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Sunday, October 23, 2016

WATCH: New McCaskill Ad Slams Akin On ‘Legitimate Rape’

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has released a scathing new ad hitting Todd Akin for his comments on “legitimate rape.”

The ad, titled “Prosecutor,” is airing statewide in Missouri.

“As a prosecutor, Claire McCaskill put hundreds of predators behind bars, fought on behalf of victims, counseled survivors of sexual violence. It’s why Claire understands that survivors of rape deserve the option of emergency contraception whether they accept it or not,” the ad’s narrator says.

“But Todd Akin opposes emergency contraception for victims of rape and incest. So it’s not what Todd Akin said. It’s what he believes.”

McCaskill has taken a clear lead in recent polls, and ads like this one will make it difficult for Akin to mount a comeback before Election Day. McCaskill, who raised $5.8 million in the last fundraising quarter, can and will blanket the airwaves with reminders of Akin’s extremist views. Without financial support from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, it’s hard to see how Akin can combat the negative onslaught.

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  • The statements that Todd Akin has been making make him look like a replica of the priests that spearheaded the Holy Spanish Inquisition. What is truly amazing is that some people still support him and that some are donating millions to his campaign. He definitely don’t need people like him in Congress.

    • Jim Lou

      He has been in office for many terms. That means that he is well known to his constituents. Do they care? Or does he reflect them?

  • Lovefacts

    But it isn’t just Akin, it’s also people like Paul Ryan and Santorum. When they speak about the laws they want to pass re women, I hear Catholic theology. If they and their ilk get into power, women will have more freedom in Rome than the US.

    • Not just Catholic, but the whole Evangelical Christian “We are the only ones who know what’s good for you” thing.
      Republicans claim they want to minimize government intrusion and responsibiility in business, but to increase in in your homes. I wouldn’t be surpirsed that their next recommendation is that fathers be allowed to follow the law as spelled out in Leviticus, authorizing them to kill thier children if they do not honor them.

      • english_teacher

        Check out Charlie Fuqua, from Arkansas. He has publicly stated that a proper procedure be set up to allow for the introduction of the death penalty for “rebellious children”.

  • remove these crazies from office

  • sigrid28

    It’s instructive to watch how this ad on behalf of Claire McCaskill follows a prescription for debunking false science outlined in John Fischman’s article “Why Lies Often Stick Better Than Truth” (“Chronicle of Higher Education” 10-5-2012, p. A3). Fischman is reporting international research in the field of psychology, cited in the professional journal “Psychological Science in the Public Interest.” These findings suggest that Claire McCaskill’s ad succeeds to the extent to which it gives “an alternative account that works as well as the wrong one,” the wrong one in this case being Todd Akin’s world view, referenced ever so briefly at the end of the ad. Note that the ad does not cite Akin’s dumb remarks. This, too, is a part of the ad’s success, according to this research, which suggests that including the false information being debunked while presenting a plausible alternative serves to reinforce the myth rather than refute it.

    This theory also supports President Obama’s strategy in the debate, where he did not dignify Romney’s falsehoods by repeating them but simply set forth his alternative point of view. As has been widely noted, it is almost impossible to debate against a pack of lies. Of course, winning elections is not the same as changing minds, which is a long-term proposition indeed. Yet there might be a debate strategy to be gained via this research: let Romney have his say, then do not repeat his lies, but dazzle with a plausible alternative.

  • what neg about telling the truth about what akin,s. said. My sister was raped and as a real man and speaking for US real men we know that NO!! MEANS NO!!!

  • As for Akin, You can put hair-cream on a Pig but its still a….

  • nomaster

    Akin is the highest example of ignorance and the trouble with ignorance is like the trouble with lies, it takes so much more truth in order to defeat their vile consequences. He is part of an infestation that will always plague human kind.

  • dljones

    Demand an investigation on McCaskill and have her explain $40 million of loans to her husband to construct subsidized government apartments. Makes Akin look like a prince. At least he tried to make amends. And it did not cost the taxpayers a penny of government money. Claire has your money and gone like a democratic thief in the night. POOF! Not bad for a Prosecuter.

    Is it not a surprise government officials are officially corrupt.