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Monday, March 25, 2019

WATCH: Obama Releases Campaign-Style Ad Highlighting Tax Cut Promises

President Barack Obama has released a new web ad reminding Americans that raising tax rates on incomes over $250,000 was a central focus of his re-election campaign, and suggesting that — despite what the Republican Party now claims — voters gave Obama a mandate to do just that.

The ad — titled “What does $2,000 mean to you?” — begins with a graphic declaring “President Obama campaigned on a clear tax plan,” then shows clips from three separate campaign speeches in which Obama promises to extend the tax cuts affecting 98 percent of Americans, and end the tax cuts that only affect the wealthiest 2 percent. The issue has become the primary point of contention in the negotiations to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

The ad, which concludes by warning that “If Congress fails to act, a typical middle-class family of four would see its taxes go up by $2,200,” is a clear rebuke of Republicans such as Utah senator Orrin Hatch, who claimed in the GOP’s most recent weekly address that the White House’s economic proposal is a “classic bait-and-switch,” adding, “I don’t recall [Obama] asking for any of that during the presidential campaign.”

The ad also serves as further evidence that, although the campaign is over, Obama plans to keep making his case directly to the American people. In a clear sign that Obama’s campaign infrastructure is here to stay, the last 10 seconds of the ad are a solicitation for viewers to sign up for Obama for America email updates, and to donate to the campaign.

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169 responses to “WATCH: Obama Releases Campaign-Style Ad Highlighting Tax Cut Promises”

  1. raulgarcia says:

    I wonder how many people realize how much the middle income tax cuts will effect our Social Security?

    • ivory69690 says:

      well it,s not effecting as much as the 2 % greedy bastards tax cuts will effect our social security

    • ivory69690 says:

      will and are effecting the SSI

      • Jmz Warren-Nesky says:

        This is ridiculous.. A bunch of stuffed shirt sore loser pubs defending a group of filthy rich snobs who would sell them out for a nickel’s profit.. Gotta love propaganda.. Gotta love dumb asses.. What a bunch of maroons you are to turn your backs on the entire nation in hopes of receiving that trickle down milk bone that was once promised (so long ago) but never delivered and your logic in making you’re argument justifiable shows just how much of a pub zombie you losers really are..

    • Income tax and social security tax are two different taxes. A cut to income taxes is not a cut to social security taxes. Take a look at your pay stub (if you have one). BTW, medicare taxes are seperate taxes as well, just in case you wanted to try to open that door too.

  2. joeschmo5 says:

    The President also promised to cut spending. He is losing a lot of credibility if he doesn’t plan some serious spending cuts. I thought the agreement was for every dollar in tax increases, there would be an equal dollar in spending cuts. We have to get the debt under control and there needs to be serious spending cuts or we are looking a permanent fiscal cliff that will be much worse than the one they’re talking about currently.

    Congress and the President are a bunch of cowards that have no nads to do what is really necessary!!!!!

    • ivory69690 says:

      as the debt will be under control if the country go,s back to the Clinton era of taxes . and in 8 years (4 yrs long then the Pres. in the house ) heck 23 million jobs could be made and more then likely the country very well may not owe any one nothing . as the Clinton era did . the greedy bastards 2% made enough off the dirty Bush era . time to pay up like the rest of the country . a fair share of a %. that,s all . who feels that the greedy bastards should pay 13 % when every one else pays over 30 % ? the greedy bastards 2 % are the soul reason why this country is where it is at today . we should be doing so much better . we should,nt owe china as much as we do . who can you get a fair trade deal with china when the country has no ground to stand on because we owe them so much money .

    • Susan Denley says:

      His plan includes cuts. incidently, over 80% of the national debt we owe ourselves not other countries. in a recession the last thing you want to do is go into an a austerity program, just ask the EU. the US is way ahead of the EU because what was accomplished prior to the 2010 elections and what littie
      the replugs would allow the President to do after 2010 elections.

  3. Plznnn says:

    The President is only 1/3 of our Federal Government. The people also elected more Republicans in the House and almost half in the Senate to (represent) us. So Obama doen’t have a mandate to raise taxes, he has a mandate to control his spending & debt. Everything Obama promised like halving the deficit and cutting unemployment to 5.4% was broken. The debt “doubled” & the unemployment was over 8% (excluding 1 month of 7.9%) for 44 straight months.

    • Susan Denley says:

      yes, but over 65% of those voting repub also supported the President’s tax plan.

    • elvnbrvo says:

      The republican party is full of liars, that have not, since mitt romney told their supporters or anyone else just what they would do for the good of the country and what they did say for the sake of ignorant people; experts from around the world said, “it was not possible”. And the majority, “has agreed”.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Yes, the President DOES have a mandate. It was perfectly clear that Americans voted for Obama’s approach, which very clearly included letting the tax rates go back to the rates from the Clinton era. The GOP lost members in both the Senate and the House, and if not for feverish gerrymandering efforts would have come close to losing their House majority. This is typical of the Republicans in 2012: They can’t win in an honest election (because Americans don’t support their policies) so they must cheat.

      Americans know that Republicans are to blame for most of the mess — they’ve done nothing to help the country and are perfectly willing to hurt the economy and the country in order to try to make Obama fail. Well, Obama DIDN’T fail — the GOP did. Tome for them to realize they lost and get with the program.

    • sn77339 says:

      Democratic Congressmen actually got more totally votes in the election than Republicans did. If it were not for Gerrymandered districts, there probably would be a democratic majority in the House. So your argument that people elected more Republicans is only half true. It’s not because they really wanted them.

    • Dmullins84 says:

      Plznnn, The reason for not fulfillment is one word Filibuster. Also remember the country Elects the President, and Districts elects the poison snakes that does the filibustering. Remember the word Compromise will cure the problem.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Actually, they lost seats in both the House and Senate, just holding onto the House. The GOP representatives received fewer votes overall than their Dem opponents, and Gerrymandering preserved their majority.

  4. ivory69690 says:

    as the debt will be under control if the country go,s back to the Clinton era of taxes . and in 8 years (4 yrs long then the Pres. in the house ) heck 23 million jobs could be made and more then likely the country very well may not owe any one nothing . as the Clinton era did . the greedy bastards 2% made enough off the dirty Bush era . time to pay up like the rest of the country . a fair share of a %. that,s all . who feels that the greedy bastards should pay 13 % when every one else pays over 30 % ? the greedy bastards 2 % are the soul reason why this country is where it is at today . we should be doing so much better . we should,nt owe china as much as we do . who can you get a fair trade deal with china when the country has no ground to stand on because we owe them so much money

  5. What is it about the rich people of this country that makes them think they should not have to pay tax’s on their income the same as anybody trying to get by on an hourly wage or retirement income, I just cant understand it. they will still be richer than most of the other people in the country and will not lose their right to look down on us.

  6. mjw1952 says:

    The country has voted, the president won, and the republicans need to understand that. The fact that he didn’t do as well as expected the last time is because in November 2008 we didn’t know how bad the economy would get, and the congress obstructed almost everything he wanted to do. Why you would be willing to give up your tax rates to protect millionaires is just not understandable. Do you really think they can’t afford to pay more? And the president is the one talking about both cuts and revenues. But social security is secure. Again, make granny choose between medicine and food so a millionaire can spend millions on vacations and planes? Not in my America.

    • Canistercook says:

      The fact that he did not do as well was that 47+ million could see the direction our country was heading in and voted against him. So 3 million Black and Hispanics along with Union personnel voted THEIR POCKETBOOK! That 47 million did not cede all their rights to Obama.

      • johninPCFL says:

        Well, or maybe that millions of millionaires voted their pocketbooks for Romney to lower their taxes, already at historical lows, to zero. And millions of Faux Snooze followers voted against the guy they were told to vote against. And millions of racists voted against The Black Guy.

        • Canistercook says:

          Wonder how a Black guy every got elected then in a non-black society if people are really so bigoted. No, many for example in California that voted for Romney felt that taking 50% of every dollar they made in taxes was enough, but I guess the left wing group wants more so they voted for Brown and Obama.

          • Chris says:

            I guess the left wing group knows better than to claim that California residents (Romney is one…) pay 50% of every dollar in taxes. Romney only paid 14%, and that’s only for the one year he chose to release his taxes. No telling why he was afraid to release more. Low income people who spend almost all of their money on goods, pay 10% in sales taxes, property taxes (whether they rent or own, it comes out of their pockets) and other taxes that amount to more than 14% before it even comes to income tax. Not rich people though, they don’t spend that much at the hardware store and the electronics supermarkets. They sock their money away in tax shelters and pay nothing.

            And a black guy can get elected in a society full of bigots when people of good conscience outnumber them.

          • Canistercook says:

            Wonder if you think voting for someone with a black skin apologizes for past racist views. Since I have never been a racist I feel I can vote based on the individuals qualifications rather than the color of his skin which I never thought should be an issue to a non-racist. Sadly neither Sarah Palin nor Obama had the background or education needed to be President. Not all higher income individuals live where Romney lived or have the kind of money Obama’s buddy Buffet has with his investments in loopholes. Running for office today though one needs to be bankrolled and the Unions did a great job of bankrolling Obama, just as some wealthy bankrolled Romney. I guess our vote is bought no matter who wins. I look forward to a big increase in union activity now Obama got reelected. What that will do to our productivity and deficit has yet to be seen but we are living in a very competitive world and China looks more and more like a winner. Guess Romney felt as I did releasing more returns would only confirm he was rich and we knew that, so I think he should have released them if Obama released his school transcripts. We know almost nothing about Obama except that he was signed in as a Muslim in an Indonesian school at one time and used some other name, joined a black church with a radical preacher that he now denies hearing much and came up though Chicago politics. Getting ahead and getting rich is ‘sinful’ in socialistic America these days I guess.

          • DukeDacat says:

            Hey Canofcroock, you stated “China looks more and more like a winner”. Do us a favor and MOVE THERE.

            ……….and then you went on to state “Sadly neither Sarah Palin nor Obama had the background or education needed to be President”

            JUST A FEW FACTS:
            Palin attended 5 different colleges and Jr Colleges , graduated: University of Idaho , major: Media Communications

            President Obama attended Occidental College, then Columbia University and finally graduated with honors: Harvard Law School, also first black person to be President of Harvard Law Review.

            Canofcroock, you have to stop getting all your info from Faux Noise.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Didn’t say all, I said the bigots in the GOP (who changed over in the late 1960s) voted against The Black Guy. All the words are important, not just the ones you see the first time.

            Sure, free stuff is all they voted for. They couldn’t possibly have voted against war with Iran. No chance they could feel angry about Romney’s slur against our overseas servicemen and women. SS recipients that worked their entire lives couldn’t possibly have felt insulted at being lumped in with the working poor and welfare recipients. Women in no way felt marginalized that they couldn’t get medical treatments covered in the medical insurance they were paying for.

            Yep, free stuff is all people pay attention to. But I’m sure the 1% totally ignored the additional tax breaks and corporate welfare they were promised, right? Them being the only Real Americans left.

          • Canistercook says:

            With the on-going breakdown of family life in our ‘Black’ communities obviously the ‘free stuff’ is not solving their problems which are getting worse every day. As an SS recipient I never felt Romney said anything that marginalized me or said women should not get medical insurance coverage. Guess some hear what they want to or ‘think’ they hear. Obamacare is just another big free ride for the Medical Insurers like Bush’s Drug Program was for the Drug Companies and our scapegoat now is ‘rich white people’ most of whom worked very hard to form this nation. $200,000 a year White’s are not all Buffet’s or Romney’s!

          • johninPCFL says:

            What Romney specifically advocated was that the employer gets to choose which medications and procedures are covered in the medical plans the women employees pay for. Maybe you missed that.

            So you pay income taxes? Cool. The 47% includes millions of SS recipients who don’t. They were specifically called freeloaders.

            I agree that the public option rather than insco-only would have been better. There is no free ride. You still pay for the insurance.

          • Canistercook says:

            Then we have a good answer. Have everyone pay for their own medical plan and make their own choices. Don’t know who called the 47% freeloaders except you. More and more businesses will be forced to drop health coverage and we will be left with only government employees covered with first class coverage at workers expense. Similar to what happened in Stalin’s USSR! Members of the ‘Party’ were well cared for! We have never had a competitive Health Care System while the Government and employers pay their bills. Now with mandatory demands for taxpayers to pick up the bills we never will.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Most people “pay” for their plan now. Business plans are part of the employment package, so that’s money the employees forgo in order to get coverage. Walmart already has their employees pay for their plan, their entire “discount” is the lower cost. SS recipients already pay for their Medicare coverage.

            “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it — that that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. … These are people who pay no income tax. … [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

            I believe the term Romney was going for was “freeloader”. What do you think?

          • Canistercook says:

            Most people right now have employer paid health insurance unless they are unemployed. I think we are on a slippery slope down hill. I am fortunate to live in Silicon Valley right now where there is a high drive by many to succeed in this competitive world. As someone who worked very hard when young I find that being subject to 50% taxes on the upper portion of one’s earnings is more than enough. I don’t think anyone knows how much in taxes one pays if all the different fees and taxes are added up. Feeding people that Buffet and Romney only pay 15% is VERY misleading for those who are paying 50% on much of their income when all State and Federal are added up. To make it worse no one knows really where those taxes go. Democracy depends on the kind of people that vote. I am impressed that most Blacks, Hispanics, Students don’t have any idea that Government unions are ‘using’ them very effectively to gain power. With the growing number of Black single mothers with no support other than government food stamps and checks, obese diabetics , overpaid government early retirees out there I think the future looks bleak for industry and workers. Slavery can come in many forms and perhaps at times that has been why some individuals drop out of society. It now appears that if one seeks to work and produce something for ones family, half of what one produces must be given to the ‘other half’ of society. That’s only ‘fair’ isn’t it!. At least some people think so.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Employer-paid health insurance is part of the benefits program; it is taken in lieu of cash and usually buys a discount on the coverage.

            Romney’s “47%” comment was widely talked about by conservative commentators who explained that he meant “47% pay absolutely no taxes whatsoever”.

            Romney paid state taxes in whichever state he called home for taxation purposes, maybe. He could have declared that his income was earned in any of the other states he has homes in, on every single state tax form, effectively making it tax-free. How would the individual states ever check?

            Check “single white mother” and look at datacenterDOTkidscountDOTorg. White: 9.466 million. Black: 6.5 million. Latino: 6.9 million. Maybe we should pay more attention to the white trailer-trash moms in the midwest who already get back $2 federal money for every $1 in taxes they pay in. Sorry to burst your bubble.

          • Canistercook says:

            Assuming your statistics are right Blacks are about 11% of the population, whites about 70% but percentage wise the percentages of single births versus their total population is more meaningful. This is not so much a racial issue as a moral issue of people no matter what color failing to provide for the children they procreate. It leads to poverty and destruction of civilization. Usually states require you to establish what state you reside in and I am sure Romney and his wife has done that. States do check, especially on high incomers. What the commentators say is not what Romney said. Health benefits are tax free income to the employee. If you don’t have employer paid health benefits you are first taxed on your income and then must buy it with taxed income. That is unfair, especially since the majority of government union and union employees have very generous benefits.

          • johninPCFL says:

            So on Romney’s Utah state income tax form, he claims MA as his home state. On his MA form he claims CA. On his CA form he claims Utah. How would any state verify private data from another state? He registered to vote in MA using his son’s address, and in Utah using his own. I guess he lived in the kid’s basement? Did he vote twice?

            I think that as an individual you can deduct 50% of your insurance costs from your taxable income. I know that’s true on subchapter S, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. The change to 50% was made to S-corps after loads of people formed them to get 100% deductions for insurance, as C-corps currently enjoy.

            Dollars chase individuals, not percentages. Yes, the unwed birth rates of all three groups are disgraceful, but the welfare dollars mostly go to white, trailer-trash mothers in red states where they get $2 back for every $1 paid in taxes. Barbour absolutely hates federal spending, except for the 2X money he gets back every year.

          • Canistercook says:

            You are very misinformed. !. Unless you run a business and have a ‘ insurance group’ you cannot deduct any of your health insurance from your taxable income. 2. The States follow up on residence, especially for high income individuals. For example you must have your car licensed in the state you live, must name one state as your official residence. California for example, checks that people don’t register as living in Nevada if they spend most of their time in California. 3. Section 8 housing, food stamps etc., go out to all Americans at the same rates regardless of where they live. There is no such thing in my word as ‘white trailer trash’, only low income single white mothers and low income single black mothers etc. , and some of them live in trailers in all states. I don’t think of people as ‘trash’. 4. I don’t know percentage wise how much welfare income goes to white or red states, to white people or black people and I am sure you don’t either. Also I don’t know but believe a lot of the money that goes to Red States are things like farm subsidies which both parties go along with. I have read the posted approximate number of single mothers in each racial group is around 90% black, 47% Hispanic and 27% white. Democrats sure do seem to be jealous of anyone who has made it these days in America. Sad because we used to be a country that welcomed success.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Google “red state scatter plot” and look for “wordpress” (it’s maddening that you can’t post links, isn’t it?) for a list of states versus tax rebate rates consolidated from The Tax Foundation data.

            Google “white single mothers” and look for “kidscount” for children in single parent families. Helpfully, you can list the data by count or by percentage, and it’s totaled and broken out by state and racial group. Their numbers for children in single parent families are 25% white, 67% black, 53% Native, 17% Asian, 42% Latino, and 35% overall as of 2011. The widely quoted 2012 number is 72% black.

            90% of black mothers single? Google “single black mothers” and look for “legalmomentum”. Their data: “Characteristics: Around 45% of single mothers have never married, around 55% are divorced, separated or widowed. Half have one child, 30% have two. About two fifths are White, one third Black, one quarter Hispanic. One quarter have a college degree, one sixth have not completed high school.”

            However: “Welfare & Food Stamp Receipt: Although two fifths of all single mothers are poor, only one tenth of all single mothers receive cash welfare assistance. Two fifths of all single mothers receive Food Stamps.” and their results are footnoted for sources.

            I’ve had partnerships (and deducted health insurance costs), S-corps (and deducted health insurance costs), and sole proprietorships (and deducted health insurance costs.) Inscos formed a ‘group’ for us in each case, even a ‘group’ of one, and the deduction rate was 100% or 50% depending on the business structure. Tax laws change, and maybe you can’t today. You are correct that insurance costs are not personally deductable. That may change when ACA mandates kick in.

            How does CA check to ensure that you spend “most of your time” in NV if that’s your “official” residence?

          • Canistercook says:

            Thanks for update on figures. Will check up on figures. I do not like being brainwashed with false information. But since for many becoming a single parent is a ticket to poverty this is a problem in all our racial groups, particularly so for those groups already the poorest and where the fathers do not support their offspring. This is why I do not support the entire Republican platform and their attack on abortion and planned parenthood and why I chose to become independent. My concern is that we have encouraged so many people to feel they don’t really have much responsibility for their own lives. We blame school dropout and failure on schools and teachers. As someone who finished full time schooling at 14 and earned my living thereafter without any support from a government handout I believe we need to take more responsibility for ourselves. The world and living is an education in itself. Blacks are often educated to believe their failures are the fault of whites and Hispanics blame blacks often. My hope with Obama in power was that he would reach out to these groups, welfare and food stamp receivers, the obese, single dependent mothers, etc., and be an encouragement to them. Instead it seems his primary attack is towards the successful, making them his scapegoats. As our dependency grows so will the standard of living for every American drop. Government Unions successfully ‘used’ the Black and Hispanics along with the poor to get reelected. I firmly believe that EVERY able bodied American has some duty to contribute towards the cost of their government but we are developing a system where many only get from government and give nothing. I have personally seen the results of too many handouts on relatives and feel that while help needs to be there for those that truly need it, when it is not well run it becomes subject to considerable fraud and a prop up for many that will lean on and never become truly productive members of a society. I recall my old neighbor when I went shopping with her and she said she was ‘maxing’ out her credit card because she intended to declare bankruptcy and might as well ‘max it out’. She did and got it all wiped off and ended up on welfare and section 8 housing. I recall another individual I know of from Mexico originally who took all his assets to Mexico before declaring bankruptcy and applying for food stamps and welfare. Not all people who earn $200,000 a year pay 14% tax. Many pay 35% Federal, 9% State, 8% sales tax, and in California 1% mental health tax, plus property taxes and school parcel taxes. I believe many of those people are already over-taxed and the masses don’t know where all that money ends up! It’s time for a lot more accounting before raising the taxes and for us to develop a fairer tax code. That will not happen under our existing leadership in D.C.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Yeah, I’ve seen the fraud first-hand too. I was astonished at the single-mother divorce statistic. 55% is huge, and unfortunately, they don’t break the data down, so “divorced receiving foodstamps” is not available. My daughter’s ex-husband has never paid a penny of child support. Her children have recently started school and she’s increased her working hours. She may be one of those “getting off” foodstamps at her next qualification interview.

            You may recall the First Lady attempting to start the conversation on obesity by encouraging exercise. She was roundly attacked by right-wing radio for it. Seems that Limbaugh doesn’t want obesity in the spotlight.

            Everybody, even illegals and those who pay no income taxes, pay sales taxes, and those support all state and local governments.

            In 2010, 90% of all income gains went to the top 1% of earners. Why shouldn’t 90% of the increased costs of government be charged to them?

          • Canistercook says:

            Congratulations to your daughter. Sounds like her husband belongs in a ‘labor camp’ like the Russians used to do with these kind of fathers. I cannot argue with you on Capital Gains – increasing the rate on that makes some sense, but also I think we need a limit on the interest deducted on a mortgage. Why should an executive be able to buy a 10 million estate and deduct 9 million in interest on a huge income. Instead I think everyone should have an housing allowance deduction of for example $15,000 and all employer paid benefits should be included as income for tax purposes. Also charitable deductions should be limited to domestic charities not money donated to other countries. I think the government should also take a look at the underground economy who are paying no taxes – it is huge! Taxing more those already paying 35% Federal plus State Taxes is not fair unless the loopholes and untaxed income is taxed. I just wish Obama had an economics degree instead of a law degree. I am sick of lawyers!

          • johninPCFL says:

            Thank you. She is sensitive to what ‘help’ we can give, and we mostly deal with the unexpected stuff that she can’t yet save for, like car repairs. I’m compromised WRT public assistance, and it fits your argument. I rationalize her acceptance as OK because it’s my tax dollars helping my daughter. Your argument is: “why not leave the money with me in the first place?” I guess my answer would be that the poor are always with us, and I’m OK to pay a little to help another daughter whose father can’t. Emotion generally makes stupid public policy, but that’s where I am right now.

            Your argument on home interest deduction is the most cogent I’ve read. How to get the idea to somebody that matters?

            Wilson had a degree in economics, and GWB had an MBA. Both were disasters. The Council of Economic Advisors that advises the President is composed of eminent scholars, and that group is responsible for the “8% unemployment” prediction WRT the stimulus. As with Ford/Carter/Reagan and “stagflation”, the economists are facing our economic system in a state they’ve never seen before. They’ll explain the phenomenon, and have procedures to get through it next time, after we’ve lived through it this time.

          • Canistercook says:

            I agree with much of what you say but my objection to Obamacare for example is it not a solution but a new expensive problem. We needed to gradually revamp the whole health care industry not enrich its existing situation. Everyone who can should pay insurance and it should be the same for everyone. I too like to help the needy and the woman who slips up and gets pregnant (once) and the ones where the father abandons them, but three times with no fathers is not acceptable to me and getting those fathers to contribute is important. I guess I get to sound like a Fascist when I say more of our useless trouble makers belong in labor camps instead of prisons where they can play cards all day and are guarded by $100,000 a year guards who retire at 55! Too many bums, college graduates with useless degrees does not make for a productive nation and means you must tax and require more of the real workers. I feel we are heading in that direction.

          • johninPCFL says:

            I just read recently that there are four million jobs unfilled because there are no skilled candidates to be found. We’ve created too many lawyers and not enough engineers.

            The desire to help needy kids leads to the flawed model we have today. More kids = more ‘help’. Unwed with two kids? OK. Third kid = adoption.

            Labor camp for deadbeat dads? Yeah, that’s OK with me. Even if he’s a Congressman from New York.

            I’m not sure where ACA ultimately goes. The projections I’ve read say that HC costs still increase, but at a lower rate than before, saving $100B in federal costs over a decade. I like the Mayo Clinic model, where doctors are on salary. Treatment and test decisions are made on the basis of logical thinking, not padding the practice bottom line. My thoughts are that ACA is a starting point, and at least they’ve consolidated the overheads from Medicare, Tricare, and ACA, and limited reimbursementts, resulting in $716B in savings, though some will be spent on insurance costs for poor members.

            After ACA passed, BCBS of FL rolled out a new program designed to be a basic plan for federal review. Our HCI costs were $15.5k/qtr, and the plan we changed to costs $9.5k/qtr, so the BCBS’ new plan under ACA saves us $24k/yr. I doubt they’d have this plan without ACA.

          • Canistercook says:

            I love it when some single mother on welfare announces she is getting low cost student loans and grants to go to law school. Only in America and perhaps Greece! At least we have some thinkers in our society. Thanks.

          • DukeDacat says:

            Canofcroock: Seriously, you have to stop getting all your info from Faux Noise.

          • Bill says:

            Well dummy Romney has never had 50% of his income taken in taxes. In the 2 returns he showed his Federal Tax rate was 13.9 % and 14.1% . A lot less than many working people pay on average. I paid a higher effective rate than Romney while earning less than 1% of his income, I guess that’s fair if you are in the 1%. What I find difficult to understand is how many right wingers who don’t earn high income like the tax rates and tax codes that favor the wealthy.

          • Canistercook says:

            I guess many of us don’t think like in California we have a right to 50% of what others earn. The tax system is unfair and that is what needs changing, not the rates.

          • DukeDacat says:

            Canofcroock: Seriously, you have to stop getting all your info from Faux Noise.

        • onedonewong says:

          We do know that 6 million illegals voted for barak and that Barak and the dems suppressed the military vote in battle ground states

          • johninPCFL says:

            I heard the entire rest of the earth, all 5.7 billion, voted for him. All of them registered in Nevada and voted via absentee ballot.


          • onedonewong says:

            You heard wrong it was china Saudis and Mexicans voted absentee for Barak as well as sending his campaign $400 million

          • johninPCFL says:

            Ah, so he only won by a billion votes then.

          • onedonewong says:

            1 or a billion they were all illegal

          • johninPCFL says:

            S’OK. As long as he won. And he got more votes than GWB, so he has a bigger ‘mandate’, right?

          • onedonewong says:

            No W received more LEGAL votes

          • RudyBlue says:

            Onedonewong, please present links of evidence for your statements regarding illegals and the military. Or are you just lying through your teeth again?

          • Bill says:

            This “onedon’t know anything” ‘s favorite made up fact. He repeats it all of the time so it’s best just to ignore the ignorant little man and maybe he will go back under his rock

          • puzzled21 says:

            Is his lips moving? Then he is lying.

          • onedonewong says:

            Do they not have newspaper where you live??? I believe that you get free newspapers along with your free obamaphone. There was some coverage about the 5 sates that didn’t get their absentee ballots out to the military on time and they couldn’t vote and then a plane carrying absentee ballots to the troops in Afghanistan crashed and they weren’t allowed to vote.

          • gahoof says:

            Hello, onedonewong. Last I heard illegals can’t vote, at least not in my part of the U.S. We know how to watch the polls and check.

          • onedonewong says:

            If only that was true. Remember Holder and Barak stop voter ID in just about every state and then you forget the millions of absentee ballots that don’t require a ID check. They were signed up by LaRaza, ACON, NAACP, Move On, et all

          • drthelly1 says:

            To Onedonewrong: Add your uninformed comment above to your “done wrongs.” Now you have more than one. Time to go do your homework about how there is no documented voter fraud. It was a GOP lie/myth, to get them to take away the legitimate votes of millions of REGISTERED AMERICAN VOTERS who had already been voting for years. Don’t you know? It was, by the GOP’s own admission, a ploy to steal the election for Romney. But Americans are smarter than what the GOP thinks we are. We didn’t fall for it. And Obama crushed Romney and the vote-suppressors.

          • Matter Of Fact It Was The GOP/Tea Party Taliban That Got Caught 6 Times With Voter Fraud!! Onegonewrong Is A Lying Troll And A n Ignorant Racist Rat Bastard!!! I Just Hope That Fool Say Sometime That Will Get It Ass Lock Up Just In Time For Xmas!!!

          • onedonewong says:

            I see lots of words and yet not 1 word of rebuttal to my post. Thanks for supporting my position

          • a80a says:

            one done wrong
            question if six million illegals voted for Obama, and they aren,t legal citizens of the united states, how did they register to vote?
            how did they present themselves at the polls without proper identication?
            I always thought that to vote you had to prove citizenship.

          • johninPCFL says:

            You do, and he’s an idiot parroting the Fox lies.

          • puzzled21 says:

            Idiot you lost

          • onedonewong says:

            True but Romney recieved the most LEGAL votes

          • puzzled21 says:

            Idiot you lost

          • Jerry Beck says:

            where did you get this BS from?

          • onedonewong says:

            Are you SERIOUS?? Do they not have newspapers where you live???

      • mjw1952 says:

        It does not matter. Obama won. When Bush won he declared he had political capital. But the right expect Obama to cede his political capital to them. Not happening. They lost. We didn’t like when Bush won, but didn’t act so whiney about it.

        • Canistercook says:

          He won the Presidency not a Dictatorship like you seem to feel. The Republicans ‘won’ the Congress and they should not try to make demands either! Both need to compromise not like a bunch of left wing idiots think we won HA HA now we can dictate. Both parties have political capital I hope still at least in a democracy!

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Wow, you really are full of it!
            Just keep the lies coming, keep projecting your own and your party’s lies and malice on those who defeated you. If there has been a dictator in recent US history, it was George Bush / Dick Cheney.
            Your failure to perceive this massive fact dangling in your face shows how blind and out of touch with reality you and your fellow cultists are.

          • DukeDacat says:

            Canofcroock: Seriously, you have to stop getting all your info from Faux Noise.

      • Fubom says:

        Just how many of those who “voted against him” are people who would vote for a carrot if it had an “R” associated with its name? You would be one of them I suspect.

        • Canistercook says:

          For your information they were mostly ‘married couples’ who work, support their children get no government support and make their own living – oh and by the way they many of them were not Black or recent immigrants.

          • mjw1952 says:

            Spend much googling the KKK? I voted for Obama, an white, and have worked for 38 years, never been unemployed. the stupid comment that all democrats are unemployed is just that, stupid. That attitude is why your party lost. Keep it up and you will continue to lose.

          • Canistercook says:

            Guess you have difficulty reading.

          • So were the ones that voted for Obama. True probably many were getting unemployment but after the recession a lot of people were getting government support like unemployment.

          • Canistercook says:

            Wouldn’t it have been nice if that excess unemployment money had been given to businesses to employ the unemployed instead of them sitting at home. My relative got a job the minute the unemployment money ran out!

          • DukeDacat says:

            Canofcroock: Seriously, you have to stop getting all your info from Faux Noise.

      • RB says:

        47+ million made the mistake of listening to the likes of Bill O’Reilly and his ilk. Who are all rich. They cannot see that they are hurting themselves to listen to rich people tell them how they do not need Social Security, Medicare, and entitlement programs. The rich will not need to worry about Social Security. It is really a disgrace that such Greedy people have taken over America. All they want to do is make money. That money will never trickle down to their followers. Their followers just make it easier for them to get rich. It is not smart to listen to people that will never for one minute think about you after you vote for them. And if these followers don’t start thinking about their future, they will be the beneficiary of all that nothing the rich will leave to them in Social Security.

        • Canistercook says:

          O’Reilly like all others in the media both left and right gets a good paycheck and gets revenue from the books he has written. Obama I believe earned around 3 or 4 million in book revenues last year too. The ‘rich’ are not listening to any particular individual, they just see the country heading in a socialistic direction and can see the results in other countries that have headed in the same direction. Zimbabwe was once a rich country, the bread basket of Africa, where all enjoyed a good standard of living but redistribution of the wealth has meant now there is no wealth and most of their hard workers have left the country. The wealth used to trickle down and now there is no wealth to trickle down!

          • RB says:

            The wealth does not trickle down. Look at history. The wealth makes a gold puddle right around the riches feet. Trickle down has never worked.

      • gahoof says:

        Canistercook, you’d better check out your “likes” as conmpared to mjw1952. You are definitely in the minority on this issue. Time to reflect, my friend.

        • Canistercook says:

          And so were those that opposed Hitler and Stalin. Unfortunately they too lost their rights, some even to the gas chamber!

      • Robert says:

        There goes the race card. A win is a win. I saw all kinds of face out there in Omaba’s crowd. Mitt’s looked like it snowed in the room. thats why he lose, he depended on just the white vote.

      • Bill says:

        So Romney’s 47% voted for him, you know the takers, the do nothings and the losers. You lost and the MAJORITY voted to re-elect Prsedient Obama. I am neither a union member , black or hispanic and I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 along with a lot of other white people.

        • Canistercook says:

          Guess you feel we are all do-nothings so there is little I can do to teach you how hard many small business people work – 7 days a week! And why entitlements have destroyed some of our minority communities with 90% single motherhood!

      • dianrib says:

        Mitt GOP dismissed – ignored 47 % of Americans who are NOT lazy bums Not victims but pay loads of other taxes on average incomes Mitt pays 14.( Many corp pay zero taxes Thats wrong and immoral

        • Canistercook says:

          Don’t believe Mitt ever said they were ‘lazy bums’ but did make the point that few of them pay taxes and some of them get the government checks Obama is trying to tax others to supply. Most Republicans like you agree that Corps should pay taxes where needed, but the reason for Capital gains tax is first a $1 earned is taxed at the corp level then again at the payment. Mitt did not ignore them, he realized they would vote for Obama no matter what since their check depended on Obama being able to tax others to provide it.

    • onedonewong says:

      Barak won the presidency Not the world. He needs to put his big boys pants and learn he’s not KING for a day

    • RB says:

      I think that you are right. Not in my America either. I will pay taxes for a healthy America. Taxes are a lot less then paying for medical insurance when there is no medicare. Medications when there are no insurances to cover them.

      The middle class has to open their eyes. You will be on Social Security one day. Do you really want to destroy it before you get there?? There is no sense of looking ahead.
      I worked at a clinic. I saw people cry in my office because they had expensive deductibles and couldn’t afford to pay for their childrens breathing medicine. I saw elderly people cry when they realized the donut hole was going to make them pay more money in medical costs and yes they would not be able to eat or get medication. That is an American disgrace. Open your eyes America, this could be you. And just think you will have done it to yourselves( if you don’t change your way of thinking) and to others who don’t deserve it.

    • drthelly1 says:

      Very well-said, Mjw1952! I agree with you. Let’s keep spreading these truths so Americans will stay on track with what we expressed at the polls!

    • SAAH-POE says:

      I could not agree with more, especially when the Republicans want to fool the President for the second time. He is fully aware of it and should not back down on this plan for the Middle Class.

      Good piece, thanks.

    • You Got That Right My Friend!!! Somehow The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members Thinks Romney Won!! Bonehead And His Crew Of Thugs Better Start Updating Their Resumes Cause If They Send This Country Back In To Recession The American Taliban Members Will Be Voted Out Of Office Come 2014!!!!

  7. We need to provide for the wealthy so their affluence will trickle down to the rest of us. I f we don’t tax them, they can afford more vacation houses , yachts, and be able to snorkel in the Caymans. Think of the multiple jobs for grounds keepers.maids .chauffeurs , boat boys., golf course designers. private chefs . Those suites at the Plaza or the GeorgeV would go empty causing thousands to be laid off. Hilton Hotels could close and shrivel Paris’s trust fund.
    The global economy would be affected. The ghosts of John Maynard Keynes, Paul Samuelson and even Adam Smith would go wailing thru the streets.

    • AND they can spend more money on campaigns to get people like Romney elected!! They need those extra millions to campaign – AND FAIL!

    • Antonio Robles says:

      You are right, I often wondered why am I not living under the protective wing of my local Duque or the California King. I’d be sooo happy waiting by the palace doors to open so when they throw out the left-overs from their magnificent feasts I could EAT THE SAME THINGS!! (I just hope they didn’t spit in them, that’s all) It’d be like… living in a Disney Movie!! And we’d have a beautiful Princess, and Bambi, and green meadows, and butterflies, and dragons, and… witches, and evil warlords… hmm, I don’t think I like this dream anymore. 🙁

    • AMADAL says:

      I hope this is just sarcasm–There are too meny people that actually believe this crap. They are called Repukelican’ts and they have a lot of stupid people fooled.

      • Canistercook says:

        Wonder how come that ‘stupid’ ‘ Repuklicans’ make money and those that call themselves Democrats want to take it away from them by force!

        • johninPCFL says:

          Sure. Gates is GOP. Allen is GOP. Ballmer is GOP. Ellison is GOP. McNealy is GOP. Bertolini is GOP. Cote is GOP. McNerney is GOP. Buffet is GOP. Plus 70 other CEOs.

          All these GOPers say “raise taxes and pay down the deficits”. I guess they really don’t make money, they’re just Dems in disguise.

          • Canistercook says:

            No, many of them are saying raise ‘his’ taxes but don’t take away my loopholes so I will still only pay 15%. If I was worth 50 billion like Buffet I guess I wouldn’t care one way or another but making $200,000 is not quote the same. Guess it does cost a lot to support all those unwed teenage mothers (90% Black, 47% Hispanic, 27% white). Wonder what the fathers are doing?

          • johninPCFL says:

            Yep. $20 per taxpayer.

            The military? $2300 per taxpayer.

            All the fedgov (courts, Congress, FBI, FAA, NASA, etc.)? $1500 per taxpayer.

            SS? $6000 per taxpayer (SS plus added income taxes now that SS is underwater).

            Medicare and medicaid? $2700 per taxpayer.

            Maybe instead of focusing on the small, minute, tiny, infinetessimal, microscopic parts of the spending, we could use a modern management technique like six-sigma. It’s been adopted by all the really top-notch companies like GE, Honeywell, Allied Signal, Ford, GM, Quest Medical, etc. The winning strategy basically says that the largest impact of spending and efficiency improvements will be had on those areas that eat the most resources. Once those large areas have been examined and optimized, then progressively move to areas of smaller resource concentration.

            The president suggested to the GOP that Medicare costs could be attacked, you suggest that welfare is a better target. Six-sigma says your approach is not optimal.

          • Canistercook says:

            Welfare is a problem, but all spending should be up for examination, well policed and run so it helps those deserving help, but needs also to provide that people take some responsibility for their lives. A 400 lb individual of 30 to 45 is not a productive person and unless some pressure is applied will never be. Single motherhood for many is a ticket to a life of poverty. Civilized societies require a civilized life style. I like to help the deserving needy not the irresponsible greedy!

          • johninPCFL says:

            I agree with everything you said.

        • Jmz Warren-Nesky says:

          Making gobs of money has nothing to do with intelligence, just enough inhumanity to take what they want from their ‘suckers’ while whining that they shouldn’t be taxed.. I thought you knew. And AGAIN! We Dems don’t want to take anyone’s so-called hard earned money from them.. We just demand they pay their fair share in taxes instead of getting a free ride because they think their too important to be taxed like the rest of us. You’re the idiot!

        • Charles says:

          Why is it that wealthy Democrats say raise my taxes because the truth of the matter is it will not hurt the economy. The Republicants only look out for those in the “Good ole boys club”. They must have promised you a spot in the good ole boys club like the other unwealthy republicants, only thing is you don’t get to enjoy the perks you get to serve and cater to the wealthy.

          • Canistercook says:

            Only group I felt I have had to serve and cater to are lawyers and they mostly vote Democrat because they make more profitable laws for them.

        • AMADAL says:

          You may find this hard to believe, but there are a lot of Democrats that make a lot of money and there are a lot of Repukes that are on every program they can get.

          • Canistercook says:

            Yes I know, they are either government employees or Union employees for the most part and get a host of tax free perks that other taxpayers have to buy with taxed money. Like Vision, Dental Auditory,Health care. I have to earn the money to pay these premiums and pay tax on it. That’s only ‘fair’ I guess!

          • AMADAL says:

            I had to pay for all that while I was working, too. Now that I’m retired, I’m living without them–don’t qualify for any perk or program I was never a union employee and only worked for the government for 6 years under SS, not federal employment.

          • Canistercook says:

            Have you ever wondered why SS is good enough for us, the masses but not good enough for politicians or government employees?

          • AMADAL says:

            All the time–if Congress had the same benefits and retirement plan as the rest of us, things would get done faster and better..

          • Canistercook says:

            I agree. Every worker should be taxed for SS and politicians are workers – hopefully!

    • Canistercook says:

      If it was only the wealthy, like Buffet, Obama was taxing that might be one thing, but in California today where 3 bedroom houses in many areas cost over 1,000,000 an income of $200,000 does not make you wealthy. Obama is a staunch socialist.

      • northroader1775 says:

        No but you are a Staunch moron who is, was, and will remain a clueless voice in a whirlwind of clueless voices beating the crap out of the inside of your bubble and NEVER checking a fact.

      • DukeDacat says:

        Canofcroock: Seriously, you have to stop getting all your info from Faux Noise.

        By the way, I live in California and regarding your comment: “where 3 bedroom houses in many areas cost over 1,000,000 an income of $200,000 does not make you wealthy”

        You are so full of Sh*t……………………………………..

  8. ivory69690 says:

    Utah senator Orrin Hatch, who claimed in the GOP’s most recent weekly address that the White House’s economic proposal is a “classic bait-and-switch,” adding, “I don’t recall [Obama] asking for any of that during the presidential campaign.”//// what are your ears gone ? or just dumb and stupid ? ill lean to the latter of the 2 questions . heck on my vote paper it said what he was running on . well if you GOP ding dong,s was,nt helling so much B/S so loud then you would of heard what the Pres. ran on

  9. Next time we vote, let’s get rid of Boehner, McConnell, Hatch and the rest of the Republican idiots in Congress who just can’t bear the thought of making the ‘filthy rich’ pay a little of their stash to help out the country that made them wealthy!

  10. Surely the answer is to tax the top earners a LOT more. Say 50% of their 10th million, 60% of their 11th, 70% of their 12th, etc. Lady Gaga would still sing. Tom Cruise will still act. Jocks will still shoot baskets and throw passes, football coaches will still try to win AND their incentive to perform will not be decreased an inch (and if it was it would not be a problem). Someone who makes mega millions AND provides jobs could be given concessions from these tax rates.

  11. 777Unicorn says:

    President Obama won the election 332 – 206 in the electoral college and 51% to 47% in the popular vote, running on ending the Bush tax deduction for the top 2% of all Americans… He WON!

  12. Affect our social security? Not at all. The cap should be raised so that EVERYBODY pays exactly the same PERCENTAGE of income for Social Security. The problem will disappear and social security will be solvent forever. SCRAP THE CAP.

  13. Now the repugs are threatening to really send us over the cliff by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, which last time they did that, caused our rating to drop below AAA. They call THIS good government? I do NOT. Who ARE these ultra rich guys who can’t afford to pay a little more? WE all know they can, and they have in the past and they got very rich anyway.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Ok – let’s be frank. Take ALL the money from the wealthy of this country and we still DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to RUN THE COUNTRY. Why, oh why, can this simple economic truth NOT BE SEEN BY ALL. Class warfare is not going to work. I am not rich. I keep repeating myself, to deaf ears, that Ultrarich People can NOT save the USA unless the Government stops spending. No more wars. Make their departments smaller – or better yet – get RID of some of them. We , the USA, we do not have the money to run our country. So you want to raise the debt ceiling – REALLY? Come on. The debt ceiling is HIGH ENOUGH. This discussion is not productive. Why on God’s Earth should we raise the debt ceiling? We have ENOUGH DEBT already. And, yes, it is our government that should NOT raise the debt ceiling. The USA DESERVED the credit downgrade and we are about to have another one if our government does not STOP SPENDING WHAT IS DOES NOT HAVE. Ignore the Facts – are you someone that has thousands of dollars on credit cards, or are you fiscally responsible? Our government has been fiscally irresponsible. I expected Mr Obama to take steps over the last 4 years to work, along with the rest of Washington, to balance the budget. He did his best, I suppose, but could not achieve that goal. Now, we are projected to have a debt of OVER 20 TRILLION DOLLARS by 2020. Do you realize what that means? That Obama will have led our country to its end game. Tell me, why is that such an attractive option? I am seriously beginning to wonder about the IQ level of the persons who write on this site.

  14. mwffwm01 says:

    Starting with George Bush Jr. the damn republicans have instituded stupid destructive policies and said stupid things and they have to know this. It’s gonna take the middle class to make full recovery to what Republicans have created. This begins with the internal structure so lessen their burden.

  15. Canistercook says:

    We are heading for where 2 workers will work to support 1 non-worker. Granny should be fed but granny should have saved something herself too. Social Security did not promise absolute support especially for the obese etc. If you want to give granny more get a second job – fast food companies hire part timers for busy times and donate what you earn to granny. Sounds like in Your America we should all take it easy since it’s not worth succeeding. Our scapegoats are the ‘millionaires’. Hitler’s scapegoats were the Jews and the Bankers. History does repeat!

    • Canister, lets get this straight, you’r telling us that Obama is responsible for Social Security which was passed 27 years before he was born! Tax rates are currently at their lowest since before the Second World War. Obama hasn’t asked for any increases in either social security or medicare. What he has asked for is an increase in the top tax rate from 35% to 39.6%, the same level it was under Reagan and Clinton, when the economy was thriving. He has not asked for any incease in taxes for those earning less than $250,000. Even Bill Krystal, of The Weekly Standard has said that such an increase will not hurt the economy! He has also asked the Republicans to come up with some proposals for savings to Medicare and Social Security that the American electorate will accept!
      All this nonsense about Hitler is bunch of rigth wing garbage and only hurts any valid arguments you might have. Although I fail to see any validity in what you’ve said.

      • Canistercook says:

        I never said Obama was responsible for SS. Federal tax rates may be lower but since second world war for example California State tax has gone from 3% to 10% plus a 1% tax for the ‘mental health program’ and is again scheduled to go up. SS has raised the ‘premiums’ based on net incomes for social security and the drug program and is taking additional ‘premium’ (which in reality is a tax) from high net incomes. There are taxes on my telephone bill, taxes on my gas & electric bills, sales taxes, property taxes. So taxes when looked at overall are not ‘at their lowest’. I am merely comparing the fact of what got leaders like Hitler and Stalin to power are very similar today, bad economies, as they were in the l930’s and using a scapegoat; Obama has used an attack on the ‘Rich’ to get reelected rather than his experience and achievements as a leader. WE are developing a dependent hoard of people and if and when more than 50% get some government benefit, be it welfare, ss check or a government retirement check, having seen where socialism leads I am not in favor of it. I just hope Obama will start ‘leading’ instead of campaigning and both the Congress and Obama will realize that both sides needs to compromise for the good of the country which right now neither side is doing. Right now so many are saying ‘we won’ so we can dictate, but almost half the voters did not vote for Obama. Compromise means both sides giving and taking not ‘It’s my way or we can blame you for going over a cliff’.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          Well said. Problem is, they will not want to listen.

          • Canistercook says:

            Sad part is Obama’s coalition is strong – College kids 18 to 22 who pay no tax and many get low interest ‘entitlements’ student loans, Blacks because he is black and many receive entitlements, Hispanics because they think Obama will welcome their relatives and provide entitlements for their 47% single parents, Unions because Obama supports unionization and Government workers who are unionized and have a great deal. Looks pretty hopeless!

          • DukeDacat says:

            Hey idonotknowmyname, you too like, Canofcroock are : Seriously, you guys have to stop getting all your info from Faux Noise.

      • DukeDacat says:

        Well said William, but all of your above facts are too complex for the pee brain of Canofcroosk to understand……..

    • johninPCFL says:

      And the GOP scapegoats, Romney’s famous 47%, are the military stationed overseas, those living on SS and the thousands of millionaires who have good CPAs.

      Social security was not envisioned as a retirement plan, but as a retirement supplement. It was intended to pay the additional costs of having Granny move in with the kids when she could no longer care for herself. It now rivals most pension plans at a 12.4% contribution rate. My GE pension was a 6% maximum matched contribution, or 12% for most GE workers.

    • DukeDacat says:

      Canofcroock: Seriously, you have to stop getting all your info from Faux Noise.

  16. 1standlastword says:

    My this is sweet justice! Wouldn’t you agree Mr. Boehner?

    And what about you Mitch “my main job is the assure Obama is a one term president”…what is your main job now?

    Let me spell it out….SUBMISSION!

  17. ChristoD says:

    Folks, a little history for you to consider. President Obama won 53 % of the popular vote in 2008 and blew McCain out of the water in the electoral vote area also and the Republicans treated that as a signal that they should obstruct him for FOUR years which they did in the House and Senate via filibusters in spades. Then in 2010 the Republicans kicked the Democrats asses in the House and took control of the House with the Tea Party extremists leading the way. They interpreted that as a validation that they were doing what the ‘American people’ wanted. I seriously suspect that they will do the SAME thing this time around hoping to get rewarded again in the mid-term 2014 elections. What makes you think they will pay attention this time around ? Frankly, they just DON’T WANT TO GET THE MESSAGE. We need to prepare ourselves for the worst and get ready to get out a massive vote in 2014 and bury these MF’s once and for all.

  18. northroader1775 says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!! I think this campaign style advertizing is great…just turn up the pressure and keep right on campaigning until the last teabagger is walking home with their tail between their legs. I am very excited to see Obama taking his message directly to the people and keeping it up until the people come around and realize we can’t compromise as long as the right is sooooooo friggen extream. Keep hammering them Mr. President. Put the screws in tight and don’t let them wiggle even a little bit.

  19. northroader1775 says:

    Well if the income cap is removed and you pay SSI on ALL your income rather than the first 107k, SS would be solvent forever.

    You knoe after WWII when we wanted to recover and get back to business the highest incomes were paying 91% and we had the greatest growth in history. Now they whine about taking the tiniest step back for the good of society. Everyone else can just piss up a rope as long as they can have the yacht and caviar.

  20. Sand_Cat says:

    You are too stupid and dishonest to carry on an intelligent discussion, anyway.

  21. onedonewong says:

    Annnd??? Guess barak doesn’t understand it was an election and elections have consequences. The Republicans solidified their control of the House and Barak had better learn how to negotiate. Barak your a president and while the messiah to your supporters your NO King

  22. Grunge45 says:

    The Republicans think that the middle class, whom they despise, doesn’t pay taxes. That $2,000 is much more difficult to deal with, than someone making over a $million. Their extra taxes would be 4% of ! million. or $40,000. For someone earning almost @20,000 every week, that is not a lot.

  23. RIK TEE says:

    The 2% that [ should ] be paying more taxes just shows that the [ inequality ] in America is NO CONCERN TO REPUBLICANS !!! THEY COULD GIVE A SH!T ABOUT THE 98% OR THE [ MIDDLE CLASS ] ESPECIALLY !!! The GOP and TEA PARTY are nothing but a GREEDY BUNCH OF FU(K$ who try each year to scare the hell out of any IDIOT who thinks that it’s UN-AMERICAN to feel any other way but theirs!!! Alan West…. Sarah Palin…. and the rest of the BULLSH!T ARTISTS who call Dems or anyone opposing them COMMUNIST is CRAZY!! AND YOU DIPSH!TS WHO AGREE….. WELL YOU’RE SIMPLY DIPSH!TS !!!


  24. RB says:

    President Obama has won. Fairly. It is time to give up obstructionism because you don’t like the skin color or the party of the President. Try to do yourself a favor and push for the best deal possible for the middle class. No one else would be trying as hard for you as President Obama. The rich can afford a tax increase. You can’t. The rich think it is fair for them to hire expensive lawyers to find loopholes to not pay their taxes. So you and I as the middle class pay more. Those rich people have been screwing us all for years. Quit cutting entitlements. We all pay into entitlements in case we need them. So you can be for the rich who screw you or the middle class so when the rich do the screwing, there is a safety net for you and I to fall into. You are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Yes, I know he is working hard. He had a lot of Christmas trees to decorate in the White House on the taxpayer dime. Wonder how many hungry kids could have been fed with the extra money if the Obama Family had tried to keep the number of trees to below 30? Yep – that’s me being an ass! Can’t help myself. We are arguing like children, defending a man who permitted his family to put up over 50 Christmas trees, paid for by the American People. Might I make a suggestion – Mr Obama doesn’t need you to defend him. He can defend himself perfectly well. His actions speak louder than is words.

  25. Mkovtad kov says:

    I have had a small bussines from 1974 to 2010. I had paid 39% in time when the country advanced enonomically but i had the choice [by the tax code ] if i invest in machinery ,/building and hire more personnel i could reduce my taxes down to 25% -t0 20 %
    [JUST a note : i was force to close my operation due to the president Bush economic policy**
    if you ask why*** Me and 1000 other small Bussinnes because all the jobs could move over seas**

  26. Renata5585 says:

    where is the recommended article that explains why the GOP signed the Norquist pledge? I read it and it disappeared. But the answer was because the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove are behind Norquist. The pledge is really for the Koch Brothers and Carl Rove…………the people who support the GOP campaigns. So the GOP is on a leash if they want to win the next election. How come they just lost this one to Obama HUH? Maybe Rove and the Koch Brothers can’t really win elections. Lets keep that a reality!!!!!!!!

  27. Joe Narusiewicz says:

    Right on Obama take it from the rich, stop the outsourcing of USA jobs to China and else where, make the loopholes go away, socialize education, healthcare, fossil fuels and protect the environment from these rapists of the earth. The rightwing and tea party are out numbered and Fox and talk radio is in the past

  28. Canistercook, you have a problem with basic understanding. 47% is not 47+ million. President Obama won the trust of more than 55%+ of the AMERICAN people who realized that it was and is the counter-productive stonewalling of the GOP in the Congress that is causing our nation’s economic problems. onedonewong, you have no idea of what is going on in this country or with our military. President Obama has done more for our military than all the GOP idiots have done in years. Why on earth would he and the “Dems” suppress a voice from the military?

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Walter – our military is not behind him like you seem to think. Ron Paul got more donations from the military then ALL the other candidates combined during the election process. What makes you think he’s done so much for our military, and that our military backs him? Where have you gotten this information? I have not seen any such paper nor heard any such claims made by the people I personally know in the military.

  29. Renata5585 says:

    Hey guys! Guess what? The pledge to Norquist is really to get campaign financing from Karl Rove and the Koc h Brothers who are using Grover as a puppet.

  30. Renata5585 says:

    But WAIT A MINUTE! Didn’t Carl Rove and the Koch Brothers back Romney and Ryan? DUH! Maybe you can run without them.!

  31. Right view says:

    With Obama reminding American people about raising Tax for the Top Republican 2%
    because they have been getting Tax breaks for the last 30 years, and Tax breaks for
    the 98% Middle class workers it shows Obama is really a hero for the Little guys !

  32. He says that, but he ain’t telling you about what is gonna happen with Obamacare. That is gonna tax us even more. Everybody’s taxes are going up. He is all about money.. He could care less about our country. Our wealthy pay 70% of the taxes in this country. How much more do you want from them without cutting something from the budget. Oh that’s right we don’t have a budget and have not had a budget and probably won’t get one until Harry Reid is out of the Senate. Hell, let’s just all dive off the cliff together. Regardless of what happens the Dems are gonna say that the Republicans are rotten, held the country hostage or some such crap. Democrats always want to know the specifics but are not willing to tell their specifics..

  33. Debbie K says:

    Doesn’t the GOP understand the election is over? The people have voted and the mandate is clear. The GOP should be ashamed of continued obstructionist behavior. President Obama, you sit in the commander’s chair, just make it so, as the people have spoken. We are to be governed for the people and by the people, not the 1-2% pandering to the 1-2%.

  34. Dear President Obama: Ms. Rice, partly because of her “investment error” either takes herself out of the running, or if nominated, is not confirmed, and you sir will be perceived as backing down. Senator Kerry is a graduate of Boston College Law School, where I taught for some 40 years. He is eminently qualified for the position. He is also a important leader in the Senate, and would be a natural choice as Speaker of the Senate, when Senator Reid steps down. Given the sleazy campaign that Senator Scott Brown ran against Senator elect Warren in, and his voting record as an interim Senator, it would be an Ironic shame if he were elected to fill Senator Kerry’s seat. Senator Brown is also a BCLS graduate. And I cannot resist saying, I know Senator Kerry and (Senator Brown) you are no Senator Kerry.

    So, Mr. President who to choose? How about an ambassador that you considered one of our best: Governor John Huntsman! It would knock the Republican Party on its heels and add to your reputation as a fair and open minded leader.

    Sincerely, Arthur L Berney

  35. edward says:

    who the hell elected john boehner president of the usa. i say we do a investigation on john boehner and find out why he is so insistent on destroying the president and anything he proposes. i see a link here with a big conspiracy with big business to take over the goverment and make there own laws concerning commerce and legal business rules.

  36. Kathi Cullinane-Searfoss says:

    I think one of the points he is making is that 2000.00 means much less to those over 250K/year than those in the median income (40-50K) category. Tax the top – all else is feudal – paying tribute to the wealthiest (aristocratic!) americans. It is not democratic at all. those top 2 MUST be willing to pay a little more for a healthier, better educated America.

  37. 1bythebrooks2 says:

    Republicans have a real problem with memory. Both long AND short term!

  38. P.T. says:

    well, they complained that he didn’t travel the country to put his plans to the people. Now they complain that he is doing just that. Go Obama!

  39. DukeDacat says:

    Orrin Hatch, “who claimed in the GOP’s most recent weekly address that the White House’s economic proposal is a “classic bait-and-switch,” adding, “I don’t recall [Obama] asking for any of that during the presidential campaign.”

    I guess they do not have television up there in Utah……………………..

  40. It is time for all income to be taxed at the same rate, with minimal deductions for Medical and educational expenses. I am sick of John Boener crying about taxing the job creatoes. As long as I pay 35% Federal Tax and 5% State tax, while Mitt Romney pays 15% on income not in Foreigbn Banks, I will resent all Republican rhetoric.

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