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Monday, October 24, 2016

WATCH: Obama Campaign Slams Romney For Double Standard

The Obama campaign has released a new web video hammering Mitt Romney and his top advisers for using a double standard to judge Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts.

Over the weekend, senior Romney advisers Ed Gillespie and Eric Fehrnstrom claimed that the Romney administration’s poor job creation couldn’t be blamed on the governor, because he inherited a bad economy. As Obama’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter points out, this directly contradicts Romney’s central criticism of President Obama.

“The hypocrisy is breathtaking, even for Romney,” Cutter says. “Romney has undercut his core argument against the President by trying to play by two sets of rules.”

The full video can be seen below:

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  • According to Republicans, there ARE two sets of rules.

  • montanabill

    Obama: “If this doesn’t work any better than our attack on Bain, maybe we can crank up the attack on dressage riders.”

    • William Deutschlander

      You and Cheney come from the same neighborhood, apparently you both were born without a brain! May have been caused by polluted water and polluted air!

    • joyscarbo

      Bill, you just can’t stand that Romney has a very poor political record onwhich to run, can you? You use the same lame yardstick to measure the success (or, in your opinion, the lack of success) that Obama has had during his administration. You can’t have it both ways.

      Mitt is also a HUGE flip-flopper and you can’t possibly deny that either. He has been for and against every issue.

      You also can’t deny that, historically speaking, businessmen don’t make great presidents.

      Lincoln was a flop as a businessman but seen as a successful president.
      Harding wasn’t even a good president. He was a newspaper man that spent time in a sanitarium.

      Hoover served during the country’s absolute worst economic period. It would seem ideal to have a businessman in charge at that point, but Hoover’s policies exacerbated the economy’s deterioration. (Sounds like a Romney in the making to me.)

      Truman took some classes at a business college but never finished. Truman opened his clothing store in Kansas City, Mo., in 1919 and went bankrupt a couple years later, and changed career in local politics that lead eventually to the presidency. He dropped 2 atom bombs on Japan.

      Jimmy Carter was much better at business than being president. Carter started the Department of Education, won a Nobel Peace Prize and has written nearly two dozen books. And yet he’s still remembered as a peanut farmer.

      George “W.” Bush is considered by a bipartisan group to be one of the worst presidents ever. He also wasn’t a very good businessman either. He bankrupted many companies. He always had family money to bail him out.

      It seems that great presidential leaders aren’t compatible with savvy businessmen. These former presidents were either regarded as good-great presidents, but a failure in business, OR, they achieved success a savvy businessmen and not effective or successful presidents.

      • montanabill

        How about our first President? One of our most successful Presidents was an actor? Maybe Obama should have taken acting lessons in school. Obviously Constitution law was not his strong point. Throw out all the negatives you want about Romney, but being unsuccessful at whatever he attempts is not one of them.

        • joyscarbo

          Obama never needed lessons in public speaking- remember 2008? Maybe you didn’t like them then, but he captivated an entire country. He’s a masterful at persuasive debate as well. You can’t argue with how amazingly articulate Obama is. Romney is going to find himself in a heep of trouble in the upcoming debates. Romney only chirps what he’s told and he can’t think on his feet- that’s when he starts to sweat and stumble over his words.
          You have to be worried about him–he’s not the candidate that the republicans really want.

          • montanabill

            I won’t dispute you on Obama’s oratory skills. His accuracy, however, is another matter entirely. He is a master of double talk, the art of making you think he is saying something when he is not, and is equally adept at using selective information to make his point while leaving out key information that changes the entire meaning. Listen when he talks about about issues. It is seldom that he says anything concrete about his actions. It is usually, “as I have said before”, or “I talked about…”. In other words, he believes that he talks, something actually happens. He also never talks about ‘we’ or ‘they’ when he refers to something positive that occurs, it is always ‘I’. I have known a few like him over my years and while they are good at initially fooling people, eventually, someone says, “hey, wait a minute, he didn’t really say or do anything!”

  • For those who watch only Fox News and those who are totally uninformed: Wake up and look at what is going on around you! Those with the wealth are creating lies, using their gross wealth to spread the lies, getting the naive to believe, creating policies that remove all who do not support them and thus remaining in charge and taking the majority of the money…sounds a bit like the Dark Age? European feudalism? The early Industrial Revolution Period where workers labored for pennies, things like company housing, the company store, child labor…wasn’t it once said ” Those who do not pay attention and learn from the past are destined to repeat it!” We are already repeating it as the GOP, their policies and their prejudiced monied owners are taking us back to the “Good Old Days”…you know the days when those in charge were the white, Angelo-Saxon, protestant MEN controlled the wealth, their wives were in the home, where the kids were to be seen, not heard and the rest of the world existed to create more wealth for the WASPs…Divide, conquer by buying the lawmakers, the judges and the uninformed…What are we leaving for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren….