    Don’t bother. I know the answer.

  46. Judy says:

    I suggest you let a surgeon operate on you if someone hasn’t scrubbed the operating room, or if the floor hasn’t been sanitized from the blood splilled from the previous surgery. happy hepatitis/AIDS/flies/bacterial infection for you! 🙂

  47. Judy says:

    Well, I’m sure the White House needs a car elevator. (sarcasm).

  48. Judy says:

    My father worked two jobs his entire life. He is 86 now. He served in WWII. He gets Social Security and is on Medicare. It angers me that Romney acts like my father ISN’T entitiled to those benefits- he PAID for them for 55 years. That would be like sneering at someone who paid for homeowner’s insurance for 50 years and then their house caught fire from a lightning strike, and they collected their insurance check. They ARE entitled. Mitt surely seems to think HE was entitled to help from his wealthy dad and use daddy’s influence to get into college, didn’t he? I know he didn’t pay for college with money he didn’t get from parents. I’ll bet he doesn’t forego collecting Social Security, either, or Medicare, when the time comes. How dare he talk about my father, who WASN’T a phony draft dodger like Mitt was, and busted his ass for his family his entire life? I sure didn’t like hearing how he felt about an honorable man like my father. Screw you, Mittens.

  49. hilandar1000 says:

    Your post is a typical inane response of a conservative. Did you see anything written here about expecting a garbage collector to do surgery — or expecting a doctor to collect garbage? Please re-read the article and the discussion of it and see if you can figure out what is really being discussed here.

  50. solver04 says:

    It was NOT very long ag0 (a couple of months actually) that my financial advisory/insurance business came to such a slow down (2007-2011) I myself at middle age was working as a Bellman p/t and a soft drink Merchandiser, both low paying, indescript jobs. I was never rich and always SAW the people doing the WORK, work; But you gain a whole new respect for those folks when you step out from behind the desk and lift something heavier than a laptop or briefcase. Even when times were tough I managed to make sure my Garbage Man got a Xmas tip, it’s how I showed my appreciation for a person that many overlook. This is why AFSCME and other Unions are needed for these folks, to call them greedy and un- American is a slap in the face by the terds like Romney and the Rovers and Grovers and Kochs and Trumps. They know they have ALL the money, well we have ALL the people and all the Patriotism and spirit, none of which THEY posses.

  51. msrita says:

    I hope he loses the Election. Oh he is behind in the polls and Repulicans call polls lies by the liberal Media. GOOD BLESS AMERICA.

  52. jwuor111 says:

    To Mitt Romney, People who do these dirty jobs are less than human. he’s only running as president to protect his riches and that of his rich friends.I know a lot of people who hate Obama not because he has failed to keep his promise. but bacause to them, he’s not real American and most of all, he’s black. And so, they will do anything to get Mitt Romney in the white house. No matter who gets hurt.

  53. batavier says:

    Val, and everyone else, y’all should know by now that according to our Judaeo-christian beliefs the REAL “by-the-sweat-of-your-brow ” labor is performed by those who have to shade their eyes as they TOIL day-and-night under green eyeshades at their PCs, burning lots of mental energy analyzing the markets where their shares are traded, forever on the lookout to instantaneously spring into action anywhere in this Global Market where they sense an opportunity to………..MAKE A KILLING!

  54. 13observer says:

    I know alot of people who want anything they can get for nothing! The illegal alien criminals here stealing jobs now want uncle sam to pay their heathcare give them amnesty….you name it! How is it this President wants to subsidize their labor by paying their way? You know they don’t pay sh*t for taxes because they don’t make enough! They are simply COMPETING with the unemployed, starving, homeless….our POOR and Obama wants the rich to pay more taxes so he will have more votes……well…………….bullsh*t……..cuz we WORKIN FOLF in the middle class end up paying the way for those COMPETING for our very jobs!……….They ainta juz pikin lettice no mo Julio! If we cut off the “extended” government unemployment to what it was………..the U.S. LEGAL CITIZENS would start killing the illegal alien criminals….and that is why you see the dems fight to keep the extensions……..and how would they EVER pull off “immigration reform”?

  55. 13observer says:

    WELFARE FOR ALL ……. the Obama way!

  56. Maynard says:

    Madison WI uses robot arms to pick up the cans and dump them. They recycle all of the contents and have made a profit doing so.

  57. We all are created equal in the eyes of God. Romney needs to remember this when he ends his speeches by saying God bless America.

  58. We all are created equal in the eyes of God. Romney needs to remember this when he ends his speeches by saying God bless America

  59. Ho Luong says:

    Does he get pay for his job?? He has chosen to do so for living so what…..

  60. Common Senseman says:

    Ah …. the old Marxist/Leninist facade, the dialectic of materialism by Marx & Engels… the poor proletariat Vs the wealthy bourgeois. This is the same stupid argument the Marxist/Leninist always produce, except there is one caveat those Marxist/Leninists forgot to include here. This is America and if that garbage man wants to do better for himself, he can. He can be what ever he wants to be in this country, the limits are up to him. Where is it written that he must remain a garbage man (sanitation engineer), for one and all time? The answer is currently in the United States, this man is not limited. However if we allow the Marxist/Leninists (Communists, Socialist, Progressives) to take control of this nation, then we each will be assigned our work by the government, according to our support of the Marxist/Leninist party.

    The choice for America is clear Marxism/Leninism or a Constitutional Republic of free individuals …. You decide. For me I would be glad to have a garbage mans job which paid upwards of $60k per year with a plethora of benefits which provides for a retirement which is more comfortable than most kings.

  61. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    Well, you’ve hit the nail on the head! SOCIALISM is what Obama wants….just like what they have in Greece, Spain & Portugal…do you know WHY they are RIOTING in those countries? Because their governments are OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE” MONEY……but the people want MORE FREE STUFF without having to do anything for it. That’s what you want?????????
    Then we’ll get exactly what European countries are getting! Great life to look forward to.

  62. ivory69690 says:

    well as im sure alot of ppl. feel this way also . im thinking that the anti-christ romney could bag himself in a heavy duty trash bag . but when thy pick him up and if he makes it to the trrash truck that at the dumping yard im sure the suppervisor there would see him and tell the workers that picked him up to bring him back to where thy found him . discharge him back there . as for that kind of waste dosent go in the garbage truck that the kind of waste that should be flushed down the bowl . or could be burnt but deep in space would be a better place . then the ET,S would complain for trashing the space and around the planets in the milkyway

  63. The Colony Texas, population of only 42k plus has a massive recycling program. It is all inclusive and pays for itself.

    In addition, there is a small dollar rebate in each residents utility bill.

  64. Plznnn says:

    Does this garbage collector actually think that Obama gives a rats behind about him when him and his family are spending $1.7 Billion of OUR taxpayer money living like royalty? Romney’s money, or anyone else like John Kerry, JFK, or Obama have nothing to do with his condition or attitude. Romney would make it easier for people like him to rise up to better themselves, while socialism will keep him a victim believing other people that are wealthy somehow have anything to do with him.
    This man should worry about how Obama is spending all of OUR money, than about what sucesful people do with theirs!

  65. fulflr says:

    Last I looked, we are all in this thing together. No one is more important than anyone else.
    We all contribute in some way, and come to bat when our number is called.
    Bravo for this guy, he makes the one percent look like the stuff he picks up.

  66. Dmullins84 says:

    Personally; I’m proud to hear you left the Democrat party, since apparently you think the grass is greener on the other side. Straddle poles we don’t need in the Democrat party, We need more dedicated people going forward to do away with the Republican party or at the very least force them to adapt to what this country is all about all together, and for the best of the country in lieu of me me me. You take care man. and i wish you good things in the future.

  67. sircedrics16 says:

    130observer, YOU are a sad person any one who will just TELL a LIE to make himsefl feel better needs some help. Because you know that PRESIDENT
    OBAMA is not a muslim, and when you say that he is Muslim does not make it so.
    He is still the PRESIDENT 9of the USA the highest OFFICR IN THE WORLD, NOW WHAT OFFICE DO YOU HOLD?
    Just what I though, You are a nobody and
    will always be NOBODY.

    • Gabby says:

      he’s not a muslim, but he bends over for the muslims, you can’t say that’s a lie. did he not apologize to them for our free speech. “the future does not belong to those that slander the prophet of islam”

  68. Summer Smith says:

    boo hoo.. poor garbage man has a job as important as a physician and doesn’t get a hug from Mitt…boo hoo…

  69. nurselaidoff says:

    I think this ad is really grasping at trying to bring down Romney. It is not addressing any issues. If you look at Obama’s garbage men, I doubt that he and Michele go out to greet them either. I do feel for garbage men as it is often a thankless job, yet a very critical job.
    The conclusion that Romney thinks of them as invisible people is stretching it. Most working people aren’t home when the garbage is picked up. Anne Romney also probably isn’t going to jog out to visit the garbage man. She has MS and a hx of breast cancer, not to mention raising 5 sons.
    I have never met my garbage men because they pick up early in the am. They are here for maybe 2 minutes and then gone again. I asked around, and I don’t know one single person that has ever met their garbage men, ever!
    Multiple services are performed in the background. People who deliver mail on rural routes (in the country) are basically “invisible”. They drive a car and most mailboxes are quite a distance from the houses. Other services that are performed such as repairmen for electrical and telephone, county workers taking care of the roads and ditches etc. All are critical jobs but due to timing and circumstances, are behind the scenes to most of the public (but very much appreciated).

  70. Gabby says:

    doesn’t that man get paid, he looks fat enough

  71. Gabby says:

    get a grip fat boy, you are a union worker that’s why you’re opening your big fat mouth

  72. I remember once maybe in the 1970’s when the garbage workers went on strike. Talking about filthy, talking about smelly, talking about maggots. It was horrendous. Plus they told us, we could not even burn it up because it could cause dangerous fires. When they came off strike, we not only brought water to them, we baked cookies and gave them out, we were so glad to see our garbage workers.

  73. I like the magic underwear comment, my question is do you have too show the store clerk your Magic Ass to buy a pair, and where is this store??

  74. brotherscoe says:

    It’s your local government, that decides if you get whats has been alotted to them from the Feds or the state. They hold back jobs, everything from the public, one needs to make sure their local reps are for them. In South Gate, Ca. Officials were giving themselves, six figureed incomes at taxpayers
    expense. They never had enough money to create jobs.

  75. arthur s says:

    the guy lied, i have the same one, he doesnt even get out of his truck, the truck lifts the garbage not him, if the bin isnt set out right he drives right by, what a liar

  76. this guy doesnt pick up trash, i know, i have the same guy, the truck picks up the bins, he doesnt even get out of his truck, and if the bin isnt traight he drives right by it without picking it up, its all a lie

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