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Saturday, March 23, 2019

WATCH: Obama Addresses Gun Violence, Economy In Chicago

President Obama returned to his hometown of Chicago on Friday to deliver a message connecting his gun safety measures with the larger economic theme of building “ladders of opportunity” to the middle class.

Speaking at the Hyde Park Academy, the president was introduced by his former White House chief of staff and current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. The president said “it is good to be back home” before introducing Democratic Illinois governor Pat Quinn, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and other local leaders. He also acknowledged the parents of Hadiya Pendleton, the Chicago teen who was shot and killed in a South Side park only days after performing at the second inauguration in Washington.

“I’m here to make sure that we talk about and then work towards giving every child every chance in life,” the president said. “Building stronger communities and new ladders of opportunity that they can climb into the middle class and beyond. And most importantly, keeping them safe from harm.”

Here is the president’s full speech:

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7 responses to “WATCH: Obama Addresses Gun Violence, Economy In Chicago”

  1. WhutHeSaid says:

    Look, I know that you slobber-drooling, booger-picking, crack-scratching, finger-sniffing, sister-humping, chicken-fucking, rooster-licking redneck yahoos are a dying breed, but I suggest that you stay in your trailer park and behave yourself. Otherwise, the rest of us may just decide to help Nature along. Got it?

    • Siegfried Heydrich says:

      Hey, don’t begrudge the poor drunken sodder his nickle a post. He has to work hard to earn enough for his daily 44 and a pack of generic smokes. And besides, teh interwebz is the only place he can talk to anyone now that his neighbors have warned their children to stay away and the adults have difficulty staying upwind of him.

  2. charleo1 says:

    “New ladders of opportunity,” is exactly what we need to be talking about everyday. Young people
    graduating from college today, face a much tougher climb to financial security, and far fewer
    roads that lead out of poverty, to those successful careers they dream of having, as my generation
    did, thirty some years ago. But, while previous generations could expect if they worked
    hard, as they knew they must, that opportunities would come, and they would be ready to move
    up that ladder. Confirming for themselves something their parents had told them years ago.
    This is America, the greatest Country on earth, and you can be whatever you choose to be.
    America is still a great Country. But we need to ask ourselves why is it we can no longer assure,
    this generation of kids with the same optimism we had starting out? We need to find out, and
    work on changing it. We need to find out why it is that the average college graduate owes more
    to student loans than my generation paid for our first house. Or how it happens that most of
    this Country’s large corporations are doubling their profits, this year over last year. Yet, our
    unemployment remains high, and wages failed once again to keep pace. We need to find out
    why Americans are working harder, for more hours, increasing their productivity, but share
    a decreasing return on the fruits of their labor. We need to find out, and we need to change it.
    No matter how hard it is opposed. Or how much money is spent to prevent the change.
    We owe it to this, the next generation. And, we owe it to the generations that will be.
    And, we also owe it to this Country, which as been so generous to us. Because we will not
    remain a great Country for long, without identifying these problems, and demanding change.
    But first must come the asking, if we are to find the solutions.

    • There seem to be two prevailing themes this time around

      1) economy

      Ask yourself “What can be done to put all the kids to work?

      2) firearms

      Ask yourself “IS passing more Law is going to change anything?”. When you arrive at the answer (NO!) then start to discuss a new radical solution to the problem of firearms in the hands of crazies & criminals.

      The nation is ready to listen to some real ideas. Pay no attention to the bumper sticker slogan spouting morons from the NRA. They aren’t going to be part of the solution they ARE the problem.

  3. bchrista says:

    Hey defenders I don’t disagree with anything you said except that back in 1770 when the british invaded America the style of warfare was conducted by each Army made two or more lines of men across a wide span of land and shot at each other until the one left standing was the winner, however, George Washington taught the British a new style of fighting called gorilla(excuse my spelling) fighting from behind trees, logs , boulders, bushes, or anything they could hide behind and the British were not used to fighting like that so they were overwhelmed and a smaller group of men whipped the ass of a larger force of men,however, we are not talking about 1770 we are talking about 2013 and instead of single shot muskets we now have weapons that a tree or boulder or even a house can’t stop add to that we have the capbibilityto wipe out complete towns without having to send in an army, please think intellegentlly the only thing that would stop the army is the army itself if they refused to fight against their own people, but if it was considered an overthrow they might not have a choice.

    • charleo1 says:

      Exactly. We Americans will never have to fight the U.S. military. We are their parents,
      their sisters, brothers, and elementary school kids they have grown up with. But, if we
      ever did, we’re not going to be more than a speed bump, with our pea shooters. Them
      boys, and girls too, can fight man. Like nothing the world has ever seen. But to say I’ll
      have my guns at the ready to fight our own? It’s a bit insulting to all who wear the uniform.

  4. bchrista says:

    Hey Charleo1, the America you dream about left us long ago when we started electing lawyers to run our country for us, they believe in the American dream but the only difference is that it’s for their kids and no one else, they start wars and who gets to fight in them our kids not theirs, they pass laws that benefit themselves not us, they have a plan that doesn’t include the average American why else do you think they are trying to corner all the markets and money, once they succeed then you will see the America you talked about except it will only be for them and their families the rest of us will be sucking hind teat. Origionally this great country was founded by men with visions of a Great Metroplis, but we the people allowed it to be taken over by a bunch of greedy men who cannot have enough wealth and power they keep wanting more, I just wonder once they have accumilated all the wealth and power they can get do they start knocking each other off to see who is the most powerful and wealthest. lets face these people are the wealthest in the world now and they still aren’t happy yet each day they figure out they can manipulate the system and plow us even deep in the hole that is why you see people working at places like Walmart for the wages they get because if they quit then how would they feed their families. Until the Citizens of this country can figure out a way of getting all of those politions out of Washington things are only going to get worse, we need to throw all their asses out and start with a new group that will work for the people and not just for themselves and their Rich friends., then next find out where they have stashed their ill gotten goods and take it away from them so that they will learn how it feels to have to grub for everything and until that day comes tighten up your belt and get ready for the worst because it’s coming.

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