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Thursday, January 17, 2019

We’re about to hit what has been a solemn anniversary in America for a decade — September 11.

But this year, Republicans, led by Fox News, are set to focus on a more recent terrorist attack — the one that claimed four American lives, including that of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, last year in Benghazi, Libya.

Making this tragedy into a scandal has been a Republican goal since Mitt Romney held a press conference to blast the president just hours after the attack occurred.

A year later, conservative activists still believe there’s a cover-up that needs to be exposed and even suggest that Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is protecting the president. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) suggested that the proposed strike against Syria is just an attempt to distract in part from Benghazi. And on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked liberal commentator Juan Williams to defend President Obama’s dismissal of Bengahzi as a “phony scandal.”

Williams had no problem doing so.

“You had an accountability review board come in and make 29 recommendations, and the State Department has accepted just about every one of them,” Williams said, citing a report led by George H.W. Bush’s former UN Ambassador, Thomas Pickering.

“You say this is not going away,” Williams said. “It’s gone away.”

Fox News contributor Karl Rove then responded with his most hilarious performance since he refused to let the channel declare that Mitt Romney lost.

“You may be comfortable with the American people being told a deliberate lie by the administration,” Rove said. “But I’m not.”

Ironically, Rove was not talking about the Bush administration’s falsehoods that led to the Iraq War. He was referencing the fact that former UN Ambassador Susan Rice delivered talking points she hadn’t prepared that represented the best intelligence available at the time.

Williams was unconvinced by Rove’s and Brit Hume’s insistence that no, there’s still questions that need to be answered, even though every question they asked has been answered by Pickering’s report or the House Republicans’ investigation.

“It’s gone, baby. It’s in your head. That’s the only place,” Williams concluded.

The evidence that Benghazi is a “phony scandal” is overwhelming. But pointing that out at the beginning of Fox News’ “Benghazi Week” won’t make the Republican desire to exploit another tragedy that took place on September 11 go away.

Rove and Juan Williams Fox News Sunday

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19 responses to “WATCH: The Opening Of Fox News’ ‘Benghazi Week’ Spoiled By Facts”

  1. Independent1 says:

    Apparently, there are some human beings, such as Karl Rove, who have no quams over how despicable and hypocritical they can appear. Here is a man, who was closely involved in creating the spin, distortions and lies that ended up leading America into a totally unnecessary war under false pretenses, which ended up killing more than 4,000 Americans and countless Iraqis now spewing distortions and lies in an effort to turn an unfortunate attack against one of America’s consulates into a false scandal. It seems to me that it takes an especially lowlife type person, to be able to do this, when he has to know in his heart, that the passed 5 years have been by far, the safest 5 years for America’s overseas offices in the passed 35-40 years.

    Karl Rove was part of the Bush administration whose lax oversight over our embassies and consulates allowed them to be attacked 13 times while he was part of that office, with 10 of those attacks resulting in fatalities. Those 10 attacks over 8 years resulted in far more than 4 consulate/embassy staff being killed. In those 10 attacks, 70 lives were lost. Of those attacks, the ones that trouble me the most were the three that happened at on one consulate – the consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. The 1st attack on the Karachi consulate occured in 2002 with 12 being killed. The 2nd attack occured in 2003 with 2 more being killed; the final attack occured in 2006 with 4 being killed – this time one of those dying was a diplomat.

    Three attacks over 4 years with 18 people losing their lives and yet the Bush Administration did nothing after the 1st attack to provide additional security. And yet, Karl Rove has the nerve to appear on Faux News and raise questions about the attack on Benghazi, which was the only deadly overseas attack in 5 years, and try to create some kind of scandal. This comming from a man who has the blood of more than 4,000 Americans on his hands and was part of an administration that allowed 13 attacks on our overseas offices to take place in 8 years while doing nothing, is simply unconscionable.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      Unfortunately, memory lapses seem to dominate public opinion in the USA. Most Americans don’t remember what happened when George W. Bush was in office, they don’t remember the constant attacks against U.S. interests and our diplomatic missions or they believe those attacks we inevitable, in contrast with the attack against our consulate in Benghazi which, in their minds, was something unprecedented.
      Part of the problem is our inability or un willingness to fight back. One of the greatest contrasts between Republican and Democrat political strategies is the GOP ability to distort facts with impunity, their ability to demonize opponents successfully, and their to convince a naïve electorate to vote against their best interests. Instead of focusing on facts, we should be as ruthless as they are. Then again, if we did that, the line separating the two parties would be so thin it would be almost invisible.

  2. Sand_Cat says:

    This man is just another war criminal who should be in jail for the Iraq war and the torture, and all the other stuff that happened while he was a public “servant.” He is one of the most despicable excuses for a human being of our times.

  3. Dominick Vila says:

    Somebody should remind the FOX News talking heads and contributors that when former President Bush left office, seven years after 9/11, Osama bin Laden was still at large in Pakistan while W was being manipulated by and giving billions of dollars to Musharraf, and while the Saudi Arabian Wahhabis responsible for 9/11 were trading earnestly with the USA thanks to the privileged status that W gave them after they carried out the worst foreign terrorist attack – on U.S. soil – in history.
    While we are at it, we should provide them with a list of the 12 U.S. embassies/consulates that were attacked when W was in the White House and the GOP controlled both chambers of Congress.
    The reason the GOP garbage resonates among a segment of our population is due to a mix of ignorance, intolerance, and our inability or reluctance to fight back.

  4. JDavidS says:

    Karl Rove saying “I’m not comfortable with the American people being told a deliberate lie”. Coming from Rove, when damned near everything he ever said while in the Dubya administration was a flagrant lie, is the height of hypocrisy. “Turd Blossom” wouldn’t know the truth if it kicked him in the nuts…
    Lying is the purview, and the “bread and butter” of the RepubliCONs/Tea Clowns. It’s become easy to tell when Rove et al are lying…Their lips are moving.

  5. disqus_il6KG9d3VM says:

    This is the same old Rove and GOP..nothing ever changes with those liars. They had been searching for any tragedy that they could blame President Obama for. When Benghazi happened they immediately decided they would place the blame on the President. They have continued to pound on this every day, this is the way they operate. Facts don’t matter when you want to lie. They know that when they repeat the lie often enough some people will believe it. They don’t care about the individuals that were attacked, they are using them for their nefarious purposes. Ambassador Stevens family came out in the beginning and asked that their son not be used for political purposes. So much for caring about the victims.

  6. Robert Haugh says:

    It must really piss the wingers off being called out like that on their own propaganda network.

  7. howa4x says:

    Duh!! The republicans have no plan on anything that will remotely solve the problems we face. They want to repeal Obama/Romney care, and replace it with what? They deny the science of climate change but offer no real explanation of their own. They are owned by corporate American and act like it serving their masters well. They want us all to have no benefits and to work for a lot less. They don’t even want to fix the crumbling infrastructure or help people after a natural disaster. They are obsessed by women’s vagina’s and constantly pass invasive laws about it They want to suppress the vote, deny the Latinos a path, and put social security into the gambling casino of Wall st.
    They need scandals to play 24/7 to a dumbed down base, since it is their only chance.

  8. Allan Richardson says:

    Karl Rove is not comfortable with a DEMOCRATIC President lying to the American people, but a REPUBLICAN President, that’s a whole other kettle of fish. And after 12 years, the fish are rotten and the kettle needs a lot of cleaning.

    • Independent1 says:

      Your comment sounds like you believe that the Obama administration is lying about the events that happened in Benghazi on 9/11; sorry I have a problem with your post if that was your intent. I will agree that the Obama administration may have been trying to skirt around the bush a little, because they were trying not to disclose that the Benghazi office was not a consulate which should have been protected by the State Department, but rather that the consulate set up in Bengazhi was a cover for what the office truly was, a CIA operation; and as such, the responsiblity for protecting it belonged to the CIA. And the CIA did the best it could with the staff it had that were in a position to respond to provide protection to the consulate staff, as they had reinforcements there within 25 minutes of the start of the attack – unfortunately, two of those who responded died in the attack.

      But aside from that, virtually everything that Faux News broadcast about what transpired that evening were made up stories, lies and distortions; even to the point of Faux News making changes to the emails that they intercepted so they could make them fit into their made up stories. The GOP turning Benghazi into one more FABRICATED scandal is an absolute travesty!!! A travesty which for the sake of the victims of that attack should never have occurred or be occurring again.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        When are you gonna learn Indy.. The truth can not pass through numb skulls.. Selectively they choose to believe that which is closest to their character and personality thus faux news offering such nonsense succeeds in mesmerizing the brain dead. It’s similar to doublethink but in this case one of the two contradictory thoughts is the lies everyone else speaks.. a true Orwellian patsy.

      • Allan Richardson says:

        Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant that Karl Rove has a problem with a Democratic President lying to the people, IF IN FACT one lied to the people, but he’s OK with a GOP President lying (in fact, telling Rove’s own lies). I’ll read the rest later.

        • Independent1 says:

          Thanks for the clarification. Between the Whitehouse being forced to try and respond to the fake rendition of the attack broadcast by Faux News and Darrell Issa acting like a total idiot by blatantly (probably intentionally) overlooking the fact that much of what he was pressing the Whitehouse to reveal was secret information – far too much has already been revealed to the enemy (terrorists) that may make things easier for them in future attacks on our consulates and embassies. And all of this has been done at the height of hypocracy by lovers of the GOP who stood by silently when there were 13 attacks perpetrated on our consulate and embassies during Bush’s 8 years in office and these hypocrates said absolutely nothing.

  9. montanabill says:

    If you create enough haze and smoke, then you can pretend that you can’t see a Benghazi scandal. The report cited was absolutely riddled with non-answers. To date, no one in the administration has been held accountable for before, during or after mistakes, cowardice and lies, no one has been arrested for the attack and the left is still trying to sweep this atrocity under the rug to protect the ‘you know who’s’.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Then you should start the proceedings focusing on your right nut T-baggers, their the dolts who voted against a protective budget. You think the president or any one of his staff can do this on their own then you know nothing about political procedure. Just keep blowing wind and we’ll move on when it starts to reek. By the way, I think you earned this on that last post.

      • montanabill says:

        Ohhh! An attempt to reason by a name caller. Good luck with that.

      • Independent1 says:

        Dawg, remember what you posted to me just a little earlier: The truth can not pass through numb skulls. Well, you’re trying to reason with one of the most short-sighted, clueless posters on the National Memo.

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