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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Watch: Paul Ryan Pushes Austerity, Slams Obama For Pushing Austerity

Representative Paul Ryan, the supposed fiscal genius of the Republican Party, raised eyebrows over the weekend when he told David Gregory on “Meet The Press” that his budget must be passed in order to avoid austerity.

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What we’re saying is let’s get on growth and prevent austerity. The whole premise of our budget is to preempt austerity by getting our borrowing under control, having tax reform for economic growth, and preventing Medicare and Social Security and Medicaid from going bankrupt. That preempts austerity, the President, his budget…puts us on a path toward European austerity.

Ryan’s claims don’t add up for a number of reasons. First of all, his budget would not get borrowing under control, given that it would actually increase public debt.

Second, Ryan’s plan to cut spending by $5.3 trillion over the next 10 years is the very definition of austerity. As Crooks and Liars points out, Ryan is making a ludicrously demanding that we pass his austerity budget to avoid austerity.

Finally, Ryan’s insistence that President Obama is the one pushing austerity makes no sense, especially when you consider that Ryan has also accused Obama of trying to create a “western-European style, cradle to the grave social welfare state.”

Either Paul Ryan doesn’t understand what the term “austerity” means, or the GOP’s greatest con man is getting seriously sloppy.

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23 responses to “Watch: Paul Ryan Pushes Austerity, Slams Obama For Pushing Austerity”

  1. Lynda says:

    The young man clearly has no grounding. He used to have an ideological bent to his beliefs and one could follow his path even before he opined. No longer. He recently tossed under the bus his life long hero Ayn Rand and her philosophy in order to try and cover his ass. His church had just finished destroying his screw the poor world view and the young man is desperate for a distraction. Trying to paint Obama as trying to lead us to a so-called European austerity plan would be comical if indeed not an out-and-out lie. The lads moral compass is swinging wildly searching for the next talking point that might save him from his own inarticulate remarks. Very sad, since he seemed such a nice clean cut boy.

  2. Landsende says:

    Another teapublican that speaks out of both sides of his mouth with neither side making any sense. He says his austerity will put us on the path to prosperity but what he really means is it will bring more prosperity to the 1% while gutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Notice he has never mentioned cutting Congress salaries, pensions, and other perks to help balance the budget. Guess he thinks they shouldn’t have to make the same sacrifices he wants the 99% to make.

  3. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    The “Political Class” form of fiscal responsibility means only one thing, retain power over the American people. That is why we have not had any serious solutions to the problems facing our country. I have read fourteen proposals (Ryan to Obama), the key theme of all, is do nothing to disrupt the power of the political class over the 85% of us.

    It is time to start focusing on the 15% who are the problem, not the fictitious 1%. We should all be paying our fair share not scapegoating our problems on one group for political gain. What would happen in America if all of us paid the proportionate amount needed by the government based on where we were financially? The one percent paid 34% of the revenue required, the top 50% paid the 80% required and the lower 50% ($34,000 and under) paid the remaining 20%. Do you think we would still be having the problems we are having today? Would you be willing to pay what the Political Class wants to spend?

    It is time to get serious and see a real financial plan for America, not just another “Political Class” budget that enslaves us all.

  4. William Deutschlander says:



  5. Duck10 says:

    A budget built for Fascism and Corporate Welfare!!

    First, before you cringe at the word ‘fascism’ look it up in the dictionary. Then ask yourself if the definition sounds familiar.

    Paul Ryan is steeped in philosphies that cripple his ability to be even rational in this budget debate. He persists in the myth of ‘supply-side’ economics. It flat out doesn’t work. It can’t work since it fundamentally ignores demand and rests upon a premise that if you give the wealthy more moneysomehow that will enable the poor to raise themselves up. Since this fiasco economic policy began with Reagan we have seen the persistent erosion of the earnings of the middle and lower classes, the concentration of wealth in smaller circles, and the inability of the middle class to sustain the asset values at the point o which they had been inflated. Now, economic mobility in America is lower than most, if not all, of the industrialized countries. How’s this Supply-side’ thing working for you, huh?

    There has never been a more fiscally destructive economic policy in place in the United States thansince the last time this idotic economic concept was in favor, just prior to the Great Depression.

    As far as how budget cuts are made, clearly the budget is designed to singluarly enrich the rich and benefit corporate interests while reducing human expense to the general populations. When one considers that human welfare costs the US about $54BB a year there is concern. And, perhaps a cry to ‘cut the waste!’ But when one considers that corporate welfare toals $92BB year, there is silence and entrenchment whenever it is brought up.

    Our defense industry is so large that America has become the arms merchant to the world selling our weapons all over. You and I, as citizens and taxpayers, are funding 25% of the worlds total military expenditures and have a wealth class that increasingly unwilling to pay for this. Instead, it seeks to fund these costs by taking money from the poor and middle class, by refusing to pay fair taxes, and so forth. Naked greed at play here.

    Paul Ryan’s budget, like everything his party now stands for, is a recipe for the consolidation of power into the corporate and wealth classes, the breaking of unions, the elimination of social security, medicare, Pell grants, and so forth. Programs which have provided for a more stable Senior class, protection for the health and welfare of young children.

    When Eisenhoer left the Presidency he warned us of the rise of the same political forces of fascism he had just defeated in Europe. Wake up America!

    • wayneonly says:

      Duct10, you seem to have a better grasp on the economic problem that faces America today than most voters. Have you ever thought of running for office?

      You are right that CORPORATE WELFARE is robbing the middle class taxpayer far more than human welfare. And we need to cut the WASTE and FRAUD out of both programs, but we don’t need to decimate the safety nets of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security that are actually paid for by the working class of America, whether it be through SS taxes, Medicare taxes, or taxes paid by workers of America. And yes, our defense industry is one of the highest CORPORATE WELFARE reciprocants in America.

      There is a bigger problem that we voters and taxpayers need to address. That problem is the utter corruption of Congress. Congress no longer represents the real people of America. They have been “bought and paid for” by “Too Big to Fail” banks and corporate America AND large multinational corporations. They(both Republicans and Democrats) use their office for their own financial gain and the financial gain of their campaign contributors. Three good books for every voter to read are: Winner Take All Politics: How Washington Made The Rich Richer And Turned It’s Back On The Middle Class by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, Throw Them All Our by Peter Schweizer, and Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan. These books will open your eyes to the real corruption in Washington.

      Congress (with the help of the voter) has set themselves up as the PERMANENT POLITICAL PARTY. They believe they are the “elite” class and are “entitled” to special privileges and are “above the law(s)” that govern the rest of us. They hold a contempt for the American voter because we are so easily led by slick ads paid for by “big money” and so easily influenced by the “party line”. We (the voter) have fostered their beliefs by voting the same Congresspersons into office term after term without tracking their voting records or their financial dealings while in Congress. We need to be smarter than that.

      We (the voter) need to become more educated and vigilant about what really happens in Washington. And to gain back OUR representation in Congress we need to resolve to vote EVERY incumbent Congressperson out of Congress until they understand the duty they owe to the American voter. We need to show them that we (the voter) are” fed up” with “politics as usual” and are not going to stand for it any more. They (both Republicans and Democrats) have betrayed our trust and are no longer WORTHY of the office they hold.

      But we (the voter) need to go further than just replacing EVERY incumbent Congressperson. We need to send each new Congressperson to Congress with OUR agenda instead of the “empty promises” that every candidate thinks they need to make to gain our vote. They need to have clear cut ideas of what the voter expects and they need to understand that we will vote them out of office if they don’t perform for the voters interests. Maybe than we will find a few who are worthy of another term.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      So Duck, what your saying (among other things) is that the g’ment uses tax dollars to pay big tax exempt corporate toads’ weapons who then uses those inflated profits to build more weapons to sell all over the world… For more profit? Sounds like a corporate state to me.. Same old song. “Arm the world and wars will abound” (just good b’ness practices).

  6. Bigspender says:

    Paul Ryan is a seriously confused young man.

  7. mymoney9 says:

    Ryan is not to be trusted. Lies, lies and more lies. This self proclaimed budget expert, will listen to the CBO testify that his proposals are not as he claims and will actually do harm to the economy. 10 minutes later you see Ryan giving an interview on Fox, proclaiming just the opposite that he was told just minutes before by some one who actually knows. Ryan will lie at any time and does not have a conscience to tell him different. Ryan will dismiss the CBO when it suits him and use the CBO when it may be in partial agreement with him. He makes his own set of facts up and will only use his own set of facts that are total Bull Chit.

  8. howa4x says:

    Ryan is into double talk. We all know that we need to stop borrowing but who is going to bear the brunt of cutting back? Are we going to tax the rich, or rape the seniors? Bush cut taxes for the rich and 2.9 million jobs left the country. Can Ryan promise that won’t happen with his cuts? Corporations like Exxon already said they are not an American company but a global one. Maybe they are following Haliburton who after taking 6 billion in taxpayer dollars for the war in Iraq left to become a company of Dubai. Why dosen’t Ryan and the Republicans talk about that? Why is it always the seniors or the poor that is killing the country. Why don’t republicans ever go after companies like these. Ryan voted for continued subisidys to Exxon for drilling while at the same time offering cuts to Pell grants, head start, medicare/medicaid, enviornmental protection, and health care. His budget speaks to the kind of country that republicans want. Goodies for the people who don’t need them and nothing for the people who do. Now there is family values for ya!

  9. ExPAVIC says:

    My Goodness

    If this bit doesn’t prove that the American Taliban Republicans are chasing their tails nothing else will.

    In addition to being the party of old white men, add to that mix a few confused young guys like Paul Ryan. This guy has the brains of a few rusty bolts.

    I suppose Mittens is hoping to draw from these plain faced clowns when he runs out of ideas or prayers to his Mormon ancestors doesn’t work.

    This gets scary when you come down to the nitty gritty. Any democrat who doesn’t vote on November 6th isn’t doing themselves or anyone else a favor.

  10. whitetiger says:

    Madison, Wisconsin needs to wake up and get him out of D.C. before he does anymore harm. Wonder if he knows the meaning of austerity? If he did he would know it is him that is practicing it. I do wish people would wake up and vote this Nov. If your Congressperson is in office vote against them. Only problem, most have no opponent. That is the sad part of America today.

    • metrognome3830 says:

      Wisconsin should get him out of D.C. Their dilemma is they don’t want him back in Wisconsin. They already have Walker and Kleefisch screwing things up there and Ireland sure as hell doesn’t want him deported there. And he has disgraced himself with the Catholic church. What is to be done with him?

  11. ryan is a lier he will ruin this country along with his boss ,cantor kochs,rove and norquist, ryan go back to Wisconson so they can recall you to with your buddy walker. Then both of you can live in the mountains as mountain men and be killed by the bears, that is better then what you 2 have done to the people of Wisconson.

  12. The Republicans have tried since SS was passed into law and became so successful that now every civilized country has a for of it to take care of their seniors. If the Repbulicans can only gut it or change it into something that no longer works eventually they can redact history and make people believe it was never any good and should be eliminated. Why do you think every year they try some sort of scare tactic to get people to abandon it? They also try every year to make little subtle changes to it to get the same effect. They do this to education and any type of welfare too. Or when they are in a minority in Congress or their back in to the wall beacuse the people actually want some of these programs they will vote to pass them but then in the house vote to defund them or vote to not fund these programs.

  13. DurdyDawg says:

    I knew politicians when they used to be real people. You’ve heard the political phrase, ‘ The Buck Stops Here ‘..? Seems just outside the door on the hill, the same thing applies to evolution as well.

  14. jijones says:

    paul you dont resemble any pauls in history, the bible paul, wanted love and hope for all people but you paul want that for the rich, anyone that vote for you paul, and he is not rich takes a knife to his own throat, and those that cant see this are those that cant see the forest for the trees!!

  15. jijones says:

    oh oh!! tell me something paul if you know so much why aren’t you president? “wait” dont tell me let me guessaaaaaaaa! now I know probaly because you do your best thinking when you sitting down sinch your thinking comes from your bottom, instead of your head!!

  16. Shirley says:

    The so-called budget the republicans passed failed to include the Bush tax cuts, medicare advantage and two expensive wars. So, I would say they did not pass a budget either. How they can allow this guy out in public is beyond my comprehension, are the republicans really that stupid? Tell me how not taxing those most fortunate is going to help the economy? Job creation has not happened with the highest tax cut they have ever received, so tell me how this will help? Republicans and democrats must have a totally different brain, because everything these guys do to me is just WRONG!

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