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Thursday, August 17, 2017

WATCH: Romney Makes Birther Joke At Campaign Rally

Mitt Romney descended into birther politics today, when he joked during a campaign stop that “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate.”

“I love being home, where the both of us were born,” Romney said at a rally in his native Michigan. “Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital. I was born in Harper Hospital.”

“No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate,” he continued. “They know this is the place where we were born and raised!”

The Obama campaign immediately condemned Romney’s remark, which drew laughter and applause from the crowd.

“Throughout this campaign, Governor Romney has embraced the most strident voices in his party instead of standing up to them,” Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a statement.

“It’s one thing to give the stage in Tampa to Donald Trump, Sheriff (Joe) Arpaio, and Kris Kobach. But Governor Romney’s decision to directly enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter across America.”

Romney adviser Kevin Madden denied that Romney was playing racial politics.

“The governor has always said, and has repeatedly said, he believes the president was born here in the United States,” Madden said in a statement. “He was only referencing that Michigan, where he is campaigning today, is the state where he himself was born and raised.”

Whether Romney was trying to sound a racial dog whistle or just making a bad joke, his comments will certainly give ammunition to those who have accused Romney of exploiting racial tensions (most notably with his widely debunked welfare attacks.) It also makes Romney’s demand that Obama take his “campaign out of the gutter” seem even more hypocritical.

One thing is certain: those who are hoping for the “big ideas” campaign to begin will have to wait a little longer.

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186 Responses to WATCH: Romney Makes Birther Joke At Campaign Rally

    • Real birth certificate? You continue to ask, no! Demand Obama’s birth certificate every time he produces it. Didn’t you hear you’re hero? (Romney adviser Kevin Madden stated) “The governor has always said, and has repeatedly said, he believes the president was born here in the United States.” So, who you gonna believe? You’re hopeful or some donut mouth and a has-been villain with a badge?

    • Tried to give you the link… would take you 2 mins to google it…..but the Nat’l Memo doesn’t allow it without clearing it. OH wait a minute even that GOP Cheerleader Ann Coulter thinks the GOP is a bunch of NON READING Jerk-offs….But I guess I am not
      telling you something you don’t already know. Guess his mom wasn’t raped because
      her super spermicide vaginal secretion did not kick in… or maybe the Hawaii weather doesn’t allow women to develop that in their state.Can you be more of a GOP Tool? If you do manage to get the R and R clowns elected…I hope for your sake you are over 55 …or
      YOU are F***’d for Medicare and Medicaid.

  1. Wouldn’t it be funny if Mittens is found to have been born in Mexico and isn’t eligible to run for the presidency?

    • Hilarious! But it is telling that the major reason those birthheads question President Obama’s birth cert is because his Dad was born in Kenya and yet no one ever questions Mitts who’s Dad was born in Mexico. They didn’t even question McCain who wasn’t even born in this country…

    • Do you mean ineligible to run for President just like Barack Obama? I thought it was a funny comment like Obama’s saying Romney had a windmill on his car. Ease up for pete’s sake, Romney had stated MANY times that he believes that BO was born in the U.S.

    • It sure would if anyone would ever take birth certificates seriously anymore. The whole issue seems to be pretty well debunked as irrelevant. But maybe they could convince Romney to trade revealing his income taxes for Obama’s college records and real birth certificate.

    • We don’t want to go there since is slime territiory and puts the President in the same low class as Trump, Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, Bachmann, et al. Damn that is enough to make me want to vomit. They are the scum of the political world, bar none. Oh and add Mr Genious Rove who is considered brilliant because he brings sleaze to a new low every election he puts his obnoxious hands on.

    • Or Iran. Charm might be just the thing that will lead this disaster of a candidate joker to the White House. What is funny is that Mitts sense of humor– is not funny. If he was not querried for his birthplace, then why is he answering his own question. It is like–ask me if I care. The people that intend on electing him rich or poor need re-consider and that is for sure. Otherwise, it will result in an ultra-Bush America.

  2. This particular type of commentary is nothing surprising coming from the republican side of things as many of the “low blow” politics are coming from that very side.

      • Really that is the best you could do???? Is there anyway for you one thought wonders to stay on point. You are a perfect example of the people whose views I can’t respect because you make stupid sound bite comments that are equivelent to play ground cliches, with no merit and nothing to do with the current converation.

        • WTF you talking about, dimbulb? Give me some evidence to support your illusory belief in whatever TF it is that makes you cream in your 501s. Idiots love to chomp on the chewy bits. What makes your designer jeans get sloppy and slimy?

          • I think you just made my point. I do however, based on your gutter response understand how my response may have confused you. FYI, you don’t annoy people with your garbage, we find you laughable.

        • I beg to differ, have given a more thoughtful response than the one sentence because this election is about much more than sound bites. November 2012 is about the future of our country and its about taking care of the less fortunate, its about standing up for what’s right and its not about enriching the 1% further and making the deficit even bigger!

          Neither Ryan nor Romney gave 2 seconds thought to the deficit when they increased the defense budget what in the world were they thinking! Robert Gates himself said the military budget was out of control! Its not the same world anymore war isn’t the same we don’t need more wars!

          We also don’t need more tax breaks for people earning more than $1million because their trickle down economics model has been proven destructive to our economy. I am not the only person with 1/2 the 401K I used to have and it really irks me that the Romneys pulled tricks to have as much as they do in their own 401K! That aside, I don’t trust him and he’s not a very nice person.

          • Mai, it appears that somehow you thought that my response was to you and it was not. My response was to Sergio Robles when he responded with the Emperor O”Barry the Gazillionare, to your comment. I am in total agreement with your thoughts.

        • What He Meant Was Romney Hood The Millionaire Thug!! He Miss Type Cause He Was To Busy Kissing Koch Brothers Butts!!! You Know It’s Hard To Type While Kissing Butts At The Same Time!!!

      • Who the hell is Emperor O’Barry ? WTF is wrong with you you simpleton. You clam HE is a gazzilionaire. Emporer, where the hell did THAT come from ? My guess is you are 90 cents short of a buck. What an imbecile.

      • Your ignorance speaks volumes, repubretard? Right!

        With a Latino name like yours, you’ll be lucky if they don’t send your azz to Mexico.

      • It is Romney we want to be RID of, Sergio, not Obama! And at least Obama made his money writing books; not getting RID of JOBS or hiding his money. And Obama’s tax returns have been gone over with a fine tooth comb! By-the-way, how are your tax returns? Had any audits lately?

    • No They Didn’t Ask Mitt To Show His Birth Records But They Did Ask To See Your Tax Returns!!! Yes You Was Born In Michigan But Yet You Were Willing To Throw Michigan Under The Bus When You Said Let Them Go Bankrupt!!! Romney Hood Should Never Be President Ever!!

      • Fern, thank you for this. Romney is one of those who destroyed the economy of America, taking jobs overseas, hiding money abroad and workin against the current administration. Americans are not dumb. They are a bright group of people who should allow Romney to spend part of his money to feed the dogs and loose the election. He is a coward and has nothing to offer, but scheme, scheme, scheme with his buddies.

  3. If Mitt Romney is going to continue to surround himself with the Donald Trump types and Herman Cains and keep living in the ‘yessir bubble’ he is doomed to their level and will never raise in the polls. After the Democratic Convention he will slip fast into obscurity…except as a joke ie. “Don’t go pulling another Romney!”

  4. “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate,” he continued. “They know this is the place where we were born and raised!”

    Well, duh! Of course no one’s asked you! You’re white and rich, therefore your origins are not questionnable! Desperate idiot!!

  5. Its obvious Kevin Madden and Romney’s team conveniently pretend they don’t understand or have not heard the word” innuendo”.
    They must take Americans for dunces.
    What was it that Republican mouthpiece Ann Coulter said when bemoaning the sales of her latest book? Unfortunately,Republicans don’t read

  6. We asked mittens to show his taxes and was he not responsible for the death of that woman whose husband was left without insurance when he took over the steel company , made a fortune, then fired the workers.? Come on Mittens down baptize my dead grandparents…they’re already in heaven.Obama 2012

  7. Romney and Trump were both born in the same high-class lizard hole. Nobody really wants to know where they really came from anyway.

  8. I would bet this is Donald Trump’s idea since he is the Godfather of the Birther movement and Mittens has to follow his marching orders, anything to discredit Pres Obama, anything to get peoples minds off of real issues, anything to get people not thinking about Romney’s tax returns

  9. If MCcain cant defeat Obama, Romney is way too junior to beat the President no matter how much of a birther or how much of his billions stashed away in foreign nations he spent.

  10. What a “Dum Ass” (Mitt Romney), don’t understand that “Hawaii” is in the U.S. He can tip-toe around all of the main issues if he want,but when the smoke clears, he still will have to release his last 5yrs of tax returns or pack up and go home!

    • Haven’t you heard? Now he’s standing on his religious convictions ( I guess Joe Smith shot a mental revelation to T.S. Monson to tell Mittens he didn’t have to produce any past tax returns) so the Mittwit declared that it’s his right to keep his tithes to himself thus no past tax returns, however as he’s produced a tentative 2010 return and conceded to release his 2011 return (that can easily be doctored) that he’s going against his godly leaders is selective (very convenient). And in any case, we don’t care how much (or little) he gave to his church.. our concern is how he made his wealth and how much money to tax ratio he declared.. And THIS is his bain (humor intended).

  11. What does someone’s place of birth have to do with race? Absolutely nothing! You libs need to get a sense of humor. Obama and his ilk are the only ones playing the race card in this election.

    • …if you don’t see this as a completely classless jibe then nothing anyone can say to you will make you understand….apparently you have about as much class as this ridiculous excuse for a Presidential candidate…

  12. There is a reason no one asks to see Mitt’s birth certificate. The Conspiracy theorists that currently spew fear are concentrated in the GOP party, duhh.

  13. from day one Romney it seemed to me that he was condescending, smartalecky, snide, elitist and a hypocrite.
    he’s getting better at it all the time. In two words: No class.

  14. Oh Mitt…you’re so funny…just raising the roof…oops! That could actually happen and THAT would be funny!

  15. He’s right, we haven’t asked for his birth certificate… Only his past tax returns. Not current or future, but past.. You know, the one’s he’s determined to hide.. the one’s he can’t doctor up.. Yeah, those.

  16. “…Romney’s decision to directly enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter across America.”

    It’s long been clear that rational voters are not the GOP’s target audience.

  17. Romney has said he believes President Obama was born in Hawaii and then makes a comment “no one has to ask for my birth certificate”. What a hypocrite. No we’re not asking for your birth certificate, although the one you produced was a COPY, not the official one, but we are asking for you to release at least five years of tax returns. If you have NOTHING to hide, why do you CONTINUE to refuse ?


    Yay …woo hoo….you’re just as charming as Donald Trump……bonehead. Money can’t buy you class you bullying piece of S**T ! REPENT….you cannot serve 2 Gods. All that money and your soul is as poor as a church mouse.

  19. I have never disliked a candidate of either Party more than I dislike Romney. Hyperpole aside, this is the most important presidential election since 1968 when I first voted. I fear for the fate of our nation is Romney and his ilk are elected. A Party that re-lies on lies, a Party that relies on fear, a Party that relies on attempting to deny registered voters their right to vote, a Party that the R’s have become will not, can not, endure….

    • I so pray that you are correct – I have been losing sleep over this for weeks if not months….this country will not survive if this sorry excuse for a man is elected. He has NO class, his wife is an elitist snob of the utmost degree and while he plasters “Believe in America” on the sides of his campaign buses he keeps his money ANYWHERE but in this country. I cannot wait for the debates when he flails and points and sputters and interrupts our President who has more class in his pinkie then the entire Robme clan put together…he is a disgrace to this nation and the entire world is laughing at us…GO HOME ROMNEY – YOU classless freaking buffoon.

  20. Romney’s homes are where he has his wealth stashed to avoid paying taxes. His homes are in the Carribean Is and Switzerland. Wikileak will soon dump these info, but it will be just a month before the election.

  21. The larger issue is the Republican pattern of projection, where they attribute their own motives and behavior to the Democrats. They accuse the President of running a divisive hate campaign, whereas this Romney “joke” shows that that is exactly what he himself is doing. They likewise accuse the President of playing the race card, whereas this birther thing is of course the number one Republican appeal to racial hatred.

    But it goes much further than that. Romney calls the President the “entitlement candidate,” whereas Romney himself obviously feels entitled to withhold his tax returns, to pay half the tax rate working Americans pay, and to funnel billions in subsidies and no-bid contracts to his corporate donors, all paid for with taxpayer dollars. He also accuses the President of “redistribution,” when it is actually Republican policies over the last thirty years that have redistributed wealth upwards so that 1% now control 40% of the national wealth.

    As for Romney’s favorite phrase, “job creators,” the President created 4.5 million jobs since January 2009, and would have created more had not Republicans in Congress sabotaged his Jobs Act, while Bain Capital and other pro-Romney corporations continue to ship jobs abroad. It’s the President who is the real job creator, not Romney or his outsourcer friends.

    It’s time to call the Republicans out on their dishonest, hypocritical language.

    • Someone should ask Mittens WHY he purchased all the Government Computers when he left Office ? That certainly would imply to me that he didn’t want his Administrations records to be available to the public

    • Mitts can’t even create his own job. He’s been running for President for how long now? And he had to lie about his residency status to run for the governor of Massachusetts.

  22. Dont you people remember the crap O Bomb Us has said about MITT , M R made a statement a true one at that , Also I bet mit wont have to pay out millions LIKE O DID to hid anything
    Mit R is the Man for the job , 4 more years of this Commie out country will not sutvive
    BUt make sure u vote So You can see how badly u O bomb Us fans screwed up 4 y`s ago and now

  23. Good comment Mai and then there is always someone waiting in the wings to pull a low class response. For the record, not that they care, there are members of Congress with much more wealth than Obama, including Paul Ryan. That haveing been said no one universally decries wealth. Their are many wealthy people that are humanitarians. It isn’t the wealth it is the greed. And the lack of understanding of the rest of the population. Really, “If you want to go to college borrow money from your parents.” That was a classic moment that said it all. Mitt Romney simply has no core values. I do not have to agree with anyone, but I will in most cases respect their belief if they can acutally support it and never waiver. Mitt Romney has changed his mind so many times it is amazing. He is like the calendar that has a thought for the day on it. You have no idea what his thought on any topic on any given day. Final oint he lies. Over and over again. Not distortions, not just edited comments, he lies. He told they are lies, he is chastised and he lies. Again, not distortions, not misrepresntations, LIES. I have no comfort zone at all for someone that doesn’t even seem to be embarressed when caught in an out right lie. Not fit to lead a country like ours. He lies!!!!!!!!!!!! It is one of the onky thing he does with conviction and regularity.

  24. We need a plan The sitting Prezz has nothing and has done nothing On other hand the Mit R. has a plan and something the sitting prez hasent dont yet,NOR knowes how to DO.

  25. Keep in mind America, the “Best” ammunition for this type of character and shady demeanor is at the “Polling Place”. All we need is to keep our Focus and Faith in informing our friends and families whom share “Likeness” in Wisdom about this sort of “Republican Behavior”, and also we’ve seen it before time and time again!
    The Republican Code is not in the “Best Interest” of the Majority of the Working Class.
    Those of us whom are “Fiscally Responsible” with the American Economy and the tax obligations, this is what the majority of people have to live by.
    The Majority, have to, Stand Up And Deliver the message that we all need to …Live With!

    Did anybody else see that “Mormon Special” last night? I watched it, and I and others couldn’t help but notice…with all due respect…there was something “Eerie and Creepy” about that entire Life-style!
    Almost as though, there was something missing…it seemed “Cultish”, with a lack of Individuality amongst its participants, (Members). Some in the group even sensed a “This is how you will live”, if you wish to become part of the Mormon Commune.

    I hope CBS will do a “Special” like they did for Romney, On depicting President Obama’s life-style…for America to see and of course, to show CBS’s political equality and impartiality, in case some viewers viewed the show in a different light.

  26. No idiot, no one has asked you for your birth certificate. However a lot of people want to see your tax returns! Obama showed his birth certificate to prove he was born in the U.S., now you show your tax returns to prove you paid all your taxes. Oh ya, you can’t do that because you didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years!!

  27. That’s another lie. I’ve asked to see Romney’s birth certificate. He has never provided it. I think he may have been born in Mexico, just like his father.

  28. Mitt Romney, Impersonated a Michigan State Police Officer, while in College. He had a complete official Michigan State Police Officer’s Uniform. Why? If you don’t believe me. Goggle the story and read for yourself.

  29. If they bring a set of boxing gloves to a round bring a knife and remember John Kerry. Never give these sick right wingers momentum. These tea party brown shirts are nuts

  30. My mother is a devout Mormon who resides in SLC – she has voted Republican her entire life (she’s 85 with all her marbles) and she told me that she would NOT vote for Romney if someone put a gun to her head…she is as fearful for this country as I should this buffoon be elected…

  31. Romney will not win. He can’t win, he have dug a hole to deep to pull out of. He need to retire. He look kind of burned out.

  32. Who knows maybe his birth certificate is a fraud as well. We should also check to see where the money came from for him to attend the Ivy league schools. Mitt should provide his college transcripts too! What state does his social security card reference. My….what thugs those knucle draggers are!

  33. No Mitt we just want see your Tax returns .BTW releasing your 2011 taxes on Oct 15 doesn’t qualify as releasing a second years tax return. Hardly enough time to examine it. But that’s the way it is for the 1% they can delay for as long as they like .

  34. Who knows, maybe he was born in Mexico and smuggled to USA, sort of midnight mover and registered in a closest hospital just for a US birth certificate. It must be nice view from the gutter for Romney, imagine, he will be your next President. Congratulations.

  35. I think we have Free of Expression in this country, but as you know our present President may decide only the illegals have that right now and we will have to stay quiet, and speak no more. Romney thinks he has Freedom of Expression, but don’t be too surprise, if our President tells him to speak no more since our President will be known as Chavez or Castro from now on.

    • Facts, no matter how documented, mean much to the Ozland modern liberals (apostles of utopian socialism) as we see day after day.
      All liberals have to promote or defend their toxic utopian socialist policies are distractions, lies and smears so that is what we must endure and they (MUST) use.
      –Lacking any ethical or moral boundaries you understand the wild goofy things they (MUST) say and do.–Dimdems reject real debate, real research, real history…they pontificate with feelings…it empowers their ego to whine and have nothing better to offer for debate…its just anger release that elevates their life…this is why only they run from mics, yell or talk over voters or others asking questions, blame others when their beloved socialism (again) painfully fails and dimdems always have demons preventing that utopia NEXT YEAR (if we only had another trillion…lol).
      Their apostles type whine after whine but NO realistic solutions…its always tax more and spend more…grow the monster gov-meant..they are rope-a dopers lacking real workable ideas…–they learned nothing from Jimmah Carter, nothing.

      • and you don’t do the same thing,, lol hehehhe apostles of utopian scocialism ,,you spout that like you know someone that really feels that way,, name calling is not facts ,,and neither is your answer for everything

  36. His dad, who belonged to the polygamous branch of the Mormons, was born in Mexico, and still ran for President. Why did this only come up when President Obama was running? Please, people, read Jon Krakauer’s book “Under the Banner of Heaven”. How could anyone, educated at Harvard, believe in this “religion”. More strange than Scientology.

  37. A little off topic, but I find it very amusing that the Repubs planned their convention during hurricane season in hurricane alley…not only do they have zero class, but they ain’t too bright either. With any luck they’ll get a direct hit….GO Isaac! hahahahaha

  38. sounds like racial to me, sounds like mittens belongs to the white supremacy group, can any body spell KKK? gee wonder if he is a closet one? wonder when he will bring his white mask out? this whole thing with the tea party members is this whole election is to try to make Obama a one term president alot of racist people were angry that a black man got the house, the so called pro-lifers are hearing from Romney what they always wanted to hear about abortions, the republicans are lying about Obama’s healthcare act, but what they fail to see is that Romney voted for it, cause he knew that he could use it in his campaign for the house, every since Obama won, the republicans worked on making him a one term president, they out voted the democrats every time Obama tried to do good, they are afraid that a black man can actually make a difference for our country, to save it, they can not stand for a black man to show them up!!! trust me it is all about racism!!!

    • Can anyone spell New Black Panthers? Obama’s best friend and attorney general Eric Holder! He has allowed this racist to keep his job. Racist is on the left, not the right. Wonder who will bring their bat out and keep voters from voting unless they are for Obama. The N.B.P. Who puts bounties out for a white man and nothing is done? Who is shouting out to kill cracker babies and nothing is done . Who wants a race war? Everyone knew obama was black when he ran for president and he won, white vote got him in. Obama said “we are not a black America ,we are not a white America we Are the united states of America. What happened when he got in? He divided a country beyond repair so far. Even the blacks are seeing for the first time that Obama is causing harm to the country and to the black community. It’s about obama’s politics , not that he is black. Racism is alive and well on the liberal left.

  39. Wow, do robots have birth certificates?

    Okay, so now we know that Romney liked to bully classmates in his fancy boarding school (look on line for pictures of it, it’s jaw dropping, no wonder he called that chateau in France he lived in during his missionary work roughing it); we know he liked to impersonate a police officer in a stolen Michigan uniform (no, Mitt, your father didn’t ‘give’ it to you, he had more sense than that!); we know that Bain Capital’s initial investment money was from a drug cartel. We know that he likes to put money into offshore accounts, that somehow he ended up with massive amounts of money in an IRA, that his wife doesn’t read their tax returns before signing them or she’d ‘know whats in them’; we know that he was involved in a fatal car accident while in France and was in a coma for 2-3 days, signifying possible brain damage, (don’t believe me, look it up!); we know he has issues with his memory of things he did years ago, we know he chuckles like a goony bird whenever he’s challenged slightly, we know he can’t say, “I, I, I, I, I’ without stuttering repeatedly (a psychologist would have a heyday with that one), and we know he thinks his sons have been Serving their Country adequately by helping him run for President, as he did when he was serving in that French chateau but longing for the jungles of Vietnam. Oh, and Ann says his integrity is ‘golden’ and that he believes in divinely inspired underwear and you gets your own planet after you die, and without an invitation, your wife is left to drift aimlessly through space without a home for eternity after she dies. Or something.

    Is that it?
    PS: Forgot to add, we know that he’s such a spectacularly clueless morally rudderless jackass that he’d actually stand on the same stage as Donald Trump.

    Does anyone else find it unbelievable that the RNC had the opportunity of a lifetime with the candidacy of Gary Johnson who would have blown Obama out of the water, and instead they completely ignored him and announced over a year ago that Robotmoney was the ‘presumptive candidate’…?

  40. Oh, thank you for pointing that out, Mitt. You see, a SMART man, trying to show that what was happening to Obama was somehow fair, balanced, and reasonable, would have SHOWN the sort of documentation that the President has had demanded of him for 3 freaking years, and said something like ‘now show us yours’ (nevermind that he actually has, reason isn’t really a part of this). Instead, let’s make it clear that only ONE person has ever even been ASKED for a birth certificate, and this has nothing to do with normal, reasonable, standard requirements for candidacy that everyone goes through, this is personal. This is specific only to Obama, and there’s reasons for it, probably that have to do with, perhaps qualities that only Obama has. Hmm…foreign born parent? Oh, that can’t be it, Mitt’s dad was born in Mexico… weird religion? Well, the only one we KNOW is from a less common religion here is..Mitt. Now, what could the thing that makes Obama stand out from the rest of the Presidential field possibly be…?

    Thanks, Mitt, that’s been a point I’ve been making all along.

    IT OUT.


    • Well in case you havent noticed a VP can become president if the POTUS somehow expires while in office. And we did notice that Ryan coauthored that bit about fetal ultrasounds, that his budget favored the top 1% and did not in fact ‘Balance’ but would actually Increase the deficit. Canadian politics is nothing like American politics, nothing like it at all.

  42. What do this birth thing got to do I don’t care where he was born from just as I don’t care about Romney religion, Obama is a good ethical well balance man he have completed a lot of things that Buch did a nasty job. I wonder where Roomney got his money from ..tell how you became rich it wasn’t just investments tell the true story. Obama is a good man father and husband… and he is fighting for all people if they can’t see it then it’s on them. Why Is it when Bush was in office messing up Romny didn’t run because Bush was made from the same cloth he was made of… Teresa Moore

  43. What could you expect of Willard the Rat man. He grasps at every straw to prove how devoid he really is. No one, nothing matters to this shell of a person seeking to be president for the sake of who knows what.

  44. Perhaps somebody should ask him for it, not just a regular birth certificate like the ones most of us have, but the long form President Obama had to submit. Don’t forget Mitt’s acknowledgment of his Mexican heritage, the fact that his grand pappy lived in a Mormon commune in Mexico with his four wives, and that his Daddy was born there. The reason nobody has asked him for one, and the reason nobody asked Sen. McCain, our Panamanian born former presidential candidate for one, is not too hard to figure out.

  45. They were in a certain point of desperation that needs to do something to make sure of winning Presidential election, and that is the real Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and GOP. With this kind of candidate they don’t deserves to be in the highest position of our country, because of the racial component of their issue BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

  46. No one has asked for Mitt Romney´s birth certificate. But a lot of people (incl. republicans) have asked for info on his personal tax returns in the last decades.

  47. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t born anywhere people actually approve of strapping a dog to the top of a car and driving for 10 sh_t covered hours. Or was married anywhere people approve of his wife saying, “Oh, Shamus (should have been “Shame on Us”) just loved traveling like that.”

  48. Oh come on, he was suppose to be the “Adult in the room”

    Run on your record, tell me what your ideas are, but don’t do a bad impersonation of Donald Trump

  49. This guy has no bottom. He will do and say ANYTHING to become President, ANYTHING. He is below pond slime. It appears he is possessed. What is shocking and almost surrreal is to think that bewteen him and Cryin’ Ryan, this is still a contest.

  50. When you lay down with dogs, you get fleas, and Romney is crawling with critters! Any time he surrounds himself with critters like Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Kris Kobach, I truly believe he knows he’s on the outs and is just going through the motions. Yet, he’s embarrassing his party by bringing out Tea Party critters like the cavalcade of sorry, cottonmouth, ascerbic racists and white supremacists America has manufactured since the dog-headed racists of the 1950’s and 60’s. The GOP Convention with its host Mitt Romney, featuring Trump, Ryan, Arpaio, and Kobach, with probably a guest appearance of the illustrious Koch Brothers is the new “American Grandstand!” WHEW! You f@#$ing A-right, buddy!

  51. Do people realize that white man is the only group who never fought for any rights in this country, even white women couldn’t vote at one time, blacks had to fight slavery, the right to vote, ect. I wonder if this is the reason Mitt Romney comes off as being so entittled.

  52. Romney has yet again lowered the bar for presidential campaigning. He’s apparently just as biggoted as the right wing extremists who are ruining the Republican Party. His unsavory remark demonstrated not just a lack of ethics and moral fiber, but extremely poor taste and bad judgement! This type of rich white arrogance may be funny to him at a cocktail party, but it has no place in the public arena. That kind of thinking is not the stuff of leaders. He’s disgraced himself.

  53. I know… have to admit we could have done better with Hilary! Her credentials and background are 10x better than this clown…….I am afraid these birthers are going to bring out some “Big Gun” proof as their October surpise..then we are screwed.

  54. He was born here, he learned at an early age how to cut your neighbors throat, not care about any one but his self, make your self rich off of other Americans suffering, but here comes the excuses from his fans, and its good business

  55. Romney’s opening remark about “how good it feels to be home” had all the authenticity of a Nicholas Cage performance.
    The more I see of him, the more I think the American people are going to realize that this guy is a humongous jerk.
    Molly Ivans, in “Shrub” predicted W’s election on the basis that he was a genuinely likeable guy.
    As they say, if she were alive today she’d be rolling in her grave at the obvious superciliousness of the Republicans’ latest idiot nominee.

  56. Well, everybody knows I (and thousands of other Americans) was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, at the Margaret Hague Hospital; No one ever asks to see our birth certificates, either. Do you know why? Because they are all invalid. The Office of Homeland Security secretly invalidated every one of them during the Bush administration. Can’t use them for passports or even the REAL ID. Probably won’t be allowed to use them to vote either. LOL. This includes even my 80 year old mom’s birth certificate. Invalid. Isn’t it all so funny talking about birth certificates? Hahahaha. (for you Tea Partiers, that was sarcasm.) I don’t want to hear one more word about birth certificates until someone explains to me why I have to pay to get proof I was born here. Till then, Hudson County, NJ and Puerto Rico should unite against the “birthers.”

  57. Oh. Sorry to reply to my own post, but at least my grandparents did not flee the United States of America and move to Mexico to avoid prosecution as polygamists, as did Romney’s. My grandparents came to the United States and stayed here and loved her.

  58. You know I, like so many others thought at first that Romney is a moderate and you know…if he’s elected we could probably live with it. But MAN was I wrong!! The more you hear, the more you see, the more you understand what a huge waste of molecules the Romneys are! I once respected Mrs Romney too, but her statements about working mothers, her ‘you people’ disdain for the riffraff and both of them treating the rest of the country like trash is over the top!

    Its a real clear choice. Are we going to stand up for Christian values and help the less fortunate, are we going to balance the budget as soon as possible and curb ridiculous overspending in government so our kids can afford to stay in this country? Because right now I doubt we can afford to retire here; that is if my husband can ever afford to quit working after what Wallstreet did to our nestegg! I am so pissed watching what the GOP has become, and honestly ‘some of my best friends’ and family are in fact Republicans with good hearts and are very lovely people! But I just don’t see how any of them would turn into sheep and vote a straight GOP ticket like they used to do in the old days. And btw my Dad was one of those ‘strictly Republican’ voters and he died before he had a chance to vote for Obama but he told me he was so sick and tired of George Bush that for the first time in his LIFE he was going to vote Democrat!

    Its that time people, to look in your heart and do the right thing. Barack Obama has been fighting an uphill battle all the way because the GOP wants to deny him a second term…THAT is why we don’t have a Congress that goes to work and does their damn jobs every day; they are just biding their time until they can get one of their own in office again and they don’t care if the economy bounces back or if you have a job or enough to eat or do your kids have a chance at jobs or a decent education! No!!

    I don’t vote by party affiliation so I guess that makes me an Independant at heart. There’s no reason to vote for someone like Mitt Romney. Not one reason.

  59. If he gets ected president, his campaign is wobbling now. I do hope that Americans are smarter than that but some of the people I know? who knows. They are a knotty bunch.

  60. That statement was no joke !!! Romney is nuts if he thinks this country is going all the way back to a white dominated society.. He acts looks and talks like a bully . This was not a mistake it is the way he wants the American society to be. You know the big house on a hill hidden behind a wall with guards he has no values flip flops on every issue . He cannot understand why so many US citizens do not think he is the smartest man in the room. Once again how did the Republicans end up with such a poor candidate ???

  61. Mit Ramney is a disgrace to this country, and does not deserve to be President, he is a low life, but we must remember that money does not make the man who does not have class, because class is class

  62. Why should the Obama campaign whine and complain about a question that 20% of americans still want answered?? Barak has continued to ask Romney for his tax returns even though he has supplied them.
    Time for Barak to outline his plan to fix the mess he’s made in the economy and create jobs. He’s been AWOL about what’s going to be different if he’s reelected

  63. Here we go again…first it was Tramp er Trump (oops a typo) trying to stir the shit pot, now it’s Mitty boy with his “slip of the tounge”…says it was a joke, yeah right, if we believe that one, maybe he’ll tell us another one, we can’t wait.

  64. I thought Mitt Romney’s remarks were rather humorous, and, for that matter, tasteful. If Obama and his ilk took offense, I wonder how they react to Jay Leno’s Obama jokes. Now they are truly hilarious.

  65. the anti-christ romney and other GOP dind dong are the ones that asked about the Pres. birth . and he told them and showed them . as far as the anti-christ gose he,s the one who said something about his poor dog . no one asked him about it he came right out and told the world . as if he was prode and happy he straped the dog to the roof and drove to canada . as far as the birtha things gose anti-christ you seem to be a problem child that just seeks attention

  66. Birtherism is racism, plus insanity: Ala Donald Trump, Orly Tait, Fox News, Dinesh D’Souza, Hank Williams Jr. and Joe Arpaio.

  67. I thought Mr.Romney was born in Massachuetts. Mr. Romney go back there ,take your running
    mate with you and stay there, until the election is over. I am so tried of hearing your smart
    mouthing remarks about President Obama.

  68. Presidential nominee Romney is proud to announce the place of birth for both him and his wife. Why does this seem not to be the case with our President Obama?

  69. mit romney what joke hes all we need is another bush well like it or not where stuck wth abama theres no fixing this country now they gave our jobs away for cheap laber well i bet clinton got a lot of money for that he gave our country away an it keeps gething worse mit romny is just another loser well that becuse theres no one running there all for the rich take away from the poor thats the name of the game

  70. I wonder how proud his father would be of him.This is not his fathers value or style’it’s more like his high school bully friends remember lay with dogs and get thetr fleas


  72. bully for him–if you fast forward to his Cranbrook Academy antics (bullying at the least) you’d feel instant sympathy for his vics. He embarasses me as another native Michigander

  73. Birthers amaze me, you use no logic. The Republic Party Leaders, Boehner, McDonnell, Cantor, Ryan and the rest ALL HATE President Obama. They can not stand the fact that he is President, so do you not think thay if they had one doubt of his Citizenship they would not have stopped him from acessing the Oval Office and all that that entails.

    Why is it for the first time in our history a President’s birth is in question?

  74. America needs serious, disciplined and dedicated leadership, not those who rob the poor for the rich. People do not ask how some people make their money because many rich folks think that they have it all. No matter how much you may have, if people have no respect for others and do not fear God, they have nothing. American people, American peopele, do not allow rich politicians to dupe you all the time. be Godly, Vote out the Rouges.

  75. We are asking to see Mr. Romney’s tax filings for the past 10 years. Why doesn’t he talk about that. And, why doesn’t he talk about his being born in Mexico.

  76. Mitt Romney is afraid to release his tax returns because if the so-called middle class and poor people see how LITTLE he has paid in taxes in the past ten years ift would definitely cost him the election! Why else will he not release his income tax returns?????

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