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Friday, October 28, 2016

WATCH: Obama Slams Republicans After Sequester Negotiations Fail

WATCH: Obama Slams Republicans After Sequester Negotiations Fail

President Barack Obama slammed the Republican Party for forcing “dumb, arbitrary cuts” during a Friday morning press briefing at the White House.

After a meeting with congressional leaders failed to produce any movement towards an agreement to avert the $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration, Obama pinned the blame for the stalemate squarely on the Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

“Let’s be clear, none of this is necessary. It’s happening because of a choice that Republicans in Congress have made,” Obama told the White House press corps. “They’ve allowed these cuts to happen because they refused to budge on closing a single wasteful loophole to help reduce the deficit.”

Perhaps referencing a recent poll showing that 76 percent of Americans want the deficit reduced by a combination of spending cuts and new revenues — compared to just 19 percent who agree with the Republican position that new revenues should be completely off the table — Obama stated that “we just need Congress to catch up with their own party and country with this.”

“I have offered negotiations around that kind of balanced approach, and so far we have gotten rebuffed because what Speaker Boehner and the Republicans have said is we cannot do any revenue,” Obama told a reporter who had asked if he bore responsibility for the lack of a deficit reduction deal. “So what more do you think I should do?”

“I am not a dictator, I’m the President,” Obama added in hopes of hammering home his point that his hands are tied unless the Republican Party shows some willingness to compromise. “So ultimately if Mitch McConnell or John Boehner say ‘I need to go to catch a plane,’ I can’t have Secret Service block the doorway, right?”

In addition to targeting congressional Republicans, Obama also reiterated the dangers that the deep cuts will pose to the economy. While the president acknowledged that the cuts’ impact may not be felt immediately, he vowed that “the pain will be real.”

“The economy will not grow as quickly as it would have. Unemployment will not go down as quickly as it would have. And there are lives behind that. And it’s real,” Obama said. He later added that the failure to avert the cuts is “a loss for the American people.”

Obama’s comments came after an hourlong meeting between the president, Boehner, Vice President Joe Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. After leaving the meeting empty-handed, Speaker Boehner offered a short statement to reporters outside the White House. Proving Obama’s point that no real negotiations can take place at this time, Boehner reiterated his stance that “The discussion about revenue, in my opinion, is over.”

“It’s about taking on the spending problem here in Washington,” Boehner added. The Speaker continued to resist naming any specific spending cuts, however, instead choosing to once again call on Senate Democrats to write a bill — and take the political heat for the results.

With no deal in place, sequestration will formally begin on Friday before 11:59pm, whenever President Obama orders it into effect.

A portion of Obama’s comments is below, via ABC News:

Photo: AP/Charles Dharapak

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  • labrown69

    This is political theater at it’s ugliest. This is the same crap that Jerry Brown pulls in CA. It’s always, “we will have to lay off firemen and cops and close state parks”, BUT IT’S NEVER “we will have to demand that the prison guards union take a pay cut or renegotiate their pension or that we’re gonna scrub the incredibly ridiculous $68 Billion dollar so called ‘high speed rail” that goes basically from nowhere to nowhere that anyone ever goes. The folly of high speed rail that originates in California’s central valley where there is basically nothing but illegals who pick crops is self evident and the exact same strategy was evident WHEN OBAMA threw a CHEAP SHOT at THE ENTIRE NATION by releasing illegals due to be deported in Arizona in a childish and dangerous act of thumbing his nose not just at Jan Brewer who probably deserves it but at YOU AND I as well and we don’t deserve it. There is tons of waste and Obama who has done nothing about bank fraud and “too big to fail” for the last 5 years is FREAKING OUT over an $85 billion dollar sequester but allowed the Fed to hose tax payers by funneling almost the exact same amount, $83 billion dollars in subsidies to the major banks. Where is THAT desperation? It’s all bullsh*t!

    • whodatbob

      You had me with your frist two sentences. Then you went off target, meandering in all directions. That I am sure your last comment, “It’s all bullsh*t!” describes the entire post.

    • EZ2figure

      We have laid off the firemen. We allowed Cal-Fire, a for-profit fire department, to under equip and almost lose us San Diego, because Republicans hate a system they cannot profit from!

      High wages do not bankrupt our state! High wages promote spending and precipitate manufacturing production increases. If we want to find the reason why our economy is weak, think of the trillions of dollars that are hidden in the Cayman Islands and do not benefit anyone but the rich! Think of what closing that one loophole could mean if the dodged taxes could be used for fixing our roads and potholes, and expanding research into new ideas and medicines.

      High union wages, as a general rule, are pretty low as compared to a doctor’s salary, or an attorney’s income, or a politician’s wage and benefit’s plan!

      High wages promote growth! A living wage builds our Middle Class, generating demand, which boosts manufacturing, and taxes, which can pay off our deficits!

      But, the puppets of the Republican Party would rather serve at the pleasure of those who throw parties for them and provide for their campaign financing than to represent the solemn oath they take, with their hand upon the bible!

      Republicans tell us they are not responsible for jobs, so could care less about living wages for our workers, and our soldiers, who get paid little to do so much.

      Union wages are not too high! The profit margin is! We all know it! A union worker making 14 bucks an hour, while the owner charges 75 dollars an hour for labor, makes us believe labor costs too much, but it is the greed of the corporation that raises the prices, not the wages of the worker!

      Republicans have spread this lie for a century to convince Americans to support Republicans in union busting, and have even convinced themselves it must be true!

      The sad truth is that corporations do not, with less regulation, give out commensurate pay, based on what a worker needs toward a living wage! Corporations would rather have more people out of work, competing for their jobs, without the burdens of competition from unions that might take the best talent away from the non-union for-profit corporations!

      Corporations are not in business for Americans! Corporations are in business to make ever increasing profits, or they will seek a new, meaner CEO, and have to spend more on Republican puppets to change laws to make it so!

      Where once we had pensions for a retirement plan, we now have 401k plans that bob like apples in a barrel of water each time the stock market wiggles! We lost 50% of our savings when Bush spent us into this Grand Recession! And our home values dropped like a rock at the hands of Republican de-regulation of our banks!

      To hell with Republicans who do not serve “The People”, but only serve their bubble of friends and financiers! Their greed knows no bounds!!

      • Great post!! Thanks for telling it like it is!!!

      • I Agree The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Has Been Chipping Away At The 98% Of The American People For Years Now!! 🙁

    • Union membership is only 11% of the population. You want us (US) to believe their declining population is the root of all our problems? Show us (US) you are more than just a troll.

      • labrown69

        Rvn – I am a union supporter and nobody said they were “the root of all our problems” but in CA, pension funds had this state billions in the red long before the rest of the economy began showing signs of distress in 2006 starting with the Real Estate collapse and that was only one of several examples I gave. You can not spend more than you take in, period and it is largely on account of the public employees who in truth, should not even be allowed to unionize. Unions in private industry is one thing but the collusion between public employees who last their asses on Wall St and now expect tax payers to make up the short fall is pure bullsh*t! If you play casino games and lose, you lose, even if you happen to be a public employee.

  • “Obama Slams Republicans After Sequester Negotiations Fail…”

    Rightly so!
    The American people, fully believing in their Constitution, elected Obama as their President, i.e. The Head of the Executive Branch of Government. Per our Constitution, the House is in charge of our National Purse, i.e. the HOUSE IS NOT THE EXECUTIVE!

    The use of the purse to starve the Executive Branch and prevent it from its constitutional duties constitutes IN FACT CONGRESSIONAL BETRAYAL OF OUR CONSTITUTION and further makes those house members complicit in this USURPATION OF EXECUTIVE POWER guilty of TREASON as well.

    The entire course the GOP and its Teabagger “concubines” have followed since the election of our first African-American President reeks of CONTEMPT and BETRAYAL of the majority of American Voters – and will be judged as such come November 2014!

    • lana ward

      Spoiled ugly cry baby traitor. Couldn’t get his own way!! WOW he is sooo not used to that!!! Everyone is supposed to fall in line behind Aunt Jemima

      • @lanaward your repugnant racism is showing.

        • lana ward

          Obama can’t accomplish what he wants because he’s not a dictator. He can’t make others do what’s right because he’s not a dictator. Why would he make this point?? I’ve never heard a President talk like this when he doesn’t get his own way. What is he up to???

          • LOL This Shows You Know What He’s Trying To Do Is Right !! LOL You Just Admitted To It!! You Are Satan’s Little Helper!! LOL Devil Worshiping Bitch!!! Quote” He Can’t Make Others Do Whats Right” Unquote!!! That’s Why Your Party Of Lying Demons And Thugs Will Lose In The End!!! LOL

          • lana ward

            I KNOW he’s not right!! Those are words he said. Poor evil brat, didn’t get his way

          • Lying Cockeyed Dumb Ass Bitch It’s Right In Your Post!! Any Way Go Eat More Cat Shit And Burn Out That One Brain Cell You Got Left!! Stupid Asshole!!!

      • My, what hateful things you have to say, Lana. None of them are germane or helpful and most are inaccurate – got to be a Tea Party Republican.

        • lana ward

          Obama can’t accomplish what he wants because he’s not a dictator. He can’t make others do the right thing because he’s not a dictator. Why would he make this point??? I’ve never heard a President talk like this when he doesn’t get his own way!!! He hates not getting his own way, it’s never happened. What’s he up to???

      • Say folks, I’ve got a suggestion. Given that more than 90% of posters on the National Memo threads clearly disagree with every post that Lana makes, why are we responding to such obviously delusional nonsense. How about agreeing to not give Lana any additional opportunities to spout her biggoted, short sighted, hypocritial nonsense by simply not responding to her constant drivel. What say?

        • english_teacher

          Seconded. It’s better to yell at your computer screen about her than respond to her.

        • lana ward

          If you respond, I won’t answer back! You’re wasting my time.

          • You Need To Shut Your Cat Shit Eating Ass Up Bitch You Stuck On Stupid Cave Dwelling Whore!!

        • whodatbob

          Thank You!!

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          I agree.

          But, I’d love to tear “it” limb from limb regardless.

          Yea, let’s try it. Maybe “it” will disappear into “its” own self-made pile of crap.

        • Agreed,but how satisfying it would be to beat the shit out of it.

          • plc97477

            too much shit. I can’t be done

        • Hear Hear I Agree!!!

        • plc97477

          she doesn’t need opportunities she just takes them

        • idamag

          That’s what I say. She is a babbling, drooling, person, who let us – the taxpayers raise her kids. She sits in a corner playing with her pj string. Just ignore her, like you would any babbler.

    • labrown69

      Maybe you didn’t notice the $16+ TRILLION dollar debt? I know your answer will be “but Bush, but Bush, but Bush, but that does not solve the probelm. We need real cuts and you are several beats behind because Obama WILL get his revenue but they are also going to cut Medicare and SS and that is exactly what you are too dense to see Obama is setting you up for. A real leader would see to it that they leave programs for the poor and elderly alone and cut some of the fat for the fat cats. What you are watching is a tap dance.

      • So you obviously would favor the elimination of subsidies to big oil and gas that would save us ten billion per year ,right?

        • RobertCHastings

          If you look at the elimination of subsidies, look at more than just those for big oil. The farm subsidies that were enacted fifty or more years ago, and the government is STILL paying millionaires to grow – nothing. Industries like GE and others who pay virtually no taxes on ridiculous profits are in effect being subsidized – it’s called, for good reason, corporate welfare. And the really irritating thing about it is these folks making huge profits, paying no taxes, and bitching about how high the corporate tax rate is. Yeah, we have a relatively high corporate tax rate, but if no one pays it, then “where’s the beef?” It’s like the very wealthy who are hypocritically complaining about their tax rate, when so many of them, like Romney, effectively pay at the same rate we do – and it isn’t just because of the different tax rates for wages and capital gains. Thanks for the incentive, got the old ticker really pumping!

          • The reason I focus on oil and gas subsidies is not just because they have gone on for too long but because killing them saves ten billion a year right off the bat.It is a no brainer.People are paying for this type of fuel twice.I don’t pick and choose when it comes to corporate welfare I oppose all of it and it needs to die.There are so many loopholes in the law and ways to tie things up in litigation that many overt corporate crimes never get fully prosecuted.The corporations have so much money that they can afford delaying actions indefinitely.In other words they have become more powerful than the law or the enforcing body which is the state.That is the definition of fascism or at the very least a prime example of it.Then you have things like the current S.E.C. fiasco,with the foxes guarding the henhouse to top things off.If people can’t see that the entire notion of democracy is under attack in America it is because they refuse to look at the problem.

          • You Got That Right My Friend!!! You Tell Them!!!

          • I hate fascism Fern and I have no tolerance for those who insist on willful ignorance.Glad to see you back. You were missed.

          • Thank You My Friend!! It’s Amazing To Me Also How Stuck On Stupid These Broke Ass Trolls Are!! Just Amazing None Of Them Are Millionaires If They Are What The Hell Are They Doing Here??? Just Ignorant Ass Racist!!

        • labrown69

          I would end ALL “corporate welfare” including OIL AND GAS subsidies, farm subsidies and the back door bail out the banks are getting. Breaking up the banks 5 years ago when slime ball Tim Geithner over ruled Larry Summers and Obama like a schmuck sided with Geithner would probably have prevented our losing our Triple A credit rating AND this ridiculous sequester. Obama is not going to get kudos from me for being only marginally better than the GOP of fiscal issues. I am pro-choice, I support same sex marriage, and I would save billions by ending the insane war on drugs .. I am even in favor of responsible environmental policies but that does not give Obama a pass to release illegals in order to bitch slap Jan Brewer or to allow the big banks who have grown exponentially bigger while Obama politics and waits for Elizabeth Warren, the courts and others to do his dirty work for him. Enought bullsh*t from my party AND theirs.

      • RobertCHastings

        In case you haven’t noticed how Washington is SUPPOSED to work, there is supposed to be the process of give-and-take -compromise – where one House proposes a plan, then the other House tries to meet a place somewhere near the middle, so both Houses are happy, and the work gets done. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened in a while, although VAWA was actually passed because about 20 – 25 Republicans actually met the Senate bill most of the way. These folks did something very courageous, possibly endangering any chances they have of reelection. And what is even more amazing is they had to do it with at least a wink from Boehner. With people in the House who are willing to put it all out there like these folks did, there is a possibility of compromise, but only if the Democrats can get bills to the floor, and that is not very likely. So, really, what is the issue? What Obama proposes is likely to be shot down, anyway, and he always has the right to back-track.

      • lana ward

        Why is O going to cut programs that will hurt people the most? That is hateful and unpatriot. He’s so use to getting his own way, he’s going to punish Americans because he didn’t. Some leader!!!

        • Stuck On Stupid Sorry Ass Bitch Shut The Fuck Up!!

          • lana ward

            That’s your leader,scaring everyone to get his own way!! Ha!! It didn’t work. People are finally catching on to this lying, spoiled weazel!!

          • That’s Your Dumb Cross Eyed Ass Always With The Damn Racist Lies!! Shut Your Dumb Ass Up Talking To Me Cat Shit Eating Bitch !! Go Back To Your Cave Or Trailer ASSHOLE!!!

          • Ryan Bowman

            To Fern Woodfukanyrodent;
            As I see your posts I have Learned 1 thing; There is NO WAY you could be a middle class Nurse as you only have about 2 dozen words in your entire vocabulary. You would need a much bigger grasp of the language than you apparently have! The 2 dozen words that: A) Describe You, and B)Seems to be your entire grasp of any subject have NO USE in the Medical World. UNLESS you are from North Korea; and in that case you MIGHT be qualified! Looking forward to your 2 dozen or so REPEATED and REPEATED reply.

          • Fuck YOU ASSHOLE You Just Mad Cause Your Ass Too Dumb To Get A Good Job You Low Life Traitor Park Tramp!! Get A Job And Get A Life Tea Bagging Pussy Ass BITCH!!! It Start By Not Trying To Screw Over Your Fellow American And Take Your Ass To School!! Numb Nut!!

          • Fuckwad troll! Eat shit and die.We fight fire with fire and refuse to waste our superior intelligence on a useless effort to enlighten anyone who is willfully ignorant such as yourself.As for playing with Ferns name,you would most likely fuck a snake if you could make it hold still but you’re too incompetent,that’s why you don’t get any.

          • plc97477

            But then what self respecting snake would go there?

          • DurdyDawg

            It’s obvious why Fern is using limited vocabulary muttonhead.. It’s the only words you nim nods can comprehend. And this ‘North Korea’ shot only reveals your underlying bigotry.. There! Are those college words good enough for you or, similar to your train of thought, did they too go over your pumpkin head?

        • labrown69

          This is how Obama operates. He is perfectly happy to cut Medicare and SS as long as the GOP get the majority of the blame. In fairness, it is the GOP alone who are protecting the upper tax brackets but a real leader would not even be discussion Social Security or Medicare and a real leader sure as hell would not have disgraced those of us who voted for him by freeing illegal aliens in Arizona.

          • lana ward

            O has gotten his way all of his life! He’s a spoiled, rotten EVIL brat! He let those illegals go because he knew he wasn’t going to get his way. There are MANY things he can cut, but he is going to cut programs that will really hurt us. These coward GOPs better call him out on this. Afew have on Fox News I think the public IS FINALLY seeing what an American hater this pompous traitor is. He’s mentioned dictator, twice. I know what’s up with that!

          • labrown69

            Unfortunately you are right about everything EXCEPT the fact that the GOP is even worse.

    • ococoob

      We should start IMPEACHING the Congress!!!

      • The Salaries Of This Do Nothing Congress Should Be Included In The Sequester!!! The Money Being Spent In This Government Has Been Smaller Since Clinton But Tell That To These Lying Trolls That Listens To Rush Limpdick Lying Ass Along With Looking At The Fake Fox Made Up News!!!

        • lana ward

          Why so angry all the time? Take your meds and relax!! The sky isn’t going to fall!! Omuslim is just a scare monger to get his own way. But he didn’t this time! Finally


          • Ryan Bowman

            Just like a Lib. Short on facts- Long on the name calling. Typical defense of the Uneducated

          • Ryan You Too Can Suck Cat Shit You Low Life Bastard!! I’m An Educated Middle Class Working Nurse Bitch!! I’m Just Sick Of You And The Rest Of You Tea Bagging Shit Eating Lying Ass Trolls BULLSHIT!! NOW FUCK OFF LITTLE BITCH BOY!!! Up Your ASS!!!

        • Of course the cuts are ” DUMB” …duh …Look who came up with the Idea of Sequestration ? Duh BaROKE did …so of course its dumb …After coming up with the idea he said he would veto anyone that didnt go along with his ” DUMB ” Cuts ..He then had a year and a half to reach a deal and did nothing up until this week when it became apparent that the GOP was going to call him on his DUMB plan . So instead of staying in DC and being a Leader ..Obama went into Community Organizing mode and went all over the Country to lay the rhetoric down that this was all the Republicans fault . He used his only skill set and that is the ones of a Community Organizer ..He got on his Soap Box and Lied / Excused /Blamed HIS work on someone else …What… Bush and You Tube weren’t available ??? Now he is trying to lay it on the Republicans not wanting to raise revenues …Another way of saying I dont want to budget like an adult I will just raise everyones taxes so I can spend even more . A simple solution of course would be to just stop wasting money on ILLEGAL ALIENS …that would more then cover the 85 bil in cuts from his own DUMB Sequestration bill …This could be accompluished without raising taxes on a single American, without hurting National Security , and without hurting any of the millions of Dems on Govt Handouts or entitlements ..By the way Fern have you seen Limbaugh wife …wow what a Hottie ..I dont think she would be with someone with a limp dick …You husband on the other hand must need boat loads of Viagra .

          You Liberals must do math on a very crayola level …The size of the federal work force has grown over 20% since Obama took office ..go to your own Govts websites honey…. and your lying about Govt spending doesn’t add up ..Once again go to the Regimes website and see for your self . Govt spending has gone up 40% under Obama …You really need to stop bashing Fox and Limbaugh and learn to navigate the Govt websites a little ..or maybe Liberal Math works differently in your land of Unicorns rainbows and Lollipops …In the real word we use real math honey .


          • plc97477

            oh please no don’t let them reproduce.

          • I Pray They Don’t Multiply!! I Just Want Them The Hell Away From Me And Here!!! LOL

          • You got it right PLC,give that shithead a load of salt peter and put his ass out to pasture.

          • Fern you are so funny …I would never hit on you there isnt enough Viagra in the world for that …Thanks for the laugh though hahahahahahahahaha…seriously can you dispute anything I said up there …Hey Fern why dont you and I enjoy a Jedi Mind Meld ? I guess that wouldnt work it would require you to have a Mind …Maybe thats why it doesnt work for Obama

          • You A Damn Lie It’s On National Memo Back Posting !!!! When You Asked Me To Go Bike Riding And All The Other Shit You Was Saying Hitting On Me!! I Told You Then As I’m Telling You NOW I Don’t Want Your Punk Ass Pussy Ass Racist Bitch So Stop Fucking Talking To Me!!! GET It FUCK OFF!!!

          • You obviously are so small minded that you dont realize the theater of the absurd satire or sarcasm …look that up they are big words K …Fern I date only attractive black women K

          • LOL They Don’t Really Want Your Pussy Ass Either LOL Stop Talking To Me Asshole I DON’T WANT YOU!!!! GET IT??? I Have NO Problems With Men And How I Look YOUR UGLY ASS GOT THE PROBLEM!!!!

          • Yet You Still Come Here And Talk To Me WHY?????????? I DON’T WANT YOU!!! Go Talk To Somebody Else I DON’T Want To Hear From You PERIOD!!! And By The Way Turning Tricks Is Not Dating!!LOL

          • News Flash JerkOff,Your bosom pal John McCain was on National News yesterday citing the fact that CONGRESS,both sides,for your uneducated redneck ass that means both Democrats and repubs,signed the sequestration bill.So go shove it up your sorry ass and troll somewhere else.You will accomplish nothing here.

          • DurdyDawg

            A ” very crayola level “..? What does that mean? Are you saying that liberals do math with a… ‘brand name’.? Whew!! I bet that’s a genuine knee slapper in your ‘community’ trailer park.

      • DurdyDawg

        Best plan I’ve heard all day.

        • plc97477

          great comic

    • middleclasstaxpayer

      The one showing contempt is obama…he originally agreed to the sequester rules in order to get his way with OUR TAX MONEY….now that the chickens have come home to roost, obama thinks he can change the rules in mid-stream. Obama is inexperienced in handling money (especially OTHER peoples money) and, with no work experience in the private sector, would NOT even be capable of (successfully) running a 7-11 Store, much less the world’s (formerly) largest economy. But obama has a pat answer to ALL HIS FAILURES……it’s ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSES FAULT!



        • middleclasstaxpayer

          We don’t have to wait for “some day” to see what your “hero” has done to our once proud & strong nation….Unemployment again heading up to 8%, and REAL unemployment, when we count the millions who have given up looking, AND ARE THUS CONVENIENTLY NOT COUNTED, is close to 11%, per US New, a liberal publication. This is the WORST unemployment since the great depression, and it’s been getting worse for 4 + Years!!! He set up a “jobs council” but NEVER met with them….just a “look good” ploy to make him appear to be doing something, while he simply wastes time & taxpayer money. But it’s always “someone else’s fault!!!

          • Sorry, you’re wrong again – Reagan leads all presidents at presiding over the worst unemployment since the big depression – it ran 10.8% during his 1st term and that didn’t include millions of people who had given up looking for work – so with your nonsense theory that we should add about 3-4% for those, he presided over an unemployment rate of close to 15%. He also presided over the highest prime rate ever with it holding at over 20% and the highest average commercial loan rate of 16% – Reagan was without question one of the worst presidents in history. The damage that his nonsense ‘trickle -down economics’, ‘tax cuts will spur the economy’, keeping 1/2 your spending out of your budget, and drunken sailor spending is what is leading American into ruin. Reagan was not only the biggest spender of all time when he governed California, he was also the biggest spender ever as a president with 8.7%/yr avg budget increases his whole 8 years ; and he was the 1st president to truely make America a debtor nation by almost tripling the national debt in 8 years. So if you want to champion a worthless president – Reagan is your champion!!!

            By the way, he’s also the first president that was in office when a serious attack killed a large number of American troops during peace time when 241 marines were killed while sleeping in their barracks in Lebanon in 1983. And there were 7 other attacks on American interests abroad during his presidency that ended up killing 31 people – 17 of them Americans. The outrage the GOP is showing overe Benghazi is one of the largest demonstrations of total hypocracy I’ve ever seen given that the 4 years under Obama have been the safest 4 years for our overseas personnel in 40 years. There were only 2 major attacks during Obama’s 4 years with 4 people being killed. Contrast that to the facts I just posted about Reagan, and the fact that there were 12 attacks during Bush’s 8 years, including 9/11, with more than 3,300 people killed and even during his Dad’s limited 4 years there were 12 attacks with 61 people killed. Where was the GOP’s faux outrage then!!!!

    • This Is The Kind Of Crap The GOP/Tea Party Was Working On All Along!! Why Do These People Run For Office Just To Destroy Their Own Country And Their Own People??? I Know Cause They Are The American Taliban Just A Bunch Of Terrorists And Traitors That’s Why!!! 🙁

    • Maybe Obama should start acting like an exec then …Sequestration was his idea and he had a year and a half to get a deal done but he is so impotent as a leader he just went into Community Organizewr mode lying excusing and blaming others for his bill . He did that instead of leading . Meanwhile none of these made up crisises and demagoguing the issues would be necessary had he and his Party put a budget in place , which they haven’t done for 4 yrs . We all know why they havent , but for you in worship mode let me remind you that the reason they havent passed a budget is because if they did even your brainwashed mind would see how much your votes and your rulers have screwed YOUR kids …

    • Myabe all You Liberals should have a Jedi Mind Meld and get your hate and talking points together ..No President has ever divided the Nation like this guy ..doesnt tht tell you something ? He tells you to Lie and Hate the Republicans and you dutifully do that like brainwashed sheeple ( that Mind meld must be working ) He tell you to blame someone else for the Bill he designed …the bill he said he would veto any challenge to …Now that he got pants’d he wants to blame someone else …what You Tube and Bush werent available ? …Just keep dividing the Nation sheep and keep trying to blame Obama’s ” dumb ” Bill and ” Dumb ” cuts on someone else …By the way of course the cuts are dumb …look who wrote the bill

      • You Need To Shut Your Little Pussy Ass Up Punk You Don’t Even Have A Job Nor Do You Have A Life!! You Still Live With Your Mother Punk Ass Bitch!!

        • Ryan Bowman

          To Fern Woodfukanyrodent;
          You have serious issues with your mouth. Maybe if you went to the new Governments Medical Scam you might be able to switch places with your Mouth to your Behind so as not to confuse your Brethren with your Potty Mouth!

          • FUCK YOU !!! YOU AND YOUR FELLOW TROLLS IS THE PROBLEM WITH MY MOUTH AND YOUR MOTHER TAUGHT ME WELL WOULDN’T YOU SAY?? So Take Your Pussy Ass Out Of Here We Are Not The Tea Bagging Troll Hideout Here On National Memo!!

          • old_blu

            They just keep coming out of the woodwork don’t they Fern? And they aren’t getting any smarter.

          • Hey old_blu!! Great To Hear From You I Missed You!! Yes I Think These Trolls Think National Memo Is A New Tea Bagging Asshole Hangout LOL But You Know Me I Will Make Their Stay Very Unpleasant!! I Had On Of These Bitches Say Something To Me On A NBC News Post And I Ripped His Ass Good!!! LOL

          • old_blu

            I’ve missed you as well my friend. I’m glad to see you still slapping them around. (they won’t ever learn, will they?)

          • They Are Too Stuck On Stupid To Change!! LOL

          • plc97477

            hey leave Fern alone. her speech might be funny but her thinking is straight

          • That The Point So Employers Wont Believe It’s Me!! It’s My Alter Ego These People Out Here In The Real World Will Fire You For Who You Vote For And What You Say!!! Believe Me I Know Some People That Learned The Hard Way They Got Fired From Their Jobs For Posting On Web Sites!! This Past Election Is A Good Example A Lot Of People Lost Their Jobs Cause Who They Voted For And What They Believe!!!

      • Nobody here needs to take any directives from President Obama. The dedication to racism by mindless moronic pondscum like you is what devides the country and gives us all the motivation needed to put your ignorant asses out of existence.Congress,BOTH SIDES,SIGNED THE BILL.GO FUCK YOURSELF AND DIE!!!

      • DurdyDawg

        OMG!! That was barely comprehensible. Jedi ‘Mind Meld’..? Really? Spock wasn’t a Jedi.. That’s some mind ‘TRICK’ your trying to put over on us. Obviously you don’t troll over at the Personal Liberty digest.. You wanna hear bashing, they invented the scourge and it’s all directed at the very folks that your accusing of being brainwashed. We don’t ‘hate’ republicans, we just want them to die out gracefully now that their time in politics has expired .. but alas, just like a horde of cockroaches, there’s more of them behind the wall.

    • Regardless of how extensive the damage of this austerity plan may be, what our country needs to regain its industrial might and enjoy sustainable growth is investment by both the public and private sectors.
      The biggest problem with the sequester is not massive layoffs or furloughs, but the fact that it deprives the Federal government of the means to invest and stimulate an economy that, while in rapid recovery, it is still far from being out of the woods.

  • Republicans will certainly put another very long sharp nail in their coffin with this one. Even their allies over at Faux News will not be able to cover for them, as within weeks, even the local Tea Party guy holed up in his trailer with his shotgun will suddenly realize that these cuts are hurting him too, and that the Romneys and the Cheneys are laughing all the way to their off shore banks.

    • lana ward

      The sequester belongs to Omuslim!! He can make cuts that won’t hurt us, instead he is going to pour his wrath on us and make it the GOPs fault. He is one evil, hateful monster, mad because he couldn’t get his own way. Spoiled rotten punk bastard!!!

      • Lana dear you are too stupid to reply to anymore, bye bye and have a great nap!

        • lana ward

          Obama says the sequester his his. Type in-“Obamas sequester, the grand bargain” see for yourself!!!

          • The Two Assholes Cantor And Ryan Is The Sequester Makers!! You Just Might Find Your Dumb Ass Unemployed Now Thank Your Party Of Terrorists And Traitors For That!!!!

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      The weight of all the nails the Republicans have been putting in their coffin is starting to make the ship sink.

      Life Rafts to save their sorry asses won’t contain them all either. Sort of reminds me of the Titanic.

      Very sad thought with the Titanic. With Republicans, what a pleasant thought indeed:)

      • A ship of fools,indeed.

  • No family breadwinner tells his employer that he wants his salary REDUCED in the hope that the employer will reward him at some unknown date through some means not yet defined.

    After that salary is reduced no breadwinner tells his starving family that asking for a raise would be unfair to his employer.

    Republicans use a popular metaphor that is not really applicable and must still edit out the elements that are inconvenient.

    They need to move from metaphors to actual arguments and show how the Bush tax cuts and the Reagan tax cuts did anything more than build the national debt.

    They need to move from vague economic principles that may or may not apply to detail exactly what positive elements of the economy (other than the markets for yachts and jewelry) will be harmed by the proposed revenue increases.

    They need to buttress their argument by demonstrating that those elements grew soon after each tax cut and shrank soon after each tax increase.

    If they cannot do that, then they must admit to transferring wealth from the poor to the already wealthy with no expectation of payback.

    • Robert, I’ve come to the conclusion that the GOP is adamant about focusing on spending because they insist on not admitting that their last president is responsible for the reduction of America’s tax revenues by the tune of at least 1 trillion dollars per year – by allowing the economy to run amok, just like Coolidge, another GOP president, did in the 1920s, which in 2008 and 2009, resulted in hundreds of American companies going belly up and upwards of 14,000,000 Americans losing their job. Tax revenues are way down because hundreds of companies and millions of Americans are not making enough money to require that they pay taxes. Although there are places that spending could be cut and improvements made, it is not spending that is keeping our deficits high, it is the loss of revenue and although Republicans know that’s the case, they’re not going to admit it. . Because, they agreed that revenues are the problem, then they would have to agree that they’re responsible for our current situation. And in addition, as is obvious, for them to agree that it’s a revenue problem, would make it much harder for them to sell their argument that the wealthy are alrealdy paying their fair share and should not pay $1 more in taxes.

      • The republican party is a criminal enterprise promoting a conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people in favor of fascist,plutocratic,and corporate interests and absolutist religious groups.They are a damn dirty slimy treasonous bunch who are deserving of the noose or anything else you care to impose upon them.Maybe they will hang themselves.

    • plc97477

      Unfortunately their answer to the tax cuts for the “job makers” not working has been “didn’t cut deep enough”. “didn’t let them go long enough”.

      • idamag

        You mean since those job creator cuts were given in 2001 and jobs weren’t created that wasn’t long enough?

  • Canistercook

    We sure seem to have invented a lot of new ‘government agencies’ in the past few years!
    What would be wrong for example with having a ‘government office’ in most towns where one could go for one’s post, driving license, social security, welfare, etc., etc. Instead we have separate offices for everything! A lot of savings could be made if we were governed intelligently. Right now we are governed for the benefit of the overpaid ‘government army’.

    • whodatbob

      Some sense to your proposal. But, you are mixing Local, State and Federal offices together. Never work.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      It would be nice to have a place for one-stop shopping, more or less.

      But, that aint gonna happen.

      Each agency; local, state and federal all like to have their own separate buildings. Each one sitting on their own little piece of dirt collecting OUR tax dollars.

      Actually, if you take a serious look at it, all the combined agencies, local and state outweight the Federal in size and money collected that we pay out of our checks, at the stores, services, etc. for taxes, hidden fees, goes on to infinity.

      Hush, don’t tell anyone that. It’s a Secret……………..

      • InsideEye

        They are just following big brother s in congress. I dare say that t if all of the state offices were closed the populace would not even know of it. All that is needed is a check writing machine or credit account from US to give out “somewhat earned Social security , and somewhat paid for Medicare and senior care for all. A universal sales tax could cover all these programs, as in other countries….Sales taxes have to paid by everyone, therefore no one escapes putting skin into the game. SSN nad HEALTHCARE ism should not be issues anymore….it is only for political drama and divisiveness against all of us If you need more you can privately buy it as in Canada and elsewhere. Shows that Universal medical care is always somewhat short of money even in these socialized countries . They do have waiting list that are dangerously long at times. …minor fix.
        …….Anon . Canadian legal immigrant. 🙂

      • Canistercook

        In the U.K. one can at the little post office in most towns get a passport form, obtain a drivers license, get government social security, veteran etc., pay outs, open a savings account, etc., etc., as well as mail a letter! But here each agency has it’s castle. We could achieve the Sequester plus a heck of a lot more with efficiency. When my son cut a hole in his new drapes because he was mad at me I called one of the government offices that advertised their ‘leaflet’ available about the ‘destructive child’ to ask them to send me one, instead they sent out a ‘child expert’ to ‘teach’ me about child raising! I recall her purple shoes and purple pocket book! Looked like she was fresh out of college!

  • notafoxfan

    it is really a crying shame and morally reprehensible that our elected officials,congressmen and senators alike who are of the republican/tea party ethic,are still “hell bent” on causing dissention and divide on political issues within our country that are of the utmost boehner is still standing on his podium of rightousness for the wealthy, saying obama got his tax hikes on the “upper crust”, and that is enough..he fails to mention what the democrats and obama are asking for in part, is closing loopholes which allow the wealthiest of americans to basically “hide” investments shows how little respect they actually have for those who elected them,because they went into a weeks recess without resolving the sequester problem,knowing full well today was the is also extremely obvious (even to a republican)that these men and women are elected officials,very well paid,and they will not be missing a paycheck nor having any benefits cut as many others will..why dont they put their money where there mouth is and offer to take pay cuts and get rid of their “perks” which they vote for themselves!!! its time to get on with moving our country forward and not continuing with a vendetta towards obama..he is our elected president, so work with him and do what you were elected for mr. boehner and the rest!!!

  • Fairplay4

    The pawns of the rich are doing their thing. We as a Nation must do our thing. Throw them out next time around.

  • Mr President, how about the first paychecks to be cut be by all the Congress and Senate including their benefits and security.

    • That’s a good idea and many people favor it.The problem is that the Prez hasn’t got that power.I’m not familiar with the exact bill,law,article,etc. but I think their wages are guaranteed.Too bad,if it were different perhaps they would not be so cavalier about doing their jobs or passing harmful legislation.

  • EZ2figure

    You can’t compromise with GOP idiots who claim they want a Democratic Plan that passes in the Senate with 51 votes, then gets filibustered by the Republicans who would rather our workers suffer than to offer up one loophole to be closed, while we need jobs, not more cuts in employment!

    All the lies to follow will be manufactured as a way to blame our President, who only has the power of the bully pulpit and the ability to sign a bill, not pass one that is the responsibility of the House and Senate to approve and ratify!

    Don’t let the GOP fool us. They have planned this for months! They would rather keep the loopholes for the rich, than to support our returning troops, or fellow Americans still suffering in New Jersey because of a hurricane the GOP would not apporove relief for for over one hundred days!

    There is no bottom to the slime of the Republican leadership, while many Republicans can’t stand the sight of their own party, who does not represent them!

  • If they want ti reduce the budget properly – let ALL the REPUBLICANS take a little off they pay.
    All they want to do is hold things up instead of accomplishing those tasks that need to be done.

  • RobertCHastings

    I don’t know about you, but I’m not worried about 800,000 civilian support being furloughed at bases around the country, I’m not worried about over 2,000,000 people on unemployment having their checks reduced by 1/3, I’m not worried about impending furloughs to air-traffic controllers, I’m not worried about teachers, police and firemen being laid off, I am simply not worried about any of that crap, because I have found some really good shit and I don’t give a rat’s ass about anything.

    • plc97477

      hey how about sharing

  • I don’t understand how the House can have so much power. It is has if all we voters struggled for and won in the elections was useless. We fought to win and just got thrown under the train. WTF?

  • montanabill

    The negotiations failed because the President will not give up on his demands for ever more taxation. It is still: my way or the highway with him. The effects of the sequester could easily be managed if the departments affected by the budget increase reductions could determine the best places within their own departments to make the cuts. That compromise cannot happen as long as the President insists on more taxation. He got his taxes, time to make good on spending cuts.

  • Mark you reply was nonsensical . Sequestration was BaROKE daddy k ..And he signed it yesterday ..What does either side of Congress have to do with this ? By the way while The Community Organizer was out trying to demagogue the Republicans for HIS handy work the Reps and Dems in congress were willing and waiting for some deal making …and BaROKE was out Community Organizong Campaiogning and doing the …” its not my fault its their fault excuse lis and blame game as if it were Bush and You Tube all over again …He’s a broken record he cries wolf like a bitch everytome theres one of his fiscal cliff spending increases tax increases debt limit increases …have you EVER seen the with ANY OTHER President ? of course not …Not even with the second worse President ( big thank you Barry ) ever Jimmy Carter

    • Your presence here along with your existence is nonsensical.Go fly up your ass and disappear.

  • What does congress have to do with this ? This was Baroke Obama’s baby all along . While Congress was in Wash ( both side ready to hammer out a deal . Obama went out to do some Community Organizing / Demagoguing / Campaigning / Playing the ” Blame someone else for my own ineptitude ” game ..this time Bush and You Tube had already been used so he blamed Congress for HIS OWN Handi work ..Sweet . A leader would’ve stayed in DC and drove down to Harry Reids office where they could’ve tried a Jedi Mind Meld to solve this …that woulsnt have worked though for two reasons ..It would require Obama and reis to have Monds and also Jedi dont do Mind Melds …Im not a redneck but thanks for the intolerance …I live and grew up in the Chi …Now known as the Murder Capital and Taxing Capital of America derisively called Barakistan by life long Chicagoans who cant believe what Liberal Policy is doing to our once great city …Where are you from are you one of those gay Liberals or are you from Mexico ?

  • They should just cut off all spending on ILLEGAL ALIENS that would more then cover the cost of this and would not affect a Single American Tax Payer /Soldier / or even those on entitlements …Look for the little cry babay to Punish all of America for the GOP calling HIS bluff and pantsing him . It was his Bill and now he will take it out on America ..He will cut National security and every service he can to punish the producers

  • Germansmith

    Taxes has been raised by 800 billions…where are the expenditure cuts?

    Every time is the same thing, taxes are raised (and I have not a problem with that) but when it gets to Democrats to agree to some cuts…they back off and start talking about how you can not touch Medicaid or Medicare or Welfare or ANYTHING that could affect their voting base. and GOD forbid we cut some unnecessary weapon systems that we are not likely to use.

    The fact is we can survive the sequester if the cuts within departments are done with good faith with the objective of just cut the fat and the inneficient projects and employees, but chances are they will make a big deal, cut vital services and will publicize the trauma of some poor unemployed federal employees.

    The sequester is deemed a job killer, but it does not have to be.

    • What expenditure cuts are you looking for?? Fact is that spending at the moment related to our GDP is at the lowest levels in 60 years. Although there are probably places where more cuts can be made, Obama has gone through quite a bit of the government agencies implementing programs to find waste and cut spending. And he also established wars on fraudulent charges to in our defense and healthcare sectors, actively prosecuting people who are trying to defraud the government. Do a search on ‘war on fraud in the defense industry’ and read a paper from Tom Gallagher of Pepper Hamilton, llc on some of the cases that are being brought to court because of Obama’s war on fraud – his administration has recovered billions of dollars in fraud charges to these two sectors – far more than the last 3 GOP presidents combined. He’s also worked on trying to reduce the deficit by reducing the size of government – more than 565,000 have been cut from govt during his 1st term after Bush had added more than 2 million.

      And just for your info, no nonpartisan economist would cut spending during a recession. Europe has proven that in spades with virtually every country there that have severely cut their budgets being now in a second deep recession. What we need is for the GOP to stop being obstructionists and pass Obama’s jobs bill that they’ve been sitting on for two years. If you haven’t seen that (it includes a lot that this country needs to get going again) just log onto whitehouse dot gov and take a look at the American Jobs Act. What America needs is to get the economy reved up again with hundreds of new companies created and millions of new jobs. Even over the past 4 years, especially in the past year, our debt to GDP ratio has fallen dramatically because the economy has rebounded some. Until the stupid GOP just let the sequestration take effect – we’ll need to see just how much damage they did with their nonsense!!!

  • janmbt

    Who wants to compromise with the devil….. ….the GOP won’t raise more taxes on the wealthiest when a bunch of millionaires have actually met with congress and said RAISE OUR TAXES !!! Instead the GOP would create more job-losses, more people on Govtfood stamps, seniors on medicaid, and children and the poor neglected like we don’t care about them in this country.
    Cantor, McConnell, Ryan are VERY RICH and they apparently don’t want their taxes raised.
    SO–my suggestion is let them take a cut in pay, they don’t like socialized healthcare so they should give up their socialized healthcare and they don’t need their pensions like some are getting …$160,000 a year

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